Baby Stories - 86


Journey’s Birthday is 11/16/2020 He is full joy he loves his family. He loves to watch TV, play with his toys, Be with mommy! He is a funny baby & very smart.
Ivory Raine is two yrs old she loves to dance she loves to swim and play outside!!
hi my name is Mateo and I love to be held and talked to! I don’t care who you are hold me please! I like to watch are those sensory videos with the dancing fruits.
Vi Ann
Small but mighty!!
Chloe is 9 months old..she loves Mickey Mouse and making noise. She is my precious Angel. Her smile and laugh can light up a room.
Colson is a 5 month old lady killer! He has brown hair and blue eyes. He loves playing playing with his older brother. Loves to tell stories and loves to cuddle anyone who is willing to give cuddles back! Watch out he’ll give you baby fever
Cyrus is 18 months old. He is very intelligent toddler. He loves playing with and watching monster trucks. His favorite food is tomatoes and cheese puffs. He is a blonde hair blue eye babe. He’s also quite the lady’s man
Hi my name is Atley, I love to; pet dogs, give hugs & kisses, eat with a big girl fork and slide down slides!
He's the sweetest baby! Hes the youngest of 3 and is dying to catch up to doing what his big sister and big sister are doing. He been pulling him self up to stand for about a month now and will probably walk by 10 months! Lord help us all! He's a very busy boy and studies everyone and everything! Hes my AMAZING GRANDSON! PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM!
Russell is a big personality! He loooves the ladies, with mom and sis as number one of course! But don’t forget Dad and bubba’s, they are the highlight of his day. He loves to jump, stand, eat, and chew on everything!
Jace love his toes played with, and long naps on mama!
Lukas loves to smile you’ll always catch my little guy with a smile on his precious face .He really enjoys watching cocomelon and car rides with his mommy and daddy! <3
Grayson is a very loving baby. He loves his momma, daddy, and sisters. Hes a calm baby never cries unless hungry and needs diaper change
Kylee is an out spoken child with such an adventurous soul. She is not afraid to be herself and so confident.
Hi I’m Parker, and I’m three years old! I like race cars and nuggets! My mommy is the best, I say. Being the middle baby of 3 boys, my personality and spunky attitude make me who I am!! Please vote for me ☺️.
Gwens motto would be: Eat, sleep, and smile!
Legend loves to smile he loves being the center of attention. And his favorite thing of all is he loves to eat.
My name is Atlas. I was born premature so I get extra time with my mommy. I’m at 7 pounds now and I love watching how proud my mommy is of me.
Hiii!!! I love to giggle, spit bubbles! Also, enjoy when people talk to me, and can't help but look at all the new and shiny objects around me. I'm extermly ticklish!! 😁😁♈💕💕💖💖
Sterling is 7 weeks old. He loves to rock in his rocker and go hiking in his carrier. He loves car rides and rolling in his stroller. He loves when you grab his chin, he smiles everytime. Sterling HATES to yawn and he HATES hiccups. We love him soooo much! 🥰
Lane is full of smiles and loves to show off his dimples. His best friend is his dog Max. He’s always down for a long walk in the stroller and a nap.
Jaxson is a very active child with an adventurous attitude. He is his own person already and won’t hesitate to show you. Jaxson smiles all day and hardly pouts. His facial expressions alone will put a smile on your face.
Gabriel is my newest addition, my first baby boy after two girls. Hes the best baby and loves being cuddled and loved!
Brandon Jr
He LOVES being outside and getting dirty! Jr is also a twin but his twin didnt make it due to his kidneys not developing.. Brandon jr is definitely a mommys boy!! Hes so sweet!!
Harí loves loves loves attention. She loves to make others around her laugh and have a great time. She’s full of laughter, giggles and a loving little soul 💜💜
Our rainbow baby, Asher, is a silly & lovable character! He has such a fun personality. He loves making sounds & mumbling to mom & dad. He loves kisses from momma & cuddles from dada. He recently started eating baby food & he absolutely LOVES pears and squash! Our sweet boy is the best part of our lives💙
August is a amazing little man and is always happy and loved so much. He is a very Happy Baby. August loves being around everyone.
Elias is my only child and brings so much joy in my life. He’s a 8 months old with so much personality in him. He’s such an active baby and is always dancing or screaming . 😊 He loves Elmo. Elias is a boy that brings anyone a smile on their face when he’s around
Very loving and giggly baby
Katherine is such a sweet (and sassy) baby. She loves baby shark and her dog Toby.
Hi, my name is Kayden I love spending most of my time sleeping and laying on my mom. Breast milk and listening to my mommy talk makes me the happiest 💙
Ruby is our rainbow baby a little miracle. Ruby loves playing peek a boo and being outside, she adores bath time and enjoys a relaxing hair wash!
Heidi is a twin, prem baby and is the easiest baby ever! Loves snuggles, kisses and food!
Hello everyone my name is Emilia i have been apart of this world for 2 months. Everytime i wake up and see or hear my mom and dad i get the biggest smile ever. I love my dogs sadie and dory and they also love me and love to fill me with kisses. Please vote for me so mom and dad can spoil me more than i already am. Thanks in advance.
Oliver loves his best friend, the English bulldog, Bonnie. He loves to rattle toys and see how far he can throw them. He loves trying to eat everything anyone is eating. Oliver is 6 months old and has almost mastered crawling. He is an adventurous little boy.
I’m 6 months old, love bananas, toys and anything I can chew on. Vote for me, so mom can buy me all the toys and bananas I want. ♥️
She is mix Asain & American.
Chester has a twin sister Heidi, prem baby and over come many obstacles. Chester is very smiley and cuddly koala!
Elijah loves to smile, loves to listen to music and cuddles from family he is so attentive and the best baby. Also loves his beauty rest and milk from mama ")
Briella Mae
Meet Miss Briella Mae. She’s mommy’s pride and joy. She is a heart warrior baby! She’s underwent one major open heart surgery at 5 months old & she’s just thriving away! She’s super active, hilarious and just the best girl EVER! Let’s vote for my girl and get her some money to go on an awesome vacation! 💜💜
Happiest little girl
Bentlee Jo
I am almost 4 months old! Since I was born I have nearly ALWAYS been a happy and content baby no matter where I am or what I’m doing! I am technically an only child right now, but momma and daddy will say I have 3 (fur) brothers. I love bath time, standing and sitting up, and babbling! I’m always told I’m spoiled, but I don’t think so, just really loved! Oh, and yes. Jo is part of my first name!😊💕
She loves to dance an loves being outside
Ethaniel is very CHARASMATIC ✨ He Loves to be Loved 🥰 He’s all laughs and happiness 🌈✨ His favorite part of the day is Bath time 🧼
Liam is a very happy child. He babbles if you talk to him. Loves people around him. He is a good baby.