Dahlia is a very happy energetic baby who loves to laugh and be outside in nature.
His name is Carter but goes by Lil C. He loves to smile, try to talk, listen to music and play with toys. Loves spending time with family giving snuggles and watching the dogs!
Ellianna loves todo scary feet from monsters inc and love nilla wafers
She loves to be around family. She is learning to crawl. She loves word party and cocomelon. She's a very happy baby.
Vote for Oscar woods. Your future hero. He loves smiling at life.
Hi, my name is Jaxon. Please vote for me. I love to smile, play with mommy / daddy and sleep.
Hey everyone, my name is Charlie Ray. I was named after my mommies papa and my daddies dad. I love snuggles, I already try to crawl, hold my head up, and love to smile and laugh at mommy and mamaw’s crazy hairdo’s. I love my dog Baxter especially playing with his hair 🤣
Dakota Shown Secrest
Cool young man fun to be around make my day alot love u kid 🦁
Nehemiah loves to smile and talk to people. He’s always so happy. 🥰
Marlee is a happy, smiley little girl! She loves to pose for her mom and dad. She loves her family dog, and cats! The Beatles makes her dance!
Malanda loves people and talks allot . She also loves music and going for big pram walks . Her favourite toy is her elephant rattle
Shes growing so fast.....Wow
Lorelai was named after Gilmore girls and loves to smile but when she was first born her mean mug was strong so her nick name is mugs 🖤
I may be biased lol but ask anyone whos met McKenna and they will tell you that she is the happiest, smartest, most sweet, just awesome little person theyve met. She doesnt miss a meal or any in between, and she never sits still when she hears music, she LOVES music and food. She can't help it now but the way she says "no!" Is the greatest, it's "mo" while shaking her head. Shes a blessing and a constant source of happiness, mixed with too much sass
She loves listen histories and see the books, she is always smiling ☺️
My name is Donald Allan Keehan Fitzgerald I was born February 17 2023 but my due was February 14 2023. I’m named after my great uncle Donnie his name is Donald Alan miller I never got to meet him so that’s why my mom named after him.
Ruben is a very happy baby most of the time. He ❤️s to play with his toys and he loves to jump. He gets so excited when he sees his brother's.
Kaeleigh May
Kaeleigh in Gaelic means pure, keeper of keys. And Kaeleigh sure has the keys to my heart. Kaeleigh is definitely the cutest baby around. She loves the camera and is not afraid to steal the spot light.
This little cutie loves eating, dancing, smiling, running around, and playing with toys! She has 7 siblings, and one cat! Mom and dad are definitely her best friends!
Maverek is a loving baby he loves his mommy, he's starting to crawl and loves paw patrol.
Desire loves to play with her mommy and daddy. She always has a smile on her face and will brighten up your day! For such a little human she has made such a big impact on her parents, grandparents and more!
Madix is a sweet hearted kid loves his dad and brother and sister he will help anyone in need of help.
Iris is a happy go lucky little girl. She can roll to her side can hold her head up for a few minutes at a time. Loves to watch her daddy play video games and to be tickled.loves to laugh at every thing.she my 3rd born and my final baby has already had a rough start just trying to give her something to be look back on and say I went through a lot but I did that
Bentley is always full of smiles he’s always trying to talk and he’s doing a lot more each day he made his first picture of scribbles just at 3 months all by himself ,he’s always watching tv like he’s grown and he’s a very smart baby since a week old we appreciate every vote thank you in advance!😊
Vote for my smiley baby 😊
Delilah loves to be in her Walker and her bouncer she loves her bath time and she is the most happiest girl.
Xavier’s sweet , but can have a sassy attitude at times lol , he loves the movie monster house on Netflix & he loves to eat n be outside! he loves babies , he also loves dinosaurs 🦖.
Samuel Henry
He’s the most loving child you will ever meet!!! He’s my wild child. The one that does something bad and cures everything with a hug and a little personality.
Blake is our second daughter, she loves snuggles and following her big sister.
Kayden loves to cuddle
Xavier just turned four months. He loves his binky and his triceratops. He's currently teething and is a slobber monster.
He smiles a lot march 14 he is 21 days old he smart held his bottle at 4 days old held his head up three days old he normally always happy mommy and daddy loves him very much money won if enough would be used for college and 16th bday for car something we didnt get at that age
Jason loves playing with his older brother and dancing, always a smile on his face yet he’s shy when he meets people his fun energy is the life of the party!
Greyson Napper
Greyson is the most beautiful little boy . He likes abc cartoons , walking in his walker , playing with the dog and giving nanna big hugs and kisses . He is most precious.
Gabriel King
He loves fire trucks, his momma, and is the most caring little boy you will ever meet. Please vote for him and give him some love in return.
She is my first born and my best friend show some love 🙏🏽💜
Christopher is a happy baby boy! He loves to stick his tongue out at you. He also loves to jump in his jumper. He loves paw patrol!! Christopher loves to play with cat bowls and throw them around the kitchen then playing with his own toys!!
She loves sponge bob and paw patrol.
Lennox Loves mommy’s boob but he’s definitely daddy’s boy for sure haha lennox loves to go on walks go to the park loves to smile and laugh 😂 loves to take naps and watch tv and sit in his swing
Jaxson is a smiley baby and very cheerful, he’s has the best personality and gives the best cuddles
Ella is definitely a daddies girl and she loves her big sister Hailey. Always happy and smiling even was grinning and bearing it through teething she has three so far 🙂
Odin is a very happy boy! He loves being spoiled by his daddy and taking lots of naps!
Hi my name’s Ethan. I was born almost 2 months premature at 1.6kg I spent the first 6 weeks of my life in hospital. But look at me now! I’m a 10kg monster. My favourite thing is bath time. I kick and splash as soon as I hear the water.
#BabyoftheCrew👶🏾 #Charming👑 #Handsome 😍 #strong💪🏾 #AChildofGod😇
Everett is 8 months old and loves to laugh and show off his two bottom teeth. He is the sweetest and loves to growl at you and give kisses. He loves to eat and play with all of his toys, especially water bottles! He is obsessed with getting kisses from mommy and daddy and could laugh and smile all day long.
Leo loves to scoot around and play with his siblings loves to eat and is a happy baby