Davey is smart, compassionate and extremely funny. He loves to pop EEma’s gum bubbles… He calls it “Pop Time”. First and foremost, he is a fireman through and through.
Princess Rosa
Princess Rose is a happy baby she loves to smile nd a make your day even if your having a bad day her smile a change your whole mood 😃🥰🤞🏾
Malaysia B
A brilliant mind at such a young age. Well beyond her years. I won’t talk about beauty because there’s no point .look at her! The face is unapologetic and can’t be duplicated. Do the only right thing and vote the Florida princess number one. Daddy approved this message. 💕🥰😘🙏🏾🤞🏾
Elijah is the most happy and bubbly boy! He is so smart and is very alert. He loves food and spending time with his mommy and dada.
lenaya is a very happy baby , always laughing at everything & loves to give hugs , she is a very sweet girl . 🥰
Ryder Lee is our first precious baby. He weighed 5lbs, 13oz. 18 3/4 length. He is full of smiles and just the sweetest little boy! He loves for you to talk to him. He is already loving the attention! He is our little future baseball player. Perfect photo;)
Uriah is such a happy baby. He likes to crawl and is learning to stand. Uriah loves to rawr at people. Mommy’s little giggle monster is so goofy.
Hi everyone! I’m Roper! I am 10 months old and I love animals, playing with my daddy, and giving my mommy kisses. I love summer time and playing in the water too! Please vote for me!
Jackson is my sweet and sour patch kid, he is a very sweet loving boy who loves him family and loves his puppy dog Maddie girls! He has the cutest smile even the one where you knows hes gonna try to get away with something he's not supposed to.
Jenesis is a 5 month old baby girl. She’s full of smiles, laughs & giggles. She’s full of light & has such a sweet spirit. She’s very photogenic & is very alert. She has a smile that’ll brighten the whole room & she’s very much a star. Overall, she’s just the happiest, cutest baby she can be.
hello, my name is destiny. I love to spend time with my mommy daddy and big brother but I mostly love to lay around and drink my bottle and keep my aunt Tina up all night
He's only 15 days old he was born on v-day he was born smaller then normal and fits in premiere clothes
Julian Hernan
Mi chele 😏
Loves to play and sing and dance
This is my little model baby! He loves pictures and dancing, but most of all the loves his little brother and his little cousin! Noah will put a smile on your face when you felt like it wasn’t possible. His favorite word is num-num and he can’t eat without watching his favorite show spidey:)
Riley loves play with her brother. She loves walker, and watch frozen movie. ❤️ we need to raise money for our family. God Bless
I’m 8 months old love to crawl around and pull up on things , cookies 🍪 are my favorite and love outdoors
Jaden was born 4 weeks early and he is a very happy loving baby boy that loves to laugh . Jaden light's up the room when his family see him . Jaden is a beautiful baby boy and i wouldn't change it for the world.
Kash LOVES his mommy. Looks just like his daddy & thinks his sisters are the funniest things!! He loves to eat & jump in his jumper!
Jasper blue is a crazy funny little boy who loves his dog and loves making people laugh already
Little Spencer is mr smiles. He never fails to smile at literally everyone all the time
This is Belle and she is all about giving hugs and exploring everything.
Juan has 10 days old. He is so cute baby sleep all night.
Lia is the youngest of 5 children. She loves spending time with her mom, dad and siblings and getting lots of loves and cuddles from her family
Jaxon likes sleeping and eating and looking at him mama and dada. He likes cuddles with his mama
John goes by his middle name, which is Rip! He’s a Miss Rachel loving, music loving baby! He loves babbling and loves loves loves bathtime! He never stops smiling. He is our little sunshine!☀️
Nova is very outgoing and loves to run around in her walker. She truly is nonstop Nova
Wyatt loves to play with trucks & balls! He loves his family! He loves the outdoors, he loves going to the park! He loves his puppy dog & has the cutest smile ever an one of the best personalities ever in a little boy & the most precious blue eyes ever 😀
Hi, my name is Autumn Dawn. I’m 6 months old and I love to scream and yell- I love baby food and peas are my favorite! My family is the best and I am such a happy baby!
Hi my name is Jaxon. I love blippi, bluey, & toy story!
She loves outdoors, our doggy Hermes they’re besties, cheese puffs and juice, the happiest of all and had the brightest smile and personality!!🫶🏼
Eat, sleep and repeat. Its the daily life of a baby❤️ Blue eyes, blonde eyebrows and dark brown hair - Harlem enjoyes a good snuggle and already tries to roll over; hes my brave little boy, I am very proud.
He likes to eat, sleep and repeat. help me with a vote, thanks!
Hi I’m Grayson I love Mickey Mouse! I love lovins and people! Please vote for me so I can go buy a bunch of Mickey Mouse stuff!
Lilly is the most sweetest girl ever,she’s caring and loving,loves to help momma,loves to play with her sisters and watch cartoons. She is funny and makes everybody always laugh.
My grandson, Grayson is a happy, active, fun loving 5 year old who loves to make people laugh. He enjoys playing with his 2 brothers, watching SpongeBob, playing on his IPad and making crafts. One day he hopes to be a Firefighter just like his Daddy. He absolutely loves Santa Claus and wishes everyday could be Christmas.
Naiara is only 1 week old and 5 days, she loves too eat and sleep! She also loves to be held by her big brother!
Tre'Mani's favorite things are his mama, his cup, and his toys 💙
Our sweet Evelyn is getting so close to 3 months old! Evie radiates so much happiness into our lives. She already shows off her sassy/sweet personality to us all! She is a big fan of snuggles, FOOD, bath time, & she loves it when we play/sing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis.
Blossom is a very happy little girl and loves tummy time and smiling ❤️
i love his imagination n a happy boy he loves army men
Ja’Lea is such a happy baby with a beautiful spirit. Ja’Lea laughs and smiles at everything. She loves pears, bananas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes. Ja’Lea knows how to gives High 5’s if asked. Jalea is now starting to sit up and roll over. Ja’Lea loves her mommy and daddy and smile when she sees them. Ja’Lea loves Paw Patrol and Gracie’s Corner and Cocomelon. Ja’Lea loves bath times and is now at a stage where she is putting everything in her mouth.
Cooper is a very happy boy
Caiden is a happy and strong baby. He has overcome so many obstacles since he was born. From the womb to the NICU, Caiden has always been a fighter. He loves his Gracie’s Corner and he is one part of my lifeline, alongside his twin brother Aiden💙
Aiden is a happy baby who loves his Gracie’s Corner! He is one part of my lifeline, alongside his twin brother Caiden💙
She loves watching miss Rachel and blippi. She also loves going on walks in her stroller
Amari is a ray of sunshine. He love music and enjoy play time. He loves to hear his mama sing. His favorite time is hanging with his big sister.
Jesse is named after my best friend that I sadly lost last year. He’s a happy bubbly soul who loves everyone