Elizabeth’s almost 3 months ahh she’s so curious and smart already she not a fussy baby at all unless she wants her mamma
Zoey is the sweetest, happiest and loving little girl. She can light up anyone’s day with her smile. I have entered her into this contest because with the money that she wins will be put into her savings for when she turns 18.
I am Eevee Lucian and I love snuggles with mom and dad, her pups, and chickens. I am very young but have a ton of personality, i tell my parents i need something through various degree of binkie sucking. I love my grammie, yaya, grandma, papi, and grandpa they are my favorite visitors.
Dallas was Born February 6, 2022!! . He loves to play , roll over , smile and laugh with everyone. He’s such a bundle of joy!!
Isabelle loves cuddles and miss Rachel💕born at 37 weeks due to complications, she has a cows milk protein allergy and acid reflux but is still the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. She loves the outdoors and her mummy and daddy💕
Aurora Ryckman
Aurora is my funky curly headed baby girl! She is the most funniest, adventurous wild child!
Hi my name is kelsie
Our beautiful 3 month old loves anything outside and just watching trees blow in the wind. She also enjoys smiling and giving her dad the pouty lip. ❤️
Jaden just turned 6 months old, & the happiest baby ever!!
Amir is very shy with his feelings but can be a very strong loving friend, Brother ect he loves to sing he might be a singer one day
He is the happiest baby. Always smiling and squealing. He’s crazy for his mama and daddy. And he loves Ms. Rachel!💙
He loves mickey mouse & and spider-man , snacks & most of all his momma ❤️& daddy of course.
She is the sweetest little baby that will smile and make you laugh immediately 🙂 she is the light in a dark place for us and deserves to win because she is THE BEST BABY 🥹🥰🙂😍
Arabella Elyse
🌺 Arabella Elyse Boyens 🌺 She’s spontaneous, funny, & kind. Also a bit sassy! Loves counting her numbers, loves playing outside, loves singing & building blocks. ❤️
This little ball of fire loves animals, all kinds of them, especially dogs just like me. He loves Morgan Wallen
Blessing is a strong-minded sweetheart. She thrives by exploring and learning new things. Blessing is family oriented and enjoys making new friends. She loves dancing, and she mimics with the talent of an actress. Blessing is not only beautiful, but intelligent as well. A vote for Blessing Bock could open doors for her to develop more skills, harness her talents, and hopefully, one day contribute to making the world a better place! We appreciate your support in advance, Thank you!
Houston is a smart boy he is his daddy's world. He love to play with his toys and watch TV with daddy. He always has a lot to talk about and he loves to make people smile!
My little guy loves music and food. The biggest foodie baby. He loves to travel and learning new things. He has a huge personality!
ACCEPTING ADVANCE VOTES TO BE RETURNED AT A LATER DATE!!❤ Any Prize Money Won, Goes Towards Leg Braces For Baby Girl!!💔 Insurance Only Covers Half..🥺 Thank You All So Much For Your Support!!❤🥰🎀 Hi, I'm Carlei, also known as mommys baby!!😍 I've had a rough time since being born(high thyroid), & have to take medicine daily for the rest of my life, so far its been changed 3 times bc it isn't working like drs want it to, & they doubted me on ever walking bc my bones don't connect at the knees, but that hasn't stopped me from having fun & making memories with my older siblings(I have 3), mommy & daddy!❤😊
I love naps during the day & keeping mommy up at night ❤️
Dallas loves hanging at the farm, ranger rides, and anything to do with the outdoors
Our sweet big blue eyed baby loves eating, playing with mommy and daddy, and loves his best friend (our dog)
Baby Kayce is a happy go lucky baby! He loves food, his pupper and playing ❤️
I’m only gonna be 3 months old, I already like watching cartoon with my brother and holding my mommy and dad’s necklace when they hold me, my best friend is my brother Zayden he always looking out for me! 😘
Dayliona is a very happy baby, she’s very smart, loves to dance and can also be silly🥰
He’s 3 years old, Christmas Eve baby! He loves cars, trucks, Dino’s, and popits! And his best friend is his sister he loves her so much! 🖤
Emery rose is a bundle of joy! She can light up a room with her baby blue eyes and cute little giggles. She loves the outdoors, swimming, and listening to music
Aloe is super energetic and never stops smiling! She adores her big brother and she goes above and beyond to keep up with him 💕
Camryn is a loving, kind and caring toddler. She loves to play outside and has loads of funs with her friends and family at the park. Her favourite things are zebras and paw patrol, she is super fascinated by both. Camryn turns 2 September 7th. This lovely little girl would love a happy birthday and to meet some more friends🥰
Hudson is our wonderful boy , who loves being outdoors and being with his friends 😀 His first birthday is approaching and we’d love for our boy to win 🥰🥰
Maliya loves cuddles, kisses, baths, and of course sleep ☺️
Kyrie-Ray Always give smiles out regardless of how he is feeling. Loves to kick his little legs around and always wants to be looking out facing the world. I am just begining to find my voice which my mammy and daddy love so very much.
Karolina Jean
please vote i need money for good cause
Ryker is a naturally happy baby, he loves to laugh. He likes to be outside, loves anything to do with water and playing with his cousins. He brings smiles and joy to everyone around him.
Nyla lovessss when we go out to eat ❤️ She has so much personality already and so is smart 😍 her favorite thing to do is make funny faces without trying lol and her favorite movies are Encanto, Moana , & Turning Red.
He loves his sissy and loves to watch his mud trucks and his cheese balls he’s my sweet boy.
Colin loves to give hugs and he loves to laugh ain't nothing better than seeing his smile everyday.
Gracie girl loves her snacks and loves to play with her bubba she the sweetest baby❤️
Kori is all smiles she is a very very happy baby always on the go because her grandparents and aunts keep her on the go. She makes my day get started.