Loves To Dance To Music🎶 & Loves To Play She's A Very Happy Baby💕.
Vote for our beautiful baby girl who is only a few weeks old in this world 💗
Beckett is a funny, silly, 8 month old boy who loves being outside! His favorite word is “dada” and he loves drinking out of straw cups. Beckett thanks every single one of you for voting for him! 💙
Rynn is our 6 month old little ball of sass! She is such a happy baby and brings a smile to everybody she is around. She is our greatest blessing in this world and we love to show her off!
FashionablevPrincess & loves mommies milk 🤍
My little chunky loves to talk and always wants to be held by his mommy. He enjoys his bath time and never wants to get out.
Knovalee is the happiest most beautiful little girl on the planet! She loves to laugh, smile, & play with mommy & daddy all day long! She loves to be close to mommy & is learning how to roll over! Please vote for my precious baby girl as it will help us tremendously & mean so much to all of us! 💕
Aria is 3 weeks old. She loves snuggles and throwing her arms in the air to sleep.
Luke loves to talk already push himself up lol
She loves her cheer team n protecs her lil brother n sis she is very smart and loves ponys
Please vote for my princess, she’s 9 months, loves to eat, dance and play with everything besides her toys 🤍 all votes are appreciated
Shreni is happiest baby we have ever seen. Please vote if this pic brings smile on your face.
Georgia loves to smile and is very attentive. Her smile lights up the whole room!
Alba is a very happy baby. She enjoys cuddles and playing with Daddy and her favourite book is Spot the Dog.
Cortez has hlhs. Had open heart surgery 5 days after he was born was in the hospital for a month needs two more surgery’s
Mars is always happy loves hugs and he’s funny
Ziare is a super happy, loving , smart boy! He loves to laugh and play peekaboo🥰. He loves to swing at the park and eat lots of yummy food!
Jessica loves to draw she loves to pose too cuz you can tell she's a very beautiful girl and smart
9 months & im still obsessed
Fallon Hope
Happiest most sweetest baby you’ll ever meet 🥺🥰 Fallon Annettestasia Hope ❤️ She loves to smile, talk and play. She’s trying to crawl, loves to jump and being outside ❤️❤️ She’s my world. My sunshine. My Queen 🥺🥰
Brighten is the happiest little boy you’ll ever meet. He smiles 24/7, loves his teething toys, already sits up on his own, and loves his mommy❤️
My baby girl abrielle is 4 years old. She is photogenic and she loves the color blue as you can see. Her fish was named puppy and he died so we burried it in a life sized casket and ate it for dinner last night.
Cameron is 8 months old & is a bundle of joy! he loves going on walks, bath time, & of course snuggling! Cameron is the sweetest & smartest baby you’ll meet! 💙
Jonathan Jr
Jr was born with wolf parkinson white syndrome hes been on meds since he was and bout to have heart surgery soon.he full of life n we thought we was going to lose him a couple times due to his heart episodes but thank god we didnt.hes very caring n loves to play n go to the stores and help with his baby brother
Khadari is 1yrs old. He loves fire trucks and trains. His favorite songs are pat a cake, and the wheels on the bus. He enjoys water sensory play. He loves the outdoors and watching squirrels and birds. Hes my sweetheart.
Ace is 19months old he is full of joy and very curious he likes to get into everything and has absolutely 0 fear when it comes to anything he is a big brother to his 4month old sister he is sweet and sour when it comes to her but he just don’t know yet that she is to little to play he loves to eat and climb everything and is interested in everything and will ask what is that and he enjoys meeting other little kids and playing with them he is very sweet but can have a little tude❤️
Little 3 month old mike has lost him partners. He is a Capricorn and his family just sent him away. Poor Mikey.😥😥 He really wants someone to love him so he wants some money to transfer over to Africa to feed people. Mikey’s pet fish also drowned so he would live a pet dog in memory of his fish
Rylee is a little free spirit. She already has the attitude that no one will mess with Her. She will Definitely Be a little Queen.
She is a beautiful little girl. She loves spending time with her daddy. She is always happy. She is a loveable little girl. She can make anyone smile when they are feeling down. She love to play with her baby dolls.
Our sweet girl that likes tummy time and snuggling with her momma. Definitely enjoys laughing and screaming at her dad. We are truly a blessed and thankful for our beautiful angel.
Noah is new to the world at 3 weeks old & growing so fast. Hes becoming more alert and expresive ❤ He loves spending his time cuddling with his mom & dad.
Sophia love to play with other children.Sophia love her apple. She love church.
She’s a very happy 3 year old, always so smiley & loves her big sister, and a quick little learner 🤍
Grayson is the most sweetest boy ever. He loves to watch Barney and to listen to daddy sing to him. He’s a mommas boy and always so happy.
Meet Fletcher James! He’s 7 months old. He loves his older brothers, mama, dada and trying new baby foods! He’s the happiest, smiliest baby and everyone can’t get enough of his dimples! 💙
Such a happy baby ❤️ Loves Mickey Mouse 😌 naps in moms arms, being outside in his swing ❤️And loves loves bath time 💕
Nova is 4months old and is full of joy! She is always smiling and laughing especially when it comes to mommy,daddy, and her big brother ace! She is very advanced so far for her age she had very good head control by a month old she started rolling from her tummy to her back at 3months and just recently started to go from her back to her tummy sometimes! And she is slowly starting to sit up on her own without leaning forward or to the side with no time she will get there ❤️ She loves sweet potatoes carrots and pumpkin and loves chewing on and looking at her little hands and her feet when she sees them and grabs literally any and everything that is infront of her.💕
DO NOT Bump Old Posts Up ! PLEASE Post names of who voted ty, Also please ask befor doing bonuses ! unless I have agreed to exchange any others will been seen as gifts,non Returners will post picture! limited spaces - while Doing Returns ! Doing Daily exchange. Thank you everyone . You can’t contact me on messanger Kaz Hayward.😊Aurora is is the most PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little girl 😊
She looks just like her aunt and has a smile that could melt your heart. She is our miracle baby that i know my sister sent me from up above.
Royalty is the sweetest baby. She has a smile that lights up the room everytime. She loves her family, she loves playing and laughing with her big brother. She loves potatoes and snack snacks. She’s 8months and ready to get up and go. She catchs attention everywhere we go. Vote for Royalty aka Sweetpea.
Sweet baby lady who loves to watch others with a quiet patience. Most of the time she likes to observe but sometimes she will look at you and give a big sweet smile! The moment she needs milk she WILL let you know.
Im zack-Charlie im new to the world i am 18 days old and love my milk
Presley is our sweet miracle. She’s a testament that God still does answer prayers!
Jesse-James is a happy, cheeky boy, who likes to dance to music and makes lots of noise hes favorite song is you make me feel good, he is a clever little boy who likes to be outside