This little Stormi Miracle is a breastfed baby she's been spoiled and blessed since day one! ☺️Mom's milk came in great for her! She doesn't like waiting very long for food and lyk when upset, but most the time she's a observent type to sit back and watch the world around her she loves to have conversations with us cuuuing and ahhing to express her emotions. When throwing up I like to do it when most inconvenient for my mom so I can get it all over my hair and freash new clothes and on mom right after she takes me off the burp cloth because I love to take showers. Please pick me as your favorite even though I like to get dirty it's only to take showers to be the most beautiful for my photo shoots !!! 😇😏😉
Kennedy is a fun loving wild child. She’s courageous and quite the dare devil. You can catch her tap dancing and doing somersaults in her free time. She loves Miranda Lambert and baby shark.
Kylie absolutely loves Barney and her favorite animals are dogs!
Riyanshi loves to be with everyone, she loves to play, she cries when is left alone.
Maverick was born on March 9, 2022 seven weeks early. He spent 41 days in the NICU, but that didn’t slow him down on catching up. He loves to laugh when you make silly faces, or sounds. His favorite thing to do is nap on mama. He also loves playing with his big brother and daddy.
4 months old and already the sweetest girl in the world ♥️ She has 3 siblings (all dogs) but fills our home with laughter and smiles!
Adrian is a fun loving boy with LOTS of energy. He loves playing soccer and video games. He also love to go to the river and swim all the time.
Emmett is such a happy baby who is always smiling. He loves watching his two big brothers and his sister pug puppy 😍
Hailey loves horses and dogs, playing with her big brother and drawing. She is the sweetest little girl
Katallia And Koryna
Kat and kory are twins💕 kat is on the spectrum and both have SPD
Jade was born at 37 weeks weighing in at 5lbs 10oz. She was a sick for a little bit after birth but continues to show shes a fighter. We love our Jadey Bug!
Brooklyn is a very sweet outgoing little diva...she is a tad bit spoiled but hey she is the baby of the bunch!she can bring a smile to anyones face that she comes across..
Gracelynn was born 8 weeks early other words she is my 3lb baby she is now over 21 lbs she is full of love she has the cutest smile that light up the room she loves people she never meet an stranger I love my babygirl
Hi my name is nova. I am one years old! I am a very silly girl an laughs at everything an loves my momma an daddy so much plz vote for me
Jkobi Osbourne
Loves Mommy & Daddy Attention. Food Grabber/Lover . MICKEY MOUSE !!!!! Nice Curly Brown Fro . A Fast Learner
she loves being outside, loves to look at trees and loves talking to her big sister! she is such a doll baby!
She will melt your heart and also hold her on if she has to and loves food good food also will wipe your tears if cry and hug u if u sad she wants it her or no way so she talk righ on u if u in her way.
Wesley loves to coo and smiles at everyone!
I love to eat and sleep! I love to laugh at my mom and dad!
Little miss Miya loves music,dogs,and learning to do things on her own.
Reese is 7 Months old with the biggest personality. He knows no stranger. His smile will make even the worst day bright. We are currently kicking off a business in a small community to help underprivileged people get all their necessities for their children. At prices they can actually afford to buy. So if we when the money goes to purchasing these supplies for the community.
Cassius loves crawling around the house and loves plants. Hes very talkative and will coo for hours.
Maddy is my very vocal 2 year old, Shes the 4th of 2 boys and 2 girls. She loves cocomelon, singing, dancing, painting, and swimming at the beach. Shes such a water baby!
Maddison is one of my spunky little sweet peas. She loves and try’s do everything you do. She has a personality that makes everyone laugh.
He loves going to the park and playing with our family dog!
This is connie she is our ivf miricle she is 5 weeks old and such a bundle of joy
Ava was born six weeks premature. She absolutely loves to laugh and she smiles at anyone who gives her attention. She is my whole world.
Loves footballs, food and playing with his fur brother, Freddie. Rarely seen not smiling (or without food)!
Lily is a sweet 6 month old who loves to eat everything she can get her little hands on. Her favorite pastimes are stealing mommy’s glasses and scooting around everywhere.
Jules Monroe
Baby Jules loves to smile, cuddle, talk & eat! My chunky lil babe can brighten anyones day. She also loves smiling for the camera ❤️
Lianna is very sweet and sassy.She Loves her heels and purses❤️Her favorite show is cocomelon and paw patrol.Lianna loves being on the dance floor and singing old McDonald had a farm😁
Little smiling boy,he makes everyone laugh with his hair up.
MyKennah is My Rainbow baby we lost her big sister in 2020 due to complications during my pregnancy
Miley is a beautiful young lady she loves to draw and helps taking care of her brother and sister she’s 11 going on 16
Matthew loves riding his bike help take care of his aunt Connie and loves playing the same and super hyper
Noah loves mummy’s cuddles and singing 🥰
Merci loves peppa pig she is 3 months premature and she is a smarty sassy little girl
Layla gives the Biggest, Brightest Smiles each Morning! She loves Hugs 🤗 and watching her 🐕 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Saphira will be 3months old on September 2nd. Where has time gone? She's the absolute most sweet and precious baby. She has recently learned to babble, coo, and smile. She's still in some premie and newborn clothes. Her favorite thing right now is snuggling with mommy and eating.
Samira loves to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse every morning before her bottle.
Bright & happy Baby
Hope is 5 she is in kindergarten she loves dance and doing flips she loves making friends
Ronnie is a happy baby. He loves to laugh and smile at people. He coo’s often 🥰. He also rolls and can sit up on his own. He tries to walk when holding his hands. He also loves to bounce ❤️.
Hi my name is Anakin! (Yes from starwars) My favorite activities consists of drinking boobie milk and playing with my rubber ducky. I love to give big cheesy smiles and talk everyone’s ear off!
Vinny was born on the 4th of July! He came into our lives almost the same time we lost our first child (7 months old). He LOVES farting and being held. Hes just starting to make noises and loves looking at himself in the mirror.
Alex is 3 he loves going to school he loves playing he loves playing ball