Mabel-Grai is 4 month old. She is a loving little girl, Always with a smile on her face and always laughing when playing with her sisters. Loves when she sees her cousin maddison and how they play together.
She's like my little mini me. Sassy, outgoing, and no afraid to show the world her true self!
Hi ! I’m Maliyah and I enjoy spending time with my family, riding ATV’s with daddy and as you can tell, smiling🥰 !
Myles is a cute cuddle bug, loves to eat and sleep
Halle is a bundle of energy, 8 months with a gorgeous personality and gummy smile. So keen to be on the move & causing mischief already.
Ava love cocomelon and blippi. She also loves any type of music and she has sass out of this world
He is very happy and always laughing out loud. He loves soft blankets and his dragon. Tyler is also very alert and active for his age, it’s very amazing.
He is very smiling, smart and sweet.
Layla loves to smile and laugh with mommy and daddy! She’s a very talkative little girl and has become quiet adventurous! She loves music and dancing all day long 💖
Loves to say hi to all animals people and buses lol
Alekzander loves smiling, cuddles with dad and talking to mom 💙
Hi, my name is Briella. One thing about me, I absolutely DO NOT like tummy time but that hasn’t stopped me! 😉 I love sitting and playing with toys, playing in my jumper, and having competitions with my mom to see who can be louder (I win of course). My mom says I am not only the sweetest but also the cutest baby. 💜
Adalynn is kind, loving, and God loving little 2 year old. She loves her little brother, her puppy, reading books, and coloring.
He definitely likes cell phones! And like i said he beat the odds in life. He shoyld have been born with spina bifida and his parents did not give up hope. They would love him regardless. He loves people and all the life that surrounds him. Hes a very happy child. And by the way he is 10mos old... He hugs and kisses his brother everyday counting his blessings... Please vote for Cole...
I am 1 year old little boy , i am very handsome and have a cute smiling face, I am super active as I love to talk, dancing,swing... I like Makhana's , strawberries most. I'm a momma's boy but loves daddy too. plz vote for me❤️
Most amazing sweet girl, loves everyone will give you the best hugs, make you laugh,smile, don’t get on her bad side tho
Dolly too sing and smile
Just an all around happy baby!
My happiest baby, Octavia is almost always smiling and wiggling around.
Ethan loves tummy time with mummy, lots and lots of cuddles and being outdoors so he can be nosey and see what everyone else is doing!
Kendalynn is our ray of sunshine! She loves her bubby, and loves her some food! 💓💓 Thanks for your vote! ❤️
Genesis is one happy baby. Loves to cuddle, play and smile. He’s 3 months old but wears 9 month old clothing. He’s our Buddha Baby♥️
Hello world my name is Adam I love to eat and sleep. I love it so much thats all I do! Mom and dads arms is where i love to sleep the most😁
Brax is my wild child let me tell you! He is 3 years old and thinks he's grown lol. He loves dinosaurs, baseball, playing outside, watching YouTube, and had the biggest imagination!! He definitely keeps you up and running :)
Nalani is the sweetest, sassiest and goofiest little 2 year old girl. Her favorite color is pink & she loves exploring outside ✨
Hello everybody! This is my 4 month old Jason Hale 3rd but we call him JD for short! He is such a happy, loving, and bright baby boy. He loves to eat, play toys, try to talking to us, and watch TV! His favorite show is blue's clues :)
Penelope is the sweetest, smartest girl! She loves spending time with her Grandma and watching Peppa Pig
Emily, she is so strong baby at her 4 months she already say to her dad (noo) wen he touch another woman🥰🥰
Kylo loves sleeping his days away with his mommy, getting milk drunk and he loves being sang to!
Lathan is obsessed with fans, mom cuddles, and cooking with dad. He loves trying to talk and sticking his tongue out at his daddy.
Rian And Robin
Robin and Rian are identical boys. They love cuddling and army crawling across the floor. There favorite toy is an octopus called captain calamari!
Nyah Ivy
My beautiful little princess Nyah Ivy Grace who is three months she’s so bright and clever for her age her laugh is so infectious and her smile could melt the coldest of hearts 💕 we love you beautiful baby girl 👶🏻🌸💗
Davanaee is our little "girly" tom-boy! She loves all things pageants, babies, t-ball, and hanging with her big brother. She is not scared one bit to get in the dirt/mud, but also loves getting on the stage in her pretty dresses. She is one of a kind!
She is already 2 months. Amazing how time flies. She is very active, observant, and a happy girl. She loves cuddling with daddy and dancing in mommy's arms. Also already quite the talker at moment. She enjoys her adventures and seeing new things in this big world.
Ángel is a very outgoing, smart and sassy toddler. she loves going on walks, watching mickey mouse and cocomelon.
Hes my 2nd boy, hell on wheels lol he came into this world as fast as he could and hasnt slowed down since! Hes a special little guy, born with 11 toes and two webbed fingers and both his little feet were turned in so far they looked backwards! God works miracles tho and now lookin at him youd never know he was born any different then u were!! Vote for Boogie!!!
Rosa is such a happy baby, always smiling. Rosa loves to make others smile with her infectious grin. Please vote for Rosa ❤️
Charles is such a sweet kid! His personality is amazing! He can put a smile on anybody's face!
my sweet boy Atlas Montana💙 all smiles, always laughing, he loves being talked too. sitting up is his favorite thing. he loves to babble & make spit bubbles.
Arthur is a cheeky, cheerful, happy little 11 month old boy! He really does light up our lives💙
Tah’Nyla is very very active she really likes to play and eat she likes the outside and also loves her toys
My name is Phillip, everybody calls me Lil Man. I’m a monster truck, dirt loving boy. I eat pizza & chicken nuggets like I won’t ever have them again. My daddy is my best friend!