Baby Stories - 94


Taysom loves playing with cars, he enjoys being outside and playing
Born 5 weeks early. She is our first baby. She's a sweetheart💕
Hi I'm Brielle. I just turned 2. I dance to the beat of my own drum. I love being silly and making people laugh and smile. I enjoy playing outside, watching movies, and coloring. Please vote for me!
Analiya is a very happy baby. She loves to eat and cuddle.
He loves saying dada, smiles nonstop he is just the happiest baby never cries. He says mmmm when eating☺️💙He loves Mickey Mouse and spongebob😂🥰He has quite the personality babbles all the times loves to roll over all the time likes to try and crawl/ jump like a frog 😅❤️
She is our precious first and only granddaughter!!! She LOVES life and enjoys every minute!
Easton is a sweet loving boy who loves the outside and enjoying time with his family and friends!
Loving and bright little boy who has a creative personality and loves his cocomelon.
She’s my blue eyes curly haired tomboy it’s amazing.She tells the funniest jokes she’s so smart and talented I’m so proud of who she has became already.she loves dancing and singing in the cutest ways🥰🥰
She is the sweetest little girl. She loves to play football and just loves sports,but she also loves to be a girly girl. She fractured her collar bone when she was 2 and she pushed through it and showed how strong she really is☺️❤️
Brinnley Nicole
Brinnley was almost my Christmas baby, she was born December 20th of 2019! Brinnley will be 2 years old in 3 short months!! She brings a lot of joy to my life and is very smart! She always seems to make people laugh a lot. She loves animals and her bubba!❤️ Brinnley is a big sister to two and is over protective! She loves when other kids is around but is very protective over her stuff and she loves giving loves!💕 She lights up a whole room when she walks in it and Im so thankful I got to be her mommy!! I can’t wait until we can do pagents because she loves to dress up!❤️ My sweet girl Brinnley Nicole!!💕
Brooklyn is a sweet sassy girl who is kind and caring. Always smiling and loves to dress up
Melody is a brave, intelligent little girl. She loves to talk, and use her imagination, she enjoys chasing squirrels and eating suckers, Her favorite food is a toss up between sausage and pizza, she is truly the sweetest lil girl I know 🥰
Aliza Rose loves watching her brother and sister play...loves to laugh and Loves seeing her cousins. Such a happy baby :)
Hi, my name is Emerea everyone calls me Emmy for short. The things I love the most are playing outside, riding in my Minnie Mouse car, watching my favorite movie Trolls and of course my family. I love my mommy, daddy and my baby brother! They sure know how to keep a smile on my face. My mommy and daddy are the best at making silly faces , especially when I’m sad, they always know how to cheer me up. I also love my papa and nana! My papa is my best friend, we always play lots of games outside when I go over there. I LOVE my family ❤️
She's so outgoing,never meets a stranger and always has a smile
My name is Cameron Jr. but I go by CJ for short! The things I love the most are my mommy, daddy and my big sister Emerea. They always keep a smile on my face, I can’t help but to giggle when my sissy gives me love. I also LOVE tummy time, I’m so strong I’ve rolled over four times already and I can hold my head up super high especially when my sissy is laying in front of me. My mommy also says that I have the best cheeks around and that I’m becoming such a big boy. I love my family!
Maggie is 2 years old! She is very smart for a 2 year old! She loves bananas! She love hot dogs! She loves Cheeto puff! She loves going outside! She loves swimming! She loves watching her phone! She loves to color! She is sassy as all get out! She also has an attitude!!
Octavia is the best baby to ever exist no joke! She has always been able to make anyone smile since the minute she was born and even in my belly! She's my rainbow baby and she saved my life in more ways to count. She's very advanced! Already crawling and sitting up on her own! She's the funniest girl I've ever known and LOVES blowing spit bubbles every five seconds lol . She's always been a very good baby. Always slept through the night and is always happy unless she's hungry lol. Please vote for my little ♥️ if she won this would help TREMENDOUSLY. I'm a single full time working momma and I'm just trying to give my baby her best life
Harper is a super happy girl. She loves to play with her siblings and and climb up on anything she can get to. She’s a very busy baby🥰
Gabriella is a very lovable and playful little girl. She enjoys the outdoors and making new friends. She’s mommy’s little helper and the best big sister! Enjoys the water and anything Mickey Mouse, she always knows how to light up the room.
hey yall this is my baby girl samaria she is ready to be 10 months on the 30th she just loves to put everything in her mouth for some reason lol. she is funny and loving and you all please vote for her 💕
Lincoln is almost 4 months old and he likes cuddles with mommy, grabbing toys, sucking on his fingers and likes sleeping with his favorite blanket☺️
Maverick loves to talk to us, smiles, and laughs as well!❤️ He’s such a happy bundle of joy😊
Hello, My name is Gianna. I love to suck on my fingers and enjoy tummy time. My favorite thing to do is EAT. Im always happy and smiling and I love to talk !!! <3 I’m a daddy’s girl but mommy’s world !
Asher loves being cuddled and watching nursery rhymes he is such a happy baby.
Casen is very sweet and active little boy. He loves food and pickles!!! His smile and laugh could melt the devils heart❤️
She's the best second grade basketball player I've ever seen he plays basketball for Sperry Pirates she's the most adorable sweetest kind little girl you could meet
Rylee Jade
baby squish is 2 months old she loves smiling and acting goofy she loves watching greys anatomy with mom and loves watching daddy play his game 💕
Madi loves to play on her slid she loves mom mom an she still breastfeeds. Please vote for my baby
Penny Lane
Little miss Penny Lane Dupont 🖤 her name suits her cause she loves music! Shes got the cutest smile and the most beautiful big blue eyes.
Jaxon is the sweetest, cutest and most definitely the silliest little boy you’ll ever meet🤍
Jadiel loves his bananas and going swimming
Sean Lee we call Baby Sean or Rhino! He loves bath time, playing Outside, and dancing to music! He sure is a busy body!!! Always full of energy and will light up a room when he walks in!
Little Ellenor is such a happy baby, she smiles all the time and has recently found her laugh. 💕 she loves to snuggle with her mommy and daddy.
Shes beautiful😊
This is Alan. Alan is a happy baby and loves to smile and laugh! he is a very active boy and enjoys playing with other children. Give us a vote❤❤❤
Anaira-Lee is now sitting up with no assistance . She loves to stand up and dance . She has one of THE greatest personalities already . Shes super ticklish and loves to cuddle. She loves giving hugs and kisses . And she LOVES blowing raspberries Her favorite food is ALL of them . she doesnt care as long as shes eating lol She has a smile thatll light up anyones day. We love you so much. Time is flying 😭😭
Austyn is the happiest, smiliest baby. She loves playing and all the love and attention she gets from her people ♥️
Milo James is the sweetest boy with the cutest toothless smile you’ll ever see
He's cute, sweet, and very silly.
My name is Greyson. I love my Big Brother, Mama and Daddy. I’m definitely a Mama’s Baby. I love taking Baths. I love playing with my toys. I’m crawling everywhere. I love going into my brothers room. I can say Hey,Mama, Dada, Bubba. I love when my mama strolls me around outside. I’m a very Happy Baby and love getting my picture took.
Zaria is a great baby. Very happy and active.
Scarlett is 8 months old. She is always happy and babbles like she is responding to you. She says " momma, mom, mama, dada, dad, baba, and pat pat. She loves bathtime and playing with the water coming out of the faucet. She fills her flexicup with water and tries to drink it when I turn my head. She plays peekaboo with the towel after baths. She can come when she is called, sign" more "when hungry and "milk "when thirsty, crawl, stand, walk along furniture, climb on furniture, get off the couch, clap her hands, push objects around, give others a kiss, and take her favorite toys with her.
Nevaeh Forest-rose
a 3 y/o full of love and energy. all about our peppa pig, paw patrol, and frozen. also loves her family, animals and all her stuffed toys