Baby Stories - 51


Esme is such a happy child super obsessed with cocomelon and her favourite word is definitely muma 🥰 and favourite food had to be ritz dunkers
Patrick Jackson is 16 days old, he's 20 inchs long, he loves to sleep, eat, poop, pee, and cuddle with mom and dad he also loves music and listening to us read to him. He's Mommas and Daddys first baby. Also has a puppy that's a month older then him.
Loves dinosaurs like his brother!
Stephen is my first born he came on the biggest party day of the year New Year's Eve he made a statement coming in and has been making statements ever since he is amazing kind loving and would do anything to make somebody feel better he loves to joke he loves to impersonate people he is a big gamer and loves loves to make funny tic-toc videos he is just amazing I could go on for days he has a two year old autistic non-verbal brother and he just adores him I couldn't ask for a better son and big brother to my little guy!!! Please give my baby a vote!!! 😘😉💜
Samuel (sammy) was born 11 weeks early at 29 weeks. He has been such a little fighter since he was born. ❤️
Nicolas is a fun loving 2 year old who currently loves baby shark and Disney musicals. He is respectable and kind and the most fun loving little boy ever. And a great big brother to Samuel.
Nevaehs favourite thing to do is chat away to her mummy and daddy, watch TV and go for walks💗
Khalil is a goofy little baby. He’s a roller he loves to smile & talk. He’s the type of baby you go to when your having a bad day.
Logan is 1 month old but looks like he is 3 months being born at 12 lbs 7 oz...he is already holding his head up. He loves to smile and giggle at his brother and sister. And will attempt to talk your ear off.
She loves to coo. And makes lots of laughs. She’s an uptight most happy baby. She’s my blessing so even if I don’t win. I stil win she’s my world
Little Miss Personality
Vincenzo is the happiest baby boy ever! He loves baths, toys and watching the cars drive by! He is already trying to crawl as he is someone who prefers to play on his belly! ❤️
Eoghan is a dinky doo who loves to do everything early he was born 4 weeks prem and can roll to his side already ❤️🥰 x
Maisie is six months old and was born during the first lockdown. She’s the most happiest & content baby who loves showing off her gummy smile and playing on the swings!
Gabriel Alexander
💝👶🌈 Gabriel 🌈👶💝 aka Baby G, is my 2 year old Rainbow Baby. He is ALL boy. He loves to laugh (and snort!) and his favorite things in life are food (especially Chinese or anything with ranch!) his daddy and all five of our dogs but especially his dog Hank (who is competing in KingPet!) He’s a big guy for his age who is always passing his milestones ahead of schedule. He likes to go to sleep listening to Chuck Mangione’s “Feel So Good.” His Daddy means everything to him and when he’s away with military duties dad does everything he can to video chat with him and play his song. We know he’s going to do great things in life!
Leo is 3 months old, love being Cuddled, he loves loughing and playing with mommy and watching TV 💗he's is my little angel 💗
George was born the day after lockdown with challenges such as a high arched palate and a dairy allergy, but none of that stops him enjoying his food. The photo is his raspberry face. He is a very cheeky boy who loves to race as fast as he can in his walker..lets just say his no claims bonus is no longer valid 🤦‍♀️🤣
kJ 8 months old on Tuesday, my handsome little life saver🥰I’m so proud to be his mumma❤️
Nolan’s 4 months old, mummas little miracle baby!!! And he’s completely changed my life💖
Jaxon is 3 months old! He is such a smiley, bubbly baby😍he loves to talk and laugh a lot, please vote for Jaxon!
Uriyah is a very happy baby who loves smiling. He had a tough entrance into this world but is now striving everyday. He loves cuddles, kisses, and being by mamas side. When someone sees him they cant help but smile.
Colton is the biggest mommas boy, loves his binky and baths, and always has the biggest smile on his face ❤️
She loves to smile and loves her big brother. Always a happy baby
Best little boy ever! He has such a great personality and is such a happy little camper. He loves the lorax and nap time and also cuddling with mom ❤❤
Hi, my name is Aurora and i was born during this pandemic to a family full of boys. I have 3 tough older brother to show me the ropes growing up. My loving parents prayes to have a girl with one more child and here i am.
Samara is such a happy girl. She is always smiling and giggling. Her laugh is so beautiful. It will brighten anyones day. She loves video chatting with her family out of state
Kason loves to talk and scream. He has to always have the attention. We are a huge mamas boy. Shower time is his favorite time. We love to play with our toys and siblings.
Charlee is 7 months old and is the happiest baby she is always smiling she loves to play with her older siblings and she loves her dogs
Jaxzon was born a month early & amazes us everyday with how smart he is. He looooves his food & his mommy of course!
Kaysons my little cuddle bug. He loves his blankey and his bubby.
Sweet baby,full of personality. She enjoys pageants and playing outside. She brings joy to anyone around her, sassy pants and knows it.
Bentlee is my wild child! He loves mater the tow truck and hes his daddys little buddy!
She is my First Grandbaby. She loves playing patty cake. She loves tummy time, and cuddling
Greyson loves to play outside, he loves him mommy and daddy so much & loves to drink juice boxes and eat fruit snacks! 😋
Nirvana has such a big beautiful heart , she has a smile that can brighten up a room, she loves music , she loves to smile an interacte with people through her eyes and baby talk 💙👑 she has an amazing personality
She likes to help people she respectful she nice she going to be a teacher when she grow up 👑🥰
Please vote for my 8 month old baby girl!
Callie is a very smart playful little girl, she’s a premie even though you can’t tell because she’s a chunk. She loves her baby dolls and being outside I think you should vote for her because she is the sweetest baby girl ever, if you were to meet her in person she would run up to you and give you a fist bump.
Shes a smart baby a happy baby a friendly baby she loves cocomelon and tv altogether
Hi, I’m very picky, but I love to talk to you and like you to talk to me! I am handsome, loving, kind and just an all around happy baby! When I was first born the nurses in the nursery loved me. I felt too cool! I’m also a great listener and I’m a thinker! 😎
Renezmae Leann Dawn
Renezmae is 3 months old and is very active loves to play with toys on her play mat and laugh all day long she is the only child 💗
Cristian is a happy babyboy, he loves all people & loves playing. He enjoys watching little baby bum while jumping in his jumper, exploring around the house & being held. He's ticklish & laughs when people play peekaboo & play scare him. 💖
John Patrick
John loves his momma, dada and his doggies! Veggies are life and getting teeth is tough! He is a natural red head and yes momma had heart burn while she was pregnant! Vote for him if you’d like!
Immah is a very loving, energetic, smart, and adventurous little girl. She loves her family and loves to sit with her Nonnie . She has a spirit and has a very strong personality.
Truly happy miracle child