Baby Stories - 9


Hi my name is Aurora. I am 3 years old. I love dogs, ridin4-wheelers, dirt bikes and just being outside.
sweet & sassy mommas best friend
Hi my name is ryder and i love Mickey mouse my favorite thing to do is go down the slide at the park🙂
Karter is 1 month old💙He is a happy baby just learning to grab with his hands and smile at everything. His nickname is KD and he is definitely a DADDYS BOY🤞🏼😊💙
Whitlee loves to smile and laugh. She likes walks in the park with her mommy and daddy. She loves music and rattles.
I’m Miles! I was born at 37 weeks and I like to snuggle with mommy and daddy.
Violet is 1 month old, she loves cuddles, bath time, smiling and listening to people talk and making many noises!❤️
My name is Aurelia Garcia and I’m 1 years old. I love tons & tons of snacks, eating is my favorite hobby😊. I’m learning how to walk on my own, but I’m still kind of scared to do it all by myself but I’ll get there! I like being outside, especially with my 3 doggy’s. I like to play dress up with all my dresses and cute outfits. My one favorite thing in life is being a happy baby, I’m the happiest toddler you’ll ever meet! I love showing off my pearly white teeth.
Ryder is four years old. He is fast, and very, very energetic. His favorite thing to do is go outside and ride his bike, run around, or throw the football around. He loves to play with his little puppy, Blue.
Lucy is a fun & energetic spirit! She loves coco melon & carrots. She’s the happiest baby loves to be loved.
My name is Nathen James but my family calls my NJ! I have 2 teeth and love to show them off, along with my funny faces! I love crawling around and getting into everything!!!!
Ava is 10 weeks old. In 10 weeks she has grown into her own personality, with a smile that will melt your heart, a laugh that will fill a room with joy and a stinky diaper that would clear out a room.😂 She loves to babble your ear off, she gets a bit feisty when she’s hangry and sleeps like a cute little munchkin. She loves dancing with her daddy and snuggling up to her mommie. She definitely let’s you know how she feels. And with lashes that are absolutely fabulous, she will steal your heart. Vote Ava!! Thank you for your votes. 💖
This is Austin Michael Mills, he is a 2 year old boy soon to be 3. He loves his puppys and spending time by his daddys side❤ We lost our house a year ago due to a house fire but thank goodness austin was too small to rember.
Hello my name is Johnathon but everyone calls me J.J. i am 2 years old.i recently became a big brother!! I love to help mommy with my sissy and i love to help my parents clean. I love to fish with my papa and daddy, im very interested in fish. I know my abc and i can count all the way to 25!!! My favorite food is grapes. I love my mommy and daddy, but im a mamas boy for sure
Elijah James
Hi my name is Elijah James, I am 5 weeks old and after 2 weeks in NICU I’m finally home with my loved ones, I love to smile and eat.
Trinity loves to smile and say dada. She loves to try to walk a Trinity loves her mommy and daddy! She can now say dada and has started to say mama!
Amiya is a great big sister ! She loves pizza 🥰 and loves her mommy and daddy so much
My nickname is little bear and I love eating and taking baths!
My name is Logan and I am a goof! Always smiling and laughing especially at my dogs and my dad! I love my feet and anything new and colorful! My favorite thing is peek-a-boo!
Kendall Breyon
I was born on the 4th of July at night just in time for the fireworks 🎇. I am a Florida boy who loves all the waves 🌊. I love taking pictures like Mommy and Daddy is my personal photographer 📸. I am the only child so I am spoiled rotten. I love spending time with all my cousins🥰.
Braellee is a daddys girl in her mommys world. That would be the best way to describe her. She is mixed with her mothers attitude and her daddys mean mugs. My little girl is full of energy and loves the sound of her own voice. My mother always said that I would end up with a child just like me and she was right.
Brayson was born 9 weeks early, he was 3lbs 8.2oz.. he is now 15 months, 27lbs 3oz and the strongest baby I know... he is my entire world.
My babygirl loves to smile she can light up any ones say once you see her face. She loves her big sister Amiya and her mommy and daddy
Mama calls me black japanese and i love to smile🌻🌻
Everly is a happy, bubbly baby and we are so blessed to have her 💜 She is happiest in the mornings and loves it when I sing Doris Days’ Winter Wonderland to her 🥰
Hi my names Henry! I was born 4 week early so my mummy thinks I’m super special! I spent the first 2 weeks of my life in the NICU and am now home and happy with mummy and daddy! I love cuddles, sneezing and smiling at my parents!
Taber is 10 years old, very creative, empathetic, loves being with his family and loves collecting Pokemon cards and coins.
Weston is almost 3 months old, loves his big brother, he is a morning person, loves practicing saying "Hello" and is such a happy little baby.
Riylie Beth
She is a lil princess at heart, who loves dressing up, playing in make up, role play, yet loves running, dancing, and anything requiring athleticism, and strategy.
Elena's a very happy little lady, shes always smiling and babbling away and she adores her big brother. Shes my rainbow baby 🌈❤
Theo is a cheeky, very loving little boy, he has a brilliant sense of humour, he is the best big brother to his little sister and loves his cars ❤
Amelia is my beautiful baby girl, she is 3year's old , she has been through a massive battle with having a poorly heart and having to have major heart surgery, and very long time in hospital, however Amelia is the most happiest child you'll ever meet ! She's so bright and bubbly and she just keeps on fighting, she's just pure amazing with everything she's been through I'm so proud of her , please vote for her
Our Lil Legend is a Preemie, Weighing in at 2 lbs 11 oz. This was taken on his original due date March 21st. hes such a Trooper n has beaten the odds stacked against him.
She smiles n laughs all the time, never meets a stranger, loves to laugh, even in her sleep. Shes such a happy baby
A Newborn Baby Boy who loves his milk and cuddles.
An Amazing 3 Year Old Who Is Now A Big Brother. He’s Loving, Caring, and Supportive.
Robyn is a sour patch kid. Her eyes will light up the whole room. She is the center of attention. She likes to be held at all times. She love to listen to blues when she is bathing. She watch movies with me every now and then.
Laura , sweet girl ... ❤️
Colt is 6 months old, and the happiest baby!! He is always smiling! He loves cuddles and tickles, and would always rather be in the sunshine. He loves puppies, and he brings joy to everyone who meets him. He can hold his own bottle without help, and he LOVES cocomelon!! He is truly a blessing to everyone who meets him!
Enzo And Nico
Enzo and Nico are fraternal twins who have already conquered so much by being born 9 weeks premature and spending over 1 month in the NICU and an additional 2 months on oxygen. Now, at 4 months these boys are growing strong and are thriving! They love ceiling fans and their fur-siblings.
Hello my name is Jace, I’m am 2 months old. My mommy and daddy think I’m the most Handsome baby ever that’s why my mommy and daddy entered me in this contest to help them afford a better place to live. I’m currently staying with my mommy at another family members house due to the condition of our home. My mommy and daddy hope by entering me in this contest it’ll help them save enough money to get a better place for us to live together as a family. Now to tell u a little bit about myself. Some of my hobbies include cuddling with my mommy and daddy, listening to music while moving to the beat, watching trolls world tour, playing in my swing, going for a stroll in my stroller and I love to give my mommy and grandma lots of kisses. If u vote for me and help me win it’ll bring a huge smile to my face and bring my mommy and daddy back together
Zuri is a feisty, curious baby that enjoys crawling around with her siblings. She brightens anyone’s day with her contagious smile . Vote for ZuZu!
Damien Matthew is a six month old happy & smiley baby! He loves to laugh, and he has the most beautiful smile! He loves to play with mommy & daddy, and hang out with his cousins Alex & Lili 🥰 💕Damien is a Rainbow Baby 🌈👶which makes him extra special, he was worth the wait 💙💙💙
This energetic little boy loves to play with his toy cars and tractors and absolutely love his sisters!!
This is scionna she’s 11 months and loves to enjoy music,food & movies ❤️❤️
Hi, Im Kai’Lanie. I’m A preemie Almost 6lbs and I’m Two Weeks old! I love being Sleeping and Kisses From Mommy ☺️🥰