Baby Stories - 89


She loves to be dressed up. She loves being outside.❤ She is my miracle baby.
Damien Russell
He's the sweetest and most content baby! He loves to swing, he loves going on walks and I can't get enough of him everyday
Melilah is 22 months old and she is so smart, she knows the colors red, blue, pink,yellow and orange she will point at something those colors and say them. She also loves to brush her hair and her teeth all on her own, she knows how to count 1-10 also know a-j of the alphabet so far, she loves to pick out her own clothes as well
Baby Rula loves cuddling with his mama and he loves to watching his favorite tv show he’s a loving baby full of energy he got the most beautiful smile that lights up my world.
Maverick is a joyful, adventurous, smart 22 month old. He loves his picture taken and is always smiling. Please vote for this handsome little man!
Joseph is the sweetest little boy ever he lives his dog and playing outside
Finnleigh is 4 months old. She loves to scream and talk to her family. She also likes to smile at everyone who walks by! She is such a happy baby who loves to explore!
She is my bestfriend, she crawls, walks, and sits up all by herself. She is always talking and smiling. Vote for this beautiful girl.
Josiah is my youngest of 3 boys he loves playing with balls and eating ranch and ketchup
Little Jaxon is almost 7 months old, he loves to MOVE! He’s always on the go; rolling, army crawling, scooting around, he’s just gotta move! He’s got the most bubbly personality for a baby & he loves to smile 😊 UPDATED: sep 2021 Jaxon is 16 months now; walks and runs everywhere, he can say quite a bit and he does some sign language as well! My boy is growing like a weed and loving every second of it! He’s the happiest boy in the world!
Rahma personality is everything she is smart little 4 month old she wants to do everything so quick and fast she wants to crawl & walk she holds her own bottle & do her baby talks she my sun shine .😍😍🇸🇱 🇬🇭
My sweet girl just turned 3 months and her personality has really started to shine. She loves to laugh and reach for her toes. She only cries if she hungry and needs a change. I am blessed with such a good baby. Her favorite things are baths and eating. She loves to look at the world and watch it all. She really is a sweet girl.
Ky'Lani is 10 months she loves music food and unicorns she is always smiling she can light up the room as soon as she enters ❤️💜
Brayton is our little miracle baby! He is already an adventurous little one. Loves his dada and mama.
She’s such a happy loving girl always likes to run and play and just always full of smiles with her big bright blue eyes and blonde hair she’s perfect!
Loves smiling😊😁 Likes to attempt to sit up Loves "eating" his hand
She loves mashed potatoes and music n outdoors and her toys..shes a gem happy baby n loves everyone.that smile alone will steal your heart❤.
Dehein is 4moths old and he loves to nap with mommy and daddy, plays with his bunny and Face timing with his grand parents in overseas.
Laila is 2 months old 💖
We love to run already and say “hi, mom, bad, hey, up”. We love being outside and we love our furry friends!
She is my rainbow girl, she is a very intelligent girl since she is 4 months old, she eats with spoons, she is very expressive and very sweet. She loves to be hugged and plays a lot with her sister
Xavier is an energetic very smart 7 month old. He loves his veggies and hash brown casserole. Loves the ladies and loves to smile and cuddle
Coraline is five months old & a sweetheart ! She’s full of smiles & laughter as she’s finding her voice , she does nothing but talk to you 🤎 ! She’s crazy for chocolate icing & loves to kick her feet when she’s excited !
Hi I am Mila I love when my mom reads me books and sings to me.
Abigail is my sweet lovable autistic princess. She love any and all princess movies. Her favorite snack is cucumbers or fries. Shes very adventurous and can make anyone smile.
Roselina is a very happy baby. She loves music time and giggling the most. She always has a smile on her face. She has a best doggy friend named Canelo who never leaves her side. She’s our miracle baby!🥰
Charlie is a very happy smiling baby boy ! His face lights up when his family enter the room which shows us just how much he loves us all. Charlie loves music ❤️
Z’Ryeh is a 1 year cutie,, she loves playing with her toys and playing outside,, she also loves her family ❤️
Emma loves her teletubbies, momma, daddy and grandma!!!! The best baby ever she never cries and always smiles! Favorite thing to do? Cuddle with mommy.
Maddie has one of the biggest hearts you'll ever see in a 4 year old. She's got buckets full of sass. Everyone calls her mini mom. She loves teaching her little sister things, riding her scooter & playing with her kitties.
Gabriel is the happiest baby, always brings sunshine where ever he goes. He loves dinosaurs and big trucks, and watching tractors with Papa.
Luca is an extremely happy baby with rolls for days! This chunky boy loves bath time and spending time with his family!
Rylee, is an AWESOME, 8mo. old baby…… He keeps us going, with his happy face, beautiful spirit and smile…. He is one happy boy, loves his mom, Pop pop, Grammy and Uncle Nate…. Loves to sing, dance, swim, rock, his pigs, his dog, his cats and ride on the Big Tractor. Grammy loves you, Rylee-roo!!!! Please vote, like and share for Mr. Rylee, please continue to show your support…. Thank you and God Bless!!!!!🙏❤️🙏❤️ THANK YOU TO ALL, WHO HAVE VOTED…..FYI: U ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE EVERY 10MINS FOR A TOTAL 10 TIMES…. Thank u and God Bless!!! Rylee, came close and won 2nd place in the South Carolina contest and 17th in the world…. I wasn’t going to enter him again but since he won 2nd he was automatically entered….. so please show ur love and maybe he can win 1st…… thank you and God Bless!!!! Contest ends on Sept. 2, 2021
Chayce is an adorable ball of energy that loves to laugh and explore. His favorite things to do is watch anything on tv, cuddle his stuffed elephant, and chew on whatever he can get his little fingers on.
Ny'onna is very energetic. She loves to play with her big brother and loves to sing her A.B.Cs
Nolan is a loving 6 month old boy who loves his momma and Nanna and has been through a lot over the last couple months but is getting better every day. He loves Giraffes and his dog Aryia
Carter loves to snuggle with everyone and always has a smile on his face. He has beautiful blue eyes and a full head of blond hair since birth.
He's loves Smiling & Grabbing Your Face For Kisses & Loves Bananas Absolutely loveable.
Clayton is 9 months old the baby of four. He loves too smile and rawr like a dinosaur. He definitely lights up our days.
Sebastian is a very cheeky little boy and very clever for his age always smileing and so happy loves playing pee a bo
Hetty is one of the most happy and cheeky little girls you will meet. She loves to jump and be outside on our family farm.
Enzo Pelayo Escobar
He is a very busy boy curious of his surroundings, crawling around rapidly touching everything in sight. His smile lights up the whole room and everyone around him. Very charming and lovable and becoming more affectionate each day responding to our outpoor of love, hugs ,and kisses. Each day he amazes us. His smile will melt your heart!
Myla is a beautiful soul, very feisty but VERY sweet. lovesss her food and mama💗