Baby Stories - 59


Hes such a happy baby, always smiling and making noises 🥰😇
Miracle is a miracle baby after several miscarriages
Hi im willow, i love to watch peppa pig and eat gold fish. My favorite thing to do is play outside with my puppys.
Luka is a bright blue eyed thriving baby boy, he loves when his mommy sings to him, when his siblings dance for him and gets excited to watch Sesame Street and word party. He’s even learning to have some moves of his own. He’s the baby of 6 and everyday we love him more and more. Thanks for reading about Luka ♥️
Adeline Grace is such a happy baby , loves all the attention, Clapping or beat boxinh makes her laugh and smile every time or just even looking at her can make her gigle lol
I don’t have enough words to describe my daughter. She is amazing and the light of my eyes. She turned my whole world around. She is a little sassy but I can’t blame her for being like her momma ❤️ Being a single mom to her and her little brother is the best thing in the world. All they need is me and I need them!
Jaxtyn is full of personality! His favorite thing to do is explore the outdoors and play basketball with mommy and daddy. He always has a lot to say with a smile on his face, bringing smiles to everyone’s face around him.
Emiliano is always smiling and is such a wonderful baby❤️ Even when he’s not feeling his best he has a smile on his face. I love him so much and he is a wonderful little brother to his big sissy :) even if he’s just 3 months.
Maya is a very smart 3 year and the second youngest of 6, she’s very inquisitive and curious about learning everything far past the usual 3yr old. She is constantly wowing us everyday. She loves to dress up, dance, sing and play with her baby brother. She’s a wonderful big sister and loves to take care of others.
My boy loves to smile and laugh! He loves cuddles and old Disney movies! He’s learning so fast and doesn’t like to let his lovie go! He’s getting bigger everyday
Waylon loves to watch tv and be out side. He is new to the world so he don’t know much. He is our miracle child💜
My name is Roxy.. I like long walks on the beach and i curse like a sailor lol please vote for me 💜 *thanks and much love *
Hi I’m Easton, I love books,bubbas! And my doggies Stella and Tess!
Our precious baby boy. He loves biting and sucking his fingers. Him loves to eat. Loves being tickled under his armpits.
Nautica is a sweet loving 6 month old she loves her mommy and daddy very much vote for Nautica because shes beautiful and because she will make anyones day
Rae Lynn
Rae’Lynn is a very happy baby to say the least. For almost the first two weeks she has been alive she has only known the inside of the nicu. Hopefully we will break out soon. She is so calm. And loves to roll her eyes at her daddy. Her favorite spot to lay in is on mommy’s and daddy’s chest. She is loved by everyone she meets.
Kenneth Ray Spencercase
My son got to meet four of his family members that are already gone he is a very advanced kid and he remembers a lot of them cuz we talked about him and heal this smile at you he is learning how to talk it'll be too in July and he got to meet his Aunt Mimi which is Mommy sister and he loves his nana and can't wait to see her
Marley is the queen of all divas. With all the sass and energy this little girl has, she could rule the world one day. She has two dogs and is going to be a big sister this September 🥰❣️
My daughter loves to play with her toys, she loves chewing on everything, she loves Sofia The First.
A gorgeous 5 month old girl, that has the most infectious smile☺️ An absolute bundle of joy to have as a daughter, and has filled mummy and daddy’s hearts with so much love.
Delilah is 5months old she has two older brothers she loves when all the attention is on her she’s also teething and she’s learning how too sit up ✨🦋
Kasyn loves bananas, being outside and rolling around on our carpet. He’s a big cuddled and kisser and has the sweetest laugh
She loves to play with her toys and singing her heart out. We love playing in our jumper and of course we love our furry sibling ❤️
Kylie is a happy, loving 9 month old babygirl. She loves to play with her toys and eat her snacks. Following her big brother & sister around is probably her favorite thing of all. ❤️
Dawson is 8lbs 2oz, 1 month old. He is super snuggly! He loves his mama and daddy and his 3 fur siblings! Thanks for voting for us!
He loves music and playing on the drums he loves meeting new peaple you has a great personality he makes the light shine brighter in my heart and everyone else's he loves books and fire truck
Charlotte is my little miracle 💜
There’s no stopping this little girl! She WILL give you baby fever 🥵 she’s starting to let go while standing, loves food, & loves chewing on everything that’s not!
Alaiyah is a bubbly, smiley 6 month old baby girl who can occasionally say mama. She loves to laugh, eat, and listen to her favorite songs on Cantícos by Nick Jr. We call her Bunni and she is a bundle of cuteness.
Jayce-James, or J-J for short is 16 months old. He is my beautiful Rainbow baby. He is such a happy boy! He has to wear a protection helmet due to using his head to feel everything new and old. But he looks so adorable in it! He loves to help his dad fix things and he loves to play on slides!
Wyatt loves going for long walks around the neighborhood, listening to his puppy toy sing him songs and hanging out with his parents!
Giovanni is a 4 month old baby boy, his birthday is a day away from Halloween! He loves to smile, give hugs and blow raspberries. He absolutely loves play time.
Michael is the sweetest little boy who loves to smile at his mama and dada and definitely loves to eat! He may be little but he is growing and learning, to the delight of his parents, every single day.
Build a bear frog
Axel is a very sweet, and loving little boy. He loves to watch cocomelon and he loves being held.
My little Down Syndrome baby❤️
Riley is 7 months old , she is such a happy baby . She loves coco melon & she loves to talk . She’s very alert & active for her age .
Xaiden is my 24lb 6month old cuddly, funny baby!🥰 Hes so smart and sweet! He loves his mama and to eat. He can clap, crawl and has 2 teeth!! He loves being held and going on car rides. Thank you for your votes!😊
This little girl is the light of my life. She’s very sweet and incredibly funny. Her little squeaks of delight are the highlight of my day.
Ember is such a happy, smart playful baby girl, she loves to cuddle, play & jumping around. She has a smile that will melt your heart💗 Vote for Ember !💞
Braxton is a loving little guy that Loves everyone . He favorite thing is to play outside and Love on his animals. He is great with other children and Love to give hugs to everyone. Loveable little guy :)
Almost 2! He loves playing outdoors and watching paw patrol!
Harper is just two weeks old! She was premature and is the best little baby!
Our spunky little 2 year old has the sweetest personality 💕 she loves learning new colors and cooking with mama 🥰 just all around a happy girl 😍
He loves to play with his older brother, loves cocomelon! He has a heart defect!
Iyonna is a such a happy baby even when she wakes up in the morning it’s a smile on her face super sweet and loving baby girl
Kayden loves mandarin oranges, to be outside, Daniel Tiger & Cocomelon! Loves to play with his younger brother! Loves fuzzy blankets & is a goofball!