Hi my name is Konner Herren, I love talking to my mommy and daddy, also, I love laughing, smiling, talking even though I jibber jabber! I love playing with toys, or anything that makes noises!
Vada is 3 months now after coming 4 and a half weeks early… she was even born with two teeth making her extra special! She loves to smile at mommy and laugh at crazy daddy!
Wyatt loves music, playing outside, bubbles and his dog, Stormie! He always has a smile on his face. His favorite food is spaghetti!
Salvatore is such a sweet boy! He loves to roll around. He loves to play with crinkle toys. His favorite food is sweet potatoes. He loves books read to him. He’s such a good baby!
Rainy Daze
Rainy Daze a bubbly 3 month old with a sassy little personality!
He will be a year on July 23rd, he’s always a happy baby and loves to dance with mommy and his aunties 💙
Zayden is always happy and smiling! Always showin off those dimples :)
Lincoln is a joy to be around. He loves to pull mommy's hair and take a bath. Doesn't like bibs apparently lol.
Lydia is my miracle baby from the time she wakes up till the time she goes to bed she is all smiles she warms up your heart with her beautiful smile
Adriana is very polite,outgoing, always willing to help or care for others. She enjoys riding bikes , playing with her babies and most of all being a big sister she’s amazing
This kid is rotten to the core. He is definitely all boy and loves anything to do with being outside. He loves to ride four wheelers and go carts, he loves to be around water and we can't wait to take him fishing this year. He has a heart of gold and always wants to help with everything even in the garden, he has his own little rake and hoe. Anything that his daddy does he also wants to do, he even has his own little Stihl chainsaw (battery operated toy), and he says all the time cut trees like my daddy. He definently stole our hearts and his big bubby and sissy's are his world..
Ace Carter! The happiest sweetest little boy since birth!
Da’Chaaya was born on Jan. 1 my New Years miracle and is currently 15 months ! She is very smart learning to talk welll! She love dancing singing and is very playful . Chaaya is learning her ABC’s, numbers , and colors ! Shining star she will brighten your day
He is a fun active little boy love his tractors and trucks like his daddy. He always on the move never sit stills he loves his baby food and going to park and for walks and so much more he most loving baby you’ll will ever meet
Beatriz is so sweet and always happy! She is always smiling or laughing, and loves Elmo!
Cal’ee Rose the most sweetest baby you could ever meet. Loves to sleep and get milk wasted. Most peoples first reaction to her is “ wow she looks like a baby doll “.
Eveie is a big personality in a small baby body. She loves to laugh and coo the loudest for her age. She loves being tickled and given the most kisses.🥺💖
Amorè is always smiling and happy😩😩💙 he loves kisses and tummy time. We are learning mama and daddy right now. He is a happy loving boy
The sweetest little guy you’ll ever see! Malakai likes to sneeze on daddy and fart on anyone who holds him 🤣!
Blakely loves the shower, to be cuddled and to bed loved on!
Memphis is the light in any room, he can make anyone & everyone fall in love with him. He truly is such a happy baby❤️ He loves being held by the ladies & absolutely adores his brother! ❤️
Our Jaida Reign is such a happy, fun, noisy baby! She is always cooing, grunting, and squealing. She loves to be talked to, eat, and cuddle with mommy and daddy. She has brought so much light to this grey world❤️
Eloise will always give you a smile!
Isaiah is the joy of our life always happy and full Of Personality! He will make anyones day even with just a simple hey 👋🏻 He loves to make others laugh and playing with dump trucks 🚛
Zaiden loves to talk, just as much as he loves to smile and munch on foods 🥹♥️
As you can see, Henry loves bath time! His other favourite pass times include keeping his parents up at night, pooping his pants and grinning at strangers!
Kareem is a super hyper young men who loves reading & anything with curious George. Come vote for this handsome young man 💚
Taylor is almost 6mo old, loves riding his horses with mama, tummy time, climbing all over his daddy, and spending time with his nanas and papa! He loves being held by everyone and gives big kisses to all.
After every storm comes a rainbow ♡ Luna is a true blessing, as she is a rainbow baby! She is the happiest little girl you'd ever meet, and is always smiling and brightening everyone's day.
Gabriel is from Anchorage,Ak. He is Alaskan Native, 1/2 Aleut, 1/3 Eskimo Has 3 brothers, huge family, loves his grandparents. Hes loves going camping and fishing and hunting trips. Such a sweet and patient baby. Been on several road trips. Comes from a long line of commercial fisherman from Chignik Lagoon, Ak. He is such a blessing.
Hi. I am Carlin. I am 3 years old and love to play with my big sister. My favorite color is blue and Spiderman is awesome! My mommy, sister and pop pop are my entire world.
Taniyah Sumler
Was born prematurely 4lbs 10 ounces. Now she is a big healthy growing 5 month old baby. She smile a lot and also a very happy baby.
Tanylah Sumler
Was Born Prematurely at 3lb 15 ounces And Now A Big Healthy 5 month old baby. She so adorable she smile the minute you look at her she’s a very happy baby
This is my Son Darius Adrianoff Merrell he’s 9 months. He’s Alaska Native/American Indian Aleut and Eskimo. He’s the youngest of four Boys. He’s always on the go. Very happy Baby. Always smiley, very affectionate.
Kylo is my wild child he’s full of energy and full of personality
Rain is a sweet but serious little girl she loves to play and to cuddle with mommy
Aiden is a fun loving baby he smiles to anyone who holds and loves to sleep. He loves to be held and rocked. Aiden has a smile that if you were having a bad day seeing him smile will just brighten your day and ease your mind. He loves to play with his rattles and loves his paci.
Kamarii is a loving baby who loves to play crawl laugh and smile
Braylon is a loveable, happy little walking man. He enjoys walking around watching Bluey and lots of giggles. He loves his family and has brought us all so much joy ❤
Nadine is a very happy baby. She loves watching the movie Toy Story. Woody is her favorite from the movie. At birth Nadine was 9 pounds 9 ounces.
He is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. He loves to talk & he thinks a “grown” boy.
Olivia is the sweetest girl and always smiling!!
Gregory is a happy baby!! The only child but has cousins to play with. He is very smart and loves to learn new things. When Gregory rounds up he will be a podiatrist because he loves feet. Lol
Ava is the happiest most excited baby you will ever meet! She loves other kids, music and toys!
Baby Salome is very Bubbly and Puts a smile on everyones face. He loves to eat and play! Your Vote is Greatly Appreciated!
Leland is such a light in this world. He laughs at everything and is always smiling. Leland loves the outdoors and his puppy, Ranger!
Bradford Boys
Chase & JR are 8 months old & were premies born August 5th, 2021. They laugh & play with their dog.