Baby Stories - 57


Mason likes to build with legos.mason has come along way while going through tough situations in his young wouldn't know it with his social skills today
Loves to smile and get kisses! Has the cutest chunkiest cheeks! Loves mommy and daddy so much!
Izelah is a gorgeous little girl. She’s always laughing at something. She is such a happy girl. She loves music & loves dancing. She loves story time, she absolutely loves her food, she loves being outside, she lovings sliding down the slides & being pushed on the swings. She is so loving & always wants kisses or a cuddle❤️
She loves peppa pig
Morgan is 3 and 9 months old, she is sassy, she is loud, she is independent and she loves a good photo session!!
Craziest and sweetest baby I know!! Cuddle bug all the way ❤❤
Inayah is such a caring, loving & thoughtful little girl. She’s always smiling & laughing. She lights up any room she’s walks in. She loves dressing up, singing & dancing. She loves being outdoors & learning about nature. She loves nursery & meeting new people. She has the most amazing sense of humour❤️
Asher Scott
Meet Asher-Scott! He loves cuddles and snuggles alll the time. He is such a ray of sunshine ☀️
Xio loves to laugh when she sees you get hurt. She gets constant support from her momma when she needs her hand to be held. She hasn't picked her favorite show yet. But she loves to grow long and strong. She is starting to fight her sleep because she loves hearing drama and seeing her cousins play on their switch. She has a sassy and grumpy spunk in her. One of a kind!!!
Mason is 2 months old. He loves to eat and he loves when someone talks to him. He has the cutest smile and is always interested in his surroundings.
Aliyah loves to meet new people. She is not camera shy at all! One thing people notice about her right away is she’s very alert. She’s a very easy going, sweet, happy baby.
Lemuel loves his big brother, smiles, cuddles and also likes to take long strolles as the breeze blows thew his baby hair 😃😊
Queen’Adalynn was born January 25,2021 she is our beautiful Angel she melts everyone’s heart where ever she goes! My beautiful babygirl loves music she loves the sun in her face💕 she also loves tv ONE OF HER FAV SHOWS IS PINKFONG She is such a happy baby! She is the last one of the clan LOL!! To see her to hold her to smell her is to JUST LOVE HER!!
Esamaia is the happiest little girl ever. She’s a ray of sunshine and will talk to anyone for hours. Vote for our beautiful baby girl ❤️
He is such a happy and loving baby he loves to play and be outside and take baths. He is so loved.
Nia Rose
She loves watching Paw Patrol, her favorite person is her daddy, and she loves playing with her brother. Her favorite words are "baby", "daddy", "paw paw" and "mine".
Caroline is now 6yrs old . She has such a sweet personality and is soo loving❤️. She loves to play with her babies. She is a fantastic big sister. She is very determined when she puts her mind to it.
Zy'Aire is a very content baby. He's always happy, He loves tummy time
Bresher loves walks in the park and being outside! He's has happy and outgoing personality. He's a rainbow baby whose made everyone's day a little bit easier. Bresher loves his mama, daddy, sister, and papa's motorcycles.
Hey I’m Franklin. I was born on Valentine’s Day so I’m full of love! I enjoy reading books, going on walks, and playing with my cats.
Oakleigh Mae is two months old. She loves watching lights and talking to us🥰 She’s learning to hold her head up and giggle. Please vote for our princess💗💗
19 months Sicilian an African-American very outgoing extremely intelligent. More than just beauty. Personality out of this world!
The happiest little man who loves nothing more than a little giggle 😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️
Probably the smartest, cutest, sweetest 3 year old you will ever meet. He loves monster trucks, playing super smash bros, and most of all; corn dogs
Raelynn Elizabeth is the sweetest, upbeat little girl. She loves Trinity and Madison on YouTube, she likes to do Tik Tok dances, she plays with her baby dolls, Barbie dolls and LOL dolls. She’s SO smart with such a big vocabulary. Anyone who meets her, falls in love with her within 30 seconds ❤️
Heyy this is Romi and she is such a sassy little baby who loves food and coco melon 😅💕 She is just starting to walk as well 😊
Ensley loves animals and playing basketball with her uncle. She has such a beautiful soul and she loves to play dress up
Kendall likes singing, dancing, playing with her toys, her favorite show is Cocomelon. She is sassy. She likes making people laugh.
Jack is a sweet and loving 2year old. He loves Mickey Mouse, baseball, and being outside. He’s so smart and imaginative.
Olivia is 6 months old. She loves her tummy time. Also loves photos!
Hanna loves to roll around laugh talk bite her hands as well as mommies she loves pull n shake toys. And she loves her bed with the fluffy pillow top mattress 🥰
Huk is 4 months old, loves his mama and trying new foods. His little smile brightens up anyone’s day.
Annabelle is a very smiley and happy baby! She loves her Gigi, her Godmom, bath time and sleep!!
Brayden is the nicest boy you would ever meet. He likes monster trucks, Batman, Power wheels Ride on toy, Dancing, School, Singing, Football, Basketball. He likes his Teacher this year Mrs. Hernandez. He likes making people laugh, being funny.
Our little blonde hair blue eyed boy is a wild one!! He loves his tractor, coloring and watching Baby Shark!
Eden is our little Miracle 🌈!! She loves playing with her Ellie teddy and her favourite thing to do is smile 🥰!! "I am Daddies Girl & Mummies world".
Alaya loves to eat and loves her daddy. She is a talker and loves to play with her toys. We love her so much ❤️
Colton is a smiley baby ❤️ He is 2 months old and is already cooing and trying to grab things and trying to get the move on ❤️
Baby Lilly is 3 months old! She is always smiling and laughing and is a total daddys girl.
She’s a very happy baby She’s learning to talk and walk. She’s funny and doesn’t even kno it🤣
Ciris is such a sweet baby! One look at her and she'll make you smile! I love the joy that she shares to everyone around her😊 She loves to play! EAT!! And enjoys watching Elmo!
He is sweet but full of spunk little cowboy! Smile that will light up a room. He has such a big personality since the day he came into this world. He is for sure our sour patch kiddo!
She is a loving kind baby girl..Very happy and like her shirt says SHE IS ONE OF A KIND💝💥
Malcolm Wade is almost 6 months old and the happiest baby you will ever meet! He loves to play in his saucer, roll over and touch EVERYTHING! He can light up an entire room with his presence. He is truly handsome and has the kindest heart. I love this little man with everything my life has to give. 💙
He loves music and dancing! He has the cutest babbles and loves the bath, smiles the whole time! His personality is funny and constantly makes me laugh. Lastly his disposition is super sweet!