. He's very onery mostly due to his ADHD and odd...
Juliana-Lorrayne Ku’upulelehuaokapuakalaununani Cuelho
he's so adorable sweet very calm til his other bother says lets Do this and he trys to copy him.... He onery also...
She very energetic loving and sweet but onery...
Koa is one he loves playing and being outside, he also loves to eat and laugh he loves talking and walking most of all he loves music and dancing
Loves Food and Giraffes!
He loves watching cartoons, laughing and smiling his first word was yeah
Thea LOVES animals, making people laugh, and enjoying time outside in the sunshine! She's so kind hearted, and loves to play with her family and make new friends any time she can!
Autumn is such a happy baby! She is always smiling, and laughing. Her favorite thing to do is dance, any music, does not matter.
Colten loves to play outside in the sun, he loves monster trucks and to go swimming!
Lincoln is 2 months old blue eyed little boy he loves to smile loves bath time loves his mommy and daddy and siblings we love when you talk to me tummy time swinging in my chair and I am making alot of noises I love sticking my tongue out I love being outside I love riding in my stroller he loves his sleep 🤍
Anthony is 5 months. He loves his toys and loves to smile and laugh.
Died on the table having him but I’m alive and so is he and that’s a miracle
Sylas is a fun, silly, sweet and energetic little boy who brings so much joy to everyone me meets.
Riley Rose
Riley is strong, independent and loves her family!! She is very determined even at the age of 7 months! Riley DOES NOT GIVE UP ON ANYTHING SHE PUTS HER MIND TOO!!
Kiana is a Happy Baby so alert and attentive and she really loves music snd bright lights.
She is almost 2 months old and can hold her own pacifier. She loves watching tv(true crime documentaries mostly) with her daddy.
Hi There! I’m Krue! I am 3 months old! I love to tell stories! I also love my 3 kitties ❤️ I am a very smart, strong boy.
Hello, this is Kolt he’s 13 months old, he loves to be outside, he’s full of energy loves to hear his voice. Momma and da are his favorite words
Elio loves to be outside and laugh with his cousins. He can out-eat any adult and has the poop to back it up.
King Messiah
I Don’t Do Much But Sleep Right Now, So Enjoy Me Enjoying This Beauty Sleep 😋 Thank You And Good Luck To All 🫶🏻
I’m A Foodie And I Love My Momma ❤️ I Hope I Get Y’all Votes With This Precious Smile😁 Thank You And Good Luck To All 🫶🏻
Ethan loves being outside, swimming, and eating. Love paw patrol, cocomelon, and baby shark and staring to like to go fishing
He loves to play, laugh and eat. He’s adorable. He’s almost 9 months old he’s the happiest baby you’ll ever see❤️
Parker loves playing dinosaurs and with hotwheels!
Maya‘s favorite time is bath time and she just starting babbling and smiling to her mom and dad daily! She also loves napping with our family cat and petting him with her feet ❤️
Luna is 3 now and is so smart! She loves to learn new things and dance around. She’s full of surprises and is so happy!
Ira loves her dog Bentley, and her brothers!
Loves cuddles with Mommy!
Amelia is a very happy content little lady! She loves her puppy brothers, cuddles, eating daddy’s nose and rolls everywhere! Her smile brights up anyones day and her giggles are the sweetest! She is starting to find her personality and learning more and more every day!
Wyatt is a great baby!! He loves food and daddy!! He just started teething and is growing faster and bigger each and every day.
Hey Im Serein Rose (Serein means a fine mist falling from a cloudless sky at sunset) I love drawing, animals, and cuddling my baby sister.
Fun fact - Elyssa is one of two but always known as twin A. A now stands for attitude. One of the many faces and moods of our cheeky girl.
Ziva is a happy child, loves watching classical piona, and plaing with her Dad. She loves to be in water, take a lot of naps and a lot of baby talks.
Hey there Im Nyla Lily Merakai. I was born almost three months early with a rare lung malformation. I love spending time cuddling my sister, eating and getting a snuggle from anyone who will hold me :)
Fun fact - Billie is one of two and started as Twin B for the entirety of our pregnancy. She also came into this world blue, which was very scary. But felt right naming her Billie. Our big girl Billie, our twin B, who hasn't had a blue day since, such a happy baby.
Malakai was born at 26 weeks, but he is now a happy 1 year old who loves to smile and copy what you do. malakai loves people and is a very happy baby he loves bath time and food malakia is also one smiling baby so of your having a bad day his got you
I love tummy time :)
I am such a happy and heartwarming baby who is also very smart .I enjoy dancing and eating.Playing outdoors and singing my ABCs is what I love doing the most. My favorite cartoon is Blaze and the Monster Machines.
Huxlley is a 9 month old baby has almosy 5 teeth loves saying no and loves his food, giving kisses, and making everybody laugh He absolutely hates party blowers and bubbles
You will not meet a sweeter baby! He loves to smile, play with balls and pet his dog Oliver.
Kyng is such a lil charmer. He loves animals and loves to help Mommy and daddy feed all thier chickens dogs and cats. He just a sweet precious little boy
Vote for my beautiful granddaughter alway happy and a very content beautiful girl
I Say Dada and love blowing spit bubbles 🤍 my name is Diha Queen and I'm spoiled by all my family🤍
Eliana is our reverse sour patch kid. She's sweet then sour. She LOVES her picture to be taken. She also loves to give hugs and kisses, but watch out a smack will come😅 She's a huge Daddy's girl🥹 and Her smile will light up any room she walks into. She is truly our greatest blessing from god.💜
Avory is such a happy baby. she is constantly smiling and laughing. her favorite thing to do is color in her coloring book. her favorite show is coco melon. nobody can ever be in a bad mood when she is around she always keeps everyone in such a great mood.
I’m very easy going, I like to work with mum and daddy as a team and I have lots of love and smiles to share with our friends and family.
Bella is a blue eyed beauty that loves to smile, laugh, bath time is her favorite. She loves to chew on her little fingers and loves to hear her voice. She loves her sleep especially on her momma's chest. She is absolutely a daddy's girl.