Sophia Jane is a beautiful girl, new to the world on April 1st, 2022. She loves to wiggle and coo but more so she loves to smile and snuggle with mommy. 🥰
He's the happiest baby always smiling, he loves his star projector, movies, and spending time with momma and his grandparents.
Ellyana was born April 21st 2022, she weighs 5 lbs and 12.8 oz and such a wonderful baby!
Madilynn is the happiest one month old baby! She is nothing but smiles! & brighten ups anyones day! ❤️ Advance votes are welcome! & we will share the same in return!! ❤️
Gracie just turned one year old she loves the water her brother and food. She just started wall so she chases him around the house now.
Hadley loves to spend time with her family. She loves when you spend one on one time with her and just have a baby conversation. She loves talking, shopping and smiling.
Franky loves to laugh and giggle if anyone looks his way! His favorites are Cookie Monster, music, and food.
Levi love's people,he loves anybody that will talk and give him attention. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves the song Baby Beluga
Camden young is such a happy baby. He loves tummy time while watching tv, he loves to try to stand up on his own and loves to be outside with his daddy! I think everyone should vote for him because I mean I think he should win something for all this hair he has!! 💙😍
Very smart loves to color and loves playdough loves to play with her baby dolls and is very lovable a heart of gold.. she loves to watch cartoons and play on the phone..
Shes the happiest sweetest baby.. she loves animals especially dogs.. she loves music and loves to dance.. she loves cocomelon and loves Upchurch.. she loves for nana to sing to her and loves sleeping with nana and papaw but most of all she loves her mama.. help maleigha win get them votes in..
I was bursting to come into the world - 12 days early, I was the best early present mummy has ever had!
Harmony Loves Cocomelon & She Loves Laying And Being With Mommy And Daddy And Her Big Sister 💕
Albie is 2 months today, he babbles also smiles, he is a greedy little boy with his milk, he loves new faces
Miss Oaklyn loves to play with her toys, talk smile and play with all her siblings. For 6 months she's advanced for her age!
Baby Kaylie
. Her personality and smile will light up any room. Her laugh is very contagious & she is a goofy little girl. She is very musically inclined & enjoys playing ,singing, and dancing. Her favorite things to do is go outside, play with her toy balls, dressing up & taking pictures & hanging out with mommy.
Kaleesi loves to talk, laugh, and smile! She is OBSESSED with snuggling her loveys. Her name also comes from Game of Thrones!
Leon is 10 months now. He loves his toot toot cars. He is very active boy who is smiling and laughing most of the time. Always up to something! He has a big blue eyes, just like mommy. Whenever we doing a monthly photos of him he’s loving it and there is always a hard decision which one is the best. He is not shy, he love interacting with people around.
Adam is a huge blabber mouth! He loves when people play with his hands and sing him songs, his favorite one is wheels on the bus! He thinks the word “mama” is hilarious and he enjoys watching paw patrol and splashing around during bath time!
Jace is a month old! He loves cuddling on his mommy and daddy’s chest, eating and sleeping and bath time! He absolutely does not like tummy time!
Meet Zydane! Born a week late at 6lbs and 7oz*** ~AKA Z Man~ Zydane loves spending time with his fur siblings as well as making everyone he comes across smile. 5 months old, Zydane loves tummy time and playing with his over abundance of toys! He absolutely loves animals, and snuggling with his blankets. He just may spark up a babbling talk with you! He’s such a happy baby and loved by so many.
Hi im logan im 8 months old and full of energy i love to crawl and climb and generally explore
Colson is a very outgoing and adventurous boy. He likes spending his days outside on sunny days. He loves his mommy, daddy, and his two pups 🐶 He puts a smile on everyone’s face and makes a huge impact in a lot of peoples lives!
Sable Maye
Sable loves School and enjoys Art, Reading, Music and Dancing. Sable wants to be a Ballerina, a Doctor and Singer when she grows up. Sable loves her Family and Friends more than anything. She just rode her first horse and is very interested in learning to ride like a real Cowgirl now.
Liam is in 75% for weight (20.8) & 85% for height (29.4) so hes a big boy he has 6-7 teeth (more coming) can say mom, da ,brother, love u, hungry, yes ,good ND learns more everyday, he can sit up, crawl ,stand, also jumps y holding on to the couch or bed ,hes starting to walk,he can feed himself finger foods,eats EVERYTHING nd drinks out of any kind of cup or bottle, loves bath time,watch cartoons,nd continuously laughs ND screams ALL DAY (in the cutest way),Always smiling ND so loving, brother ND daddy are his favorites unless he sees an animal. Hes such a smart little boy nd loves being called handsome! 💙💙💙
He loves to play with his brother and watch baby shark videos
Thorin loves to wake up and dance to Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk”. He blows kisses to Anyone in stores and says, “Thank You, have a good day!” He loves his family so much and makes up songs for each one to say how much he loves them so much! He likes to make homemade pizza and to bake cookies.
Presley Ann
Presley LOVES to smile, always so happy & giddy! She is so well behaved. Hates dirty diapers & gets hangry but otherwise is such a great baby! People are always telling me how she is literally a cute baby and you don’t see literally cute babies. Her skin is flawless, her light hair & blue eyes. She is adored by anyone she meets & truly is the cutest baby! Love our little smiley girl, so much!
Messiah Lytch
He stay playing and love keeping people happy
Maverick James was born 8 weeks early, he could not wait any longer to make his appearance. Maverick loves cuddling and listening to music. He has a very bright and loving personality. He loves to help his papa take care of the cows and chickens. Maverick is very alert and interested in everything and everyone. His smile and laugh brightens any room he is in.
Logan Zimmer
He's a minnie football player . A big ball of energy and loves rough housing with his older siblings. A brute that lets nothing stand in his way. Loves to have fun any time of day . Loves dinosaurs and cars . Favorite shows are blippi and paw patrol and PJ mask.has such a contagious personality.he is a team leader.but also a softie under his tough skin. Been through alot since born being in a out of the hospital due to reactivate airway disease. But he never let that slow him down. such a strong boy. Loves his kitties
Holland is a spunky baby that loves watching sports with her dad, splashing in the tub and napping to slayer music! 🏒💙🛁👶🤘
Vera is the third born child she is witty for being a toddler. She is unbelievably smart, sassy, and adventures.
Rowan is the second oldest of five. She is a smart little girl who loves all animals and colors.
Magnus is the youngest of four siblings. He is happy to be anywhere and always has a big happy smile on his face.
Haven Moore
Haven is such a happy baby she loves to give love she loves playing out side shes so sweet to animals and her favorite thing to do is dance
Talks like her mama,loves being outside,a little dare devil.
Aleia is a very smart, sweet and loving baby girl. She will be two in July. Aleia brings light to every single person she meets. She’s the most amazing little girl!
Monroe is the silliest little chunk out there! Such a happy little chunk, all smiles all the time, such a love bug 💕
Dominic is a fun loving 3-year-old. He loves paw patrol. He is his big sister's biggest fan. He has beautiful blue eyes and loves to flirt. He has the biggest personality and has a smile on his face almost all the time. He can always get you to smile as well. Even with his seizure he is the most out going kid. He doesn't let epilepsy slow him down. He is our little fighter.
She’s our all around cowgirl/Softball player!
Carson enjoys riding his pony Blue!
Jovian is a uniquely beautiful rainbow baby born the night of the ‘22 super bowl. 🌈🏈 He loves to talk (babble), move around to music, nature, smile, and his parents 💙♥️
Kinzley is one of the happiest babies ever! Her smile and bright blue eyes can steal anyones heart!💕