Nyeli is a mommas girl! She loves walking & getting into everything she can get to! She loves playing with her big sissy & her brother moe (our cat). She’s makes the cutest scrunchy face & is the funniest little baby we know. Her favorite movie is Encanto & she loves chocolate chip pancakes, rice & beans. 🥰💖
He is growing so fast and changing everyday! He is definitely a toddler now, sassy and all... he is so smart! He repeats everything you say... everything 🤣
He is the happiest baby ever! He loves baths, swinging, and being talked to.
Harmoni is such a happy baby. She has a smile that will brighten anybody day. She is very advanced for a 9 month old She loves listening to music and watching cocomelon cuddling with mommy and daddy . Loves playing with her older sisters and brother she has biggest personality 🥰
Hi my name is braylee Stephenson! I am 3 weeks old my favorite thing right now is to sleep! 😊 I keep my mom up all night and I sleep all day! Haha my mom and dad is tabby and Casey!!
Christopher is the happiest baby ever! He rarely ever cries and all he does is smile. He’s just so precious!
She has cutest smile ever melted buddies heart by her smile. Also she is active and show her intrest with new things.
Hi, my name is Nyliah Hubert. Im 5 months & super active! I love to eat, play & sleep ALL day💕 vote for me!
Hello! I am Nicholas and I am 3 months old. I love smiling and giggling for my mommy and daddy. I also like to make all sorts of funny faces, especially after I toot. 🤭I love when my big sister talks to me and when all my animals come near me.
Embrie is 6 months old. She loves to smile and laugh. Loves hanging out with her mommy and daddy. She likes playing with her toys and loves to eat.
Ava is super smart and sweet and loves nature, music.she has the voice of an angel.very artistic can really draw.has a very kind soul
Everly Rose
Everly is a precious baby girl who is the light of her parent's lives. She is her parents only little girl. While her family doesnt have much to give her, they make up for that by giving her unconditional love.
Born June 25th, 2021 & immediately stole the heart of so many people ❤️ Myles is a fun, adventurous, food loving little boy. He loves animals and exploring. We love playing outside and playing with toys. Myles favorite movie is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. He’s so silly and such a happy little man. Can’t forget his love for the boob lol
The happiest baby girl, I couldn’t ask for anything better. She loves her milk and her sleep and she loves chatting away ❤️🥰
Eddie loves to go on walks with the dogs and splash in the bath. He smiles at everybody, even people on tv!
Micah is kind, loving, energetic, smart, curios and he loves animals, nature, learning, showing off, exploring and acting.
I’m 5 months,I love playing with my toys and bath time. I laugh about and always smiling.
Hello , I’m Gabriel! I went from being my mommies tiny 4lb 11oz baby to her big strong two year old that loooves food , and cuddling with my big brother ! I love playing and anything else that gets me in trouble haha . Thank you everyone in advance for votes .
Ja’Doree is just so handsome.. He loves to play and eat.. He’s a good baby who likes to go outside in look at the tree’s
Bristol Rae, you are such a light in everyone’s life. You are so sweet, so goofy & so full of life. You are loved my so many sweet girl
He is sweet loves to eat, smile and play. Enjoys his sister's and being held.
Hello Im Onest .! im very loving , love too play , i love talking too everybody .! i will run around the house !! i love eating and im full of energy.!
My name is Charlotte. I love to wiggle and dance. I really love food! I sleep all night. And love to cuddle. I also have a big brother and big sister
Emily is so fun, laughs all the time. Loves to dance when her daddy is holding her. We just love her so much!
Vote for my smiley happy boy! He loves food snuggles and tubby time!
June loves spending time with her big brothers and just being silly and rolling over and loves cuddling with her Milky! She is the 1st Great Granddaughter to her late Pop Ron which has brought Joy back in our lives during our time of Loss! ❤
John was born January 13th, 2022. He’s been our biggest blessing and we love him to death. His favorite things to do are eat, pull mamas hair, pull dadas beard, be outside, and be on the go!
My name is abygail. I love swimming, drawing and singing. I am working on algebra and drawing hands.
Grant is the happiest baby that ever babied! He is always laughing at the smallest things and his smile is so infection. Anyone who meets Grant instantly falls in love with him.
Lexi-mae is a bright loveing little girl. She absolutely loves Cocomelon and going to the park . Shes the most beautiful little princess
Hi im Kaiden Geralt, born 34 weeks earlier. Mommy and daddy first born. Super active and love playing around. ( OPEN TO ADVANCE VOTES TO BE RETURNED DURING YOUR CONTEST, MAX UP TO 5000 and 10,000) thank you 🙏 😍
Our beautiful baby girl always laughing and such a happy baby loves having snuggles
A 3 years old little man who loves eating vegetables and loves exploring all day long 😍
This is Darby,our 11 week old grandaughter.. She is so full of bright sunshine and sparkle!!.. Everyone loves her so💗
My name is Lyrix Tripp and I love to giggle laugh and smile at everyone I see, especially my daddy! ❤️
Daisy-leigh loves laughing at her big brother being stupid, she loves peppa pig she is the most amazing thng to happen to me my little IVF miracle ❤️
Hello world, A’Brielle is a funny, sweet and very smart little chicken! She is very energetic and loves video games! You vote her she’ll give you lots of kisses!! 😊
Born 3 month early,full of smiles and very cuddly little boy
Amirah is 4 months old, she loves to smile and talk “ coo”. She has a personality to light up a room 💗She has such a loving spirit and loves love. Amirah loves to be outdoors ☀️& loves her bath time 🫧 She also loves to sit up, roll over and kick her legs 👣 she is very curious about the world and what it has to offer, she really is a gift from above ✨ I love her so much and I’m sure you would to 💕 Thank you to everyone who votes 💞
Legend is a happy guy. He loves to dance and talk to his Papa. He's funny and loves listening to music.
Oliver is a cheeky little man, who has a smile that that can melt any heart 💙 He is a proper little boy who loves to play fight with his Dad and loves to eat his food!!
Aaliyah is just over 4 months old Love her giggles when I talk to her she babbles back to me always smiling beautiful girl she loves watching her big brother spinning round
Senia J.
Senia is the sweetest most selfless angel I’ve ever met . She loves coco melon ,rice , and cuddles with mommy .
Mikaela is a little princess who enjoys eating vegetables and exploring all day long 😍
The happiest little boy, loves to laugh, loves everyone! That smile melts my heart every time.
She haves the biggest smile 😊 she love Cocomelon and playing with her siblings
Alex is funny and a real sweet talker 😊