Baby Stories - 81


Hello! I'm Reyna and I love laughing and talking all day long! I'm a bright blue eyed baby who can't wait to see the world already ♥️
Emelia is the sassiest and smilest. She loves posing for the camera, going on picture adventures and playing with her mom and dad.
Sierra... Is very loving and smiles a lot .. She my grandbaby .. .please vote for her ..
Logie loves his big brother and mommy and daddy. He also loves to smile❤️
Jackson loves his mommy daddy and little brother! He also loves his dog Gia❤️
Azrael loves to explore new things. He's a very happy baby but when he wants something he will give you this look that one can not resist.🤣🤣🤣 He's smart and giggles a lot. But most of all, he knows where mama and dada are at in a room. ☺️☺️☺️☺️
He loves to count to 20 and sing his ABC's. He loves to play with his sisters and nieces and nephews.
Hey I just turned 1 a few weeks ago! I love to play and watch cocomelon. My favorite food is strawberries!
Luke Enjoys Eating Everything But Baby Food, he loves playing and spending time with his Family, He loves watching Blues Clues
Khhloe And Bella
Khloe and Bella are twins girls let love the hell out of each other. They are very outgoing and love to smile and laugh. They mostly love when you open up a trash bag that's when they laugh the most
Parker is 10 months old, he loves Blue's Clues and loves his french fries. He loves his mommy and daddy.
4 months drooling, cooing, & blow outs 💨
She is the happiest baby ever. She had a rough start but is a fighter. She loves music and her grandparents ❤️
Brantley is the sweetest little man, ever. He’s so happy & full of life & very smart ❤️ He’s 18 months old & can tell you what most of the animals are & pretty much show you where everything is on his body. Lol he loves to read & jump.
Baby boy loves to laugh and play. He loves watching cocomelon and hearing himself talk💓 He’s a mommas boy💓
Kei’Mauri is going on 2months on the 10th. She’s a cuddle bug and love looking and spending time with her siblings. A warm bottle is a girls bsf right now.
Zy’Darius is a premature toddler, was born @27 wks early. Looks to eat & smile. Favorite snacks are chips & cookies.
Leonidas likes to snuggle with his teddy bear "Squishy", he also loves to snuggle woth his mom's, he also loves going for long walks and he likes bus rides. He is also very alert he is already holding his head up on his own and already trying to crawl, he does roll over and he is only gping to be 2 months old on the 15th of October 2021.
This is Braylen, he is the sweetest little boy with a feisty side. He is an absolute little prince charming.
I’m Kamden & I love everyone & everything
Kalei LOVES baby shark the most! she also loves cats and apple juice and any type of toy
Violet loves playing with her barbies & with her little brother . She LOVES cats 🧡
Zaylee's a sweet little princess who starts her morning with a smile🥰 she is the life of the party
Hi I’m Cjay. Apart from being happy all the time, I love to eat anything that is handed from me. I do get frustrated because I can not walk yet, but I’m almost there!! I’m still waiting for my top teeth, but I will keep you guys updated when I accomplish those two things!!!
He is a mommas baby big time n he has the cutest smile and loves to watch paw patrol 😍😍😍
Hey everyone my name is Elijah, I love cocomelon, riding around in my truck, showing my mommy affection and eating bananas. I also love playing ball with my dad and dancing. Vote for me!
Addison is 1 and is full of sass she love’s riding the 4 wheeler and being outside
She’s the most warm hearted kid I’ve ever met!! Her little laugh an out going attitude attracts people like crazy.
I’m 3 months old and love to laugh and smile at everything around. My mommy and daddy are so beyond themselves to have me. 💙💙💙
Mason is cheeky smily little chap with the best blue eyes and a smile that melts harts
This is my youngest daughter Savannah she is in kindergarten and just turned 6 years old. She has autism and such an insane crazy energy. Shes so smart in alot of ways and definitely has the softest soul I have ever seen.
Everlee Jane
Everlee Jane is the happiest girl! She brings sunshine to everyone she is around 💛🦋 she’s a little piggy, loves to play and run around like crazy & mama is her bestie! She is 2 years old, and her nicknames are Ev, Evy J, EJ or Dink ✨
Leomar Leandro
I am 4️⃣ & I love to play basketball and fortnite with my big brother❤️I also enjoy making tiktoks 🌟 🎁 Tengo 4️⃣ y me encanta jugar baloncesto y fortnite con mi hermano mayor❤️ También disfruto haciendo tiktoks 🌟 My brother Leandro is 9️⃣ he loves to play fortnite with me ❤️ He loves making jokes and dancing 🌟 Autism & other health complications do not define me 🙏🏼Thank You for your vote🎁Me encanta jugar a fortnite con mi hermanito ❤️ Me encanta hacer bromas y bailar🌟 El autismo y otras complicaciones de salud no me definen 🙏🏼 Gracias por su voto
Lyla is 4 months old and loves laughing, rolling over & playing with mommy and daddy 💕
Brooklyn is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! There’s never a dole day with her! She enjoys cheese puffs, walks and swimming lessons! She is never scared to snap a picture!
I love being in mommy and daddy’s arms & being close to my pup snuggles. I love when mommy reads me books & when they both gimme kisses. I can’t wait to grow and see what other things I will learn to love!
Dylan Matias
Dylan is a year old and loves to eat cookies ! He’s the happiest baby ever and always has everyone’s attention with his cutest 💙
This little bundle of joy loves being swaddled and rocked when going to sleep. He’s loves catching his zzz’s! He’s a fan of tummy time and kicking his legs. He loves cuddles from mama & daddy. Takes any bottle and tolerates a pacifier. Lol Maddox is such a great baby!
My momma is my favorite person! I love cooing, drooling on myself and of course sleeping lol. I’m 3 months old and can move in a circle on the floor, hold my head up, and laugh at hair when it looks funny !
My red headed, freckle face boy! Bo loves to play with his animals and socialize with his friends! He’s so silly and loves to make people laugh!
Our sweet last baby is always ready with a smile and a snuggle! At six months old, she just popped her first tooth!!!
My blue eyed beauty, she’s loves to talk and watch her brother play!
Johnny is such a fun and loving baby! He loves being by mama and holding his head up! He loves to eat and nap
He is a 8 year old boy who loves outdoors and video games and is very gentleman💓🥰