Lorelei is my little fighter. Born a month early via c section due to a placental abruption that so easily could have taken her from us. She loves to giggle, babble and play. She hums while shes falling asleep and wants to hold your hand for comfort. Shes such a happy girl and her happiness is contagious.
Jonah is a fun loving 8 year old boy. He would spend every second in the pool or on his dirt bike. He gives to others without a second thought and will stand up for those he holds dear in a heart beat
Mason love taking pictures and always smile and very energetic!!💕
Zya was also a preemie like her sister. She loves to laugh, and smile! She loves when you talk to her and is just the sweetest baby! 💜
Nova was who has made us all very proud with how she’s grown so much in just a month. She was born weighting 4lbs 15oz and has definitely not let that stop her!! She was tiny but very mighty!!
Carter is the happiest baby ever. Always smiling and loves to play with his toys and watch his dad play video games. He loves crawling and exploring.
The happiest smiliest goofiest girl.
Jupiter is just amazing! She’s full of personality that just brightens your day! Her giggle is contagious!
Hes a sweet baby cant wake at 2 year old wonts to surgery whole throat breathing machine also loves to play
Jackson is 3 years old, loves pj mask! He will run around the house repeating what they say on the show like “cat speed!”
Alana is a sweet loving little girl she loves to tell everyone hi she sees and blows a kiss she likes to watch Doc McStuffins and eat her chocolate cake pop she also likes to go for walks and last but not least any time she sees water she wants to go in 🤍
Ava is 6 months old . Just a happy baby all around . She loves her momma & dada and her dog too
Braylen loves crawling around an flirting with almost everyone he meets. Growing way too fast an learning even faster. If he could win any contest it would be mean mugging the camera❤️
Sawyer loves hugs and kisses! Sawyer loves the outdoors and playing with his siblings. Sawyer is always happy and smiling just a sweet loving little one.
He loves playing ball and laughing with his siblings!
Zayden is 10 months old, he loves clapping, playing with his trucks and giving kisses! He has everyone wrapped around his fingers! He loves being outside and his favorite things to snack on are slim Jim’s and fruit!🤍
He is just a happy baby always laughing and smiling. He is in to everything he is walking trying to run he likes to bowl
Izabella Rachelle
Izabella loves to make many faces but her favorite is a smile. She loves to be talked to, even babbles back. Loves hey bear sensory loves to roll over
He loves the movie Home with Rihanna he is chunky we call him Chunky Doodles
Layla loves taking lots of pictures she’s 3 years old and loves the outdoors and her animals
My name Zach and I am 6 months old and I love to laugh and play with my mommy I like watching tv and I love carrots and sweet potatoes
Nico loves to build with his legos, play in his clubhouse outside, and read books
Nevaeh is 1 month old and loves to cuddle and sleep all day. she likes going in her stroller for walks and she LOVES bath time!!
Bixlie is a very independent girl already! She loves to make people smile and give nice big hugs. She really loves anything she can chew on and sitting with mommy and daddy!
His name is JJ but he goes by Chunky! He’s definitely a fat boy by heart, loves to eat literally anything you’ll give him. He’s so funny, very goofy personality and always laughin and most definitely is a mommas boy!💙💙
Armani is such a little firecracker. He has such an awesome playful personality. He loves watching Cocomelon and will walk around sayjng Coco Coco.. Or a new word he learned is Kaka. Coco or Kaka..
Baby Tru is such a Happy baby boy. Loves blues clues and eating!
Billy-Isaac is 7 months old forever with a smile on his face . Makes everyone else smile he has such the cutest laugh . Please vote and show billy-Isaac the love he deserves
Two weeks old and Ryan is already a stud 😭💙👣
very adventurous! 🤍
He’s a very happy baby! Always smiling, laughing and of course head butting 😜
He loves to sleep and drink his milky
Blaze is a very happy baby who has 5 adoring big sisters he enjoys going outside and watching his pop pop feed all the animals on our little farm
Born in December, Comfortable, Happy, Loving baby, has 1 brother and 5 sisters 🎊,loves all grandparents very much 🤗, loves being outside ☀️, loves his food🍼🍌, loves pulling his socks off, enjoys his bath time🕗. Mamas boy🥰
Nova loves to be around her friends and loves to smile! She enjoys talking and looking at her surrondings 💗
Lyanna loves to keep her family on their toes. She is always so happy and loves to smile.
Hello im aleah im very sassy and spunky i love to color with my mom i love animals dearly you can even ask my nana and poppop we have lots of animals at our house
Aria Marie
aria is a sweet girl but she can also be sour girl 😂☺️ she’s very girly that loves to play with make up!! and she’s very loved by alot of people 🥰
Connor is a loveable 3 year old boy that loves to play with alot of people around him and also like to play with his toy dinosaurs and play soccer and baseball too
Kimberly loves playing outside with her puppy, Jasper. She loves mermaids and swimming. She enjoys watching paw patrol and baby shark. She loves listening to music and dancing.
Lane is a sweet 3 month old baby boy we welcomed in January! He is the most cuddliest and lovable baby ❤️
Ella is a spicy 2 year old who loves her cartoons and drawing.
Hi there, my name is Natalia Valentina Rodriguez. I love to play with my older sister and go on hikes with my family. I love to eat avocado and bread. Luca is my favorite movie and I love any music that I can bounce to. Im learning how to stand on my own two feet and soon I will be taking my first steps. I love my regular baths in the afternoon fallowed by a bottle and a nap.
Hi! My name is Ember, I’m four months old and just like my name I’m quite fiery. 🔥 I love the sunshine and to make people smile. 😊
Hi my names Maddy, I’m a miracle baby! I had my first helicopter ride at 3 months old, to where I was in the NICU for a few months, but that didn’t stop me! Now I’m 3 years old I like to play monster trucks, baseball, and climbing mountains!!
I am Charlie Whitt. I was named after my two great granddaddys. I am 14 1/2 months old. I am definitely a Mama’s boy. Thank you for your vote. Mmmmmuah 😘
Aila Rose is a sweet & silly 2 year old who recently became the best big sister ever! She loves animals and her family. She has a very cute personality and is always laughing!
To my daughter, once upon a time when I asked god for an angel he sent me you. You are the beat of my heart, the happiness in my life. And the energy of my soul. If I could give you one thing in my life. I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then will you realize how special you are to me. You are my sunshine. You are always my little girl!