Baby Stories - 62


I love to be outside and wave at every single car and person that goes by. I am a great big sister! I adore my dada the most. I can be the sweetest girl in the world until i get upset then ill stare you down with the most sass look in the world and call you bold!!!
I am a very happy and loud baby. I love to roll over and laugh. My smile brightens my whole family’s day up!
Stefan is very playful little guy, he loves to try and run before he even learns to walk! He’s always such a happy camper (: and he LOVES food ! And talking ! Cant forget talking!
Zoey loves her big brother so much she loves to trust her teeth play an be outside
Baby Jay loves his mommy & daddy, taking baths, trying to sit/stand up and being nakie! 🤣
Vonterius King Jr.
He is 6 weeks old, he loves to look up and sleep 😂❤️
Hi everyone my name is brantlee! I love love love to smile and laugh. I love cocomelon, SpongeBob and maybe mommy's favorite criminal minds. I love my big sister and belly time.
River is a happy little boy who enjoys sleeping and eating and hearing his family’s voices. He is such a strong boy already and I can’t wait to see him explore the world! 💜
Savannah Jean
Worlds sweetest girl
She so adorable, always looking innocent
Baby Angelo is almost 4 months old, he enjoys eating a warm bottle, looking at the bright lights, and sucking on his fingers! He loves his momma and daddy 💙
Clifton Michael
Clifton loves to watch cartoons and walk in his walker. He loves to laugh and smile and show off his 2 bottom teeth. And he loves to snuggle with momma
Caelum is one of our 1 month old boys! He loves cuddles, his paci, cooing, giggling, and looking at pretty lights. He also loves his mommy, daddy, and twin brother, Beckham so much!💞
TreyVon is a happy little boy, who loves watching his cartoons, especially Curious George. Loves smiling & talking to his mummy, daddy & family. He’s such a smart boy who is growing so fast 💙💙
He loves his milk lol and keep my mum wake at night haha
Beckham is one of our 1 month old boys! He loves to cuddle, smile, look around at pretty lights, and make cooing sounds! He also loves his mommy daddy and twin brother, Caelum so much!💞
Brantley is 6 months old! He is the HAPPIEST baby. Already sleeps through the night! Loves watching cocomelon, car rides, bathes, and, of course, his toys! He is such a good boy!
Baby kain is 5 months old and LOVES life. He cannot roll over, crawl, or say any words, but he expresses himself in beautiful screams and screeches that we all can understand. He loves carrots, and he loves when mama sings the ABC’s. Please help my beautiful baby win this contest!
Bryson is a very happy baby, always smiling and laughing. He only cries when he needs something and is very laid back.
This is my rainbow baby Noah! He loves music, colors, and prunes! Almost as much as he loves his mama, daddy, and 2 fur baby sisters
He’s the happiest baby ever always smiling and laughing loves to scream and shake his head no
Gianna is very hyper and active. She is a very happy and chubby girl. She is mommys girl for sure, she loves to be held and sung to and she watches cocomelon and smiles all the time. She is my second daughter and she loves to be with her older sister jaycee
Landon loves dancing and eating his favorite foods. He enjoys going to the park with mommy and daddy.
He is so sweet he loves his mommy and daddy amd his big bubba. He loves to smile and he loves to eat lol
Alivia is a loving and caring little girl that enjoys hiking and spending time with family. She would like to be a singer when she grows up.
Sweetest little boy ever! Loves to snuggle! 🥰
Sweetest girl ever , loves to laugh ♥️
Braylee just recently turned ONE. She is now walking around and has a total of eight teeth. Her favorite thing to say is “Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy” and always has a smile on her face
Henry Oliver
Henry Oliver is 2.5 years old and absolutely loves anything with wheels!! Henry loves playing with his dog Alfie and spending as much time outside in the dirt as he can.
His all about giving a smile when his not doing that he loves going in the cupboards and pulling everything out while smiling at you even tho u saidnno 100 times his getting better at stroking hair and not pulling it but he is a lover anf loves people and he gives the best hugs and loves playing peka boo
Archie loves to stick tongue out 🤣😂
She’s a smiley, happy girl with the most smooshable cheeks <3
Remi Mae
Remi is 5 months old & loves smiling .she literally never stops . She’s starting to chuckle a lot more to . She enjoys having baths with plenty of bubbles & toys . She loves to chuckle away in her swing in the garden . Recently she has started on some solid foods , safe to say she’s a food lover ! Especially rusks & egg custard .
He loves to feed, he is such a happy baby literally lights up any room. Everyone adores him and he’s such a good boy, he sleeps all night. Hunter is amazing! 🥰
Jordan Loves His Mickey Mouse club house & his Blues Clues . But what he Loves the most is when his big brother comes & plays with him , His whole face lights up. Jordan is Such a happy baby
River is the sweetest and happiest little baby!! We are so blessed to have her in our lives! Much love and God bless♥️
Leticia Tiu
Es muy sonriente le encanta dormir
She is a very happy baby girl and naturally has delicate feminine characteristics, which make her look so adorable! Loves to have company every second, even without any attention. I love the fact that regardless of her subtle trait she is very strong and has a very determined side! She can be extremely volatile, but yet love her that way!
My beautiful baby basically sleeps most of the time but shes only 2 weeks old she loves to wake up in the morning and late at night to throw her hands around and kick her legs around shes a very good and happy baby always smiling even in her sleep
Anastasia is 9 weeks old and a bubbly loving baby girl
Ma’Leah Faith is a Month & 4 days old (today03/25/21) she is always very alert. There’s never a day that goes by that she don’t giggle & smile. Ma’Leah also loves country music & being sung to. <3
Kieshorwn is 2 months old , Kieshorwn’s favourite things are sleeping on his daddy’s chest , talking to his grandmother but Kieshorwn’s most favourite is going for strolls in the park. I hope you take the time to vote for Kieshorwn ❤️💙💖
She loves trying to pick her head up and roll to her side. She noticed her tongue and is starting to find she can make different sounds. She a daddys girl but her mommas world.
Chloe Grace
This is my beautiful baby girl her birthday is coming up soon 🥰 04/13/20 She loves Cocomelon,Mickey Mouse. She loves playing with her kitty cat 🐈 she like banana puff's and all kinds of toys
The sweetest and happiest blue eyed baby around. 💙
Sir Eli
If you take a good look at him, you can’t even tell that he was a premie weighing 3lbs. 2oz. He’s a fun loving 🥰 lil fella growing and enjoying everything, especially Sid the Science Kid and Elmo!!
Hi , im Kamrynn Ella. Im pretty new to this world but i sure am curious and playful. I mostly just hangout with mom while dads working, i like to think im the cutest of 4 but we're all pretty special ☺ please feel free to vote for me 😍
Greyson loves pasta and loves to laugh. He finds nearly everything funny and always has a smile on his face. His favorite toys are hoodie strings and empty wipe bags.