Baby Stories - 69


Hi my name is Kevionce and I am 5 months old. I love being the baby, drinking my milk, watching tv, and playing with my Mom, 2 big brothers and my family.
Vote for me pleaseee 💞💞💞💞💞
My little man loves to be sung to by his big sister especially when she sings songs from his favorite artist Cody Johnson
Jackob is the most smiley baby hes always happy. Hes super sweet he smiles at everyone. 😀
My sweet baby loves his kisses an his snuggles with his mommy an his grammy. He is a month old an he's been throw a lot since he was born im just really blessed that God blessed me to be his mommy. He loves to wake his mommy up at night by placing his hand on my face. He loves to be outside. Hates to get dressed.
He smiles. He loves his maw and paw. His favorite person is his mommy ♥️
Jaxen is loving, smart, and silly. He loves cuddles and watching movies/tv shows. He love cocoMellon. He likes going on long walks to the park.
Kunta is a 5month happy baby boy who believe it or not was a premie came a month and 3 days early. He loves to chat with ppl in his little language and listen to church music. He enjoys playing with his 2 big sister and his big brother.
Jasper was just born. He's a little chunkier. He loves his food and cuddles.
Maison is our first baby and my goodness we have been blessed beyond words he is such a doll he has such a sweet heart he’s always soo happy never ever sad such a great happy boy he has the sweetest laugh he’s such a cuddler loves his mommy,daddy and when his mommy and daddy bring him to the park and he loves when his mommy and daddy bring him on adventures loves loves the outside he loves the beach the ocean the sand the way the waves come in and wash away he loves his baba and his bossy such a sweet baby
Cayden loves to smile,does tummy time, and enjoy playing with his Cayden had been through so much but he strong because of that. I’m so blessed to watch him grow.He had heart surgery so he also a heart warrior 💖 pulmonary atresia baby please give my lil boy some votes his mom will put his funds toward his future , and thank you . I’ll return the favor back if voted
Lincoln was born Feb 5th. He was born 3 weeks early and weighed 7 lbs 15 oz. I can only imagine how big he'd been if he went the full 40 weeks. Right now he has colic and doesn't feel good :( Hopefully it won't last much longer and he can be the happy little boy he deserves to be 💙💙💙
Elijah is my clown and make everybody laugh
Amelia Grace
Millie is our 4 month old chunky girl! She loves to smile and absolutely LOVES her daddy.
Raine is a very active baby she loves her older sister and very playful loves to talk and smile
Rhylan James Eaves
He likes to smile and giggle and loves riding in the car
Weston was just born he’s a very good baby ! He weight 9 pounds so he’s a lil chunk
My Ma’Lahni is a 29weeker, my MIRACLE baby, she overcame a lot of obstacles, vote for my babygirl 🤞🏽
Apollo Kane
ABOUT APOLLO KANE: He likes bubbles , dancing , bath time , yogurt bites , baby bums , playing with baba , story time, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes&gravy , going for rides with mama & dada , cuddles with mama , swings , banging pots&pans. THINGS APOLLO KANE HAS LEARNED TO DO : CLAP along with “if you’re happy & you know it “. PLAY PEEK A BOO . WAVE hello & bye bye . CRAWL to things that he wants . STAND UP from sitting position on his own. WALK along furniture & with walker . WORDS APOLLO KANE HAS LEARNED : Mama Dada Baba No no
Brooke is the happiest baby on earth! She has been giving hugs and kisses since she was 2 months old and just wants to make everyone smile. :)
Lily Lynn Nolan
She is currently 3 months she loves tv n video games n loves to smile. ❤️
Emery is five years old she loves to talk also play with her toys 🧸 she is a happy little girl she always makes my day.
Adley is a twin of a 3 month old brother westley they have two older sisters she has beautiful blue eyes the sweetest smile hard to get on camera thou
Ayden Amir
A Capricorn who is a lil feisty. If you see me smile you better take a picture quick.
Jonathon is a heart worrior!!! He had a rough few months but is strong and resilient! Determined to overcome any obstacles.
A'Lonnie is very cheerful she is the most sweetest little girl... she's silly and lastly she's loving
Giovanni is so cool. He’s smart. The way he says I love you too is so special. He’s just the best.
Dougie is an absolute bubble, after getting comfortable he will laugh, and talk your ear off! He’s the best big brother and loves his fur playmate red.
Wyatt is such a precious boy.! He likes to laugh at mommy & loves a bath💙 He loves to play in his jumpy & do tummy time .! Vote for Wyatt 😌💙
Ari is 8 months old she is very outgoing she loves her big brother and loves her 2 puppies . She is always happy and loves to watch cocomelon.
She’s The happiest little baby around, always has a smile on her face and a giggle that will make anyone laugh along with her. She adores her big brother and loves her fur baby.
His favorite words are dada and hi. He loves bath time
Rayn loves exploring on her belly, online shopping with mommy, and sleeping the day away!
Madison is 6 going on 40!! She is a sassy mess!! She started talking when she turned one and hasn’t stopped since 😂 she is my tiny best friend ❤️
Xayden is a week old, he loves to sleep and eat💙 He has cubby cheeks 🥺
Lennox is 17 months full of energy and love! Loves to eat , play with his toys and cruise around the house and sleep late like mama 🥰❤️💙
She loves to be naked qnd smile at people
Kamden was born November 22, 2020. He loves to take baths and loves to watch his fish swim in the tank. Kamden loves mornings, and also loves to laugh and play.
Maddy loves pictures! Anytime I am holding my phone she gets so excited. It’s the cutest thing in the world! She also loves twirling her feet, eating snacks, and watching her favorite TV show, Booba. Most relatable baby ever, right?! Some of my favorite things about her include her infectious smile, laidback personality, and chubby thighs! (Oh!...and her unbreakable bond with her daddy🥲)
Soraya is a 4 month old baby girl, She loves cuddles, loves eating, she has a great personality, she is the sweetest, happiest little human 💕💗
Bo Rivers
Bo Rivers is the happiest baby🥰 He’s always smiling and babbling at you ❣️
Eden is 2 months old bubbly boy!! his favorite things are bath time, cuddles with mommy and daddy, and most of all his bottle in a timely fashion!!! Overall Eden is super happy and brings so much joy in our lives. Thank you everyone for the votes!!!
Anelen is a smart fun little Diva! She loves to shop take pictures and play at the park. She loves all things animals especially puppies. When she grows up she wants to be a cop and fire fighter who can cook!