Baby Stories - 98


Blaze likes to go on adventure and see new things. Her eyes just lights up!
This is Nathaniel, best known as chuncky monkey by Mom and dad. He loves interacting with others, and is always told he’s such a happy baby! His favorite activity is playing in his ball pit at home and eating sweet potato.
Karma is such a kind caring little girl she is always making sure that everyone is apart of whats going on she is such a huge help with her baby sisters and with her parents always trying to get a smile out of everyone she loves baking and arts and crafts and she is always giving such kind words of wisdom at our time of needed encouragement during this pandemic and we all need that right now
Hello everyone 😊 Dayton is an energetic and ALWAYS happy baby! He loves the outdoors, loves meeting people and showing off his big smile 😄 He is 7 months old and was born on Valentine’s Day! He is definitely a love baby and brings joy to everyone he meets 💙
I'm so happy to show off my little man! He's very cuddly and loves his mom and dad. He absolutely hates being naked but gets really mad when a wipe touches him! He is full of funny faces and noises. Thank you for checking him out and your time.
Rozalyn is 10yrs old and loves to dance. She’s kind and generous and wants to help any and everyone in anyway she can. She has a smile that can brighten anyone’s day❤️
Lucy loves to play patty cake and sing her favorite songs
My favorite big boy food is fresh Avacodos . My favorite people in the world are my aunt and uncles . My absolute favorite thing to do is swing at the park . Mommy and daddy are so proud of me I’m So close to walking . I think it is so funny when mom plays pica boo with me . I love clapping my hands and giving people high fives . “Oh” It’s almost Halloween time I think mommy is going to have me be a lion . Lastly mommy Said if I win this contest she has a lot of new things she is going to buy me since I grow up so fast . ❤️
Hi My Name Is Ja’liza Royalty, I’m A Little, Hyper, Happy, Virgo Princess I Love Too Play With My Big Brothers & Brighten Up The House 🥰 Vote For Me Please
Kaydence is such a quiet happy little baby and she loves to smile! Help her out by voting! Thank you
Ronan loves bath time and being outside especially going for walks. He’s an easygoing baby who can make anyone smile ☺️💙
Kairo is the sweetest little rainbow baby you’ll ever meet. 👩🏽‍🍼He likes Hey Bear and Storybots. He HATES tummy time.😂 And he has a smile that will win you over every time.🥰
Ehzra Prince
I am 5 months old ☺️I am a Aries ♈️. I am a very happy smiley boy. I love playtime with momma and my godpup at my god mommies 🥰. Just got introduced to foods 😋 my favorite is carrots and pears 🧡
Ben loves his lizard nugget, he always wants to hold him. Ben has a habit of falling off the couch when napping so our dog Aurora pitched in and lays beside him on the floor, ans whenever he falls he lands softly on her.
Madison is 3months old. She has a big brother who just adores her. She is my rainbow baby. Shes full of energy and loves play time.
Hi, my name is Victor! I love cuddles, smiling, and giggling! My favorite show is Hey Bear sensory! Thank you for everyone’s vote❤️
She’s smart and caring and loves her big sister so much so playful and such a happy baby😇
She loves playing with other kids she’s such a good help as a big sister and she is kind loving etc🥰
Da Nae
My Biggest Blessing🥰Such A Pretty Happy Baby, She Loves Kisses & Watching Her Show. Thats My Lover Girl💜
Dallas is a happy silly baby who will steal your heart with his eyes 🥰
Blakely Marie Driver
She is a very sweet little girl born on September 22nd 2021 at 7:25pm she weighed 8lbs 5oz 19.5in long
My baby August James is a very bright little boy for being so little, at 3 days old he was holding his head up, it scared me but it did it! He is so bubbly and cuddly!
Sweet , sweet girl
He has such a big personality, loves to lay on mommy’s chest, always laughs&smiles, loves bath time, loves tummy time and likes watching movies with dad❤️
Happy, energetic baby
Kylise is the giggliest girl you'll ever meet! She loves her blankie and stuffed animals, or anything soft. She loves to talk and laugh with her mommy, daddy, and brother. She thinks her big brother is the just the funniest! You'll rarely catch her without a smile on her face, unless she's not getting attention, that is.
Jay Mateo McGhee is 5months going on 5years! He loves rolling over and crawling like a caterpillar across the bed... And don't get him started on bananas or baby mum mums! Jays a gift given to us from his great grandpa. He loves splashing in the bath and kicking his legs in the water. He loves tickles and has the cutest giggles. He loves blow kisses and smiles . He was born with a head full of hair and a mustache too! Haha. He loves his cousins and their gifts of course. He loves football Sundays and UFC Saturdays but don't forget his time with his tios!.
Zaiden is the baby brother. He loves to be on the move trying to keep up with big brother, and takes eating very seriously. He is a soon to be 1 year old.
Adelynn is a very energetic girl😊loves to discover new things and most of all…EAT😅❤️She’s a cute chubby ball of love
Teagan is an all around amazing little girl. She enjoys singing in the church choir, horse back riding, cheerleading, fishing,playing Violin, swimming, painting, four wheeling, and much more. Vote for Teagan not because she is beautiful inside and out but because with this money we know she will do good things with.
Xander is a big Brother. He loves to run around outside and absolutely adores other kids. When he was born he was very sick, and has over come so many obstacles. He now is a normal outgoing 2 year old.
Loves Mickey Mouse, Cars, and Baby Shark Will be 2 in December
aiden loves cocomelon also loves soup hes always so happy and energetic 🥰 he just turned a year!
Wyatt Owen Reynolds
Wyatt loves eating , playing , and taking naps with mommy! He love anything dinosaurs and tractors ! His favorite show is Word Party and Cocomelon ! He loves his mommy and daddy VERY much!
He’s a happy and smiley baby loves to watch baby type shows on tv and loves to play with his toys☺️
Lalito loves dogs, watching cocomelon & clapping 💙
Zariah loves to eat,sing in dance lol, she's a very happy joyful loveable baby.loves to cuddle under her mom and siblings.😍
Addy has the cutest spunkiest attitude in the world! She’s a big momma girl most days but also an even bigger daddy’s girl! 💚💚
Elijah is a very happy little boy who absolutely loves his mommy & Daddy oh and of course we can’t forget about his love for baby shark! Elijah can light up any room he walks in to with just a smile❤️
Mr man loves to snuggle! Also loves to watch wiggles! Face lights right up when mommy talks to him && of course chunker loves to eat his baba 😍😂
Waylon was born September 10th, 2021 he weighed 8lbs 14oz and was 21.5”. Waylon is such a Happy baby he is alway smiling!
Ander Leighton, always full of smiles and laughs ready to meet everyone ☀️☀️