Baby Stories - 95


Hudson just turned 3 months and loves smiling and getting all the attention
Baby Zion is almost 7 Months old. He was born at home in California. He was jack jack for Halloween
Alex is a little ray of sunshine just one smile will light up ur day
Hi! My name is Oliver. An amazing smart little chap who loves to smile.
Wrenley is smiling and happy all the time! She loves to snuggle up in the middle with her mommy and daddy, bounce like crazy, and roll and crawl all over the place! She’s the sweetest baby you will ever meet. She’s our ray of sunshine always waking up with a smiles!
Ezio is my sweet boy he loves to smile and will try to talk to you even though he can’t talk yet💛
Asher loves cuddles. He is a mommas boy and his dads whole world.
This is Dylan. He is a very loving and adorable baby. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He doesn’t like seeing people upset it makes him upset 😢. He loves being funny and making people smile. He also lives life to the fullest. VOTE DYLAN 💕😊.
Sapphire is 2 years old and she love to sing and dance she is also so sassy but she will steal your heart if you meet her in person.
My baby loves to snuggle she smiles she loves her momma ! And her food so I guess we have something in common besides her being my twin ! Mommas first baby! And loves her daddy very much !💙💙💙💙
Kona is my 4 month old beautiful little boy! He loves to smile and interact with the people in his life, eat his fingers, throw his feet up in the air to grab them (while simultaneously farting, and laughing at the sound), and most of all loves snuggling up with mumma after getting a full belly. He is the sweetest, most loved little boy who is a blessing to his family and all those around him 🥰
She is an amazing smart and funny little lady she love to sing and dance and loves to laugh
Aribella loves to be cuddled and is always smiling!
My IVF miracle baby after several attempts. Alexis is a strong 9.5 month old. She had 1 major surgery with 3 more over the next 2 months. You would never know! She loves to sing..well hum in baby language! Her baby einstein piano works wonders.
Jayla is a very aware baby. She is very active and loves stretching out her long legs. She loves to be outside to look nature. She is very smiley in the morning when she wakes up.
This is Eliana Marie ❤️ Who was born August 3rd of this year ! She is a ray of sunshine & always has a smile on her face ! Loves To watch Cocomelon or the Animal planet ! She is my only child so she is definitely spoiled but in the good way lol ! She loves Bright colors & things that make noise ! She also LOVES to talk & she loves phones ‘ . She is adorable in every way
Since birth Kyler has shown me how strong willed he is. He was born 8 weeks early. A fierce spirt and strong willed he overcame many obstacles from day one. Kyler has always had a very disguised awareness of his likes and dislikes. He loves fish, animals, music, other kids and being q baby dare devil. Very curious and adventurous in everything he does. His favorite song is some where over the rainbow. Birdie is his fur sister qnd first born dogger is his absolute favorite thing in the world. Kyler hates nap.
Ava is a very happy girl who loves to smile and laugh. Her personality shines so bright. She’s a huge fan of her bottle and being outdoors! Total mommy’s girl
Aiden and oh soooo handsome loves football 🏈 gaming and math!!!!
This blue eyed little girl loves to laugh and watch Sophia the first. She is trying to talk and walk before she even learns to crawl! Watch out boys because she is going to be our little heartbreaker!
His smile puts a smile on our face and lights up our lives!
Mari-Ann is my 🌈 baby she was created after I had an ectopic pregnancy. She loves to play and talk. Another thing she loves is playing in the rain and mud puddles.
Ryleigh is our 🌈 baby. She was hand picked by her sister, Zennabelle, who sent her from heaven to heal our broken hearts 🥰
Lainee is 4 months old. She is our miracle baby she was born a month early at just 4lbs. Now she laughs she smiles and she steals hearts. She loves her big brother and everyone around her.
Lilith was born at 24 weeks and spent 3 months in the NICU. She is a fighter and is always smiling and laughing!
My baby, loves her sisters and brothers ❤
Lexi Rose
I'm lexi Rose who was born through lockdown and I'm very cheeky 😅❤️
Please help me vote for my son eli plz and thank u
My name is ebony! I love my mommy and daddy, trying new foods, and I give the best cuddles🥰❤️
Branson James Mccarson
He’s such a happy smiley baby with a big heart and a strong love for cuddling with his mommy and daddy!!!
Elijah Reis Lam is half Vietnamese and half Brazilian. He is content and very goofy at times. He love to play and has one of the sweetest smile
Promise loves to watch Cocomelon for kids. She loves to talk alot. Barely speaks at all when she’s relaxing. The best little girl in the world 🥰🥰🥰
Im a lady man with a plan! I have a head full of bouncy curlies, and love to give hugs. I like to talk and am the biggest goof ball
Dexton loves spending time with his family.He is by far one of the happiest little boys you’d ever encounter!!
She loves watching football with daddy and singing songs with mommy 🧡
Oliver is a character since out the womb. He loves to smile, and man that smile never goes away. It can bright up your whole day. Hes very loving and smart. He likes to play with his older brother, crawling and chasing is ball around, looooves to eat food. His favorite right now is avacados. Oliver is a bright star to remember.
Jacob is a fun loving kid. He always has an answer for everything. Always loves to joke around and play video games with his older siblings and friends.
Jaxson is my miracle baby. He's always smiling and such a happy baby.
William (preferably Will) loves the warming swaddle of his mother's touch.
Donovan Jr
JR is the most happiest child I have known in the world, despite him being my precious Son. He is just the sweetest and intelligent baby boy ever. He loves to dance to all his favorite songs and loves to learn new educational skills. Please vote for my baby!
He was born 3 months early 1pound 0ounces , used oxygen for 7 months and he’s finally TUBE FREE of the mouth only uses a gtube lovable happy baby 👶🏽 boy !
She is the light in everyone’s eyes
Jaxson loves being outdoors,smiling,and most definitely FOOD🥰
Harper is always smiling. Shes a happy, talkative baby! Shes mom and dads world. She loves her momma her dadda and she loves music all sorts of different kinds she may only be 2 months but shes very smart! She basically sits up on her own holds her head up so well, shes even drooling from early theething my baby is so advanced and so smart!!!! Shes super sweet and super cute! And a cuddle bug!!! Please vote for Harper! We love you💜🥰
Hello, my name is Sofia Delanni. I love giving hugs and kisses, watching disney movies, climbing on things and eating sweets (especially chocolate). ❤️😅
I was born on Labor Day! A blessing from god💙♥️! Mommy and daddy’s worlds. I love sticking my tongue out. I’m very alert to my surroundings. I love calming baby and country music. I also love smiling especially at my daddy.
The sweetest little ham born on Easter weekend. A little light in our lives during a dark time.