Baby Stories - 79


Jayceon Cassius is the happiest 2 month old out here 🥰 he’s such a blessing ❤️
She love to yell and laugh 😂 and animal shows and do TikTok 🥰💗
Elaina is a bright beautiful little girl. She has spunk and loves Scooby-Doo and minnie mouse. Her favorite food is pizza! She loves to give hugs and kisses and is becoming so smart.
Hello World This Is My A’Mia Kimbella ❤️❤️She Loves To Talk , Sit Up ,& Laugh, She’s Super Clingy & Wants Love 24/7🥰🥰& Her Favorite Show Is Cocomelon . 🥰
She loves chocolate milk…playing with her brothers. She loves candy she has to have a sucker for her pictures..she’s a feisty two year old with the biggest,❤️loves making and meeting new friends she loves animals.
Please don’t vote! I am not competing this contest. I am returning votes, and doing advance votes only. Thank you everyone who has been helping out with votes. I really appreciate all the support/love. Ember was born on Halloween. She is a sweet 11 moth old baby girl who is always happy. She loves laughing, and singing. Ember started solid/ puréed food at 5 1/2 moths old. She loves all the food she has tried. Ember loves feeding her self cut up food. She rolled over at 6 moths old, and crawled at 8 months old. Ember has 2 bottom tooth and 2 top teeth She is trying to figure out how to keep her balance while standing so she can be a baby on the move, and go go go. Ember has figured out how to stand up in her playpen and hold the ledge of the playpen to walk around sideways. Ember loves going for walks in her stroller and looking at all the stuff around her, crawling around at play time playing with all her toys , singing along to songs mommy and daddy sing to her, bath time, eating all the exciting food she gets to try, and meeting/seeing family and friends. Ember loves her dog. She is starting to have more personality, I love all the expressions and cute sounds she makes.
Jaxxon is a very happy little boy who loves his family and friends!! He loves being outdoors having fun, no matter the weather!! Jaxxon has a heart of gold and is my entire world! Thanks for voting!!
Lianna is 8 month old her favorite show is cocomelon and she is very sweet and always smiley 😊
This pretty lady LOVES to laugh and roll all around the floor!
This is Kane, he is 2 months old. Loves cuddling with mommy, loves to have conversations with everyone. Loves his 2 big brothers, and loveeees to eat 😊
Te’Mahj is so full of love and laughter. Photo genic of course! His smile alone will brighten up your day. He’s small with a big heart. Knows his abcs backwards, count up to 100 , spells him & his friends names by hard, so independent taught himself addition can write his name and he’s only 3. He has a brain of a 5 yr old. Very helpful & social and his vocabulary is awesome. He likes to watch learning things on YouTube/Netflix, loves school & likes to play outside & loves animals of all kind adventurous little guy. So mature & respectful. His personality overall is amazing
Kaiser is an active 6 month old baby boy. He loves his mommy and dada so much. He loves his cousins and aunties. He loves to talk and play in his jumper and with his toys. Everyone obsesses over his blue eyes.
Haven Wrenn is a sweet baby sister, blue eyed, smiley little girl. She loves to cuddle and watch everyone around her. She sits up very well and rolls all over! With her precious smile, she warms everyone’s hearts ! Just like her sister, she is an absolute miracle baby, that god blessed her parents with after years of trying.
Leilani is always such a happy little girl and she is almost 6months old! Vote for my little peanut!
3 month old chunk! Finally at 10lbs and in my opinion the cutest baby around!
Na’leyaeh Brynlee Cline 💘 she loves to sit up & look around. her favorite show is cocomelon and she is definitely a daddy’s girl 😘
Hello this is yerik he loves to eat and he loves when people talk to him.
Kamila loves to cuddle and be around family. specially with mommy❣️
Trenton; Tj for short is 3 months old. He loves talking to with friends and family. He love rolling over. He’s super smart! His favorite show is curious George. He adores his mom and dad and definitely his grandparents! Tj is super sweet and will make anyone’s day! Please vote for him!
Emery loves her mommy and daddy, her 2 fur siblings 🐶, bath time, music, talking, being outside, and her play mat. She brings so much joy to everyone around. Truly the biggest blessing ❤️
Keegan is 10 months old and he is a Bright, energetic, happy little man. His favorite things are to cuddle with Mommy & Daddy, he loves to be talked to and played with. He loves to smile! such a happy baby 😁 He is a Rainbow Baby, which makes him extra special. Also is a NICU Graduate 🧑🏽‍🎓 born 7 weeks early and was only 3lbs 15oz at birth and is now 20lbs!! He loves to stand so we’re getting pretty close to walking time 🥰
Scarlett is my first baby. She challenges me every day to be a better mama to This beautiful baby girl💕 Vote for my little monkey!🥰
Haedyn is 5 months old. He is a rainbow baby. He loves his two big sisters and love to laugh and play with his toys. He is such a quiet and sweet little boy ♥️
Xavier is one of the happiest baby’s. He’s so sweet and loving, he has the cuties laugh. He loves his feet, and he is a water baby since he’s was 2 weeks old he loves water. It seems like everyone he meets falls in love with him.
I love to play with everything that i'm not supposed to
Hello! My name is Hezekiah and I love eating, smiling, and trying to grab my puppy Moose 🐶
Andrew is a such a sweetheart. He loves cuddles. No matter where or when he just wants to snuggle up and be cozy. He's sensitive and a complete momma's boy. He has the biggest smile and calming happy vibe. He loves nature and being outside.
My little hurricane baby is full of spunk and personality. Besides sleeping and eating, he loves to make the most cutest and random facial expressions! He is sure to be a heartbreaker as he grows older!
Damien Kash
Damien is a happy 5 month old baby boy! He’s always smiling and loves all his siblings and mommy & daddy ❤️
Za’mya was born a premiee at 3lbs 3oz she wasn’t suppose to be here but here she is full of life ❤️
Elijah is such a sweet and loving little boy. He loves to play and eat. Whenever we go out, he’s waving and smiling at everyone.
Bowan is a happy 3 month old baby! He loves tummy time and swimming. He loves being read before bedtime.
He’s so sweet and loving. He loves taking baths and listening to music. Everyone is always telling me he is such a good baby. He loves chewing on his hands. He’s always laughing and making everyone around him smile!
Kenleigh loves everyone, she loves to smile, and talk to her momma and daddy… she loves her tv, especially when football is on. Kenleigh is the sweetest baby!
Sloane is 2 months old. Loves her sleep and loves being talked to. Her siblings are crazy about her. She loves lights and sounds.
Abbie loves pokemon. She is the sweetest girl. She loves playing outdoors.
This handsome boy is so full of Life and love! He loves his family, his dog and food!
She is very silly , brightest smile ever !
Austin Jr
He loves watching rug rats He loves mommy and daddy His best friends name is rebel (hes our cat) He loves anything that swings
Na Sii
He loves to eat, laugh and play!
Hi, I’m Izzy I’m almost 3 months old I’m one happy little bundle of joy all the time. Mommy and daddy are my best friends and I’d love it if you gave me a vote! 🖤