Baby Stories - 90


akiya is such amazing baby. she loves to eat & sleep; being she’s only 19 days old & that’s all she can do right now. she mastered the tummy time & doesn’t have any trouble keeping her head up. she sleeps for 4-5 hours at a time & when she’s up, she loves to keep her mommy & daddy company by cooing at us. she’s not a very loud baby; only cries when she’s hungry or needs a diaper change.
This is our daughter Reagan! She is spunky, fun and everyone’s buddy. We nicked named her “The Mayor” because she waves to everyone and says, “HI”. She just turned 1 on September 20th. She is our Miracle baby 🥰
Hi, my name is Banks Teal!
Ava is the most sassy, dramatic, loving,caring little girl you can meet.
Lyla is a sassy 11 month old who loves all things spooky (maybe because she was born 4 days before Halloween?) Her favorite word is "kitty" and she loves to meow at her 3 feline friends. As far as food goes, she loves watermelon, avocado, and will tackle you for a taste of mozzarella cheese. Her hobbies include babbling along to music, dancing, and pool time. Her dislikes? Wearing socks, or mama trying to get her to eat broccoli, ick!
Silas is a high spirited child who knows no stranger! A lover of water, and the outdoors. An entertainer at heart he is always looking to make you laugh. Upon one of his first toddler visits to our local park, Silas being the bright child he is, learned the phrase “one more time,” when expressing his love for the slide! Always bubbly and chipper he has left his family tickled at just about everything he says or does!
This is my Nolly-Olly, he doesn’t do much yet, but he loves to baby talk and watch tv all day.
Kaveon is almost a year old. He loves to dance he is talking & walking..He likes car rides & playing at the park & cocomelon
She is are miracle baby she was a premurcher baby she love her mom and dad
Karter Legend Jones Our baby boy stole everyone’s hearts the minute he entered the world. He’s charming, handsome and such a attentive baby boy already. He is learning to lift his little head and even starts to act like he wants to roll over at only 2 weeks old! He is half white and half African American.
Aaliyah loves her daddy !! She’s a happy baby! She loves her cocomelon… she loves to run around like she owns the place!!
Dream is a very smart fast learner. With the biggest imagination. She likes to talk, dance and learn. Her favorite colors are purple & pink. Dream likes to feel Big, big enough to help out with “anything” is what she’ll say. Dream has a big smile a big heart big personalities big family.
Freddie Kirk is the absolute light of our lives! Named after his late grandpa, he definitely does not fall short of personality. His laughter is contagious, his smiles are endless, & mama and daddy fall more in love with him every single day. 💚✨
Kyrie enjoys family time, eating & watching Hey Duggee. He’s working on crawling forward & standing.
I looove cuddles with mommy and daddy and I’m always cooing away. I love watching Rolie Polie Olie! I would really appreciate your vote 🥰
Lee is such an awesome little guy. Always happy and has that huge smile on his face all day. He loves to play and laugh. Oh that laugh is something else. He loves to snuggle and give huge kisses. He has a great personality and he's always in a good mood. He loves his Nana. He's so funny, and the faces he makes are priceless!💙
Hi my name is Ayden, I’m a very active 2 year old. I enjoy playing outside. I love watching Cartoons & playing with my trucks.
I'm William. I was born on July 15, 2021. I was born 4 weeks early weighing 5lbs 8oz and spent a week in the NICU. Here I am at 2 months old weighing a whopping 13lbs 1oz. I am crushing it!!! I love looking and smiling at my mom and listening to my dad sing and play the guitar.
Scarlett is always smiling and happy. She loves everyone ❤️
La'tron is 8 years old! He loves to play outside and play video games his facorite sports are basketball and football! He is a very kind, loving, helpful, goofy old soul! Literally could not ask for a better kid!
Ashlyn is smart and fun loving! She is always smiling and kicking and wanting to play and Loves peaches and pears! Don’t forget to hit the like button and vote ❤️
Elliana is the smartest, sweetest little girl in the world and I would love to share her chubby cheeks with the world! If she won this would go towards throwing her the COOLEST 1st birthday ever 💕
Orion was born at 32 weeks weighing in at 2 pounds 3 ounces😃 he has an amazing personality and is a true fighter and let’s not forget the best smiles a mom could ask for😁
Lylah is such a happy baby, she loves smiling and laughing! She LOVES looking in mirrors and cuddles!
My baby boy is almost 5 months old 🥰 Handsomest baby ever!
D Ary
D’Ary is a new addition & has 6 older siblings , he’s is loved so very much 💝 Just turned 1 !
Liam is my first great grandchild. He is trying to roll over and sit up on his own.
Bonjour! Je M'appelle Dior Faith! My parents named me after french fashion, because i am and always will be a little diva! I love my mornings, bath time and being outside. Show me some love and vote Dior!🥰
Donnie loves to move. His bouncer is his favorite place to be. He has a human brother and two doggy siblings that he loves also!
Leilani is almost 5 months old she loves to play, reach and grab for things and throw them lol as well as talk allloooottt! She loooooooves attention and already knows how to throw a fit if your not giving her what she wants! MOMMYS LITTLE DIVA! Overall she is great baby with sooo much personality already! The true definition of a mini me🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Kristopher Jr
He loves playing with his legos and watching his educational videos.
Enjoys his mornings with Mawmaw on the porch having small talks, likes to play with daddy, loves to cuddle up with mommy and likes to watch his pet sister Sadie run everywhere.
Leo is very sweet baby! His two favorite things is eating🤣 and doing new things, he also adores being talked to and even tries to talk back❤️ He has the most contagious laugh, ever since be was born I was told he is a very happy baby!
Kohen is a micro preemie. He was born at 26 weeks weighing 1 lb and 6 ozs. He loves the beach and is our Miracle Warrior
Athena loves to smile laugh and definitely loves to talk. She's a very happy go lucky baby who loves to snuggle and eat and take baths and listen to her mommy dying or play music
Kisori is the most loving ball of energy you will every meet. Her personality is out of this world! If your having a bad day Kizzy can definitely make it all better with her warming smile and goofy giggles ❤️
There's never a dull moment
Ryan is a very loving energetic boy who has his days
Hi, my name is Brayland I am almost 5 months old. I love to blow bubbles, talk baby talk, and smile at my Mommy and Daddy
This girl has the best of both worlds! From being a tom boy to a sassy 2 year old ! Saige is very independent and knows what she wants. She is the sweetest little and loves to help out ! Will you help her out and vote for her !?
She’s such a very happy baby that loves to play and snuggle up against her momma.
Jayunna is 2 months old. She is the happiest baby ever☺! She loves going on walks and listening to her mom and dad sing. She enjoys spending time with mommy and daddy, and watching them dance.
Jaxson is a very fun lovable smart boy.He likes to watch cocomelon and most definitely EAT !!
River is a sweet boy who loves his mom and Dad! He is such a light and joy to be around!
Lyndon is the most loving and full of life little baby! He is a whopping 5 months old. He is the worlds greatest food tester & loves to have conversations with anyone he meets! One day he will change the world with his words. We love him. ❤
Dottie is 15 month old. Loves to eat, play, watch her favorite programs. Shes one amazing little lady.❤