My smiley girl 🌈
She loves watching cocomelon and Mickey mouse and paw patrol .. she is a wonderful lil girl .. if she wins I wanna get what she needs and what she wants
She loves watching cocomelon and Mickey mouse .. she is a wonderful lil girl .. if she wins I wanna get what she needs
Arabelle is 1 month old and spends most of the time sleeping, but when she is awake she’s such a happy baby. She loves to smile and squeal to let everyone know she’s there🥰 smiling has been one of her new favorite things as well as hanging with her Mimi 💗
Adalyn loves to be cuddled and talked to.
She's is the happiest baby ever!!! She also doesn't meet a stranger she will have you smiling at first sight!!!
Jace is 1yrs old he loves to watch Mrs Rachel. He has a adorable laugh an smile that will melt yr heart. He is also a very happy baby he likes to play with his toys an he also likes when u read to him.💙🙂
Hello, my name is Ezra Joseph Brule. I love spending my time with my mom and even family. I can also be a bit dramatic with my expressions but as long as my mom smiles when i do it im happy. Cause i can make her laugh. I have a dog name koda bear, we always chill together he is my best friend. Id really would love for you all to vote for me please P.s. i was also born with all this hair and no my momma didnt have any heartburn. 😇
Shes very adventurous & loves juice lol
Maanvi is 1 month old and she loves to be swaddled and she spends most of her time by sleeping yet she entertains us by her cute smile and cry
Amelia(Milly) is a sweetheart who thinks her big brother is the funniest person alive
Angelica Rojo
angelica was born a preemie at 24 weeks. she had a rough start to her life but always pushed through and with the grace of God she’s here. she smiles at everyone she meets and is a very happy baby! loves taking a bath, going swimming and watching mickey mouse. she’s so smart and THE sweetest most gorgeous girl🥹🤍
Estela is the center of attention when people visit or out in public ! She loves it! Her personality is beyond amazing you never know which one you’re going to get. She’s the diva of face expression and she loves looking at momma and daddy! Y’all please vote for this sweet pea 💜
Oliver is such a happy little boy that does not let anything stop him despite having some medical problems. He loves running around and keeping mom and dad on our toes. He is little mr. independent.
Daniel goes by Tubby, he has always been the joy of life to anyone who has ever met him. His favorite foods are cantelope and yukon gold potatoes, he loves giving hugs and kisses and a thumbs up!
Tripp is such a sweet and calm baby! He just wants to cuddle all day!
Sophia is full of smiles. She will do anything to make you laugh. She is loving, smart, determined young lady.
Kaycen is always such a happy baby. He loves cocomelon. His cute little smile can just brighten anyone's day!
This is paisley,❤️ she’s the most outgoing loving sweet heart that’s loves the outside,music and loves being mamas little model and mostly importantly happy that’s she fixing to be a big sister to her a baby brother 🥰
Benny boy loves to smile, laugh and make funny faces! He loves to jump around, chew on his hands and sing along with us while singing nursery rhymes!
Gianna is a happy baby who always has a smile on laughing and giggling at 1 month . Please help our smiley baby win!!
Her nickname is Winnie, like Winnie the Pooh cause that’s mommys little bear ❤️
He likes scooting cars around on the floor, looking out the window and thinking.
Charlotte loves kitty cats and cuddles
Joseph loves to have his picture taken. He loves playing with his toys and walking around furniture. He is now 10 months old and is starting to learn how on his own
My smiley baby boy is into paw patrol and coco melon and loves spending with his mommy and daddy 🙂
Hannah is 2 months is a lovable angel she it's very smart she surprised me everyday what she does
Isabella is our sweetest little bee, with nothing but love to give to her mama, papa, and milk! Our sweet Bella Bee, our little sheep! 🩷🐑🐝
Logan is the sweetest, happiest baby girl in the world ❤️ she’s got her mommas big blue eyes & the perfect mix of both her mom and dad. She loves her family, her bottle & her baths 💕
She a month old and like to try n hold her head up n starting to smile more.
Kinsley is a happy, snuggly 8 month old cutie with a goofy personality like her parents! She loves hanging out with her brother bow, loves looking at lights, making silly faces, and listening to mom read stories! Her favorite song is Crazy by Patsy Cline and has been her favorite since she was 2 months old ! ❤️
Jhené is 8 months old and loves Mrs Rachel. She also loves bath time and crawling all around 💓
Siah mannn is 3 months old lovesss watching little bear & is the happiest little man you’ll ever meet❤️
Greyson LOVES to smile, giggle and snuggle!
Ansley is full of sunshine and personality. At the age of 12 months, she already has a huge sense of humor. She loves being outside, riding on the lawn mower, and dancing. Her favorite foods are avacados and salmon.
Amelia loves to give hugs, kisses and read books. She is an outgoing, little girl and loves to smile!
Avery is the happiest baby ever who so always smiling and full of energy. Such a loving little guy who adores his mama and soccer
Emala is a happy , loving little girl .
Novaleigh is two months old she loves her big brother and loves to babble to her memaw, sisters, brother, mommy and her daddy she loves to blow bubbles out of her mouth!
Hi, I’m Olivia! I’m sweet and loving but sometimes demanding. I love to be outside! I’m loud and proud and keep everyone on their toes. I may be young but I already know what I want and I let it be known. I’m going to be a strong, independent girl! 💪🏼💕
Hi! My name is Legacy I love watching football with daddy and learning new things with mommy like walking! My parents set me up with an LLC called TheLegacyContinues and all the money I win will go towards my brand and future! Please vote for me 🤍
He knows the words "walk around" cries to go for a walk, 4 months old😆💙
Please vote for our little princess
Owen is 1 years old, loves his big brother and loves his Mickey Mouse!!
Sawyer’s full of personality and is very vocal, he’s serious on camera and goofy off and his eyebrows can tell it all! He’s a handsome little man and he knows it!
Faith is very smart, loving , caring and full of life!