Hey! My name is Greyson Skye. I am 1 yrs old. Greyson like Ms.Rachel, outdoors, and reading books! He knows a few things in sign language, as well as knowing how to say a few words. He is very charming, with a big personality/attitude. You’ll often see Greyson playing with his cars, and “reading his books”
Hello my names Oliver! I’m a cheeky happy 8month old baby boy who's personality has just started to show, Vote for me please & I'll vote back
Hi! My name is Kingston 💙 I love to spend time with my mommy & daddy. I’m starting to sit up & trying to crawl. My favorite food is corn 🌽 !
Violet is such an amazing happy baby!🫶🏼 and she loves to watch cartoons✨and loves to talk and laugh with her mommy and daddy🥰🫶🏼vote for my sweet baby girl Violet dawn💖
Hi, my name is Anya Marie. My mum says I’m a sweet little girl. I got two older brothers who love me very much and I love spending time with my nana.
Hello my name is Adam Gael and i am a Heart Warrior living life one day at a time 🫶🏻 I love giving smiles and headaches 🥰❤️Please bless me with your votes ✨
She absolutely loves her flamingo stuffie sitting up and mangoes :) she is such a happy baby who loves everybody
Introducing the most adorable, sweetest and cutest baby in town! With sparkling eyes that twinkle like stars, a button nose that crinkles when he smiles, and the softest skin you've ever felt, this little one has already stolen the hearts of everyone around. From his infectious giggles to the way he snuggles up against you, this baby is the definition of perfection. Vote for him, and watch as this little one captures your heart too!
Grayson is an energetic little boy who loves animals and being outside! He is crazy smart and absolutely loving, always finding the good in everyone he meets. He loves building lego sets with his mom and dad, and spending the day with his Mommom and aunt jazzy.
Hi my name is Luka Jackson Taylor Freeman. I love to play, talk, dance, sing, and I especially love my cuddles from my mom and dad. I'm such a fun and happy little 2 year old.
Ace is a happy baby. He loves to eat and play with his big brother. Hes been through a lot in his 7 months of life but hes overcome every obstacles thrown his way.
Maverick is a fun loving little boy. Hes been thru alot in his 5 and half years and hes over come every obstacle thrown his way. He loves playing with trucks and love being outside playing in the dirt.
She loves to suck on her thumb and grinning at her big brother!
Avyaan loved to play with toys that made noise, especially ones that he could bang or shake. He also enjoyed reading books with bright, pictures and playing peek-a-boo with his parents. Whenever he was outside, he loved to feel the grass between his fingers and watch the leaves dance in the breeze. Despite being just one year old, this little boy had already captured the hearts of everyone around him. His infectious smile and bubbly personality brought joy to all who knew him. That's why we vote for him every day by giving him all the love, care, and attention that he needs to grow and thrive.
Evelyn is 11 months and she likes to eat and watch Mickey Mouse
Owen is the happiest baby boy, always laughing and giggling, and he loves meeting new people and animals! He’s so smart, loves music and dancing, and he also loves to give hugs and kisses! Owen’s favorite things to do are go outside, and play with his furry siblings!
My sweet Princess Sophia - beautiful, smart, vocal, and a absolute cuddle bug. My biggest blessing 🩷
She loves sing-a-long shows 💕 she loves her big brother!! Has a smile that lights up any room and lives to play..
Paisley is our 13 month old baby girl. She enjoys spending time outside, watching animals, and loving on her daddy. She has an amazing, loving, and silly personality. She’s learning to walk and talk plenty. She can always put a smile on your face when she comes in the room.
Her nickname is Sweet pea. She loves to play, smile, and laugh. She’s just adorable!
One of the sweetest lucky charms we have!
Meliana LOVES to eat french fries!! But her most favorite thing to do is run around and pointing at everything she sees!!
Her name means nature in Swahili. She is my strong willed, smart, and charismatic girl!
Cohen is the happiest baby ever! He loves his family and loves to smile and talk! He loves laughing! The sweetest soul ❤️
My beautiful, silly, and sweet girl. She loves being outside, eating anything she can get her hands on, and causing chaos!
Sadie loves to smile, laugh, and snuggle. She is mommas baby girl💗
Harlea Maeve, our beautiful blondey with big blue eyes. Harlea's a very cheeky and cute 3 month old who has an amazing and adorable little character, also, shes very recently starting to find her voice. Such a happy soul that loves to smile, and is so close to her first little giggles! Her favorite things are, sensory play on her teddy play mat. Lots and lots of milk! Singing, dancing and being silly with her family. But most of all.. lots of fun and cuddles with mummy and daddy 🩷
Brynlee is the smartest,sweetest,most loving little girl I have ever met! She loves bubbles,riding her jeep,and playing with chalk. She loves motorcycles too!
Lillian is a very happy girl, always smiling and laughing! She loves cuddles from mommy and daddy! :)💗
Tommy has the most infectious smile& laugh, he’s such a loving, happy, cheeky little boy and is obsessed with Moana🥰
Hope is a beautiful smiley and happy little girl who was born a month early and had sua while I was pregnant. She is healthy and loves spending time with her brothers and sister and her mommy and daddy. She loves to fall asleep when it comes to tummy time.
Nolan is a very smart 7 year old who enjoys playing outside and roblox…his favorite chatacters are Sonic, Venom, and Mario. He is a great big brother to his 1 year old sister and loves to play outside.
Lillyana is my beautiful baby ! She started with a feeding tube ,but is thriving now!
Hi my name is Myla. I'm 18 months old and i love my parents and my sister. I like to dance and play with my friends ❤️
Roxanne loves to talk to her parents, she has learned To roll over and does it without us knowing. Now she’s trying to learn to sit-up.
Messiah is a adorable little boy who just loves to be cuddled and always sleeps
I am Maddilyn I am a very happy baby , I love chasing our cat and dog around the house, cuddling, playing with my piano, and standing up and showing off. Vote for me!!
Hi, my name is Xander Kade and i am a wild man who loves to play outside!
My baby boy is the happiest wildest baby you could ever meet. He loves to dance and can munch down on some food. 9 times out of 10 you’ll see him clapping or trying to crawl. He loves splashing water in the bath and love giving big kisses
Mr. kingston fun loving happy baby who loves to explore this big wild world, loves walking at the beach, cuddles with mommy, and eating everything in site! We would appreciate and love your support & votes!
Hi, my name is Haven Grae and I am 3 years old and full of sass!! I love playing outside, doing my own make up, and playing with my puppy
Daisy Mae
Daisy is a beautiful lil girl she loves her big sister and mommy and daddy just rolled over today on 3.17.23 Was born on 1.1.23
Hi I’m Damian Also Known As Gordo Because I love To Eat And I’m Chunky, I Wear 12-18 Months When I’m Only 5 Months, I Love Eating Fruits And Trying New Foods, I Love When My Mom And Dad Talk To Me, I Can Talk Back And Say Tata, I’m So Smart And Attentive i love being the only child 🤍
Braxlee is the HAPPIEST baby! He’s always smiling! He is obsessed with his mommy, and LOVES being at church! He has a big brother whom he adores and is very playful
Ava-grace is such a character! She loves animals and drawing. She’s so much smart than expected for a 2 year old! Thank you so much!!
Avery was born at 37 weeks and 2 days. She loves her mommy and daddy. Her favorite pet is her doggy Izzy.