Baby Stories - 97


He has such an amazing personality for such a little boy
Perfect Primrose, she is such a happy and content baby. Always has a smile, she is very unique with her personality and strawberry birthmark. She Just the best baby and brings soo much joy to everyone that ever meets her.
Braelin is a bubbly laughing machine and you can bet he’s always smiling. Braelin is a very curious little one always noticing the little things we sometimes glance over. He reminds everyone around him to look at things with fresh eyes.
Luke And Luis
Luke and Luis are both my rainbow babies after losing a baby God blessed us with twins. Their both so strong amazing and very happy babies love their big brothers and absolutely love momma. Just looking at them brings smiles to everyone. Thank you everyone who is voting. 💙
Ka’Mora loves looking at herself in the mirror and smiling! She enjoys laughing no matter what you do or say to her she burst out smiling! Such a happy baby.
Patrick is 2 month old and shares his birthday with his daddy. He loves cuddles, smiling and being outside! He is very curious about the world and so alert already!
Sophia is our happy baby who never stops smiling 💕
he is the best child a mother could ask for. he is sweet as can be. at birth he had some issues that caused his to be in the hospital from feb.6-mar.23. the docs gave him a %10 chance to live. he loves to play and watch paw patrol and spongebob he loves playing with his cars are trucks or loves to make noise like drumming on things. he is %110 a boy lol wild as can be
Carter is my youngest and he is a handsome boy so vote for him 💙
Quadir’ loves to smile and eat, but he also loves bath time even more. He thinks he can swim and also enjoy splashing water everywhere. Quadir is the best baby anyone could ask for! Words can’t describe how he much excitement he have, especially when his favorite show is on! BOSS BABYYYY!
Amelie’s is my little fighter, she came after 8 years of prayers. She was born at 31 weeks with sepsis and she fight for her life and for me. Now she is this little darling with perfect smile.
Dominyck is the most happiest baby ever! He loves to play with his little toes and do TikTok dances! Who could resist those blue eyes?!
Spunky, sassy and very independent despite having a prosthetic leg.
Everyone always says she is the happiest baby & they are %100 correct! She is always smiling, laughing, trying to talk/sing
Reya is omnipresent. You feel her kind, sweet, and powerful presence where ever she is. She is a mimic and loves to make the noises and sounds of animals. Our favorite is when she tells us what the monkey says.
Kaleb is a really happy, content and loving toddler. Kaleb isnt our maternal child we have a special guardianship order until he is an adult, but we most certainly love and adore him like he is our own!! His favourite toys to play with are his cars and trains! We are truly blessed to have him! Xx
Happy little baby that loves watching small potatoes and enjoys listening to music.
Jakeir is a 2 month old handsome little cutie, who loves to eat and watch his Cocomelon. So please vote for my little guy.
Zayden Is The Wildest Little 3 Year Old Who Loves Dinosaur He’s Very Active And Loves The Outdoors
Always smiling! She is such a sweetheart and loves to explore the outside world, always going on walk and going to the park. She is my wild girl.🥺❤️
I enjoying sleeping on my belly and smiling at my favorite sounds and words. I also love to eat if you can’t tell
Nhylan is a ball of energy she loves to dance to her fav song "Party in the elevator", sing and give hugs to you at random times.
bentley loves playing soccer, going in the pool, loves eating. Bentley loves to dance to music and isn’t a bit shy!
Wesley is a 2 month old baby who loves to smile, dance, snuggle, go for car rides, and hang out with his family. He is a sweet boy that’s full of love!
Liam is a sweet, silly, adorable little guy! His nick name is Sweet Pea! Vote for him!
Keegan is a ball of light and energy , everywhere he goes he makes someone’s day. He never stop smiling and loves to go on adventures. He’s a great kid with a heart of gold
Levi is full of energy, Always exploring & loves blues clues.
My very smart out going spunky beautiful 3 year old daughter she funny and very smart
Loves playing with his brothers and sisters and loves to be with his mama
Her favorite sound is baba Her favorite food is chocolate Her favorite show is cocomelon Her favorite movies are Trolls and Tarzan She loves to make dinosaur -like sounds My little t-rex ♥ can be sassy too
Rowan is 2 month babes who is just the sweetest little thing. He loves his snuggles and giving all the smiles this little man could offer ♥️
This little guys is named Jasiah Blu Mullins. He loves to laugh and smile , chews on anything and everything, he also loves being outdoors. He is starting to crawl so watch out (: Vote for our little man !
Ke’loni is such a doll baby she’s a cancer ♋️ She’s 3 months old , she loves to watch cocomelon 💕 she’s so sweet 🥰
Paisley is currently 1 month old she is a very sweet baby she loves giving kisses and she is such a mommas girl
Aubrey is about to be 3 months old. she love mommy and daddy snuggles and loud music. She loves to smile and giggle every time she wakes up❤️
Hunter is just over 3months old and already has loads of character. 🧸💙Hunter likes to take a good picture, that might not look it in some photos but that’s only because he’s fascinated, looking at the phones camera. Hunter also loves holding onto a snuggly, cuddling and giggling at his mummy’s messy hair ❤️ Please may I ask you to vote for Hunter as much as you can 💙
Emrick is probably one of the happiest babies ever. He love to laugh, eat, and talk.
Kayden Maurice is 6 years old with a heart of an angel 😇 He’s a very big fan of school and Minecraft! Even though he’s the most pickets eater in the world we make it happen‼️‼️
Jaylene she is always a happy little girl, she laugh the most with her big brother. When she start talking she just don’t stop, it makes our heart even more melting. She turns her face if she doesn’t like a taste of food. She loves her jumperoo. Jumping around with a big smile. She loves watching fortnite dances with her big sister and it makes her relaxed. She just a bundle of joy in our life. My smiling little princess ❤️
Graysen Isaiah is 5 years old his favorite things to do is ride is bike 🥰 and watch YouTube 😩🤣 His favorite food is crab legs and chocolate cake‼️ Thank you all for voting 😍 stay blessed
Harlan loves cooing & smiling.
Jaxsyn Josiah is two years old and loves playing basketball and driving his Batman car! His favorite foods are pizza, chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed greens and spaghetti 🥰 thank you all for voting stay blessed
He is almost 6 months old. He loves his mama. He likes toys that makes lots of noises. He loves his walker
Ja’Lori loves to dance, She’s loves to have fun and she loves to eat Cheetos!
The sweetest, happiest little love ever