Braxton loves to smile and has the sweetest smile when does and lights up a room! He is mommy’s red hair blue eye gerber baby💙
I’m Amaya Brynn Smith! My favorite person is my mama, & I am sooo ready to walk! I am the most smiley little girl ever an I am so very spoiled. ❤️
Brynnlee is such a happy baby and brings a smile to anyones face! She loves to go outside for fresh air and loves bath time! Her favorite food is peaches but will skip out on the green beans!
Addison is 3 months old loves tummy time and love her swing she’s very silly
Beautiful Baby Girl ❤ Please Vote ❤
Jackson is such a happy baby loves to say mama , dada & nana . He is my whold heart and i wouldn’t change it for anything !!
Kevin is a smart out going little guy he’s super smart. He loves to play with his big puppy, watch paw patrol and is always on the go getting into everything he just recently lost his daddy
Jupiter is 6 months old and loves carrots, bouncing in her bouncer, and smiling at strangers❤️
She loves cuddles with mommy She also loves her sleep
Mateo was born on January 12, he’s the first boy in my family for over 20 years; he’s special alright!😂 he loves his fists, loves playing with his mama. A huge mamas boy. Very expressive baby. Loves tickles, laughing, and smiling. My smile shines the whole room if I’m in it. Also, love talking all the time 😂!
She is fun to play with. She love to talk more everyday with new words that can be hard to understand haha because she is only 7 months old😊
I love watching Elmo and when mommy tickles me. I love taking baths and chewing on everything.
Malachi loves to play and laugh!
Lucas is a sweet little boy. He’s full of happiness & love. He’s such perfect little dude. ❤️
Ameena is such a wonderful soul to be around she wakes up talking every morning. She loves the bee movie and anything pink. She loves to play and read/eat her books.
Malia is a fun loving, active, sweet baby girl and has a big personality. She loves being around other people. She loves all things water and outdoors. She loves to eat and loves to make others smile.
Bentley Ray
Hello world my name is Bentley Ray, Im 2 years and 3 months old. I love to be outside playing with my cars and truck. You see i was born with half a heart but I dont let that stop me.. please consider giving me a vote. I would appreciate it. Thank yu so much. Have a blessed day! Sincerely Bentley Ray
Ja'Lhani Blazé is her real name. She is the prime example of a sour patch kid. Extra sweet with a fiery attitude. Very determine to explore. She loves puppies and horses. She loves cuddling with the people she loves. She loves the camera and has to have her own phone. That's her signature pose. You like?
London And Landon
They are fraternal twins and they love muppet babies and to play and giggle. Landon is all smiles and more the jokester and London is more laid back but loves the camera! He's very photogenic
Aleena Was Born December 28th 2021. Shes My Miracle Baby. Her Dad & I Tried For 5 Years To Have A Baby, With Absolutely No Luck We Gave Up On Having Our Own Kids, Until One Day When I Went To The ER & They Told Me I Was Expecting. ❤️🥰 Aleena Is Our Family's Newest Blessing She's So Smart & Beautiful. Please Vote For Her!
Zola is a whole world of fun ! Please don’t take the bottle away from her or things will get ugly. She’s very funny and loves to laugh and talk. What an angel 😇
Leah is a happy almost 2 year old who loves to swim and play.
Vote for Hadley today, tomorrow, and everyday! You can vote everyday and help us win this together. Hadley is a very happy baby. She is 5 months old and she’s full of love! She enjoys her play dates and she likes to explore. She loves carrots and sweet potatoes. Can’t wait to make many more memories with our baby girl.
Braileigh Dawn
Braeigh is outgoing,she loves being adventurous,shopping and taking pictures
Lendon Leason
Leason & Lendon are identical twins boys that just got out the NICU. They love to smile, look around & drink their bottles.
She the happiest lil girl,
Aiden loves car rides, smiling, and cuddling with mom and dad!
Adleigh Jay🤍 I love puppies & playing with other babies. My favorite thing to do is EAT. I can say Hey, Bye Bye, Dada, Yeah, and Okay.
Our little peanut was a big surprise coming into the world 5 weeks early but she is thriving! She is a brave and strong girl
Sterling is 3 months old and a ray of sunshine! His gummy smile is contagious! He loves napping on Momma, trying to sing a long with songs and smiling at Daddy. When he isn’t smiling he’s got his brows furrowed like he’s in deep thought. He’s the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet 😍
Lyla is always smiling she loves to giggle and babble while swinging or bouncing around the place
I'm Reece! I love to go to the park and go down slides. I love playing woth my PAW Patrol toys and firends at daycare! Help me get my first win!
Jonah is a happy boy who loves his Mommy and Daddy, and brings so much joy to everyone around him.
Carson butt is almost 4 months old and brings so much joy to everyone around him 💙
Alanah is such a happy baby! She loves to smile at everyone she sees. She likes playing with her toys and her doggy.
Everton Alden is almost 10 months old! He’s LOVES to walk, and eat anything he can find off of the floor. He is such a sweet silly boy, always laughing and playing (I can’t get him to stop lol). His favorite thing to do is take baths and splash all around, I have to do everything I can to get him out of the tub. And he’s just a ham all around! Easiest/happiest baby I’ve ever met 🥰❤️
Isaiah is the sweetest boy ❤️ He’s always smiling and laughing and making our days better ☺️
Michael is the first baby in our family and he brings love and joy to all he meets. He has a smile that can light up an entire room, and his crystal blue eyes are mesmerizing. He is a sweet energetic boy full of love. Thank you for voting for our boy!
Giggles and smiles and lots of love
Miss addalyn maerose loves to be happy and smile she is the happiest baby ever and loves to roll over and show mommy how active she is.
Tevez is a happy baby! He'll put a smile on your face. He likes tummy time and playing with his toys
The cutest baby girl you’ve ever seen!!! Little Miss “Ribbet” loves to smile and laugh. She’s so happy ALMOST all of the time. She’s her daddies twin and a mama’s girl. She loves her brothers Hot Wheels cars and her teether snacks. This girl is HIGH MAINTENANCE but so so worth it. She’s loved by everyone she meets 🤍 Our red hair, blue eyed baby.
She loves playing basketball , hunting with her grandpa jesse, bible study , church , swimming , being out doors. She is very smart/talented beautiful girl and loves her daddy💕
He likes to bike ride, reading, dancing and loves to be out doors and loves meeting new freinds
Lukka is a lovable happy baby hes always full of smiles and giggles