Baby Stories - 54


Emberly is very happy baby and loves to listen to momma sing to her. She loves bath time and is almost sitting up on her own .
Oaklii is full of smiles and giggles🥰
Mason Andrew is a very happy baby that loves cuddles from mama, going for walks in his stroller and ba-ba time! Look at those chubby cheeks! Mason also enjoys spending time with his big brother and sister and watching car shows with his daddy on the weekends!
He loves his moma and daddy. He loves his family and playing with us! He loves food! He loves the outdoors.
he loves big trucks and car toys. He loves his brothers and mommy and daddy. He loves playing in the dirt.
Hayden loves the outdoors,vidoe games as in mindcraft,sonic the hedgehog and plant vs zombie. He loves sonic the hedgehog cause he says he is as fast as sonic! His favorite color is blue. He loves his family and doing family oriented things!
Joelle has more personality than she knows what to do with! Our little bundle of joy keeps us laughing with her crazy facial expressions and sassy attitude. She loves flipping through her books, and watching her favorite show cocomelon!
Emma is a sassy, silly, self identified princess 😂 who just turned two!💖 she loves pretending to cook and being outside. She's always looking for something to get into so she keeps this momma on her toes. She's adventurous always trying to explore new places. She's a down right wild child that hates being dressed and more than that hates her hair up. She's spunky and fun and super energetic. She's surely one of a kind 💖
Theodore is a preemie baby, born almost a month early, he had several health issues that put him into the NICU. But he has come out of it healthy, happy and kicking proof that anything is possible. He loves to sit in his chair and play with his bunny, he likes looking at his books. And loves Daddy, Mommy, his 2 big sisters and big brother oh and naps.
Lil Q
Lil q is a very happy baby. He loves his best friend Ollie 🐶,he loves babbling and grunting Lil q also loves outside, swimming. He wakes up smiling and goes to sleeping smiling 😊
Nico is such a happy baby! His big blue eyes light up the room. He loves to be on his belly and absolutely loves to eat!
He is a very happy baby. He loves his blocks and knocking them over.
This is Louise Gray! If your ever having a bad day and spend 2 minutes with this little girl she will give you a reason to smile! She’s so funny and learning so much ! She loves Minnie Mouse and ice cream and so much more !! She is obsessed with her brothers and sister! She loves them very much !
Kenzie is very sweet and caring she loves everyone , everyone is her Bestfriend. She always knows how to make someone smile.
I’m Luna-rae and loves to smile and giggle 🙊
KayLynn is a sweet and sassy 6 month old with the most outgoing personality I think I've ever seen on a Baby!
julian is a very very cute baby and you should vote for him because he deserves it☺️☺️
Hello everyone my name is Chance ! Also known as Chance the MAN. As you guys can tell already I’m the most happiest baby ever ! Has a smile on my face 24/7 !! I love to watch my favorite show Bob The Train , loves to eat carrots & spend time with family 😂❤️
Just turning 6 weeks. Already loves making faces
•Grayson Alexander• is 3 months old born on 07/07/2021. He is the most sweetest, happiest little baby boy ever. He is always smiling. He is my first child and it’s so amazing watching him grow each and everyday day.🥺💙
He loves a milk and a smile 😃
Hi im chelsea and im 12 years old,i think u should vote for me as i think i could win and make my mum proud xx
Willow loves to watch her cartoons. Loves being a mommy's girl an her favorite thing is bath time!
Hi my name is Harvey and im 4months old,i have a brother who is 5 and a sister who is 12,I am a little cutie and i love to smile alot,i think you should vote for me as im a very handsome boy and very cheeky
Gabriel is a happy baby who loves to smile and sleep with his arms in the air like he just doesn't care. He's the most precious thing ever.
Hi my name is Aziz and im a fraternal twin! I love cuddling with my brother, kicking my feet and looking at lights. Vote for me because I’m the cutest twin you’ve ever seen 🥰
The most handsome boy 💙
Hi, my name is Amiri! I love smiling, laughing and cuddles. But I love my binky the most! I am almost 3 months old and I have a twin brother named Aziz he is my best friend. We are the cutest brothers you’ve ever seen, I promise!
Amiri And Aziz
Amiri and Aziz are fraternal twin boys born almost 3 months ago🥰 they love smiling and laughing, cuddling with mommy and daddy and each other, bottles and being outside !
Malia loves to dance to music and really enjoy's cookies. She's a great snuggle buddy. Winning this contest would contribute to a nice birthday celebration for Malia.🥰
Im Rahzir-Charles the 1 year old genius😃 my favorite things to do are walk in the park and hunt for all the new flowers I can find🌻 I also love the aquarium, I can stare at the jelly fish for hours! 😃Contact my dad for modeling and photography opportunities & thank you for all the votes 🗳 😄follow me on #tiktok @lilrahrah1
Jaylan is very happy he loves being a little brother an loves to eat
I love to crawl around and get into everything! I love spending time with mommy and daddy! I like to yell at the top of my lungs for fun.
Yameliz Marie Rodriguez
She is joyful dominant sassy kind loveable happy
Octavia is a happy baby who loves to play , she laughs at everything and her personality is bright already
Sir Joefridan Abel Rodriguez
He is unique funny loves to giggle a lot
Richie junior is always..always smiling, and laughing. He’s the happiest baby ever he’s just so fun to be around 24/7 I’m truly blessed!!
James Douglas Hamilton the 3rd. My lil 7/11 baby. Such a happy boy always smiling
Mommy's little blue eyed sunflower
Very outgoing and smart! Beautiful and full of sass!
My little sassy pants absolutely loves going out shopping. She loves making new friends from absolute strangers. She loves to sing and dance and LOVES music and coloring
Marcos loves to smile and talk. He loves to crawl around and loves his rattles. He absolutely loves being outside!!❤
Atticus is a intelligent little boy who loves playing with his siblings especially his brother.
Kalleigh is my 4 month old baby girl, she brings a smile to every room and loves to giggle ☺️ She loves to snuggle with her daddy and watch tv 🥰
Taylor is the bravest and happiest baby! She loves being smiled at and spoken to and will give you the biggest smile back!
His smile brightens up a room, he’s very outgoing and loving!!