This sweet lil girl is itty bitty being born 4 weeks early. 6 months old now and she just wants to move. She's the happiest baby girl with hardly anything but a smile on her face or a giggle being heard coming from her.
Nickname is jio, absolutely adores ms.Rachel and my family. Loves playing with toys and always a happy smiling loving baby!
Jaelee is a fun, sweet, energetic, with tons of personality. A little girl who loves her parents and fur sister (our dog coco) more than anything in this world.
My name is Shaniyah I’m 20 months old i love the outdoors and i loves my food! I get so much attention when we are out and about. I love my hair its so curley and I love wearing bows in my hair!! I love my mummy and daddy to bits ♥️♥️♥️♥️
RaeLeigh has a huge heart and wears it on her sleeve! She is an amazing big sister! She loves singing and dancing, spending time with her family. LOVES talking! Never runs out of things to say. Has an amazing personality and kindness that just lights up every day!
Letti is a rainbow baby and an absolute miracle! LettiBug was a NICU baby born at 37wks at 2lbs 9oz, Letti is a fierce, sassy, happy, full of attitude ♥️ little girl. Loves her daddy, her Pooh Bear (papa), her big sisters, and old black and white Westerns, naps, baths, and bottles.
Nicolas is a crazy, fun loving, wild child. He puts a smile on everyone’s faces, and he’s silly
Thea is the most loving sweetheart. She laughs all day long, love to talk and loves watching my little pony.
Charley is such a happy, sweet and peaceful girl. She's brought so much love and joy to ALL her family, who loves her dearly! She is our "double rainbow baby" and we just can't get enough of her! ❤️
Babygirl likes bath time and cuddles 🥰 she is so sweet and such a doll baby and she loves to smile and make adorable cooing sounds❤️ she is our only girl out of 4 children and she has us all wrapped around her fingers 🤗 we are truly blessed 😇
This is Roman! Roman is a phenomenal baby! He never ever cries (well only when he’s hungry but don’t we all?!) Roman will brighten up your day with his beautiful smile and his poses!
THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS VOTED AND WHO HAS DONATED. IT REALLY MEANS A LOT TO US. MaKayla is a beautiful strawberry blonde blue green eye big personality makes everyone laugh and is always happy she loves her 2 brothers and 2 sisters.. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Will exchange. Willing to help
He’s so beyond funny and will make you laugh within 3 seconds of seeing him! He loves bananas, his dog Colt and going to the park in his stroller!
Hello my name is Analyn! I was born Jan 11, 2021. I was born with 2 different liver diseases but have over come both by the age of 1. I was just a tiny little thing but as I grew I became this sassy rough and tumble girl. Even though mommy dresses me up as girly as she can I can’t wait to get dirty. I love to chew on rib and steak bones as well as eat all my veggies before junk food. Everyone says I’m just to cute. So please vote for me if you think so as well! Drop a comment and let me know you voted and I’ll go vote for you!!!
Hi im Kolten smith I am 1 month old i was born on Valentine’s Day so far I love to eat and nap and open my eyes and to look around and listen to sounds! I also love to sit up and be outside when it’s pretty I am a mamas boy and love my big bubba please help us and vote for for me thank you!
Kaycee Wall
Kaycee (named after the cowboy from Yellowstone), is a happy chappy with a unusual taste for dubstep music (which can send him of to sleep). He loves peek a boo, gotcha nose and when his parents stun their toes!
cutest baby around
She is a very happy baby and loves it when people talk to her, also is very alert and loves to look around and in her own little world and she is very big in to cuddles and snuggling up on mum all day long haha.
Andy Nunez
Hi, I am Andy I like doing this contest because my mommy gets me things for my my iPad and Nintendo switch. She makes me model and take pictures and I enjoy it because it makes me get a prize 🏆 . Can you please help me continue I really need your help. I need a bonus or someone with an advance, my mommy always completes her advances and pays back. Thank you love Andy ❤️ 😘 her messenger is Mariana Nunez
Wilson is such a happy guy❤️ He loves to swim and play outside!
Adisyn is 3 1/2 years old!
Lincoln is the sweetest boy you will ever meet! He loves everyone and is always smiling. We are raising awareness for Down syndrome rock your socks day 3/21!! Help celebrate the uniqueness of our special baby!
Ryzxyle was born 2 months premature but is such a happy baby. She loves her other 9 cousins and brings precious joy to all she is around.
Ariya is amazing she’s only a couple weeks old but she acts as if she’s been here before. She’s very alert and observant. Ariya is a very lovable and sweet babygirl. This pregnancy was tough which made every bit of pain I experienced worth it. Ariya deserves everything in the whole wide world, when they say save the best for last and she’s definitely my biggest blessing
Bella is a beautiful baby girl. She is our little princess who receives so much love. She enjoys going for walks and just relaxing outside with her 2 puppy dog, it’s her happy place.
Lil gabriel loves watching tv playing and dacing
JaNari is a very happy baby who smiles all the time. Also he loves to be talked to, he holds a conversation with you like he knows what he's saying. Lmao Daddys boy
Arlo 🤍 3 months old, loves to watch tv and loves heaps of attention he is always smiling and enjoying life
Vote for our beautiful and precious Catherine Dianne! She was born on Jan 19th 2023 in Toledo Ohio.
Meet Lil Liam🦖 He's such a loving little boy he loves to smile and laugh.. give kisses😘 he's definitely a little ladies man! He's is all together such a great kid! Brings joy to all 💞
He is the miracle child. He was 8lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long and he is strong like hercules
Jackson was long over due 10yrs in the making for his mommy an daddy but he is finally here an healthy
Shes one happy baby! and loves her food
Archie is a happy 4 year old boy who absolutely love dancing and singing
Kenneth is a mommy's cuddle bug loves kisses and smiles when ever you hold him.
My name is Toby-Liam im 9 months old my favourite thing to watch is either ms Rachel or Rory the racing car. I love cuddles with my family, my 1st word was dada 😊 my mummy and daddy love my eyes because i have the Madeline McCann line in my eyes 😊
Layanna is a fun loving and caring little girl who loves to dress up play with people and to just be around people. Layanna adores her baby brother. So please go vote for my baby girl
Ryker is two months old and loves when people talk to him or hold him. Loves to smile at people and play peekaboo. Ryker would love to get votes.
He likes waving 👋 hi to everyone and trys to help clean and loves the vacuum cleaner love watching cocomeleon and dance
Zaion was a very mischievous young boy, his charisma and smile made anyone around him happy. Sadly zaion passed away november 20th 2021. Im his father and im making this to remember his life and how much of a perfect son he was. His impact on everyone who came into contact with him is crazy, i miss him and I love him with every part of me. Im missing half of myself without him and he deserves to be seen for how happy and infectiously joyful he was. Rest easy my lil buddy
Isaiah’s favorite movie is minions and he loves popcorn puffs. He’s all around a very happy baby with the most handsome smile.
Grace is full of smiles, love and laughter. She has such a character and is super photogenic 😍
Maria Byas
She’s a little doll baby and those eyes are irresistible
Madelynn is 5 months old and she loves to wake up in the morning all smiles and laughs. She loves to watch Mickey mouse and her favorite thing to do is smile when you tell her no.
Scarlet-Rose likes nothing more then watching/listening to her favourite singer Justin Furstenfeld
Dillon James
He is very smart for his age can tell you every dinosaur by name loves to goof around and play outside !
Kehlani is out going. She’s the sweetest, she likes to kick the ball around and be on the tablet.