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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

I had so much fun stressing over this competition for my son. With his birthday right around the corner his earnings will help so much with the celebration and his gifts! Recieved my prize within 24 hours!

Molli H., 4-7 years old Competition

Molli H., 2 months ago
1st 4-7 years old Competition · Jackpot: $444

The thing I like the most is nice people will buy you a lot of gift votes.

Amanda R2, 8-12 years old Contest

Amanda R2, United States, 1 Month ago
1st 8-12 years old Contest · Jackpot: $433

I really enjoyed the contest! Kept me on the edge of my seat as the last days to vote got nearer. I also received the prize very quickly!

Ariana L., Baby Girl Contest

Ariana L., United States, 19 days ago
1st Baby Girl Contest · Jackpot: $786

I get to show every1 how handsom my son is. And yes I'm happy thank u oliver will have something nice

Princess E., Baby Boy Competition

Princess E., Birmingham, 12 days ago
10th Baby Boy Competition · £ 40

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