Baby Stories - 52


Ainsley loves to laugh and smile. She thinks it’s so funny when people laugh and bobble their heads around. She has been rolling since three days old, ready to go, go, go! Her best friend and “sister” is our loving little fur baby Nene.
Illiany is a very happy baby. She is always smiling and laughing. She loves to sit in her swing and watch her big brother and sister play.
Arielle'Janae Grant
Boujie is what we call her . She's a sweet but mean little one . She's a mommy girl 💛🤞🏾
Hi my name is Layla and I love teething biscuits and I’m a happy baby.
Mi’Angel is a very happy baby and for her to only be 5 months she have a great little personality she loves to smile that’s all she do everyday Her little face just melts my heart❤️❤️
Jayden is diagnose with 22q 11.2 deletion syndrome and is defying all the odds. He brings us so much joy and is such a happy boy despite all the doctors appointments, therapies, and lab draws. He loves to laugh and tell everyone his stories. He loves cocomelon and garfield as well ❤️
Harmony is the happiest baby in the world she loves to smile and laugh and just looking at her smile brightens your day. I can never have a bad day or be upset looking at that smile of hers.
Bentley is 11 months old turning one April 5th my soon to be one year old he’s got two teeth and wants to take off walking he has not got it all the way down yet but can stand without hold anything just scared to step but I no he’s going to get it really soon he loves cocomelon and pj mask VOTE FOR BENTLEY 🥰🥰
Hi! My name is Raddix. There is nothing I love more than my mommy and daddy.. besides maybe milk! My favorite thing to do is to go outside for nature walks. I am easy going, always smiling and let my parents sleep through the night :)
Aubrie has 5 older brothers who all adore her. She loves to play with her brothers and fur brother. She enjoys being outside and going swinging on the swings at the park.
Layci was born on the 7th of march 2021 i had a home birth which was amazing she has 4 older sisters and 2 older bothers who love her very much
He’s the most smiling boy you Will ever meet. He’s my grandson and is the most precious little boy. He lights up our world. Please vote for our boy!
Hi this is Riley he is such a happy boy loved by mummy and two sisters xx please vote for him xx
Aria has always been a perfect model. She loves the camera and is energetic and happy in front of it despite her natural grumpy attitude.
Aria Joyce
Valentina was born preemie and the biggest blessing . She’s overcome alot of obstacles and is a strong happy baby
This is katiebug she loves to snuggle with her mommy snuggle with her puppy spend time with her family loves to smile is teething and this little girl changed my life for the better
Cristopher is 8 months hold he loves to crawl talk and is trying to walk he loves to give kisses and cuddles and loves to eat food and loves play dates he is always smiling ❤️ He is a amazing little boy already❤️Biracial handsome baby boy❤️ Please and thank you for voting❤️
Ashley is our little miracle baby that loves smiling and poking his tongue out to make lush little noises and faces 😍😝
Suzie’S original due date was 1/14/21 but arrived 11/20/20 due to an emergency heart surgery I had to have. She is now almost 4 months old & 12 lbs & is active as ever!
Noah is such a character he’s learning how to crawl and he’s teething he loves coco melon and he loves everyone he meets ❤️
Kydin loves smiling & laughing ☺️, he is the sweetest 🥰
Jerzee is such a happy baby! She loves smiling and laughing! We love our baby girl 💗
Hi my name is Sage Serenity and I love to eat and sleep most of the day, but I love to play and smile for my mommy and daddy. I like to kick my feet to the beat of my animal piano tummy time late at night keeping my mommy up all night long.
Torrian Leevi
Torrian is 3 months old. he loves to laugh and smile. loves his family
On November 11,2020 I Kayson was born at 8:18pm .... 6lbs 13.6 oz nd 18 in long .... I was born really healthy i have one arm that is smaller than the other it is my special arm that is my left arm ... i have two fingers on the left arm .... The i doctors at the hospital told my mommy that my umbilical cord cut off the rest of my fingers in the womb with me ... I am still functioning with it i play with it i move it allll around more to come with the rest of my story i still have bone doctor appointments to come ! 💙🥰
Khalayah Smith
Khalayah smith is three years old she has a twin but Khalayah is two minutes older Khalayah loves lip gloss and nail polish she is very nice and if we won we would buy new clothes and toys
Hi! My name is Brian Layne. I love to cuddle and I can warm up a room with my smile! 😊
Khamiyah Smith
This is khamiyah she is three years old she is nice love playing basketball and is a twin two minutes younger her twin is Khalayah
Ella is very cheeky, she loves her baths and her nickname is pudding which she smiles at. She trumps a lot and that makes her smile especially in public! She can say love you almost too!
This is Harlee Mae our beautiful little princess, she is so special to us she had a traumatic birth as she got stuck in the birthing canal but she came out a beautiful healthy girl with her mop of stunning hair and we r so thankful to have in her our lives her older brother and sister adore her! Would love to give her a amazing start in life with the prize for when she is older and give her everything she deserves, she is a perfect baby never cries unless she isn’t getting her bottle quick enough always has a smile on her face and laughing such a good girl and is adored very much
Jay is a very happy baby. He likes to play with his feet and loves to watch coco melon and laugh and dance.
Hi, my name is Ivy! I love to play, dance, gibber away, and sing. Please leave me a vote ❤
Faith Lokana
Faith is now 10 months as of March 11,2020 She is of Asian,Nubian, Polynesian decent her parents both from Honolulu, Hawaii Faith loves to get her walking practice in now that’s she has found her balance! And she is already growing teeth (two at the top and bottom) She’s had a taste of table food and knows when it’s time to eat. Faith has been able to crawl and self feed herself for months now such a happy and loving baby she brings smiles and attention everywhere she’s goes!
Zayden is such a happy baby he always laughing and playing
From jumping on beds to jumping in rain puddles this precious adventure seeking big brother loves watching tv dancing singing and rollin in the dirt.
CJ absolutely loves smiling and loves being talked to. He likes to be involved in everything
Rubi was born premature, she a very strong fighter weighing 4 pounds at birth. Shes very happy baby ,Please show some love and vote for her.
Adison loves to ride her bike, she likes to play outdoors alot. Also always love making funny faces! Cant you tell!!? It would be apperciated for your votes for Adison!
He's such a happy baby all the time. Big blue eyes and an adorable smile!
Matteo is the happiest little boy and will make your day shine on a cloudy day! He loves to smile just as much as he loves to see someone else smile!
Hello, my name is Sioned-Wyn, I love to be in my jumbaroo, playing with my toys and eating, im very cheeky and love a cwtch🥰🥰
Rip is the happiest little guy! He loves playing with Daddy and is always full of smiles!