Baby Stories - 94


The most precious little bean, not even a month old yet. I don’t think it can get much cuter than this😍
Hey! I love playing with my toys & dancing. I also like to make my mum laugh!
Trevor is a lovely young enthusiastic boy with such ambition and love! When Trevor grows up he would like to help change the world for better and be an officer.
This is my amazing daughter Lillian🌺 Also, she enjoys being outdoors and does not run out of energy.
Trevor is a lovely young enthusiastic boy with such ambition and love! When Trevor grows up he would like to help change the world for better and be an officer.
Trevor is a lovely young enthusiastic boy with such ambition and love! When Trevor grows up he would like to help change the world for better and be an officer.
Brylan aka B. Mack is the sweetest little miracle baby in the world! He loves outdoors, giggling& smiling, & to suck on his fists 💙
McKinley is a smart little sweetheart who loves to sing and dance!
Adaline, is a very bright soul child. She’s a social butterfly, and loves anyone. She loves too dance to baby shark, and play with her brothers ❤️
Weston is a calm natured little lady’s man. That smile shines bright!
Ace Rogers
Ace is very happy baby boy . His smile will brighten anyone's day . He will always being joy to those around him ❤ vote for ace bc well he is the sweetest cutest baby boy 🥰
Carter is the sweetest little/big brother and son, a mommy could ask for! He loves spending time with his family and he is so very helpful; he loves to make everyone around him smile. He's always making the right choices and he never surprises me when he's doing anything, he does it with precise intentions! This little man has saved me from breaking down, many times & deserves all the credit in the world! Mommy's angel!
Kyle is very active,smart, loves to eat fruits and play. He is bubbly and smiles a lot. A fun- loving and sweet spirited baby who bring smile to anyone who he comes in contact with. I love that I get to call him my baby boy.
Cobi just turned 6 months old. He is just to handsome with his gray eyes and dimples. He is a happy baby that loves to smile. He just mastered crawling and is already trying to pull up. He brings so much joy to everyone’s day.
Azariah is a sucker for the camera. Her lashes and smile brighten Mommy’s world more and more everyday. She is so sweet! Azariah loves food and playing with her toys! We are entering the model world and would love to win first place in this contest!
Myla is a very happy baby, shes always full of smiles. Loves cuddles, tickles and food.
Emery is very outgoing, loving and a smart little girl. She loves to sing, dance and learn. She has a big heart and is full of life and love
Alicia is the sweetest baby you’ll meet! She has such a loving personality that will attract everyone! She loves to cuddle up with her mommy and daddy and watch her favorite show, Coco Melon! Alicia may only be 5 months old, but she is the most smartest and precious baby girl! <3
Jaxson is 9 months. He loves off roading with dad. He loves to blow kisses!. You cant tell here but he has some big blue eyes. Jaxson loves to dance around. He also enjoys attacking the rumba. He LOVES nightmare before christmas!!! Little man recently got his first tooth so hes biting everything insight. He also likes gaming with his dad.
Karter Kyng is a very active and sweet 3 year old. Loves playing video games and working on his tablet.
Kameeri Kaylie is a very sweet and happy baby. Loves laughing and dancing to whatever tune she hears.
He loves to smile, crawl all over the place, and be silly and so loving to anyone
Braylee is an outgoing, loving, caring and beautiful 5 year old little girl, she loves her grandma, baby sister and daddy, she loves to dance, sing, play, and tik tok. She deserves everyone vote because she is such an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with, please vote for my baby❤
Happy little man very energetic and curious !!! Loves to play with his ball and cars and dance to baby shark
Karsyn is a full of life 1 year old baby girl, her favorite things are her sister and her daddy, bath time and walking everywhere. Everyone should vote for her because she is the best addition to everyones life and she deserves all the love. Please vote for my girl ❤
Zae’lyn is 6 months old. She knows how to blow bubbles, scoot & jump up and down while standing. She is the happiest baby and loves to be entertained. Her favorite treats are yogurt and bananas. She’s the joy in everyone’s life she’s truly our blessing 💕
She’s mommy’s little girl and loves to smile and spend her time with mommy all day!!
He loves to eat, and smiles often..
Serenity likes 2 play with her cuzn and she loves her nanny and she love everybody in her family
Iyana loves to dance and play tag with her younger sister Kailani! Iyana is very outgoing, she’s never afraid to wow a crowd! Her favorite pass time, besides dancing, of course is singing and counting with her sister!
Aurora is our sweet 2 y/o baby girl! She loves to say hi and meet new people! She’s our little social butterfly. She’s the sassiest sweetest little girl you’ll meet. We like to call her our little sour patch. She knows all her manners, She loves animals, nature, and other people! She’s also a little mermaid. 😅✨❤️ Thank you for any votes!
Emily Leighanne is full of personality. She is a strong independent little girl, who doesn’t take anything from anybody. She loves her baby sister so much. Helps mommy all the time. Emily is a precious little girl.
Ciara Marie, she is loved by a lot of siblings, mommy and daddy. She came into the world a couple weeks early and with all that hair. She loves to be on mommy’s chest to fall asleep.
The most spunky, goofy, intelligent, 5 month baby I’ve ever seen. Addikus, despite being in the nicu when born, and there for a bit, he advanced so quickly and strongly, he has such a goofy, loving personality. He loves cocomellon, and apples
She is just a happy baby!!!!! She has not met anybody she don't like . Kindly favorite movie is The Addams Family and i like that too . She loves to rid
Josiah is a very happy 3 month old baby he was born on November 8th 2020 and he honestly saved my life ❤️
Jaxon is a 10 month old who always has a smile on has face , he’s the sweetest baby, he loves anyone and everyone who talks to him, he is just all around an amazing little boy!!
My name is Dillon, I just turned 9 months old. I said my first word (daddy), I can crawl all over and I can walk assisted, but not quite yet on my own but I’m getting there. My most favorite thing in the whole wide world, is curious George. I can watch him all day long. And I love to be outside and look at all the things. 😊
Born on friday the 13th. She is just a chucky little boss.
Camdyn Jo
this is our sweet little girl camdyn, she has the cutest yet sassiest little personality and a smile that makes everyone around her smile 🤍
Ka Maiyah
My precious babygirl is 3months sister of 4 older brother & 3 boy cousins literally the only girl one of the happiest babes you’ll ever meet she loves talking watching cartoons taking strolls in the park smiling warm baths and eating lol 💓
Dychonne Jr
Hi! My name is Dychonne jr ! I love to stay active & smirking to make my family smile, milk is the greatest of all times and I love to get my handsome rest ❤️
Rowan is a cuddlebug. He loves his mommy, daddy, fur sister and big brother. He loves music from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's. He was born January 19, 2021. Hes a month old but has an amazing personality
Honesty is the most smartest 2yr old ! She loves peppa pig & wreck it Ralph . She loves to play and is so a beautiful joy 🦋
Starting to find her personality! She loves to chew on things, eat, & play with her family. ❤️
I’m a very beautiful 5 month old mommy’s girl. I love my babas & watching cocomelon. I also like tummy time & playing with my toes & toys. You should vote for me because I will make everybody’s day great with my cute little smile
The happiest babygirl you’ll ever see! My sweet pea is 4months old and full of life already. We are so blessed to have our happy, healthy, bundle of joy. Charlotte is learning to sit up and trying her first set of different purée foods! Mickey Mouse and Elmo are her top two shows and loves her naps!