Baby Stories - 98


Kaysenn was born December 3rd 2020 she is 2 mins older than her twin sister Keagan they are di/di twins and they are like night and day so opposite so unique in their own beautiful ways
Keagan was born December 3rd 2020 she is 2 mins younger than her twin sister Kaysenn they are di/di twins and they are like night and day so opposite so unique in their own beautiful ways.
Kabela is a spunky full of life almost 2month old with eyes as blue as the sea and as bright as the stars.
She has the most beautiful smile..she crawels getting her first tooth pulling herself up..She a morning person..she brings so much joy in my life..
Baby Danni is a sweet loving little girl! She is always ready for a bath, a bottle, a nap, some playtime, or for someone to make her laugh! 💖
She loves to smile and is learning to stick out her tongue when you do.
Joshua Jeremiah
My babies are twins they are my miracle babies unexpectedly i became pregnant. They both have a completely different personality Joshua is sweet but serious babu and Jeremiah is super sweet they are both loving babies and very cuddle.
He’s a awesome baby loves to cuddle His momma and daddy loves to eat talk and sit up 😊
JaKai is a very happy 5 month old boy. He loves to bounce in his jumper, roll around on the floor, go outside and smile. He loves to eat his food, carrots are his favorite vegetable and mangos is his favorite fruit so far.
Spontaneous, wild & sweet little man! He LOVES to eat, be outside, & play with his toys!
7 months old sweetest sour patch kid 😁loves cuddling getting her hair washed and banna baby food she is holding her bottle saying momma and papaw so far sitting up crawling very active staying cute 😝
Laela is a miracle baby which they call a rainbow baby. She is so sweet and loving. Vote for her so she can be recognized by the world and show love to her.
Octavia loves blowing raspberries and sticking her tongue out! ❤
Meet miss evelynn aka Evie girl. She is six months old and is the happiest baby. She has the cutest dimples and biggest brown eyes! She's already so into her self (can you blame her) lol because she loves looking at herself in the mirror and being on camera. She's a total diva for sure 💕
Nevaeh Rose
Loves her mommy and daddy, and watching anime
Our precious rainbow baby is the biggest blessing in our entire lives. Griffin is the happiest boy! He loves bouncing, snuggles, The Backyardigans, milky, bath time & kisses. Of course, we think he’s the cutest naturally!
He is a cuddle bug who can put a smile on your face.
He has a smile that can light up a room, has the cutest little laugh that you can't help to laugh when he does.
Hunter is a happy loving boy! He was born at 36 weeks and spent a few weeks in the NICU. He has overcome so much in such little time! He has the most contagious laugh! He is the most perfect rainbow baby!
She is a happy baby
Ella Louise is a happy go lucky , go with the flow girl. Always smiling. All around daddies girl . Absolutely adores the color yellow , and has a heart for bumblebees
Maeleigh's is 11 months old. She loves to watch Frozen. She loves dogs. Maeleigh loves to eat all kinds of foods.
Sawyer is such a smart boy. He's always smiling and laughing and is already trying to walk.
milly is 7 months old, she has 2 teeth and loves snacks more than anything, she will be crawling any day and is ready to touch & chew on everything in the house 😊 she is a daddy’s girl in her momma’s world and loves anything involving unicorns and the color pink 💞
Aloura was born at 32 weeks and spent 2 months in the nicu. She been diagnosed with microcephaly, facial dysmorphism and learning delays. With a possible CP diagnoses. Everyday with her is a fun, happy, and a new experience all joyfull. Aloura is such a happy little girl and dosent let anything slow her from chasesing after her 4 brothers. Any money won will got to any therapy suppley that her insurance doesnt cover.
Jase is 4 months old, he likes to jump, smile and explore. He screams and tries to talk. He loves his mama and his blanket and the occasional cuddle with his dog.
After 4 beautiful Girls, I finally got my Boy, Riley was born 8 weeks early and has been reaching all his milestones plus more whilst bringing smiles to everyone he lives with. We couldn’t be more in love with this boy if we tried. 💙
Hello everyone my names BrynnLynn R. , I am 7 months old now , im very funnnn& loving, and all full of giggles , but when im hungry i want it right then lol and i love my mommy and daddys !. Im smart love toys& my v tech elephant that sings and changes colors, also love christmas lights neon lights and the outdoors! The tv is interesting ! Please vote for me ! Thank you so much.
Hi I’m Tijiana, I’m 3yrs old (I’ll be 4 soon)and I’m learning to spell my name.I like to dance,take pictures,play dress up.when I grow up I would like to be a veterinarian because I love animals.
Declan loves watching Hey Dougee, eating applesauce pouches, and playing with blocks! He’s 16 months old and projected to be 6 foot 2 by the time he’s 15 years old! A big boy with a bigger heart ❤️
Jacob is super funny and smart. Loves video games and his big sister.
Hey my name is Diana and my sister and my sister both to have more friends to play 😘😘
Elianna is a happy baby love eating and like to cry so much 😂😍mami love you
Hello I’m Ashton, A little brother of two wonderful big sisters! I love oatmeal, and chewing on fingers! I’m such a loving and happy little boy all the time!
Weight 8 lbs, 10 ozs. Loves food and loves to crawl around! She’s very easy going and her laugh will melt your heart!
Weighed 8 pounds and 15 oz. She loves to color and do puzzles!
KaydenLee is a twin. He loves to be held, loves hearing singing and lullabies. He is a healthy nicu 29 weeker!
Tucker Bo was born on Ground Hogs Day! 2/2/21 💙 Loves to party all night & sleep all day, laughs out loud & loves to be held!
Zachariah is a twin, he loves to hear singing and lullabies. Zachariah has a heart and lung condition.
This little boy is full of energy and loves too play, he talks non stop and loves his sisters and always saying sis sis, go vote for this little handsome boy🥰
Taylor is an amazing gift from god and she has made it through a lot of medical problems and she loves her mom and dad 🥰🥰
My baby boy is a happy baby. His nickname is pumpkin. He gave me a reason to live in this world. He loves cuddles and eating
Likes: •Eating is definitely my favorite •Looking at lights •Making random noises in my sleep •Nonna and gpaw are my besties •My swing & •My big comfortable crib Dislikes: •Mittens •Socks •Getting my diaper changed •Mommy and daddy taking to long with my bottle •Baths & •Putting on pants
Cyrus is a very talented baby. He already tries to crawl, walk, and sit by himself. He walks backwards when he holds onto something. He loves to dance. He has acid reflux and a milk allergy. He laughs at silly things like being tickled on the thighs or neck or when hearing sounds like “doo doo”. He drools nonstop. He loves to kick when he’s on his back and loves to roll.
Finn loves watching his cartoons!! He also LOVES dinosaurs! He enjoye music and playing with his pets!
Teegan loves to play with mommy and nana, she enjoys draging all of her toys out and pushing her walker around! She's so smart and such a fast learner and imitates us lol! She's a burst of energy, she always wakes up with a smile on her face, she definitely knows how to brighten anyones day that's forsure🥰