Lillian is an extremely happy 8 month old little girl! She loves her mommy and daddy very much. She loves playing peak-a-boo and blowing raspberries!!
Kashika milani Well she came to me when my depression and anxiety took the best of me Today she has made me a better person a strong mom and taught me to be independent Being a single mom is tough but kashika makes it worth it
My little smiley boy is full of energy and love! He loves to give kisses, he loves to climb and pet his doggy bestie! Funny voices make him laugh so hard! He’s all around a great boy.
Zyaire loves to laugh, and smile. He enjoys being around people. He also loves to be the center of attention.
Everly is our preemie princess who loves to talk , play , eat & sleep 💤 She is our milk monster !
Hi this is my beautiful boy jaxson..he has autism amongst other things..he is the strongest little boy i know..hes funny..loving and is like a little rocket..hes beautiful inside and out x
Phoenix the most happiest boy of them all never fails to wake up with a big smile on his face. Hes a chunky man who loves to play and pet his fur sister Raven 😍 Phoenix is my little Halloween baby which we were hoping for 🥰 We couldnt have asked for a better handsome man, we are truly blessed all the way around 😘💝
My beautiful 8 month old grand daughter's is the most sweet and flamboiant baby . She is too sweet. Her contagious smile and belly laughs. She has big beautiful eyes, and a super pretty smile she loves to show off her 5 new teeth. ❤️ vote away thanks
She is a sassy, loud , outgoing 4 month old! She has the most contagious laugh& has the most adorable smile!
Ellis loves jumping and is constantly moving. Always smily and happy.
Lorenzo is all smiles, he will brighten the worst of days with his infectious smile, he loves his jumper and recently started zooming around every which way in his walker!
Jessabelle is such a happy baby girl. She is very smart. She loves to sit up and look around checking everything out.
Hi! I’m Harley! yes, just like the motorcycle! My favorite thing to do is go to the race track with mama and dada every week so I can see the cars go VROOM VROOM! I also LOVE food! My favorite TV show is “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” with my crush hosting the show, Guy Fieri!!!
Brexton loves blowing up balloons! And he is obsessed with eggs!
Owen is a 7 year old little boy with a heart of gold. He’s very sweet and always thinks of others. He loves his family and being a uncle to a precious little baby boy🥰
My little princess, always smiling and giggling away! 9 months old and she loves clapping, walking and making roaring noises!
Hi my name is Jaxon-Lee and I am 3 years old, I have Autism and love to play and laugh, I can get fustrated an angry and some times it's hard for me to calm down at times but I get there my mummy help me alot to calm down but it's hard for her to sometimes. I love my little baby sister and my mummy and daddy so so much.
Hi My name is Sebastian , I love you cuddle and be held , i love to pick up my head and bobble it all around , I’m such a calm and quiet baby ! I’m almost 2 months and I’m such a happy baby with quite the facial expressions.
She's loves being around everyone she's a very happy baby she melts my heart she loves when momma sings and talks to her she's says hi,mom,daddy. When she don't get her want she will let you know what is up she acts like me looks like she's my mini me
Hi my name is Amber, I am nearly 1 month old, my mummy had some completions while have me and I think winning this event will put an even bigger smile on her face she has achieved so much after having me and my big Brother. Thank you
What can I say about my Boy he's a lady man ❤️😍
Naomi loves animals, baby sensory & kisses 💋
Maisie adires he brother and is very determined to be able t do qnything ye can she also loves bouncing, she is just so happy and bubbly
Isaac is such a companionate little boy he loves to spend time with his granny and grandad his favorite toys are anything with wheels and his favourite treat is grannys cakes
Cody is a very happy and loving little boy. He loves playing outside in the sandbox or exploring everything. He is a big flirt to girls, loves giving hugs and tries to make friends with every other child he comes across. He has always a smile for everyone.
Ahmir Jr
He’s loves to play on his playmat ! He loves to listen to music and OF COURSE EAT !🤣 he also loves to coo at his mama and dada all day
Hi I’m Braylon Nash, I love to smile 😊 I enjoy cooing at my mom and daddy. My favorite thing to do is cuddle 🥰 and I love the bath 🛁
ania loves to play with her toys and is very active and smart , she loves being outdoors and loves going swimming..she loves fruit and isn't a picky eater
Miles AKA “Buzz” was born in Alaska and relocated to New England in 2022. He is a very sweet and loving older brother. His current interests are Fortnite and Pokemon.
She's a beautiful little girl. She loves to smile and make noise. She also loves foe her brothers and sisters to play with her.
Brooklyn has made a real big impact on our lives as he came into the world 12yrs later I thought I was blessed to have 3 but here he came and may I add 2 months prem. His smile lights up the world but also melts the soul he knows how to get the horns glowing too. He uses it to his advantage most times. Brooklyn loves water, climbing, nanny's fridge and cupboards. But has real fascination with tires he will pull them off anything and put them back on. He also loves music mostly doof doof as we call hard core techno. But also loves to settle with a selected few lullabies. His just started his terrible twos and oh boy... Talk about dramatic. I swear it goes with his creative imagination. Oh and most of all we can't forget his curls they get a mention everyday with his Turkish background blue eyes tanned skin and curls just like his daddy makes everyone stop. But most of all Brooklyn loves his food and siblings trying so hard to be as grown up as them thinking his 20. His in for a suprise as we are 8 weeks away on giving him a baby brother...
Charlotte loves SpongeBob, and animals. She’s such a happy baby, everyone that meets her falls in love with her!
The sweetest little boy there is💛
What she likes most is her daddy, cheese puffs and Mac n cheese. This little girl, our Brooklyn Rose is our rainbow baby. We love her to pieces and just wanted to try something new!
Kashton is a 2 year old boy that is full of energy from sun up to sun down. He loves being outside, from riding on the fourwheeler to feeding his chickens and dogs.
Matthew you is the most amazing kid ever! He is so kind, loving, helpful and hilarious! For being 3 years old he is also protective of the people very close to him. He loves to play with his siblings and shares his toys. Matthew can actually speak some spanish words as well.
Lina is now crawling, standing and clapping! She loves cuddles, music and her dogs. Lina is a happy baby that smiles most of time, unless you’re trying to changer her diaper and keeping her from being on the move.
She’s a very spunky little girl! She loves her animals and has dreams to be a vet someday! Show this cutie some love!
Emory is a fun , energetic baby. She loves cartoons and eating anything she can try to reach
Levi Prater
Levi is a month old he loves looking at momma and his dadda he loves looking around and lifting his head up he Tries to hold his bottle he’s a momma boy 💙
Sadie is almost 2 months old! She loves to watch her fishes on the tablet & play! She also loves her snuggle time with mom & dad. She’s a nicu baby, she’s the most strongest baby I know! Her smile will take your breath away!😆 She steals all the nurses hearts! 🥰
He is such a happy boy, mama is his first word, he loves his big sister and his dad , loves his jolly jumper and his doggies
He loves cuddling and is a very sweet little man
Evie Sue
Evie sue was born 2 weeks early she likes to keep her mum and dad awake most of the time
This is my babyboy Brady he is 1 month and 2 days Loves to look around 💙 Loves to sit up He loves to move his head around definitely a mommys boy 🥰 Trying to already hold his bottle☺️
She is 4 and starting kindergarten this coming sept.