Bonnie is a happy smiley baby who loves watching her dad play football ⚽️❤️
Rosalind is 6 months old who is the most happiest baby ever ❤️ She love her food and playing on her tummy 🥰 she is always camera ready with that big smile 😁 her favorite toys are her stuffed monkey, monkey that can sing , fingers, toes, rattle and teething toy
My lovely Eleonora 💕 A content happy baby with an infectious smile 💕
Ryker is a 1 year old who loves to be outside out in the country, he loves to play in water whether it’s out at the lake ,the pool , or even if there’s just water on the ground. He’s very independent and loves doing things on his own and is always a happy baby boy no matter what!!
Freddie loves to smile and laugh. He loves hearing mummy and daddy do silly voices and just brightens anyone's day with his gorgeous smile. He loves sitting up and looking at the world and takes everything in.
Paisleigh is full of energy, and loves making friends. She's currently in Pre-K and loves learning. She's a great big sister, and helps anyone she sees. Her smile will light up anyone's day. She loves outdoors, movies, and anything that involves her family or friends.
Scarlett is my sassy, free spirited 7 yo! She has the most caring personality and loves to learn.
Mekenzie a little cheeky monkey he loves cuddles and kisses He my little rainbow 🌈 baby boy
Theo arrived in the world on 22nd may 2weeks early due to complications, he spent the first 2 weeks of his life int he NICU. Which they were fantastic with him! He is our miracle baby who is constantly smiling and laughing away. Theo is a very content child and loves his family and cuddles! He is always centre of attention wherever we go as people can’t resist his smile! 💙
Martin currently loves playing with his hands, playing join the dots with my freckles and hugging George the giraffe at night. He's a super happy smiley boy, always happy to see me and his daddy with a big grin on his face.
Westin is a 35 week preemie born on Christmas Eve! He spent a week in the NICU and is thriving at 8 months. He has the best set of blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room!
Tanner was tounge-tied when he was born, so when he would try to stick his tounge out, it would fork like a lizard. So his Memaw calls him lizard boy. He got corrective surgery so his tounge no longer forks, but the nickname stuck.
Sage is the most calmest and most sweetest and precious baby. Sage loves to eat everything!
Hazel is officially holding her head up! She loves baths, and she loves talking! She very alert and knows what’s going on. She loves tummy time. And she loves her momma and daddy cuddles
Presley Jo, goes by PJ, loves spending time outside with mama and dada. Her attitude is very sassy! 🥰 She loves watching Masha and the Bear, and also eating french fries. 🥰
Ava is a very smart, VERY SASSY, loving, energetic little girl. She is so funny and sweet and loving. She brings so much joy to my life.
Kaidenc James Paul
Kaidenc💙 (kaydence) is only a litte over a week old! 🤏He loves his mommy and being burped.💤 He was born 5 pounds and 6 oz, having him fit size premie! 👣🥜He was als born on his grandfathers birthday, who passed away in the year 2016...💛 he gave us all something to celebrate.👨‍👩‍👦
Cletus is such a happy boy with the most contagious smile he LOVES his daddy and his brother and sisters he loves picking them up from school but his most favorite thing to do it eat! Haha give him some votes! 💙
Hayden is our little foodie baby. He loves all the food and gets so mad when he doesn’t have some sort of snack or it falls out of his hand. His favorite person is his big brother and he loves to play with all his animals
I love ice cream and cheetos and playing and my cousins! I will submit / exchange votesz.
Arizona is a sweet little girl who LOVES to give so much sass! But her smile and laugh can brighten up a WHOLE room Xo
Jack is a super happy boy that loves smiling and laughing. He was born on the very special date of 2/2/22. He loves going for walks through the park and cooing at trees.
Hi, my name is Parker, and although im new to the world - that doesn't stop me from smiling, laughing and enjoying a dance to a good song. I try and tell stories, and i love to let everyone know im around by screeching
Zoë has a passion for the arts, she competes, and has dreams of opening up her own studio to assist others feel confident in what they do. This is the only contest she has ever joined, but wants to look out for her future. She has given me permission to enter her.
A 4 month old happy, cheeky chappy who puts a smile on my face every day and everyone that meets him! 💙
This is Emma! She is almost 3 months! Emma loves to take baths, and splash. Emma also likes to meet people. She is always smiling and kicking! Emma is an amazing baby!
Hi my name is Elijah I came into this world as a preemie, I'm just here to put a smile on your face, my favorite thing to do currently is cuddle with my mommy & daddy ☺️
Isaiah is 4 years old.He just started to School and is doing great.He is so smart & Loves to learn.He enjoys watching Paw Patrol and Playing with Play Doh & Legos.He is really good at making a Tower with them.I gave Him the Nickname Boogie because He Loves to Dance.💙🙈🙉🙊💙
Maddox aka Mr. Mouse is a serious Disney guy. He loves to smile and laugh even if we’re not quite sure what was so funny!
Just the happiest most wonderful little boy
Braxton is almost 9 months old, he loves to babble, he loves to eat yogurt But most of all he LOVES his mama’s cuddles Xo
Meet my happy, smart son Sameer! He loves smiling for the camera and being the center of attention. Sameer loves playing with his toys and eating everything mom and dad are eating. He loves playing at the park with his older brother. Sameer loves to give kisses to his family and watch his favorite show. Sameer truly is the happiest boy, he can turn anyones bad day right around.
Isaiah Phoenix just turned 4 yrs. Old.He is Our Rainbow Baby.He started to School this Year and is doing great.We are so proud of Him.He is an only Child just like His Mama.I guess that makes them both Spoiled..🙈🙉🙊
Hi my name is Kayden & I love to watch my tablet & dance ☺️ I will be 2 yrs old in 5 days & I also love cocomelon 😁
Carter is my grandson & the second most handsome boy in the world after my son. He is such a sweet, happy baby boy & only cries when he is hungry. He also loves to cuddle.
Elias Rome
Elias loves spending time with his family and his dog Boo (the naughty chihuahua)🐾… He loves warm bubble baths, coloured lights, music (especially Bob Marley) & car rides 😎
My son is autistic & wants to be a monster truck driver when he grows up like his idol Corey Snyder who drives Toxic. He can be the most sweetest, most helpful, loving little gentleman when he wants to be.
Anakin is almost 4. He’s so full of energy and loves so many things from dinosaurs to cars! We would very much appreciate your vote ❤️
Madalynn is almost 2, she likes bluey, ms.Rachel and cocomelon she’s the sweetest most sassiest girl I’ve ever met and we would appreciate your vote❤️
She has smile that lights up the room. She loves music, rocking in her swing,taking walks in her stroller by the waterfront with her mommy, siblings and friends. She loves her older brother when they talk and tease each other. Her giggle makes everyone smile. She loves her older sister and her bracelets. She loves when I hold her and we sing or dance to music. She loves when everyone talks because she wants in on the conversation. We love her to the moon and back. She is a perfect addition to our family.
Esmè-Kerry is a wild but a happy little lady, I fell pregnant with esmé and not long after my mum passed away, I always say she reminds me of my mum, she’s the happiest and smiliest soul I know ❤️
Nataleigha is one of the sweetest most beautiful lil strawberry blondes there is coming in at 5 months old she’s got the bubbliest personality.
Bodie is 5 months old. A very inquisitive and super happy little boy. He makes everyone he meets smile with his cheeky charm 🤍
My precious bubbly little boy who's has a contagious laugh that makes you laugh, he is a very sweet loving, caring little boy. I love him soo much and he is very precious to me
Rosie loves our two pet dogs, looking at books with pictures of animals and playing with her cousins!