Rohan was born with a head full of hair and big bright deep eyes. His birth was memorable because as he was on his way out he decided to flip. Because he flipped facing up he was born with a scrape on his forehead from my pelvic bone, that scrape has long been gone, but so many more bumps and scrapes have already graced this boy who is in a constant hurry. He has been full of surprises from day 1! He is my little sour patch kid. He’s sour when he doesn’t get what he wants or when he gets in trouble, but then as sweet as can be when he wants hugs, snuggles, and kisses! He is one tough boy and doesn’t put up with anything which will most likely get him in trouble as he gets older 😅. He loves to play with his older brother Collier and he loves to sing cocomelon songs! He love to eat and he’s good about trying anything that I may be eating! He is 🇮🇳 Indian/🇮🇹 Italian/ 🇮🇪 Irish baby😍
Aiden likes to super hero land, play hide and seek, and ask Alexa to change the colors of all the lights in the house
Hes the most happiest baby you’ll ever meet he’s my lil chunky man he will light up the room anyday
Cashtyn Beverly
He loves his mommy and daddy. He loves his puppies and to eat. He is such a sweet baby.
Kinsley was born unexpected at 34 weeks. Despite being so early she overcame 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU! She loves being cuddled up with mom and dad. This girls beautiful wide eyes melt my heart every time.
Gorgeous baby girl 🥰 Lickle bubba Loves her sister
Toni is full of energy and is a very bubbly boy, he loves to babble, yell and giggle, He loves being on his feet and running with support,hes already very strong on his feet and does quick steps, He gets active as soon as he wakes up. Mummy's and Daddy's little boy ❤️
Jordan is the happiest baby we get smiles from him all day and oh so handsome! He is our joy!
Avery is THE happiest baby you will ever meet. He will kill you with his charm and that is for sure ! He started walking at 10 months and has been above charts since the beginning. He so smart, loving, happy and just so beautiful. He favorite words our mama and dada💙 He loves to share which is a plus !!
This is my God Daughter and she is the best thing that has happened to me (other than her mother and sister)
Carter is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing and such a joy to be around.
Thea Jean is our rainbow of hope. She is a dream of a baby. Full of such personality. She loves cuddling her brothers.
Mia Grace Benincasa is 8 month. She likes Minnie Mouse .
Loving sassy beautiful little girl
Samuel is 11 months old he loves bananas to be read to he loves the out doors and is a dog lover. He’s sweet and loves to sing. He loves to roar at everyone
Aiden Micah
Aiden is such a happy bubbly baby. He's always smiling or laughing. He loves to watch Akili and Me and Cocomelon. He enjoys being read and sang to also.
Layla is 8 months old and smiles from the minute she wakes up until she goes to sleep. She loves laughing, exploring and playing. She is the happiest baby ever!
Logan is a sweet 7 month old, he is very happy and easy going! Loves to watch the dog and laugh. Easy to love boy!
Hi I’m Brayden I’m 7 months old! I’m the cutest baby ever and my mommy says so! I love to laugh, smile, roll over, crawl all around and make all kinds of noises! I love my fur brother Salem he’s the best! I love snuggles with my momma! And a nice bottle!
Ezra is a black ninja that loves his family and friends, and has the biggest heart in the world 💚🧡
My baby loves smiles, his big sister's, his big brother and chewing his toes 🥰 Hes mummys little pumpkin and loves snuggles with mummy and daddy 💙
She is a very happy baby always smiling and she loves watching cocomelon because of all the colors and the music playing I’m sure.
Only a month old and is know as the grumpy old man, loves to sleep, never cry’s but will grunt and complain if his sleep is interrupted.
Elijah jack james is a very bubbley and laid back baby, he gives the most beautiful smiles, he loves to on walks with his mum and big brother ripple 🐕
He's very smart, loves to help others. He's very great at making new friends and loves to play fortnite
Carson sure is a fighter he suffered a stroke at birth, has endured so many things in the last year and 8 months. He’s sure amazing! He enjoys eating, climbing, and taking cute photos
Aubree Is a loving happy baby. She loves music, foods and she likes to share. Aubree just started to learn how to walk and instead of walking she tries to run 😆. She loves the outdoors and playing with her dolls and electric table.
Hi, im Teegan and i love my big sister!
Eli is 5 1/2 months! He just started sitting up on his own and he LOVES to talk. Vote for my sweet baby boy! ♥️
Steven was born earlier then planned because mommy's placenta wasn't working the way it was supposed. Even with that he is strong and active little guy. He loves his swing and car rides. He loves his parents and snuggles. He is learning and growing everyday.
This is Kayden!! he loves talking, smiling, being outside, and jumping in his jumper!! he loves everyone around him so much!! Kayden is such a happy boy & full of laughter!!
Carina is a loving baby. She loves her best friend Gubi the dog🐶
Kelsie is a sweetie! She loves being outside and in the dirt or riding her 4 wheeler. She is always wants to help daddy work on stuff around the house.
Natalie is a very sweet, lovingand a little shy at times. She is the "mama" to her two younger sisters. And she loves to help mama cook and clean. BUT her favorite thing to do is going to church and playing with her friends.
Alaina Bailey
She loves to roll around on the floor with her two big sisters. She is always smiling and talking. She is a HUGE daddy's girl!
Bentley Ford
He loves meeting new people. Always a happy baby! Very smiley and giggly. He loves being held 24/7. And loves truck rides☺️
A 2 year old that comes with a lot of sass and attitude
Jayson Jeremiah loves to bite his toys, scream in excitement but most of all loves to spend time with his mom and dad.
Royal is a beautiful energetic diva ! She loves music and sweet kisses ❤️
Hello! My name is Mila Grace! I like long walks around the backyard with my chickens, Netflix & Chill with my dog Murphy & tacos with queso! Super fond of {virgin} margs & BBQ! Slide into that vote zone to help send me to MIT!
Maverick just turned a year old! He’s the most outgoing, sweetest, happiest baby boy ever! He loves kitty’s and his mommy and daddy and his aunties! He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and is ALWAYS smiling! This baby boy is our world.
JaZelle is my rainbow baby, she's smart and active. She loves giving hugs and kisses. She makes my day everyday.
Emma is a happy playful babygirl she’s always talking!! And loves to pet animals. She’s smart and so curious about everything her smile just lights up the world!
Hi this is Bleu. Bleu is a cute funny loving little boy who loves to give cuddles , and like any other baby is happy with just food love and a clean nappie. Bleu loves to be tickled makes him giggle he also loves me singing to him. He has a smile that could light stadium's. Vote for bleu please 💙
Draco is 2 months old and weighs 10.6oz he's always happy loves to sleep🥰
He loves to be held , loves to eat, and loves being talked to