Baby Stories - 99


Izzy is 1 month old 🥰 very alert and loves to be talked to 😊
Jocelyn is 4 years old and is sassy, outgoing and loves to be outside.
Olivia Makarlie Watwood
Olivia likes to watch Scooby Doo and loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy, she’s a very smiley baby and loves it when she gets her bottle.
Aaliyah is a very cheerful baby she loves to smile and stick her tongue out 2 months old and full of attitude
Giovanni has blue eyes and curly hair! He is lovable and a huge mamas boy 💗
Daddy's girl, very independent, brand rep for online small shops(including magazines), very happy little girl. Very affectionate but with a strong attitude, lol! Loves the camera and loves wearing glasses.
Ryleigh likes to drink milk and sleep in places she’s not suppose to sleep.
Brooklyn is a miracle baby💫 she will be 2 months April 8 She is always a happy baby👶 like to smile🙂 she loves people 💗
I am a Valentine's Day baby! I love to look around and chill. My favorite meal is mamas milk and my talent is napping.
He’s a very happy baby, definitely a mommy’s boy. Loves to eat & play with his fingers and toes. Please vote for him!❤️
A cutie with an attitude 🥰
Riley is a bright & outgoing little girl. ❤️
Rhyder is a wild little toddler who loves keeping us on our toes, he loves cars, and music and to climb on or over anything he can lol. He’s our wild child for sure!
Journee is a very very smart and funny girl she makes you laugh she really energetic and loves to smile and play I think you guys will love her personality also she’s an exciting 2 year old
You should vote for Aminaa because she’s the happiest baby and loves everyone💜
Caleb Lee is a very lively energetic 3 year old loves marine life and has a thirst for learning like you cannot believe he wants to know all the things lol.
She is the sweetest little baby who loves her mommy. She is everything we didnt know we needed.
Hello my name is Bleu Ace and I’m 4 months old my favorite things to do are drinking my bottle, being chunky and loving my family. When I’m in mommy and daddy arms I’m talking my baby stuff and giving tons of drool kisses. When I’m not in mommy and daddy arms I’m rolling over , trying to crawl and eating my hands. I’m so full of life and i am mommy and daddy whole entire world 💙
Hi I’m name is Amyia I love to get into things ! I’m always smiling . I love my mother and father . The most part I love is when I go out in public I always get a thousand of complements ❤️ I would love to win !.
Isabella is such a blessing! She loves exploring anything and everything and loves Cocomelon!
Denim is a very beautiful fun smart loving funny baby girl who loves her mommy and daddy very much also she’s a fashion queen denim can pull off any outfit she is such a goofy baby it’s always something new with her and definitely brings out a smile or laugh in anyone she’s around vote for little miss Denim ❤️
Hi I’m Kaiana 👋 3 months old here. I weigh 14 pounds, I’m 24 inches tall. I enjoy ; •eating• baths •cuddles •swinging •my brothers •laughing •smiling •holding my head up •sitting •spitting up •my mama •dry diaper •my thumb •being alert. I still have a lot to figure out, but I’d say I’m doing good while I’m growing & trying to figure out this crazy world my parents brought me into. 😌
MyLynna loves watching her tv, looking in a mirror at herself, her big sissy & music.
Nova is the sweetest girl with the most amazing personality and expressions to match. She is a blessing ❤️❤️
hes 2months, he likes to eat sleep cry etc, he likes to laugh n smile
Charlotte loves her horses and being out in the country, she is always happy and brings smiles to others wherever she goes🥰
Skylin brings so much joy to everyone she’s literally a heart warmer♥️ She loves to play with her toys but most of all she loves anything she can eat lol!!
Ellie is 3 months old and she is such a happy funny girl.
Elizah Jean
Elizah-Jean ! My papa is my favorite! I Vote for me 💛
Julissa is just 3 weeks old and so far loves to kick back, watch movies, listen to music, sleep, eat and hang out with mommy, daddy, and fur brother Milo!
My little girl loves to paint and decorate with mommy and loves to play outside with her furry buddy!
He likes to listen to his dads music. He also like car rides and bananas lol
Miss Myla is the cheekiest newborn you’ll see! She loves to give gas smiles & stay up all night long & you can’t forget those cheeky little smirks!
My name is Sterling! Some of my family calls me Dj. I love cuddles with my mommy, watching Cocomelon and baths! I am a very happy baby, and have come to be very vocal! I am hitting all my milestones and getting to be a very big boy❤️
Alayjah has such a personality!! Can’t go anywhere without someone stopping and saying OMG LOOK AT HER HAIR 👀 she’s the cutest baby ever ❤️❤️❤️
Chester loves smiling and giggling and spending time with his huge family 💙
Sunny is a sweet and loving little boy who loves his pacifiers.
This girl is so happy she loves trying to talk and play she loves her hugs and kisses
Milah loves fishy toys and funny faces ☺️
Eathn is a very kind hearted, loving, smart, adventurous little boy!
Aurora loves to cuddle with her momma 🥰 she loves reading, it really gets her smiling . She's an early bird 🐦 she loves to know what everyone is doing .
Ryder is a very happy baby he loves everybody his smile can light up your whole day he loves playing outside he’s very smart for his age he is the biggest blessing in my life
Atlas is 13 months old, he loves eating cheetos, giving hugs and going on walks.
A wonderful little girl!
Eleanor Jayne Was Born February 2, 2021. She Loves To Make Silly Faces, Watch Cartoons, Sleep, And Bath Time 💕