Baby Stories - 89


Evelyn is a sassy 5 month old girl that loves watching my little pony and loves hanging out with mom and dad. She loves interactive toys and she loves when mommy sings to her. She was a miracle baby due to almost losing her at 6 weeks and at 26 weeks due to seperation of the placenta. But here she is a healthy happy girl.
Warren is the funniest, happiest baby ever with the cutest feet
Jonah loves watching cartoons, eating, fighting sleep, his parents, and MOST of all he loves his Nana!
loves being goofy, always telling some type of stories. she loves her puppys and is always smiling. she also loves crawling everywhere
Isabella Rose
Hes adorable, a cuddle monster, and he melts hearts when he smiles and his dimples pop!
Hi my name is Javontae but you can call me Mr. Funni Man.
Wyatt is our little miracle baby! He’s a sweet little guy who loves his mama snuggles & is a people person. He will let anyone & everyone hold him. At 2 months old he is a tiny little dude & weighs in at 7lbs 8oz & 19.5in long!
Kel is talking baby language and smiling often plus he raises his eyebrows while giving eye contact
Legacy loves to talk and look at lights 💡 ! She’s loves sleep & eats all day 🤣🥰
Ocean Mateo
pure as an angel👼🏽 & sweeter than honey🍯 .. my first & only; my Ocean bb loves his warm bathes and cuddles almost as much as he loves his mama!
Just like his brother terrible twins, both are amazing kids always smiling but Josiah is more mellow and laid back.
He’s has crazy amount of energy, he’s always jumping around laughing and smiling. He’s a jokester
My name is Alexis, I am a cute little boy that loves hugs and cuddles everyday! ♥️ I sleep all day and stay up all night like a baby owl!🦉🌙✨ I love the smell of pizza ever since I was inside mamas belly!🍕💕 And taking long baths is something I enjoy so much!🛁
I love to eat table food and enjoy being talked to
Klayton or Klay as we call him, will be 6 months old here soon. He is currently 18lbs and 28in long! He is growing and learning so fast! He says "momma", tries to say "dada" and "bubba". He has learned to hold his arms straight out and make a grabbing motion when he wants to be picked up! Lol. We have recently started introducing baby cereals and foods. So far his favorites have been sweet potatoes and baby cereal. He is rolling over on his own, almost sitting completely up without any help and wants to do any and everything that his Big Bubba does! I am so blessed to be his mommy!
Hi everyone my name is Kingston I love playing, being active, sharing my toys, lastly what I like the most is playing outside in the pool, jumping around & laughing. You should vote for me because I’m a lovable baby boy I love EVERYONE!!😘😘❤️❤️
I love being held, learning and staring at new things, and cuddling up to my mommy and daddy 💜
Bennett Jacob
Hi im bennett.. i love cuddling with my mom devon and dad brenden. I love to laugh and smile.
Emery is crawling, laughing at everything, and loves to play with her siblings (human and furry). She is baby number 4 and is most certainly keeping us on our toes!
Total mummy’s girl 🥰❤️
Hi I’m holly and I’m 3 months old💕 I love naps and peekaboo 🥰
Olivia grace Archer our amazing funny caring little person.
Myles is a happy baby boy that loves giving kisses giggling and going out for walks
He’s 2 months and is a momma boy!
Luca has the sweetest raspy laugh, loves to be tickled, already has 2 teeth and has had a haircut at 5 months old!
He loves to smile my miracle baby boy
Kennedy is kind, caring, goofy, talented and outgoing. She enjoys gymnastics, board games, fashion, hair and spending time with family.
He is a very smart and happy little man. Knows Colors, shapes and numbers.
This little curlyhead loooves to dance to a good music and always always wakes up with biggest smile🤗
Brynlee was born 7 weeks early on March 1st, weighing 4 lbs. She’s now 5 and weighs 62 pounds and is a ball of spit fire! ❤️
I love my mommy and daddy 🥰 I like to stare at pretty colors and new things And I like to sit up with my mommy and daddy
Ellyana is a beautiful baby girl, very advanced for her age and loves every bit of attention she can get from mommy, she has the most amazing and funny personality and shows very well with her facial expressions please vote for my baby girl even if she doesn't win she's still the most beautiful baby girl to her mother but if she does win every bit of what's given goes into her own personal savings account. We're starting early guys thank you in advance 🙂
Her name “Tsubaki “means camellia flower in Japanese. The flower blooms at my grandma’s graveyard every year during spring in Japan. Also, in Chinese character is a “spring tree” so I call her “little spring tree” ☺️🌳❤️ She is a very happy baby and loves Avocados more than any other food.😂🥑
Harmony is a super sweet, kind and caring kid! She is creative, smart, artistic, & detail oriented. She loves anime, and the outdoors.
Jayleen is the sweetest happiest baby I have ever come across . She loves to play and watch coco melon . She is super loving , playful , and has a huge heart .
Mason is a a brave little Libra! He is almost 6 months old and loves to take pictures and smile for his mama! Mason loves to watch Tom & Jerry and Bluey! His favorite food so far is carrots and pears! Mason loves to jump is his jumparoo and do tummy time with his daddy.
Isaiah is a beautiful, happy, and bouncing baby boy! He loves to smile and talk to you! He loves it when mommy sings to him and his bath time. He’s already trying to sit up and is on his way to crawling! Help us win by voting now. Thank you all so much.
Colson loves an adventure, he enjoys outdoors, and exploring new things. He’s such a happy giggly baby. ❤️ You’ll never see him frown.
Aubriellah is a little bundle of joy and can definitely brighten your day!!
Tanner Colt is one month old. He was born at 36 weeks so he just got out of the NICU 2 weeks ago. He loves to watch everything with his big eyes and he is very responsive of his name 💙 he loves to crack a smile after drinking his bottles.
William Japheth
He loves dinasours, he is a character forsure, he loves Mickey Mouse and puppy dog pals and most of all he loves his toy cars always pushing them around saying “vroom,Vroom” His birthday is June 7th 2019 and his weight was the same as his birthday (: my little unique little ham 😍❤️
This is our beautiful 6.5 month old little girl. Annie has such a bright and special personality. She loves everyone, smiles and talks to you all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever met a baby who loves food as much as she does. She’s able to always bring a smile to our families faces.
He's the most happiest baby ever!! So adorable in every way with an amazing personality💙
Annalise is a fun loving, always smiling sassy ball of energy! She loves to play outside but she’s also a girly girl.
Hey my name is Athena i will be 1 month old on the 23rd im the cutest thing ever and i make everyone smile
I love food, toys, and my momma. Cocomelon is my favorite show
Avery enjoys playing on her phone, and Volleyball. We would apperciate your vote!