I like that it’s a fun way to earn money. Just be prepared do a lot of vote work or spend money to make money.
63rd · Girl Contest · 6 months ago
They won!
I like seeing all the beautiful children. It’s so heartwarming and I’m also happy with the Prize money for the baby I put it right in her... Read more
62nd · Girl Contest · 6 days ago
I like that I can give my little girl a platform to show her sweetness. Bonus* we’ve been able to start a savings account for her with he... Read more
51st · Girl Contest · 9 days ago
I love the way I get my price faster
5th · Girl Contest · 18 days ago
Yes very happy I get the prize in a day . Thank u so much
84th · Girl Contest · 18 days ago
Very happy with the prize Fast payment
42nd · Girl Contest · 1 month ago
Very happy an it's straight forward
87th · Girl Contest · 1 month ago
the prize was okay.
17th · Boy Contest · 1 month ago
It’s great 😊 I’m happy with my prize
27th · Girl Contest · 2 months ago
It’s ok I put more money in then I won but it’s whatever
77th · Girl Contest · 2 months ago
Its amazing my boys been on there twice now
43rd · Boy Contest · 2 months ago