Baby Stories - 82


Hi I’m Lay’Lanii, My Smile Is Priceless But Hard To Catch. I’m So Smart. I Love To Sleep Eat And Play. I Love Cuddles And Kisses. I’m Very Gorgeous And I’m Named After A Flower 🌺
Im a very chill Baby. I love to eat, sleep and lay on my belly for some fun time. My mommy says my best feature is my SMILE 😊
Bubbly little girl that loves to swing, play with her toys, and growl at everyone with the biggest smile on her face.
He’s a very energetic & goofy baby he loves yo gabba gabba & making funny faces
Alexander loves playing outside. He loves leaves & sticks. He also loves Elmo! He’s the sweetest little boy💙
Delilah loves cuddles and her milk she constantly smiles at people and likes going out in her pram
Theodore is our first little boy after having 3 girls!
This lil chunk made me a mommy and it’s the best thing ever. She is a lil piggy and already has a diva personality 😂 This little blue eyed, dimpled, chubby angel is my whole world 💜
He just loves his mommy and daddy and he loves to drool. Hes the sweetest baby
Ryker is a quiet guy and would rather chill out in his rocker than be held.
Gemma is a full of sass girl! She loves being outside ALL THE TIME, her baby brother, mostly any food, and cuddling with mommy!
Hi ! I Am A Proud Pandemic Baby ! I love to travel around with my mommy and daddy, so that anyone new I meet, I can greet with a huge smile and brighten up their day! 🧸
I Recently turned 6 month old... I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Mommy and daddy tell me I stole their hearts, but judging from the bags under their eyes it looks like I stole their sleep too 😴 My hair is getting longer each day and so am I. My favorite thing to do is drink mommy’s milk 😋🍼 I love car rides, lullaby music, staring at daddy 🥰 I dislike socks and diaper changes. And I don’t like being told what to do, but daddy says I get that trait from mommy so can you really blame me? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Oh, and whenever I need anything, I just cry and it instantly comes to me (swipe). So you can say life is awesome! 👶🏼♥️
Seamus enjoys licking mango off his bib, feeding his fur siblings his unwanted food, and singing along to musicals.
Carson Carter Kitchen
Carson just turned 5 months he loves Mickey Mouse and just discovered he has a voice 😂 his new thing is screaming and boy is he good at it ❤️
Loved the camera
Lemuel Jaiden
hi! I'm LJ, my mommy calls me baby Lem😊 Mommy & Daddy say I am gonna be a great singer one day coz I have the sweetest cry🤭😬 I have the best facial expressions, I can be a meme🤣
Zachary is nearly 3 years old and loves to play basketball, he watches a lot of dude perfect and learns trick shots from them 😊😊😊
Gorgeous happy boy 🥰 in the night garden obsessed, resembles makka pakka 😂
Leighla is very sweet and funny , vote for her to brighten your day!
All around blessing to every person she sees....
Armanie is the sweetest baby. She loves to smile at everyone she sees. Her favorite time is bath time. She's just a little ball of happiness that can make anyone's day perfect.
He’s such a happy boy loves bananas rolling around bouncing and he thinks hey duggee and spongebob are his friends. And he loves his dad singing to him.
Happiest babygirl out there🥰 absolutely loves attention🤩 this sweet angel of mine is gonna be going through a lot this month with having to get surgery🥺 I’m a first time mama and she’s my best friend♥️ Her daddy and I are so blessed to be this sweethearts parents!
Lucas Gray
Lucas Gray 1/11/2020
She loves pizza, she likes to laugh for no reason at everything & she is always such a happy baby ❤️ She loves watching YouTube & loves animals & she wants you to vote for her 🥰
Skyler is such a blessing to all of us. She loves playing with her toys and seeing her siblings an family
Noah is 6 months old. He is a cheeky chappy who is always smiling and happy. He didn't have the best start in life as he had problems with his stomach, but an operation at 2 months old fixed this and he has been thriving since. Now he's a chunky cutie who loves to giggle, eat, splash in the bath and make lots of noise
Our little Leonidas is a heart warrior with dextrocardia and heterotaxy. He has had 2 hospitalizations since birth and has finally been home a week after only being home 2 days before returning to the hospital. He is the sweetest and cuddliest munchkin there is. Vote for Leon!
She's brought so much joy to our family in just 3 short weeks
Stella was born 7 weeks early and is 2 months old now! She's a little trooper, eating like a champ, and is almost 7lbs. Needless to say, she's quite the expressive little stinker 🥰
Emmie-louise is a 11 month old beautiful little girl , she’s such a clever little character never fails to make you smile or laugh
Sebastian loves to party all night and sleep all day. Favorite hobby is snuggling with his momma.
Kayden Pierce
Kayden is a happy baby who loves his nana and papa he loves his daddy hes a very smart baby too he babbles alot and its adorable lol hes also a pretty calm baby for the most part he loves going on walks and car rides and he loves when mommy nibbles on his sides and toes his laugh is so adorable and he is mommys bundle of joy❤❤
Amari is a extremely active child, with a wild imagination. He’s kind and caring with such a big heart. He’s such a fast learner and isn’t afraid of anything!
She loves to dance. She spoild after mommy. She loves her toys
She loves to share her toys, she is so sweet and kind to everyone. She loves school and she loves the movie frozen. She loves to wear dresses and brushing hair!
Jason is so smart, very charming, adorable. He is in preschool and has learned to write his own name. So proud of him.
The happiest sweetest boy out there ! He loves his mama and daddy ❣️ He knows what he wants and when he wants it. He’s just a little bit spoiled and a whole lotta loved 😉❤️
Bentley is 6 months old and she loves her big sisters and her mommy..
Braxten is such a little ham & he’s always got that little smile on his face to light up your day!! 💙
Dixi Rose makes everyone smile, she is our happy place. Dixi loves music.
Aspen is a bubbly, spontaneous, outgoing little girl. She loves to dance and sing. She will do what she can to make anyone smile. She is smart and daring and is happy all the time. Aspen loves peek a boo and is very photogenic. This little girl has so many feelings and is all in all sweet as can be.
Everleigh is 4 months old born on Fourth of July explains why she is a little fire cracker and lights up your day ❤️ loves her doggies and watching trolls and rolling over .
Everleigh is 4 months old born on Fourth of July explains why she is a little fire cracker and lights up your day ❤️ loves her doggies and watching trolls and rolling over .
She loves her daddy! Is super smiley these days! And is growing way to fast 🤍
Brantley is a very happy baby, he loves cuddles and giving slobbery kisses 🤍
My sweet baby Dominic is always smiling and flashing his dimples. He loves to cuddle, laugh, and hes always talking. He’s my best friend ❤️