Ozzy is a very happy and strong baby. He loves his peaches & daily curl ups. He also loves playing in his F150 ford truck walker!!!
Sara Frye
I like to watch T.V and listen to music I am a happy baby also a rainbow baby 🌈
Ka’Leah turns one on the 14th, she is so smart and funny. It has been an absolute joy being this little girls mommy. Dada is her favorite!
She is a very creative and energetic child! She loves to dress up! Her current favorite toys are cars and dinosaurs! She is a major daddy's girl! Her favorite person is her baby brother! 🥰
This is Elijah. He’s all boy he likes playing and getting dirty he loves motorcycles and monster trucks he loves to smile and laugh about almost everything he’s a happy kids and he’s a big mommas boy
James loves his mommy , He loves his stuffed animals & loves to crawl and get off things
Miss Journey is 21 months old, loves cocomelon, story time, playing outside and has a lot of energy.
He's almost 4 months old already and getting bigger! A whole 14lbs of cuteness! He loves snuggles and his blankie on a rainy day! His favorite nickname is Buggie-man and his smile will hold your heart in a choke-hold 💖
Rhett’s definitely mommas little country boy
Erica is a very happy baby! She loves to look at herself in the mirror, and coo at mommy and gram. Erica is 1 month old and has already been progressing so quickly… she’s already rolling over and cooing 🥰❤️
Madison is almost 18 months old. Her favorite things are food and animals. She’s got a very fun bubbly personality and is always a happy go lucky little girl.
Samuel loves his 2 brother's and one sister, love's to play make new people's happy baby
Anakin loves playing with his toys, his dog Brownie, and bathtime! He is always smiling and talking.
Damian is 19 months old, he talks like crazy, he is so loving and energetic. He loves Mickey Mouse and Dinosaurs. He is so loved and he made me a better person. I’m happy to be his mommy❤️
Wyatt loves play with toys! He has two teeth an is almost walking! He loves Moana & has the best smile ever an one of the best personalities in a little boy 😀
Ella is such a good little girl. She is so curious about everything going on around her. She is so smart and learning sign language as she learns new words.
Maddlynn is 7 she is in the 2nd grade a A and B student she loves animals and being active outside she is a very caring loving child please vote for me she says 😍
4 months old, happy bubbly baby always smiling🥰 please vote for me 🫶🏻
Aryiah is such an outstanding, smart, beautiful girl! She’s def a mommy’s girl but always crazy about her dad! She loves peppa pig and bluey! Her nickname is “chunk” “Baby fats” “sissy”. Her favorite food is eggs. She play fights with her dad.(she wins ALOT of the time) she’s an all around amazing child! Vote for her!
After every storm, there is a rainbow! Meet our preemie prince Keng (pronounced king). Born almost 3 mos early due to IUGR and spent 93 days in the NICU.
Outdoor loving, dinosaur pretending typical boy! Sweet heart and mommas boy.
This chunky man LOVES his food & just about anything you let him put in his mouth! Big boy has 4 teeth & already getting 2 more!
Lainey was born with 2 holes in her heart. One has thankfully closed. But she is full of love and joy. She loves to play with her baby doll and her princess ball. She also loves playing with her older sister, giving kisses and saying hi to everyone she sees.
Natalie Ann
Such a happy baby loves to smile and laugh!!!
Full of energy and giggles blue eyed baby loves to play with her puppy and spend time outside watching the birds on her swing
A girl who loves to travel the world and share her love with her little brother. Big heart and kind eyes. Loves everyone and everything.
Skyler adores Peppa pig and he's getting very arty, she loves going to the beach.
Raegan is a tougHGirl! I struggled with Hyperemisis Gravidarum during her pregnancy. She was very small at 5lbs 19oz but she’s a big girl now! She loves to play and she loves food!
Karson is so happy, when he smiles he melts my heart,he loves music and his rattly cow.
Max loves to be outside, giggle at his big brother and play in the water. He doesn’t like to sleep.
Riyanshi Adrija
Hii my baby is a premature baby she was born at 26 weeks,she is a strong girl and very active.please vote her to win this competition.
Skylar rose is a little miracle and will light the room up with her smile 😇🥰
Abhay is my sunshine, my sweet little boy. He loves to play peekaboo. He loves to eat pasta and yogurt. He has a cheeky smile.
Sadie is an Angel sent from above. Sent from heaven after suffering a miscarriage, she’s the greatest joy in our lives! 🌈
Davina is a mommy girl she love bath time,hug,kisses, watching tv she laughs at everything she such a happy baby she love attention and she dislike tummy time…
She loves food
He loves to smile. He’s always starring at people! He absolutely loves cuddles🥰
Xander is a happy go lucky little dude with a fiery spirit and so much energy!
Wesson is such a wonderful boy to have as a son. He loves to ride golf carts and atvs. His favorite words are “Go Ride” I would love to spend more time with him taking him on vacation
Avah has the spunkiest attitude. & the most beautiful eyes. ♥️ please vote for my baby girl!
Gaia is five months old, extremely happy and smiley, she loves her doggy siblings very much. She is an absolute blessing and a very curious little girl.
Hi I’m Annastasia the baby sister to Amelia :)
Hi my name is Amelia I’m 2 years old with autism :) Vote for me!!
Kaysen is a happy baby, he loves music and likes to dance also very photogenic.
Elizabeth’s almost 3 months ahh she’s so curious and smart already she not a fussy baby at all unless she wants her mamma
Zoey is the sweetest, happiest and loving little girl. She can light up anyone’s day with her smile. I have entered her into this contest because with the money that she wins will be put into her savings for when she turns 18.
I am Eevee Lucian and I love snuggles with mom and dad, her pups, and chickens. I am very young but have a ton of personality, i tell my parents i need something through various degree of binkie sucking. I love my grammie, yaya, grandma, papi, and grandpa they are my favorite visitors.