Baby Stories - 96


I’m Moms 4th baby and I love my big brother and twin sisters who give big hugs and kisses . I love to hear music and watch bubble guppies in the mornings.
Ocean was born with a twin. She has a star personality and her smile can light up the room. She gettting some teeth coming in and she being very strong about it.
Ava loves cuddles with her monkey 🐵
Ryder is the happiest little guy you would ever wanna meet!! He is always smiling and so content. He loves to eat, he would eat all day long if you would let him. He loves watching jis older brother play and he loves when his daddy plays with him and gives bim kisses.. And of course he loves his mommy.
Jonathan loves bathtime and snuggles with anyone and everyone!
Jacob is 3 months old and is quite the fighter! He had been defeating all odds since he was born with unexplainable health issues. He still has a bright personality and is such a happy baby regardless of his conditions.
Elliott loves to sing and has a fantastic dinosaur roar!
Savannah is a sassy & funny little girl! She's always moving around, screaming, and looking for something fun to put in her mouth. She loves her family, dogs, and Mickey and Clubhouse.
Vivian Faye
The happiest girl 💕
Asher is 2 months old! He the sweetest little boy ever! He loves to be talked to and loves to talk back! He can roll over already and loves to smile at everything!
Carter LOVES his mommy and daddy, he loves to be tickled and loves avacodos. 💘
Ari was born premature with a struggling heart. After 7 weeks in the NICU, Ari returned home, with an extraordinary heart and is spreading his love to the world. Ari loves bath time and pretending he is a fish. He loves to blow kisses and run around naked!!!
She’s incredibly kind and giving and just really a beautiful soul. She loves anything fashion. She she wants to be president one day, along with being a rockstar at the same time.
He loves cuddles and talked to
Branson is always happy and smiling, he's been a good baby from the day he was born. He's just got his first tooth and he loves bananas and mango slices.
Evelyn is our little adventure girl! She loves to be outside, meet new people & learn new things. Right now she is crawling everywhere, eating everything & loving everything about her life. She is the happiest most smiley gal & she is soo incredibly loved!
Dawson Layne just turned 1 years old (March 13, 2020) and is such a bundle of joy! He loves to be outside and play with his brother and sister❤️ He amazes me everyday😊
Avion loves sports and his puppy Eliza
Avery is beautiful, smart, and brave 9 yo little girl. She loves the color purple and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She loves to dress up and make tik tok videos. She is so sweet and loves her family so much. Her favorite show Miraculous. Winning this money would go into a savings account to take Avery to Disney World.
Grant John
Hi there!! Meet my sweet Grant John! He has the sweetest personality, as he loves to give you hugs and kisses most every time you see him! He loves going for long strolls outside. The fresh air really does him some good. His best friend in the world is our dog Gizmo! He just lights up every time Gizmo comes through the door. Along with Gizmo, he loves his buddies Elmo and Sloth. He likes to crawl around and keep not only himself busy, but mom and dad too! His favorite foods are spinach, cauliflower and butternut squash. If he doesn’t like what you are serving, he just blows it out and gives you the cutest smirk! He is super ticklish and just gives the best laugh! He has right side microtia and atresia, which means his outer ear and canal did not form, so he cannot hear out of his right ear. That doesn’t stop him from finding his voice and listening to it. He likes to growl to get everyone’s attention!! Trust me, it works!!! I don’t know what I did to get so lucky, but I have to thank the Lord above for giving me my little boy and picking me to be his mom!! It’s truly the best gift in the world!! I can go on and on about my sweet Grant John, what can I say he’s the best!!!
Trinify and her goofy, cute smile, showing off her pretties she got on girls day with mommy, she love dressing up, loves her lipgloss,clip ons and being her sassy cute self
Tristen is such a sweet, smart, funny handsome little dude! He never fails to leave a big smile on his mommas and daddy’s face!
My 1st born granddaughter is the absolute sweetest. Such a happy little girl. Loves to eat.
Easton is such a happy baby , loves to eat !! And just adorable :)
I love giggling and smiling 💓
Sweet little Emma is the youngest of four sibling sisters. Her eyes captivate any heart. She loves to smile, sit, and try new baby foods. Please give little Emma and her gerber baby face a little love.
Drazen Isaac Cintron
He is very energetic, happy boy, He love be around with his family. He have a beautiful heart ❤️ And he take care his baby brother.
Romeo is very smart for his age he has a smile that would just warm everyone heart he’s playful an polite
Robert was born at 4 lb and 6.9 Oz since birth his sister was bigger and taller his sister took off after birth and has gained triple her weight. however Robert has had a lot of issues since birth when he came home after a week and the Nicu.he lost 10 oz. He went down to 3 lb 9 oz he has been in and out of the hospital was really bad acid reflux and would it eat without losing his food and then got really dehydrated he is on three different medications to finally get him to gain weight and might have to be on one for life. he smiles and giggles even though stomach is always upset he loves to be saying too and he is spoiled by everyone he meets and especially his daddy he's a big daddy's boy and loves to cuddle with him it's finally gaining weight but I still really tiny compared to his sister.
Emma is the sweetest , fun-loving girl. She loves to dance and sing.
Alizae is the most happiest baby you will ever meet all you have to do is look at her and she won’t be able to stop smiling she has the most beautiful & biggest smile🥰then her adorable laugh just tops it offf❗️❗️🥺🥰
This little man has been through so much and yet is always happy! He was born with tetralogy of Fallot and has had 5 surgeries and 2 open heart surgeries. He had beaten the odds at life and has been one of the greatest things to happen to our little family ❤️
Austyn is a happy beautiful baby. If you were to ever meet her you’d fall in love so fast. She’s always smiling and laughing
Weston is a very smiley baby! He loves to spend time with his family. He absolutely loves bath time and his favorite thing to do is eat!
Raegan is super sassy. She loves books, princesses, her brother & all food.
Tarni loves the beach and eating the sand, she loves to climb and crawl everywhere
He loves smiling & laughing at everything 🥰
Mack is the happiest, smiliest boy (most of the time 😉) he loves warm milk, listening to music, especially Bob Marley, and loves sticking his tongue out.
Jaxson is very loving, goofy, and smart. He loves to laugh and jump.
Sage is almost 4 weeks old. She loves to eat and breast feeding is comfort! My baby is a real diva ! Lol
The cutest, sweetest, and smartest little guy! He loves monster trucks and paw patrol! He knows all his colors, most animals and their sounds, and can count to six by himself! He always says please and thankyou and has a full grown personality at only two!!
Emma Jean Martin ♥️ The most beautiful, loving, funny, weird, and wild 8 month old there is. 🥰
Avery loves books, she’s crawling, saying momma and dadda and loves to shake her head “no”.
Hazleigh loves movies and snacks:) and loves to see her “moos” (cows) as she calls it❤️ She is very energetic and talkative