Evelyn Jean, an absolute dream baby. She wakes up smiling every single morning without fail. She is simply gorgeous ❤️
My precious Ryleigh loves to be held, loves when you sing to her. She is such a good baby, loves baths. She’s just an all around perfect baby ❤️
Robin is very cheeky 😝 amd love to eat
Olivia is a very energetic little girl that loves having her photograph done
Dwarfism awareness
Hello! My name is Miko and i’m a milk monster. I love cuddling and watching tv. Got some butter for these rolls?
Conner Blake
Conner is a beautifull big eyed boy With a huge personality Please vote 🗳
Her name is Brailen Miracle. After being told for years I couldn't have any children, here she came. Even though I carried her full term; she spent her first 2 weeks in this world in the NICU. She quit breathing 3 times when the nurses were measuring her. But even when she had the oxygen tubes in her nose she was always smiling. She is definitely the happiest baby I've ever seen and truly my Miracle.
At only 3 months old miss Kahmila Reign can sit up & talk.. she loves scrolling/watching tik tok .. but most importantly she loves taking baths & being a nakey baby .. she sure does love snuggle time with her mommy & daddy !!
My baby was born 34 weeks and 1day hes a lil biggy when it coms to feeding tome and over dramatic with diaper changes but a sweet boy and growing so fast
Long time coming to meet our little miracle billie 💟 6 weeks old and the love of our lives, for mumma and daddy. Apart of the pack with her fur brothers Ziggy, Roy and Bailey xx
She's a double rainbow baby that saved my life and gave me Hope again after 2 of my other children passed away in 2016. Hence her name 💛
Hi, my name is Aria Sky. Im almost 2 years old. I have 3 older brothers and 1 older sister. Im the baby. I also have a cat named Moo Cow. I love dancing, singing, and playing with my Bluey toys
Evelynn loves to smile, cuddles with mama, and bath time! She’s already got quite the personality. Must come from her dad!
Shower me in blueberries and let me play in the sand pit! The way to this girls heart.
This is my sweet Carson he was brought in this world on March 1st 2023 weighing 7 pounds 12oz and 21 inches long he loves to sleep and eat he hates having no clothes on he’s a really good baby.
Aubrey is a miracle baby and has been through so much in her 6 months but keeps a smile on her little face , Aubrey loves car rides and eating solids !
Harriet is my beautiful brown eyed girl. When people meet her they always ask “is she always this happy?” She doesn’t stop smiling and enjoying life.
She loves baths, cuddles and anything to do with her milk
She loves to smile, laugh, and be around her loving family. She loves to watch The backyardigans. She is a lovely baby. She make you smile even when your down, she is a daddy's girl
Macie is our rainbow baby so she is extra special! She loves attention!! She likes baths, being rocked, swinging in her swing, and being sang to. She also loves car rides and the vacuum cleaner being ran! Macie is also a strong little thing. She’s already holding her head up and can roll over (sometimes) if she gets mad enough. But out of everything so far her most favorite thing is to eat. I know she would eat all day if we’d let her..
Bailee was born at 28 weeks and 5 days,she's the happiest and strongest little girl I've ever seen despite her being born so early she's certainly trying to catch up she's now learning to situp and absolutely loves to talk!!!!!!
Addie Rose is full of love and sweetness. She smiles at EVERYONE she sees and just loves to be a part of the action. Addie rarely cries, sleeps through the night and is such a daddy'a girl. 🥰 out of alllllll her toys, she prefers an empty water bottle 🤣
Catalina is a very bright girl she love to play outside and with her older brother and loved to watch Cocomelon
Hi my name is Maddax. I love spending time with family. I am outgoing excited about learning new things and as adventurous as a 1 year old can be. Playing outside is always fun. Best times are in water. Splish splash please vote for me!!
Zachary is our little bundle of joy! He has the most beautiful smile and he lights up our world. Zachary’s 2 mummies are so very lucky to have him ❤️
He's a flirt! When he was in the nursery for monitoring due to a health scare, nurses from other floors would sneak away to visit him. He loves his stuffed elephant and when mommy sings to him. He's a ladies man!
Hello, my name is Aurora. I love playing with water and eating. Also love listening and playing music 🎶 Vote for me please and thank you💕
Harlow Lynn Sawmiller ❤️ One month old, loves to make faces, follows your voice, loves to smile 🥺
She always has the biggest smile on her face she loves to eat everything also!
chloe is 7 month old little girl thats always happy she is so full of smiles,laughs and she can make your day no matter what,she loves watching tv with her big brother clay. she also loves her mommy and daddy and learning new things that is whst she does best.she loves playing with anything colorful and whatever she can get basically this little girl is amazing as they come.god knew we needed her she so perfect smart and beauitful
Lucca is such a happy baby! He loves being talked to and sitting up so he’s able to look around 🤍 we love him so much
Nova is 3 year old who has level one autism (speech delay) but that doesn’t stop her from smiling and laughing. She loves to learn and knows her manners. She also loves to sing, dance and spend time with her family.
Zachariah is such a joyful baby. Very smart for his age. He loves more then anything any kind of toy balls. He loves to be outside a lot playing with his brothers. He is also a baby that shows a lot of love. He gave us a scare at 2 weeks old with a heart rate at 300 it took 2 times to stop n restart his heart. Since then he has been on adult heart meds and more active then ever. We have been blessed not to have lost him with his heart condition blessed to have a strong, amazing ,smart, happy loving, son.. let's not forget photogenic baby he is....
Hello, I am little Isaac. I like to play peek a boo and giggles a lot. I love people and cuddles. My favourite breaky is my hand, sometimes oats too!
Kamryn LOVES playing outside. We LOVE repping boutique clothes for companies! Kamryn is the sweetest two year old. 🫶🏼
Isabella is a 5 year old girl, who’s autistic, she bright, full of energy. She loves dogs and her lady bugs.
Princess 👑
Abrina is a beautiful blue eyed baby, our rainbow baby.🌈💕 She’s a little sister! Always smiling & laughing.❤️ She loves to be outside! But not as much as she loves her sleep!🥰She LOVES to eat lol Everyday she learns something new 🫶🏼 She’s such a bundle of joy, our sunshine🌻She’s got allll the sass😉💕
Amari was born on February 14th, 2022. He’s a Valentine’s baby and it makes perfect sense because he is such a lovable guy. He’s sweet, always smiling, and his laugh is infectious. Our curious guy loves all things trucks, Dino’s, and sports! ❤️
Ava is funny , witty and has a big heart of gold. She loves ballet, dancing and singing. She also loves to ride motorcycles and four wheelers. She is a natural performer. She also loves to play dress up.
My names Oliver, I love smiling and laughing, sitting up and rolling over and talking jibberish 😂🧡
Hailey was born on her Uncles birthday i in July! She is growing like a weed and has already tried 30 different foods! She’s our second baby girl and has a smile you have to work for. But once you get that smile you will melt!
His full name is JORDAN DAVID BOONE. He was just born. He’s my first child. He was born 5 weeks early and he is adorable and healthy. He will be at the hospital for a few more weeks until he starts eating and growing more.
Maya is sweet, happy, full of wonder. She’s ready to get moving getting closer everyday. She’s learning I love watching her figure out something new everyday.
Her love for animals and talking to them is the sweetest thing ever. Her laugh and smile is contagious. " ayee" is her new favorite word. Shes obsessed with her family , puppy, and mama and daddy of course. Ali is all about trying new foods 💜
Madilynn Victoria Rose, born January 27, 2023! She weighed 5lbs 13oz and 19 inches long! She is such a sweet little baby girl! 💜