Evalyne Rose
Evalyne Rose is my first grandbaby. She is the happiest baby and always smiles
Iris Lynn is 10 months old, she loves kitty cats, mashed potatoes, and naps with mommy. She’s my beautiful gerber baby, or as our friends says our Disney baby.❤️
Liam is filled with happiness and laughter. He brings out the best of everyone. Our breath of fresh air☺️
My name is Aziel I love to laugh and talk . Please vote for me ❤️
Nixon is our smiley, chunka boy! He loves being outside and loves talking with mama. My sweet soul boy.
Miss Ty'Mara is a strong, beautiful fighter ! She loves to nap and listen to momma talk to her.
Shes a quirky,bubbly,adventurous 2 year old! Shes so smart and she loves to get outside and play in the dirt. Shes a rock collector and loves acorns lol
Sammy is a energetic & sociable baby who would make anyones day!!
Khalen is a very outgoing almost 2 year old. He had a little bit of a rough start and 2 weeks after he was born he got very sick and was hospitalized through Christmas. He got home and hasn’t stopped since, with minor set backs such as Covid at 8 months old but he is still thriving as he always has. Khalen loves anything with a ball involved and also LOVES to clean just like his daddy. His mom and dad are his world as he is theirs. We hope you enjoy these little pieces of our son! 🖤
My name is Melody Denise Scott-Tucker. I am 3 months old. I was born at 32 weeks so I spent my first month in the NICU. I am doing so much better now. I am laughing and smiling all the time. I love cuddles and looking at the sky. Please vote for me!! ***Vote exchange's!!***
Hello, im Carter ! I love dinosaurs 🦕 ❤
He loves to play and laugh! He loves his daddy! We would love for him to win !
Our premie & rainbow baby, She's full of personality and brings so much joy to everyone around her. ✨️
Happiest baby Loves OutDoors Trees and ceiling fans lol always smiling makes anyones day brighter ..
Brylynn Idamae
Shes sweet, loveable, and such a daddy's girl. We would love nothing more for our baby girl to win!!
Jazlyn was a emergancy c section child , her heart rate was dropping and her mommy was super high risk with jazz. She loves playing with her sister. She loves to be outside and loves going swimming! She loves to sing and do tiktoks Please Vote For Me 💛
Hello my name is Anthony Aurelio , i am a 10months old who is very happy & charismatic , i LOVE shriek & my bestfriend is blitz the dog .
IsaBella is our rainbow baby ! She was fighting for rsv when she was about a month old in the nicu with feedin tube , she has asmatha, breathing problems. Shes one of a kind! She loves to be in the water and she is also such a outgoing ,funny, & happy baby. Please Vote For Me ❤
Charleigh is our sassy sweet baby girl! Everyone loves to hear her babble and see her flash those baby blues with a bashful smile.
Abel Roy White
Abel is 10 months old he is very cheeky boy he loves swimming and musical toys
My name is keniangelys I’m almost 2 years old I love to eat ❤️I’m not picky at all I love playing with other children and I love my parents the most
Xzander is a funny loving 4 year old boy who loves being outside and playing with his cars. His favorite people are his mommy and his poppy his favorite color is blue and he starts kindergarten soon and I just want him to have a great year in school.
Ari’ye is a beautiful, cheerful baby girl who loves to smile. She enjoys watching her favorite movies, Sing 2 and Vivo.
I’m a crazy wild one. Sometimes my mom calls me a spawn of satin, maybe that’s why I was born on Halloween 🎃. I enjoy spending time with my big sister and brother. I love making messes and eating puddin
Milah loves mommy , loves to watch tv & now her favorite thing to do it suck on her little fingers .
Cabella is enjoying every day, learning new things about the world and discovering her self. She loves to use her voice and is trying to stand up to start exploring the world❤️
Hi im a beautiful miracle baby from a rojgh pregnancy and great nicu🥰
Mylah is a happy baby that loves to smile, eat, and watch her favorite shows 🥰
Hazel is the sweetest, happiest little girl. She loves animals, making others smile, bath time, and eating all the snacks she can get.
Theodore is our 5 month old baby and he spends his days playing with his sloth 🦥 and his flamingo 🦩 stuffed animals. He loves to do tummy time and play with his musical bus toy, he also loves watching Sesame Street while relaxing in the morning. His favorite character is Grover! To wind down during our evenings Theo loves bath time, reading with Mama and Dada, and getting a massage. ☺️
Scott is a very happy funny loving kind boy!! He’s trying to walk and loves smiles and playing with his brother!!
Chayse is a very smart little boy. He loves to play with his aunt and cousins. He’s a big mommy’s boy. He loves music. He’s running around and loves his siblings❤️
Oaklynn Sue
Oaklynn loves her bath time, cuddles, talking and being talked to! She started to sleep most the night, and has good head control! She dislikes tummy time and her carseat.
L.J. is his nickname. He is the 5th James H. Shaver. L.J is full of personality and the happiest baby. Everywhere we go he brings laughter and smiles to family, friends, and even strangers. He recieves soo many compliments like "His eye's just glow!" Or "He never misses a meal!" Haha. He's eager to learn new things. He can say "Hii," "mama" and shake his head no! His favorite things are meeting new people or visiting with friends/ family, going on walks outside, swimming, bouncing, eating, and watching Ms. Rachel! •••Being a sahm is the most rewarding full-time job, although financially it doesn't pay well.. We hope you consider voting for our sweet chonk at a chance to give our little man the best 1st Christmas & 1st birthday, as they are 18 days apart from each other. ♡ Thank you in advance. ♡
Aiden is 2 years old as of September 9th! He LOVES anything to do with water, getting dirty outside & playing with his puppy dogs! He has defied all the odds since the day he was born & continues to do so. I was diagnosed with a extremely rare form of the blood disorder RH incompatibility which required him to have blood transfusions in the womb. After birth he had fall out complications from the transfusion in the womb leaving him with the disorder isoimmunization, basically his body was failing to produce his own red blood cells. Miracle after miracle we have endured, survived & conquered the impossible to have a thriving boy today! 💕
Liberty loves to smile and giggle shes such a sweet little girl. Her smile will melt your heart. Her favorite toy is her cuddle bug and she loves hanging out with mommy cuddling and watching cartoons. Please vote for my sweet little one.
She is 1 year 1 month. She is amazing. Smart . Adventurouse, talking , no bottles since 6 months old. Eats 3 meals or more a day . She's a foodie.she is Gigi heart and soul.
Ayden is the sweetest baby boy!! He's always smiling!! And loves to eat!! ❤️
Stevie loves meeting people, and watching tic tocs, and eating, and taking walks, and loves crawling around
Brylee is very smart and outgoing little girl, she loves school, very kind to others. She loves to sing all the time when she is home.
Malaysia is the most outgoing toddler ever! She’s full of energy & doesn’t believe in naps. Her favorite food is corn!
👋🏼Hello everyone,🤗 I'm Gabriel💙 and I'm one year and 9 months old. 🫣 I am a happy little boy, 😇I always smile and love when my parents give me all my attention.😍 In fact, I'm a treat.🤭 I love to be outdoors 🙈and play with water.🌊🫧
My baby girl is beautiful inside and out just entering her for fun