Annika is such a sweet and happy baby! She loves her mommy and daddy, and is smiling and laughing almost all of the time!
Meet Kaedyn! He was a premie and has grown into an amazing little boy💞
Meet Elijah! He is 6months old and is an amazingly happy little boy! 🥰 He was a high risk pregnancy but he is a fighter 💞💞💞
Hello! My name is Kenzie, I am 1 year old. I love playing with my older sister, my mommy, and my daddy! I am my momma’s world and my daddy’s girl! Vote for me!!
Kinley is 2 and a half she loves babys and all her family
Edahi is 8 months, he is a very energetic child that loves to run around and eat lots of food. He started standing on his own at just only 6 months. He loves cats and others animals that come by.
Gabriella is such a happy baby, she loves playing with her toys and running around in her walker!
She loves elephants and cuddling
Chase has been entered after seeing the incredible start his little brother got! Chase is an incredibly helpful big brother and loves his family. He had a big of a slow start development wise due to hearing problems, but this kid is now soaring and will shoot past the stars when he sets goals for himself. Such a sweet boy with a huge heart. Loves wrestling his brother and his daddy, and giving mommy snuggles! Winnings to go his Savings!
Everleigh is full of confidence. She is goofy and loves to play around. She loves to make you smile and laugh.
Felix is 7 months old. He loves meeting new friends and is the happiest baby!
I am my mommy's princess. I love playing with my brothers but I look pretty while I kick butt!
Andre Is 5 Months Today❤️ He Is The Happiest Baby I Know.. He Loves Cocomelon And Boss Baby. He Also Loves To Try To Eat EVERYTHING 🤣
I'm Declynn. I'm adorable and the most impatient of my siblings. Came into the this world 2 weeks early and still giving the world hell.
My name's Caleb and I'm obsessed with my family and video games!
Efan Elwy
This is little Efan, he enjoys doing gymnastics and taking part in charity events. He loves to help others in any way he can.
Akeelah is a smart strong independent little woman! Shes brought so much joy to my life!
Born October 15, 2020 at 1:11am weighed 6lbs 1oz and 20 inches long ☺️ She’s my bright-eyed beauty❣️
Taylor Mackenzie is a complete spitfire 💥 she loves to smile and play. She is OBSESSED with mommy & daddy is her best friend 😍
I am 5 yrs old. I love helping my momma cook, coloring and more of all my little brother. I love when momma & daddy take us to the park. Plz vote for me I need more coloring books 😃 Thank you
Pharaoh is my big boy , he is almost 5 months old , he loves to smile and loves for everyone to talk to him , he’s a a sweet boy who doesn’t cry much and is loved by everyone
This little brown haired and brown eyed beauty is the biggest blessing in our lives! She has her daddy’s attitude and knows how to get exactly what she wants with that pouty lip of hers!
Angelus- 3 months but looks like he’s 8 months! Such a happy baby and is so alert with everything! He loves to hold his head, roll over and non-stop baby talking😁 His favorite thing to do is eat and watch his favorite show cocomelon!
She loves frozen and dressing up! She has 2 little brothers and 2 little hamsters💜
My name is Baker Miles Weaver! B.M.W🚗 I am 10 months old and live in Keyser,WV i have a big family on both sides that love me! I love Barney, Mickey Mouse, and moana. I love to laugh and be silly especially past my bedtime! Money won will be put into my savings so maybe one day i can go to college like my mommy!😊
Kingston is the perfect baby! (Yes we all think that of our kids lol) He has such a cute laugh, and a big appetite. He is learning to say mama papi we are teaching him Spanish & English- for both mom and dad. He’s a climber, and getting into everything he wants to keep up with his brother so bad! Xo
shes a very happy little girl and we love her the world
Little man, better known as Ollie or Ox, was born at 40 weeks and a day! He was 8lbs and 3oz! He loves his mama and he isn’t afraid to show it! Little man likes to talk to you. At three months old, Oliver is trying to sit up on his own and crawl! He is a very smart little boy, I couldn’t be prouder to be his mama!
Audrey loves to be outside and loves to have that tongue sticking out! And what’s everyone’s undivided attention or she’s going to show you the temper she has.
Aneeba Lily Noor
Aneeba’s nickname is NooNoo, after the teletubbies as she guzzles her milk just like NooNoo hoovers up everything🤣🤣
Percy loves spending time with his doggies, eating pizza (aka zaza) and going on walks with his mom.
Kai is a character, he is a crowd pleaser. He loves to make people laugh. He loves playing t- ball and football.
Hello my name is Messiah Dior 💙 I’m a funny laid back baby with a great personality,I don’t cry much unless I just wanna cuddle with mommy ☺️ My Ma’am Ma says I’m gonna change the world one day! Please VOTE for me🗳
Mazani is such an outgoing baby and he’s only 5 months! He is full of smiles and laughter. He loves eating, and absolutely lovessss cocomelon. Vote for him 🥳
David is a bright, lovable chunk who loves his snacks, animals and family. Theres never a moment when hes not smiling or laughing.
She is smart, bubbly, outgoing. She loves to perform. No matter where we are, it's her stage. She's singing, dancing, even telling jokes. She is one of the most hilarious kids I've ever met. She's beautiful and she knows it!
Rosalynn Faye Ragus we call her nosey rosie because since day 1 shes been looking around trying to see and listen to everyone. She's the families pride and joy ❤
Hi!! I just turned 1 month old, time is going so quick! I love cuddling with mommy and tummy time with daddy.
Alona is a very smart and beautiful baby she loves to go outside and play with her toys. She also loves to spend time with her mommy and daddy
Newest reindeer handler on the Vermont Reindeer Farm.
Adon’tis will be 3 years old in January. His favorite thing to do is play with his little sister and watch blippi. Adon’tis is the most loving and caring 2 year old. He can count to 10 and sing you his A.B.C’s
Hi! My name is greylyn! I am 1 years old and I have trisomy 21 but that don’t stop me! I love to laugh, talk and scream ! I’m so active an happy! Let’s share some love ❤️❤️❤️
paisley is 6 months and loving all the new things she’s being introduced to! She loves food, and playing. Her favorite thing to do is baby talk as long as she can. Paisley is a very active baby who loves playing with her two dogs and growling at them🥰
Sametria likes to play with her doll smile and talk with her grandmother❤️
My name is Elijah, I’m almost 11 months old . I just learned how to walk. My favorite thing to do is eat! Bananas are my favorite!!! And I love to listen to blue grass! Please vote for me😁❤️