Declan Hullah
He is such a smiley baby, everyone is In love with how much hair he had when he was born and Evan now.
Hello lovely babies! My name is Viviana Grace and I'm a daddy's girl! I am a little chunk, I have many rolls to love! My favorite hobby is drinking, "I'll take a bottle of the house white". I love to smile and laugh out loud at my daddy's funny faces and I scream when my milk request isn't fulfilled fast enough. People love to comment on my chubby cheeks, stunning eyes and my long curly locks! I'd say I'm pretty intelligent! I mimick my mommy and stick my little tongue out like she does, I hold my own bottle, and I can almost stand on my own! Oh, and I'm really strong like my daddy so watch out boys! I think it's save to say I have various genuine qualities and most likely to be voted next Miss America because I'm destined to be a princess! Good luck fellow cuties ❤️
Jamison is now 16 months old. He has two big brothers 23 and 19. Jamison is growing so fast. He’s learning new things every day. He is very smart and loves to laugh! He still enjoys his fire trucks 🚒
Nova is one drama queen she loves animals, eating, music and dancing
Holden is the happiest little 2 year old boy there is! His biggest loves are his baby sister, Tools, fixing things and anything to do with water. He has an infectious laugh and a smile that can light up everyone. He and his sister are the biggest lights of our lives and we are so proud of the little young man he is becoming.
Baby Bryson loves to sleep and be held by mom and dad!🥹🤎
Daniel is 4 months old and is always smiling and has started to giggle. He definitely has his own expressions and loves to be tickled.
Myles Bellamy
Myles loves to laugh, smile, play and snuggle. He is the happiest baby!
Luna loves life! She is always happy and smiling!
Kaylynn is 2 months old. Loves cuddles and her sleep to.
Ny'Zier is a fun, goofy baby. Loves to laugh, play and eat and fascinated with the ABCs !
My name is Antonio. I am 18 months. My favorite thing to do is play outside and eat popsicles. I also like going on walks with my Mommy and Kiki.
Della Mae is a happy & calm baby. She was born with a full head of hair & it has a mind of its own!
Carmela is a sweet girl with a big personality, she’s always smiling and making the people around her laugh. She is very energetic and full of life! Please vote for Carmela❤️
Hayden Sky
Hayden loves blowing kisses, animals, stuffed animals & of course mommy & daddy.
Beautiful and full of curiosity and smiles 🥰
Carter is 10 months old he loves to dance to music & loves to be outside.
Promise Taylor
Hello world meet Promise. She loves music & enjoy singing and dancing. Her smile and personality definitely lights up the room!
Peyton ray 7.6 lb -20.5 in 👨‍👩‍👦 6 days old & alreday likes to turn on his side while sleeping🥺💗
VIEW Jaxon is 8 months and 3 weeks, he loves food and to play with his walkie and read loads of books with mummy and daddy!
Jaxon is 8 months and 3 weeks, he loves food and to play with his walkie and read loads of books with mummy and daddy!
Aaniyah is a very happy loving 9month that loves to smile she loves Baby Shark.Enjoys being outside and is very active.I’ve if the sweetest little girls one could meet!
Gracelynn is a sassy one month old precious baby girl. She is her daddy’s girl and her mamas world
My perfect rainbow🌈💕
Raina is my tiny girl. Who loves her mamaw and bubby liam 💜
2 weeks after finding out I was pregnant with Theo, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Theo is our little hero, whilst still in the womb, I underwent surgery and 11 rounds of chemo. When he was born he was premature and spent 7 days in ICU. He is now doing wonderfully and is almost 6 months old. Theo loves his milk, is always smiling and hs favourite things are walks with mum and dad in his sling and playing with his toys in his play gym.
Ember fits her so well she is my little spit fire! She loves to play out side and he best friend in the whole world is her cousin Kolt!
Lottie is 11 months old. She love eating, playing and being nosy. She is such a cheeky little girls who is always happy and smiling.
Emily is a happy girl with a strong personality. She loves to play and listen to music. She is always in a good mood. 😍
She’s 10 months old and even tho she was born at 29 weeks u can’t tell she is so smart loving and sweet she loves to eat and play with mommy daddy and her siblings and she loves to try new things
Thaliah is 1 year old now !! Almost fully on whole milk and loves all juices especially apple juice 🧃 she loves attention from mommy or daddy She loves playing at the park she loves being held/cuddled/rocked to sleep. Loves to watch movies and make her room a mess of all her toys she’s a very hyper baby all over the place🤣 Loves her fruits and veggies 🥗 interacts with friends from daycare or friends of mommies babies🥰 She can say mama/dada 🥹 she can crawl!! 💓 learning to walk with her walker 😭 💓💓I will do vote exchanges if your interested… if you vote for my baby girl I’ll vote for your baby🫶🏼🫶🏼
Archie is a happy go lucky boy who is just surrounded by a family who adore him.
Hello my name is zariel im 7 i like to do tik toks dance play with my sister i like school and like playing with my doll babies
Tylan is 3 months & is a twin 💙
Jenna is so loveable, loves to smile .
Jessica has been a strong baby girl born with 1p36 deletion Syndrome causing her to not be able to be doing normal things she recently had heart surgery to close an asd. She is fun and loving and she is a friendly baby girl
Bentley loves watching the trees and playing with his kitties!
Cameron is 10 months old, he enjoys spending time with family and being outside ☺️
Danielle loves her bath time and she loves to be outside and play all the time
Messiah is 2months and loves sleeping and eating. 💙
Jayden is a great kid he is very funny, caring and smart. He love to play basketball and video games.
Char has had a rough start. She has a beautiful heart n gives joy to anyone she comes in contact with. She loves her puppy Rufus n hamster Skeaky. She is 5 n started her first year of school. Her fav color is blue. She's so young with an old soul already. She loves crafts swimming Barbies L.O.L dolls and if course she's technically advanced far beyond her years. She's my last baby.... Cuz we all know as parents or 30 year old are still our babies...take a sec n vote for Charleigh
Amado is THE CUTEST Cape Verdean and Mashpee Wampanoag Native. He loves to be outside, and to jump! He loves colors, books, and singing believe it or not! He’s always singing himself to sleep LOL! He is in the 98th percentile in weight, he’s been holding his head up since he was 3 hours old! He’s too strong for his own good! Last month at his 4 month appointment he was 17 pounds 8 ounces!
Filter for what!!!!
Mason is a funny, caring sweet boy. He loves his mommy, daddy, & baby sister. His favorite things to do are play with his friends, go swimming, and ride his dirt bike.