Baby Stories - 58


Stetson is a very happy little guy who loves to be talked to, he loves his head rubbed softly and he loves his sister Nevaeh, mommy, and daddy!
Blakely was born prematurely at 28 weeks and had a very long 3 month stay in the nicu. We’re now home and she is thriving more and more each day😍
Jason is 5 months and he is mine and my fiancee's 1st baby. He is such an amazing baby, everyone who sees or holds him tells me that he makes a baby look easy
Bean! The biggest daddy’s girl you’ll ever meet. Loves to stare at lightbulbs, sit in her chair while mummy showers and talk to the towels, be flown around the house by Daddy (super bean) and thinks her feet are the most fascinating thing ever. Absolute weirdo, vote for Bean! 💚
Mazie is a spoiled, fun, loving, wild baby girl❤️ She loves her momma and food
Hi! My name is Evah and I’m almost 1 year old! I can stand, I can crawl, I love to dance and my favorite show is Word Party
Hi! I’m Skylar. I like cuddles with Mommy and hanging out with Daddy! My favorite things to do is eat and poop.
My name is Jace I love play acting like a zombie I love my kittens an mommy 😀
My fat happy baby!! Loves to sleep, smile and fart. Very alert, real calm. He just chills all day long.. my handsome son 🖤🖤
Tae is a happy baby from the time she wakes up to the time she go to sleep.. she loves to be on the move and she loves to chase her puppy.
Jolee is so fun-loving. She has a very wide vocabulary and can speak complete sentences! She is helpful, funny, and full of spunk♥️ This future NBA star is 2 years old and 3’1”!!! She loves barbies & Cinderella ♥️
My name is Arabella. I’m 2 years old.I enjoy dancing and singing.I love life and spending time with my family. Please click the vote button for me!
Loves to play with toys and loves to laugh & smile
Hazley Gail
Hazleys is 6 months old. Shes a loving and happy baby! Her favorite thing to do is play with deddy and crawl to mommy! Hazley can say baba (bottle), pawpaw, mama, and dada Hazley is the loving daughter of Joanna West and Austin Swinford!
Mckinley loved to snuggle, give lots of hugs and kisses (especially blowing kisses). She was such a happy child, always being silly to make you smile. She loved riding the four wheeler with her Dad Jason, swimming, and playing with her Toys, including chasing her brother around the house with the biggest grin on her face when she caught him, she enjoyed listening to music, cuddling with soft toys, and being held close by her parents and grandparents.
Evren enjoys playing in his Jeep and watching his cartoons in the morning with loads of cuddles. This Lil guy is always happy!
My name is Bryson, I love spending time with my family. I love to sing, dance & learn new things.
Miss little Lailabug came into this world 6 weeks early and stole her mommy and daddy hearts. She loves eating, sleeping, and playing with all the angels around her.
Hello. My name is Bryan. I love spending time with my family & playing video games. My favorite holiday is Halloween!
Mateo is the happiest baby. Loves to play with his puppy and spend time with mommy and daddy. Mateo just found out he’s going to be a big brother in May. Help Mateo and vote today. ❤️
Hey, I'm Mi'Prince and I am just full of joy. I am 4 months, teething, and trying to talk already. I have a awesome loving family and a 5 year old big sister. There are big things in store for me. Do Vote for me ❤️ Much Love
This is Waylon , also known as bubba he loves his snuggles and loves to eat. Sleeps a lot and is very demanding and cute ☺️
Please share a vote for my smiley little girl! She loves baseball, pumpkins and APPLES! Hope you think she’s as cute as I do
A’mari is the most happiest , sweetest baby I’ve ever met. He loves his big sister J’realle very much! And enjoys making sounds and expiring new objects and environments.
Hi, my name is Cerabella Im almost a month old and I like to eat my hands, kick out of my swaddle and get mad when I have to be burped because mom and dad took my bottle away!
Ezra loves to laugh at his puppy “brother’s” when they’re running and playing. He loves the outdoors and to go for walks with mommy. He is constantly smiling and laughing and absolutely loves being read to!
Aria is a 7 month old goofy little ray of sunshine! She love’s Cocomelon, Mommy and Daddy, Nanny and Pappy, playing with her toys, and loves food! She hates bedtime but loves to snuggle 🥰
Miss Brya is full of smiles and giggles!!!
Hello, my name is Serenity. I am a month old, I love spending time with my mommy, daddy, & my siblings. I love music, & listening to my mommy sing to me.
Giovanni is the most happiest , sweetest baby I’ve ever met. He loves his big brother Legend very much! And enjoys making sounds and expiring new objects and environments.
Raelenn was born premature and was a nicu baby! She loves attention and being held!
Royale is Romanian & Black. He is a very energetic , silly , smart kid. He loves to dance and sing … Elmo is his best friend ! When you see Royale you can’t help but to smile !
Blaize is 1 year old. He is the happiest dude around. He loves Cocomelon, his snacks, and playing with his toys!
Wesley James is 6 months old. He laughs and giggles at everything! He loves his walker, mommy snuggles, and absolutely adores his big brother. Baby boy is starting to sit up all by himself and becoming so vocal. He is such a happy baby and is so loved ❤️
Carter was born 2lbs 1oz at 26 weeks and is now 6lbs and almost ready to come home. Hes a very happy baby and is very strong and is always smiling. A beautiful blonde hair blue eyed boy
Kayne is the sweetest boy ever hes so goofy he loves to stick his tongue out at you he loves his bottles his mamas cuddles and his daddy
Hello I’m Hazel💖 I love to eat, sleep and repeat. I love to go outside and taking walks with my mommy. I love when people talk to me out makes me laugh. And I also love car rides because they make me go to sleep.
Bransten loves to smile and laugh, loves his Cocomelon and football ❤️
Ma'Laya Chanel... she loves her dad & mommy . Flying like a helicopter is her most favorite thing to do . dinosaur train is her favorite show.... vote for Ma'Laya because she is the cutest 😍
Kailani is a 6 month old full of personality and charm! 💜
Jahlil is 3 months. He loves to eat & cuddle. He loves his big brother, mommy & daddy ❤️ He’s such a serious baby but He’ll crack a smile every now & then for us lol
His smile is contagious. His laugh melts hearts. He is mine and daddys everything. ❤❤❤
Quinnli Rae is the absolute best blonde haired blue eyed baby. She loves her tummy time and being held. Bath time is her favorite and she is always cracking a smile. One look and she can turn your whole day around!
Easton is the sweetest, most loving little boy there is! He is constantly smiling and if he is not then he is hungry. So much personality for a 4 month old! Those blue eyes are to die for! How can you not vote for him!
Journey Shatzer
Sweet miss dimples!!
A very Happy out going little man Loves his big bro bros and wants to do everything but sleep. Brings a smile to everyone. Just like his Pops😇❤