Baby Stories - 86


Jason is so smart, very charming, adorable. He is in preschool and has learned to write his own name. So proud of him.
The happiest sweetest boy out there ! He loves his mama and daddy ❣️ He knows what he wants and when he wants it. He’s just a little bit spoiled and a whole lotta loved 😉❤️
Bentley is 6 months old and she loves her big sisters and her mommy..
Braxten is such a little ham & he’s always got that little smile on his face to light up your day!! 💙
Dixi Rose makes everyone smile, she is our happy place. Dixi loves music.
Aspen is a bubbly, spontaneous, outgoing little girl. She loves to dance and sing. She will do what she can to make anyone smile. She is smart and daring and is happy all the time. Aspen loves peek a boo and is very photogenic. This little girl has so many feelings and is all in all sweet as can be.
Everleigh is 4 months old born on Fourth of July explains why she is a little fire cracker and lights up your day ❤️ loves her doggies and watching trolls and rolling over .
Everleigh is 4 months old born on Fourth of July explains why she is a little fire cracker and lights up your day ❤️ loves her doggies and watching trolls and rolling over .
She loves her daddy! Is super smiley these days! And is growing way to fast 🤍
Brantley is a very happy baby, he loves cuddles and giving slobbery kisses 🤍
My sweet baby Dominic is always smiling and flashing his dimples. He loves to cuddle, laugh, and hes always talking. He’s my best friend ❤️
Gaige is full of energy, he loves his little sisters, he is very good at doing art projects he enjoys playing fortnite, and playing with friends. He loves to jump on trampolines, ride scooters, and his hover board. He also loves woody from toy story
Ms Ryleigh is a bright, spunky, full of life 19 month old spit fire. She has 4 brothers and no sisters. And plays the roll of baby sister very well with the brothers. What ever Ryleigh wants, Ryleigh gets.☺
Barrett is constantly laughing and smiling ! He is happy all the time! He loves being outside and is ALWAYS dirty !
Oaklynn is a very smart beautiful princess, she can tend to be a little bossy, she is full of energy very enthustiastic about everything she does, she loves to sing dance read stories, but her favorite is going to school.
Theo is 10 months old he loves to walk and walk all day. My stress reliever and my happy pill. 😘😘😘😘😘 We are just having fun in this contest just be sports and accept everything.
Owen is 4 months old. He's a big boy. He was born 10 pounds, 2 ounces. His favorite foods are bananas and prunes. His favorite person is his big brother, Oliver, who is 5. And his favorite toy is a little rattling monkey :)
Liam is a gentle bear. He wears 2T and wrestles with his 4 year old sister. Even though he identifies with a bull-dozer most of the time, he is still a sweet Momma's boy.
He marine's son
Greyson is a mommas boy! He loves cuddles and napping with papa! He is 5 months old! We would be very grateful if we won this contest. We are trying to build our own house! Even if we don’t win, we don’t mind sharing all of his cuteness!!❣️
Raegan loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, her family, and FOOD ❤
Vote for my handsome baby boy! He is so full of joy and happiness and always keeps us smiling!
My dear daughter is 5 months old who is a very happy smiling girl and with very expressive eyes . She is very adorable
Jakoby Carter
He's 4 months old when he was born he was in NICU for a week because the hospital fractured his skull and when he first came out he wasn't breathing my baby boy is a fighter and always will be Please Vote For Him 😍 He's such a happy baby and everyone that lays eyes on him falls in love who can't fall in love with those bright blue eyes 🤍 His little laugh just melts your heart 🥰
Hoping to win this contest to help cover Kennedy’s medical bills. She is the sweetest baby with failure to thrive and has been in and out of the hospital since she was born.
Geon (Lil G) is an active, smart, handsome little boy! He is already on the move. Lil G crawls all over, but would rather pull himself up on anything in sight. He has no fear! He loves to giggle and play with mommy and daddy! Oh and he loves the Chicago Bears & the 49ers!
My 7 1/2 month old babygirl who already has so much character. She cracks me up daily! She loves her daddy with every bit of her. She’s learning to walk already with support skipping the entire crawling stage. She’s been my light. My mom passed 4 months ago and she loves to smile at pictures of her and talks to her ashes in the living room. She’s an angel🥰
Our sweet Teagan Lee was born 8/13/20. She is a healthy thriving beautiful babygirl. She loves her daddy, mama and 2 big sisters! She smiles the most when she is eating or is taking her a nice warm bath!
Amelia loves to eat and hang out with momma . She crawls all over the place and plays with her toys. Amelia is just a happy baby all around (:
Kasen was a 2 pound, 26 weeker. Spend 3 months of life in the nicu and 6 months on oxygen. He is now 22 pounds of smiles! Loves to give kisses and loves to laugh. Kasen has overcame so many life challenges and does not let any of them hold him back. He loves bananas and Mickey Mouse. He is very curious and very involved. Such a happy baby!
Hes our miracle baby after desperately trying for 10 years.
My name is Aaliyah. I am super stubborn and fight sleep terribly just like my Momma. I love Brother, Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Papa. I love bath and shower time. I love being outside as well. I love tummy time now ever since I've been able to roll over on my own. I found out that I love pumpkins.
Brixleigh will be 7 weeks old November 5th. She loves cartoons and laying on her belly
Almost 2 months old. She loves her mommy and daddy. She is such a happy baby.
Mommy was never supposed to be able to have me, so you could say I’m a miracle ♥️
She ia sassy little girl and she is dance hiphop &jazz&ballea she is very smart amd engetic
Daniel is a four year old outdoorsman,only thing he loves more than music and dancing is fishing with his dad. He’s a funny boy full of love
👋🏼 my name is Vegas ❤️ Please vote for me
Quincy is the light of my life and the happiest baby boy I’ve ever met, he deserves the world 💙
Messiah loves his loud toys and he loves attention so much🥰 he's the sweetest boy
Alexis is a little shy but gentle , loving and crazy little one year old. She likes to play pretend with her baby dolls . Feeds them the bottle and tries to dress them her self . Not to mention the way her face lights up when she sees her favorite animal , that being cats . She can spot them from a distance . She has a kind, sensitive and girly personality but will turn around and want to help her grandma by taking out the tools of her tool box or help her pull weeds in the front yard . She is a little helper she loves to help with whatever she can get her hands on specially when it comes to cleaning “cleaning “ lol by using a napkin or cloth to wipe anything and everything . She is a good listener and about the brightest little girl I’ve ever met . She is loved by so many and she sure knows how to show her love back. Mommy loves you sweet baby girl
Hes very cheeky and happy little boy hes spends his days smileing and blowing raspberries
Fallon Marie
Babygirl is very alert! Smiling all day! Loves snuggling with mommy and playing with daddy!