Baby Stories - 94


Hi! I have a BIG sissy who adores me! I like to smile and mommy and daddy. Oh, let’s not forget laughing and the good ole’ bottle.
Happy most of the time & she is little miss Talks lot. Stephanie is the chee-weeze monster
Kalliaope is my happy girl, she has the biggest smile right when she wakes up until she goes to bed. She is crawling and eating plenty. We are so blessed with her in our lives.
Kai Reese Darby
Hi My name is kai and I’m 4 months! mommy says I’m the cutest and I can win. Help me get that 5k to go to college
Her favorite thing to do is smile 😍💕.
Hi I am Johnathon Winston, I am a Jr named after my daddy! I love lifting my head, watching my fur brothers walk around and love tummy time with mommy, I LOVE CUDDLES!!
Maddilynn is so curious and so alert. She loves being held all the time and doesn’t like to lay down. She is on the go and won’t let grass grow under her feet 🥰😍
Amelia Doesn’t play around when it comes to her milk!(:
Happy little man. Loves smiling. Learning to laugh.
Mario, loves driving his car & loves trying to run instead of walk! Vroom vroom is his favorite thing to say. 🚗🚙
She is learning to smile hold her head up she loves her big sister a lot her grams and of course her mommy shes very alert shen shes awake shes amazing
My name is Barrett and I am 2 months old! I love to laugh and make funny faces at my mommy and daddy and I love my puppy max! Vote for me so I can buy my puppy a Christmas present! :)
Joseph Jr.
He is very playful spoil rooten loves to eat and look at tv and loves music such a happy cute baby.He is only 4 months old with a good grip.
Vote for my princess because she is the most happy lovable baby everrr! She loves to dance and sing, she’s so smart and funny and the best little best friend any mommy can ask for 🥰
He loves to smile at everyone, he talks all the time, and he loves to play with everything. He thinks it’s funny when you take his hand out his mouth. He’s goofy, happy, and just loving all around.
D'mareay is an amazing little boy and loves he's little sister 🥰 he as an big heart and is very silly at times 😊
Cedar Joe
Cedar Joe is our adorable chunky 1 month old. He loves his momma, getting cuddles, listening to his favorite song Lullaby and Goodnight, and visiting his Nana and Papaw. He would love any vote he gets!
Amylah is a very happy lovely baby🥰 her smile is so beautiful 🥰😍
Alayna loves to be center of attention! She loves her mommy and food. Her favorite word is Dada. She is such a sweet blessing!
Rj our 2 year old sweet angel. He loves to play with his spongebob and monkey bones. He is very loving and loves attention!!
Ethan is the cutest baby in the world !. He love to smile and play with his brothers, also he love to dance with mommy and daddy !. He’s just adorable!.
Alora Violet
Hello :) I'm Alora Violet and this is my very first contest ever 🌻 my favorite things to do are to eat, sing to my heart's content, and wiggle to my favorite music. Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are some of my favorites! I may not be able to talk but I can sure tell you what I want! I have two older brothers that I love with all my little heart. I like fluffy things and your clothes definitely catch my attention :) I love to snuggle and don't mind a little roll pinch from mommy and daddy every once in a while 🤣❤️
Hi I’m kaiden! I’m a sweet cuddly boy. I’m just starting to giggle and laugh with mommy and daddy. I also like to watch tv and bath time is my favorite !
Xya Rose
My name is Xya (pronounced like Z) Rose! I’m a sweeties day baby! I was the best gift to my daddy! I love ❤️ snuggling and smiling at my mommy and daddy.
My fun, loving, smart Samara... she’s a caring old soul
Callen loves to smile at everyone! His favorite thing to do is watch ceiling fans. He also thinks dogs are very funny!
Kentaye Lair Jr.
KJ loves to watch Paw Patrol, and Bubble Gubbies. Enjoys playing with his older brother. He loves to eat grapes and cereal!! He’s the sweetest, toughest little boy! That smile will melt your heart!!
Her name is Maceigh pronounced as Macy. Since she has been born she has been lifting up her head on her own. She is rolling and trying to laugh a lot. She is always smiling and she knows when her parents walk into a room or out of a room.
Issac loves to play and chatter with mommy and daddy! Issac is always full of smiles 😊😊 He also loves to dance to anything music wise 😂
Caleb is so sweet, ornery and brightens any room he toddles into! After a fall that scared us all at the near end of my pregnancy, he is our little miracle baby! He tries to keep up with his sister and does pretty great at it. He is determined and so smart. We know he will do big things one day!
My Little Jumping Jelly Bean 🌸 Cyani Is 3 Months And Very Silly And Affectionate She Loves To Laugh And Talks A lot 🤣♥️ She’ll Brighten Anyone’s Day With Just A Smile 💕Full Of Joy 💜
Her nickname is Junosaurus. She casually strolled into the world 10 days late like...."What?"
She is only three weeks old and has a very sassy personality she loves looking around and being in moms arms ❤️ Very sweet and cuddly 💕
Kyshaun Robert
My baby boy love talking and smiling, he brings joy to everyone’s life and he’s amazing all around. I want a great future for him I love my baby boy so much
He's a happy little guy he loves to tell he has the most beautiful eyes and smile I could even imagine. RiYon is playful and love to move
Hi I’m Lay’Lanii, My Smile Is Priceless But Hard To Catch. I’m So Smart. I Love To Sleep Eat And Play. I Love Cuddles And Kisses. I’m Very Gorgeous And I’m Named After A Flower 🌺
Im a very chill Baby. I love to eat, sleep and lay on my belly for some fun time. My mommy says my best feature is my SMILE 😊
Bubbly little girl that loves to swing, play with her toys, and growl at everyone with the biggest smile on her face.
He’s a very energetic & goofy baby he loves yo gabba gabba & making funny faces
Alexander loves playing outside. He loves leaves & sticks. He also loves Elmo! He’s the sweetest little boy💙
Delilah loves cuddles and her milk she constantly smiles at people and likes going out in her pram