I LOVE snacking on Cheerios, especially while watching & learning from my favorite singing shows! Playing with cars & blocks are my favorite! Silly faces & always smiling for the camera is my specialty !!
The name suites him he can indeed be a little pistol he can go from all smiles to being miserable ,but that's ok we'll take it any way he wants to dish it out he's well loved.
Lea May
Lea May is my sweet grandbaby she loves to laugh and play, loves her doggies and has a beautiful soul ❤
Ka’Mari is a healthy babyboy. He loves watching tv & mean mugging people lol . He also loves sucking on his hands. He says dad & hi at times. He’s such a smart happy baby.
Charlotte is 4 months old. She loves grabbing mommy’s hair, she loves laughing, she loves music, and she loves her daddy doing baby rocket ship
Nikolas is a very high energized little boy! He loves Disney and trucks and dancing! Nikolas loves too eat as well!
Bentley loves to be outside! He can ride his bike without training wheels & loves to go fast. He loves to play soccer, football & baseball. He is full of energy & will make anyone laugh.
Braylon is a 10 month old super fun, super energetic, handsome boy. He loves watching Ms. Rachel and playing with his mommy. His middle name is Kenneth after our uncle Kenneth (Kenny) who passed away from brain cancer in 2016
Princess RoRo 🤞🏾🤍🫶🏾👑🦋✨ sweet , gorgeous baby girl 🫶🏾😊 and I am 6 months old ✨🥰
Im a funny little boy with a lot of personality and full of laughes! I love cuddles and my momma.
She loves cuddles and napping with her mommy
Kashton is approaching the 2 month mark 🥹 he loves grabbing mommy’s hair and learning how to use his arms . He absolutely loves bath time and learning how to engage with toys ❤️🥰 we would love your vote ❤️
Louie has the biggest smile, never known a baby so smiley 😊 and happy Louie enjoys songs sang to him, if you're lucky he will join in with his own unique singing voice. But most of all Louie loves our pet dog especially when he barks! That when his cheekest laugh is heard throughout the house.
Abel was born at 23weeks and 5 days spent the first 4 months of his life in the NICU... He is the happiest baby boy so sweet and loveable...
Lilith is the worlds happiest baby! Always smiling, laughing and ready to play!
Mason is the most happiest boy! He’s also a sour patch 😆, but he is so so loved! He has brought his dad and I so much joy since the day he was born, we could not imagine our life without him 🥹❤️
She is the sweetest most goofy baby u could be around. she loves people , very smart and kind.
Dahlia likes bubbles, cuddles and books! She is full of energy and loves to run around
Jelani is a brilliant and talented baby who’s very independent, goofy, and sweet. As some of the photos will show you he’s just a ball full of joy and he has spunk.
Hes got his mama smile and his daddy's eyes he's just a blessing. My little love bug.
Weston is a very happy boy! he’s always smiling and laughing🥰
Jax is the best big brother. He loves helping and he's just a joy to the world with his beautiful smile And big ❤️
The HAPPIEST sweetest little girl with the absolute most beautiful blue eyes and loves her three big brothers ❣️
She loves to eat . She is the happiest baby ever . Very energetic. 6 months old
Joel loves giving hugs and kisses and just became a big brother and already loves him so much!
Mr. Personality.
Amauri is a little Pooh bear that loves watching tv with his mommy and daddy. He smiles a lot when he sleeping he loves his naps there’s not much he can do right now he’s still learning about himself.
Nayelie is a sweet and funny baby. She is always smiling and laughing. She loves to be talked too and she will talk back.
Everett is the funniest, smartest, most kind, energetic, and loving boy I know. His smile and sweet personality lights up every room and shines love to all he meets. He loves his snacks, watching Ms. Rachel, reading books, and playing outside. Everett loves to wave and smile at everyone he comes in contact with.
Ky’Ari Marie is 21 Months old. She loves singing, dancing, and learning new things. Nothing makes Ky’Ari happier than playing with her baby brother.
He loves school and he likes to snuggle he likes to be fussy and he likes to blows raspberries and he likes to play and also he is legally blind, and he loves to say, mum, mum, mum and he loves to be held and snuggles, and he loves the girls. He’s a little flirt. He is always happy. He kicks a lot and he’s always energetic. He loves, clapping his hands.
Luca is 3 months old and he loves belly kisses and tummy time. he is the sweetest and chunkiest boy around🥰
Dakota as a very spunky sassy toddler she’s very tiny but don’t let that fool you her personality is huge. She’s been through more than most deal with in a life time when it comes to hospital visits and hospital stays but you’d never know that just by meeting her, she’s the sweets little girl (unless she’s cranky 😬🤣). Give her some love please.
He is a very loved and happy baby
Kynzlie is 2 almost 3 weeks old! She LOVES her mommy & peppa pig! The absolute best baby around! 💜
Mia is 3 weeks old and is such a happy baby! She is always making such expressive faces!
His little smile will melt your heart 🤍 Liam loves to laugh, play, watch Luca on repeat, and cuddles.
Deacon is just a very calm baby. He loves sleeping and his brother and dog and cat. He is also a twin. Damon and Deacon are great babies with plenty of personality! Deacon has the facial expression, whether he is milk drunk or mad about something it’s all in the faces
Damon is a big cuddler! He also loves his brother and dog and cat. He is a twin of Deacon. He loves food and tummy time! Not the biggest fan of sleep, but he is so adorable you can’t stay mad at him for keeping you up!
Makhy is 2 years old born in Richmond, Va. Makhy loves sports especially basketball. His favorite character is super hero’s Mickey Mouse and Elmo. He’s very energetic outspoken smart and intelligent. He’s very outgoing and bossy but very lovable and kindhearted. You should vote for makhy because he’s very smart and handsome but also ONE OF A KIND!! Vote For me MJ!!
He loves to eat, play with his siblings, and watch Gracie’s Corner.
Rhyley loves to eat snacks, play outside, walk and jump around!!
Ana loves interacting with people. She will talk back and if you sing to her, she will sing back as well.
Jaylyn is such an outgoing little girl! She loves to run and climb and play. Such a loving and sassy little soul 💓
Ivory is a spunky little girl who loves to laugh an gives the best snuggles.
Mario Jr is a 2 month old baby boy born in Richmond Va he loves to Eat and Watch pj mask. Mario has a big beautiful smile and is a happy baby.He’s very feisty when things doesn’t goes his way. He makes the cutest baby noises. He should be chosen because he’s very lovable handsome and has the biggest personality and the biggest most beautiful smile and soul you would fall in love with Mario. So Vote for Me MJ!!!