She has a beautiful smile and loves to watch her tablet and play on her trampoline ♥️ She is full of attitude!
He's such a good and happy baby! Loves attention and getting his way .Loves the outdoors and animals.
I love to roll around, I love talking and dancing. I love avocado. I love going for walks in my stroller. I love bath-time (swim time). I love cuddles and kisses.
I love Bathing .. Swimming.. Laughing.. Enjiy Eating.. Sleeping .. n 💩 Pooping
When he was a week old he had the biggest smile since then all he does is smile he is also our rainbow baby
Lou is a premiee baby born at 36 weeks. He loves smiling/laughing and kisses. He is the sweetest baby alive
Freya is 7 weeks old baby who is very smiley ☺️ she has the loveliest blue eyes! I know she is going to be a cheeky little girl 👧
Cute but super sassy. Most people think I’m older than I am. 4 going on 14. Just started school and I love it! I’m a daddy’s girl 100%.
Charlie's always on the go and loves being outdoors. He's obsessed with dinosaurs and Mr Tumble. Hes a super sweet kid and always has the best smile on his face
He loves to eat😂 He’s a very smart baby can almost crawl and loves cuddling with daddy
Emerson is obsessed with anything to do with food! She loves stuffed animals, talking, and learning new things. She is the happiest baby!
Coleson is a very lovable 2 year old! He loves dinosaurs & sharks! He can count to 10 and say all his colors! He’s the most energetic, loving, caring little boy!💙
Dixie-leigh Bruce
Dixie-Leigh Loves to smile and cuddle her siblings. Loves her puppys
She’s the life of the party she’s a PRINCESS with Tomgirl ATTITUDE and don’t say otherwise or else 😂 she loves lipgloss, cars and BLIPPIIII.
I love . . . laying on mom’s chest, being rocked, when you pat my butt, being outside, riding in daddy’s truck(only daddy’s truck🤦‍♀️), gas drops🤣, diaper changes, baths, when mom wears me around to do chores, lights & early mornings! I’m not a fan of . . . my car seat, burping breaks, when mom puts me down to finish my naps on my own, waiting on my bottles (when I’m ready to eat, I’m ready🙂), being swaddled, & dirty diapers!
Zayden is 2 yrs old he’s an active wild child lol, he’s goofy and fun he loves his cocomelon and he’s such a sweet boy.
Little is a spunky, busy little boy always on the go and learning new things!
Harleigh loves snacks, climbing on everything, and her aunt Lia!
Mila makes everyone laugh has the most contagious smile and is super cuddly she loves her snacks but it’s also a very sassy girl😂💗
She is a bright and bubbly 3 month old who loves dinosaurs and is a big momma's girl for sure.
Zechariah is a beautiful baby boy who has enjoyed misic and tv pretty much since birth. He makes the cutest noises, they're almost little squeaks. He knows what he wants and has no problem telling you all about it. I love my son to pieces and can't wait to give him the world. He loves sleeping and meeting new people. He has had some scares so earlier in his life. At 3 weeks, he went to the hospital for bloody throw up and we almost lost him, but now he's still here and looks as beautiful as always. He smiles a lot when he sleeps and I know he has to be dreaming big. Whatever those dreams are, I just want to do everything to make sure he continues to have them and make them better than they already are. He deserves it for sure. My precious little wolf pup. I love him.
Alfie Rogers
Alfie Rogers is 8 months old🤍 The happiest most bubbly baby boy there is. Always smiling and full of joy. BIGGEST mummy’s boy too😍
Amelia is a wonderful little girl ; she loves to learn, she loves going to school, dancing & playing soccer.
Dominic loves to say hi to everyone he meets !! He's a chunker and loves to eat. His favorite song is the wheels on the bus on Cocomelon.
Kaydan is fun loving, caring and happy girl, who loves to cheer and play outside.
My baby loves to play on her VR unless it’s a week day then she is happy drawing and creating animations. She is kind and big hearted.
My name is Evalyn Viree. I love to play with my brothers, swim and spend my time strolling. I’m 8 months old and have such a big personality (if you don’t believe me, checkout my pictures). Thank you for your support.
My name is Malakai and i just turned 1! I LOVE to watch Ms Rachel ,and I love going on the swings at the park.
Ezra is a free spirit, politically independent, and enjoys long walks on the beach. He has an 850 credit score, and can out play every person I know in pool.
Very happy always smiling little toddler🥰 return the votes 😁
Ember is 6 months. She loves to chew on anything she can get a hold of. She loves the nursery rhymes and lullabies on Disney plus. She has the sweetest smiles and laughs. She is such a joy to be around. We are trying to raise as much money as possible for her surgery on Sept 26, 2022. Thank you for all the votes, love, and support!
Arya is the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy! She is so loving and outgoing . Brightens every strangers day with a little bear hug 🫂
Cyrus is the happiest and smiliest baby ever! He loves watching Paw Patrol with his two older siblings. He also loves the out doors.
Kaylee is a happy baby who is always smiling and has such a big personality
Hi everyone my name is Kairo!💙 I am 5 weeks old. I like my hands always by my face no matter if I’m awake or sleeping. I love to look at all the interesting things in my house especially the fan! My favorite place to be is in someone’s arms or the bath. 🛁
Hi guys!! My name is Amaryelli Laguardia I am 8 months old. I love the water , I love bath time , I love to go on walks, & love to watch cocomelon and sing 2. I’m the happiest and most dramatic baby ever !! I cry for literally everything :) thank for voting for me 🧡 follow my mom on tik tok @avelinatoohollywood <3
Ryder is a happy loveable sweet baby boy. He loves just about everything. Especially mommy and daddy. ♥️ He loves being tickled. He is always so very happy. Let's give him some votes. 😁
Gatlin is a very spunky boy. He loves his two sisters and his first word is dada. His favorite things to do is playing with his sisters and eating his baby food, and he’s not picky!
Mag is an amazing baby. He is all laughs and giggles. You couldn't tell now but he had a rough start. He was born at 32 weeks gestational and spent 2 weeks in the nicu. We got to bring him home early from the nicu! He's a fighter forsure! Big brother is his best friend. He lives for daddy snuggles but hes a total mommas boy.
Michael likes to swim and play and crawl after his mom and siblings he loves water and play time but we’d give up most toys for a package of wipes he loves to eat and is standing up by himself now he just wants to laugh and have fun
My name is karson , I am 3 years old . My favorite thing to do is go on a tractor ride . I love to wear my cowboy hat and boots , mama calls me a “mini cowboy “ ❤️
Karolina Freeman
She is 1 year and a half she loves outside and singing and dancing she is so sassy and loves her pictures taking and being a diva ❤👑
Hi my name is William. But most people call me lil will, buh buh or what my mom likes to call me... Handsome pants! I love to have fun, i love getting attention from all the gown ups that love to see me or when i am around. I love to play with kids and i have the biggest wonderfull sweetest baby smile a baby boy could ever have. My eyes also change colors from bright blue in the bright sunny light. To grey once it gets dark. I love to eat chocolate pudding, and baby veggies. And my 2 favorite people i love the most are my Mommy and Daddy. I cry all the time just to fake people out. I am a very good bany. And love to be the sweetest baby boy that loves to be center of attention. When i want it, i get it.
Paisley is a rowdy little girl that loves life and her family.