Baby Stories - 83


Jett is a sweet and silly baby boy. He enjoys being in nature, his pacifier, and music. When he isn't traveling exploring the world with his road dog mom, he is at home learning about his heritage and building social emotional learning skills.
Sanaiya is sweet and sassy 💕
Vote for Baby Adrian he loves long naps and to eat, loves to be held. He will light up your day just looking at him🤗.
She is the sweetest baby girl and super smart 🙂
Kylee loves to climb on things nd she loves to help clean up😍😫
Kyson is definitely a comedian, he strives to make everyone laugh. He is so smart and sweet and is the best big brother there is! 💙
Raelynn Rose is definitely the sweetest, most precious little girl with a big attitude already!💕
Sebastian is a super active 6 month old who loves Canticos and getting into trouble! He is not only super cute but super smart and always gets his way! He loves his doggies and just hanging with his family ❤️
She loves animals and dancing
Sara she is my angel, she like dancing and playing with other children
Adalynn Gwen is the sweetest little soul, this little lady never fails at putting a smile on your face or giving you a laugh. She’s a happy baby, and she’ll show you just how happy she is with her adorable little smile.🤍
Born on June 18,2020
Amari Rayne
Amari Is one special girl with the most precious personality. She likes to smile and brighten up any room. (:
Elianna smiles will light up a room .....she’s so smart , brilliant as a baby always ahead smiling exploring, she’s a little Einstein ❣️
Jay Paul is a extremely happy baby a master meme maker and a genius he is full of love laughter and smiles that we can brighten up anyone's day
Jossiah Ameer
This is Jossiah(jojo) my little Leo baby.,What Can i Say he Amazes me everyday.He loves to play hot wheels and watch Alvin in the Chipmunks lol.😙😚😍Good Luck EVERYONE.
Steven aka Sj is a very active , funny , loveable little person. He has a alot of energy his favorite snack are Bananas and Cuties lol , he loves blaze & the monster Machines and paw patrol
Oktavia loves her binky and her blankets she also loves to watch moana!
My little diva!! Amya is my Miracle baby! Definitely is a mama's girl! Such a sweat kind Hearted little girl with a little bit of sass!
Rueger is an alert, happy baby who is always smiling and cooing. Hes so strong and is already trying to scoot around when he does tummy time.
She just happy ,loving, and sweet little girl..
My name is Braxton James Helton I was born December 18th 2020 I weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces. I'm a very happy baby I love to eat, sleep, and suck on my passey. I had a very rough start when I was born I was having 7 to 10 seziure's an hour I was admitted in the kentucky children's hospital in Lexington ky for 3 weeks I finally got to come home Jan 11th I'm doing alot better now I still have my bad days but I have done a 360. So when you see me if you don't mind drop me some votes. Thank you guys 😃
Ryker is the sweetest, happiest baby in the world. The most loving and funny child I have ever met before in my life. He is the youngest of three, his two older siblings looking over him from heaven❤.
I love to smile and melting peoples hearts.
She is a sweetheart I love her to death I love my daughter
Hazel is a sweet angel baby girl who is my rainbow baby 🌈 born in Tennessee, her favorite thing in the world is seeing people smile and laugh! She loves touching faces and will get lost in your eyes while admiring you 🥺 Hazel is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever known, she’s always laughing, hardly cries, and BOY she loves to sleep! Hazels favorite person is her 5 year old uncle who has autism and doesn’t really like human contact but she wants to love him so badly! 😆
Sage is out going he will make your day the first time u see him he loves to smile and give lots of kisses
Liam loves toy story! He’s always smiling and giggling. He loves rolling around the floor.
Rowen is 4 months old and a chunky monkey! He’s the happiest baby ever 😍 he loves attention and absolutely adores his daddy
She loves playing peek-a-boo! She also loves saying YAY, while raising her arms up and down lol. She’s such a perfect happy baby.
A very happy baby. Smiles all the time.
Lilyana Rose
Lily brings the light into darkness . She is goofy , smart , always happy , very kind with great manners. She deserves to get recognized, not only for her looks , but for her personality ♥️♥️
Briella just turned 2 years old. She’s very very smart and outgoing. She knows her ABC’s she can almost count to 20. She’s very sweet but also sassy as can be. Briella is my Angel baby. 8 months ago we almost lost her but thankfully she is still with us and I’m so grateful for that. VOTE for Briella I promise you to know her is to love her 🥰
Jacey loves attention and anything that has to go with food! She always has a smile on her face and loves everyone!
Hartleigh is our dream baby! She’s so happy, loves to laugh and smile, and loves cuddling with our puppy!
Blakelynn is always happy and smiling! She has mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger!!
I’m 21 months old I have green eyes I’m a happy outgoing lovely handsome baby I’ll make you smile with my face expressing vote for me
Vote for paisley my happy little 3 month old 😍
Even in the darkest moments, her smile can light up the entire room! She loves to baby talk and giggle! We call her chicken lips 🥰
Delilah is 13 months, she is full of energy and love. She loves waving at everybody she sees and saying hi. She enjoys going to the grocery store with mommy, taking walks and riding the golf cart around. 💕
She loves laughter, affection, kisses and hugs. She is a jokester. Loves to play and smile. She loves getting into my sock drawer. Taking them through out the house. Kenzie keeps me on my toes
His Active He Love To Look Around Loves When People Talk To Him And Is A Very Happy Baby ❤️ So Please Vote For Jr
Our baby boy just started started saying DADA! He absolutely loves tummy time! He feels he always has to be the center of attention. He is such a smart little boy in every way!
Hello my names brooklyn im 11 months old i love to make people laugh and i have lots of teeth
My name is Ricky Yusuf Anthony Kelly. I am 6 months old! My smile brightens up a room and my laugh warms the heart!