Joshua, he was born 8/7/2021. He loves the camera. He is very active and loves his family. He is a overall happy baby and could use your votes to help prove his mommy is right. He loves to smile and always on the go.
Hello my name is Infinity! I just turned 4 years old and I’m the smartest sassiest girl you’ll meet☺️
Sa'Mora is fun baby with plenty of energy & she says Heyyy!!!
Jenevieve is a beautiful little girl! She’s the happiest baby around. She’s always all smiles and loves to wave at people.
Dream is such a happy little girl she’s always smiling , her favorite snack is bananas, her hobbies include watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse , zooming around the house in her walker and cuddling mommy 🙂
Elliana is a joy to be around. She loves to wave Hi and show off all of her “cool moves” as I call them. She can say Hi, Bye, I love you, Mama, and Dada (ALL the time). She loves to be outside!!
Amelia “Millie” is a sassy, goofy, sweet 2 year old. She is filled with so much personality it’s insane. She is truly just a mini adult. You can’t help but smile when she walks in a room. Millie has the biggest heart…when she sees somebody sad or crying, she immediately runs up to them and gives them the biggest hug. She is the light in all darkness. Millie loves Toy Story, being outside, playing with her cousins, and cuddling mommy & daddy.
Poseidon is a very unique kid his outgoing love paw patrol very active and lovable just giving him an opportunity to try something different
👌🏾👌🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾Team Loyalty 🤞🏾🤞🏾👌🏾👌🏾Please return all advance May 3🧸🧸🧸🧸💕💕💕💕 🏀🏀🏀Za'Koria is a loving sweet 🧁 child she is very talented she plays basketball 🏀 she does gymnastics 🤸🏾‍♀️she loves playing video games,🎮 reading 📙and drawing 📝she love helping out with small kids she is just a bundle of joy she is the only girl out of 3 kids oh and she love taking pictures.📸
McKenzie is a very smart funny outgoing young lady. She loves to be outdoors with her friends and family and fantastic at karate. She will have you laughing on the floor with her crazy jokes!
Karter Ray
Karter Ray is 3 months old and happy, loud, and feisty. He was born on New Year’s Day and is forever my little miracle. He brings light and laughter everywhere he goes. He loves rice cereal, cuddles with mommy and daddy, and his binky! He also is a big supporter of #justiceforjohnnydepp 😂
Grayson loves to be outdoors with mom and dad. He loves bath time and we can't wait for him to swim in Nana's pool this summer. He loves dogs.
My little smiler 😍
Athena is the most happy girl, always wearing a smile! She loves to do mini photo shoots💕
The most goofiest baby ever!!
Malakai, is 1 years old, he is energetic, happy, learning to talk, He loves watching Cocomelon😳😂 He loves to go outside and play!🥰 how can you not vote for this beautiful baby boy❤️
Vote for our big boy , always smiling and laughing. Loves his trucks and his momma and daddy. Ready to be WILD all the time 😁
Destiny is a beautiful 3 year old baby girl she loves to be around people she loves to play and be outside, she always on the go she's a very good eater and she's just such a very lovable
Christina is very bright, loves to be with family and shes always bubbly and smiling
Kaiden is a very energetic 3 month old full of laughs and giggles!! He loves to be sat up and to be attentive to EVERYTHING!!
Cas’mir has an amazing personality! Always laughing, keeps everyone around him laughing just a bundle of joy since birth! A very smart child beyond his age.
Valencia Aubree
Valencia is a mix of everything nice with a little spice🥰 She enjoys being in the water, trying different puréed foods, hearing herself scream 😂 and watching the world from her mother’s hip! She’s a fashionista from head to toe🎀 and full of personality. A Little Princesa👸🏽
Playing all day and watching cocomelon
Raymond is a very happy boy he loves people talking to him 🥰
Elijah is a wild boy who loves to dance, laugh and jump. He is learning both english and spanish. Elijah loves exploring around him
Ashton is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. His smile will make you fall in love! He loves to play and he’s anxious to explore the world.
Wrenleigh is always a happy little girl! She is always smiling and cooing. Oh, and she’s a daddy’s little girl! 💕
Xahir is the sweetest chunky baby you’ll ever meet. He’s such a busy body and so full of smiles and giggles. He loves to eat, banana flavor is his favorite. He love’s music and His favorite game to play is peek-a-boo.
Hadlee-joe is a cheeky 2 month old!! Always smiling and giggling and always giving lots of cuddles and kisses !!
This is Ariel, not after the little mermaid but what her dad would have been named if he was a girl. Named after the classic motorcycl Ariel. She loves to dance, she’ll even dance to the sound of wiping stuff down sometimes, finds the music in everything. She is first girl after 3 boys 🥰
Lyric has 2 bottom teeth, loves to be in the move, she loves her daddy and we’re working on crawling and pushing ourselves up onto things!
Demetris, is a lil happy baby who always have a big smile loves to watch cocomelon with his big brown eyes he loves to dance and crawl
Selena is a very smart and intelligent little girl she loves to color play peak a boo and she loves to be outside..Let’s all vote for Lena
Lexi is 4months old. She loves to laugh and be cheeky. Has the most beautiful blue eyes. She loves everything and sleeps all nite
Blake is a loving lil boy laughs so much but he was born at 28 weeks n he behind on sitting up n he wont eat baby food just formula n i dont know whats going on with him but he loves to laugh n play he had to have a blood transfusion as a baby he kept falling asleep n not wakeing back up to where they had to wake him up n hes doing better since then.and he had eye laser surgery already to but doing better i love him n hes brothers n sister so much
Kodyn is the goofiest little boy. Kodyn has the most contagious laugh and the cutest smile. He’s such a mommy’s boy. He loves his family and loves making all of us laugh. He’s the best little boy💙.
Arya is joy personified. Her little laugh is so cute. She loves being outside and really loves her bite bites she’s a really happy baby and loves all the attention me and her daddy gives her. She loves trying to talk
My name is Kaiden Michael , I’m 10 months old ! I love my mommy ! I can crawl and get into everything ! I love to babble and yell at things . I’m super excited to be entered into my first contest ! Please will you vote for me
Sweet Kallie is definitely a mamas girl and the crazy little girl has grown so much in the past couple of weeks is makes me just want to hold and cherish every moment that much more💕
Lynleigh is a crazy toddler getting in to all the things! If she’s up she is moving non stop. She loves her sisters and can’t wait to see them in the mornings. She is so loving and sweet and growing in to her own person everyday💕
Everly Kayla Ice
Everly loves to sing and dance and play with her sisters and brother on the trampoline and swing set she loves her babydolls and her best friend Gavin
Hi, im khai! People call me kj. I love music and dancing, and i loovve food. I love to laugh and play and enjoy spending time with my family. My dog choji is my best friend some say two peas in a pod. I love the outdoors but can never go wrong with mom snuggles in doors.
Sweet little jax loves looking around at everything and making cute faces. He loves his food and his little feet rubbed.
Briella loves to play with toys and watch coco melon