I love milk and watching my favourite football team 😍 I enjoy hanging out with my family and blowing raspberries!
This is Tyr (tear). His twin Gunner is currently in the NICU. He loves his pooh blanket.
Hi! I'm Kane. I love talking(gooing ) with anybody and everybody. You can find me playing board/card games with my mom and sissy or watching my brother's either wrestle one another or play their video games or my favorite, watching the greatest show ever made... Word Party!!!!
Hello everyone, my name is Finnick, (Finn for short). I love my moma and daddy. I love to play with my kitties and my doggie. I love to smile at everyone I meet.
Elvis has a twin little bother Prince! He is the goodest baby boy ever and he looks like momy😇
Nova loves spaghetti. She love babies. She is a very happy baby.
Magna loves dogs she loves to scream also she loves nap time and loves to go out
Ellie enjoys Singing and listening to music!
Josiah👑 is the best little boy ever, he’s very loving and such a cuddle bear🐻His favorite time of the day is bath time🛁and play time! Josiah is a very active and curious boy! He LOVES taking Pictures, jumping, Climbing and watching Elmo! Josiah Already has 9 teeth and Can say 5 words! He loves eating and trying new Foods🍔(His hands are sneaky and fastttt!!) Everyone stays Surprised when they ask his age! My little boy is BIG and Healthy! Josiah is my miracle baby💫 Throughout my pregnancy i was at Risk to lose him 2x before getting induced. Josiah was born Premature and spent a few weeks in the NICU. After being sent home, at 4 months of age, he experienced 14 seizures within 3 days before getting diagnosed with epilepsy! My baby is a warrior for real🔥 Despite a rough start into the world, Josiah continues a healthy Journey in life and is on his way to becoming a healthy Toddler❤️, He remains Happy, active, Joyful and always has a smile that will make your heart melt🥰
Hello my name is Ruby! I love to smile and giggle at my mommy and daddy. I love to do my stompers and wiggles. I love to sing to music. And I absolutely love my jumper and get all of my jumpies out.
Nathan Kennedy
Nathan has just turned 1 and has the most incredible nature. He is always full of smiles and is developing a beautiful character
Beau loves dinosaurs, french fries, and just about anybody he meets ! He’s so goofy and smart, and he loves to show off his pearly whites any chance he gets! Lol
Lance is an amazing 3yr, he loves music, playing the drums and singing. He his a burst on energy.
Ryker is a happy 9 month old baby boy . He loves to be talk to . He loves light up sounds,music.he loves outside . He has a stuff dog name bluey that his dad got for him. His favorite baby food is bananas
Nolan changed our lives for the better even before he was born. He is the light of our lives and keeps us on our toes and entertained all day long. He is so smart, funny, loving and fierce. He loves music, animals and books! He could sit and flip through his books all day long.
Jaxson Paul
Jaxson is 3yrs old. He loves playing with cars and trucks and his tablet. He loves school and playing with his friends!
Amari is the sweetest little girl who is full of so much love and personality!
Jayceon is the most chill, layback baby boy. He loves Ms.Rachel & using his legs to jump. Jayceon’s just started eating baby food & his favorite is bananas.
Weston is a lovable, energetic, intelligent and handsome little boy who loves helicopters, Spongebob & Paw Patrol.
Cj is a VERY out spoken baby, he just had his FIRST birthday February 28 2023, he steals everyones hearts with his big brown eyes and beautiful lashes and easy to make giggles!!! He has the proudest mama & papa in the world!!!! CJ walks the walk and talks the talk!!!!
The blessing of a lifetime my first and only boy loves his sister and mommy definitely a daddy’s boy love watching him grow
Tyler is a sweet sweet baby boy who loves snuggles with his mama and loves when his big brother makes him laugh! He makes everyone around him smile and pretty sure he’s even gave a few baby fever! Tyler would stay in his tubby all day if mommy and daddy let him! But only if you keep the water running for him. He is not too fond of tummy time unless he is looking at himself in the mirror. He must think he’s pretty cute to! Although he is tiny- he has a big heart and a bigger set of lungs!
Presleigh is a very outspoken 3 ywar old who has mastered the eye roll perfectlty😂 she loves being outside and is obsessed with Spidey!
Ariana is a lovely 5 months old girl who lives with her family in South East London & she likes to attend all the kids events that her sisters attend.
Vivian Elaine Faye is such a happy baby. She is a daddys girl for sure. She already rolls from front to back and almost back to front. She is also starting to sit very well without support. Give this sweetheart your vote!
Graysen has the empathy of an adult. He knows when you need hugs and boy are they great! He always goes out of his way to help momma however he can!
Jace is 2 months old❣️ he loves attention and is very alert. He spends weekends with grandparents when Mom and Dad have to go to work. As soon as Mom or Dad come pick him up he gets this huge smile on his face and is excited to see them! We love his expressions and active behavior. He wants his snuggles as much as he can. He enjoys Disney movies and definitely likes Alvin and The Chipmunks. Such a joy to have in our lives💕
Myles is a key participant in the real estate business. While houses are being shown he makes sure the customers stay happy with his smiles and laughter
Nila is very sponky girl! she is very smart, shes potty trained, knows her abcs and can count to 15. She reps for a small buisness in our town!. if you are instrested in bows/clothes Go to Pretty Little Things Boutique on facebook and get ur order in!
Kingston is a very cheeky and loveable adventurer. He enjoys playing peekaboo and hide and seek! He loves being outdoors and exploring his surroundings!
Joy is very loving and super friendly! She enjoy playing in the park and taking pictures with her mommy! We put God 1st, & then everything else falls into place 🙌🏾🙏🏽🤗
7 months old 💕
Loves tv remotes, watching twerlly woos Very happy little treasure
My little preemie baby has turned into the biggest lover and mess maker 💙
Hi! My name is Vivianna Marie, I’m 10 months old and I’m a climber at heart. I’ve mastered climbing out of my crib and over obstacles that Mommy and Daddy put up to keep me contained but no one can contain this cuteness!
Kazen loves to laugh and kick his feet all day!
Logan was born 6lb 11oz‼️
Grayson is our miracle …. He loves his Mickey and has a laugh that melts hearts.
She is my 1st Grand daughter! She is an awesome lil girl
Hi! My name is Nate. I love watching cocomelon and playing with my siblings. Cuddles and kisses are the best and i just cant get enough of them! Bright colourful lights and musical noises keep me happy and entertained (until i get tired)
My name is Olena and I’m just starting to find my voice and learn to crawl. I like papayas, cruising in my carrier and playing in the ocean! 😊💗 I hate tummy time, car seats and sleeping alone 🥺😥
Sterling is an adventurous little girl that loves animals and food!
Kase is the happiest baby and loves to laugh and giggle at us!
Our little cutie Ashton loves to cry and being cuddled 😂❤️
Love to smile and sleep 🧡