She is 7months old and a cutie 🥰
Kieran loves to dance and color in his coloring book. He is a bright light in this world and we need more of that!
Jaylee loves to dance and watch Mrs Rachael plus she’s just totes adorable so vote, vote, vote
Reina may be small but she is certainly developing her unique character! She loves her naps and meal time but when she’s awake, you’ll catch her trying to laugh at daddy and smiling at bluey which is her favorite thing to watch. She has the sweetest, gummiest smile and the funniest “what the heck” face I have ever seen lol
sianna-marie love's fruit , and is just the most content baby ever , ❤️
Ryder Jackson
Little RJ is our Little snuggle bug. He love's to snuggle. Loves to smile and laugh he wakes up with a smile on his little face. He love's his sister Layla. But is best friend is our 4 year pitbull Chase. MOM, DAD AND SISSY LOVE'S YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK RYDER JACKSON.
Tyler is 10 months old, he is the happiest little boy, loves people will smile at anyone :) he has a big brother who he adores. Please vote for Tyler ❣️
Lucas is a very outgoing boy! He loves to crawl around and make a mess! He sure is a hit with the ladies already at this age!
Eleanor Grant
Eleanor is a very smart bright sassy almost 3 year old who loves playing with her toys her puppy and older sissy she loves being outdoors that beautiful smile will melt your heart ❤️
Hi I'm Levi. I'm a month old. I love cuddles, spending time with my family, and my four legged best friend Whitey. I just learned to smile and I now smile at everyone.
Grayson loves crawling around and getting into everything. He loves to see what everyone is doing. He loves smiling at everyone and laughing.
Jhyri Loves To Sing & Dance , He loves making people smile and eating delicious sweet Treats and reading silly books !
Blessyn loves watching Gracie’s Corner & JoJo and grangran! Blessyn is a happy baby who also love to baby talk to others.
Lacey is a sweet yet very particular baby girl!! She loves when her daddy does his ric flair impersonation 😂😂😂
This is Jaxson. He is 7 yrs old. He is smart funny energetic, loving,caring. He loves sports, playing outside, video games, enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Has a geneuine heart, full of energy. Best big brother ever!! Love you jax!❤️🥰
Our Maddie Mae is a sweet and sassy almost 2 year old
Luca was a preemie baby born at 32 weeks, 4 lbs and 5 oz and stayed in the NICU for 50 days. Lu bear loves to be on his tummy and cuddle with his mommy and daddy, and loves to suck on his little hands. Luca is our first baby, and we couldn't be anymore blessed to have such a sweet little boy. He has come such a long way and has made this mommy proud. ❤️
Jeter is always happy. He likes to give loves and is so curious about everything.
My sweet baby girl is very chill and calm (unless she hungry lol) She is so small and beautiful and your vote would mean the world to us <3
khaven is a very good humble baby boy💙 his eyes are gray/ green😍 he loves to eat, sleep, pee & poop A LOT🤣 he was 7lbs 7 oz and was 21in. long🥰 was born february 15th, 2023 which is 8 days from mommy’s birthday… GREATEST birthday present😚!!
My name is sweet Zoie! My mommy calls me Zozo, I love to laugh, play and crawl and explore all the things that I can! I am loving, caring, smart and silly.
She is the best thing that could ever happen to me. Shes beautiful and touches the hearts of everyone she meets. Her personality that she has already developed, is one of a kind. Watching her grow is amazing, and how intelligent she is and her want to learn makes me soo proud of her!
Hello my name is Nataly Angelina. I'm my Mommy's first baby, my Grandma-ma loves me unconditionally... And I'm only 1 month old so my hobbies right now are simple... Eating, sleeping, pooping and peeing, and trying to learn my Mommy's face and my surroundings.
Angel is the sweetest baby you will meet💓
my boy is 8 months old & his favorite person is his sister! he is always smiling and one of the happiest babies i've ever met. please vote for my hunny bun ❤️
Terisa is a very special person..she loves activities and wants to go for little miss Fleetwood.
My name is Levi, im 11 months old. I carry my winnie the pooh everywhere with me, i love being cheeky and jumping ontop of everyone i meet! I always eat all the yoghurt!
My name is Lukas i am 11 months old, i love to play my toy drum, i love winnie the pooh and playing on the swings! I giggle all day and clap my hand all night annoying my mummy!
A true angel with a smile that lights up any room he’s in! Simply a beautiful soul.
Azariah Shuford
She loves to dance and scream, Her favorite food is the baby teething crackers
Niko Giovanni ❤️ he enjoys long naps cuddles baths and watching tv with his moma!
Hi my name is Stella Leiter I am 4 years old and love to play with my baby dolls, play out side with my chickens and spend time with my family.
Super sassy Jordyn loves to take pictures!
Giving advances up to 150 to be returned in May. Vote exchange +20 daily just write on the wall. If Im exchanging votes with you I expect you to be honest and give the same amount back. It's unfair to myself and others whom I exchange with. As for advance bonus those will not be returned unless otherwise asked. If not asked then they will be used as gifts. Thank you. Hi I love to listen to music, play with toys that light up, listen to daddy play his instruments, I especially love to eat. I fight my sleep because I don't want to miss a thing. My favorite part of the qday is when mom comes home for the special milk she provides. I crawl, and stand while holding onto walls and things. I'm still afraid to let go. My first words were "dada" & "whatever" at 5 months old if mom didn't get it on video; it's hard to believe I'm a genius. I now say "mama" & "mom" I'm the youngest of 13 siblings, so there's never a dull moment around me. Vote for me!!
Stormi Ivanova Campbell is the most adorable baby in the world! She like baby shark, masha and the bear, and peek a boo! 🦋
Legacii Royale
My name is Legacii I love watching Bluey and Mickey mouse and going out to eat with my family playing with my big cousins is my all time favorite.
Candis Wheeler
Hi my name is candis Wheeler i love my dolls and watch bluey and mickey mouse
This is my daughter Austoria! She is five months old and is such a happy baby. She loves anyone and everyone and will smile at you until you smile back!
Alessia patrizia panetta , i was born February 6th 2023 , i have a big sister aliyah and an amazing mom, i love to smile and eat and sleep
Braxxton is only 5 months old and loves his big brother vote for him coz he is the cutest baby
Mason loves bluey and loves playing with his friends and u should vote for him coz he is so cute
Hi my name is Bucky...I am a big brother...I love my little brother Zayden. I am a mowmaws boy. I love to give my little brother Zayden loves . I like to watch YouTube and help do laundry.
Noah loves to sleep all day and party all night. He love snuggles from mommy and eating. He dislikes diaper changes and baths.
Hi my name is Zayden...I am fixing to turn 4 months old. I am a momma's boy...I like to watch tv...I love to watch my 17 month old brother run around. My brother is fixing to turn 18 months old....I also smile and play with my brother...I love my brother he's fun...I hate tummy time though
A happy little boy who loves to eat, coo and stare at the world around him.
Desmond is a sweetest baby you'll ever know! He's very generous. He loves to offer you his snacks, pacifier, and toys. He even sneaks his snacks to the dog whenever he has the chance! His favorite band is Sugar Ray. His favorite TV shows are Adventure Time and Scooby Doo! He's extremely cuddly and loves to nap on me and his dad!