Hi I'm Avery my parents call me toot lady I toot a lot that's how I got the nickname! I'm the oldest by 11 months I love my little brother Jaxton I get a little jealous but that's okay I love animals kitties are my favorite!
Hi I'm jaxton my parents call me little Toot man. I love to eat and sleep I don't do much more than that I'm just trying to grow big and strong
Baby Corey is legally deaf. But that doesn’t stop him from talking up a storm and showing how much he loves interacting with people. He’s funny, sweet, kind & caring! & loves to share! Baby Corey lost his daddy 6 days before he was born. His daddy is his little guardian angel & ALWAYS watching over him. Baby Corey is named after his daddy :)
Phoenix love Gracie’s Corner, singing and dancing. Currently her favorite food is bananas!
River loves dinosaurs and talking to you and is always trying to be on the go he loves being active and he’s super sweet and his favorite food so far is sweet potatoes and he’s most definitely a mamas boy and super photogenic and he’s a little flirt too if you get him around the right people
James is the happiest, sweetest little man! He's always smiling and laughing! He loves playing with his Daddy and dog, Sugar! He loves running around and playing with his toys!
Isaiah is such a cheeky little guy poking his tongue out at mummy haha with such a bright personality already, Isaiah loves been chased around and giggles his little head off, loves talking and going for swims, my first son and ever so proud.
Hello, my name is Christian but most people calls me Jr. & I love drinking milk 🥛& sleeping 😴
Caspian is a very happy 6 month old! He loves to smile and walk around and playing with his toys! He is such a blessing
Jordan is always happy, smiling , Talkative , funny , he’s Handsome
Samantha loves saying bobba , daddy, mama enjoys her older sister, and playtime at the park in the swing She is a very happy baby
She loves to roll over and she loves going crazy!! She loves ms Rachel and loves giggling🫶🏻
Nova is the happiest and cutiest babie we could ask for .
Matthew is 5 months old he is so happy all the time. He loves playing with his toes. He can almost sit up. Hes trying to hard its the cutest thing in the world. Matthew is a twin his brother is noah. Hes my happy baby forsure!
Arley is a character makes everyone laugh! Full of energy from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to sleep! Very loving and very happy! He loves the attention and is always eyeing up the girls.
This little boy is my 4th and final and our only boy, hes our special little man and is very loved by his 3 big sisters!
Damien is such a happy baby , he love to watch encanto ,he loves his daddy , & he always tries to eat your food ! The sweetest boy there is ❤️.
Andrew Jr
Andrew Jr is a happy 6 month old. He is the youngest of 7 boys. He loves babbling and laughing. His little smile is so contagious. AJs favorite food is bananas…and his favorite toys are his banana teether and his Nemo bouncer.
She is 13 days old. And she likes to smile
Libby is one outstanding, smart, beautiful girl... She loves to play football, basketball, Fortnite, and riding her bike. Drawing is her passion. Beauty and brains all in one package.
Brenna is 1 and loves moana! She has such a big personality, she gets smarter everyday and amazes me with her skills. Her nickname is Bean and she’s my first born and my only girl (:
Little colt is 2 weeks old and so calm and quiet, he is a big cuddled already and my last baby (:
Kaylee loves to swim and chew on absolutely anything she can get her hands on
Axel is a very happy baby! Axel loves going to the park to go on the swings, loves his toy ring stacker that he has fun throwing about just to then chase around the living room and is a massive foodie! He also has already said his first TWO words!! “Mum-mum & quack” ❤️
Joshua is 2 months old and loves his family very much. He has 4 other siblings who are 17, 14, 11 and 9. Joshua loves cuddles and kisses. He gets upset when his siblings fight over who is next for a cuddle.
Scarlett is a firecracker! Giving everyone a run for their money and sleep now days. She’s just starting to give us some personality when the camera is on her. Plus shes a doll!
Lachlan loves to give cheeky smiles, kisses an rolling around, blow kisses an get up on his knees an hands . His 7 months old
Bonnie is the most loving little girl there could be , she’s always full of smiles . She wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy , as you can see she loves her photo being taken by mummy , Bonnie is nearly 6 months old and she’s just started her weening journey and she’s loving it (mummy not so much with the mess) but loves the faces I pull when I try new things . Please vote for Bonnie
This rollie pollie will steal your heart! She loves babbling, rolling literally everywhere, and smiling as wide as possible.
Maddison loves animals and being outside. She enjoys going to school and seeing her friends. She likes Peppa pig, frozen and spiderman
Patrick is the best big brother ever to his Irish twin Alyssa. He has a natural gift for sports, loves dinosaurs and ALL PEOPLE! He's such a people person and will tell ya a good joke anytime! He is so kind, and so eager to help his family and friends. Love boyscouts and helping others
This is my little Gracie, she is six months old and has just got her first two teeth through! At the moment she loves nothing more than to chew on everything in sight. She has the prettiest blue eyes and a smile that lights up any room ❤️
My name is Christian and I love greeting my mama with a smile first thing in the morning! I have the biggest personality, I copy noises and watch everyone walk past me. I’m a curious little George, I love watching old hi-5 with my mama. I am my mamas twin. ❤️
Kai loves to laugh all day. He’s mastered saying “dada,” “baba,” “mama” and “bye-bye.” He also loves to give kisses as well as meeting new people!
Victoria Amelia Esparza
This little beauty is not only the apple of her mommy n daddy's eyes, but the funniest lil baby you would ever meet, she enjoys talks with her granny, and talks back , my granddaughter is my heart, love you lil angel.
Hi! my names River and i was just born on feb 3 i am so happy i love taking a bath and giving everyone a big smile 🥹❤️ i would appreciate your vote ❤️
My name is Liam. A very sweet and loving boy. I love train very much.
Little Pixie Queen. such a happy little girl. She’s always chatting or trying to steal your food. 😂
Mars is a happy 3 year old boy with autism. He loves to laugh and have a good time
With an additude and sas that matches that firey hair colour this little girl is super precious. She loves going to school and going swimming with mummy, but most of all she loves her daddy.
Darcie is the sweetest little three month old with the cheekiest personality ever. She’s always smiling away and loves trying to chat away🥹 Her favourite thing at the moment is Ben & Hollys little kingdom and she loves to chat away to her own reflection🤣
This sweet, smiley girl has just started sitting up on her own and loves the camera. She gives the biggest and best smiles to her daddy and loves to laugh at her big brother and his silliness. She puts up with mama’s antics and models all the cute clothes and biggest bows with ease!!
Hunter is 3 months, almost 4 months old. He’s a very cheeky smiley boy, he absolutely loves watching In the night garden and dancing fruit
Freya is the Happiest, most playful, smiling baby. Meeting all of her milestones early she's my cheeky and cleaver little angel. Freya loves eating pears and going swimming with mummy.