My name Jasmine Dawn and I love chasing after my puppies and talking to my mommy and daddy.
Hi I’m Winston! I’m 4 months old and I love to eat, I love bath time, and mommy’s snuggles! Such a happy baby :)
Holland is the happiest baby! He is a rainbow baby, he loves animals mostly dinosaurs and is always talking up a storm!
My girl is so smart! She’s so happy all the time🥰 she loves to play! Can almost roll over💕 and is a pro at holding her head up now to look all around because she is always wondering what everyone is doing😍She is just such a happy girl❤️
Liri’s smile is contagious so Mommy and Daddy work over time doing anything they can to make her smile. She loves being tickled and turned up side down. She’s always on the move and get can around like the Flash. She is the greatest gift we could have received.
Ella is an amazing girl and a miracle to us. Born premature through c section and had to spend a week in the NICU. She is now a very happy and active baby that we love dearly.
The most happiest boy in the world! He’s super smart and can run phones and tablets with no problem and he’s two and a half years old! He loves to play and make new friends! He loves hanging out with his siblings and doing what the teenagers are doing lol!
Owen is pure joy! He is our rainbow baby and brings an unimaginable amount of light and happiness into our lives. He loves to sing and dance (already!) He is so giggly, and he's simply the best!
Andrew is my oldest and my sweetest little man!!! He enjoys playing outside and throwing his toys!!! His favorite color is red.
Adonis is 3 months old, he is trying to scoot around and is teething already! He loves tummy time and his learning shows. He’s such as happy baby as you can from the pictures. He is very active and tries to talk back to you in baby language as much as he can. His little fat cheeks are the cutest. Let’s give it up for baby Adonis 🥰
Jaxon is almost 2 months!!! He's my strong handsome little man. He holds his own head and even can roll into his back!!! He loves his grandma and his food. But most of all he loves his christian music.
She loves to sleep !! She is so happy because finally she met the world and she hopes that this 2021 will be better than 2020 and mummy is so happy to having me in her life I’m her first baby 😍
He likes to be home and play with his toys.He in joys spending time with his family and metting new people.
Zaire’s loves to talk and he really loves his bath time.
Sophia Grace is my 4 month old one granddaughter she’s one of the most lovable babies, always happy ,smiling and loves watching football with her Dad,Playing with her brothers. Sophia Grace loves to be snuggled. Seeing Sophias smile will turn a fawn upside down instantly. Please vote for this precious baby.
Adelyn is easy going and enjoys a good laugh!
Aurora is a very happy baby, she loves playing with her cats! She is my first, and she is the love of my life.
Landynn is a strong willed little girl. She is extremely smart and an amazing big sister this year has been constant change but she is taking kindergarten on and always with a smile 💕
Mateo Noah Smith is our little miracle baby. He loves to eat strawberries.
Adrianna is a very out going spunky 2 year old and she is wise beyond her years. One thing is for sure when she is around we are always laughing ❤️
She is the sweetest little girl! She is very caring and loving! But don’t let her fool you cause her sass is there
He has a full head of hair and smiles all the time
Mateo was born September 4th, 2020. He is the most happy baby ever, he is always smiling and trying to "talk" to everyone. Mateo loves when people talk to him he loves getting all the attention!
Payton was born July 29, she is 3 months old, Very advanced baby since she was 3 days old she could hold her head up she loves lights music. Payton also loves to laugh and jump around. Her favorite show currently is Sesame Street. With her cute smile she’s sure to put a smile on your face
Tristan loves to play with his toys! He is always happy and very smart!
Waylon was born with congenital heart disease, despite his condition he hits his milestones like a champ. Waylon is fond of his mommy and his daddy, he likes to be tickled and talked to. Everytime i change his diaper he gets super excited and tries to laugh.
Emily will be 3 months on the 19th!, she loves to sit and talk to you and give you lots of smiles
Jacob is 2 months old . He loves mommie and daddy . He is holding his head up loves to talk and smile and also loves scoobydoo!
Kana is the happiest 8 month old I've had the pleasure to have in my life. She loves her kisses and cuddles and she can't sleep without her passy or favorite fox toy we call Foxy!
Krew loves excavators he loves digging in the dirt he loves his baby sister and he talks ALOT
I am complicated! I am picky when it comes to my sippy cups. I’m a very happy baby. I love ALL food, haven’t found something I don’t like yet! I absolutely love rattles and stuffed animals more than anything else. I am a straight up mommys boy! I am almost walking on my own now. The older version of Scooby-Doo is my favorite now, used to be Rio and Rio 2.
Brayden is a sweet and calm 2 month old baby boy who loves to go on walks to get fresh air and relaxing warm baths! He also loves tummy time and spending time with family!
Riley is full of energy always has a smile on her face loves to be a big sister and enjoys playing outside.
Augustus is 3 months old and loves to mumble and smile. Her favorite people are mommy and daddy but of course loves her Gigi and Nana ❤️ She is truly a ray of sunshine
Faith is such a sweet little lady she loves her food sleeps all night always wakes with a smile in the morning xx
Miriam is playful and very smiling.. ❤️🥰
Leo Sean
Leo sean is such a happy, social baby. He loves playing, crawling , adventuring . He loves animals specially dogs. That smile could light up the world if he had the chance!
Finn was born at 25 weeks on Labor Day. He is currently still in the NICU and hoping to go home in the next few weeks!
Gianni loves to smile and he loves everyone 💙 he’s always so happy and he’s so smart! He loves to be in his bouncy and he loves pictures 💕
Zaelyn is a very energetic 19 month old who loves kisses, dancing, and playing outside. He enjoys helping clean house, playing in the bathtub, and brushing his teeth.
This lil man is my everything! He is a reason why i now know again what true love is....
After so many year of trying to have a baby we finally got our miracle baby (Daneliya Lynn Espinoza) She loves to smile and loves to cuddle.🥰 born on Halloween 10/31/2020
He loves snuggles. He likes to watch tv and hangout with his daddy and mom.
Dustin Aurelio is as cool as can be. He is 3 months late on the rent so the win could help him pay his bills.
Nolan is the sweetest, most loving, and happy little dude I’ve ever seen! He is just a bright beautiful light that will melt your heart! Just look at his precious face!
Kaysen is a very loving kind soul, he loves to coo, he smiles when you call him handsome.
A lot is 3 months old. He loves to watch cocomelon. He only cries when he’s hungry and wants to eat. He also loves his mom and dad.