Logan is alway smiling and laughing.
Happiest, & the Sweetest baby ever 😉 Always smiles even when he had covid twice , once at just 29 days old & almost 3 months old
What can I say about this little girl. Well she is one ball of fire. She is such a happy little girl loves climbing everything!! Very adventurous and loves to dance.
Zayn is a mumma’s boy! He loves chatting with mumma and telling her about his day. He also loves listening to nursery rhymes
Isaiah John
Isaiah john enjoys everything. Isaiahs favourite things to do is play with toys, spend time with family, play on his swing, play in the water, watch Bluey and eat food. Isaiah thinks he is very cleaver climbing on furtinure and tying to take steps. Isaiah has 10 teeth and 1 more coming through.
Hazel loves her whiskered siblings, crawling, food, snuggles, dancing, playing with her toys, and following along to books! She's always smiling and is such a happy girl.
Beautiful baby 4 months old
Serenity is our newest bundle of joy 💕 She loves listening to music and being with her daddy🎀
Walker is the most happiest little baby you’ll come across, loves to crawl and get into everything in sight!
Winter is 11 years old and full of life, She enjoys hanging out with her friends and she Is such a. Big help with her baby sister and little brothers she is loving caring sweet smart beautiful, She enjoys cheer and Tik tok, Winter has said since she was 5 that when she gets older she wants to be a doctor her winning a contest would give us the money to start a college fund
This is baby Athena she’s loves going on car rides or just sitting and watching everything going on around her she loves being held and being outside
Kaelinne is our RAINBOW 🌈 baby. She is 8 yrs old and is in first grade. She is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. She loves 80's rock n' roll music and her all time favorite band is KISS. She enjoys playing outside riding bikes, her hover board and scooters.She loves to go 4- wheeler riding with her daddy and pop pop.But most of all, SHE LOVES PLAYING WITH HER LITTLE COUSINS Jayden, Jacelyn & Jaliyah and her other baby cousins JonDarius and soon to grace Kaelinne with her Beauty, HER BABY COUSIN BABY J.
He likes to play, laugh and watch bluey and paw patrol
Miss Raya baya loves a conversation, she loves for you to talk to her, she loves her big sissy and big brothers, raya loves bottle time and is beginning to love tummy time, Raya was born at 35 weeks at birth she was 4pounds 14oz we are now 2 months and a week old and have hit 9 pounds and thriving. Raya is a happy baby
Saynt is a cheeky lil ranga, who’s a big mumma’s boy. He loves water, exploring, playing with his toys and learning new things he can do!
My beautiful Halloween baby. ❤️
Sophia is 2 months old, she loves being rocked, tickled, making funny faces. She loves looking at our family pictures on the wall and she is just now starting to make her little coo noises 🥰
My 2nd Grandson Carson he loves his big brother Jasper, his daddy and especially his mommy .. he like to be held alot by his mommy .
Willow is nearly 3 months old she is the most happy and smiling baby you will meet she is a little cowgirl
Zealand loves anything you give him he likes to laugh and smile and steal dads hat!
He’s got a lot of hair and a lot of attitude. Spaghetti is his favorite and he loves bluey. I feel like everyone deserves to see his adorable face!🥰
Elijah is our precious 2 month old son. He was born 7 weeks early and spent a month in the NICU and has been fighting everyday to get better and stronger and us" his family" could not be more proud and happy of him for doing so well
Dior’ is one happy vibrant baby! His smile brings warmth to your heart. Can you say camera ready? He loves smiling infront and off of the camera. If positive energy was a person, it’ll be Dior’ !
Hi I'm Genevieve, I love to play and laugh.. oh yeah, I also love to eat 😍 thanks for voting me 😍♥️
Kehlani is always smiling and she loves to watch Cocomelon
This super handsome young man kills me with his cuteness. He is unbelievably smart and shows me what real love is everytime i look in his big beautiful blue eyes.
Frankie loves Mickey Mouse and is starting to run around and loves the word no 🥰🥰
She is the happiest baby you will ever see! She even laughs/smiles In her sleep:) Leilani loves the color yellow and is obsessed with baby shark❤️
Knox is a smart, energetic, loving little boy!
Antanina is a bright light in this dark world for her whole family she will give anyone the kindest cutest smile. She can roll and loves to be rocked and sitting in her swing. She dosent like hats but loves a good bow.
Nora's journey began months before the day she arrived. With genetic testing showing that she had an extremely rare genetic condition called Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata or RCDP for short. A rare and fatalistic form of dwarfism affecting less than 100 children worldwide! This disorder comes with many struggles and has had our girl fighting for her life more often than I care to admit, however our little Warrior Queen doesnt ever let that get her down! Now at the age of 2 you can always find Nora, lovingly called The Queen, with a smile on her face and just lighting up the world with her joy and pure love. RCDP wont stop her from being a beautiful beacon of light and strength and sharing that love, light, courage and strength with as many people around the world as she can! Thank you for voting for our beautiful Queenie!
This is Bentley! Your all American country boy! Loves huntin, fishin, ridin, shootin, the whole load! He’s our little sweet man who always puts others ahead of himself! He has a heart of literal gold and one of the funniest kids you’ll meet!
Jakobi is so energetic with a smile that will light up the room he is always happy and loves to observe everything and everyone
Louise Eleanor Bailey is named after her 2 great grandmothers. She love her big sissy and brother. Loves to talk to her sissy and nap on her. She loves to roll on her side and belly. She loves watching the sealing fan and tv. She loves to hear her self luagh. To be continued as she grows!
Eva June
This is my sweet and sassy little Eva June! She’s so full of love for everyone and everything! She loves being outside and just enjoying life to the fullest!
Raya Ida Leigh loves cocomelon shes a very happy baby allways smiling and laughing learning to crawl and try to stand up she has problems with her hips so it's Gunna take time for her to crawl and get up on her own but she Dosent give up trying , she loves the camera going out on adventures and dancing
She’s got the most sassy attitude already!
She is a good happy baby she laughs and plays all day she is always so happy
Irina loves to cuddle, and she loves playtime, her favorite food is sweet potatoes, and she loves to talk she is a mommy's girl
My name is Dennis Michael Wallace. I am always a happy baby boy. I love cuddles with mama. I also love playing toys with my sister. I also love talking & blowing bubbles. My favorite toy is my banana teether.
Carson Mugford
His name is Carson Mugford for the first 2 months he fought for his life he was born at 27 weeks(6months) he was in the NICU Janeway in st.Johns for 77 days he needed a blood transfusion to survive, he was born 2lbs and 3oz 14 inches long he’s now 4 months old at 11lbs he’s a strong fighter he made it though he loves to smile, he loves to cuddle, and loves to rock of course and he loves car rides ❤️🥰
Zillah May loves coloring and playing with bubbles her favorite food is chicken nuggets
Benjamin is the happiest little boy with the best smile and a giggle that is infectious💚
Ali is a happy chappy He loves cuddles Always has that beautiful smile on his face Always happy Loves his Walker
Leonardo is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet, with the worlds most adorable, flappy ears. He loves listening to music!!