Baby Stories - 85


Legacy is our little spitfire. he definitely keeps us on our toes. he loves playing with his baby brother and his puppy. his favorite food and color of the day is waffles and orange.
Beautiful, Funny & Super Sweet!!!!
Benjie is a very adventurous boy. He love to be outside and he loves to be around his family.
He's the most handsome man in all the land. He enjoys long snuggles, when mommy sings to him and most of all his big sissy.
We call him sugar man because he’s the sweetest baby in the South!
Kaiden is my rainbow baby. He’s a happy energetic lovable baby boy. He always has a smile on his face.
This sweet, spunky, and most definitely sassy little girl has a heart of gold! Her favorite things to do are going to preschool and being with her gramma and papa!
Kayden is a happy, energetic baby who loves to be talkative, and loves to get around on his own. He loves anything with bananas and still loves to bottle feed
Hii guys and gals, my name is Callie. I may only be 3 months old, but my personality grows everyday! I'm super loveable and sweet, but don't let my good looks fool ya, I can be a little stubborn like daddy. I can turn anyone's frown upside down.. and that's a proven fact I might add! I wasn't wanting to come into the world yet (hints stubborn side) and gave mommy 23 hours of misery, but now that I'm here, I'm ready to take on the world! I'm a super happy baby and if you've met me yet, you'd know that I can bring snuggles and smiles to anyone. Thank you for your votes y'all! Means allot to me ♥️
Olivia is a lively little girl. She’s hyper and cuddly. She loves laughing and she’s learned quite a few words. She’s learned a few signs in sign language.
Caldera is named after the crater of a super volcano, he was born on the Fourth of July and is DEFINITELY a little firecracker, but he is also so sweet.
Tobiyus is my miracle baby who proved everyone wrong. He is now a strong healthy 7month old who loves to play and yell. His favorite food is applesauce
Azriel is such a smart, happy, and sassy little girl. She loves singing, dancing and snuggling. ❤️
I may be a little guy, but you will quickly learn that I always get my way. Scheduled to defend your dissertation? Nope, try again! I decided that will be my birthday because I need a bigger room. You think you can ignore me? Think again, I will lure you in with my laugh and smiles. Arms too tired from holding me? Don't make me use the Smoulder.
Eden likes watching Spookley the Square pumpkin, matching mommy, and drinking bubbas all day. Vote for her!!
Luna Rae was born October 10,2020. We were supposed to have her baby shower, but I woke up at 3:45am and my water had broken. Baby girl was coming! I got to the hospital at about 5am and was 6cm already, she made her arrival at 10:41am! Beautiful healthy little girl at 6lbs 4oz and was soo happy. My moon beauty 💛💛💛
Leon loves four wheelers and mud bogging! His favorite people is his mama dada and grandparents! Also his Gruncle!!! He is the sweetest little dude ever... he knows how to high five and fist bump!
Brailynn is such an easy going baby, she loves food, she loves to crawl and stand up on things. The happiest baby you’ll ever meet, and always has that beautiful smile on her face!
The sweetest, funniest, cutest, and smartest little boy! He has the best personality and loves everyone! He enjoys playing with his toys and playing sports and being with his family ❤️
A beautiful little princess, that is developing the best personality❤️
Camiyah is my miracle angel💞 She survived so much in just her First little year of life💪 She now has a younger sister who she loves to play with!! She loves her Chiuahuah Justice too!! She is a ALL AROUND HAPPY GAL!!
He’s one of the sweetest babies ever. He’s always loving on you and smiling at you. He loves his family. He’s always happy.
Riley loves Disney cartoons, particularly the Lion king! She is always very smiley and is 100% a daddy’s girl ♥️
Nayah is 2 years old. She is very outgoing, friendly and kind. She loves to draw, play dolls, cook, sing and read. Nayah is also a kind, caring and compassionate child. All round loving.
Sebastian loves to make funny faces while he dreams he has so much personality at just a month old 💙
Fiona loves her puppy and getting into everything. She loves books and dolls and anything noisy
Matthew Joseph Galati
This is the happiest kid and never stops smiling little ball of positivity.. 💯🙏🙏🙏☺️😊😁
Weston is my sweet youngest little boy! He has Hydrocephalus (fluid backed up on his brain) but his case is a mild case. But it doesnt stop him from being a very happy and productive little boy
Abby is a very sweet and happy little girl, she usually always has a smile on her face
He is a very happy, alert and cute baby boy. He loves looking around and having attention from his parents.
Theo Mouton
He loves to sleep, eat, and poop 😘 He charms everyone with his big brown eyes and loves to make the o faces 😊 Votes for Theo ❤️
Mason Gant
Cute,Outgoing,Handsome young man!!!
Isla Rose
This Is my beautiful 4 month old princess
Jaziel loves cuddling with him mommy and daddy🥰 Copys funny faces and loves to talk ❤️Has the sweetest blue eyes and craziest hair
Karson is 3 months old, he is a joyful happy little angel. Nothing but all smiles and cuteness.
Christopher is such a little sweet heart...he absolutely loves his mom and hos big sisters..hes always their to give his love to us...the joy he brings is jist so beautiful...
Ayden is such a happy baby. He’s not even two months old and he’s so advanced! He loves bubble baths, his BB, and his baby monkey and blanky. His dad wants nothing to do with him so if he knew the world did... that would help make his heart complete❤️
Kaedan is the sweetest little guy,kaedan loves to play toys and loves to kaugh
Blaire is a very happy energric all around happy baby!! She loves her pacifier and her sisters, mom, and dad!! She is constantly smiling ear to ear!! You should vote for Blaire because she is just the cutest with her big chunky cheeks!!!
She's full of personality and sass. Very independent with the sweetest heart.
Avyana is a sweetheart looking at all of her pictures will just melt your ❤️. She is the best baby ever she sleeps through the night and is up playing with her mommy and watching tv all day. She is her mommy’s best friend and Th e best thing that has ever happend to our family!! Please vote for my baby out of the kindness of your heart! Every vote matters and counts and avyana and I appreciate it so much❤️
My little girl loves country music her passy. She’s 3 weeks old 💖 she loves to smile when she’s sleeping. She also loves it when her daddy cuddles her to sleep 💖
Kane is a little wild adventurous boy. He likes playing with his cars & trunks. (Loves vacuuming & reading books. His favorite show is COCEMELON. He’s the smartest baby I know!!
Loves playing with his daddy
He loves to eat poop & sleep ☺️ He has the sweetest dreams always smiling in his sleep.