Baby Stories - 90


Jovie is a happy baby. She Loves baths, formula, walks with mommy and to play on her tummy time Mat! She is also always smiling and can light up a room with her happy spirit. ❤️
Imrie loves to cuddle and visit with her brother and cousins. She is super alert for being a month old.
The sweetest baby girl !!
Ashton Levi
Ashton is a 4yr old sassy funny little boy who loves anything with 2 wheels hes such a sweet boy and loves to love and loves his momma
My baby girl is the happiest most sweet little girl I’ve ever met she loves to play on her toy car and loves to play in the pool!
Hi my name is azrael I love dinosaurs and Mickey mouse. I love too spend time with my mom and make desserts with her and my dad
Hes is 11 month old energetic, out door loving, all boy. His favorite things ti do is aggravate big brother and eat mash tators. Mommy and daddy is his everything.
Greyson is an only child. He is definitely curious about his surroundings. He loves to lift his head and look around. Greyson is only a month old and already try’s to stand on his legs so we may have an early walker. He always wants to be talked to and will give you the biggest smile. Vote for Grey!
Spencer has the most adorable face that anyone loves to look at.
Luna-sky Madison
Luna-Sky Madison is the newest member of the family and has already taken over all of our hearts. She's a little Booby Monster with a lovely calm nature ( so far)
Rosemary was born on July 13th 2020, she is a very happy baby girl she loves spending time with her brothers , dad and mom. She loves to be outside Watching her brother practice baseball ⚾️ or just going for a walk with all of us. She would love it if you guess would vote for her. 🥰
Despite multiple health issues throughout my pregnancy , Storme is here she is happy & she is healthy 🧡
This is Leilani Rose Shes 5 months old Shes smart and she’s always such a happy Girl
Sebashton is 5 month old he is a happy baby .. he loves to smile .. he loves watching Sponge Bob and puppy dog pals he can roll over on his own he loves baths he loves eating carrots and ice cream ..he can hold his own bottle and put his pacifier in his own mouth .. he can say Dada
Milah is a very happy baby. She loves her daddy and is constantly smiling and playing. She adores other kids❤️
Hi my name is Samara I love Minnie mouse and I also love to cuddle and give lots of love to my family at home.
Janice Stormy Rayne
Janice has such a beautiful personality. She's so funny, she laughs at the weirdest moments. She's just so happy all the time, she's my amazing little love bug. She brightens up anybody's day if you're around her.
Darcie Kim Rosemarie Smithson
Please vote for my beautiful little girl she deserves all the vote please
I poop and pee a lot, I have 3 siblings I love them very much
Jason is 5 years old today. He was 2 months old in this picture. He likes being around Mama and doing arts and craft activities.
Kynlee Grace is sure to bring joy and smiles to anyone she meets. She is full of sass and personality. She enjoys dancing and watching cocomelon. She is full of energy and totally lovable. Kynlee loves to play outside with her big brother. She likes to play baseball and swim during the summer! She is a total water bug. Reading time before bed is her favorite! She has her daddy wrapped around her finger and she knows it!
Jasmine is only few weeks old but already her personality is bursting out
Cal is 1 year old now, very smiley and giggles all the time he is so happy and content he's just a great baby. He loves the swing at the park and loves his snacks
Lillianna Grace
Lillianna is so precious has had quite the hardest 2 months but is still striving ..
Porter is a beautiful baby boy who is full of smiles! He brightens the day of everyone he meets and is already loved by so many in just the short month hes been here!
Greyson is a funny little character, he loves being nosey and also Is a lover of his food! Just cut his first tooth without any fuss🥺☺️
my name is mia moo and I like my cereal, playing with my rattle, and yelling at mom amd dad.
Bella is Little Miss Attitude. She loves to try and talk constantly with all the stories she tells mummy & daddy. She loves laughing & cuddles 💕
Slade is a bundle of joy. Greatly loved and cherished.
This is Dreams 1st Halloween ever. We decided to make her a baby turtle 🐢.
Hi my name is Bentley I am 3 yrs old. I love dinosaurs, cars and big trucks and karate. All votes apppreciated. Thank you
Hello, my name is Tatumn. I am a happy, energetic six month old. I enjoy playing & laughing with my big sister TaiLynn.
Sterling is 1 month old 2 months as of tomorrow November 3rd 2020. He loves to eat he loves to talk as well. He has the cutest smile and it will brighten up your day. However he does not like his pictures taken so if you can get a good picture of him your very lucky!!
He loves to laugh and talk he loves carrots he’s a super cute chubby baby boy !
Leilani Ajelet
This little one is turning two years old on December! Of course she loves winter like her momma she’s a pro at hiking, climbing! Loves the outdoors She’s a sweetheart with others her age she is a diligent baby girl! She’s awesome at making new friends when we visit the central park!
Heaven has a strong personality for 17th moth old she is funny in her own way she is chunky and loves attention anytime heaven is out someone ALWAYS ADDRESS HER with a big YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 😍
Kiara Birch
Kiara is a 3year old girl who is a fun loving little thing anyone see her falls in love with her please vote for her
Aubree is very entergetic! She loves to play and draw ! She is an over all outgoing smart little girl !!
Hunter is the most happiest baby ever! Always has a smile on his face! And it is the best smile ever!
Hope is a wonderful little girl who always makes everyone smile. There is never a dull moment with her. She is very curious and loves to play with her kitchen. She enjoys being outside and playing with other kids especially her cousins. She is a sassy, milk drinking, toy- playing, pet-loving kinda girl. please vote for her she is a rotten little girl but will brighten up any ones day.
Jamie is 4 weeks old. She loves being held and to eat all the time. She also loves listening to music.
Jamies the cutest little pumpkin (: vote for him! that’s all
Kalista is the most loving and outgoing toddler. She loves the outdoors and playing with her baby dolls. She loves to sing and dance and do Zumba kids with her aunt and uncles. 💛 she’s got the sweetest personality.
Parker is the most smiley little boy you could meet. Absolutely love his photo being taken and will smile the second he sees the camera💙
My name is Maliyah and I love playing with my toys and playing with other little kids.