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30 days old, he loves cuddles, he smiles and he is doing in his pic.
Hi, My Name Is River Wilson & I’m Almost 2 Months Old. I Love My Mama & Daddy and Playing With Toys That Have Bells In Them. I Love Sleeping, Eating, & Mickey Mouse!!❤️🥰 I Would Really Love If Y’all Could Give Me A Vote Please 🥺💙
Please VOTE for Judah he is a very caring and smart little boy. He loves playing with his siblings and runs on unlimited energy. He is very loving and we are so happy to have him in our lives!🥰
Maverick is 3 months old! Born 5 weeks early on December 1st 2020. He weighed 5lbs 3oz. He’s starting to find his voice and loves to smile.
Spencer is an entergetic and sweet 6 month old.
Finnegan is five months old. He loves to put his hands in his mouth and enjoys playing. He is a very happy baby.
My name is Liam I am 3 months old I’m the happiest baby you’ll ever meet I love to watch my dinosaur shows I love talking to my nana and papaw and I love playing with mommy and daddy
She like when mami sings to her all the time She like everyone! Just smile to her and she will smile back She likes fooooood!
He is my grandson he smiles every time you are taking pictures like he is a natural he so smart. Laughs all the time
Rae Willow
Rae Willow is a 6 month old little spitfire! She is spunky mixed with sweet and has such a BIG personality for such a tiny little girl! She loves to sing/scream and wants to hug just about everyone she sees. Fashionista in the making and future baby superstar right here!!!
Allison is a month old. She has the cutest little smile. Warns about anybody heart
He has a beaming smile with his dimples. He is cute just cute when he stares at you.
Kayden , born prematurely at 6 months, has been the light of everyone’s life. A baby that’s always silly , loves to eat, extremely friendly and joyful!
Jameson loves cuddles and his bottles the most!! He loves to laugh, smile, talk, and he also loves to play with my mommy and daddy!!!
Monroe is the happiest little boy I have ever met! He keeps momma and daddy on our toes now that he is mobile. Eating is his FAVORITE thing, whether it be his milkies or his table food. Monroe loves everybody that he meets, especially his Gramma and Grampa Fox.
Amira is very observant. She holds her head up and looks around, she has to see what your doing. Mira’s favorite show is Cocomelon and she enjoys listening to Rod Wave. Mìra dislikes head wraps, socks, and blankets.
Aubrey Jane
Aubrey love to play outside, dress up, and dolly house! She enjoys sitting inside and playing indoor games and arts and crafts if it’s tanning outside and she loves to eat!!!
Mathew Elijah
He is so adorable. Only 2 weeks and he is so active.He can win your heart in an instant.Sleeps a lot lol when he is drunk in his milk🥰🥰🤣😂 before he was conceived I knew I would be a grandma for the 3rd time God revealed it to me So I said ok now he is my third prophet in the family. Can you help looking at him and not hug him? He is a smiler and full of joy!!
Jindarah Williams Sams
Playing around his a real bright young little boy
Marvie loves cuddling and playing with his big sister. He is super sweet and tries to talk and loves to smile!
Alaiya is just over 3 months old! She brings so much light and joy into our lives and alll who are around her. She has the biggest smile and the cutest laugh.
He was born 6 weeks early, his favourite thing to do is watch dancing vegetables 🥕🌽🥦
Axell is already quite the character! You will definitely fall in love with this goofball
Samaria is a wonderful happy baby, who bring joy to everyone she comes in contact with. Her smile and laugh is so heartwarming. Samaria enjoy tummy time, music, conversing with mommy and daddy (baby talk of course) and nap time.
Stella is a very active baby girl 💕 she loves to giggle, talk, and cuddle!
Derriona is the best baby ever ! She’s the happiest baby
Presley was born 1/29/2021 she is our rainbow baby and we are so very blessed to have her. She loves tummy time and making faces, she loves to stick her tongue out a lot lol, she loves her hands and she has started to discover she has voice. She is also very spoiled by our families💕
I love to dance and make everyone smile
I love climbing and acting
I make the cutest little faces and I love to cuddle 🥰
Hes a happy baby .He loves music watching tv .From the moment he wakes ups its nothing but kicks and smiles he lols out loud .Very smart baby notice it sense birth been trying to hold his bottle from 2 months old can you believe it everything about him brings me joy.
Devana is Sassy Yet Sweet! She is most definitely one of a kind and i wouldn’t trade her for the world! Her chubby cheeks and chunky thighs are just a plus! Vote for my baby 🥰
Baby Sebastian goes by “Bash” is very talkative, very ticklish, and very funny with a smile that is contagious!
Keeonne is a very handsome baby boy. He is the youngest of three. He is always smiling 😃 but what he loves more than anything besides his mommy is food 🍱 this little boy can eat a grown man under the table 😂 such a huge appetite for a baby wouldn’t you say. Vote for Keon I’m sure he will brighten up your day
He loves to play outside. As soon as he wakes up he wants his shoes on and to go! He loves dancing and testing his siblings nerves. He’s the most lovable defiant little boy❤️😂 He’s buck wild with a hint of sweetness ❤️ Plus those eyes! Omg ! His eyes are beautiful! No photo shop lol God gave him beautiful eyes and long lashes ❤️
Sophia loves to laugh and the sound of her voice. She’s one happy baby and loves the ABCs ❤️
My daughter AnnaLynne is my Rainbow 🌈 Baby. After 2 losses, I didn't think she was going to make. However, she came into this world ready to take it on! She's our pride and joy and always keeps us laughing!
Bellamy Eudora
Bellamy loves doggies, she laughs at every dog she see’s. She is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. She loves sitting up and bath time!
Beau Gary is the absolute light of our lives! His sweet smile and bright baby blues can light up any room. Beau enjoys going for walks outside in his stroller, eating (all the time🤪), and watching Cocomelon or Llama Llama!
Harper is always smiling. That his her greatest gift. Harper loves to eat
Kinsley May
Kinsley is a very active spicy little girl who loves to play and snuggle
Kaysenn was born December 3rd 2020 she is 2 mins older than her twin sister Keagan they are di/di twins and they are like night and day so opposite so unique in their own beautiful ways
Keagan was born December 3rd 2020 she is 2 mins younger than her twin sister Kaysenn they are di/di twins and they are like night and day so opposite so unique in their own beautiful ways.
Kabela is a spunky full of life almost 2month old with eyes as blue as the sea and as bright as the stars.