I’m very happy with my prize and like seeing all the cute babies
20th · Girl Contest · 26 days ago
They won!
It’s great 😊 I’m happy with my prize
27th · Girl Contest · 1 day ago
It’s ok I put more money in then I won but it’s whatever
77th · Girl Contest · 1 day ago
Its amazing my boys been on there twice now
43rd · Boy Contest · 2 days ago
Money is good fast payout
60th · Boy Contest · 4 days ago
It was very easy to vote! And I received the prize super fast!
66th · Girl Contest · 5 days ago
Very fair, fun 🤩 & competitive!! Very happy with our prize 🏆
29th · Boy Contest · 7 days ago
It's fantastic and so easy to use and happy with the prize
86th · Boy Contest · 14 days ago
Great way to earn money for my baby.
35th · Boy Contest · 14 days ago
We are very happy with our prize! Super fun competition. Very fair. We will be participating again & again!
7th · Boy Contest · 14 days ago
The best thing About bidiboo is all the pictures of the cute babies. I’m also happy with my prize. It came really faster
53rd · Girl Contest · 18 days ago