Baby Stories - 6


My name is Tommy-Lee n i love snuggles with mummy n daddy😁💋
Legends a very spunky 5 year old, always happy and on a roll💙 He will most definitely keep a smile on your face🥰
Leila Rose
Vote for my Beautiful granddaughter. She is such a natural beauty
My loving Boy❤️ He smiles A LOT when he’s sleeping! Loves laying with mommy but sleeps like his daddy..😒😂 already a happy baby🥺 This is our first.. I’d love to share the cuteness with the world!!! We appreciate every vote we get!❤️
He’s very out going he loves to play outside and he loves to be silly and he’s always photogenic
The best big sister ever!! Sweet, sassy and wayyyy too FUNNYYY! She’s my sensitive little goofy prissy princess! She’s a girly girl who loves pink and diamonds but loves to play outside! Loves picnics with her baby sister and claims to be “addicted to Minecraft” she’s really good too! She’s learning to read and write in Kindergarten and loves to draw and design clothes and outfits for her barbies !
She’s a fun, cuddly, wild and sweet one! She loves to be outside and her favorite place is the beach! She loves to copy her big sister and snuggle at bedtime and in the mornings! She loves to run and jump and climb and she speaks baby babble like a professional speaker lol soon they’ll form into words !
Asher is 5 months old! He is always smiley and happy😊 he loves his mommy and daddy very much! Please vote for our little cheesy chunker!
Kynlee is such a good baby! She is always smiling, she loves cuddles, and she loves when her big sisters talk to her. Vote for my sweet baby❤️
Vote for our redheaded little BIGG.
Oakley is a happy little boy and loves to tell storys.
Loves smiling
Shaystin is 4 months old, he enjoys going on walks, cuddles, bath time, being outside, and eating! He is such a happy, photogenic, giggly/smiley boy who loves his family 🤍
This little Angel will light up your life with her smile alone. She’s ready to contribute to the world 🌎
Bella is so funny. She may be cute and innocent but she runs the house hold. She loves meeting new people! Love electronics, she said forget about toys lol. She is currently in Head Start 3yr old program
Luke is the most amazing little dude ! He loves making facial expressions, he likes to flip around like the ninja kidz. And he is currently in Head Start 4yr old program.
10 months never looked this cute.
Aaliyah is 6 months old she loves Mac n cheese and love to spend time with mommy and daddy she can say hey, dada, and mama she loves to laugh and play she’s the happiest baby ever!❤️
Jospeh is very active and loving. Everyone tends to fall in love with his smile and laugh.
Beckham, is so smart he is starting to laugh out loud now he is always such a happy baby
Larson is a loveable, funny and headstrong little man! He enjoys nothing more than crawling around and finding his independence! He loves fine dining (baby food) and long crawls on the floor with his puppy!
She's amazing 🥰
Alyeah loves her mommy and daddy. She loves to laugh and smile. She’s mommy’s best friend. And daddy’s little girl. Please vote for my baby🥺
Tyrique is a very passionate child and cares deeply for others feelings. Tyrique love spending time with his brothers and watching television shows. Vote for Tyrique he deserves your vote.
Lillie Lexi Thorburn
My 6 month old twin girls 💗
He likes school and he likes to take control he is very friendly he speaks and wave at anyone he passes by
Keymari is cute, smart, and extremely funny. He enjoys spending time with his mother, father, brothers and family. His little personality is adorable. Vote for Keymari he deserves your vote.
Lil Miss Chloe Marie is 9 montns old and is crawling and pulliing herself.up on everything. She has the sweetest smile and a giggle that lights up my world!
Ariyah is so lovable smart funny she loves to laugh she taught herself how to potty trained at the age of 2 and when she turned 3 she told me and her mom she wanted to go to school she knew all of her colors by the age of 3 and all so if she win this contest imma put this money in her college account I made for her for when she gets older
This little love bugs name is Alleynna Rose. She loves to laugh and make the goofiest faces at mommy when she tries to take pictures. She is so full of life and love! She’s her mommas sweet girl💗
Neriah Moon, AKA Moony. The sweetest one month old, she loves tummy time, and walks in the park with mommy. <3
Little miss millani jessica love is 2 months on the 24th! She is such a precious little baby who loves tummy time and smiles all the time:) she also loves loves being talked to! Please vote
she is ... my delicate flower🌸 Full of energy😅 her greatest passion is drawing🎨🖼. She has a big and generous heart💗 and the word she says most of all during the day is: "mom!"
Hi I’m Nevaeh ! My favorite food is potatoes. I love to make Messes ! and my favorite cartoon is coco melon . I love to talk a lot and dance too! I love to read with my mommy and take walks. My favorite time is Bath time and I love to Try new things.!
Smart baby girl sits on her own likes to say mama expresses herself by screaming and giggling she loves baby sensory has such a personality
This is miss Arabella Jayde , she is a little diva with lots of sass! she loves YouTube , she enjoys playing outside and with her pop its . She’s a very loving and sweet girl . She absolutely adores her siblings and is a social butterfly . Vote for my baby💓
A very playful 3 month old. Loves music and watching movies.
Macie loves to smile, and giggle! She is the best part of our lives and everyday is a new adventure for all of us. Her little smile makes everyday worth living and being able to be there and see her grow is the best part of being a mom! She loves to play with her toys and make everyone around her smile! She’s her mommas girl and her daddy’s world!❤️
Kiria is a quiet baby for the most part & has a baby fit if she doesnt get fed right away.
Arica Is a very happy baby she loves to play in the water and blow raspberries she also loves to dance and she likes music .. she loves Mickey Mouse and loves playing with her stuffed animals
Maribel loves to eat, she has the brightest smile you can ever see. She's learning new things day by day.
Lucca is a rambunctious 11 month old who’s already running! He loves throwing balls for dogs to fetch at the park even though it’s only 1 or 2 feet! 🙃
Athena Rene'E
She love too Draw an love her cat of her cat just turned 13 an she is her baby an she love to help people when she can but very shy
Lucas is such a happy baby boy she is holding his head up high so he can watch his big brother. Lucas is in the 92% tile for weight, along with eating he enjoys being held and laughing.
Hunter is a great big brother always giving his lil bro kisses on the forehead. He loves his mommy and daddy. Hunter likes to help mommy with the chores. Hunter loves paw patrol, Bluey, PJ mask and cars.