Hi my name is Lucas. This world is still new, big and scary to me but I’m learnin new things and growin every day. I love to coo and smile at almost anyone who talks to me.
Leo is bubbly and loves being around other kids , he acts older than he is and loves dancing and when I sing to him
Maximus is the sweetest little boy. From his constant smiling , the please and thank yous, his intelligence , and his huge imagination he brightens up even the dullest days. There is not a person we walk by that he cant make grin. Maximus loves airplanes and anything that has wheels. He enjoys the outdoors and long hikes. If there is water max can not hold himself back he has to go in for a splash. Some would say hes like a fish.
Wyatt is a mommy’s boy he loves to roll over kick ooo dada he loves anything with color he was born with a lung that was completely collapsed but he is healed and still going strong. This is our first time trying this hope we have good luck.
Oliver is a well loved baby he is our rainbow baby born after a loss he is a happy little boy who loves kisses and cuddles always smiling any vote will be very much appricated
Carson is a loving one month old. He is so amazing for his age, he is already trying to hold the bottle on his own and is so alert to things around him.
Brody is an absolutely gorgeous little 11 month old boy with the most adorable, infectious smile that never fails to put one on your face too. Hes got such a beautiful personality already and he is just so happy and bouncy all the time! He loves his food and going to the park and he is so in love with animals too! He really is the best cure for having a bad day and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, as a mummy I couldnt be prouder to call him my little one
Hello, my name is Waylon and although I am new to this would I am very serious about what I like! I love looking out the window with my mommy and listening to my big brother sing me songs!
Luna is such a breath of fresh air she is always smiling and loves her brother the most. When she hears his voice she beams even brighter.
Carson is 4 years old. He loves dogs ,and loves the outside
CJ is so cuddly and playful. He loves listening to music, and books.
Tyler loves to be outside. He is my crazy wild boy. Loves cars and dinosaurs. He loves doing everything with his older sister. He is so cute and kind.
Heidi is 11 months old, is FULL of personality, and loves mango anything. She truly loves everyone she meets and has the sweetest smile. ❤️
Hi im Amy im mummy to my baby boy Troy. Troy was born by emergency c section on his due date which is the 5th of november 2022, hes very happy and content, and is very vocal at the moment which is super cute, hes definitely not shy and loves to give lots of smiles. Troy enjoys sensory play looking at the bright lights and differnet textured objects exploring using his hands, Troy also enjoys watching the tv looking at all the different colours. I will continue to post some more photos of my little man so you can watch him grow💙
He's the most smiley little ladies man 😍
Esmae absolutely loves fish, poking her tongue out, and babbling back.
Isabella is a very happy smiley baby. She likes to know what’s going on and enjoys going out!
Eric is a rainbow boy. awaited 10 years. loves to laugh and eat. loves to travel.
My sweet little Addelyn Brielle os so silly and sweet! She loves ALL food and loves playing with her siblings! She’s super smart and I look forward to seeing what she brings to the world!
Westyn is my angel , so loving , always has a smile on his face , its contagious :)
Loves to eat, sleep, and snuggle with all who love him! Very happy little boy!
Theodore loves splashing about in the swimming pool during his weekly swimming lesson. He lives with mummy, daddy and his Golden Retriever sister Nala.
Scot-Tony has epilepsy he starting having seizures at a week old and again at 5 month old, he is 13 month old and he’s been through a lot in a short space of time, I entered my baby boy into this because he deserves the world and more 🤍
Austin is 6 months old he will be 7 months on the 25th! He loves bath time, his milk and watching Ms Rachel. He also loves Elmo and Cookie Monster. He has the cutest laugh and the best personality. He is a mamas boy and papas best friend♥️
Hi my name is Blaize-aylah, im very strong willed, i know exactly what i want and if i dont get it mum and dad know all about it, ive got an older sister and i just love to steal all her toys, im about as cheeky as they come, and i just love animals
Kiara is 10 months. She loves learning new things. She is a very smart baby. She’s the happiest baby ik. for the most part she is a happy baby does have her moments but so does every baby. She loves spending time with everybody. She loves seeing new people she’ll try to go to them. Kiara is a very silly baby loves making people laugh. She’s got her bottom 2 teeth coming in. Likes to dance and be tryna walk is very close she has been taking 4-5 steps by herself
Archer is a smart silly little guy! He lives bluey and playing with his big sisters! He’s is the happiest little guy
Delana is 5 months old. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse and play with toys. She’s rolling over like crazy and starting to crawl. She’s eating baby food now and loves water. She has mommas attitude.😤😂❤️❤️
She loves her dada and mama n nana n poppop and shes a very happy baby.she loves cocomelon
Eliana is a beautiful 3 month old babygirl that loves Curious George and smiling at mama and daddy.
Onyx is brilliant, talented and with so much energy! He enjoys going out and being around people. He loves goinh to daycare and being surrounded by his classmates.
I loveeee to eat, I love my daddy, and I love alllll the bows💖
Layton James
I LOVE eating 2 seconds after I wake up! I like sleeping on my belly even tho mom doesn’t 🥴 I got my dimples from my Great Grandpa everyone thinks they are so cute!
Gianna is a very happy baby , she has a smile that will warm your heart. She was born premature and spent 40 days in the nicu, she overcame every obstacle and deserves to have this win.
Hudson is constantly smiling he is such a happy little boy! He has the funniest character if you laugh he laughs x
He is funny and he loves to dances and he love music he as a silly Personality he loves being around people and he loves Adventure and walks
Xavier is a funny little boy his faces Expressions are so Adorable his giggles is so cute he loves to Smile and and love to hear people voices.
Sienna is three weeks old who’s already ahead of the game by rolling over at 9 days old. She is a very happy girl who loves to sleep
Not only is Emmett the most handsome baby you’ve ever seen, he’s also the funniest. He can’t wait to tell you his favorite joke.
Atlas Kai, bearer of the worlds, destroyer of sadness and glimmer of hope.
Nicholas Jj
JJ is the happyest boy. He has a super 6 teeth smile and he is adorable.
My name is Shaniyah I’m 20 months old i love the outdoors and i loves my food! I get so much attention when we are out and about. I love my hair its so curley and I love wearing bows in my hair!! I love my mummy and daddy to bits ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Esmeralda loves to cuddle with her mommy and daddy. She loves to brighten everyone's day with her smile, laughter and dancing. She is our shiny Emerald
I love to laugh and chew on everything. I love when my puppy licks my face she makes me laugh! Mommy and daddy are my favorites
My name is Christalyn Angela Ortiz. I am 4 years old going on 5 as of 2023. I love music, dancing, and singing. Call me a drama queen becuase I’m so so sassy 🤩. Well my dream is to be a veterinarian but wouldn’t mind becoming an actress. My goals as a 4 year old will bring me a great future!!!
Aven was born a month early and finally reached 11 lbs. and has overcome some challenges. He is now healthy, active, and curious! He's the light in Grandma's life!