Baby Stories - 59


Braxton loves to smile and catch the ladies with those baby blues!
Aubrey is a very happy baby, always smiling, giggling and aways has something to say . She is 4 months old. She loves her doll with her dads baby face on it😍
Leyah Fonseca 7 months born April 4th my Aries baby.💗
Mason loves helping his mommy clean or make beds.!! Mason loves his big sister Madison.!! He is super sweet and his laugh is the cutest thing you will ever hear.!! He loves to give kisses and hugs.!! He also wants to be just like Spider-Man.!!
Ermias is the happiest little guy and will bring a smile to anyone’s face. He love music, food, our kitten, and his family very much. We are so blessed 🙏
Ellie is a sweet girl, loves playing pretend with her 2 brothers, and painting her toenails.
Hes loves to run around and be outside and loves Mickey Mouse
Jaden is 4 months olds ' becoming such a big boy he had his first tooth come in ! 😃 hes always smiling & talking. He loves to play with mommy daddy & his big sissy . his favorite tv show is the wiggles ❤ hes such a great & happy baby. VOTE for jaden !! 😃 MyHeart 💙
Michael James
Michael James is a smart young boy, he loves drawing and painting a very active who loves to dance and loves skating.
He’s a wonderful and happy baby to be around not a day goes by when he’s not happy he loves to play he loves to talk and he loves his mommy and he especially loves to eat and meet new people
Blake was born under a lot of stress, the labour and birth was a long 67 hours and resulted in Blake being in intensive care after birth, he was born not breathing, with holes in his lungs and an infection. He was tube fed, had oxygen, was on antibiotics and laid under a heat lamp for a number of days. Blake is now home with his momma and I just wanted to share how much of a fighter he is 💙
Grace was born November 1st, and came as a surprise. Ever since shes been lighting our lives with her precious smile.💖 Already lifting and holding up her head and trying to roll over. Shes so ready to explore.
Cain is a sweet boy who loves to play with his best friend Rexx, he wakes up with a smile every day
Reyna is a wild, loving, spontaneous baby who brightens up anywhere she goes! She loves showing her teeth and dancing to baby shark!
Bryce loves to eat junk food and make the biggest mess with everything he does! He is a great big brother and just a sweetheart ...... most of the time!
Audie-George is a happy, cheeky and loveable baby boy who can’t get enough of his bot bots and keeping mummy and daddy awake all hours of the day.😂 His favourite time of day is bath time where he gets to kick and splash around. He may only be tiny but he has a big personality already, always smiling and laughing bless him.😊❣️
A little baby Aries ♈️ . 7 months old soon to be 8 months. And he’s already crawling, likes to stand up as well. His smile and laugh brings so much joy to mommy and daddy’s heart ❤️ My chunky Bebe 🤩💙
Easton is a very energetic 2 year old who loves his momma, singing AND minions 🤷‍♀️
Jye is the most beautiful little rangar out hes alwasy so happy and smiling just loves to explore and do different things hes loves the outdoors and balls and cars are his biggest passion at the moment he just loves being a typical boy and getting down and dirty 🥰❤️👶 please vote for this cutie
Laila Jade; Born 7.5lbs 5oz & 19in. I love to smile and laugh. I am DETERMINED to walk ! I play hard but i nap even harder. ♥ #DADDYSGIRL! Please vote for my pumpkin all votes are appreciated thank you!
Little Carsen loves Mickey Mouse, He Loves Cars and Trucks, He's a Happy Little Guy that loves exploring outdoors with his older sister Charlotte.
Bryson loves playing football and hanging out with family
Chole is a very sweet baby she likes to play and goof off she’s a mommy’s girl
She’s sweet she likes to cuddle and she’s and caring person mommy’s World and daddy’s girl She’s funny and she’s silly she loves to play and she loves to cuddle she also don’t like others to cry very sweet and gentle
She very outgoing,loves outside, to draw & silly.
Jr is very interjetic. Hes loves playing with his siblings and riding his paw paws tractor. Hes very sweet and loves everyone.
Valeria is such a sweet baby, with big beautiful eyes, she coos night and day and just figured out she had fingers!
Dawson is a fun loving Lil Boy that brightens the darkest days.
Beautiful little girl with big blue eyes, she’s just a quiet little angel 🥰💕 born 19th October 2020 7lb 7oz baby Ariah Pamela
Having a baby in a pandemic is hard but This happy boy makes everyone around him smile with his contageous giggles, stunning baby blues and gummy smiles😍
Garrett Luke
Garrett is not a picky eater literally he put everything inside his mouth, he likes playing with his big brother and loves taking a warm bath and swim and spend quality time with his family.He is smart he knows the smell of milk and dives to drink it, he likes watching baby einstein, cocomelon,super simple song and kids tv, he is a sleeper too, he works out whenever he needs too he likes standing up and down. I enter this competition so I can help mommy and daddy pay for my Doc Band Helmet to help improve my head shape and my facial feature. Please help me gain votes! Thank you 🙏
Hi I’m alfonso I’m super chill and so happy to finally be here loving my life with my family 🥰
Kynslee is a sassy loving little girl, that loves peppa pig, cats, her momma, daddy and brother. She’s full of life and love.
Harmony is very smart , highly entertaining and way too sweet ! She enjoys playing with her bruh bruh ( big brother ) , watching abcs on YouTube and pop pop is her favorite person !💜
MacKenzie loves her brother and sister and her aunt nee. She loves jumping around in her jumparoo and watching cartoons.she enjoys being outside and going for walks.
Daniel loves to smile and enjoys seeing new faces. He loves to laugh.
Carsen is a very loving baby. He loves to play with his older brother. He has a smile and laugh that can cheer any one up. He is a cuddle bug and the most happiest little boy.
Iris-bleu is a beautfiul diva, she is so caring, she LOVES animals, and has the greatest sense of humour!
Baby Jason loves speed crawling around the house and laughing at EVERYTHING. Hes such a good, happy baby which is why you should vote for him!
Karter is super silly ! He loves too eat ad tummy time ! He thinks the world of daddy and is completely amazed by his big sister ! He is definitely one of the sweetest faces you will see !❤️
Please vote for me!
Hey My Name Is Amaria i like to play and go for walks I really love to spend time with my mommy and family I lov play dates as well
Elijah is a sweet loving outgoing 2 year old little boy he loves to make you laugh and is blessed with 4 other siblings:) we are thankful for what the lord has given us. elijah is our miricle baby.. he loves to listen to baby shark and loves to show off his dance moves for us. He loves to helping mommy and daddy clean and loves to fish:) He keeps us on our toes and just loves life and is always a happy boy we are truly thankful to our lord for bringing this special little boy in our lives:)
My name is Amoreya , I’m almost 3 months old & I love talking & laughing with my mommy & daddy. I enjoy cuddles & kisses & im becoming quite the big girl I can almost sit up on my own .. ohhh & I have these things called hands that taste amazing I can’t stop trying to eat them!
Kyle is such a happy baby! He always has that big smile on his face. He LOVES madagascar, its his favorite movie ever. He loves food, somehow he eats everything his big sissy eats and only has a few teeth! 😅 My blonde hair- blue eyed baby is such a good, sweet boy! Please vote for baby Kyle! Thank you!
Anna is 5 weeks. Old a happy easy baby who loves cuddles and music
Nevaeh is a very happy baby. She loves to talk baby talk and enjoys laughing and smiling.