Baby Stories - 80


Jamison is just learning to live and laugh and is growing up learning to foster and rescue animals 💕🐶 he's our little handsome pumpkin
He’s a very chill baby!! Likes to eat his hands:) sits up but falls over, very strong little boy. Just love him to pieces ❤️
He likes to play with his teething toys! He loves his jumperoo an bathtime! He likes when mommy sings to him. He smiles at daddy an mommy!! He will be 6 months on March 10th.
My name is La’myah! I love to smile and love to be sang too!
Thomas loves to jump in his jumperoo, and loves to crawl around chasing after you, He loves cuddles with all his family and always has a smile on his face. Thomas also loves playing with his puppy Zeus chasing after him around the garden and living room in his walker.
Vote For Me Cause I’m Just The Cutest! My Favorite Person Is My Daddy... Mommy Can’t Even Deny It! I Love To Scream And Roll Around !
McKenzie is a beautiful little girl that loves to dance and eat!
My beutiful sweet baby , she just laughing all the time ! Always happy !!
Gabriella is such a fun happy baby who smiles every minute of the day.. she can be moody at times but what baby isn’t💜
Chloe loves looking at mama. Listening to her sissy talk. Rock music and her swing. She also loves trying to talk making noises blowing bubbles and trying to eat anything near her mouth. Her smile brightens up anyone who is around her.
Jaxson is a ball full of sunshine! He loves warm bottles, Cocomelon, and loves his fur babies. He is full of giggles and he is definitely a mamas boy 😍
Hi :) My name is Bentley Hernandez I love to play and crawl :) I love cocomelon and elmo :) I can say dada and cocomelon :) I loveee to eat and spend time with mommy and daddy :) Vote for me! <3
He loves spaghetti he loves animals he is the sweetest little boy
Everly loves to spend time with her mommy and daddy, definitely a daddy's girl of course, she loves to listen to baby shark and loves all kinds of bright colors. She could watch a ceiling fan for hours and loves looking and going outside
Harrison was born a whopping 11 lbs 1 oz, he loves to babble and wiggle all about. Hes just learning to smile and coo at everyone he loves and any one he wants to steal the heart of. Harrison loves his swing and falling asleep on mommy and daddy.
Hello my name is hazel I’m 1yr old and love to play outside. I like to play with my friends and family. I love my mommy and daddy.
She is my niece not my daughter!!! But she the cutest little girl . 🥲❤️ And she gets her looks from her momma. She loves to laugh, yell & eat. She most definitely loves listening to Morgan Wallen . She likes going on car rides in her dads truck . Her favorite show is Cocomelon of course!! 💞
Malia Soko
Malia can make just about anyone smile!
Zaylen’s favorite things to do is sleep, talk, listen to music and most of all eat.
She’s a sweet little lady with lots of love to give and she loves cuddles 💖
Hello everyone my name is Jaylen Bardelli, but my friends and family call me Jay. I love baths and my toys 🧸, but most of all I love my friends and family. I’ve had a rough start at life but that does stop me from be the happiest baby I can be. My four best friends are mommy, daddy, Anderson, and Clayton. I love going for walks and being lazy in my diaper. I would rather be with my mommy then anywhere else. I’m the sweetest little boy you’ll ever meet.
she loves to smile shes a month old n she loves when u massage her cheecks she falls asleep
this boy is the crazy. LOL
Hudson was born Feb. 20th 2021, He loves to smile and Is overall a happy good baby 🤍
Hi I’m John, I’m 5 months old and the happiest baby ever. I love to eat, play and cuddle.
Bryce is a happy little boy! He likes to dance, in every music he heard , he always ready to have that move :-). This boy likes an outdoor, he like to play ball, cars and most of all he is my electronics junkies! His favorite to watch is cocomelon.we invited you to like this silly boy ☺️❤️
He's a very brave and adventurous boy, he loves to climb and jump, and he absolutely loves Pocoyo.
This little girl is the silliest of them all haha. I just love her personality! She is the light to my whole world 🌎🤍
Elessia is a talkative little girl who spends her time with her best friends, Zero, a chihuahua mix, and Lilo, a pitbull. She loves cuddles with mom and hanging out with her grandparents ❤️
Brailynn faith loves to be swaddled and rocked. She has so much family surrounding her with love. Such a happy baby. She also loves tummy time and hanging with her big sister who adores her
Huddson loves anything that’s on wheels, Blippi, and animals! Huddie is about to be a big brother but not to sure about it yet.. 😏
I was named after my great grandpa! I love to dance and I LOOOVE attention especially from the boys, mom doesn’t like that very much 🙄
Hi, I’m Noah! I love “playing” video games with daddy and hearing mommy read to me. Grabbing toes, playing with my feet and eating my hands are my favorite things to do throughout the day! When I’m not protesting naps, I love going on walks! I hope You like my picture!
Raiden is the second child of 7 siblings. Being premature & only 3 pounds at birth, he spent the first.couple months of his life in an isolet, but he sure made up for lost time when he got out! He is a doer, always figuring out how things work. He loves video games & Pokemon. He is very proud to have just been promoted from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. Always a joy to have around.
My baby girl loves her baby doll. She loves to laugh and play peekaboo. She has a sweet but spunky personality. I love my lil girl with all my heart and she has me and daddy wrapped around her little finger
Name is Zuriah but they call me zuri. I’m the happiest baby anyone could ask for Unless I’m sleepy lol.. I love bouncing in my excer saucer and snuggling with my mom.! I have said dada x2 and mumma x1.
He's a very happy baby boy!
Daryan is 2 months and as you can see my baby boy is healthy and chunky being that his favorite thing to right now is eat lol . He also loves to baby talk and cuddle 🤗
Ruca is the sweetest baby who loves to smile, swing, and be cuddled.
she loves sticking out her tongue and rolling her eyes!
Addalyne is a happy, bouncy, playful, talkative, kind, adorable 4 month old. She has a personality like no other. At birth she was able to hold her own head, yes with some struggles but she did it! At 3 months she was able to roll over on her own, hold her own bottle, and almost sit up on her own! Every morning she tells us about her dreams by making the most noise and screaming it at the top of her lungs! She loves her mornings. She loves watching some TV and Netflix, her favorite show is probably a tie between Cocomelon and mommy’s favorite show Good Girls. No matter who you are, if you say Hi to her, she will say Hi back and smile at you.
🦋Elijah’s🦋one of the ✨happiest✨ babies you’ll ever meet ! He loves listening to his mommy and daddy sing 🎶 Stories before bedtime🌙📚and having fun in the sun☀️ 🌴🌊
Avi loves spending time with her moms! She enjoys taking baths, getting snuggles, watching tv, laying on her nemo floor mat, and hanging out with her big brother and big sister. She really is a blessing❤
My sweet 5 month old loves to play, roll over, eat his hands, and smile at everyone. He is the happiest baby ever. His little smile brightens up the room. ❤️
Astro is a happy little 3 month old baby, always smiling and laughing & he loves to talk!
Hes 5 months and the reason i keep fighting everyday. Hes the reason i wake up in the mornings, hes the light of my life.