Baby Stories - 80


Skylar Rayne is our heart warrior 💜 She has had 2 open heart surgeries and possibly more to come but she’s a fighter and always has a smile on her face. She loves being with her big brother Bentley and loves her family very much. I hope her smile touches your heart like it does ours 💜
Sami Jo is 1 month old! She loves snuggles and bath time. Her smile lights up a room.
She’s fun & loving . Life full of characteristics, a smile that could light up any room , super active , a girl full of joy
Christopher is our rainbow miracle baby🌈There were several times we thought we'd lose him, but he only got stronger👣 He loves books, veggies, watching sports with daddy, singing along with Cocomelon, and being on the camera. Truly a star child⭐
Mr Stan Beltz, outgoing 3 year old, Smart as can be.. Very curious about everything.❤🥰
Kenzie Owens
Kenzie is 19 months! One of the happiest kids you’ll ever meet! Very sweet and lovable. Very smart and sarcastic, and has fallen in love with her new roll as a big sister! Please don’t forget to go vote for her little brother “Tristan Radjpaul”!!
Pixie is a very loving kid! She loves school, and she never meets a stranger. She loves fire fighters and police officers
Hi i'm Dawson! I love my jumper, bubble baths and my big dogs Moose and Sarge. I like to fake coughs for attention and always have my tongue out😝 Help me win so mom and dad can buy me my first four wheeler🥰
Maleiah is the sweetest little girl ever. She loves to eat, sleep & be held by mommy & daddy. She has the cutest little cry that sounds like a baby lamb and only cries out when she needs something. Maleiah loves to pull on daddies dreads and smile afterwards like she knows she’s up to something.
Will is a happy baby and is starting to laugh and smile often! He loves his cuddles!
Logan is a little fire ball. He loves rolling over and making funny face
Hazel is such a happy girl! Her favorite things consist of: Mama, Bath time, Talking, and Sitting up. She’s not even 2 months old, and already holds her head up so well🥰
I love food, walks, bath time and playing. I recently became a big brother and loving my little sister.
Hi my name is Noah 💙 im 2 months and i love music especially when mommy dances with me. I love to play with my dad and big brother and if im not sleeping or eating im SMILING🥰
Loves eating has the cutest laugh and he is the cutest lil boy ever♥️
Hi, my name is Paislee Jade Morales im 2 1/2 years old.My new thing is halloween. I'm in preschool and i love it i also love dancing and singing. My favorite movie are frozen, trolls. I love spending time with family and my sissy. Im fun and silly and crazy:) I have my own personality i love to color and play outdoors or with toys..
Hi my name is Anami and I’m very new here but what I do know is I’m very unique, special, and most of all filled with love and best of all I have TWO loving caring mothers I stand for equality and love
Lunamei could be possibly the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! There’s always a smile on her face. She’s loving, goofy, and even smart! When she started walking, it was almost like she was already a pro! She loves clapping her hands, waving, and one of my favorites — giving the sweetest kisses! She loves being around animals and other babies. It’s just so cute to watch her interact with them!
Jayson is always happy and smiling. He loves to play and giggle and interact with everyone! He loves to babble and sing. He loves to learn new things and is always curious.
We actually call her by her middle name, Mae, after her mama shirley. She is the happiest, sweetest baby who is always smiling.
Lydia loves being outside, loves Minnie Mouse, all kinds of animals, she is very outgoing, smart, funny, and all around a mess, but wouldn’t have it any other way❤️
Loves to smile loves to laugh loves to play and loves his bottles
Smart energetic little girl. She is very independent at only 6 months. Her eyes and smile is everything ☺️
Faith is a happy & silly little girl . She loves drawing & coloring ..
Adalynn is a blueish/green eyed baby. She loves to make silly faces! Adalynn is a daddy’s girl for sure but she is mommy’s best friend and twin! Miss Lady is such a big girl and she has had to overcome a lot of obstacles already; she will be 2 months old on the 11th! She is learning to hold up her head and trying to crawl already lol she rolled over twice the other day!!
Vaeda is such a happy baby! She loves nap time! Her favorite thing to do is cuddle up with mama and daddy ❤️
Hi! I was born 5 weeks early with a genetic condition called Trisomy 13. I was very blessed and have not let it hold me back from meeting my milestones! The doctors said im special and mommy agrees!!
Cole is such a happy good natured baby always has a smile on his face ❤
Lainey loves talking to her daddy, bath time & Cocomelon! ♥️
she is very energetic , goofy , a character & enjoys being around other kids . she loves watching baby shark or cocomelon and her favorite movie is moana💗.
She loves to be outdoors and mommy cuddles. Her favorite thing to do is smile and eat. She has an older brother who adores her.
Vote for Atreus because he’s the sweetest, most beautiful baby ❤️ He likes cuddles with mom, && any food you could possibly let him get his hands on, his daily activities are to keep momma on her toes, and eat everything he can, and destroys anything he can reach 🤧💕
My name is a daddy's girl and love being outside
Lincoln loves cuddling with mommy and daddy. Currently loves saying "I good".
Anthony is rotten but is very loving and caring. He is very smart. He loves his brother and everyone he meets. Love hulk and cats. His smile will turn your sad day into a good day.
❤️😊❤️WE ARE NOT IN THIS CONTEST BUT WE ARE DOING ADVANCES IN RETURN (UNKNOWN DATE) ❤️😊❤️Elena is my only girl! She is spoiled and likes to follow her mommy and her doggy Ori ❤️😀 She is my everything! She love to read (especially Dr. Seuss books) and loves to play with wa wa (water). PLEASE VOTE ❤️
Abigail is a three month old baby girl. She loves her family, cocomelon, and being the center of attention. She loves being sang and talked to❤️
Hello I’m Kai and I love cuddles with mommy and watching cartoons my favorite is Hotel Transylvania!
Hi I'm Ashei. I am 4 months old and I love smiling every morning.
Luca is a very happy and smiley child! He loves to walk around in his walker and talk to everyone! His favorite tv shows are bluey and tots!
Quentin is 4 yrs old and justed started prek! He is our wild man. He loves super heroes, power rangers and paw patrol. :) If anyone would like to exchange votes let me know. Trying to get Quentin in the top 3 in TN! :) WE VOTE BACK! :)
Nathaniel is such a happy and lovable little boy. He’s the best blessing God has given to many of us. 💗
Hi my names Everly I love to watch Minnie Mouse boutique and doc Mcstuffins. My favorite thing to do is smile and I do it all the time. I’m a happy happy little girl please vote for me!
Makena enjoys doing her makeup playing outside doing arts and crafts and driving in her play cars
Brodie loves to ride horses and hang out with all his dogs.
Harlan likes to eat, sleep & smile. He also enjoys bath time, except he’s not big on getting his hair washed.😁