Jb Wylder
Jb Wylder is 3 months old & such a ham! he loves cuddles & most importantly his food. his smile is so precious.
kayden loves taking pictures and being the center of attention. He also loves giving kisses to his mommy
This little one is all kinds of wild and crazy he’s love watching Daniel tiger neighborhood he loves to play move around he is so curious about everything this little boy will just melt your heart away just by one smile
Zander is the most sweetest baby ever he so love able so sweet beautiful baby 🥰
Lynox loves acting like a dinosaur and making “RAWR” sounds. He loves his puppies. He loves to dance and play with his trucks/cars.
Tevin loves playing peek a boo! And Roaring like a dinosaur. He loves nature , and the pool. Hes the most happiest baby there is. He loves music , just give him a tune and he will rock out! Apple slices and peanut butter is one of his favorite snacks ! And I can’t forget about Mickey Mouse..he’s his best bud !
This is Emily, she likes her stuffed animals and likes to explore EVERYTHING she can reach. She especially loves splashing water.
Everest is 4 months old now! Almost sitting up on his own. He loved toys and babbling! He’s always smiling the happiest baby ever💙
Gannon wade loves to be played with and loves attention. He’s always speed crawling and laughing across the floor
Luna likes looking around colored lights, sitting up in her little chair, trying to crawl,eating,and cuddling with mom and dad. She also likes to listen to music, being held and smiling like crazy. She has such a big personality and is so smart already.
I am Lillian Estelle Diane. I was born June 14th 2022 and I love watching harry the bunny and being silly with my mommy and daddy! I just had my very first laugh and love using it😊💜
A mischievous sassy girl.
She a wonderful baby
Analissa is a smart, loving caring little girl. She has been a Girl Scout for 6 years. She loves Math and is in cheer and Volleyball. She loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up.
Blair is a happy, fun, loving little girl. She lights up everyone’s day that she meets.
Renesmee SnowMarie Witt is the cutest sweetest baby ever... She is a rainbow baby... She is always happy and she never really cry's... She loves her big brother,her daddy and me... She loves tummy time and she loves to smile...
Meet Kylen!!! Kylen is a happy and active baby that laughs and smile at everything and everybody. He loves to watch nusery rhymes and cartoons.
Maylani loves her 5 older brothers. She's always smiling and laughing now a days. She was a NICU baby born at 33 weeks. Shes a strong little fighter.
Everleigh can turn any frown upside-down with her adorable smile and laughter. She will absolutely have crawling down to an art, just as soon learns to go forward! Won't be to long because she ready to Go~Go~Go!
Jaxon is the sweetest boy! He loves to talk to you using smiles and coos. He was born prematurely and has been a fighter in gaining weight and height! We are so proud of our little man❤️
Demi’Rose is a full burst of energy! She enjoys eating and laughing loudly. She’s a mommy’s girl
My sweet baby is 16 months old . She loves Elmo & baby shark and Will talk your ear off!
i’m a wild child 😝 i love cucumbers and kiwi! i love to crawl , yell for my momma and try and stand up on my own even though i can’t yet 😂 i’m sweet as sugar and full of life!
She’s such a miracle baby! I wasn’t supposed to have kids and here she is!! She is such a sweet loving soul, please vote for her!!!!
Aubrey is my very happy girl. She has just found her sweet smile recently! ❤️🥰 She is happiest in the mornings having conversations with momma ❣️❣️ She loves Veggie Tales and her binky too Vote for her sweet smiles & coos! 👶🏻💜
This is Jacob, he is 3.5 Months old, he loves to sit up and watch everything around him. He loves his momma I'm his favorite be he loves his daddy as well. His dad calls him a superhuman, 5 days after being born he caught covid and had to spend some time in the hospital, but he Pulled through. He is now back to being a snuggly, smiley, healthy, happy baby boy. His little giggles can warm even the coldest of hearts. Please vote for my baby and show him some love, I mean come on how could you not vote for such an adorable little man.
He is funny smiles and laughs when he sleeps wonder what is so funny and those dimples are precious.
Mateó loves taking pictures and being the center of attention. He also loves giving kisses
James likes to try and sit up. He likes the pool and loves for mommy to rock him to sleep♥️ James has a smile that can put a smile on anyones face and joy in any heart!
Mylo is a very loving and VERY energetic boy. He deserves your vote because not only is he adorable as heck, he's got the most contagious laugh and can lighten ANYONES mood! He's the best little boy anyone could ask for!
Hi im Ethan im 2 year old I love to play and sing and I love the water ,im a mommas boy with a smile that melts her heart I love helping momma sing and i love to play with my baby brother and laugh I'm a very sweet, kindand caring little boy and I've never known a stranger I love my granny and my great grandpa roy and going to my memows and grandpas farm I love helping with the cows and.feeding the chickens with menmow
Opie has one of a kind personality, he loves to copy mommy and daddy, his favorite movie is toy story and will watch it for hours! He loves cuddles and bath time and swinging ♥️
Kinsley is always their to greet you with a smile she will never disappoint you she’s very energetic and she loves to growl
This lil guy is a such a lovely boy who loves to be loved on. He is the sweetest! Loves to play with his toy cars! His laugh is so contagious
My name is Canaan, I love watching super why and Elmo 🥳 I like eating all kinds of fruits and veggies, I’m almost 8 months old and I can crawl, pull myself up on things and also stand and dance 🕺. Please vote for my sweet little boy 🥺❤️
She does gymnastics loves all aminals love barbies
He is such a happy baby he's 3 months old he already trying to roll over and he trys to talk he holds he head pretty and he laughs all the time ... He a perfect little boy his nickname is bean sprout ❤️❤️
Happiest, sweetest little girl, who loves to giggle and smile at everyone!!
Hey! I'm Trae! Please vote for the cutest bay- bay!
Emma is the happiest craziest little girl. She loves her baby brother and sister and is the girliest tomboy ever!
Kyrie was born 3/26/2021 , he loves going to the park, he loves Paw Patrol and loves to laugh and run and play
Taire was born 01/10/2018, he loves dinosaurs and sonic and loves being on his computer. HE IS IN PRE K
Anyla is a HAPPY advance smart baby! She’s been smiling ever since she’s been out the womb! She started walking in a walker at 4 months. She loves new people, eating, talking, rolling over, eating her toes and more! She’s growing into her personality everyday!
My Sequoia May was born 06/05/22 @0334 hrs, 7lbs4oz 20in, head circumference 13in. As of writing this she is a little over 2mos old wearing 0-3& size 2 diapers. She will turn 3mos old on Labor Day:). She loves bath time, will fall asleep right after one if she isn’t wanting a feeding right away. Her temperament is manageable, I tend to work around things& have a good structure/routine. I already know self-soothing will be hard in the long run, but doable with time/effort. She already is learning how to use her lungs, showing me how they work😆 Very impatient when I’m making a bottle. I also think she won’t go to bed unless she’s in her sleep sack, or wrapped up otherwise she’ll yell and argue at me. She already wants to pick up her own head&be nosy lol. She already wants to sit up, flip herself back and jump out of my lap😅… her motor skills are just on point for a 2month old. She amazes me everyday✨❤️‍🩹
Genevieve is such an intelligent baby! She loves chats and and tummy time!