Baby Stories - 58


Chevelle is the happiest little girl you'd ever meet! Sweet, spunky and full of smiles. ❤️
Dainton is a intelligent young man who is capable of being anything he wants to be so proud of him
Ariee Brown
She loves to sit up,eat, & smile she’s a happy baby... love outside the camera & to reach for everything & she love to be talked to 💕♥️ Makes the most funniest faces 😂😭
She loves out doors . Loves her family and most of all shes one of a kind could never trade her for the world
Aleigha is one of the happiest babys ever she says hi to everyone she sees!
She is a happy baby. Always smiling!
Aurora loves playing outside, playing with her chickens, swimming, and when her Daddy pulls in from work is her favorite time of the day. She has overcame a lot in her short little life and works hard daily to do things dr and specialist said she would never achieve, so far she has proved them all wrong. She is our little miracle.
She was a premature baby weighing at 4lbs 8oz. She’s over came so much and still more to come. She’s my little fighter and the reason i get up in the morning
She is a good baby. And has a big brother Jordan that loves her to death!
Enjoys walks and music. Loves meeting new people and smiling! Also really like animals and clapping.
Kylan Rashad Jones✨Loves to Laugh, play, eat , mess up things 🤣 and watch Tv ❤️
Minnie was. Born 20/09/2020 but sadly she pasted away 23/09/2020 but I can tell you that she stole my heart the moment I lay eyes on her
Bryleigh is a very happy baby , she loves dogs and watching cartoon with mom
Kylie is the sweetest little girl and loves to babble all day. She’s just learning how to crawl and is full of smiles.. vote for Kylie Rae!
Natalie is 4 months old, she loves smiling and laughing, ceiling fans, and when mommy and daddy sing to her. She’s an only child (for now) but she just loves being in this world!
Nomar loves to eat and sleep so far. He is always smiling in his sleep and when he’s wide awake, he loves his big elephant!
Hello everyone! My name is Aries. My hobbies include eating, pooping, peeing, sleeping, puking and playing. I love to play with my Mommy, Daddy and my big sister Alexis!
Shes smart and outgoing has a personality like no other. Shes kind to all kids and animals she loves her cat wolfy. Shes a daddys girl but loves her mommy when sick. She brave to dosent take no shit from no one lol.
Trent is our first born! Fil-American baby. He loves his momma and daddy so much he always wants to be close to them! He is so sweet and very smart already. So precious !
Jasmin is a very smart little girl! She was born 3 weeks early and has overcame every obsticle in her way ❤
He is a wee cheeky chappy love's a good tickle and gives a good giggle most adorable smile just mine and Sharon blanes little munchkin chops 💚❤️
Layla loves to greet people, she tells everyone hi when we are out eating at a restaurant or just in the store. She is very much an outdoor girl and always try to help. She loves playing with her puppies especially playing fetch with Zoey. Her favorite cartoons are Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol.
At 3 months old little man here is such a happy baby, finding his own personality, he absolutely loves bath time, being talked to especially by his big sister, snuggles, and being outside. He was 9 lbs 2.5 oz at birth as well as being born on mom’s 21st birthday!
Braxton is such a goofball. He loves puppies, planes and trains. He has such a fun, silly personality and can be quite mischevious. This boy really knows how to keep mom on her toes. ❤
Hi, my name is Loki! I love smiling and laughing all day long and babbling away, but mostly I love my Mom & Dad more than anything! I love when Mom sings to me and I love when Dad snuggles me tight ❤️
Worth the wait 🙏🏼 Salem wakes smiling and brightens everyday! Best thing to come out of the Covid era! ❤️❤️❤️
Sawyers a very smiley happy baby that loves all the attention she can get and she really loves to play with dad.
Always happy and talking. He loves to watch Scooby Doo. Loves going on road trips with mommy and daddy.
Baby Jed loves attention! He has a new favorite food carrots! He really loves watching his pawpaw preach on Sunday mornings too! Mama and daddy can’t get enough of his sweet heart!
Who doesn't love a happy smiley baby? Mr Wyatt is always smiling 💙
Matthew loves to play outside, he’s a big fan of playing at the park! He loves Mickey Mouse!
Very sassy boy. He loves watching his daddy ride dirt bikes, going on hikes, & his puppy Mako. He loves all foods and likes to show off his teefffers
My name is Noah I love to yell, eat everything, and play with my dog. I hate being confined (carseat, stroller, ect) I love to explore the world around me and get into everything.
He loves to watch Mickey Mouse! He’s a big fan of playing outside he loves going to the park.
Hi I am Quentin! I just turned 5! I am an autistic boy working hard to move up the spectrum! I have a little sister and I love being her big brother! I love dinosaurs and animals. Show us some love!
I love Mickey Mouse, and everything Mickey. Bananas are one of my favorite things to eat and I love my animals! I’m starting to walk!
Carters the biggest bundle of joy, he has the best personality and is always laughing 💙
Mummy's little princess. She is a smart, loveable, caring and happy little girl.She likes to spend time with her family & friends she is a socialising girl, she likes doing painting & drawing and loves to play with her toys she also loves to dress as a princess fairy and doing her nails. My little angel mummy is so proud of her! Melani would be thankful for a vote.❤️💋
He is the newest baby boss
Haylee loves toy cars, beans and rice, and the TV show Little Baby Bum! Her favorite song is The Wheels On the Bus and she loves car rides.
She was born 10/12/2020 via planned C-section at 39wks 2days, she would never show her face during ultrasounds, she was waiting to show us her beautiful face on her big debut🥰and all the heartburn I had I believe those old wives tales with her full head of hair 💕💜
Jordyn Alexis is 11 months old. She loves Blues Clues & Baby Shark! She is a happy baby who is always laughing and smiling 💕
Emberlee Ann is my little blessing from God. I had a really rough year and she has helped me get through it. Her little faces and personality just make my day. She is definitely my blessing in disguise!
I was born on Columbus Day so now my nickname is columbo i love to eat and i mean EAT
Amirah aka our lil punkin
Abigail is always happy! Shes our rainbow baby. She always has a smile on her face!
Rahjae’s is sweet n snuggly like a teddy that loves to watch lion king and toy story . That has a smile that would brighten any and every day !