Elias is da best he laughs he slaps he snors best part about him he loves everyone
Karson is sweet and loves to learn. He loves to always be by his twin brother!
Jianny loves to dance and play. He loves to watch anything with Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Spider-Man, and Batman.
Kelson loves his twin brothers and he's always smiling or making people laugh!
Paisley likes snuggles and she loves to smile she is the most precious grandbaby
Elizabeth Jane Angel Marie
Elizabeth is 7 months old is so independent She loves to laugh and smile and play with her brother she can roll everywhere
Abigail loves to be goofy just like her mommy and daddy. Her favorite thing to do is laugh at her puppies. So far she has enjoyed every puréed food she had tried. The girl loves to eat.
Hi! Madison’s in pre-k, she loves to play and loves to fish! She’s also very big on crafting! She is most excited for her baby cousins to arrive! She will be the oldest cousin💗
Caron is 2 now. He's so outgoing and funny! And a joy to be around 🥰
She's so cute and loving
𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘴 𝘈𝘮𝘸𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘯 𝘑𝘰!💞 𝘈𝘮𝘸𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘯 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘴𝘰 17 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘩𝘴 𝘰𝘭𝘥!🤩 𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘢 𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘮𝘢𝘭 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭𝘺, 𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘤𝘩’𝘴 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘴 𝘶𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘣𝘣𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘭𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨: •𝘗𝘪𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘮𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘺 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘴, 𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘣𝘶𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘤𝘶𝘱𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘥𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴💐 •𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘥𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘴, 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘤𝘬𝘦𝘯𝘴, 𝘤𝘢𝘵 𝘑𝘫, & 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘥𝘰𝘨𝘨𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘔𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪 & 𝘓𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘺🐾🐈🐥 •𝘗𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘱𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘰 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘮𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘺🎹💖 •𝘚𝘯𝘶𝘨𝘨𝘭𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦!🥹🫶 𝘈𝘮𝘸𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘯 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸𝘴 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘵𝘰 𝘯𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘦𝘴, 𝘤𝘰𝘭𝘰𝘳𝘴, 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘰𝘧 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘴, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘴𝘢𝘺 𝘣𝘦𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘥 100 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘺! 𝘞𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘢 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘦!❤️ 𝘐’𝘮 𝘴𝘰 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘥! 𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶’𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘷𝘰𝘵𝘦! (𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘭𝘦𝘸 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘢 𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘴!😘) 😉
Hopes a fiesty little 3 year old . She’s super sweet and super sassy all in one ! 🤍 tiny but mighty !
Sunshine!! Loves music and dancing and kitty cats.
✅LOOKING FOR ADVANCE VOTES AS WELL AS EXCHANGE VOTES💌📩‼️ ALL VOTES WILL BE RETURNED and when possible I will give an extra 150 votes for Advance votes for Avery📤📨💌!! 🤗 Plz just lmk ahead of time ..🤗 Avery wants to reach her goal!! 💌🎁☺️. Plz vote for her!! Avery is a very smart 2 yr old. She is funny, and sassy. Her favorite thing to do is sing & dance. She knows how to count from 1-20 and she knows all her shapes , numbers , animals , animal sounds & all the colors as well.. Yellow 💛 is her favorite!! 🥰 Her smile & cute curls will melt your heart.❤️
Donald, also known as DJ, never wants to miss a thing!
Axel is a very special and happy boy. Who loves music with a big beat, likes to dance. Axel loves trucks especially Monster Trucks and already pretending his toys are monster trucks too. He is always going, and says few words but is learning new things daily. Everyday he does something new and special, while we teach him he in return teaches us and that smile will just make your day.
Harry has always been the most photogenic baby ever. Hes always loved having his photo taken, hes a very happy cheeky baby; who loves to give everyone he meets a big smile 😁
Hope Ivy
Hope ivy was born on 26th of October weighting 7bl3oz she’s gorgeous smiley baby happy out going 6 month old she loves to play and explore and loves days out she’s such a joy to be around Hope loves to watch Cocomelon and Baby shark ❤️
Hannah is a cute 3 month old baby. She was almost born on valentines day, the day of love. She loves to smile, she loves new people, new surroundings, and she absolutely loves her daddy.
Braxton loves to say “mum” and smile at everyone🥰
Brighton is the sweetest girl who loves smiling, laughing, and playing.
Kali try to come early at birth she was ready a couple of times to come but the doctor keep her from coming to earlier but she is a very smart growing and fast learner We love Kali She has a older sister Allie that’s about to be 6 that’s her best friend and got a younger sister Izzy that’s one and they fight alot
Tre is a 3rd generation and also part Haitian! His nickname is “squishy”. He LOVES coaching his dads basketball teams & watching NBA with dad. His bathtime is his favorite & loves to go to target with mom 😂
Amelia is the sweetest happiest girl ever! She brings smiles to anyone she meets & she loves to laugh
Brighton is a very sweet and happy baby. She loves crinkle books, jumping in her jumper, and smiling and laughing.
Hiiiii guys my name is Zenaiyah-Jayde! I’m sucha happy go-lucky baby until i’m hungry 😂. I LOVE LOVEEE my carebears & cousins & banana peach snack's. My favorite thing to do is spend time w/ my grammy & papa bc they always spoil me even when my mom says no. This is my first ever contest , vote for mee ❤️!
Loving smart beautiful loves softball 🥎 and school 🏫 and playing outside
Hi I’m Demi Harlow😊I’m a diva with an attitude😉I never leave the house without my pearls😋I enjoy eating grilled cheese, playing outside, and crawling after my cousin Easton. I also enjoy playing with my pet chickens.
She is a sweet girl who loves eating, sleeping and cooing. Her smile lights up everyone's day.
Greyson is a very happy talkative little boy. Always full of smiles. He’s been holding his head up since birth and tries to sit up on his own.
Braxton, is 9 months old he’s very smart he claps and does hand language when he wants more snacks he’s very happy baby! Pls vote for him:) very much appreciated
Kaiden is 12 months! Is middle name is King, he loves to watch Sunny Bunnies and laugh & play all day 🤎
Kenleigh is a very outgoing, smart, beautiful little girl. She has a heart of gold for such a lottle girl.
Lani is sweet and mischievous at the same time the best granddaughter in the world
leylani will be 1 in just a few days & is so smart !! she loves animals especially cats , her momma & being outside 😁!
Heavenly Jackson
Heavenly loves her Mickey tv shows she laugh so much and smile all the time she a very happy baby
Almost 4 months old! He loves his mommy and daddy. I can say mama and my favorite word is no. I’m trying to walk already and I’m working on the crawling aspect of things. I love teething but I will only chew on hands, and rags/towels. Baby food is questionable at this moment but I’m getting the hang of it. I talk all day long, but people can’t really understand me yet but I try
He loves to laugh when one whistles, ❤️ jumpin’ and smiles at you while he’s got a bottle in his mouth, because he knows he is ruling the house! Eyes just like Ole Blue Eye’s Frank Sinatra! 👀💙
This is my daughter, Ivy. She loves peppa pig and playing on the swings. She’s 5 months old:)
Kyra loves to get dressed up and she loves going to school. Kyra likes to be around me and her dad and to talk all the time. She is the sweetest child you have ever met she will steal your heart and knows how to love.
Marzavion Jr
Marzavion is 6 months has two teeth ,he tries to crawl,he eats everything loves to play
Jackson is my little rainbow boy, He loves to be held and is starting to smile at his mummy and daddy. He has an older sister who just loves holding and kissing him
She's very smart intelligent in she loves to talk in play dress up
Hi I’m Elijah I’m 18 months old and My nickname is monkey man as I’m a monkey since I’ve started walking and I’m into everything! Especially everything I shouldn’t have! I am very cheeky and always makes everyone laugh with my cheekiness and cuteness!
Leilani is a happy & loving 1 year old 🙂 she loves to dance & loves to eat strawberries all the time 🍓
Daisee is a happy baby who loves eating baby food, playing with her big sister Preslee and drooling alll over mommy. She was the best surprise ever.