Hannah Shepherd
She 2 yeard old she like she like run and play be outside
Mason is a smart,fun,silly,and loving most perfect little boy! He love to crawl around and pull himself up hes always so curious about everything. Mason enjoys trying all the different foods/snack. One of his favorite things to do is going for walks to swing at the park! 🥰❤️
Grayson is such a chill baby Loves smiling at momma an eating constantly. He just learned to roll over. Vote for my baby boy 🥰🤞
Arlo is our cheeky monkey who is inseparable from his furry big brother.
Penelope has such a happy spirit, she loves music and clapping her hands when she hears it. She loves waving to hello and goodbye to everyone. She’s a big momma’s girl, she’s a super fast crawler and is more curios than the cat ever was lol. She’ll drop everything she’s doing to watch Ms.Rachel and Loves to rock back and forth when she hears the songs. She truly is a social butterfly. She loves friends and family and always gives the cutest smiles. Her favorite words are mama, dada and Nana.
He funniest, he likes most dance
Beautiful..funny loves enjoys watching mickey loves being outside..
Olive is one of the most energetic, smart, loving and caring child I ever met. She loves sonic, superheroes, and Jurassic park. When she was 2 she learned let it go from disneys frozen lol. This girl is one of a kind so vote Ollie!!❤️
Khalani Jean Loves swinging on her swing and cuddling with her mommy and daddy. Her favorite song is the lullaby version of hearth shaped box and her main song yellow by Coldplay. Vote Khalani for her smiles ❤️
This is my beautiful little Nevaeh (her name is heaven backwards 🥰) she is my little gift from above 🌈 She is 8 weeks old. She’s Finding her smile now & getting excited over her toys and peoples faces. She is a mummy’s girl & loves to be cuddled she has an angels kiss birthmark on her forehead 😍 she has the longest lashes and the most prettiest little face and smile 🥰❤️
Abigail is a ray of sunshine... everyone that meets here falls in love!! Keep smiling Miss Abby!!
Ayda-Rose is 3 and a half and is the cutest little soul. She has a personality to die for! Everybody loves her & has a soft spot for her, She is a pleasure to be around. She is so sassy but yet so gentle and kind & loving towards others. Everybody comments on how beautiful she is. She’s always been very placid and laid back and is very independent. I know I’m biased but she really is amazing ❤️
Hi! My name is Ma’Kinleigh and I am full of personality and sass, but also full of love and laughs! 💕
My Elliott Liam IS the cutest baby EVER ❤️ Thank you for your votes ‼️ He LOVES to smile, snuggle with mommy and daddy, and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 🥰
My name is Charlotte and I love my feet being tickled. I am a precious IVF baby.
Sianna is such a happy little girl, she loves her shopping especially likes her shoes and handbags like most girls i know, if ever she cries she stops when she sees a picture of shoes, she’s funny, loves her nursery rhymes, she’s super active and also loves plenty of cuddles and attention; my daughters really are my best friends, she’s stunning inside and out 💖
Just a train loving baby boy who makes anyone’s day with his contagious smile and laugh and his warm hugs!
A sweet, loving, beautiful girl who can make the whole room smile!
Isla-Mae is almost 5 months old, loves rolling over and always has a happy smile on her face🥰 She’s very photogenic 😂🙈 and loves a photo taken 💗
Willow loves milk alot 😂 and cuddles, she doesn't like to sleep at night time or be put down
She is an active baby, she loves listening to nursery and shows interest when story book is read to her and yes she’s a smiley one.
Samuel loves napping and laughing
This is Zara! She absolutely loves food, her hair and teeth being brushed. She loves to watch mummy singing and dancing 😂
Landon bear should win because be he is the sweetest most smartest baby he is holding things putting his picky in his mouth he’s coo’s are literally the cutest he’s laughing now he loves to play air plane and loves his mommy’s hair he’s funny and has the cutest little personality ever 🥰🥰
He crys, he poops, he eats and he sleeps and smiles while weeing on me😊
Hi my name is Ava-grace, I love the camera and making my family smile.
No words needed.
Lila is truly a treasure which also happens to be the meaning of her Korean name/ middle name. Bath time is her favorite part of the day and the easiest way to get the biggest smiles and laughs!
Gretchen is such a happy, bright eyed baby girl. She is an amazing sleeper and loves her big sisters so much.
Ka’Ori (pronounced Kay-Ori) is an active 5 month old! Ori loves to eat, play, dress up and pose for the camera🥰 ~We would love your vote❤️
Finny is like the cutest ever!
She’s a premature baby, born 7/1/22 but was due 9/13/22. She’s THRIVING in the NICU right now. Weight 3lb14oz and just over a foot long. She loves to be held and give the sleepy smile when she feels her mom/dad warm touch. Just started making a kissy face and plays with her tongue. Enjoys being swaddled and laying on her belly seems to be her most comfy position to sleep in. Sweetest little baby.
Red hair, green eyed girl 💜 She is very smart, And funny. She loves her little brother, swimming, and reading, and playing softball 🥎
Blonde hair blue eyed boy 💙 Loves Dirtbikes, his toy cars, and his big sister! Mommys boy, Daddys twin❤️
Nova Jane is one month old 💗 she loves cuddles and watching tv.
Amara loves to watch her baby first Loves to laugh and screech
My baby girl is super intelligent, kind, and has a big heart! Absolutely loves to be outside playing as much as she can and loves swimming 🥰
She is very bright, and tends to analyze the space around here. Loving, caring, loves to share, and is great at enjoying company. Sings, and dances, and knows her way to people's hearts.
Shes so sweet and loves everyone mostly she loves her grandma
Violet is a social butterfly that loves the outdoors, music and musical instruments. She is loving and a very happy baby.
Arlo is a resilient baby boy born 6 weeks early at 3lbs 10oz. He is the light of our world. He loves eating fruits, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes. Loves going out on walks in his stroller. His favorite thing is swinging on the bench outside of our home. Every day, our precious baby boy wakes up happy and smiling from ear to ear; grateful for another day of health and fun with his loved ones.
Josiah loves playing basketball, eating yummy snacks, riding his car, and helping take care of his baby sister ❤️
Braxton is 2 years old he loves Dinosaurs and Spider-Man . He’s the smartest 2 year old. He’s the most handsome little boy and all his curls you will love Braxton Vote for him!!!!
Spencer is such a happy little baby. He doesn't ever get fussy unless he's hungry. He loves to sit on the couch and watch outdoor shows with his pap. And also staring at himself in the mirror. He's got a smile that will melt anyone's heart ❤️