Baby Stories - 82


Alaia is 6 months!
Everleigh Sue- born 2/25/21. Sweet baby girl loves to smile an snuggle, has a lot of sas
Hello Ladies my name is Collin Im 1 1/2 and I enjoy riding my bmx bike,playing with my sister, storytime before bed then mom rocking me to sleep. Even Im only 3 foot tall Ill melt your heart wiith my adorable smile and unbelievable charm. Pick me and there will be so much more of COLLIN to come!!!!
Hi my name is DaLeea Luna, I’m a month old. I love car rides and to eat. My favorite thing to do is sleep
This is Zoë! She loves to play and give smiles. Her favorite movie is Aladdin she can literally watch it all day. Mommy and Daddy’s happy baby!
Grayson Reed Hatcher is a through and through mama's boy. He is a sweetheart and adores attention. He love this older brother & sister. He is very active and a happy go lucky kid. He loves big trucks, playing in the mud 🙄 and of course being outside. He is 3 years old and loons like a 5 year old 😳😂 Please vote for my baby🤞
He is the sweetest little boy ever 😊 he loves his puppies & kittens 💞 loving being outside and loves too play all day and night
Cooper is a happy-go-lucky little guy who loves to snuggle, coo, & watch his big brother and doggie sidekick.
Princess Jezabel is the sweetest and most loving baby girl I have met! Beautiful smile and gorgeous Eye 💙 and personality 🥰 she's just the best! Vote for her!!!
McKinley is the happiest little babe! & she has recently found her voice and LOVES to talk and giggle! Her favorite tv is boss baby or coco melon. She’s love chewing on her little hands & bath time is her fav!
He loves pinkfong/baby shark he loves to eat and he loves to be outside. He’s a good baby 👶🏻 💙💙
Happy,chunky,silly little boy who loves his hands and smiling!
Loving, energetic, happy little girl! Loves dressing up and posing for pictures!
My sweet boy is my first, and I have waited my whole life to meet him. He smiles constantly. Hes so strong, even the day we first met him. He is the best baby and he lights up my world!! 💙💙
Kailani is a Down syndrome baby she had open heart surgery at 3months old she is now 7yrs old and is doing fantastic her hole in her heart is finally closed thank u god 🙏🏽💗 she loves to sing and dance she’s a very smart and loves everyone her laugh brings everyone smiles 🥰
Gabriel is a very goofy baby ❤️ He loves playing with his siblings and laughing at his puppies.
I love my mom and dad, I love my swing, and I love my hands. I can roll over and I love to smile!
Bentleys the happiest baby ever! Always smiling or laughing
Aurora is a sweet, loving ball of energy! She loves to snack, play with her kitchen set and give Mommy and Daddy lovings! She is such a silly girl. She loves to spin in circles, pop bubbles, and play with the family dog.
Zamir is such a happy baby . He loves to laugh and play jokes at such a young age .
Hi!! My name is Bernard and I’m mommy and daddy’s 🌈 baby!! I love to laugh and smile! I’m always showing my gums off 🥰.
Princess Dei loves her some bananas . She is such a happy , goofy baby.
Mave is almost a month old. He love to be sung to amd loves his binky. Auch a great boy
Baby kinich is a rainbow baby a miracle we were waiting for after a miscarriage is was scary to try again but here he is lovely funny little trouble maker he is now running not walking but running he looks so funny cuase hes so little but its my most beautiful waking miracle ❤
Kaelynn is very smart she loves to dance sing and play and is the sweets baby ever!
ILa is a sweet little girls who loves pears and hanging with her cousins 💜
Elsie loves to stare at lights & watch tv. She loves to sleep, loves kisses, cuddles, to be held & loves to smile!
Stefan is a kind hearted little boy who loves to play video games with his daddy. He is very smart and highly intelligent for his age.
Nicolas is a very loving little boy. He love playing ball and fishing and hunting. He enjoys being outside all day long.
Bryson is an amazing and very active child. He loves playing ball and drawing. He is sweet and very kind hearted and he loves everyone.
Sophia is our rainbow baby. She is always smiling and can brighten anybody's day.
Adventurous little mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️
Atlas is a true wild child! He loves dancing in the kitchen to Kenny Rogers, following his older brother around the house, and throwing whole toilet paper rolls in the potty! He loves dinosaurs and elephants and is such a happy, energetic baby!
My heart, my life, my soul ❤️
Hello My name is Braxton Lee. I love to play with my two older brothers and my sister. I absolutely love my mommy & Daddy and I absolutely love my papa and my grandma. I love to look at myself and talk to myself till I fall asleep. I absolutely love when it’s time to eat and I love to wiggle around
Scarlett loves cuddles with mommy. Loves smiling at her daddy. Her nickname is snugglebug!💚
Cady is a chunky little girl that loves to eat!
Wynter is our 🌈 baby. Such a smiley, content and pleasant little lady 💕
She is a very happy baby who loves to play and watch pepper pig. She also likes listening to music and loves plenty of hugs and kisses
Hope is 9 months old she loves food especially fruit 🍉 her favourite game is peekaboo and loves watching her tv cocomellon and peppy pig with cuddles 🥰 ❤️
Clayton is a mamas boy loves sleeping on my chest loves looking around hes already trying to roll over but he loves to pee on mama lol
Shes such a happy baby all the time! She is our miracle baby! She loves to be talked to and loves to lay on your chest! She knows just how to melt your heart when she pokes her bottom lip out and smiles right after.