Baby Stories - 83


He is a smart fun loving boy! He loves to dance and laugh! He smiles and flirts with everyone he sees! Loves giving kisses and hugs❤. He is a virgo baby and definitely lives up to his name💙❤
The sweetest boy in the world was born with 1.6lb and look at him now a little man taking care of his little sister.
This cute girl is super sweet and cheerful. She loves to watch her little brother's antics.
Demi is an adorable baby comedian who is always laughing and entertaining everyone around her! She’s a mamas girl but loves watching football with her daddy!
So full of life! She smiles with her whole face! Full of sunshine on a cloudy day 😍
Winston is 2 months old 😊 loves to smile and cuddle with mommy also loves to be outside and listen to nature 😁 . Baby boy is starting to move around and loves to stand up and sit down
Gracelynn is so loving and caring she likes her naps her time with mommy and her play yard. She is a really good baby I'm so proud to call her mine
Very outgoing loves going for walks playing at the park and his two favorite people are his mommy and baby sister
Everleigh is a very quick learning little girl, she loves to laugh and giggle!
She’s a twin sister ,she love to cuddle,always sleep like a princess,she and her twin love cuddle together,.
Kalea Marcia
Kalea is the youngest among four sisters. She’s playful , love to laugh, sing . Her favorite tv show is cocomelon. She loves taking pictures .
Kameron is 8 months old. He is a character and has such a funny personality. Can make anyone smile, such a happy baby. He has 6 teeth, chews on everything. He loves his food. He is almost crawling. He will be running before long.
She Likes To Sing 🎤, Play Games , Build With Her Blocks , She Likes To Take Pictures , Play Doctor 👩‍⚕️ & She Loves Dinosaurs 🦕
Nylah loves to play with her older brother who is 5, she also enjoys crawling and playing with her toys, as well as her teething rings. One word to describe nylah would be “active”. She’s one happy & cheerful baby. She’s also learning to walk at just 9 months old, very alert. You should vote for her because she’s beautiful & she has an amazing personality thus far. ❤️
Jackson Cook
He love his puppy, he is just beginning to craw, he has his own personality already. When he gets excited he growls and squeals .
What can I say about my crazy little mini!? He loves being outside with daddy and helping with whatever he’s able to; whether it’s helping with groceries(light bags of course) or sweeping the kitchen! My sweet monster loves cars(hot wheels) and Paw Patrol!! He’s got energy that can’t be beat, especially when he’s dancing to his jams !
Lincoln is truly the sweetest boy! Although he’s becoming more independent, he LOVES snuggles with mommy. “Stinky” is obsessed with the movie Soul and Finding Dory!! He’s got the most loving and silly personality and his laugh is absolutely contagious!
A very active, social little boy! Keeps the whole house and friends engaged with his antics!
Tiana is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet she. She love her twin brother and sister
Scarlett is a 5 month old who loves her mommy and daddy. She lover her food and her Minnie Mouse, she always smiling and laughing.
Kaydence is 12 months. She is very sweet & loves to play with her brothers. She loves giving kisses & hugs, she's very playful. She loves to keep a smile on her face.
hello , my name is kaine I love to eat , poop , laugh & smile everyday for fun I do tummy time 🙂
Noah is a smart little boy who loves playing with toy cars and riding on his tractor outside. He loves trying new foods and spending time with mommy & daddy.
Hey my name is Addyson Drew (Sonnyflower) please dont vote my mommy and Daddy accidentally entered me ! we are taking a break to advance and help our friends and team 💕💕mama squad💕💕 thankyou! 💛☺🙏
Vatrushka is a 2 year old Syrian princess fancy bear Hamster and she's way cuter than all you human babies out there! Move trash there's a queen coming through!!!
Sophia Anna-marie Barker
My beautiful baby girl has a beautiful smile. She loves to play, dance, laugh and give kisses. One of her favorite things to do is eat, she definitely loves food.
Jaden Hepp
Vote for Jaden because that handsome face belongs on TV
Arliyah she the most happiest baby ever I lover her she makes my day with her smile her laughs he walking and her walker every day playing with her brothers arliyah is 8 months old she will make you day
Germya Nelson
Germya is the most out spoken child I know… she’s left handed… she loves to play with her toys… she loves to eat everything
Phoenix Gomonda
Baby Phoenix is such a miracle. Since arrive into our life she had brought sunshine and smiles to everyone she meets. This little lady has so much love to give, she is a true blessing to anyone she meets. When phoenix is playing she expresses herself by giving off the most beautiful belly laughes. Phoenix is the most beautiful gift this world have given to us. Our world has become a better place because of her. We dreamt her and now its reality
Zeke is a God sent baby. He is angel. He is so perfect, he was born with cleft lip, but is loved by so many people. He is my entire world. Please vote him the cutest baby, i mean look at his face! You cant deny this one!!
Hey guys I’m royalty I was born a month early on October 20th 2020 , I only weighed about 6 lbs and 8 ounces. I was suppose to be here November 10,2020 but I couldn’t wait to squeeze my mommy’s face☺️ .Oh and 25 inches long 🥰. My birthday is coming really soon and I really would like to win for my birthday this month. I want to have a coco melon party. I love chicken nuggets and wings and I love to rip paper. I can’t wait to be the big one. I have three teeth , do you see them ? My mommy reads me books on my teeth my hair and my skin and how awesome it is to be a baby girl. I like playing, screaming in echo rooms, clapping and dancing. I love going to the beach the park and mostly to play with my cousins. I love chocolate milkshakes . My mommy makes me strong I want to grow up big and strong and be just as strong as mommy💜 .
My name is Amelia, call me Mia for short. I am a 5 months old baby, who love to smile and talks alot ! ❤️
Dondre loves to play & laugh he is the most happiest baby . He is friendly & very smart . He loves people & they love him . The joy his smile brings people is amazing he lights up every room he enters . Vote for Dre Dre .
Kaliyah is 14 months old, she loves to watch anything Mickey Mouse. She loves dancing and taking things that don’t belong to her just for someone to chase her. She wakes up with the most beautiful smile each and every morning. A bright light in any dark room.
Empress is a funny bright smart baby who loves attention and the camera she has beauty to kill for lol vote for Empress you won’t regret it
Abraham is a smart boy who like to laugh, play with friends and he also love to play soccer with fun and his favorite character is micky mouse 🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱
Zayden is a handsome baby who likes snuggles, loves the camera, and paying attention to what Mommy and Daddy are doing! Zayden loves video chatting with his grandparents and other loved ones almost everyday. Zayden would love your vote! 💙
Asahd loves blueberries and riding the elevator. He cries when we take him on or off any elevator.
Alexander loves Mexican music and when his daddy talks in Spanish to him. He loves staring at lights especially the floor lamp! He is already a mommas boy and she is super proud of that!
Jaysa is a happy baby, she is always telling us the things she wants to do and making us laugh with her funny ways. She is such a cute baby, so intelligent that learns things very fast.
My name is Traci Monroe❤️ I’m mommy’s blessing. I’m loving to all and love to pull moms hair out.
Cali is a beautiful young lady who loves riding her long bord, she likes to take her dogs on walks and most of all she n loves cooking with her mamma.