Emily is easy-going but has a fire of determination. She loves interactive play and music makes her smile
Nalanee literally smiles all day long. Just say hi and she says hi back with a smile from ear to ear.
Journey is completely deaf, she loves the color green and she loves going on walks.
Rylan is a spunky 19month old, she had brain surgery at 8 months old and has been thriving ever since! She loves playing with Barbies with her big brothers and loves Bluey and Bubble Guppies
This is Maliha Kai, the sweetest and funniest little baby. She loves laughing and saying hi 🤍
Molly is funny and sassy and loves to tell us stories!
Scarlett loves to play outside. Her new favorite thing to do is wave at everything
Savannah loves animals, it doesn’t matter who you are if she sees you she’s going to wave and say “Hi”
Harry was 9 weeks prem with a 5050 chance of survival, finally after 2 months in hospital we finally managed to take our cheeky,loving little boy home 💙 Harry loves his family and friends and his puppy.
My Sweet Baby Everlee is the most perfect baby ever! She loves everyone & tries her best to talk to you! She has the sweetest little smile & will light up your world. Mommy & Daddy definitely were blessed with such a beautiful baby! 💜
Winston lee is a spunky crazy little man he acts as if he was one loves his mama. Loves to watch his dada play video games. He loves water. And loves to learn new things everyday is an adventure with this handsome boy
She is a sweet loving energetic smart girl she loves giving hugs and kisses and loves her family
Brylee is almost 5 months old! She loves to laugh and play💗 she is the light of our lives❣️
Max was born 12 weeks early. Due to complications we were transferred to a different hospital but Max is super strong and definitely a fighter. He has the most beautiful eyes! Loves to smile a lot and look around the whole room! When the nurses are trying to feed him n change his diaper he loves to help lol tries to be helpful when not needed 😂 Max is a strong lil man !
Hi! My name is Landyn, I am 11 months old soon to be 12! I love Mickey Mouse & relaxing with mommy
Dominic is adorably smart and intelligent. He loves to play and enjoys laughing and smiling. He is a looker just taking in everything he sees.
Hello my sons name is Hyder Creek. He has two sisters, and mom and dad that love him dearly! He is in pre-k and he loves school so much, he such an active kiddo, sweet, funny, down to earth, kind, generous, and so loving! He is all boy and he loves playing ball, playing outside all the time, and just being with his friends and family ❤️ He would love for your vote ☺️
Emma is almost 1 year old. Her birthday is on the 23rd of this month and I just can't believe it! They aren't kidding whenever they say don't blink because it goes by so fast! She is mommas twin, and definitely a mommas girl. She loves being outside, and playing at the park and swinging, she loves to dance and sing and she is just all around ball of joy. She would absolutely love your vote! Thanks so much ❤️
Ariella loves playing outside! She is best big sister to her baby brother and she is really caring💕
He is 5 months old! He loves baby food and watch big sister play
The reason why your should vote for Bonnie is because she is down to earth, she loves her brother and sisters so much!! She loves to play with her friends and family, she is loving, caring, ornery, funny, great personality,very active, most of the time she is always happy, and she would just love if you voted for her 😊
Meet Thomas. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day.. so I’m a love baby. <3 I enjoy white cars, snuggles, squealing and anything to do with mommy and daddy. My favorite big boy food hands down is pizza. I hope you like my cheesy grin!
Paislee Lynn
Paislee Lynn is 7 months. She loves anyone and everyone 💗 she is always smiling, she loves to crawl and be independent she loves her mom and dad. She says dada all the time 🙂and especially loves sleeping lol
Rayden is 6 Months old! He loves to babble & watch Mickey Mouse ;)
Matayia is a beautiful little munchkin that is up and about and into everything
Baby Jude is such a precious little blessing. He is the most handsome baby boy and smiles all the time. He already shows his interest in music and we hope he carries on the tradition. He has stolen everyone’s heart. ❤️
Amias is the most loving 8 month old. He’s always so playful & loves watching Sing 2. He’s already crawling but is on the move & trying to walk.💙💙
Easton is a very smart 2 yr old boy. He knows his letters and numbers. He loves taking things apart and helicopters.
Josiah is the most loving 10 month old. He’s always so playful & loves watching his Ms. Rachel. He’s got two teeth. Also already crawling but is on the move & trying to walk. ❤️❤️❤️
Hello, My name is MJ. Short for Maliek Jr. I like watching Word Party and Cat In The Hat. I love smiling 😁 & I love my family so much.
Serenity is the happiest little girl there is! She loves playing with her brother and running around and dancing 🥰
Brynleigh is amazing! She came out holding her head up. Crawling & pretty much walking by 9 months old. Vote for my beautiful rainbow baby ❤️🌈
Dash Lennox is our baby boy. He is 11 months and soon to be the big 1 🥳 Our dash loves to crawl EVERYWHERE and get into EVERYTHING. 😮‍💨 but he completes our little family and he’s the most sweetest little man.
Audaleenas 4 weeks old on the 6th she loves her bottles and makes the cutest noises while she’s eating. She loves to take long naps and cuddle with her family. She’s also very curious and looks so adorable when she gazes up at you.
Jaida is sweet and very caring she always helps everyone and cares about people and is always putting everyone first is full of love
Thomas is a cheeky, playful, lovable little rainbow baby who deserves the world 💙
Joris loves to go outside, play and adores swing
Arthur is a cheeky one year old with a smile that lights up the room. He loves his food and his favourite toy is a ball ⚽️💜
Lilleighan is 10months old, she loves animals, playing outside in the dirt, and fishing 😅 she’s daddy’s girl and mommy’s world.!
Ashkan was named 13th in United Kingdom and 163rd in the Bidiboo world contest at age 2 months. Here this cute champ is back again to get some more love and attention. He is 4 months old now and already stealing hearts. Ashkan is named after a Persian famous Prince and he is reflecting as exactly what his name means. Very social, thoughtful, cuddle and food lover, loves to laugh and spread joy among his people. He has shown some great strengths in just a short period of his reign in our life. He has such a special characteristic and is a brave boy. I am sure he deserves a lot of votes ♥️🥰
Mason loves to smile a lot , he’s a daddy’s boy during the day and mommy’s boy during the night , his disability doesn’t stop him from being himself..
This is Hunter he’s such a happy smiley little boy so advanced for his age
Very active little girl.
Rayna is almost 4 and she excels at learning. She loves to explore and use her creativity and imagination.
Ava is an outgoing and bubbly girl. She enjoys playing outside and playing with her dolls.
My name is Khloe I’m 6 months old and I love meeting new people and just bringing a smile to everyone’s face.