Baby Stories - 95


Ezzy is a smiley chunky little baby who loves to drink milk, and play with all his animals except his brother Tito the pig who looks like he wants to eat him lol 🐽🤍🍼
Xavier is 2 months old. He loves watching Elmo, cuddling with his mommy, and doing tummy time! I plan to use the money I receive to put away in his savings! 😀
Everleigh is a sweet bubbly little baby! She likes swinging at the park, snacking on puffs and snuggling with her mom and dad! She has the most bubbly personality and is a very happy baby!
Louis loves to play with his brother, I think he thinks hes an electrician bc hes always unplugging cords!!! Loves all foods! He's always so smiley!!!
Hi my name is Princess "Serenity" and I'm such an active baby! (Im going to be a majorette dancer like mommy) Glam-ma tells me Im a real life baby doll 😍 I love to sit up to observe the beautiful scenery!
She's my sweet angel!! In just a few days she will be 3 months old. She has rolled over and has the sweetest baby coos!
Aubrey Joy, 7 months old, she’s the happiest little girl ever!!
Buggie is so sweet loves to wave and say “biiiiiiie” she’s got quite an attitude and it’s very smart for her age.
Hi my name is Selena I love laughing and smiling a lot! My name was inspired on Selena Quintanilla you can tell I’m Mexican lol
Sovereign is my one and only child. She loves to hold and play with her stuffed unicorn and enjoys music from the frozen movies. She splashes a lot during bath time and loves to take pictures with a big smile 😊 she is mommy Lil princess and the ruler of our live hinting her name Sovereign 👑💚🎀
Hi my name is Serenity. My parents named me Serenity because they both got sober before i was born so they named me after the Serenity prayer!
Hi, My name is Kai! I love playing with mommy and daddy. We like to listen to music and dance together. Playing with my 🏈 is my favorite activity . I also, know how to catch and throw it . Bananas and cheetoh puffs are my favorite snack! Yummy . I have 3 dogs that are my best friends🐶
Shes beautiful shes my granddaughter and loves her brother
As Pretty As A Princess 👑
Likes mommy daddy stepparents & loves naps food & smiling laughing & hugs loves to chew on things and wave while smiling!
Lucas loves his brother is bilingual and loves to play with school buses
Despina’s personality is really starting to come out now. She is not shy at all and full of energy ! She loves being outside. She is not afraid to try new things, amuses herself and miss independent is already grabbing the bottle out of my hands !! good luck my hunny !! 💕
Hey all I am Valentina, I am a very calm happy girl who loves playing with my toys and sitting in my walker, bath time is my favorite. Mommy and daddy always make me laugh because they love my giggles, plus they are pretty funny. Vote for me it will me so happy! ❤️
Mason is an miracle baby, I was told I’d never be able to have a child & god had different plans and gave me my miracle baby 🥰 He loves his mama, his doggy, he’s super advanced for only being 5 months old. He was a preemie but you would never be able to tell with how advance he is❤️ He’s definitely a blessing 😍😍
I'm very charming, sassy and like to think I'm the boss!!!
Willow is a very intelligent baby girl she’s walking at 8m she a daddy girl and love coco melon also Minnie Mouse thanks for your votes.
I’m named after my daddy! I love playing in the bath & going outside with mommy. My favorite fruit is blueberry like my daddy but I also love bananas & green beans. I’m growing up way too fast on my momma she tells me but little does she know this is only the beginning❣️🥺
Wyatt is 5 months old! He’s a big boy weighing in at 20lbs 🥰 he loves his big sister! He also loves to be tickled and talked to! Please help us out and vote! This would be a great opportunity! Thank you all so much!
Hi! I’m Karson 🥰 I love to snuggle with mommy and watch Elmo’s World until I fall asleep. It’s nothing to brag about, but I do get milk drunk religiously every single day so I’m generally a happy, relaxed camper. I was also a NICU baby over the holiday season due to unforeseen circumstances, but I am so much stronger now! ❤️
She’s very goofy & she loves for someone to talk to her and make her laugh🥰
He loves to stand if he could stand all day he would, we always say he will run before he walks, he has the cutest little dimple on one of his cheeks when he smiles and laughs.
Hudson is an amazing little boy. He loves to be outside and he is always happy.
Aniyah has already grown into her personality at just a year old. She loves animals and watching Cocomelon and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves to look at pictures and can stand on her own. She can’t quite walk on her own but has taken a couple steps by herself. She laughs and crawls faster when she hears someone walking behind her. She talks up a storm and knows what no means and shakes her head when someone says it.
She’s full of life, a ray of sunshine ❣️☀️
Hi, my name is Kingston im one yrs old, i was born on Feb 4th 2020, i weighed 8lbs 8oz. I like to get into everything, specially my mommys plant. I am very sweet and loving and my favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mommy. Im very spoiled by my gpa,gma, nana, and my mommy. This is my first baby contest and i hope i can get all of you to vote for me please. Thank you
Heaven is two months old she loves bath time and belly time
Caleb lee jones was born on 12-6-20 prematurely. My husband and I as well as our family have fought hard to get where we are today. We love this little boy with all of our hearts.
Austin Love is 4.5 months old and loves everything. She’s such a good happy baby. Please vote for us and this great opportunity!
Malaki Mark Andrew Wright
I’m 4 months old, I was a premature. I’m a big boy now and I love cuddles with mommy and daddy and I love playing with my big sister. I don’t really like tummy time but I finally learned how to giggle and role over. I was born 4lbs 1oz and now I weigh 11lbs.
Hudson was born January 26th. He is his fathers first boy and my first child. His 2 big sisters love him so much
Maddie likes attention ❤️
Maxwell is a sweet, happy baby. He is always smiling and giggling, and he loves his daddy.
This is Hailee she is 5 months old she loves to smile . She always happy and a joy to be around and very active and started crawling backwards at the age of 4 months
Hi, my name is Da'Vayah i am 3 yrs old, i was born on December 1, 2017 i weighed 8lbs 9 oz and was 23 in long. Im very energetic, i keep my mamma busy. I have a good personality, im sweet, and very loving..i am very spoiled by my grandpas, grandmas my nana and my mamma for sure. Im getting ready to be a big sister i cant wait for her to come, only one more week. My favorite thing to do is when my mom and i go get pedicures and have our toenails painted. So now you no about me so please vote for me thank you
Lucy loves to play with her animals farm and wooden bricks. She started her nursery recently and has lots of fun there. She doesn't walk yet, but trying hard every day:-) She is very happy baby, active and quite noisy, lol
Annaliya was born @30 weeks she was 2lbs15 oz and 16 1/2 inches long.. she was in the NICU for the first 6 weeks of her life, she's a fighter. As of yesterday she's weighing in at exactly 7 lb and 20 and a half inches long.. ❣️🥰
Hi i love chewing on my fingers and i love my bottle and i can say many words and i have the cutest laugh I eat big girl food now and feed myself too and I finally have ten teeth ❤️
Our Brave Little Princess recovering after heart transplant she so precious to us all 💓💗👧🏼🌍
Such a handsome happy baby 🥺❤️😍🥰💙
Analeigha likes to smile, she’s got a huge heart and personality. She brings so much joy to my life. ❤️
10 months old, absolutely crazy about her daddy and she loves to wave at everyone she sees!
Ms Leïghla is the most bubbly outgoing happy baby you’ll ever come across! Her favorite things consist of eating yogurt, playing in her puppies water dish and getting into everything! She will make anybody’s day with the most contagious smile! She’s by far the best baby I could possibly ask for!