Natalina is an angel, a valentines baby and has blessed us in so many ways.
Exchanges and advances are accepted. Gwen is a total sweetheart. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle up with mommy at bedtime. She is quite the social butterfly as she is always smiling and babbling at everyone she comes across. Her charm is even gradually starting to win over her reluctant big brother. Please vote for my sweet little lady.
I am 4 years old, I am very kind Loving polite and friendly I love to build stuff. I enjoy cars big trucks dinosaurs and going by the ocean.
Ava‘Lynn is currently 5 months old and loves being on her tummy✨ She loves talking to anyone who will listen and showing her warm smile❤️
Kinsley loves to smile at everyone and everything and takes her sleep very serious!
She love cocomelon, the beach, her mommy and daddy and she loves the outdoors.
Avery lights up every room her mommy carries her into. She smiles and laughs at everyone. She’s just the happiest baby!
Aliyah loves to talk and is always the happiest baby!
Jermani is the most happiest baby you’ll ever meet. She loves to smile, play and laugh. She loves to watch any movie and she loves to dance to music.
Greyson is a very happy baby 💙 smiles all the time loves his sisters and brother
She is full of spirit, energy and giggles. She loves to make you laugh and dance and sing to every tune. She absolutely adores being with her siblings. You will find her in the kitchen snacking and helping cook with dad.
Laeklyn grae is 2 months old. Loves her big sissy, already has a tooth coming in and loves to smile ♥️
Everliegh is six month old. She loves her big sister and cousins. She smiles and is happy all the time.
Landan Loves Cars Trucks And Motorcycles
Leila Mae
Lil Miss Leila Mae is growing up! She can say dada and hold her own bottle❤️ She also still loves flipping us off
Rowan loves snuggles, food, and petting his doggy.
Bria has steel blue eyes and weighs 8lbs now. She is to young yet to do much of anything but she does make very funny faces and she already knows what she wants and is very vocal about it.
Jonah is the happiest baby.
Alaska has a very unique personality, always making peoples day! She’s crazy, beautiful
Niklaus has such a beautiful personality! Always smiling and growing into such a handsome little man each and every day
Kaydin is 9 months old very smart he’s trying to walk loves music and his big brother’s ❤️
Nova is a smart sassy 2 year old angel. She loves art and crafts. She also can’t wait to be a big sister in July
Dextyn is such an amazing baby boy. He loves to cuddle, likes to look around and smiles a lot in his sleep.
Davon is a lover of animals and music! He gets mesmerized at the mere sight of my cat, and has many little pianos and what not that he will play with for hours. He’s the exact definition of an angel, he rarely cries and he sleeps through the night! I just know my sweet little man could be #1, just look at him! He wouldn’t even harm a fly, and I know he will soar to great heights as he grows up. Please vote for my son! He deserves it :) Seems like the only people winning are the ones buying my rents worth in votes. Why don’t you guys give someone who could actually use and appreciate the prize a chance instead of just buying your kid 100,000 votes.
Harrison is such a smiley, energetic baby with the biggest personality! He has the best giggle in the world!
My baby girl, Denali was on 1/6/22. She’s a beautiful indigenous Native American and 3 months old. I have recordings of her saying “hi” “mama” “dada” and “mhmm” when I ask her a yes or no question. She’s very smart and amazes me everyday on how fast she’s learning.
Liam loves dancing and hanging out with his older brother. He is very funny. He loves the color blue and he loves playing with Pokémon.
Living up to her name everyday 😇
Happy and sassy all in one. When she’s happy she’s all smiles, when she isn’t happy her facial expressions tell it all!
Thank you for voting for us! Katherine is 3 years old! She a very happy and outgoing person! Loves school and loves being a big sister. She loves to help mom and dad around the house!
Sassy, She loves her peppa pig(even has a peppa pig bed lol) She is very smart when it comes to anything❤️ She loves being in the sun and especially playing in the water while in the sun. She really is adventurous❤️
Delilah loves playing with her puppies & making people smile with her big personality ❤️
Dayton was unresponsive when his umbilical cord was cut and needed to stay in the NICU for a little while. He was super small and doctors didn't think he would gain weight or do things at a normal pace. I am happy to say he is happier and healthier than ever! He absolutely loves attention and always has to be able to see the people around him. He is such an amazing boy and he is so chunky now 😍
She loves everyone smiles constantly just a beautiful loving little baby girl she's trying her best to talk and learning to sit up ,she loves to dance and watch cocomelon she's the first born into the 4th generation .
Meet James Owen! 1 year and almost 2 months old.
This is treyson we call him trey he’s the sweetest little boy always has a smile he loves scooting around with his brother and to be outside ❤️He pulls himself up on everything and scoots everywhere he doesn’t like to crawl on his knees
Elijah aka Eli is a very busy lil man! He loves climbing, exploring and roaring at everything lol. He also loves doing his chicken chores!
Hey, I’m Maverick! Im 15 months old & have Panhypopituitarism! Looks like a funny made up word, but it’s a very rare condition! Even through my illness, I couldn’t be more happier with life. I love to smile, steal my daddy’s phone & give my mommy allllll the kisses! Please vote for me!
He loves being outside with his aunty! He loves food, his favorite show is Mickey, also a very happy kid he loves everyone and takes him a little to get used to different people. He is caring and loves his mamma!
Ronin loves to smile , he like listening music and he love to play books
Loves to talk, play, knows how to share with others
Logan is 1 month old. He loves his mommy, daddy & sister. We would absolutely love to have him win this contest to put the money towards his college fund. He is absolutely so handsome & loves smiling all day. Thank you in advance for any votes!
matteo is 2 years old & full of life! he’s the only child & first grandchild on his mothers side. his nickname is matty and he loves hot wheels & any kind of ball. matteo has autism so he really enjoys playing by himself, lining his toys up, and really focusing on the wheels of any toy car he has. he loves to be in his own little world💙🤍
she has a very beautiful smile and she is very smart for her age you will fall in love with her cuteness she has a new hobby that she likes to do and thats tic toc she watches the videos she is so energetic and she loves to watch blippie
The girliest of girls loves Makeup, Nails dolls.
Tyler Kai
Baby Kai is 6 months old , he has 2 teeth he loves his mama and dada . He is learning to scoot (backwards😂) He loves going on boat rides and fishing. He is a water baby👌 In his free time he likes to hang out with his puppy Boosie