Baby Stories - 55


Hi, I’m Memphis! Smiling is my game and bubbas is my (nick)name. Momma is one of my favorite people, i love to stare, smile and giggle for her. I also love watching Baby Einstein, all the fun colors and music. 😁
Adalyn is my first grandchild and the apple of my eye she learning her colors and numbers and Learning how to get along without a bottle and eating big girl food and boy does she love it and her daddy and grandpa
Aj is just over a year old and is the cheekiest little boy ever. He’s nearly walking and says 10 words and eats everything. I got so lucky with this handsome little boy
Sweet as pumpkin and cute as pie!!!
Baby Lio is one month old. He loves his head and back to be rubbed. You can’t see them in the this photo but he has dimples and tons of hair!
Christian is such a busy bee 🐝. He loves to play from the time he gets up till the time he lays down. He loves listening to music and dancing. He’s such a charmer and loves to give hugs and kisses.
Brylie is 8 months❤️She loves to eat.. She hates bananas 🍌 and loves sweet potatoes 🍠
Remington is a 3 year old small town boy. He loved to see lights on cop cars and fire trucks he his a big daddys boy and loves his older sisters. He is the only boy out of 6 sisters!
My name is Theodore I enjoy mommy cuddles, trying to crawl, and laughing and smiling at daddy’s silly faces. My oh my am I so big !! Right now my favorite foods are homemade oatmeal and bananas:)
Thomas Devon
💙TOMASITO💚 so much personality since even before my King was born!! Smiling in every ultrasound 😁 & now 3 months later his favorite thing to do still is give loved ones a big smile! My bilingual baby, loves to coo and learn new syllables, & lately blow fart bubbles at us🤣 Tomasito is super active and "plays soccer" everyday with his Happy feet. He's a mommy's boy but gives her time to get stuff done as he sits up watching his favorite show, CocoMelon like a big boy🥰 every morning he waters grandma's flowers with mommy and likes to take in some sun walking around the block🌞
Hi my name is Gabriel meaning “God is my strength”. I love watching cocomelon ,dancing , eating & laughing together I could do all day! 💛 make sure to vote for me !🥰
She loves to fish,She loves playing with friends&playing. She definitely loves to be outdoors. Baby dolls&TV is her thing. She loves the color pink,purple and blue. She loves animals.
Easton is the happiest little one month old baby! He loves music at bedtime, naps with mommy and daddy, and his stuffed elephant Ellie.
Ivy Lynn
Ivy is such a good baby, she’s very quiet and very sweet and smiley. She just loves to be in the arms of her mommy and daddy. With her big blue eyes, she loves looking at faces.
Loves to play with toys, lives to crawl and try to climb everything. Such a happy little girl always smiling and laughing. She really loves to be held lol
Nicholas Ryan
Nicholas is such a charmer he loves spending the day staring into mommas eyes.Nico loves jumping in his jolly jumper and watching Cocomelon.He is my first born grandbaby and i love him so much
Julian is my big, happy baby boy who loves to eat, sleep, and smile! The red spots on his face are his unique birthmarks, don't worry, they don't bother him! He was born on Christmas Eve of 2020 and weighed a hefty 10 pounds 14 ounces! He's my first baby and his dad and I are young parents just doing our best for our perfect little boy ❤
Roman is a fast growing little *almost* 5 month old. He loves his puppy Odin, his sensory blanket, and of course, mommy & daddy. His favorite music to fall asleep to is early 90s country, but he loves kicking his feet to some classic rock. For the last month he’s been teething, and now has two little chompers growing on his bottom row. Although it’s been painful, and difficult, he still laughs and smiles all day long.
Mommy and Daddy are full time entrepreneurs. I thought I could help out a little 🤷🏽‍♂️ you know? Get a couple side gigs and help a parent out. So vote for me like my life depends on it. Because it sort of does 😊
Tracy is a very inspiring baby! He loves his family especially his Grandma Linda&Grandpa Jimmy. He loves to play ball with his daddy&Grandpa. And omg he loves to get into everything. He play fights with his daddy. And maybe he beats him up😂❤️ Well thats Tracy for yall❤️
Grayson’s almost 5 months old! He’s rolling over & starting to sit up on his own! He's fascinated by his own feet & loves to giggle!♥️
Kade is our little gentleman, and perfect big brother 💙 .
Sanai is a 8 month old girl with a huge personality!! She enjoys spending time with mommy and daddy and rocking her head to all kinds of music. Vote for this little princess!!
Jiyah Jailah Allen
Maleigha is the name! Being sassy is her game!She loves to just talk and shake her head no😂Yeah she got attitude! But her beautiful smile and sweet giggles makes up for it💖
Londyn loves being talked to, and she loves attention from her big sister. She is a NEW YEARS BABY😍
I love my mommy and food . My favorite color is pink 💖. She loves to play outdoors and in the dirt . I’m from New York 🗽. I’m Black and Hispanic mix 😍.
My name is Nolan Jay and I am almost 4 months old. My favorite things to do are hang out with mommy and daddy and spend time outside or watching my sensory bear fruits. I love to kick my legs like crazy and to talk everyone ear off and I am the happiest baby you will ever see. 💙
Akiya Is Autistic 🧩 But She Doesn’t Let That Stop Her From Smiling & Running All Over The Place.
My little peanut 🥜 she loves watching coco melon !
My crazy wild child 💕
Emma is 5 months old. She is a energetic baby and loves to be surrounded by people and other baby’s. Currently her favorite thing is playing her feet ❤️
Kambri is such a sweetie. She loves to snuggle with her moms && be sang to. & Even with her being a wee little lady her personality is already so big! 💖
Zack is my Baby A. He has an identical twin Holland. Zack loves to smile at daddy and eat lots of food!
Holland is my baby B! He has an identical twin brother Zack and loves to cuddle him even when Zack doesn’t want him to. He’s such a happy baby and loves to giggle.
Alora just turned 1! She is on a strict seafood diet, she eats when she's sees food! She is very active, always smiling and loves spending time in the pool. Vote for Alora!
Hey has a wonderful personality he is very smart very good baby he loves baby shark and loves his grampa and aunt and uncle's he love eating everything
Noella Hope is the most lovable little girl, making friends every where she goes. She loves animals, hugs, popsicles, and scooby-doo. ❤️ She has the biggest and brightest blue eyes & a contagious laugh to go with it.
Chadd is a little happy baby boy that loves to talk and smile with everyone! He’s a sun in the rain!
Kayla is a sweet, fun-loving, sunshine of a little girl. Super empathetic and loves her family more than anything in the whole world!
“Follow K_bossbabycoop He enjoys piano and singing at just 7 months old Great personality and always camera ready Just one look and that smile will brighten your day”
Miss Maeve is a very special baby, she is the rainbow after a long, heartbreaking storm. After years of infertility treatments including IVF, and the loss of twin boys at nearly 20 weeks Maeve made her way into the heart and home of her parents, Bea and Jordan. She is so special, so amazing and so loved.
Hi! My names Haisley and I love to smile and talk! Im eager to be on the move, I'm almost four months old and almost 25 inches! Im growing so fast that my mum had to give away all the clothes under six months because I'm so long! My favorite thing to do is talk, hang out with my big sister and blow raspberries at you.
Nicholas is the happiest, most silly boy that there is! He has a wonderful, spunky personality and loves being outside ❤️
Hayden loves fortnite and to learn at school! He is super smart and loves all his friends!