Baby Stories - 6


Gemma is a literal angel baby, she smiles at everyone and has the sweetest disposition. She loves swimming, jumping in her jumper, and interacting with those around her!
Brantley is almost 1 year old! His favorite things to do are play with his brother and try new foods!
My name is Oakleanne!♥️ I love to giggle and smile at everyone!☺️I’m also a cuddle bug, so I’ll snuggle you to death! Vote me, so I can show you more cute smiles and I’ll cue you for you❤️❤️
Adaline or addy is sweet and loving . She loves to get into mischief and loves to get on her older brothers nerves haha
Aspen Rose loves singing, her big sister and bath time. She is her mommy's biggest fan and her Daddy's mirror image. She just discovered sweet potatoes and life is the BEST now!
Our Lilly was born at 25 weeks and is a fiesty little thing. Shes in Nicu on a ventilator to assist her lungs. She has beat 2 bad infections and has just gone through heart surgery. Despite all her trials in life she still smiles. Shes a true blessing. She loves cuddling and her milk. She also has a snuggle doll from her first hospital she loves as well.
My silly little baby She loves to smile and stick out her tongue
Rosemaríe is a happy, silly baby with an personality you truly have to see to believe! She loves talking and playing with mommy and daddy, watching educational shows. She’s very smart/advanced for her age and thinks she’s supposed to learn to walk before she crawls lol 😂 she puts a smile on Everyones face! She loves exploring new things as well as new foods!
My son is 16 months! He’s the funniest and most loving baby. He loves to laugh, smile, play with toys, listen to music, play with my puppy angel, and he loves his cuddles and food!
Ledger loves to dance, smile and laugh. He likes to chase the dogs around and run you over in his walker. He has loved almost every food we have given him. He likes to snuggle and be tickled. Right now he loves Lion King and anything that makes noises. If Ledger wins we would love to donate it to someone that we know could really use the money.
Lee’anne is such a smiley girl, she loves snuggles and Eskimo kisses ❤️🥰
Ace Cook
Loves being a brother to his older sister. Enjoys being outside , love to laugh & always has the giggles
Nari is a very happy baby always laughing smiling cueing and talking she loves Minnie Mouse and she loves books
Autumn loves watching tv. She loves to go for rides and she loves her family. She’s a very happy baby. She’s 3 month old.
I REALLY WANNA THANK EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO BELIVES IN SEQUAN AND HAS SHOWN LOVE AND SUPPORTS HIM THROUGH HIS CONTEST. WE ARE SO VERY GRATEFUL AND FEEL EXTREMELY BLESSED TO HAVE SOOOOO MUCH SUPPORT FROM FAMILY, FRIENDS. AND EVEN STRANGERS. 🙏🙏💚💙💚💙💚💙💚 LOVE SEQUAN. 😘😘 Sequan is a gray eyed, curly light brown haired 11 month old boy. He is a super happy baby that enjoys smiling, and climbing. He is loved by so many already. He captures people's hearts with his lovable face, captivating smile, hypnotizing eyes and energetic personality. He loves the cameras, nature, taking strolls in his stroller, baths and being in the swimming pool.Sequan has started walking before his 1st birthday which is (APRIL 27th,2021) Sequan has a beautiful 10 year old sister that he loves playing the piano, and dancing with. He looks forward to spending his time with her. He also loves the tv show Boss Baby!!! 😍 Vote for this handsome lil guy and he will keep the smiles coming!!!!!😊💙 Thank You to ALL for the votes and support in Sequan's contest. Big or little, We appreciate You All 🙏🙏💚💙💚💙💚💙💚 THANK YOU!!!!😘😘
Isaiah is so smart and sweet. His favorite things to do is go to the park, play outside, and play with his baby sister. His fave movie is Toy Story 4.
Mommy calls me her little sunshine because I always cheer up everyone. I have such a bubbly personality and always keep a smile on my face, nothing stops me from keeping it moving. I love to dance, play with my oldest siblings, talk my butt off and give mommy and dad warm hugs and kisses.
Mazikeen is the sweetest little sister with a big personality! She loves throwing everything in the trash, even if it's valuable😳, she loves to dance and follow around the puppy, and her favorite thing is everything food! She loves to try new dishes and ingredients, and never turns down a chance to bounce on the trampoline. It's evident to anyone who meets Maze that she is full of charm, love, and potential.
He loves care rides, listening to mommy and daddy’s voice. Loves to stare at his sister. He’s a happy smiling baby. He’s the sweetest thing ever.
Adalynn loves her momma, brother, and her daddy ❤️ She loves to be nosey and she knows she’s the boss already! She has brought so much pride and joy into our lives!
She loves long lunches and afternoon walks on the beach!!!! She hates napping, but loves her long baths at night!!!
Ny'Eam Perry
nyeam is a bright and awesome kid.. he loves everything and values all. .. he loves his family and friends. and teachers lol.. he also a old soul.. he can tell u things u wouldnt even imagine beacuse hes going on 7 and its things i didnt even no i had to hit google. .. he worries about life. roof overour heads. dinner rent its amazing and sad at the same time. favorite foods r hotdogs and pizza
Jonkhiry is the smartest 4 yo, he has been talking since he was 5 months old, Jonkhiry knows his ABC’s, can count to 20 and he is also in Head Start at an Elementary School here in our city. Jonkhiry is very playful, very much act as if he has been here before. Jonkhiry is a very handsome outstanding bright smart 4 year old. Jonkhiry likes to eat and play roblox more than anything.
Desire is a energetic loving baby who never cry’s and is always laughing with a huge smile on her face. She will talk to you for hours and always keep you entertained!
Evie is 4m old and is constantly smiling!! She is such a happy and loving girl!
My beautiful baby wakes up singing to me. He poses as soon as a camera comes out. He’s just so smart and adorable. Those eyes😍
Colt loves talking and laughing he is the happiest baby ever! He is 5 months and weighs 23 pounds he’s my chubby guy❤️
Leo loves his mommy Cocomelon, Lingokids.
Rosalie loves to laugh and play! She likes to kick her feet and coo/talk to you about how her day is going!
I can count to 20! I can say my ABC’s I say please and thank you without having to be asked and I let my mommy know everyday that she has one man who will always love her for her!!
She loves fruits and kisses she loves mumbling to mama and most of all she loves being a good baby❤️❤️
Little miss is so sassy but ohhh so sweet! She is a mommas girl and she’s my world! He favorite thing to do is snack and there’s unlimited snacks to satisfy her little heart.
Jaxon loves to laugh & smile, loves to cuddle, got his 1st teeth, & wants to get up & play with his friends.
Johnathan loves to eat and be a chunk man! His favorite word is Dada and is a true miracle!
Mythias has been learning baby signs and he picked up the sign for food when we gave him pear for the first time this month. Now he won't stop asking for pears! Does that count as his first word if it's in baby sign?
Jonas loves to snuggle His various facial expressions bring laughter and joy to everyone who meets him.
The sweetest, funniest, and smartest 3 month old around💖
This beautiful 1 month old diva has nice mocha brown eyes and a smile that will light your hearts on contact and is jus as small as a button
Bexley is 2 months old! Her favorite things are Momma’s milk and mommy🥰 loves watching car videos with dad. And adores her big sister 💜
This is my little precious baby girl. She is such a sweet little baby doll and the most perfect baby girl I can never ask for! 🥰
She’s 9months old, loves to laugh and army crawl around. She loves to entertain and say dada.
Hes 2 years old was born feburary 20th 2019 he was 8lbs 9oz hes very sweet and loves attention
Scarlett loves looking at mom and dad. Loves to eat and look at everything. Growing and getting used to tummy time.
I'm konner, I'm 6 months old going on 30. I love food and I love my momma 🥰
Hayes is a lover of all tractors and BIG trucks! He is daddy’s little helper, but a true mommas boy!
Jecamiah is very active. He love going for a walk and car rides. In his age, he’s already showing different personalities. He is very easy to please 😍