Baby Stories - 90


My name is arthur, I'm a very happy baby. All I do is laugh and smile and say. I love my two fur sisters. I also love food alot!
Horizon is just as her name describes and is constantly lighting up our days.She enjoys being talked to and trying to talk back about her day lol.Also she loves hearing her baby lullabies and mom and dad singing to her.Eating her tasty fingers and playing with her toes are also her favorites.Watching cartoons and sing-a-longs really intrigue her as well.
Liam is 2 months old that loves to smile and hang out with mommy and daddy! His favorite activities include eating, sleeping, and occasionally watching tv with mom and dad!
Lyrik is 9 years old. He enjoys riding his bike and playing minecraft.
Niko is a beautiful mixed baby, who's super chatty, goofy, and smart. He loves Cocoamelon and showing off that he's a big strong man's.
River Wayne is the happiest little boy and loves playing dinosaurs, watching paw patrol and cuddling momma!
Chater box .. but caring loveble helpful respectful..
Miss Genesis Amber is almost 4 months old and she’s the happiest little baby! She loves to talk and roll around on the floor like a big girl. And she absolutely LOVES Mickey Mouse!
I love to smile! It’s what I do all day long. ☺️
Vincent is a sweet boy who loves his mommy! He is very talkative and loves to smile 😁
He is just a cute loving cuddld bug. He loves his animals (little foot is his dog as in one of his pictures) he was born on the 14th of January:).
Lennon is 6 months old he is a happy sweet boy who loves his sleep. He loves to smile and make everyone giggle 🤭
Brooklyn is 4 months old. Her brightness puts a smile on everyone’s face. She is a very happy baby and like to babble a lot.
This little guy loves his nerf guns and wrestling with daddy, he is my little rockstar.
My name is Alice and i am 6 months old I was born at 36 weeks with 2,150g but i was strong and now i am a beautiful big girl❤️
Jace is such a happy boy and he has brought so much joy to our family! ❤️
Bradley is a very happy and loving baby. Always smiling and laughing. Loves to play and make noises. He’s such a sweet boy.
She is the the most energetic little girl ever and she loves taking photos, but when she is not in the mood she will let you know. She is adorable and she knows it. Always causing mischief!
He loves music
Ozzy, is a fun loving 3 month old that loves to smile and laugh. He loves to watch cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry, and SpongeBob.
Ella And Emma
Hi i am ella and my sister emma we are twins. We are mommys biggest blessings, we love to sleep and be held. We are almost 1 years old
My little silly baby can make anyone happy! She has so many things to say already. Shes such a great and happy baby.
Hello. I am Emma. The best big sister. So kind and sweet with her baby brother.
Weston is a spit fire and full off energy! He loves to eat and play outside
Neiko is one of the cutest little boys you will meet. He loves to play, talk and laugh. Turn the music on and he dances. He loves all the ladies.
Hi my name is Jack but I like to be called Bubba! I love to eat, play with my toys, and bath time!
Tynslei is one of the greatest parts of my life she likes to learn and play outside she loves animals and her ipad🤣
Raegan, is the sweetest, most smiley, baby girl. Already so expressive with a big personality ❤️🥰
Hey my baby boy Krossy just turned 1 and we are inlove with taking pictures and photoshoots. I’ve been aiming to get my baby boy signed for modeling. This is a great opportunity for my baby boy he is sweet loving and so smart. Vote my baby Kross 💙
She’s a sweet, loving little girl!
Masiah is a 2 pound miracle baby who fought his way into this world. He has proven that he has a purpose. Despite his disabilities and challenges, he is the most determined little boy! He wakes up with a smile and goes to bed with a smile! He is the pure definition of happiness!
Jaylynn is a sleepy baby girl, but when shes not sleeping she LOVES being cuddled and watching our cats in the play window. Shes a huge fan of tummy time and bath time!
She is a happy little girl that loves to smile and laugh, but she does have attitude😂. She loves when the attention is all on her, and she is an absolute daddy's girl.💜
Legend is going on 2 years old, he is extremely smart. He recognizes sight words, loves cars and animal movies. Why not vote for him his super amazing and adorable
Reuben can’t wait to share cuddles with everyone very soon 💙
Hello everyone. My parents call me spicy J although my name is Jaylen. I love to listen to music and love hanging out with my family.
Meagan is a sweet and Cheerful and love to Cuddle
Our little spitfire. She’s been a fighter from the beginning. She made and early entrance into our would witch landed us in the nicu for about a month. So little and strong she was. She has a fire that burns inside and she will let that be known.
I love to be cuddle and I’m such a happy baby🥰
My name is Octavia Marie and I love laughing and playing. I love attention and love being tickled. I have a lot of attitude for me being so little. Everyone loves my blue eyes and how chunky I am.
Magnus loves playing his toy guitar, kicking when he's happy, and smiling.
Jaxson is two months old, and he is the happiest baby! 💕
Mia Rae And Jacob
Mia and jacob are the two most happiest babies ever. They are so layed back and are always smiling. They love in the night garden mr tumble and not forgetting Boris x
This is Isabelle Grace, she is 3 weeks old and is doted on by her parents, brother and sister!
Mackenzie Rose
Miss Mackenzie is an easy going little girl. Love’s being sang to and danced with. I also have a twin brother, his name is Julian!