Cioper is 5 days old. His butt chin and dimples say it all. 💚
My name is jibby. I love to bounce and snack on cheese doodles! I love bananasand when my daddy tosses me in the air!
Strong premie baby with the sweetest smile! Overcomes all obstacles and continues to thrive!
Matteo is full of energy, loves running and reading as well as eating everything. His favorite thing to say is “eat eat” and we’re starting potty training.
My name is Yaneiris I have 5 years I loves to color and likes to dance. She loves to play with other kid..she loves the trolls loves to do makeup on her self and addoors her daddy !!!
This is Oaklynn! Oaklynn LOVES to dance, is a raging daddy’s girl, loves to be outside, and has a laugh to die for! She can put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter the type of day they’re having! She’s our pride and joy and would love your vote! :)
Miss Layla bug is a trooper! After 46 days in the NICU, she is our sweet Tubie baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Shes such a happy baby with an infectious smile. Loves everything and everyone.
He's the happiest and friendliest little boy anyone could ever meet. And he sure is our blessing.
Mireya is very loving caring outgoing toddler I’ve ever came across!
Hi! My name is Shekai but everyone calls me King. I am a very quiet but happy baby who loves to smile. I enjoy watching Ms. Rachel in my down time. I like to laugh A LOT and love to talk with everyone.
Amora Bell was 6 weeks premature. She’s not only super cute but proves everyday that she won’t let her being born early stop her from being a big strong girl🫶🏼
This is Rhett! The happiest boy! He loves his family and his puppies very much! He always keeps a smile on everyone’s face and lights up the room when he’s around!
Kei is the happiest girl! Her smile could make anyone smile! 😊
Aliayah loves tummy time and playing with her toys shes definitely a water baby
Just a happy boy who loves to play and eat 😂❤️
She looks her cocomelon and her mommy
Hi my name is jayda , i like to start my mornings waking up with smiles at mum , i love to roll around everywhere i can say mum mum and dada i like to pull my 3 sisters hair and laugh at them being silly 😁
Please vote for Reiner. He loves rock n roll music and taking baths. He's my first baby and omg his smile and eyes just takes your breathe away.
Aubrey Rose Tyler
This is my baby boy Zayden Makai. He came into this world a little early and rough but he’s here and I couldn’t be more happier with him
Rory is very outgoing and determined 4 year old. He loves to pretend he’s Spider-Man and has dreams of becoming a ninja Kid
She is just the sweetest baby with a great personality, animal lover and loves to dance . She has a beautiful smile that is to die for .
He’s a happy baby boy 💙
Beckham Jo
Beckham loves to smile & look at himself in the mirror! He loves jumping & most of all he loves his momma 🥰
Breland is full of laughs and giggles. Crawling and pulling up on things, walking is in his near future. He loves food! Especially 🍌 🍌. He's loved and it shows. Breland shares that love with anyone that'll accept it.
Rayzon is a very happy smily baby he love the music and he also doing dancing with his cute smile spoil my heart.
she loves her mama ❤️ she loves her dada 💙
Our sweet surprise, born 10 months after her big brother! We can't imagine our life without her 💜
Little miss Arayah loves kisses and Gracie’s corner. Her favorite thing to do is smile and babble!
I like whistling, crawling, rocking out to beats
Asher is FULL of personality. He loves to talk and he loves cuddles. Hes learning new things every day and he is so so sweet! #blueyfans
Sweet and Lovable with a laugh that can brighten your day.
She is such a happy baby always laughing and loving everyone! She loves kids songs!
Juno-Reed is very talkative and is the sweetest baby boy you will ever meet! He enjoys watching Mickey Mouse and playing with toys! He’s super active and has an amazing personality that he is still growing into!
Hello everyone, My name is Ethan and I love eating and when I’m not eating I’m screaming sometimes 😂😂😂 I’m like a little vampire… loving the day nap and not closing an eye all night 😂 Thank you for voting for me 😘
She is very happy baby she likes to play in the bath with her rubber duckies , she likes birds everytime we go out and see birds she point at them 😍 she likes to say baba, mama
Azalea is the most happiest baby you would ever met if you scroll down and see her picture you can see she is to silly to ❤️She loves to play and walk and talk even tho she can barely 😂❤️
She is 3 months old and she is so happy baby and makes others happy too with her lovely smile😊
Rem Rem loves to walk talk and her favorite thing is to eat and play with daddy
!! EXCHANGE VOTES DAILY & TAKE ADVANCE VOTES!! Kinslee was born at 37 weeks & 4lbs even. When she came out she was instantly a fighter dealing with blood sugar issues,jaundice and weight gaining problems. She had to have a feeding tube and spent almost 3 weeks in the Nicu before coming home on December 31st! Miss Kinslee was on KHQ news and in the spokesman newspaper of Spokane for Nicu babies at Deaconess. Kinslee turned two months old the day before valentines day. She is now weighing 8lbs 9.5oz and over 20 inches long!
Emma is 6 months old! She is always smiling & loves super simple songs. She is so loved 🥰🥰
Zacari is a very bright 10 month old he loves cocomelon and loves walking around he gives the best hugs and loves anyone right away
Kinzlee is 20 months old she has been the perfect baby since a day old and to this day she love to laugh loves to tickle you loves to watch you do everything you do
Skylar is a wild child. Lol, She loves listening her Dada and Mamma sing and loves talking and us doing silly faces and noises.