Tru loves his food & loves to play ❤️
Makenna Flinn
She’s a happy little baby she loves her brothers and sister
Our sassy yet sweet girl! Kiyla has the funniest personality & brightens everyone’s day. 🤍
Adalynn Faith
Adalynn. Aka: sissy! She is amazingly smart, and funny and has a laugh thatll just light up and brighten anyones day! She loves to talk!! 24/7 lol she loves being prissy and dressing up! She is crazy about dresses! And she loves loves shoes! She also likes going fishing riding four wheelers and she loves to dance and sing! Her favorite song is "this girl is on fire" alicia keys and she know just about every word! She loves to learn! Shes always saying shes ready to go to school like her big brother! (She loves her big brother) shes such a smart and just sweet 3 year old! She cares about people with everything in her little heart!
My name is Joseph. I love my mommy and daddy. I love to eat! I also enjoy when my mommy sings to me. I absolutely hate taking baths.
He loves to smile and be his cutest self! He was born at 10:41 pm weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 20 in long. He loves to eat carrots an sweet potatoes and dislikes apples for some weird reason 😅 he likes being able to spend time with momma and dadda and get cuddles to bed!❤️💙
Gabriel is a very happy baby who loves bath time and is already super expressive. He’s already really strong and is a fast learner ❤️
Aiden loves getting his pictures taken. He is the definition of a snuggle bug.
Adalyn loves “doggy’s, kitty kittys”, and most of all food (momma and dada are somewhere on that list)
Kieran is a sweet and loveable little guy. He loves to climb on everything! But he is very smart and your votes are very much appreciated!
loving & sweet! Alani loves cuddling, watching encanto & hearing mommy count to 10! (she cracks up!)
Zander is one years old. Hes so smart and very energetic! He was born at 5 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches long. He is now 19 pounds and 8.2 ounces and 28 inches long!
Hiii I’m Thomas Carter but I go by Carter. I’m 4 months old!! My favorite food is sweet potatoes & I like to play with my toys, splash in my baths, smile, giggle, and cuddle with mommy and daddy!
‼️Like our profile and we’ll like yours too ‼️ Malachi is a sweet young man with many goals and much ambition. He enjoys gaming and hopes one day to be an engineer or another strong option is a chef! He has a natural talent for art and also enjoys Spending time with his siblings especially on the trampoline doing tricks. He is homeschooled, currently in the 7th grade, and excells in math and science. We appreciate any and all votes! Thank you 😊
Juna just turned one on September 2nd. She is a very smart, fun and a loving girl with a very feisty personality. She is very attached to mommy and daddy , Juna loves Minnie Mouse, and Peppa pig. Juna learns very fast, and continues to amaze us daily. She is 1 of 5 children.
Xavier is one happy baby loves to dance an sing his favorite snack is a Oreo in loves to play with his brothers in sisters!
Michael is a strong protective boy with a big 💜
Grace is a funny bubbly sassy girl💕
Jamie is the kindest girl with the biggest heart. She loves art, dancing and music
Wade loves to smile, babble, cuddle and play in the water. He loves standing and is learning how to walk currently. He loves spaghetti and chicken 😋.
He loves to smile and giggle. He’s a very happy and healthy baby. He is very strong willed.
Rivers loves Mickey Mouse and he loves sitting on his bench and playing chase with the dogs.
She loves her baby doll and she loves to blow kisses and pose for pictures. She also loves to play dress up
Dior loves music, people talking to him, and being in the swing!🥰❤️
Syed Ayaan
Hello My name is Ayaan, am 5 months old...Am cute little doctor...I like to see wheels on the bus Rhymes, I like rocking before sleep...:)
Prudence Rose is such a bundle if absolute joy. Named after The Beatles song dear Prudence and her late cousin Kayla 👣💖
Little Wally bear is full of adventure! Big name for a big personality. Wally loves to climb, tickle and make lots of noise!
Smart, Loving, and a little spunk! Da'Nyla makes My World a happier place. I wouldn't trade my granddaughter for the World. So Please Vote !!Vote !!Vote!!
No Naps Nonas is the happiest boy around. He loves his doggies, babbling, and skipping naps.
Hi, my name is blakely! I am such a smart and happy baby😊 I love to eat mashed potatoes and cuddle with my dad❤️
Summer is a fun happy baby she enjoys dancing and listening to music
My baby girls name is Alayah Lanae💞, she’s two months old and loves snuggles from her mommy. She’s a very happy baby, you’ll catch her smiling often. 💜
Bianka is a very happy, smart, and observant baby she loves to watch coco melon and baby shark
nolan was born july 29th at 3:46pm loves to cuddle wit mommy and watch mickey mouse funhouse
Lailah Esme is someone who has a very big personality! She is 14 months and is growing like a flower, she loves swimming, eating and getting into things she knows she shouldn’t.
Addy is a mama's girl but also loves daddy and her big brother. She wants to be miss independent by attempting to sit up and hold her bottle and now rolling over.
Hi, I’m S’yon! I love to smile & sit up 🫶🏼
Extremely happy baby. Loves to blow kisses and give high 5.
Abigail is the happiest 15 month old baby around. She loves to dance, clap her hands, and play. She loves reese’s cups, puff corn, and potato’s. She’s been starting to walk and love’s attention. She’s loved by many❤️
This is ka’mari he loves watchin tv, blowing bubbles, he likes when you give him kisses and being snuggled
Lucciano’s smile and infectious laugh brights up any room. He is such a happy baby who is in love with Mickey Mouse. The moment the introduction comes on he stretches his body with excitement and tries to talk. He loves his swim lessons that he goes to every Sunday and his 4 doggies.
Riverly is a 9 month old with a big personality. She likes to play and have movie nights! Her favorite show right now is paw patrol!
Natalie is the happiest baby yet! Constantly smiling at everyone within her view. She laughs constantly and loves to play!
Kylie is the youngest out of five. She has two brothers and two sisters that just love her to death. She has the cutest laugh and the prettiest blue eyes. She smiles so big when someone smiles and makes eye contract with her. She always such a happy baby but if you eat in front of her you better be ready to share with her😂
Thomas loves to hear mommy read him bedtime stories, watch cartoons, and bath time.