Baby Stories - 52


Callie is a very smart playful little girl, she’s a premie even though you can’t tell because she’s a chunk. She loves her baby dolls and being outside I think you should vote for her because she is the sweetest baby girl ever, if you were to meet her in person she would run up to you and give you a fist bump.
Shes a smart baby a happy baby a friendly baby she loves cocomelon and tv altogether
Hi, I’m very picky, but I love to talk to you and like you to talk to me! I am handsome, loving, kind and just an all around happy baby! When I was first born the nurses in the nursery loved me. I felt too cool! I’m also a great listener and I’m a thinker! 😎
Renezmae Leann Dawn
Renezmae is 3 months old and is very active loves to play with toys on her play mat and laugh all day long she is the only child 💗
Cristian is a happy babyboy, he loves all people & loves playing. He enjoys watching little baby bum while jumping in his jumper, exploring around the house & being held. He's ticklish & laughs when people play peekaboo & play scare him. 💖
John Patrick
John loves his momma, dada and his doggies! Veggies are life and getting teeth is tough! He is a natural red head and yes momma had heart burn while she was pregnant! Vote for him if you’d like!
Immah is a very loving, energetic, smart, and adventurous little girl. She loves her family and loves to sit with her Nonnie . She has a spirit and has a very strong personality.
Truly happy miracle child
Charles is such a happy baby! He’s always smiling and crawling all over the place 😊❤️
Azlynn is a fun loving beautiful girl who loves to smile. 😊
This Precious Girl is Quickly forming a very beautiful personality to go along with this adorable smile!
Olive is a very happy baby. She is so precious and adorable. ❤️ She loves her mommy and daddy and enjoys playing with them. She also loves video chatting with grandma and grandpa. She's our little angel we love her dearly. ❤️
She loves to talk and giggle. She loves the attention shes gets.
Halle is a fun energized 8 month hold, always happy rarely cries. She loves her sweet potatoes and family. She's an over achiever already trying to walk. Her first word was mama.
She very happy love to play and she my world
Paxton is 2 months old, loves being cuddled! He loves laughing and playing with mommy and watching tv with daddy 💜 he’s definitely our little angel 🥺
My sweet girl loves telling mommy stories , and enjoys cuddles
Aubree faye norris was born 10-13-20 she is a month old and trys holding her head up and is trying to roll over so please vote for my babygirl
Camdyn lovea to be outsode no matter what! He loves to go fishing and loves to try and hunt! He is obsessed with scooby doo and wont go a day without watching a scooby doo movie at least once! He loves to play mario and, he thinks mario looks like his pop pop😂
Colton Blake Hutto
Colton Blake Hutto is 2 months old, he is my rainbow baby. He loves bath time and smiling. He was born the same day his Nene was born. ❤️ He loves Mommy & daddy.
Zahra loves music and singing along to cartoons and frozen musicals. She loves playing with her brothers and is very alert making sure she knows everything that is going on around her and she loves food and is very smart.
Harley is one of the happiest babies ever no matter what he is always smiling and even laughing! He loves to make randome sound and try to get somones attsntion to make him smile!
This is aurora, she is a very crazy 1 year old, she’s the most energetic and most happiest little girl you’ll come across, her personality shines through her talking, and dancing that she does! 😂❤️ And the sass is unreal. Definitely one unique little girl, vote for my baby ❤️
She is very happy and bubbly baby. She loves to dance, eat, play and watch her cartoons. Shes very energetic shes a cheeky little girl. She likes to play with other kids and her sister. She loves her pets cat and the dog. Theres never a dull moment with her always keeps me on my feet. She never stops.
He's a cute, chunky little man. He loves to make silly faces. ❤
Baby K is such a happy baby she loves her mommy and daddy so much and she loves her milk ☺️♥️
Lilyannah is a lively child. She is very active and loves to go go GO!! She is a very bright and smart girl for her age. She knows most of her manners and LOVES to talk up a storm. She loves giving kisses ESPECIALLY to her little brother and her doggie Tank. ❤
Aria is 3 months old and loves to eat and loves music. She loves to cuddle and is a very happy baby😍😘💞💞💞
Raegan Patricia
I love my mommy and daddy, I love smiling and talking and I have three dog siblings that love me. I have a brother who loves me oh so much. I will be having surgery on my skull in the next couple months from my sutures not forming correctly. I’m strong and nothing will get in my way.
Noah is a happy baby and loves to play with his mummy and daddy
Ava is a fun and loving 2 year old! She is an amazing big sister to my 10 month old son and she loves to sing and dance and loves Minnie and Mickey mouse and she loves story time at night and nice warm baths. She loves to be active and play outside and she loves her Mommy and Daddy and Brother very much! She was born on Halloween and she is my little pumpkin baby!
Cutest funniest lil lady. Loves hangin out with her momma. Loves tubby time and her daddy. The best little baby I could ask for.
This little beauty is a splash of sass, a pinch of sweetness and a bit stubborn. Where ever we go, whoever she locks eyes with, she puts an extra big smile on each face.
Juell is 6 months, he is always happy, always smiling. He love people and he’s a very active baby ! He has very nice style
Romana is a sweet girl who helps when needed. She is the youngest and loves her older siblings very much. She loves music and art and dancing.
Zayne is all BOY. Loves to go fishing and watch his Sooners play football!
My Sonny boy i a happy and energetic boy. He loves to baby talk and make loud noises. Loves alot of attention and his blankets. Always has a big smile especially when you play and talk with him. Most of all loves his mama and daddy!!
Kezley is the sweetest baby girl! Has started crawling last month, and the house is all hers! She loves sucking on her toes and laughing at her brother. She is the happiest in the bath tub or right when waking up.
Cyleus is almost 4 months old, he is the love of our lives, he makes us complete! What also makes this gem special is that he shares a birthday with his uncle, he passed away two weeks after cyleus was born. He never met his nephew. We wouldnt trade this handsome soul for any baby on this planet.
Sofia is a sweet girl. She is always happy. She is sassy and holds her own with her big brothers. ❤️ She loves playing with her brothers and dancing to baby shark 👧🏼🦋
Brooklyn MaryJane is a rainbow baby and was born premature, she has been thriving in growth, beauty, and happiness every since.. She loves taking photos and giggling and smiling at mommy and daddy!!
Sebastian is a 1yr that will surprise you!! Very smart... loving and caring he loves baby boss... n he loves the outdoor
She loves to talk and she will sit you you and watch the game and cheer. Shes such a cutie and my angel. She was born a month early and had to be in the nicu for almost 3 weeks i was scared she was not gonna make it but she pulled through for mamma. Please vote for her and she will not let you guys down thanks.
Patricia loves her naps and loves cuddles with mama and daddy. 10/27/20
She’s very beautiful and adorable she loves to smile😊 she is 1 years old. She loves walking and dancing and playing. She loves peppa pig. She loves microphones