Evelyn was born 4 weeks early on July 11th 2022. The day mom went into labor baby Evelyn made her appearance. Evelyn loves to smile and make funny faces at mommy and daddy.
Vote for our little ray of sunshine. She loves to soak up the sun and be a little dancing queen 💛 Run around barefoot, pest our four legged animals— give kisses, high fives and fist bumps!
Hannah loves to snuggle with her mummy. She loves to laugh, trying to crawl and already teething. She's a big girl for such a small baby.
Jasper is the happiest little guy. He loves laughing, smiling, and snuggles!
Miss Nevaeh is a very happy little girl and love to dance and play with her big brothers.Please vote for her and we we will return the favor. Interesting in exchanging votes leave link below and comment when complete and done ✅. Thank you to everyone voting for Neveah.🙏😀
Miss Levi (leh-V) is our beautiful baby girl! She’s almost 6 months old and is the happiest baby around. She loves eating, laughing and screaming Da-Da. She’s our sunshine on a rainy day! ♥️
Ellie is an only child. She loves Moana, eating her big girl food and her hands. She loves being outside and she think grandma and grandpa are the funniest.
Aidan is 3 years old, he absolutely loves all things cars and trucks! He knows more about them then his mom and he knows it too. He loves playing outside and picking on his little sister!
Gianna Zeriah Shawn, Born January 12th 2022. She loves anything that makes noise, lives to mean mug someone & is always happy !
Delilah is literally the reason im alive today as her mom im so proud of her and she's only 7 months old. She loves eating food. Trying to crawl and sitting up. Smiling and giggling is her favorite thing to do.
My name is Hannah I am 11 years old and I live in Tennessee. I love art ,and I am a really bashful tween,but very kind person! I am a one of a kind friend. I would say my best friend is Trinity. I am in 6th grade. I love playing Roblox and I have a 5 year-old sister Avery and a 3-month-old brother Jayce.
I love mommy and daddy especially mommys milk.I can lift up my head already and I love love sleep I am such a deep sleeper nothing can wake me up till I get hungry!
Kylie is 5 month old, a sweet little girl who loves to spend time with her family
Very loving and energetic and loves to play and try to talk to you she loves to eat and play with her toys all and all she is a fun and interesting baby and I can't help wonder what she is going to do next
Ralphie is 5 months old! He loves to smile a giggle a lot! He loves to be outdoor.
He is 3 weeks old He loves his teddies and bottles
Mason is a happy cheeky little boy
Paisley was born August 25, 2022. She is determined because she decided to kick so hard she broke my water a whole month early. She loves to be held by mommy and daddy. She also loves long naps and a full belly.
Dakota is 3 months old, trying to sit up, starting to laugh and loves staring at his hands trying to figure out how they work. He loves kicking, noises, and his family.
Mia-Lynne loves being outside. She loves food and thinks everyone’s food is hers. She’s a bubbly girl with a side of drama.
My name is Zoie im 8 months old i love to try new food with my parnets. Im crawling .and trying to stand up on my own, i love to hangg with my paw paw and GG and watch tv with alot of colors. I have long conversations with my mommy and i love to laugh and smile and play with my toys
He loves the camera such a jolly little boy can put a smile on anybody's face!
Naz’ere is 1 years old. He ls very playful, loving. Melts your heart with his hugs and kisssz. Naz’ere loves music the most
Shine is a miracle baby. He had a rough go coming into this world, but he was strong and hung on. His smile is infectious and loves everyone. He loves music and to dance.
Colt is a Happy 10 month old! He loves his Mama, Dada & Sissy! His favorite food is Butternut Squash, He absolutely Loves Swimming, Bathtime and swinging at the park! He can say quite a few words & will be walking very soon!
James is the smiliest child you have ever seen! His little face would brighten the darkest of days!!! 🥰🥰🥰 He is a complete mad man in his walker!!! Thinks he is Lewis Hamilton!!!🙈🛞🔥🤣🥰
Love hugs pancakes carosels and shared time w her parents
Jaxson is the happiest little boy! Always smiling and giggling 💙
Remington loves to play and try to run and really loves spending time with his mom and dad
Stefen is a super cheerful little dude, he loves everyone and the attention he gets from his little dimples.
Samiya Islam
Samiya always like to have company from her siblings. She’s is very pleasant baby.
Sophie is so sweet!! She loves helping me with her younger sister and brother😍
Grace love to wave and love her big sister she even joy nice walk at the park
Harper is a crazy, spunky 3 year old! She loves playing outside and love to play with her little brother!
Cuz im beetle and im a bad as can #thisisnotmychair
Let me tell you about this little guy... This is my youngest son Patrick. He is such a sweetheart and brave.. He can definitely keep up with the bigger kids at the park. He loves to climb and play. When I say this kid has one of the best and biggest personalities I have ever met. Patrick makes friends everywhere he goes, his goofy happy self warms everybody's heart. Please vote for my son Patrick. If you were to meet him , you would also see how bright a future he has. Thank you everyone 😊
Ma petite princesse que je t'aime bcp
Maleah is one month old. She loves to stare at mommy and daddy, sleep, eat, and poop lol. She’s very easy going and a great sleeper
Meet my baby boy Oakley, he was one year old on September 9th.. he is walking everywhere still a little wobbly but he’s come so far 🥹 ! Oak has absolutely no fear I’m gonna have a heart attack one day I swear 🤣 his big sister Quinn is his favourite person he adores her. he loves every and any kind of food but his favourite is bologna. all around the best baby you could ever ask for, he’s a charmer to say the least 💙💙
Maya loves food and spending time with Mama, Dada and close family, she also enjoys playing in the bath.
Archie is 7months old he can crawl, pull himself up on furniture, feeds himself 3 meals a day, has said his first word, and its the most bubbly little boy. Hes forever smiling absolutely loves messing about with his daddy and has the funniest laugh. He never fails to put a smile on other peoples faces ❤
Meet Ella Rose!! Ella is such a playful, loving baby! She’s full of energy and loves waking up very early in the morning. She plays peekaboo, is so close go walking & loves her big sister (puppy) Ezzy! She is our beautiful rainbow baby and we adore her!
Za’Rhya Laurae is the best && smartest 8 month on baby you’ll ever meet ‼️💯 My Little Gumball Of Joy Is The Funniest Little One Everrr 🥰🥰
Hey guys! My name is Arlyn (AJ) i am quite the comedian. Singing along to baby shark, ba ba black sheep, and cocomelon is something i enjoy doing. My favorite animal sound to make is a zzzz like a bee. Mommy calls me the busy bee because the only time i am sitting still is when i am in my highchair. I love to give hugs and kisses also.
Millie is always smiling and is the happiest baby. She loves to roll around and shuffle backwards. She loves anything green.