He’s such a happy baby and absolutely loves being close with his mommy. He is 2 months old and is asking for some love from votes! 🫶🏻
Axelle is exactly as the meaning of her name “ source of life” she is a definition of perfection and her smile is just one of a kind.
Kaisley is a happy baby she loves to smile and make others smile, she also loves to dance and play toys with her big brother❤️ She was recently diagnosed with Retinoblastoma cancer of the eye so with the funding she wins if will be used for her 9 hour trips to Rochester MN for her chemotherapy treatments
Preston loves smiling at his mommy and daddy, listening to music, and having nonstop access to some yummy milk 🍼 Preston is our rainbow baby 🌈
Holden is a fun loving daredevil! He loves all of his 7 dogs and always makes sure they get their treats if mommy forgets! He is always smiling and loves playing with his cousins! He loves Spider-Man and all animals.
Claire is the spunkiest, funniest, most kind hearted child you will ever meet. She loves food, dancing and laughing. She’s always smiling and goofing around. She’s just the best!
Colt just became a big brother to his 3 week old baby brother Wyatt and he has been so happy and loves to be around his brother 💙
She's very active girl. Very smart independent girl ..likes tv show .cocomelon ...princes. and Diana &Roma
Meredith loves anything outdoors, she especially loves water. She’s a sweet girl and already has such a big heart
Reighn is one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet. She loves to terrorize her two older brothers and getting into trouble!
The happiest boy with the brightest blue eyes and a smile that could make any cold heart melt!
This is baby kj, he loves to play , he loves to sleep, and LOVES to watch thomas the train 🥰❤️
Wyatt Frankenstein
He a sweety he love to play shy to stanger and he love everyone he around . he love the outside .
Aliza is definitely the definition of perfection. She puts joy in your life with her infectious smile!
Hello My name is Ryder, I am 19 months old. I enjoy being outside playing on my four wheeler or just relaxing on the porch swing with my ole pal grandad. I’m a very sweet boy and learning new things everyday. My mommy say that I and a very handsome little man so we are going give this a shot. Thanks for looking.
She is the most happiest baby in the World nana's little princess brings joy to our heart's.. She loves her little bouncy thing that she sits in. she loves her Spanish and American cartoons. Her 1st words are mama. She loves her mommy and daddy and her nana and her grandma and grandpa And her brother and her cat coco 🥰
Hi ladies and gentlemen My name is Odin. I'm 7 months old. I like bananas and spending time with my mom. I have a cute smile
Zoey Madden
Zoey has a silly personality! She loves to be around her family. She is helpful with other kids around her. She also a good listener and leader for other kids.
Sekoya loves to cuddle and listen to her mama read books to her, her favorite are Dr. Suess books. Shes always smiling:)
Gabriella Leanna
💟WE WILL DO VOTE FOR VOTE 💟 She is a proud KENTUCKY girl 💕🔥💕 we will overcome anything this world throws our way ... #KENTUCKYSTRONG WE ARE ONLY USING LITTLE MISS PAGEANT SO PLACE ANY VOTES FOR GABBY ON THAT SITE . AND THANK YOU......
Emiliano just turned a year old🥳likes to dance, he’s very active! also likes the mickey mouse clubhouse hotdog song & loves being outdoors
Dax is such a sweet little boy. Can charm anyone with those piercing blue eyes with his fiery redheaded personality! He loves his food and his big sissy the most!
Yadriel is the smiliest baby around, he loves to be talked too. He is only 3 1/2 months but still, he is the most laughable hunk. He loves to watch colorful shows. Loves to kick and stand. His dimples when he smiles will make anyone not want to put him down. My rainbow baby🖤
Hi I’m Dominic! Im 2 months old, my favorite things are chest cuddles, my baba (of course!), and mommy and daddy! I have an older brother named Zachary who makes me smile! Ive got the coolest hair around, and Im a cancer zodiac just like mommy! 🦀
A’lius loves to jump around and pretend he is Spider-Man he runs very fast and loves to pretend he is fighting crime his favorite snack is chips and juice he is a curious bug and very observant and helpful and such a respectful cuddle bug
Aiylah loves to play with her baby dolls and has a wild side for music she loves to dance and her most favorite is to hug and kiss and snorting like a pig her favorite snack is milk and cookies she can be very sweet and cuddly
🌈 Rainbow Baby...Born after a Miscarriage. Gods Gift to Me…He Loves Spider 🕷Man. 🤪 He’s Handsome, Smart & Everything To Me. My 1st Grader. He’s Our Boss Baby. He Loves New Shoes.
Legacy Amir
He loves monkeys & anything that lights up , he also enjoys running around on everything 🤣❣️ !
Rylen loves to work on his cars and push them around he is very lovein ng baby, he's a big flirt when he sees girls he wink's at them with both eyes
This little goofball has his days and nights mixed up but more loving every second of the day.
Cyan is a friendly happy good spirited little angel that loves peak-a-boo, bath time, and playing outside. His favorite thing to say is "I love you"!
Everyday he brings me joy, he loves to show his smile and he loves people.He loves food he loves to laugh an have play dates with his best friend and to see his god mommy. He loves to talk
Our beautiful little granddaughter.
He is 1 month old,loves mommas voice and loves to look at you when your talking to him and loves to eat🥰
Tamra loves to do her hair and makeup and loves to play with her dolls
Amina is very smart she will be two in November she knows her ABC’s and 123’s. She loves dancing an playing, very friendly an love’s bananas.
Beau is always such a happy baby. His favorite things currently are being able to go go go in his walker and of course his groceries 😂💙
Julian loves to go on hikes! He is the happiest when we're outside in nature!
Jha`Lysiana is 6months. She love cartoons. Karma on Netflix is one of her favorites. She like toys with music. She is crawling. Her laugh is so cute and her eyes is her best feature bout her
Baby Brian loves his tummy time and kicking at his little keyboard. He’s also crazy about his momma and loves kisses from his four legged sister!
A loving caring little man. He is into buzz lightyear and loves him some mickey mouse. He is a fruit head. Him loves any kind of fruit.
She likes to smile alot and she loves her cuddles with me and her mom and she loves her baby swing
Everlee is a sweet little baby, loves her tv shows, Gracie’s corner to be axact and is a very loving, smart & beautiful baby ❤️
Natalie loves art, cheerleading and gymnastics.
Addison (Addi) loves getting into trouble. She likes climbing things, jumping off things, and playing with her big sister.
Jb Wylder
Jb Wylder is 3 months old & such a ham! he loves cuddles & most importantly his food. his smile is so precious.
kayden loves taking pictures and being the center of attention. He also loves giving kisses to his mommy