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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

It's fair and the prices for votes are decent. I like that if you win you can't reenter for so many days to give others a chance. The prizes are decent as well :)

Amanda A., 8-12 years old Contest

Amanda A., United States, 1 Month ago
3rd 8-12 years old Contest · $30 Cash

Came 1st place in the 0-3 years competition. Won £880! Great prize, very happy, and was sent to us nice and quick. Its a great start to go in our little ones bank account.

Jade T., 0-3 years old Competition

Jade T., United Kingdom, 14 days ago
1st 0-3 years old Competition · Jackpot: £ 879

I'm enjoying to play and good service.Keep it up the good🔝

Red Wine, 4-7 years old Contest

Red Wine, Lebanon, 4 months ago
7th 4-7 years old Contest · $30 Cash

It's fair, it's fun, you meet great people, and it's honest!

Sarah B., 4-7 years old Contest

Sarah B., United States, 1 Month ago
1st 4-7 years old Contest · Jackpot: $401

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