Leilani is a year old, she walks knows some sign language and she has a spunky attitude! Her favorite activities are playing outside bugging her family and her toys. Ani was born at 37 week and spent the first month of her life in the NICU but despite that she had grown learned and hit ever milestone on time. She is mommy's life saver and reason to live🥰😍
Loves to coo. Very happy little boy.
He is a very energetic little boy! He loves to sing and dance. He also enjoys being outside.
Hello, my name is Remi. I am currently 8 weeks old and love laughing and smiling and eating. Im a little sassy and sometimes like to flip people off 😉
She’s the most sassy and happiest 4mo old. Loves playing with her toes, loves attention last but not least she’s so beautiful 😍
This is Wilford the V, nickname is bubba. He’s a happy baby boy , he loves laughing and playing .
Johari was born 2 months early spent the first 6 weeks of life in the NICU but has grown soo much and has reached every milestone as a full term baby he rolls over holds his head holds his bottle he loves tickles and he loves to laugh he loves music and to go outside he's just my little blessing
She is already 2 months. Amazing how time flies. She is very active, observant, and a happy girl. She loves cuddling with daddy and dancing in mommy's arms. Also already quite the talker at moment. She enjoys her adventures and seeing new things in this big world.
Christopher is the happiest baby who loves to eat anything and everything! He's always smiling at strangers and acting bashful afterwards!
Kaius loves smile and coo
Liam is an amazing little man who loves playing in the water, riding with daddy on the motorcycle, helping mom clean up the house, and driving both of us bonkers most of the time❤️
we LOVE smiling and talking we love to bounce we love our mommy and daddy we love grapes and watermelon we don’t really have anything we don’t like lol.
Kailani is a fun loving girl who sees life differently! She loves camping, hiking , bike riding , and being outdoors in general. Her favorite Disney movie is encanto and she is totally a mommy’s girl ♥️ Kailani says thank you for the votes !!
Musa is more than just a milky monster with long lashes. He is friendly and will kiss you at any moment. He is smart and he’ll outdo you in a tummy time competition. And he smiles when you smile- which is mommy and daddy’s favorite thing in the world :)
She smiles 24/7🥰 She loves her baby toys.💚
We call him Nemo because he has a special fin he was born with a special fin he has what's called microta and it's an anomaly. He can still do everything in normal child can do. But he has a special fin which makes him very unique.
Our son Emmanuel is a Divine gift given our story....Defining every obstacle while coming into this world, he keeps thriving and already knows Love! Diagnosed with trisomy-21 at a early birth, he continues to bring family close together. Emmanuel currently enjoys eating new foods, exercising the mind and body, and snuggling with mom and dad.
Liam was born at 5 pounds, 9 oz , He was a very tiny baby, he is one of the most happiest baby. He loves to watch his surrounding, he also loves getting his hair played with
Delilah is the sassiest but most loving little girl. She loves to talk and laugh and her favorite thing to do is eat!
Olivia likes to talk and get her opinion out there to everyone. Loves to laugh and steals hats and drops them
Magnolia loves to be on the move doesn’t like staying still
Alani is the best big sister has a huge personality just for a 18 month old she loves to dance & watch her favorite movies
Sammi is an outgoing, funny, and smart little girl. For being 8 years old she is so full of life and always willing to help out. She enjoys drawing, riding her bike, and exploring the woods. Sammi will definitely make you laugh and realize life is full of blessings.
Hiiii. Mr. Maddox is almost 10 months old. Where has the time gone. Maddox is always happy. He such a go with the flow baby. Loves the outdoors and his sister. Goes everywhere with mom and loves to socialize 🙃
Nevaeh is almost standing on her own , loves to hear her own voice , & loves when sister plays with her
Aizlynn is extremely happy all the time always smiling has beautiful gray green eye loves to play with her siblings is a cuddler loves animals especially bunnies an kitties is very determined she dont give up she tries over an over u till she gets it has patience like no other for bein so lil it amazes me the patience she has shes extremely funny an jus so bubbly
Hi, my name is Easton! I’m 2 years old and my all time my favorite thing to do is play outside. I also love to learn and practice my letter , numbers , shapes and colors mom says I’m really really smart and do so good with learning and practicing new things! I also love being a big cousin and being able to play and be crazy with all my cousins. Another thing about me is that I love people and give lots of loves I also like to help everyone and anyone I’m always asking to help weather it’s with my baby cousins , cooking or cleaning I just love being helpful and involved in anyway I can! Oh and can’t forgot how much I love to model and get my pictures taken mom says I’m a natural and super photogenic!
Haislee warms the hearts of everyone that she meets! With her smile, her laugh, and her personality she brightens our day! She’s so full of personality, love, and curiosity! Please vote for our Haislee Bug❤️
My name is Colton Allen my mommy & daddy call me shark. I am one month old I have such a bubbly personality & I can definitely out drink anyone. My favorite things to do is bath time, look at lights and watch tv while mommy holds me. Please vote for me❤️
Ameriee loves to smile, jump and loves to be cuddled by her daddy.
Bryliance is 2months, she was born weighing 9lbs 2oz… she is such a happy baby who likes to laugh, talk, watch Bluey an Masha an the bear
Travis is such an amazing little boy! He loves everyone especially his brother & has a smile that will light up any room! He loves food & is determined to copy everything his brother does including walking, so much so that he is almost walking at 9 months old!
We call him Emi for short , he’s a chubby 5 month old and doesn’t miss a meal 😂 . He loves watching Bluey & Hey Bear . He loves to laugh & show those shiny gums 😂
We call her our little Lily Bug! She has the most bubbly personality already and is definitely a perfect combination of Mommy and Daddy!
Hayze (hey-z) is an amazing little boy brought into this world to help heal his mommy’s broken heart , he was sent to this earth in order to fill parts of his mommy’s heart that her nanny took with her when she passed away . Hayze loves to smile and can make anyones day by looking at them , he has big blue yes that you just get lost in . Help him win and show some love for this beautiful little boy 💙
Always smiling! His love for water amazes me! Will eat anything you give him, and absolutely loves animals.
A’monee is 11 months old. He enjoys music, being outside, and eating! Loves to smile, growl like a monster, and favorite word is mama!
Morgan likes kicking his legs, watching the fan, taking naps on mom and dad, and eating.
Sophia is the happiest, snuggliest, sweetest babe! She has such a big personality already for such a tiny body! She loves her doggie and cat sisters, bath time & sleeping like her mama.
My baby boy has a smile that lights up this world everyday! He sleeps peacefully through anything. He loves to play sit up stand up with his momma.
Owen Michael, was born brave , a fighter with an early debut he spe t some time in the NICU and continues fighting everyday. He is sweet and so full of joy and love! He loves to have conversations, his daddy and brother! And mamas arms are his favorite place!
Bruce has been smiling since he was in my belly. He is the best baby you could ask for. He's so expressive and happy. Named after my my father who passed away in 2015. I know even though my dad never got to meet him he is smiling down on us.
Nicholas has a heart of gold, compassionate and cares so much for his family! He is dedicated, helpful, loving and understanding and will bring sunshine on a cloudy day!
Brielle is a 22 month old who is very smart, sassy, playful and happy. She loves being outdoors but also loves being inside and playing dress up. She loves people reading books to her and doing puzzles with her. She’s our little happiness.
Grayson loves spending his day playing on his under the sea mat and in his swing. He loves to talk to you and is always smiling.