yomar , { j•o•mar} he’s loving kind an he is a advanced 2 year old he likes his abcs and to count to 10 , he knows his coils and more show some support to are young hispanic generation in making 👏🏼❤️he loves all he animals if you name them he make the sound they make ❤️and he loves kids
Brysen is the sweetest little boy ! He loves to play with his cars & watch cocomelon. He is very smart and has a soft voice. The joy of the family , he brightens our days🐻❤️
Alex is a little ray of sunshine just one smile will light up ur day🧸
She loves watching tv, cuddling with mommy, bath time and her baba.
My name is mark I am 3 years old I have mild autism and ADHD I am a happy boy please vote for me for I can get my Christmas present under my tree
Hi my name is Leonardo. I love to dance and try to sing along with every song i hear. My favorite thing to do is eat. I love to pretend im a monster, roar and play peek a boo. I love to say hi to every person i meet.
Greyson loves to play outside! he’s very smart, outgoing, and funny! never a dull moment with this boy!
Hi my name is Aubrey .Aubrey is the big ONE! I had her at 37 weeks .she so sweet and sassy. She love to smile and laugh.she is learning so many thing. She so one smart girl!She love food.🥰please support her by voting 😁every vote appreciate it. thank everyone.
Ezrael Esparza is 9 months old, he’s a super happy baby who’s smile brights up everyone’s world ! He would love your vote and support ! And yes his eyelashes are real, long and beautiful 😊
Nakylah is such a intelligent, outgoing, adventurous, loving girl, she loves spending time with her dog Sadie, doing arts and crafts and pretend playing!
She is a sweet loving baby that is always the happiest she can be !
Emma is an outgoing funny beautiful girl she’s full of energy and can put a smile on anyone’s face
Mateo was born at exactly 32 weeks and was only 3 pounds 4 oz at birth. He had to undergo a 40+ day NICU stay and surgery on both of his hands and alot of different procedures while he was in the NICU... No matter what day it is though he always has a smile on💙
One of the most unique babies I’ve met, and I don’t say that with bias! He’s got all kinds of funny quirks that make him stand out. He’s always been a good kid, was never colicky or even had diaper rash. He’s so happy and smiley all the time and we hope you are too!
Aniya is what ever she wants to be. Some days we are wearing tutus and others we are in spandex and tumbling, sometimes even yoga and of course being a normal 5 year old. So very loving and outgoing and full of spunk, this smile is her go to everyday accessory!
Autumn is a 4 month old baby girl she loves to lay on her belly she loves FaceTiming her daddy she loves being outside and she loves spending time with family
Xavier is a intelligent strong little boy. He is very polite and caring for his little sister and his mama! Loves to play outside with his puppy. Loves to help mommy clean up.
He loves playing, grabbing anything he can reach, and LOVES talking even though you can’t understand him 🥰❤️
I love cars, my little brother. I love watching car shows.
I have 5 teeth, I am learning how to walk, I love watching my bottle being made and i love messing with my big brother
Miylah is 4 months old . She is the happiest little baby around. Always smiling , laughing, giggling, she even wakes up smiling hardly ever cries and absolutely loves her 4 year old sister🥰💜 we recently found out she has optic nerve hypoplasia . But she doesnt let it affect her at all which is amazing to me 💜🥰
Barrett Hugh Hart
He is an amazing child brings such happiness. Smart and funny bright and very loveable .
Colson is a cute cuddly little boy. Likes to be called big man and loves dogs, he also enjoys watching Mickey Mouse and the grinch. He is also a mommy’s boy and enjoys cuddling mommy during naps.
Mariah is just a ball of fun. She’s full of energy, loves to laugh and play with her sisters.
He’s a paw patrol loving foodie who always has a smile on his face 💕
Sawyer is a 4 month old happy little girl! She is always smiling and has lots of stories to tell you!!
Paislee is 3 years old, she LOVES to take pictures mostly in her own goofy way. She’s a wonderful help to her younger two sisters ❤️
AnaLyse loves to paint,draw,color,play,take pictures she is a beautiful loving soul
He is a very energetic little boy, he likes Toy Story Buzz Lightyear, and loves Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.
Kinsley is a happy & smart little girl. She loves her animals and babies. She does anything to make you smile and laugh & has the biggest heart.
Hi my name is Dominic. I’m 14 months old. I love to talk, smile. My hobbies are playing, I love playing with toys. I bring joy to everyone I meet.Vote for me!
Smart silly girl that super sweet Nd brave loves to be around family Nd friends she’s literally everything to me Nd I’m forever thankful god made her apart of my life since newborn I was told to put her to model but never really tried cause was always afraid of puttin pressure on her abt looks or anything but as she grows she shows me how sassy she is Nd how she can handle pretty much everything my baby super advanced Nd I thank god every day for it !
Hello, my name is Melisa i love bathing and cuddles !! My mum is very strong woman as i gave her hard time delivering me and daddy didnt collapse when he saw me 🙈. I love this world 🌎 being 2020 makes me special !
Hello My Name Is Dion Jr. I Am 16 Months Old I Love Playing With Everything Around The House And My Mommy And Daddy!!! I Love Mickey Mouse And Helping Mommy Sweep.
Elijah is 10 weeks old, he’s constantly smiling and laughing and loves watching friends
She’s an amazing little girl
Peyton Jhenè
Independent , Silly & Loving
This boy right here is the sweetest little man you will ever meet!
Carter is 3 years old, loves his toy cars, and his favorite thing to watch is Cocomelon!
Hi my name is Khaza Maeson. I am 2 years old. I love going to school, and singing the alphabet song. I love Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol😊
Sweet Johnnie was born September 24th at home in water. He is the baby brother of his 2 year old big sister Aria, and he is the 5th generation Johnnie in the family (Johnnie V or the 5th). He loves to be held and snuggled all the time and makes super cute giggles in his sleep. He’s been giving us lots of smiles lately and growing so strong and fast!
Braylon is almost 2 months old. He loves to listen to music, go on walks and drives, and he’s starting to smile and coo more and more everyday! He’s a momma’s boy and it would be amazing if mommy could get some help for Christmas! 🎄🎁
Jason Loves to sing and dance! He is very smart and has a big Personality
Roman is the happiest baby ever! He loves playing with his toys and just hanging out! He has recently discovered that he LOVES Christmas music!!
Malachi is a one year old bright eyed bavy, who is always talking his baby language. Malachi smiles so much & loves his daddy beyond words!
Jayanna is a beautiful bright eyed baby who always smiles even though she has belly issues. Jayanna loves the tv!