Baby Stories - 71


Xaniyah is a very happy and smiley baby 🥰
Adrian is always so full of energy and is the life of the party! Anytime he is around, all eyes are on him! But he is also the sweetest big brother.
Jaylen is always smiling and has the loudest laugh! His laughter fills the house and we can’t help but to smile and laugh with him
Luke is such a happy 6 month old! He rarely cries and he loves his 4 year old brother more than anyone!
My name is Karson . I am 4 years old. I love to play with dinosaurs. My favorite character is SPIDER-MAN. My favorite foods are : Strawberries, Chicken & fries. I love being a big brother to my Baby sister !
Harlyn is a 9 month old who enjoys dancing and eating potatoes. She also loves to play with her brother and sleep.
Hes currently teething, he loves the outside. He loves mashpotatoes and he loves looking at bright colors.
His name is Zach 2 years old he loves everyone an everything he’s a momma boy he does have seizures when he runs a high temperature he loves his little brother
I’m such a happy baby I love long cuddles and dressing up and I love sleeping with mommy and daddy
De Ziah
A very sassy lovable goofy 10 month old we loves her mommy she can say daddy mommy bye hey Ayeee yea an loves play time/outdoors we have 3 teeth an about got this walking stage down show my stink some love as well as she will be the big one April 8th 💕
She’s just the cutest 💓
A very goofy and loving one year old. Soon to be a big sister in August. Loves to give lots of hugs and kisses. Also loves getting into anything and eveything she shouldn't.
He loves watching movies and playing video games(trying to anyways). He laughs at the weirdest noises. He loves to steal mommy and daddy's food. He loves being in the walker. He takes off in it and doesnt stop. He warms everyones heart with smiles and giggles. All he wants to do is walk at just 8 months old. He holds onto things and can walk.
Tayleigh Faye 💗 My Sassy, sweet & smart 5 yr old! Loves big bows, unicorns, playing outside (definitely not afraid to get dirty) 😅 & making crafts w tonssss of glitter! 🦄
I am almost 2 months old, Love to cuddle with mommy and daddy. And I love to eat and sleep.
Kingston loves to dance, to eat, and to watch sports with his Pop Pop!
My little boy is just like his daddy! Goofy and loving. Strong and advanced in motor skills. Enjoys puppies and funny faces. Will smile to anyone who pays attention to him.
Jennifer loves to smile and laugh. She also loves music and bath time!
Always happy playing a busy body and an angel
Lainie has been a fighter from day one 💕💕💕
Beautiful, unique little princess
Gianna Avah Marie
I am 2 weeks old , Love cuddles with my mommy & daddy ! Chunkster & Love to eat !!
Trinity is a little diva. She is one of the 6 grand daughters that I have. Has just the most wonderful personality
Olivia likes to play outside and watch cocomelon
Greyson is 10 months old. He loves watching Cocomelon, pj mask and Giantsauras. Loves playing with his toys and goes anywhere he wants to in his walker. He also loves to crawl and bounce!
She’s a rainbow baby that can’t stop smiling. She loves water, watching hockey and football with her daddy. Her past time is laughing while pulling her socks off!
Ryry is super chill and lazy at times , but he is so lovable and sweet . You’ll enjoy his time 💚🥰
Kingston loves to play and keep everyone smiling . He is such a sweetheart 💚
Nikolette Loves Baby Shark Her Brothers Her Mom Dad And Grandma She Is A Little Sweet Heart Who Adapts To Everything Well
My Amelia is a miracle baby. She's 4 weeks old and already making a huge impact in everyone's lives. 💖
She's bright smart little girl, full of life and love and mature for her age. She's a joy to be with.
My messy blue eyed toddler, says HAYY! She’s very smart and loves her pup apollo. She so amazing, words can’t describe her.!
Little Lily Lynn is my snow baby that I delivered during the ice storm last month! She is so sweet and such a good baby so far 🥰💜
Miss Kynlee is 6 months old. She is full of laughter and joy . She loves to play with her big brother (4). A sweet playful baby who gives the best cuddles and lots of love !
This is my amazing nephew!! He's favorite word is no.... and will probably be a yodeler when he's big or an auctioneer lol
Hi, I'm Hoyt. I'm 8 months old and I love my mama, dada, big bubba and most of all FOOD! I was born in the middle of a crazy global pandemic, but nothing can stop me from being happy. I love smiling, laughing and flirting with the ladies.😍 Thanks for the votes!
Hi, im Saigen. I like to eat and jump. I love to smile and i also love my mommy’s arms🥰
Karmella is 2 months old and she loves bath time, staring at her mommy and daddy, and talking away already!
He loves animals, dinosaurs, hes very smart and knows a few BIG words like excavator, stegosaurus, ect. Hes 3 but mighty! Vote for this little handsome boy!
The sweetest new addition to our family. He’s such a wonderful baby and little brother ♥️
Hi my name is Oliver and I’m 7 months old. I love to scoot around and cuddle my blanket. I keep my mommy on her toes. My favorite show is cocomelon and I refuse to watch anything else, my favorite foods are bananas and sweet potatoes💙my mommy says I’m special Bc I’m a rainbow baby🌈
Hi my names alaina, I’m a very happy baby love to play and laughand dance all the time, I love Mickey Mouse, peppa pig and paw patrol ☺️
Kayla Danielle. Joyful, playful and happy soul. 5 years old and is the smartest girl I know. She loves to learn, and try different types of food. She’s obsessed with her little sister.
My sweet little Bonnie-Mae is the light at the end of the tunnel. We sadly lost her sister beginning of last year & now Bonnie has brought me so much hope. She is a diva with the biggest personality. Her smile lights up the room. Beautiful inside & out ❤️
Lennox is only 3 months old yet already has such a big personality. He loves to listen to nursery songs and watch his big brother play games and be silly. He recently found his fingers and boy oh boy he cannot stop playing with them! Vote for Lennox so he can have money towards his college fund!
She’s the happiest baby and loves her family, dogs, and snacks❤️
Kayden Kobe. The youngest sweetheart I know. Loves his family, but especially anything that contains chocolate.