Luna is 10 months. Shes my rainbow baby .She’s a happy baby. She loves music and she’s a character
Hi, I’m Landon. I’m 8 months old! I’m 21lbs & I’m full of joy & energy. I love to play, smile, & laugh. I love trying new foods & when my Mommy reads me books!
My name is Charlie James im 13 months old and I absolutely LOVE dancing and blowing raspberries on Mummy’s belly… I love cuddles and showing off my new pearly white teeth, and I LOVE FOOD!! Im definitely a cheeky chappy and will definitely leave you with a smile and maybe a kiss 😘💕
Im 3 weeks old my name is jaykub Martin Wilson Martin after my unkle my mummy ,daddy ,brother and sister love me very much i like big cuddles and get lots when my brother and sister are around. You cant disagree that im adorable 🙂
Grayson was born with gastroschisist And spent 4 months at Boston children’s hospital he’s doing so well he loves dressing up in costumes his dog Jake all animals and most of all he loves chickens He loves going to camp and playing outside
Tristan was born a month early and still such a happy baby. He will be 4 months on the 15th of March.
Autumn enjoys time with her mom dad and sister. Also enjoys looking at lights! She loves sticking her tongue out at you and smiling!🥰 She also loves to kick her legs like she’s on a bike 🤣💕
Hope was born March 7,2023. She smiles all the time and loves to sleep and shehas cry maybe 5 times. She has two older brother that she already loves. We adore her.
Greyson is 6 months old & loves gracies corner!
Vote for my boy please🫶🏼
Keegan is 2 months old. He loves his bottles, smiling at momma and watching cartoons with his big brother!
Easton is 8 months old. He loves to crawl & get into literally everything. Ms Rachel is his fav & loves to eat!
Blake Mccommon
Blake is the most happy and cheerful baby I’ve ever met! He is the life of the party and loved to play. Blake is a loved baby he has a 7 year old brother and a 11 year old sister, Blake is very close with his brother Noah they are always side by side laughing and goofing around together! Please vote for Baby Blake 💕
My sweet girl Marisol. She’s almost two months and is growing so quickly. She loves her mommy and give her daddy a run for his money. She loves when people talk to her and look at her with smiles. She of course hates tummy time. She’s so very loved
Knox is 5months old! He loves bottles & bananas, He loves playing with toys, talking, & rolling over! He’s a mommy’s boy for sure! 🥰
Freddie Jay
Freddie jay is a happy baby boy, he starting to show his funny personality, he loves to look around, and has a daily walk in his pram with his mum
Kross has a hearty laugh, lights up the room and is so sweet. He loves Gracie’s Corner and daddy singing to him.
this is my little love lucas leland💙 for being a premature baby he’s already doing things 2 month olds do, he’s definitely a mommy & daddy’s boy & our favorite surprise. he can roll already & does so good on his belly also a big chatterbox like his mama.
She a very happy baby and she loves going outside and playing with her bubby
Dani is my little bubbly baby who loves cuddling mommy and daddy.
Colt is 16 months of pure personality! He loves to babble, he is very ticklish when it comes to his tummy. Colt loves reading books and dancing in his spare time! Colt loves socialization and being the center of attention!
What to say about Lakelyn... Well she is sassy but sweet. She has her own little personality and let me tell you she's not afraid to give an attitude. She's our little princess and she knows it
Rebellious, fierce little infant. Loves getting into anything he’s not supposed to. He just starting crawling around. He loves biting cords and playing with his dads PlayStation controller. He’s exclusively breastfed and loves eating fruits! He sleeps well at night but is a wild child in the day! Scar is my lifeline and entire heart.
Brandon jr loves watching his cocomelon, going outside such a happy kid
She love’s laughing and playing with her toys
Danica is a lovely little baby who loves cuddling mommy all the time. She is my world and everything.
Coady as a amazing Personality loves loads of cuddles 🥰 & his always laughing is head off 💙
Amelia is a very sweet baby, loves going out and is always curious about new environment. She’ll smile right back at ya
Kayloni is a momma’s girl!! She’s very smart, caring and loves to sing!! She’s the biggest animal lover ever!!!
Kanika is very bubbly girl. She loves smiling. She is addicted with camera.
He is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen!
Zayan was born 6weeks earlier because he had hydroneprosis amd bladder issues. He had surgery 3 days after he was born to help get fluids out of his kidneys . Even as a preemie, Zayan is the strongest little person i have ever met. He gives me strength, courage, hope, and above all he is the sweetest thing ever. He loves mom and daddy, hand hugs, food,cuddling, and smiling.
My little Koda bear makes the silliest little faces and loves to snuggle and nap 🥰
Angel is outgoing loves to talk she has started to crawl and loves to say dada mama nana and bye bye even tho she ain’t always going bye bye
Nevaeh is a one of a kind rolly polly with heterochromia (one eye with blue and brown), a joyful personality, and a laugh to catch baby fever over!! Watch out world, here comes ambition!!
Hunter is my little blessing ,such a happy baby always smiling
Please vote for everleigh she is very loving a such a bundle of joy💗
This sweet girls name is Eliana. Ellie is a little warrior. Diagnosed with type one diabetes at only 2 years old. Ellie doesn’t let that hold her back. She’s so smart. Full of energy. The biggest personality. Ellie loves to dance. Act silly and play with her big sister. She’s a little hero ❤️
Zenaiya loves to watch Elmo and interact
Steven is such a beautiful adorable cute baby he’s a mummy’s boy he loves too watch cocomelon and loves going outdoors
All Nash does is giggle and smile. He’s the happiest, cruisiest baby and we just adore him to pieces 💙
She's our "bitty baby" such s sweetheart with great, happy disposition.
edwin (aka leo) is a one year old, happy baby who loves cocomelon 💗 he’s always smiling and laughing 🥹 he’s such a sweet boy & deserves the whole world, i love my sweet, handsome angel 💗
Luca is such a happy and smiley baby especially when he knows he should be asleep🤣 He is his own little character already ❤️