Baby Stories - 64


Please vote for our beautiful boy Louie 💙
Eryk loves his baby brother and little sisters. He loves his dog and other pets. He loves wrestling. He loves his grandparents.
Emma loves her baby brother, big sister and big brother. She loves her animals and her grandparents. She loves her mommy and daddy, shes a daddies girl.
Arianna loves her baby brother, her sister and older brother. She's a mommies girl and she LOVES her grandmom. She loves her cats and dogs, shes an animal lover.
Hi my name is Jamesy . I love science and dancing . I’m a little shy but I can light up a room with my smile .
Carson Blayke
Hi my names Carson but you can call me Carsey . I’m the most outgoing 4 year old you will ever meet . I have a personality out of this world . Everybody who meets me falls in love with me .
Mason is such a happy baby!!! Smiling all the time. Mason loves being outdoors and singing songs with mom
Caden is a gift from GOD!!! He is a happy handsome little baby
Adaleah loves to make everyone smile, and she is very photogenic 💖
Dakota is 3 years old, loves outdoors, animals, & spending time with his mommy!
Bentley loves to smile and hear his own voice. He enjoys watching Cocomelon and playing in his jumper. He loves to roll around and now we are working on sitting up.
Sweetest most thoughtfulness little Chucky munk there ever was!!!!
Jaxson Joe
Jaxson is a very pleasant little boy, hes always smiling and loves being silly ! He loves to play and learn! He is almost 1 year old and he has came so far over the last 11 months being a premature baby at 5 weeks early ! He has been full of surprises for mommy on accomplishing all his milestones plus more! Please give jaxson a vote , every vote helps and i just no he would be over the moon happy on his birthday in two weeks if he wins or comes close , Thanks everyone
Lincoln is just a little guy loved by his big siblings . He is a rainbow after a storm . He loves to sleep and loves to cuddle
Ryan is smart, loves school he is super adventurous and loves learning new things . He is an amazing big brother to his three siblings
Noah is a spunky 5 year old who loves to play and run around . Loves his siblings. He loves paw patrol and anything monster truck
Aria is a ray of sunshine, loves her family and bath time, she is always giggling and smiling, lights up the room
Kylee is a happy active 5 year old who loves to get into things but is super smart. Even though she has to deal with split parents she’s always in an absolutely great mood and loves her siblings
Roman Burgess
Roman is a mommy’s boy. He likes watching tv, ceiling fans, and being cuddled.
Anthony is a ball of sunshine, so ranger tic and outgoing, always smiling, he loves his family and cocomelon and his little sister ❤️
sleep + milk + mummy cuddles = Happy baba ❤️ I am a little cupcake made of milk ❤️🐻
Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains. So much energy in such a small body, my whole world.
Dior is the happiest baby ever! She enjoys sleeping and eating.. She is always smiling and talking to mama and daddy..
Rinn was born a few weeks early. We all thought she was going to be a boy without actually knowing and we were surprised when she was born. She is my first and only grand daughter and the first grand daughterr on my daughter n laws side. She is the apple of my eye. She is now at the age where she is starting to play and baby talk. She loves peek a boo and playing with her toys and her favorite fur baby is her cat kai.
Always smiling and making us laugh!
Braylee loves to swing in her swing and loves being held by her dad. ❤️ She likes sleeping all day loves bath time.💕
Hey there! This is sweet baby Alaiya, people, music & shiny bright things absolutely fascinate her! She loves hanging out with her family & loves learning from her big sissy ❤️
Warwick’s smile is worth waiting for. He warms my heart whenever he does. He enjoys listening to others and replied in the most cutest ways
Savannah has a personality that’s for sure to win your heart. This girl always has a smile on her face and is so full of joy.
This handsome guy is Zavien! He loves to play outside and play in the dirt with the rocks & sticks! His favorite movie he loves to watch is Con Fu Panda! Zavien is the sweetest little guy ever and loves cuddling 🥰❤️
She is only a week in a half old so everyone is still learning about her but she loves to eat, she does not like being messed with while sleeping and she likes calming music, she loves her mommy!
Shanti means peace. And this beautiful baby lives up to her name with her calm and happy attitude. She loves laughing and snuggling!
Keshav is a sweet little boy who loves cars, balls, and books.
Ezekial is 10 months old and he is the world's happiest baby =) he crawls, stands up, talks and coo's alot. He is so intelligent and smiling non stop. =)
I’m Greyson I’m 1 Years old I like to babble and my favorite word right now is dada I love crawling and giggling and watching Mikey mouse clubhouse and I love to explore and try to get into everything right now please vote for me I’ll appreciate it so much ☺️❤️
He is such a happy baby , loves trying to sit up by himself already💙
💕MamaSquad💕 🌻👑💫Hiya! My name is Addyson a.k.a. Sonnyflower! I love riding my bike, fishing, picking wish flowers, swimming, and playing with my puppies Beaux, Sasha, and ,Cotton! Im mommys girl and my daddys world! I love helping others, cleaning the house, and building things. One day I hope to be a carpenter like my Dad! Please vote for me Addyson Drew! We exchange votes and do advanced exchanges!🌻
Baby Kayzlyn loves to talk and coo! She is already an animal lover thanks to her 3 puppy nieces and her sister cat. Kayzlynn is always such a happy and cheerful baby, especially when you pucker her chubby Cheekies!
Copelynn is one of the most content baby’s I have ever been around she is such a blessing from God 💕 she has 3 big brothers who completely adore her, so far she loves cuddling with mommy and daddy and of course grannmommy and pawpaw
Emma is a fun loving talkative baby. Shes a little cuddle bug...loves giving her mommy slobbery kisses and snuggling up in daddys arms for a nap. She loves peas (yes the veggie) she gets wide eyed and excited at the sound of her bottle shaking...Food she just loves her some food. I believe you should vote for Emma or share this because she is an angel sent from heaven and everybody should be able to see her picture and enjoy the love that shines in her eyes 💜 I love how she always has that serious look on her face 😂 like girl you aint fooling anyone give me those kisses. My little princess,our little rainbow baby
She’s a fierce one ❤️‍🔥🥰 to smart for her own good! She loves music and dancing, she instantly moves the second she hears a beat. She loves brushing her teeth and to never be put down 😂. She’s also a foodie like her momma ❤️
Brix was a fighter before his birth. I battled with covid & pneumonia and he had to be taken at 32 weeks. He was in the nicu for 22 days. He has to keep a feeding tube down his nose and he gave us a scare a few times but he’s healthy as ever. Upon his birth he was tested for covid but thanks be to Yahweh he tested negative!
Jackson loves video games and all sports.
Olive is a 28 weeker preemie! she was in the nicu for two months and then went hime for two days! She sadly had to go back because she got meningitis but is finally back home after another month and will be four months this early october! she also was a gastroschisis baby which means her intestines were on the outside of her body when she was born! she is such a fighter and a beautiful baby girl!
Natalie Burgess
Natalie loves Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Sophia the first. She is the sweetest girl. She’s a daddy’s girl and mommy’s world. If she wins, she’s going to Disney world to meet Minnie!
Ezra B aka baby bee or bumble bee loves tummy time, solid colors and having her belly rubbed 😍 She is our little sour patch kid 🤣🥰
She is always so happy smiles all the time even in her sleep she has so much love for everyone
Colt is the sweetest smiling boy who absolutely loves his mommy, daddy and sissy❤️ He enjoys being talked to, going for walks and being told how handsome he is 🥰