Michelle Kelly is our little princess, named after her two beautiful late grandmothers, Nana Shelly and Gammy Kelly. Most don’t know this but she’s actually our rainbow baby, and we couldn’t be happier with the love and joy she always shares. She loves to smile at everyone and holding hands. She has so much fun taking baths, and loves story time. Her favorite thing is snuggling with Mommy and Daddy, and she really loves our cat too!!
Caroline is the sweetest baby you’ll meet. Her smile and energy will brighten your day. Vote for my pretty baby girl !
Kingsley loves to smile and play. She loves so snuggle and be the Center of attention.
Levi is such a happy sweet boy! Levi is very photogenic and loves being the center of attention 🤍
Aria is very happy and smiles all day long. Loves cuddles and playing. Loves attention!
Ariana Layla
Ari is the most loving baby ever, super happy and always smiling. She’s the best dancer ever and loves getting amped up! She’s besties with her big sister and follows her every move! ♥️
Yaretzi loves to be with her wuela, she’s all smiles 24/7! Mommy and daddy are her second and third favorite people😂
Tobias was born at just 33 weeks. He had pneumothorax in both lungs and had to be sent to the childrens hospital. He spent 5 weeks in the NICU. He shows us true strength every day! Hes our little preemie, our T-cup. 💙
Analiyah Everly
My big girl loves to get ready and look cute, super fun and outgoing little girl. Very smart! Loves to read books & play with her little sister ari💓 she’s full of energy and just a delight to be around!
Smart caring happy!! Olivia is a very smart girl who's also a amazing dancer!
Gianna is very energetic and loves being outside and playing with her brother and sister.
Aubree june is a happy smiley little baby! She loves to laugh eat & move around! She’s already sitting up & almost crawling!!
Maci is a funny and wild child! She loves playing outside, loves stuffed animals, and loves rubber ducks! She is always on the go, from the time she wakes up, to the time she lays down!
My little girl kamila she is the happiest baby always has a smile on her face no matter what she is special all the hair she has and she’s barely turning 8 months 💕
Kayana Gon
She the best lol girl ever she bring ever one joy vote for my baby
Hi im Kaia and i love to observe my surroundings, watch tv and i love my sound machine. Im a sassy little girl with the craziest facial expressions and i also have a twin brother named Kaiden! Go vote for him!
Hi im Kaiden and i love to babble, smile, & try to stand already but im too little and i absolutely love being held. But dont you dare sit down😂 Definite mommas boy😝 i also have a twin sister named Kaia! Go vote for her!
Sweet tiny Sunflower Princess 🌻
Za’Laya is the sweetest little baby , she loves people, she loves attention, and most of all she loves eating 🥰🥰 she’s always happy and smiling 💗vote for my precious baby !
Bentley is a 4 year old fire cracker! He loves the park, his scooter and Minecraft. He is super smart, funny and can make your bad day great again! :)
She started out as a preemie and has grown wonderfully. She loves the outdoors and has a sassy attitude.
Babygirl is now 8 months. Little Luz is so outgoing and smart! She loves to smile and laugh. She'll make your sad days the happiest days!
Axel is my 2nd born. He is my miracle baby. He will be 2 weeks old tomorrow 4/21. He already has so much character. Hes my little firecracker! Hes a fierce one. Please vote for Axel
Caza is so special, she will definitely turn anyones frown into a smile. She loves to play with her brothers and sisters. She is my happy baby.
Emmett is a very special little boy. He is so loving and kind. He loves to be a gentleman and a good brother. I am so proud to be the mom to this beautiful and passionate toddler.
Rosie Posie is a very smiley baby. She very active and loves walking around the house with dad for hours. She also loves being outside💕
Aiden is my sour patch kid. He has the biggest heart but can be really sour if provoked. He is the smartest and strongest little boy i know. 19 months ago Aiden lost his father. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for him. But each day he teaches me how to be strong and get through the hardships. Please vote for Aiden!!
TEV’ANA is a very smart little girl that love to help with a loving personality she just so loveable💚
Liam is a 6 month old little boy who was born a month early to due complications during the pregnancy. He LOVES to smile and is ALWAYS happy. He LOVES his baby food and playing with his chewy toys. If you put something in front of him, you bet it’s going in his mouth!!
Olivia is a very happy baby and loves to smile and play with her toys.
Khai-Mateo loves to play and laugh. He also loves all the attention!
Christian Joseph
He’s 1 Month Old 🥰 Was Born At 37 Weeks and 1 day weighed 5lbs 9.5oz and 18.5inches 💙 he’s such a strong boy already trying to crawl and has amazing head control !
Nalayah is such a calm peaceful content baby. She LOVES Shrek and a movie called Vivo. She gets along amazing with her 4 siblings and loves getting attention .
Xavier is a outgoing little boy who is on the move nonstop, laughs at everything even his dog when he wants to play.
Chase loves football and sports! He is very energetic and sweet!
Akaileya is such a sweet little girl. She’s kind, she’s shy, she’s smart, and she’s got a laugh like no other.
My son Andrue also known as “AJ” is a very happy and active baby!,he’s a very curious little person and loves getting into trouble , however when it comes to the camera he stops what he’s doing he give it his best shot it’s like he was meant to be a model!
Novaleigh is my little firecracker ❤️ She has such a huge personality and is the sweetest little baby ever ! ❤️
Ronin loves to be outside. He enjoys riding in his wagon and blowing bubbles!
This sweet little boy loves spending his time snuggling his mama or hanging out with his nana!
My sweet boy! Jaces is so very smart & such an awesome big brother! He loves to sing & dance ❤️
Xavier was born 5 and a half weeks early weight only at 5lbs 7oz. He was in the nicu for a week but being born early never stopped him from achieving eveything he has needed! He has had a hard time learning basic things but he is the smartest little boy! His favorite things to do is laugh, swing at the park and play with his dog, Bella! He loves to eat, take baths and watch his favorite show, Paw Patrol! He can say and wave bye bye. He is the funniest, happiest baby.❤️
Elijah is truly the happiest baby! Always smiling and loves the camera. He loves to stay busy and learn new things! We would love and appreciate your vote! :)