Baby Stories - 89


Scarlett is the happiest baby around! She loves talking, rolling over, sitting up, and playing with her toes. She notices everything and smiles at everyone!
Jeremiah is a crazy boy who just loves to play all day.
Tommy is 8 week old and loves his bath times. Tommy likes to play on his jungle gym when he isn’t crying for food.. he LOVES his food (like mummy and daddy🤣)
Myliah is 8months. Myliah loves Minnie Mouse & to watch Frozen 2. She loves to laugh & smile.
Adalynn is a very smart, energetic two year old girl. She loves to play with her cousin and read books. Her favorite show is Garfield. And she loves to be the center of attention!
Kolson loves to smile and coo at mommy and daddy, he loves swinging in his swing, going for car rides and of course he really enjoys his bubbas💙 he's our first baby, our complete world🥰
This sweet little princess loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy. She is always smiling at her big brother, who is 3 years old and loves to sing to his little sister. 🥰
Addileigh Kaelynn Hampton
Addileigh is growing so much, everyday is adventurous.
Dylan is so smart and sweet, he loves to play with fire trucks and he is a Paw Patrol fan. Dylan is such a happy toddler always singing and running around.
The only thing Renin hates more than being strapped to a chair is running out of food. When not demanding his immediate release, he enjoys scavenging the floors for hot cheetohs and dropping everything when dad says dance, and well, he dances.
Paige has a funny personality for a 2 year old she smart she knows her alphabets,numbers,colors and animals Paige love to dress and put on lip gloss
Arthur is such a happy little boy he’s 3 months old, he loves being outside and exploring and if your having a bad day he will sure brighten up your day!
Jamilah is such a smiling baby, she laughs at almost everybody that play with her. She’s almost always in a good mood. She lighting the room of anywhere she goes. She loves watching Barbie in Spanish and listening to music. She is very interesting overall a big happy baby.
Lovable she likes when mommy holds her
Jayden is my very excited and anxious little boy . He was diagnosed with autism and adhd when he was 5yrs old .He has had surgery on his eyes to get them straight when he was 5 also . My babyboy is getting bigger and absolutely loves to be around ppl . He needs alot of extra curricular attention. But Jayden is so amazing as my son he makes such great a big brother and little brother too i couldnt ask for a better little boy in a life time .He really loves his mommy with all his little heart !
Lucas is 7 weeks old and loves to cuddle!
Rori is 4 months old he enjoys taking walks and snoozing in his stroller and going to the beach,Rori loves his mommy and daddy and enjoys tummy time and naps in his mamaroo.
John is almost 3 months old! He’s super smart and strong. This baby loves to smile and laugh at everything. He is a pure joy to have around!
Ayden is going on 3 months, and he is the happiest little baby. He loves tummy time, being tickled on the tummy, and anything that lights up. He is our biggest blessing
Kylie, she’s a happy little baby. Sweet as can be!
Julian is a very happy baby he loves to smile all the time and loves to eat
Everrlli is 5 months old.she loves to eat and play in her jumper she is always so happy and loves meeting new people, she is so curious about everything she lights up the room when she smiles and on the worst of days she makes anyone feel better. She was born via c section on may 28th she was 7'3 and born with so much dark hair she has the most long beautiful eye lashes also her eyebrows are perfect she has a few red birth marks on her lower back neck/head and the cuttest chunky monkey which is what she was for halloween.
Dante was born at 33 weeks a tiny little 4lbs 2oz He’s now 13lbs. He loves his brother and sister boob and his mushroom
My sweet, chunky, ginger girl.
Born October 26th👶🏻 loves breast milk and his grandparents ♥️
Emilia is coming up 4 months old and is my 3rd and final child. She is mine and my parnters' second child together and we think she is just perfect. She is such a chilled out little lady and is always smiling and happy. She is our bundle of joy. I am so aware that she is growing so quick and every day learns something new. It makes me sad knowing how quick they grow. They don't stay babies for long.
Hey everyone my name is Aliyah Celeste Lozada💓I’m a happy baby and I love mommy and daddy ❤️ I’m spoiled by mommy daddy and my grandparents. I’m Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 and my favorite show to watch aid Cocomelon. If you vote for me I would appreciate it very much so I can get my Christmas gifts since it will be my first Christmas holiday 💖
Tanner is the most precious child with the absolute biggest heart! He loves all things superhero!
Trey is fun loving boy who loves the lake, beach & playing with his little brother.
Emmett is a bright loving sweet little peice of heaven and brightens anyone’s day
Juan José
Juan José is a 9month old baby that’s very playful he loves to eat he loves to watch little baby bum he likes to play with his family .. he’s so adorable you will always see him with a big smile on his face ❤️ Click on “👍Like” & Share Please
Baby brayson is full of laughter and good vibes he growing fast on me a great baby with full of fun 💙💙💙
My chubby little red hair blue eyed baby boy! He is always happy and laughs all the time he is just trying to crawl but can only go backwards and he loves grabbing his feet and trying to put them in his mouth😁 this little man amazes me every day with the things he can do and how happy he always is!
Mateo was born as an emergency c-section, 2 weeks over his due date. He loves to be held and rocked to sleep. Mateo is also very alert and watches everything going on around him.
Such a happy baby!
Michael is a great little boy, he is starting to get interested in cartoons...mostly Scooby and The Avatar.
Indigo is cheerful, and is always smiling. She love to eat and sleep. She also loves her blankie and her family especially her big brother. Shes our brown eyed beauty.😍
He loves his sleep. He has the biggest smile you just have to love. He loves cuddling
JoAnna is a smart funny loving little girl. She loves to play outside, she loves ANY animal, and loves everyone. She loves to pray for people , and she loves God.
Addlynn Franz
Shes a very good baby and loves to cuddle
Percy is always smiling and such a smart funny guy.....he hates wearing clothes and loves his mama
A super big heart and super smart his first words were at 18months and a few were excuse me/you , bless you im sorry and he is a good big brother and has more charm amd personality than you could imagine. Daddy loves you big guy !!
Meet baby Rosie! This sweet baby girl is such a warrior princess. She was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect that will require open heart surgery before age 1. She has been in this world so little and already she is going through such a journey that only some can imagine! She is our strength and our joy ❤️
My beautiful 5 lb 11 born Little miracle born in hard times ie covid lockdown told he had down syndrome and hasnt and he wasnt growing very well and finally have him here to join his two big sister's and stepbrother so glad to have him hes our treasure
I am 4 1/2 months old. I love bananas, pears, sweet potatoes & carrots. I love to laugh & smile, going for walks & daddy to get my chunkies. I am a rainbow baby after 2 losses.
Shes an amazing baby! She loves to be held