Baby Stories - 71


KaLee is a very smart, helping, fun , and out-going. He is the kid that is full of life and joy!! He enjoys playing with his family and friends as well as playing with his toys like Spider-Man (Miles) and trucks. He loves to dance and sing. He appreciates every vote and thank you all in advance.
Nuri is a very happy baby & has so much personality at just 7 months old.
Emily is a very Smart ,sweet caring little girl, she loves going to the playground, playing with her toys , dancing and learning new things.
She was born 3 months early and weighed 1 lb 14oz it was very scary but she is a fighter and she is very fierce she now weighs 10lbs
Nova is amazing. shes a bright ,happy baby all around and loves to laugh and is now learning to roll over.
Milo has a sweet smile and loves floor time and playing. He is also very friendly and loves Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa
Addison makes my ❤ smile. She is smart , adorable & super funny. She loves peekaboo & doing toe tricks .
Annabelle is currently 10 months old. She was born premature. She is a blessing and is the most happiest girl on earth. She loves to smile and laugh and play. She loves swinging, and eating. She has a strawberry birthmark that puts a beauty on her.
He is a loving 2 year old who loves the outdoors and loves his brother chase and is waiting to meet his sister come April 2021
Scarlet is the silliest baby around! She loves dancing to mostly metal/rock music but will usually dance to anything. She loves crinkling her nose at her parents when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing. She’s truly one of a kind!
Thomas loves his dad and superwings. His favorite animal is the sloth. He has epilepsy but is a miracle baby.
My name is Aaliyah! I have a couple nicknames like laya bug, bean, and my favorite pumpkin! I love using my voice and I’m trying to talk all I can say so far is mama and baba. I am trying to crawl, and love to jump in my jumper! I enjoy the bath so I can splash water all over my mom. I love listening to mom read me books before and pull on the pages 😇 I am almost 7 months and everyone thinks I’m gonna start crawling 🥰
Freya has the most amazing personality she is always smiling and trying to talk she loves cuddles she is the most loving baby her favourite hobby is relaxing with mummy and taking warm bubble baths, she loves music and watching daddy play fortnite😅& her best friend is our 2 year old pug coddie❤️
Scarlett is a cheeky monkey love to have a laugh a d love to play with other children she plays really nicely ❤️
If doctors got paid per incident, Jace would keep all of the doctors in business. This boy is the epitome of a crazy boy...he’s also the reason why we keep wine stocked up 😂
Skylar-Rose has a great personality and love playing with other children and love her baby brother and big sister ❤️
Kayden is such a happy baby always got a smile on his face ❤️
He is the most happiest baby, hes very alert, he loves cuddles and kisses
He will be 3 weeks old Tuesday, November 10th. He loves eating and sleeping and rocking in his swing. His big brother thinks he is the cutest baby ever!
He’s a very alert and happy baby🥰that loves to talk, play and be active and eat.
Brielle is a very active loves dances loves being in the camera
Esmeralda is a happy out going little girl, she is special in her own way, very smart and fabulous.
Lyanna is our little whirlwind. She’s in love the movies Inside Out & Moana (oh and you better be ready to sing) She’s a speed demon at crawling when she has her sights on something more interesting then her toys. She loves climbing everything so she can pull herself up and stand. You can find her almost everyday climbing her Daddy like a koala while he streams his games. Overall, she just wants to be involved and if she isn’t she has some real FOMO (fear of missing out), especially if Momma and Daddy are awake but she is the best snuggle bug if it’s night time. We love our babe.
She is so a happy baby girl. She loves music and cuddling.
Grayson is the light of his mommy and daddy's life. He loves snuggles, nap time, and kisses from the family dog. Don't touch his feet though, unless you're ready for a tantrum!
Isabella is always full of smiles, she loves tummy times and loves her baths.
He has his own personality, he laughs every time you talk to him, always happy never a dull moment with this children he makes my bad days good every time he smiles at me, he likes to roll and play with his older sister
I just turned 3 months and I can hold my own bottle ❤️
Willow is a sweet but wild child. She brings so much excitement to all of us in her family.
Amazing baby, very playful and always happy and giggling.
Annalise was born premature on October 26th! She’s currently still in the nicu supposed to be coming home tomorrow 11/9/2020 :) she has a beautiful little smile/grin, she has such a huge appetite I call her my little hungry!! She’s a great baby never really cries and always wants to be left alone lol she’s very independent to be her age <3 she’s the best thing I could ever ask for please vote for my sweet little girl
Daniel is a 3 months old baby who loves to eat, smile and chewing on his hands
Leonardo, mainly known as Jr, is a spunky 9 yo who loves Pokemon and Marvel. He loves deeply and cares about those around him. I love that he’ll just randomly tell me that he loves me. He’s definitely a momma’s boy 💙
A fun energetic little girl. In a field full of horses she chooses to be a unicorn. She has alway been impatient making her arrival a month early resulting in 2 weeks in the NICU. Her electric personality shows inside and out as she fearlessly battles her Epilepsy in the fight to be seizure free.
Josiah is such a sweet loving boy. Always happy and smiling at everyone. He is my rainbow baby and made being a mother so easy. He loves music and loves to take stroller rides.
Sophia Avery
Sophia is a happy and lovable baby! She loves to snuggle and enjoys to be around people! She is the life of the party anywhere we go! ❤️
Chace is a vibrant little boy that loves to look at picture books, play with dogs and electronics.
Eryn is 6 mo. Old! Born a month early and doing great :) she loves to show her smile ! Loves tummy time and watching our dogs play!
He is 1 month old. He likes lights, tummy time and cuddles. Hes a daddy's boy and likes to go outside.
Zane Lee
Zane is 11 month olds. He’s a mommas boy, loves spending all his time with momma 💙 He recently has learned to crawl and enjoys exploring the house and outdoors! His favorite snack is puffs loves watching Little Baby Bum!
He's a happy baby boy that loves cuddles. Please vote for my handsome baby Joshua ❤️
what a happier little girl, all the time with a smile on her face 💖💖💖
Reign is a very bright and full of smiles. He is a happy baby whom loves to eat already. He brings joy to us all
Hi im Novaleigh Isabella , im a very spoiled little mama.. Im here to make you smile 😊 I love to sleep during the day and keep my mama up all night . I love to be held so please dont put me down 💜 You should vote for me to make me proud !
Kadin loves to watch Scooby-Doo and eat all day. Kadin is a smiley lovey boy! :) Kadin’s best friend is his puppy Crimson, they are 3 weeks apart in age and became instant besties! Kadin is a chunky monkey weighing in the 90th percentile.
He is so sweet and handsome I can not stop staring at him!!❤❤
Lian Efren is a such a happy baby! He loves to smile everytime he sees somebody in his sight but when no ones around he gets all sad! He's favorite toy right about now is his hands! 🥰