Xander is a 10 month old blue eyed mamas boy. He loves climbing, crawling, standing and getting into whatever he can reach!
Isla is a very placid baby but she gets very excited when she sees new people or animals. She loves to smile and touch your face when she sees you. We think it’s her way of saying hello ❤️
Hi everyone My name is Raegan Leann I am 5 months old. My mommy is my favorite person, I love to smile laugh and drool all over the place I don’t like to lay a lot but love being outside. ❤️
Maverick was born on 08/15/2022. He is a little redhead. He loves cuddles with mommy and daddy. He likes trying to hold his head up and attempting to hold his bottle.
Son of Levi & Summer McKinney. Middle child. Loves balls, PAW Patrol, PJ Mask, Puppy Dog Pals etc. My sisters name is Sakoia (Daughter of Erica Leslie & Levi McKinney), my brother Jameson
He is 3 months old as of yesterday. And he’s already rolling over, holding his head up really well. Please vote for my little chunky monkey!! ❤️💙
April spends most of her day sleeping in mommy’s bed eating or crying for grandma to hold her she’s a very happy active baby
Amari is the happiest baby I know, she loves hugs, kisses and seeing new things. She was born in Okinawa, Japan and loves ramen.
She love go on tow truck. With she dad. She love all
Nayeli loves babbling and loves the comfort of her parents but most of all she loves to smile and suck on her little hands. She enjoys bathtime and loves to kick her feet in the water, although she is young she is quite the diva already.
Ivy, chatterbox, smiler.
Owen is rambunctious, intelligent, and intriguing. He is a very good communicator and understanding. Has an empathetic heart that wants to help those in need. I love his straight forward honesty.
Smelly boy
I’m Liliana. I am mommy and daddy’s miracle. Born at 27 weeks as a true rainbow baby. I’m tiny yet mighty. Please vote for me.
I’m Carmin. I am a very strong and determined girl.
Cario Jackson
Hello I’m Cario Jackson I was born on December 28,2021 I have a cow milk allergy and acid reflux I like to play with my toys and brothers also swim and walk holding on to things
Newborn 🥰 entered the world through water birth, eyes open and alert
MJ is very smart and a mama’s boy❤️ He loves animals including his dogs. He really likes books, playing with toys and going for walks
Riley is the sweetest, funniest most loving little boy.He loves to swim and play video games. He is in 4th grade this year & is a straight "A" student.
My baby is a happy, charismatic, and loving baby. She loves playing with her brothers, toy elephant and anything that makes noise.
This blue eyed boy is such a happy baby all the time!
Kailey likes to be out and exploring her new surroundings she likes to watch things around her and pick up new sounds she will always give you a smile when you come up to her and say hello
My name is uniqu'e harris and im 5 months i like raddles and colorful lights i have 17 brothers and sister's im a very happy baby ill smile at just anyone and brighten anyone's day wlbut what i like most is being held and eating alot so i can grow up to be big and strong vote for me to me #1
Our sweet sassy girl is full of energy and loves keeping mama and daddy on their toes
Dani is a sweet 6 week old baby boy. He is the youngest of 3 boys, has the sweetest smile, and is the best snuggler!
Eleanor loves to play and read books, she has an infectious smile and giggle !
Rori Annelise
She's a one of a kind girl. She is bold, loving, sweet, and intelligent for her age.
She's giving the best smiles that melt your heart. She's her father image with hers mother eyes.
Grace Wylie Margaret Lisa Garscadden, 8 Month 💖🌈 Born By Emergency C-Section, At 37 weeks & 4 Days, On The 20th December 2021, Our Rainbow After The Storm 🌈💖
Gracie is just nearly 4 weeks old and she absolutely loves her bath time 😍
Jackson is very advanced for his three months. Already has a back molar coming in! He loves smiling and mumbling. Is currently obsessed with watching doodlebops.
Always smiling ♥️
Kasper is a pure ball of happiness. He’s loved by so many for his gentle nature. Just a little package of good vibes ♥️
Piper Duvall
Piper loves to be held especially by her mom, she loves books being read to her, and she just loves seeing her family, just loves cuddles, and adventures make her happy as long as she isn’t in the car.
Eemry is one of the most cheerfull babies , she giggles all the time when she sees her self in the mirror with her beautiful smile, big cheeks, and beautiful hair. She also loves soft fluffy pillow’s and blankets. She practically dives her face in them when she sees them 😊.. she will melt your heart away
Mason is just 3 months old and loves to smile at everybody! His favourite things are mamas milk, warm cuddles and doing rolly pollies towards his best friend (Jasper the German shepherd) 🤍
Bonnie Luella
Bonnie Luella was 6 weeks early! She loves posing for & finding nemo! 🤍🐡 She is a cheeky little lady who surprises is and makes us proud every day XX
Maxim is a little curious man, loves exploring and food 😂. The most important things in his life are cables and bread.
Ensley is nothing but smiles and giggles I wake up everyday to a smile and go to bed the same way! She loves music and sounds. Ensley is the most relaxed and just all around amazing!
She is so cheeky, so smiley every day
Noah is 3 months old he loves being talked to and loves when his momma holds him ❤️
Owen is a fire cracker in every sense of the world. He is intelligent and funny. He really enjoys reading and listening to music.
Baby Noah is almost one month old and hims loves to sleep in mommys arms and loves being outside