Baby Stories - 54


Mine and My husbands rainbow baby after trying for months ❤ he loves spending time with mommy and daddy
Braydon nickname is BRADY! He is 2 months old and weighs 10lbs 2oz and he is 23 inches long. He loves spending time with mama and daddy and out of course his fur brothers (dogs). He is a very happy, loving, smiling and cuddling baby that will steal your heart. 💙
Messiah was born with meconium aspiration and came home 17 days after being born! He loves staring at his mobiles in his crib and swing! And he looves to eat!!
Justin Angel
My baby is the sweetest boy with the cutest dimples. He’s super verbal for being close but not quite two months old. He loves to cuddle and listen to mommy and daddy read to him! He’s a little milk monster too!
Jahlen likes to help his daddy work on his car while listening to his favorite song, savage love by jason derulo.
Sophia V.
Loves to dance 💃🏻 , play♥️ and listen to music🎵🎶
Little man was born at 28 weeks weighing in at 3lbs. He’s now 34 weeks and weighs 5lbs🥰
Angelo is a funny loving baby , he loves receiving and giving hugs he’s very friendly really smart
Asher Lane
My name is Asher Lane! I love to snuggle, I love chewing on my hands, pulling my dads beard is my favorite and I love to babble all day long! I have the softest smile and the sweetest giggle! ♥️
Harper is the most precious rainbow baby ever. She is the true definition of a miracle after years of trying and a horrific miscarriage we were blessed with her. She is always so happy and always smiling!
He loves music
Trinity is a very energetic little girl, who is full of life! She loves giving hugs and kisses, playing with her sisters, and snacking on just about anything that’s tasty.
Maverick is a mircle baby. After being told mommy could never have children, he appeared. He's a super happy baby and makes everyones day with his smile!
This is little Parker who was born at 4lb 15oz and born facial presentation please vote for this little man he’s really cute 💙
Hello world my name is Scarlett and I love to eat apples, oranges and almost about everything. I love naps and dancing and taking long walks.
Andy is part white and part Asian and has this nonstop ball of energy. Beautiful dark hair and bright blue eyes, he will put a smile on your face.
He is a perfect little angel, so smart and always giggling and smiling. My first at 38 and he completes me !! He didn’t want to come out so he was birthed by doing a c-section because of being breached!! I couldn’t imagine life without him! His father and I are so happy and truly blessed !
Kelani is a 24 weeker surviving twin with soooo much personality. The true definition of tiny but MIGHTY. She’d love to receive your vote and will be sure to gift you with many more smiles as a thank you ❤️
Hazel Grace
Hazel is such an amazing happy go lucky baby.. her eyes just melt my heart🥺❤️
Journee is the smartest, happiest baby!! She enjoys playing with her toys and loves COCOMELON!!
Omari loves watching tv, his favorite shows are bubble guppies, peppa pig, and blues clues. He loves to clap, stretch, and wave!
Kamari is a sweet loving and caring toddler 🥺. She LOVES everyone , and is the goofiest little girl . She loves cocomelon &’ ABSOLUTELY loves small babies . She’s truly a miracle 🥺❤️
Hi my name is sarayah, i like lights and i love my gigi and papa!!
Izzaeblla has a very unique personality of her own, she loves books, loves being read too, she is the most smiley happy baby I have ever seen !
Her name comes from the feel of her hair, and she likes to eat the green part of strawberries. Love her. She likes when her dog chews on the grainy part of her hair and she loves to touch his paws. #beattulip
She is a cute baby with a lot of potential. She loves eating watermelon rine. She loves to crawl and take bubba baths. She likes to cuddle with her dog sprinkles he is a brown chihau. #beathaybale
Milani loves coco melon and she loves to cuddle 🥰 she gives the best kisses , she is learning how to walk and she stands up on her own , she loves to go for walks at the park in her stroller. She loves Cheerios and Cheeto puffs those are her favorite. Her smile brightness 🔆 up the whole room. She loves to sit and get her hair combed. She loves to say dada all the time I can’t wait til she says mama
Kyomi loves cuddles, and kisses from mommy and daddy 🥰❤️ she loves jumping in her jumper and eating mommy’s food up ❤️ she’s always happy and smiling
Rusten Lyle
He sits up on his own. He likes his veggies more than his fruits! Rolls over on his own and working with his arms to start crawling soon. His favorite things are his dogs, his hands☺ and talking, he also loves the movie Pets
Christian was born 25+5 weeks premature. He weighed 480g making him a micro-preemie. He spent 286 days in the nicu. He is trach/vent, and g-tube dependent. He is such a happy baby. Loves to play! And loves watching things on the TV.
This Is My Sweet Baby Boy. My First Child. My Rainbow Baby🌈 After A Year Of Struggling & One Miscarriage, I’ve Finally Received The Biggest Blessing I Could Ever Receive. He’s Such A Happy Baby. He’s Always Smiling & Loves Bouncing. He Is Very Smart & Super Advanced For His Age. He Loves Eating & Enjoys Watching Sesame Street. He’s A Big Cuddle Monster. He’s My Favorite Person In The Whole World, I Couldn’t Imagine My Life Without Him. As Any Mother I Want The Best For My Son & Want To See Him Be Successful/Prosper In Life. I Want To Be Able To Give Him The Life My Parents Couldn’t Give Me. With Any Winnings If We Were To Win, Will Go Towards His College Funds Or Whatever He Decides For His Future.
Rusty Jr
He loves being a big brother and helping mommy feed baby brother properly, even whipes his little mouth for him. He loves giving his mommy and daddy kisses and telling them 'I LOVE YOU' in full sentences. His favourite words are stop and move lol He loves Baby Shark and Spongebob but prefers Baby Shark the most. He loves when daddy gets home in his truck so he can run out and greet him and pretends to drive☺
she loves to smile and is such a happy baby she loves to roll around and loves going for walks❤
I was born November 23rd 2020 I love taking baths Tummy time For daddy to play with me with his beard To be held I love my exersaucer
Scarlett is such a sweet baby always smiling loves going on walks and loves to play with her feet
Brianna likes colourful shapes and listening to country music 🎵
Caylee Dawn
She loves school and her friends and family very much..she loves her phones and computer and gaming with her friends
Marley James was born on Feb 15, 2021, your vote would mean so much to us!
Smart, outgoing, BEST PERSONALITY EVER. She likes singing dancing and super heroes.
Hi! I’m Peyton, I love Mickey Mouse clubhouse and cuddling with mommy! I’m an only child and love getting all the attention!
My little man has been through a lot in his first month of life, he already had to have surgery but manages to smile through it all❤️
Hi I’m Liam Lewis!! I’m 18 Months I Love To Build Things, Ride My Trucks, And Most Of All Play With My Baby Brother Eli. Can Everyone Vote For Me????
Lance loves to snuggle and watch tv with mom and his big brother with paws.
This sweet boy always has a smile on his face first thing in the morning. Loves snuggling with mommy, and watching videos with dad. He is the light of my life ❤️