Destiny loves to smile she's a happy baby all the time loves playing with her brother and sister
She is a VERY happy and playful goofy girl. She brightens up any room she comes into and I guarantee she can make ANYONE laugh.
Amberlynn loves to play outside, too hold her baby brother. Her favorite show is SpongeBob, She loves to dance to everything 💜
Easton is a very sweet and loving baby! He is super calm! Please show him your support and vote vote vote for him !!
Harlow’s favorite thing is her baby bjorn, she loves to babble and EAT!!
I'm Desleigh, Dessy for short. I am a fun, sassy almost 2 year old. I like to eat, and play with any type of animal. In my free time you'd see me doing anything to make my brothers mad, and more than likely getting into SOMETHING. I adore my baby sissy, and my mom i suppose. 😊
Her name is isabella darlene smith she loves her family and everyone else and she is a very smart baby she is loved by everyone in her life she loves her sister Angel to death
Ziva is a fun and unique child. Vote for Ziva
Raine loves spending time with her family and all the cuddles they give❤️ she likes to watch bluey in the morning while mom gets ready for work. Her favorite thing to do is try and eat her fingers and roll on her side!
Callum loves to smile 😃 he loves being outdoors ☀️ he loves his mommy, daddy, and big sister 💙
Nehlani King
My nickname is Lani, I love eating and watching Paw Patrol! I am almost 3 months old. I'm a daddy's girl in my mommas world.
This is miss xapphire! Our second baby whom loves to sleep the day away! She loves to cuddle and smile whenever she can but does not like outside rain or shine. I hope she brings joy to your day just as much as she does to us!
Delilah is a smiley loving baby. She loves to kick her legs. She loves blueberry’s!
Our rainbow baby, our sweet Ava Paisley has already given us so much joy! She really loves to give a mean mug 24/7 but sometimes you can catch her smiling! She loves to talk and fight naps so she can enjoy all the fun around her!
Ella has a big heart . Ella is funny she just know walking . She has her own little mind. The way she walks and does the little things it makes ur heart smile...
Happy, giggly, sweet baby girl. She loves her Ellie security blankets, snuggling, being talked to and LAUGHING.
“All of God’s grace in one tiny face!”
Jose likes all his vegetables and fruits he likes to play with his toys and bouncing his bouncy chair and talk and pull his playpen back and forth he's a strong little boy
Kaysen is a sweet boy who loves pets , loves to smile , tries talking able to a say a few things but Many . He’s very photogenic and has the sweetest giggle
This sweet boy loves to cuddle, play with his sister and puppy, and has the sweetest smile in the world 💙
Ivy Eden❤️🥰
She loves cuddles with everyone (including the kitty) and babbling away telling stories.💜
Armani loves Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo. He’s so curious and loves being outside. His favorite songs are bye bye boo boo and hot diggigty dog
Journey is a young gymnastic lover who is usually upside down more often than she's upside right. She has a bubbly personality, loves making other kids feel good and is always being goofy and isn't embarrassed to be herself. She loves the outdoors, animals and chocolate!
My beautiful outgoing rainbow baby boy! Hes super energetic loves his pet cats! He absolutely loves green beans and cake! Im so blessed to have him in our lives.
Hi my name is avayah I go by Vay I like to eat and I love my dad the most I’m 9 months old and currently learning how to use my feet
Robyn loves her big brothers and Hey Duggee is a favourite for sure, being my only girl and last child she is so special xx
Axel is always full of joy and laughter! He loves sucking on his fingers and loves to cry til mommy saves him!
She’s almost 3 months 💕Loving and needing for right now
Kanara is a very sweet little girl who loves changing her hair often, shes currently sporting rainbow synthetics dreads. Shes also very funny and loves to be in the spot light.
He loves to be sung to, and loves his older sister and brother. He giggles and tries to talk to you when you look him in the face and talk. He's such a happy baby who loves to be tickled and played with. Loves peek A boo and being out doors. Rarely fussy just happy go lucky little guy❤️
Aspen is 4 months old, she loves to smile and loves looking at people 💕
Markus is 6 months old loves playing with toys and loves his food 😂❤️
Georgia loves to talk She loves her uncle pukin She love Mickey Mouse and loves trying to talk
She loves to play in her pack and play and eat and she is a rolly poley
Naughty cutieee !! Smiling face Expression queen
His name is Teodoro his so happy baby he smile for everything he’s baby twin are same and so adorable 😊 👼👼
She is full of joy and loves to play with momma and daddy
She loves being bounced and spoken too x and definitely lives up to her name 💗
Alannah is the cutest little baby! She loves to talk with mommy and loves watching hey bear! She is so lovable and brings the family together!
Annalee loves playing outside and her doggie.
Ezra loves baby shark, Sesame Street, and giving hugs.
Malachi is 9 months old and loves to wave and loves people. ♥️
Jaxson loves eating cereal when he wakes up while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Big naps and hugs and books ❤️