Baby Stories - 85


“Oh Twodles!” Guess who is turning two! Adalynn is SO busy! Loves to be outside as much as possible and is always making everyone so happy!
She is a very happy and cheerful little girl with the attitude of a teenager lol, she loves to walk for miles at least 3 times a day and has a tantrum when you tell her it’s time to go home.
Antoine AKA Tre is the sweetest baby boy you’ll ever meet. He is such a happy baby. Antoine comes from a loving family. He has just mastered rolling over and he loves discovering what new objects are such as books and toys. You should vote for Antoine because, as you can see, he’s absolutely ADORABLE!!!
She’s a funny baby. I have a few short clips of her funny personality uploaded under her name as zenya yang on YouTube. You can check it out. She loves to scream, watch loco nuts cartoon on YouTube, and drink lots of prune juices.
Dakota is such a sweetheart. She is such a happy baby
Jameirah is a fun loving baby that always have a smile on her face.. she likes when u talk to her cause she likes to talk back.. she loves to b outside on a pretty day and loves jameirah.. jameirah is the type of baby that will keep a smile on ur face cause she always happy
Legena is a special little girl my firstborn angel. She was in a fatal accident with her daddy june 2, 2019 and was trapped in the car with his body until someone found them and she was cut out of the car and airlifted suffering seat belt burns on her neck and shoulders and a fractured spine as well. She is exetremely brilliant and is a problem solver. She loves her bubba and her doggo sue bandy.
Mark is an exceptional little boy who loves his sue dog, bat masterson westerns on tv which he watches with his papa. He is very smart and sings with every song he hears even if he aint saying words he sounds good!!
This is Marianna. She likes to play and watch Minnie Mouse ❤️. She also enjoys smiling,laughing, and screaming lol 😋
He always happy and he loves his cartoons an loves outside
Gracelynn is my rainbow baby who was born at 27 weeks 2lbs 5 oz! She is thriving and doing amazing! ❤️
Ray Ray
Our little rainbow girl! She is definitely the definition of a rainbow. So full of joy! She is the sweetest. She is a spina bifida warrior💕 Our little champion 🥰. She is so lovable and I just want to share her smile with the world!
Handsome gray eyed newborn jaceyon Witherspoon born 1/12/2021
Our cheeky baby is a food connoisseur who enjoys exploring in our family adventures and scoping out his mirror-twin in knitted caps.
Scarlett is a week old. She is happy, healthy, and just a perfect baby. Her Daddy and Mommy love her so much.
Our sweet smiling baby! 💕 She is so lovable and I just want to share her smile with the world! We didn’t know we would be blessed with her and she is such a blessing to our life!
Isla just turned 6 months old! She loves mama & daddy, baby led weaning, reading books, and vocalizing! Her fur brother and sister are her favorite animals. Vote for Isla!!
My name is Bentley. I’m 3 months old and I love to talk and coo with my parents. My parents tell me I’m the cutest thing they have ever seen. I love my mom and dad more than anything.
Zachary is always smiling and he loves outside to play and loves to watch his cartoons he is a happy baby
He is a very good baby boy he loves to smile a lot he also loves when his big brothers play with him. He likes to watch cartoons also.
Please vote for Adrian. Adrian wants to donate the fund to the people of Texas who are going through a difficult time due to the historic snowstorm.
Hayes LOVES baths, being outside and his doggies! He’s been through 2 hurricanes and an “ice storm” in the 7 months he’s been here! He’s a happy little boy though! “Maaaa” and “babababa” are his fave words hahah
Kingston loves to scream and laugh. He enjoys his Dr Brown bottles most.
Hi my name is Jayce! I’m almost 2 months old and I love to drink milk and watch boss baby!
Zoey is 6 months old. She loves bananas, her big brother, mommy and daddy.
Madison is a very happy baby who loves to make everyone smile even her older brother. She is loved by many.
She is a very happy girl. Shes also very smart
Camila loves to be swaddled and cuddles with mom and dad !
She had a rough 2 weeks of life. From birth until 2 weeks. She was in the NICU we had completions. But now she is a healthy and happy little baby. She loves her swing more than anything and cuddles when she is in the mood. She's our rainbow baby and our little fighter. ❤️💞❤️💞
Luka is 2 months old!! loves to cue with you !! Loves to smile , and hold his toy !! Giggles and hold his head up good ! He also loves tummy time !!
I am my mommy & daddy’s world. I love watching Little Baby Bum and eating banana puffs 🥰
He a loving sweet kid he love 💕 to eat && sleep lot
She is full of attitude and has a big personality already.
Hudson loves bath time, eating 24/7, and snuggles. He likes sitting up so he can see everything but loves to stare wherever there’s light. On car rides he does not sleep & has wide open eyes the whole ride. He doesn’t love wet diapers & putting on clothes, but is content the second they are on. He enjoys the mornings with Dad but prefers to sleep when mom is holding him. During sleep he must have sweet dreams because he smiles every few minutes. He is starting to grow out of all his new born clothes (length wise) but is still small for 0-3months & it looks like he’s starting to have blue eyes.💙
Aaliyah just turned 7 she is the most selfless child you could ever meet. She has a very bubbly personality that is definitely one of a kind ❤️
Evelyn loves purple very energetic and sassy but also so sweet and loving she knows her colors letters numbers and very smart with animals an sounds. Can sing all nursey rhythms and she's a big sister
Isaiah is a happy baby with his own personality that loves kisses from his mommy and daddy
Hi, my names Eden! I’m a 4 months old super laid back little guy who loves their feet being tickled and babbling at anyone who looks in my direction. Car rides and walks are my favorite, besides cuddling with my mom of course!
Adler love to smile and laugh. Love to be on Be on his tummy. And now love to sit and play!! Learning how to crawl and don’t like trying new food.
He is 2 months, very sweet, and loves to smile
Gabriel was born friday the 13th .
Grace loves dressing up and modeling for the camera
Hope is a greta big sister . Shes got a lot of spunk. She loves her mom dad and siblings