The happiest, sweetest little 3 month babe. He’ll smile at everyone and have them smiling back.
🍯 Baby Kamaree loves to cuddle with mommy, stick his tongue out and have mommy up all night 🥴🤣
Very happy energetic baby!
Vhallen is my perfect little silly boy! He loves to play with our puppy and ride in the car but most of all he loves to sing and dance!
Always happy
Zoey is almost 4 years old! She loves pickles, yogurt, pepperonis, and suckers! She’s love to play hide and go seek and when someone will play tag with her although you may be the catcher the whole time😊 She’s my little model and loves getting her pictures taking. Last but not least she is such is caring, loving, funny, happy baby❤️
Kolton is 10 months old and LOVES to play outside! He loves to ride his daddy’s tractor and to play with his animals. He’s a little rotten country boy for sure!
Elijah is a super intelligent kid with boat loads of energy. One of the most well mannered and polite kids you’ll ever me
Adelynn is my grandbaby and I had to enter her. She is all smiles. Addie loves music, food and any body of water. She loves puppies and her favorite song is Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. This girl loves to dance 💃She likes to say Hi!! To everyone she sees
She’s a smart sweet and super playful 2 year old with a lot of sass
Kinslee is almost a month old beautiful baby lots of hair she is my grandbaby loves a smile beautiful dark blue eyes a very happy baby everyone please vote for my baby girl
Loves throwing his hands up like he’s gonna start boxing. Very smiley boy and loves to laugh🥰
She is always a happy baby. she smiles all the time
My silly girl 😘 Daya is super funny and out going! Check out her personality pics 🤪
A talkative little baby bean with the most beautiful blue eyes!!! We can’t wait to watch him grow!
Xaria is beautiful, smart, very sweet and loving. She has a great and fun personality for 3 years old🥰
Zaylee was born July 21 she was due August 8 but decided to come 3 weeks early she was born 5lbs 4oz now at a month old she's a healthy 9lbs 7oz she loves to snuggle up with her mommy and is always full of smiles!
Tison is 7 months old He loves playing In water He’s a happy baby love to smile and laugh
This is Aubrianna, Aubs for short. She is a complete sweetheart! Always making sure you’re okay and gets super sad when her sister doesn’t want to play. She’s always trying to make friends and make sure everything is running smoothly! This is my little Scorpio princess!🫶🏼
Paislee loves her Mash potatoes, bananas, doesn’t like the meat baby food she spits it back at you, she loves being talked to, she loves talking back, she loves her stroller and bouncer🤍
this is Kinsley, she is full of sass and knows what she wants! She loves animals, she loves cuddles, of course she’s a cancer and is a complete mommy’s girl!
Jasiah is two years old, he has Autism currently non verbal but he babbles & says momma 🥹 hes so sweet & loves to HUG! He Loves Sesame Street very much & flipping through a book 🥹 Hes an Amazing Boy 🥰
Hello. I'm only a few weeks old. Im new to the world. But I enjoy pooping and sleeping a lot. :)
Hello. My name is Lillian. Im always happy. I love too dance. I also love my mommy, daddy and brother a bunch! I enjoy drawing, jumping on my trampoline and watching my favorite cartoon. :)
Elliott is the happiest little guy and just loves to clap and smile and absolutely loves dogs and attention! 🥰
Tasieya is a very loving friendly bundle of joy, she loves to go to the park and watch the other little kids run around and play.
Amirah’s smile brings peace and warmth to any one’s heart! She’s a true princess!💕
Liam likes to be cradled tightly for naps. He enjoys monster chugging his bottle at night time and freaking mom out lol. He is just 6 weeks old and trying to grow up fast 🥺
Khloey Tomlin
Very out going and thinks of others...
Liam Payne
Hi, my name is Liam! i’m 4 months old, with the biggest deep blue eyes. I love to cuddle with momma and watch tv with dad. i can (almost) sit up by myself, roll over from my belly to back and i love to talk and giving the biggest smile💙
Malaki loves with his big heart , he will be 5 in june 2023 , If he wins anything he has a big plan for that and its to put some Up for schooling , Malaki loves dinos , cars and playing with his family ! ... Thank You Everyone!!
Lorenzo is 1 year old a very smart baby but very active loves to run from mommy and laugh when he has something he not supposed to have
Baylor loves spending time with mommy and daddy. He loves his puppies! He loves splashing around in the bathtub and watching Winnie the Pooh.
Hi. I am Barrett , I love my bottle, my mommy and daddy , and loves to play with my toy and get on my mommy’s nerves 😂 !! Barrett is the happiest little thing , always smiling and learning new things , favorite thing to say is “hey” !! We love our little boy more than anything
Nevie is the happiest, sweetest and easiest blue eyed girl! She loves to walk, clap, and be “so big”. She has the goofiest personality and shines so bright 💜
Evelynn is a beautiful blue eyed blonde haired babygirl. She loves her Mom and Dad. She loves to eat just about any food. Walks around like she owns the cat walk now and loves walks in her wagon.
O’Zilah is a very Smart, beautiful, silly baby girl. Being the only girl of four brothers she’s very Daring. She tries to keep up with every move.
Royal is 1 years old he’s the most sweetest baby ever always smiling 💙 he loves toys loves cocomelon and he will always make h laugh
Darci is 9 months she’s crawling and trying to walk she can say a few words such as mama, dada, hi, no, what, papa.
Ember may have come into this world a little too early, but she's full of personality and spunk! She is tiny but mighty!
Hi this is Zechariah, he is 2 years old....He loves to play with his 4 sisters, likes to eat and is such a HAPPY baby. He steals everyones heart that meets him. His hobbies also included taking pictures, drinking milk and playing with his stuffed elephant, he also loves coloring, writing and saying his alphabets and little blessing from GOD((((if voted for my baby boy, we will gladly return the favor))))VOTE FOR MY HANDSOME BABY BOY!!!!
Fighter from the beginning. Will go against the odds. Loves her naparoonies (naps) and long walks. Full blood fashionista 💅🏽
Brinley Ann Rose was born on December 18, 2021. She has 8 teeth, loves food, loves music, loves exploring and trying to keep up with her 2 older brothers.
Samuel Easton
Samuel Easton was born on 9/11/22 @2:54PM weighing 5lbs 11oz he’s my little NICU baby❤️
Zayden was born at 32 weeks 3 days after a 3 week stay in the hospital after my water broke at 29 weeks. He was then in the nicu for 7 weeks and had to come home on a heart monitor. He is a twin but his twin passed away in the womb of an unknown cause at around 22 weeks. His Twins name is Zaylor and will always be known. He is the happiest boy and always puts a smile on your face. Hes the light of our world and i would dont know how i ever lived without him!!
Sophia Leighanna
My Sophia is a sassy little girl with a lot of spunk somewhat of a diva she's almost 3 years and already thinks she's a princess loves watching Disney movies and playing with her older brother victor she loves being around people and her family definitely not a shy girl she's gotta be the center of attention of everyone she enjoys playing with little people and dolls and blocks that's her thing