Elijah is the happiest baby, he is always smiling. He loves spidey and his amazing friends, baths, bouncing, and to be held! He will be 5 months in 3 days 😢😭
Jackson can make anyone smile he waves at everyone where ever we go. He likes cars trucks and dinos . Even though hes extra special he doesn't let that stop him .
Jaxxon is full of life. He’s happiest out in the mountains somewhere and loves trying new things.
Amylio brightened up our world August 11th 2022. He’s the happiest baby ever and lights up every room he enters. Amylio loves food, bath time and doggies lol. He’s enjoys playing with everything and anything he can get his hands on and watching baby’s first tv along with Ms.Rachel.
Cooper was born on Christmas day and the second baby in Northern Ireland to be born that day. He weighed 7lbs 2 Oz. He is the happiest and most smiling baby. Cooper loves bath time and playtime with mummy and daddy.
Abel, loves playing with trucks and cars and everything to do with the water 💦 Our beautiful blue eye baby boy ❤️
My name comes from the Latin meaning “fair haired warrior” They certainly don’t come any blonder than me. 💙
Shamiyah is very outgoing person loves be silly love dancing and post for pics
Ciara is so advanced for 3 months, doing more everyday & extremely beautiful
Astras a strong child. She was in the nicu and got stronger everyday. Now she’s a brave little girl already trying to sit up.
Elijah is a very cheeky, smiley boy who loves his family and Mickey mouse
Bonnie the Brave!! Our BonBon is not only beautiful she is so brave, on the 31st of January this year she was diagnosed with Bilateral WILMS tumours , a rare type of children's kidney cancer, PLEASE do look it up because it's not easy to pick up on and if it wasn't for me noticing the lump we still would not know until this day because there were no other symptoms present ! . She's currently receiving chemotherapy and she has just been so brave my heart could burst with pride , she's handled it all so well , i just look at her and wonder how as she's so tiny , but she's Bonnie the brave 💪 🧡 she is such a cheeky and happy little cherub and if you don't vote can I ask you please keep her in you're prayers 🙏 thank you for reading 🧡
Noah is 9 months old and currently weighs 10.5kg. Noah loves to eat and spending time with friends and family. Noah also loves going on adventures in his remote controlled car or exploring very odd objects he finds in the house. Example, door knobs/ handles, light switches, mirrors, remotes and door stoppers.
Saylena is a very bright girl she is very smart very happy girl, she is a mommys girl and if she has a phone in hand she will call and chat up a storm. She's bright.engaging and is learning and loving how to b a.big sister while.climbing.and.being a dare devil.
Hello My name is Dylahnni, I am 16 days old and my family can’t get enough of me. :D I love sleeping and smiling that’s one of my main hobbies for now. Not really a photo person but my Mommy knows I’m so stinkin cute.!!!
Kyla is 6 weeks old. She was born January 26, 2023 weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces. She enjoys bath time and is not a fan of tummy time.
Oliver is an AMAZING lil boy, So polite and LOVES animals. His smile melts a room.. he’s SO smart and is ahead of his age. I LOVES fuzzy blankets and his favourite food is cheese
Salem is 2 years old and he has 3 older sisters. He loves cocomelon, Mickey Mouse, and dinosaurs. Salem was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months old and had to undergo surgery to have it removed. Since then he has been cancer free!
Zander Rawlings
Zander is a fun loving baby boy who enjoys spending time at his grandmas and spending time with his mama Elizabeth who's in the Military. He loves his puppy pepsi and his aunty who we call his other mommy. His favorite thing to do is swing at the park and play with his uncle Terrance and pappy. He loves all his animals including his chickens. He enjoys bath time and loves going to the lake to swim.
Pharaoh loves playing his drums and listening to AC/DC. He choose his own like in music very young Thunderstruck is his favorite song and can recognize it from the first beat. He is like most little boys he loves to wrestle,play with trucks,cuddle with his momma. He loves his little brother Raidyn. Pharaoh is a good eater and there isn't much he won't eat. He is a very loving boy. He is such a blessing to us.
Lincoln is almost 3 months old and loves being a chatter box
Hi. This is nova-lynn yes she was named after a Chevy Nova and at your surprise she would rather play with a car instead of a doll! So I asked her what she wanted to save up for and she said she wanted a race car she can drive 🤣
Kai'Dyn is a very energetic and smiling baby. He loves to eat and smile at people. If you were to meet him you would absolutely fall in love with him. So how bout vote for my darling baby and let's show the world how lovely he is.
Dean loves to go on walks and play at the park. He loves monster trucks and construction vehicles. He loves watching nature documentaries and learning new things. His favorite at the moment is sea stars. We are so lucky to have him and are very proud of this amazing little dude. If you would please vote for Dean I would be happy to exchange votes. 😁
Penelope is very caring, she likes to ask questions about everything. She is a very curious little girl. Vote for our Princess Penelope 💕
Ariella was born March 7th, 2023. Being 7pounds on the dot. This is our first baby, she is so stinking adorable and already has her own personality with lots of options😂🥰. Couldn’t of asked for a better baby! She is the cutest🙂.
Kody is a little 11 month boy that just started walking. He loves fruit and his toys.
Sofia loves princess and considers herself one too. 👑 You should vote for her because she loves competitions and of course, taking pictures, playing dress up and posing. 🤍
He has the best personality. He loves watching Cars. He loves eating his apples and loves to laugh.
Xander Parris , He is 17 months . He has the most incredible personality ever . He is so funny and charming as you can see . He will make you laugh out loud . He loves his brother's. He loves his dog peanut. And mostly he loves his mommy and daddy . He loves when we play with him and give him alot of kisses and hugs . He is such a sweet boy .
Vibrant little old soul
My name is Alberto and I just turned 3. I love Spider-Man and pizza.
I’m almost 11 months I love my furry brother and love walking, love bathtub time and mommy’s milk. I know Spanish and English 😜
Callie loves mommy milk, being talked to, snuggles with daddy, watching mrs. Rachel and volleyball💕
Charley has lots of energy, loves to jump and say dada and is always laughing with her twin!
Vote for me🥹 Hello my name is Novah! I love to talk since I’ve found my voice❣️favorite show is curious George and ms Rachel. I kick my legs all day, chew on my fingers since well they r there 🤦🏽‍♀️ and my two all time favorite people is my mommy and my daddy!!😊
Edison loves the out doors and enjoys being active. He is sweet kind and loving. Edison has a heart of gold 💛.
Poppy loves to cuddle, play with balloons and laugh with her twin sister!
Winnie is a twin...she was born a preemie but is getting bigger and stronger everyday
Ronin's a twin... he was born a preemie...
Elyas loves watching basketball with his dada, and car rides with mama. His favorite show is Peppa Pig, and he loves listening to music. However, his favorite things of all time are milkies and naps.
Julianne has the biggest heart, and is the most intelligent little being 🥰 she loves reading, riding her bike, play-doh, and puppies! She's not afraid to set boundaries, and she's going to make a difference in the world 🌏
Sinyri Is 1 Year Old. She Has Such A Big Personality! She Has Been A Happy Baby Since Birth. She Loves To Watch Tv While She Plays! Her Favorite Part Of The Day Is Bath Time!
He is a momma's boy he loves food playing with his toys and climbing on everything his favorite person is his big sissy ❤️
The happiest silliest sister in the world. Shes always smiling and loves her brother the most.