He is an amazing little boy with a lot of patience for his 3 older sisters! He loves to laugh!
Hendrix is a loving friendly baby! He loves watching Mickey Mouse and Gracie’s Corner. He’s a big boy and can eat. He also can be busy at times of course, but overall he’s a great baby! ☺️
Solomon is a thriving little boy with such curiosity and determination 💙 Can’t believe how content he can be he’s been an angel since day one ☝️
Frankie is such a happy cheeky baby and is always smiling. He loves lots of attention and most of all playing with his 12 year old brother Jack 💙
Traycen is a Virgo full of love. Always happy and smiling, and 100% mamas boy.
Ryland loves playing with his blocks, watching Disney movies, eating snacks and playing with his cousins ❤️
Just a little girl with a bubbly personality, already charming everyone with her little smile,
This goofy girl loves attention and is very active and happy for 8 months old ❤️
Leighton is the most relaxed baby who loves sitting back and watching her older siblings play!
Easton was born at 23 weeks, weighing just 1 pound 6 ounces! A true miracle rainbow baby ❤️
Emmett Cole is a sweet and loving 1 year old! He loves cars, babydolls and spending time with his cousins!
Amelia loves car rides, laying in bed, listening to music. Her favorite person is her papa Mark. She was born with one abnormal pelvic kidney.
Hartley loves cheerleading. She is spunky and loving.
He’s the happiest little man with his smile and now laughing. He’s very talkative and loves giving kisses. He’s a mama’s boy, but get excited and lights up when he see his daddy as well. He so lovable and enjoys cuddles. He’s become mommy’s Rollie pollie 🥰
I love smiling and having fun ! I am full of joy and laughter
I’m 3 years old, I love sonic and everything cars. I like to listen to music and run around.
Jayceona Louise
Thank you thank you !! Just trying to stay in the top 70 for the 200 placement !!! We appreciate all the votes from the bottom of our hearts !jayceona is the sweetest baby ever she is super smart and extremely silly she is her sisters best friend and mommy and daddy heart❤️
He likes playing with his sister and learning to crawl and 🍦 ice cream
Hello .! My name is Tamrius , and i love SLEEPING .. im a mamas boy , im always alert.. I love eating all the time , i love smiling in my sleep 🥰 .. and i also love snuggling with my parents at night .!
Beau is an adorable lil guy who loves his momma & his baba. He's a happy baby & his smile is too cute.
At just over 5 months old, Kynslee has taken to world traveling. She is just the happiest baby, always waking up with a smile on her face and she also loves her big sister very much. In her free time, she likes playing in her bouncer and going for long walk in the stroller.
Vote for my babygurl her loves baby shark and cocomelon. Very very energetic and loves being outside. She's excited to become a big sister and she loves her big brother. She loves going for walks and she's definitely a mommy's girl.
Athena is 1 month old and she’s very lovely and beautiful girl. She likes to watch peppa pig, going to the park and shopping.
Hudson loves to crawl and chase the cats around the house. He always has smiles on his face and laughs at everything! He loves his dad as much as he loves food.
Hello, im zy’erra. im 2 months old. I love eating and taking baths, but I hate getting my hair washed. I also love to sleep. I love smiling & laughing and watching cartoons 😌💕
My IVF baby is 6 months old today. He love to sing himself to sleep and can talk your ears off.
minnie mouse lover , love to watch my daddy play his game & i love when my mommy sings to me
Addalynn is 4 months! She loves to talk, play and smile She is 16 pounds, 7 ounces & 24 and a half inches long!
Ariah is a wild child, she loves to dance and sing to any kind of music. Some of her favorites include Lizzo,MGK, Avril Lavigne & Doja Cat. She loves her family & doggies. She loves to be silly especially if she knows someone is laughing at her. She is sweet but also sassy. She loves anything that has to do with being outdoors whether it be playing at the park or walking the trails. Terrific twos at its finest.
This is Ellie shes 2 months and she loves eating and going outside.
Xander is an all around happy boy! He is a miracle baby who we were blessed with, but never thought would come.
Tayson Brannon Cole 😇 He’s the sweetest funniest little baby boy ever! He can say “Mama” & “Dada” His favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 🌟 His favorite show is Mickey Mouse😍 VOTE FOR MY BABY💕
Rosie is a cheeky little girl, who loves her mummy cuddles, she lives adventure walks and the swings at the park
Weston was born 3 weeks early & has a lot of health issues and just recently found out he has gorlin syndrome! He is a happy healthy baby and acts like nothing bothers him💙 He is trying to start walking! He loves Food! Go Dog Go is his favorite Tv Show! He loves playing with his toys and chasing our German shepherd and his sister around the house!
After fostering Hayden for 745 he is officially adopted.! ❤️ He is so happy to have his forever home 🏠
Martin a happy and smart boy, he loves dogs and books, and he is always kind with everyone.
Alexis is 5 months old she loves to smile and laugh She’s such a happy baby☺️
Kehlani loves kisses and cuddles. She’s a sweet baby!
Happy little guy that loves being outside, sweet potatoes and every kind of animal!
Hi my names is Dean my mom like to call me Deanie I like tubby time and lots of milk and sleep 😴
Gatlin is one month old and loves to eat and take naps with daddy when he gets home from work. He isn’t happy when his brothers and sisters hover over him and want to hold him all the time. But loves cuddling mommy during the day