She is always smiling she loves to watch hey bear and she is absolutely beautiful
They call me Mr. Happy!
Aria is 3 year old who loves to play and have fun with her dogs and little brother 😊
Hi, I am Bryson I’m 2 months old going on 5 months old mom says haha. Ive rolled from my tummy to my back since the day before I turned 3 weeks old, I hold my head up with very minimal support (only when I’m tired and excited) Im trying to sit up with out support or falling over.. I love my swing, especially when mom turns on the light that spins I LOVE lights, Ive started laughing mostly at mom and brother they love it, I’ve started teething as of 9/21 and they don’t love that hahah. I’m a milk monster just like my shirt says but the cutest one there could ever be!! Please take a second to look at my other pictures I promise they will turn a bad mood good! Thank you for the vote!! 😁
Milo loves to eat friut and watch tv
Sammy is an absolute character, he's an extremely happy baby and loves everyone. His favorite color is red and he's working on his potty training and his sign language.
She is one of the most adorable baby girl 👧
Kalvin is my first Grandbaby..he has stolen my heart . He is so alert and active.. he looks like my son.. it's like deja Vu looking at him.. Help this little Florida boy with some votes..
Always smiley and laughing
She loves our little fur ball pom Ted and smooshes her hands in his fur
Layla is a sweet loving little girl she loves bath time and snuggles and loves laying on mommy’s chest to take naps she loves to lift her head and look around
He loves to eat his hands, roll around on the floor and stare at mommy ❤️
Hi, my name is Meiko! I enjoy long car rides with my parents. The words "i love you" just blow my mind for some reason, and nanna says im unusually happy...i dont quite understand what that means, but im pretty sure its a good thing! And that Aunt Sissy, always showin me off to the ladies at work.. somehow they all know just what to say to get me all excited...u got it..."i love you!"
Anais is a very sweet girl. She likes to listen to the music and dance, her favourite artist is MALUMA 😄 She likes to play with everything but her toys 🙈 She’s got a lot of attitude and she fights for what she wants. A true lioness 🦁 ❤️
This is my son Everett Allen, he’s such a sweet & loving boy. He loves dogs or just any animal, he likes to be outside & to swing at play grounds. Everett is a water baby, he always enjoys bath time and spending time with his mama & dada💕
The sweetest and happiest guy ever ❤️ Loves watching cars and his puppies
Harper Lou
Harper Lou loves her momma and daddy and her big brother! She is always so happy and smiling all the time. She is our miracle baby please vote for her💜
david is 3 months old and loves his cool koala. he’s a big fan of his nonnie and anytime he hears her name his face lights up. he’s all around just a happy baby. i have to say he don’t have a favorite parent he loves his mama and dada so much and his favorite tv shows are blippy and mickey mouse❤️
‼️‼️‼️‼️accepting advance votes ‼️‼️‼️‼️400 max ‼️‼️‼️‼️ French apps 150 max ‼️‼️‼️‼️If you like my page lmk so I can like yours too ‼️💕💫 Aloha 🌺 Rebekah is the youngest of four children. She is a sweet, shy, goofy and a caring girl with a positive future ahead of her. She currently in the 1st grade ( homeschooled 🥰) and excels in math and science. She is also super duper creative and loves to draw and express herself! She loves crystal gems 💎 and is a collector ❤️! She also has a natural talent for singing 🎤!! Rebekah would like to thank you for voting for her and helping her with this pageant 🤙🏽
Born 3lbs 1 ounce Novalee has fought to be in this world. Now she is 11 Months and thriving. She is beautiful, smart, adventurous, fearles, and the happiest baby you've ever seen. She is our little miricle.
Izel loves to play with her music toys. She is very talkative and likes being included in conversations. The only thing that makes her cry is when she is hungry and will go back to her playful self as soon as she's all done eating. Please vote for her and we we will return the favor. Interesting in exchanging votes leave link below and comment when complete and done ✅. Thank you to everyone voting for Izel.🙏😀
Izaiah its a really energetic kids , loves spending time with family, playing basketball with his brothers, also love to run bicycle, hover border, and plays piano.
Josiah is the happiest and sweetest baby. He is my first born and the light of my life. He’s so friendly to everyone he meets😊
Zayden is an identical twin!! He has a wild and free spirit and has the sweetest belly laughs, along with the sweetest smile🥺
My only baby girl! She loves to smile and baby babble. My big blue eyed princess is definitely the sweetest and loves cuddles and kisses
Our michael is adorable. He loves light switches, buttons, and sleep. If you vote for us, we will return the favor :)
Taedyn is my kind, smart and caring 5 year old best friend! He loves dinosaurs and knows more about them than anybody I know. His favorite thing to do is spend the day at the beach swimming and collection sea shells. He loves to make new friends and give them big hugs :)
My Kashtyn Zykir 💙My 1st child , he’s such a sweet baby
Harrison is my fourth son born. Him and his oldest brother share the same birth month. He has completed this family. His nic name is smiley.
My name is Oaklynn renee I am 2 months old I love eating and sleeping and laughing at my older sister ☺️❤️
Renesmee is a 4 month old baby girl who loves too smile all day and play with her toys !
Kyleigha is in kindergarten this year! She loves dogs, books and baby dollsand playing outside. She such a sweet , funny , caring and loving little girl with the best personality. This year Kyleigha will be an older sister of 2 siblings!
Marlow is a happy clever little girl who has an obsession with shrek she loves him and watches the film in full at least twice a day
Jazzabell is bright and outgoing. She loves being outside, playing ball. She's a mommy's girl but loves her mawmaw and pawpaw!
Bentley loves smiling more than anything! he’s already very ornery!
LillyAnn is Always happy loves to smile and is very talkative she also loves grapes and her favorite things to do are Eat, Sleep, Play and watch the show Garfield the cat please like share and vote for LillyAnn🥰💜🙏 thank you.
King is two years old he loves all the shapes he could name every shape pentagon circle star and so on he enjoys his food he really is a real little king.
Rylee is a sweet little girl she loves School and she loves to sing and dance and she loves her little brother and kitty cat
little man is the happiest baby alive. Loves to cuddle & be held. Has the sweetest little soul and fills everyone’s life with so much happiness. Starting to love toys & be independent. smallest little man with the biggest heart
Alexander is a fun, loving and high spirited boy. With 3 older brothers who keep him going! He loves dancing, climbing, cuddles and chasing after his brothers.
Paisleigh is 4.5 years old little girl. She is into bubble guppies and Daniel tiger.
Izhaan is a two month old cute little premie who fought his battles quite sooner for his age and came home as a warrior. He loves to be pampered and cuddled . He is calm and smiles all the time. He craves for his feed and grows fast , plays for a while and wants to be held all the time. Loves the warmth of people than the bassinet and brings joy and smiles to everyone around. He is tiny and strong and has travelled with us all along .He is just so little yet travelled in a ferry and enjoys going to the parks with his smile on. Not the least, He loves his mom, and grand-mom and always wants them around.
Addisyn was born on April fools day! She loves books, watching tv, and most of all she loves her daddy. Addisyn has two older brothers that she adores. She loves to jump in her jumparoo.