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I had so much fun with the Bidiboo contest. At the start, I wasn’t sure on how legitimate it was. When my daughter won first place, I wasn’t sure if we’d actually see the winnings from the jackpot. Less than 24 hours later, it was in my account. Amazing! I’m so excited to enter more contests!

Bryanna G., 0-3 years old Contest

Bryanna G., United States, 1 Month ago
1st 0-3 years old Contest · Jackpot: $1,557

Had a lot of fun, got prize fast

Mary H., 4-7 years old Competition

Mary H., 2 months ago
2nd 4-7 years old Competition · $70

Love the confidentiality

Tami F., 4-7 years old Contest

Tami F., United States, 1 Month ago
5th 4-7 years old Contest · $30

It’s really fun to enter this competition :) make friends too :) 👍👍

Divya Arora, 4-7 years old Competition

Divya Arora, 1 Month ago
10th 4-7 years old Competition · £ 20

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