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I was very surprised with the prize deposit! It was super fast! I received the award in 7 days! Thank you!

Shirley C., 0-3 years old Contest

Shirley C., Brazil, 22 days ago
3rd 0-3 years old Contest · $150

It’s fun competition !

Ernesta V., 0-3 years old Competition

Ernesta V., Birmingham, 2 months ago
4th 0-3 years old Competition · £ 40

We won first place and received our jackpot prize within 10 days via paypal.

Kristina L., United States, 2 months ago
1st 0-3 years old Contest · Jackpot: $1,544

Our first prize 😆 Iker gets to use it how he wants ❤

Reyna G., 4-7 years old Contest

Reyna G., United States, 22 days ago
5th 4-7 years old Contest · $30

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