Baby Stories - 50


Swayze is 9 months and loves music 🎼 she likes the sound of the piano and loves hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy ❤️😍 she’s such a happy baby 😘
She was born early at 35 weeks. She loves to sleep and snuggle with her mommy.
Ciana has recently celebrated her very 1st birthday! She’s super smart and talented! She’s also stubborn and impatient! She started out a 6lb 14oz stillborn infant. After 7 minutes, she was screaming. Through her first year, there were a lot of tears, laughter, hugs, and kisses. She loves to dance to Cocomelon and play outside in ANY weather. She loves it regardless. My early riser never fails to put a smile on others faces. Her laughter is infectious. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes. Her favorite toy is her Little Tikes Car. Her favorite cartoon is Cocomelon, but she loves Cocomelon Baby Shark.
Scotty is a super happy boy! He just started giggling and it’s so infectious!
Kyle love fishing and being outside. Big mommas boy!
The funniest and happiest baby you will ever meet. He loves paw patrol and Mickey Mouse.
Legend is a very happy baby! He loves playing peekaboo an riding in his mustang walker. Has lots of personality 😀
Thea is a beautiful always smiling little girl, who came into this world fighting spending her first 2 weeks in the nicu. She is the happiest baby I have ever seen.
Brayden is the name but u can call me Chunkster! That's my nickname I got from mommy. If u see me, then u will see my monkey 🐒 he's my best buddy & holds my passy for me! My room is lit lika Christmas tree w/ a lotta colorful lights that's my fav thing to look at & see ever since I was born. Music = Meditation for me. I really enjoy bein outside especially for a stroll to the park where I love to swing! So spoiled but so sweet is what they say about me but it comes with the role of bein a full time boss baby!
Sweet boy! He loves tummy time and cuddling. Little man is already rolling from tummy to back since 2 weeks old!
Hi everyone! My name is Wilder, how cool right? Thanks mom & dad ☺️ as you can see by some of my photos I’ve had a pretty rough start to life but I didn’t let any of it stop me! I’m the strongest little boy there is! I’m all love and smiles and my mom & dad are obsessed with me ❤️ I enjoy watching UFC & sponge bob and so far I love the aquarium & car rides! I’m a happy sweet little boy full of life that’s ready to experience so much ❤️ Thank you for voting for me! 🥰
I love laughing and cooing... Did I mention I drool on everything ?
Theo is just a month old but his personality is bigger than ever
She's a spunky girl who loves to be next to her twin brother. She loves animals especially her puppy Donnie and loves to talk alot
Alijah is a wild, smiley and happy baby.
Julian Suniga Was Born December 30,2020. He Loves To Make Silly Faces, Watch Cartoons, Sleep, And Bath Time and he sure loves the attention!!💙☺️
Micah is a wild child who babbles for days! He currently just found his toes & shows them to everybody. He loves watching Doc McStuffins & his major tickle spots are on his thighs, his neck & his tummy!
King is my loving son. Such a smart & sweet boy who loves his big sister. He loves to share and take turns with his friends. Each and Everyday he surprises me with how much he learns and grows. Vote for KING 👑
Theo-Jaxx is 3 weeks old and is such a character already, he’s so advanced for his age and loves music, pulling faces, playing on his mat, food, sleeping, lifting his head to look around.. he’s such a happy, smily baby! This photo was also taken the day after he was born and it just absolutely melts me. please everyone vote for Theo-Jaxx!💙
Nayvie is a sweet 3 month old! Nayvie loves to play with her toys and loves eating her hands ! VOTE FOR NAYVIE!
My name is Jax! I was born with clubbed foot but that doesn’t keep me from getting around. I love singing and playing with my mommy, daddy and mawmaw. And i love listening to mommy sing and tell me all about my family
Amara is super intelligent, can do the ABC with no mistakes can count to 20 with no mistakes and knows all her colours and planets in our solar system😍😍 Amara is also extremely beautiful❤️❤️
Waylon was born 3 weeks premature and had blood sugar problems and was in the nicu for 10 days. He was born only 4 pounds and 15 ounces. He had colic when we first brought him home. He’s now 10 pounds and such a sweet, happy baby! He loves watching coco melon and likes when mommy and daddy play with his cheeks and tickles him. He is mommy and daddy’s rainbow baby 🌈 completely worth the wait.
Presley Gracelyn
My baby girl Presley Gracelyn Renee. Born a few weeks early 02/06/21 weighing only 4lbs 14oz, she’s been growing & gaining weight really well! At 7 weeks she’s 8lbs now! She’s starting to hold her head up good! And she’s already rolling from belly to back! Her personality is already so sassy! She’s such a mommy’s girl!😍
Avery is a little miracle, and a complete bundle of joy! She is the best baby anyone could hope for. She loves to listen to mama sing, and to have " conversations".
He Is A Very Sweet, Happy, & Content Baby Boy. He Loves To Talk, Eat & Play. He Enjoys Bath Time & Snuggles With Mommy. A True Character
Seven months old and unstoppable he’s already walking and moving and eating everything his favorite is Avocado banana toast
Zamera Jean
My baby girl Zamera Jean absolutely loves taking pictures and feeling like the model she is. Highly energetic, always dancing and smiling. She is loving, nuturing, and she reads two grade levels ahead and does amazing in school! Very very smart young lady at only 4 years old she became valedictorian. I believe she is the future female President.
Emerson Elias
A stumbling, talking, little nosy monkey
Everleigh loves animals, music, snuggles with her mommy, and watching fishing with her daddy!
Janessa is 2 months old and loves speaking her mind
Eli’s a hilarious, very sweet, social, active little guy! He loves camping, being outside, and pretending to be a super hero! 😊
Lamiere is adorable photogenic and very smart for his age , he’s so loving & charming , I mean just look at him I know your heart melts when you do!
River is genuinely the happiest baby ever who already is so curious about this big world.
Obsessed with milk likes to poop a lot, Has the cheekiest smile that will bright up your day. He loves his cuddles from nanny 💙
Hi My name is Brayden Wilson and I am the most loveable baby you could ever meet ! I love to watch Mickey Mouse and I love to giggle with my mommy and daddy ! I have a smile that just lights up the room !
Fabian Adrian
😍😍😍Fabian is a wonderful child, most of all he likes to fall, Daddy comes from work to look in his bag to see what brought him. She has pets that she cares about a lot. He is our wonderful child😍😍😍😍😍
8 months old a happy little one loves her carrots and green peas loves say mama and dada she’s so active! She wants a special birthday party for her first year being on earth VOTE VOTE VOTE EVERYONE🥰🙏🏼
Jack is my 3rd child but my first son. He is a very content baby who loves nothing more the cuddles from his mummy and daddy and playing with his two older sisters. Evey morning without fail he wakes up with the biggest smile on his face 😍
Prodigy is an amazing baby he enjoys music, story time, and playtime he has a smile that lights up a room Prodigy also has the most precious laugh and giggle he enjoys playing with his feet he enjoys Motown Magic on Netflix and Akili and me on You Tube
Our little metal head Ada loves listening to Metallica, loves the colour green, and her little Grugu (baby Yoda) doll. The tiny tyrant, our little egg, the sweetest pickle.
This little guy enjoys just about everything life has to offer.. unless it involves sweet potatoes! Make sure to click the red vote!
Dulcie is cheeky, feisty and absolutely loves her food!
Anahjé is our rainbow baby. We have prayed for this Child. She’s healthily and beautiful! Please vote! 🥰
King is my little genius. Very smart, loves soccer and golf. He wants to be the President or a fireman. Whatever he chooses when he is older, I know that he will be great at it
Jonathan, also known as JJ is a 6 month old little firecracker... never stops smiling and laughing and sees the joy in life🥺