Sha’Auni is 7 months old. She brings soo much joy. She’s very happy, very smart and very beautiful 🥰😍
She’s the sweetest love to eat apple sauce and prunes always smiling and sucking on her fingers and loves cuddles she just brightens everyone’s day ♥️
Hi, my name is Izan G. I am 2 years old. I live in Texas. My favorite food is pizza.
Hi, we are the Rusk Twins. 2nd and 3rd born in our family. We have a big brother that we love and love to learning from.
Kash Carter
Kash Carter is the milk man. He loves going for walks in the sunset, nice warm baths, and a big 5oz bottle of milk.
Kyler has such a personality already! He LOVES to eat and play with mommy, he is so observent. Always watching what people are doing. So happy i became a mommy to this amazing little boy
Milla loves playing with her big brother as well as sleeping on mumma so she can’t get any housework done 😁
This Is Noah He's Fresh Out The Womb So His Fav Things At The Moment Are Sleeping Pooping And More Sleeping 😂
She my blue eye Queen she loves her brother and sister and mum she a happy go lucky little girl 😘
He loves to hang out with his older brothers and sisters. And he is the most outgoing very loving little individual a mother and father could ask for.
Bentley is always full of smile and can make anyone laugh or just smile He is so adorable and i get told it alot He was boring in august 2022
Preslynn loves to eat and have all the attention in the room. The sweetest baby anyone could ask for 🥰🤩
Sarrah is the happiest little girl, she is always smiling, laughing, and talking.
Mazie was born at 36 weeks. She is doing amazing. Mazie loves to eat and sleep! She also loves to smile. Her older siblings love her!
Zhaenston he loves to smile and be carried ! He loves his brother, he loves to be around people he knows and is overall a lovable person, loves watching tv Mickey Mouse and anything doing with octonauts and bubble guppies, he has grown so much he has 4 teeth and crawling he has an adorable laugh that’ll make you smile
Carter Craig
I like corn on the cob, watching my tv shows including blaze, paw patrol, bubble guppies, baby sharks and cocomelon. I love to jump on my trampoline, and run and play with my toys in my yard. I love playing with my doggie, his name is dexter and hes a year old. I love fruit snacks and cheese doodles. I like to eat spaghetti. I love to sing and dance around. I have bright blue eyes and bright blond hair, and i love to cuddle,like my mommy. And im very strong willed and creative and smart like my daddy. My favorite thing to do though is to be with my mommy and daddy, they are my very best friends.
Theo is a beautiful blue eyed boy and a cheeky 2 year old who is always on the go loves babys and anything cute and is obsessed with anything bikes
Nate Dogg, Pop Pop, Moso, Papi, Turdnugget, Guapo - Some of the many nicknames! Nate loves sopita, pizza crust, pancakes, McDonald’s fries, veggie snacks, ice cream & chocolate. He can crawl, climb off things, clap his hands, wave, gives kisses, loves bath time & a BIG mommas boy but also loves his “dada”. He’s spoiled by his Nana & Grandpa. He loves his daycare, playing with remotes (they have to have batteries so he can see he’s controlling the tv) & bath time. Happiest baby.
Oliver enjoys cats dinosaurs and trucks he is a very energetic little boy that is full of life love, he is so sweet and loves to be cuddled and kissed.
Maverick has the biggest smile everyday. He loves to play with his big brother, and also thinks brother is the funniest person in the world.
Adaley is 9 months old and full of laughter and love! Her sparkly blue eyes will light up the whole room. If she isn’t playing with her toys she’s probably eating or sleeping. Besides breastmilk her favorite food Mac and cheese and steak! Adaley loves her whole family but she’s definitely going to be daddy’s girl. Thank you for voting for our beautiful girl.
Smart and talented
So kind and helpful
She loves music and is a very happy baby girl
I was born november 3rd. I was born 33 weeks early so there for i was a preemie weighing 4lbs and 5oz. Now i am 10lbs 10oz. I love to talk to my daddy and giggle with my mommy. Love to lay on my tummy and doing tummy time. I love to be held and love to sleep in your arms. I love my food and my sleep. When its nice out i like to go outside and look at all the new colors. On the weekends i will sit in my rocker and watch cartoons in the morning, sit there and laugh and giggle. Lilo and stitch, tom and jerry, also bugs bunny are my favorites.
He is a 4 year old my son is a really handsome smart boy
Avery is 2 years old, his birthday is August 6th! He loves playing basketball, playing outside, water activities, drawing with chalk, and playing with his cousins. Avery is a ball of energy, and a guaranteed smile for anyone he meets!
Hi I’m Emberlynn Jayne but everyone calls me Em! I’m 6 months old. I love babbling non stop, sitting up, playing with my sissy’s and mommy and daddy. I love waffles and chocolate…pretty much any food. And I loveeee my mommy 🥰. Don’t know what I’d do without her.
He’s a very happy and curious baby. Currently he enjoys exploring his surroundings by crawling all over the place. He loves to FaceTime with people especially with grandma and grandpa.
I like mummy's boobies...
My names Kalina-Rose, I adore a for adley, I love going to school, I love my baby Aunty ivy and I’m my poppys princess
Mason is the sweetest, happiest little baby. He's always got a smile on his face. He's so curious and loves adventures and seeing new things 💕
❤ vote for this sweet girl.
Kash loves his swing and cuddle with his momma, he is 100% energetic, he’s starting to come around to enjoying his bath time, and loves being outside.
Jackson is 5 months old and the happiest little baby you ever did see 💕 he loves his big brother very much
Isla loves to smile and cuddle with her mommy.
Arabella is our gorgeous, cheeky and energetic little girl. She loves bright colours and happy bubbly people. She is so inquisitive and loves looking around at everything.
Willow June❤️ you’ll fall in love with her big beautiful, eyes🥰
Little miss Oaklynn loves her snacks, preferably goldfish. She loves to slide on her slide, her favorite person is her mother. She never passes up a good cold glass of chocolate milk.
Determined, she loves Olivia Rodrigo music
Colt loves being outside as much as possible! He loves every person he meets❤️ he has such a personality and loves to show it!
Nayeli is a dinosaur lover and can tell you the names of all the ones she knows! She can count to 10 and is learning her ABC’s. She has a huge passion for learning and is so smart and bright. Her personality makes so many people in our lives smile.
Everyone calls me Sebbie, I’m 2 months old and I love my family!! I sit up on my own and hold my head up! I’m a big ole tank as my mommy calls me because I eat a whole wappen 7oz! My big brother is the best and I love him so much! My Grandpa always makes me giggle and cue he’s the best!!
Ragnar is a heart warrior and Noonan Syndrome 1 year old. He has over come so much in his first year. His smile lights up any room. He likes to giggle and loves food. His johnny jumper is his favorite.