He was born with a hole in his heart. . He was a preemie at birth .. but doing a little better
JesaRay is 2 years and 11 month old and is very adventurous and loves exploring everything, she is non-stop all day. Jesaray is also spontaneous and has a mind of her own. She loves the water and loves being outside. JesaRay already knows her colors, her body parts and loves riding her bike 💙 💗 Please vote for me💗
Archer is very outgoing and talkative! He loves watch YouTube a lot and jumping on his trampoline!!
Two of a kind. Him and his twin sister are happy and very loving. They live exploring the world and having fun with everyone they meet.
Two of a kind. Him and his twin sister are happy and very loving. They live exploring the world and having fun with everyone they meet.
Hi I’m Kayden! I am 8 months old, and I was born 5 weeks early! I love to roll around and laugh with mommy and daddy.
Damian is a twin with so many great qualities. Above all he’s loving and caring to his sister, and is always ready to hug and smile anyone he meets.
Raelyn is our sweet baby girl! She’s finally starting to laugh, and loves when we play peek-a-boo!
Charlie Nico
Oliver is a crazy toddler! He is cute, loves to wave at people and say hi. But sometimes he is crazy, He throws his cheerios! He messes up the dog's treat in the bowl. He is crazy but he is still my little dude after all.
Cooper love any and everything that will make him laugh or smile! That includes cats, dogs, getting tickled, and much more! He already wants to eat everything off of our plates! He’s got the most handsome smile and sweetest laugh!
Born 22/09/20 💙
Jaylene is full of energy loves Animals,Singing and her imagination is the best she is lilttle but with a big heart
Hello! Davien is a fun,happy, talkative and active little boy. He is a joy to be around and loves people. Your vote means a lot thank you !
Leonardo Di Sebastian
My name is Leonardo Di Sebastian and I love sleeping on papa's chest and smiling at mama. I'm the cutest baby you'll ever meet. My hobies are eating, crying and sleeping. I make the messiest diapers and mama loves them. My favorite time of the day is bath time.
Raehleen Franco
Raehleen is a very happy ,silly , smart and sassy little girl . She loves learning new things .
Everly was born 5 weeks early weighing 7lbs even with a head FULL of hair. She has been rocking every Dr check up since! She spends her days being held and spoiled by her parents as well as her 8 siblings! Shes the happiest baby in the world!
This is my stepson, he has been since he was 4 months. Trying to save up for college or a first car for him
Emmitt is my amazing miracle baby
Venesia is 2 years old, she loves to play with her toy kitchen and baby dolls. She also love spending time with her brother!
Seraphina is my beautiful rainbow baby, as I lost two babies before her. She’s so incredibly smart, funny, beautiful and just has the best personality of any 2 year old I’ve ever seen.
Hello my name is Noel! I am 2 months old. I love to wake up besides my mother and my big brother. I love to observe, smile and sleep. I was a big surprise to my mother but I know I am also a big blessing. She sings, tells me stories and play with me. My brother loves dancing and i love watching them and learning as i complete all my stepping stones. I know im just now getting to know the world. Welcome me by voting! Thank you so much! ❤️❤️
Adam is 4 months, he will literally stop crying just to laugh! He loves his feet and hates his elf hat😭♥️🥰 He Pretends to be asleep when he sees me getting his bath ready! So just too cute and chubby ♥️☺️🙏🏼
Omari loves to sleep, eat and watch mickey mouse clubhouse
Carter is a happy, silly little baby that loves to laugh ❤️ His favorite thing to do is play hide and seek with his grandma 😌
Kailani loves dancing, cuddling & talking up a storm. She’s a very sassy, sweet & loving little girl. Her favorite movie is Moana & her favorite song is baby shark.
Halo Reign
👼🏼H A L O’S W O R L D Dominican/Egyptian Mini influencer🎀 Leo Baby🦁 3 Month old with A sassy attitude! I love to gossip, very social 🦋. I am The youngest boss in the baby community🍼🧸
Ka Shawn
Ka’Shawn loves spending time with his mommy and big sister! He enjoys tummy time and blowing raspberries.
Hi Everybody, I am a super happy boy who loves to laugh and smile!
Ethan Joseph is an adorablely crazy 1 year old boy
Jonathan, is such a happy little guy!!! He is full of excitement and playfulness. He loves being vocal, using his sweet little baby language to talk to mommy and daddy. He loves to play with mega blocks with his daddy, and loves to shove anything in his mouth he possibly can!
She is the happiest baby ever .. Loves her brothers and especially loves her doggy
Tenaya is the sweetest baby you could ever meet but has so much attitude in such a little body lol. She loves to dance and play with her four dogs. She is so smart and just wonderful
Ayvia Lee Nicole is 7 months old! She loves bananas & pears! She can say, “dada” “yeah” she dances and shakes her head no when I tell her to say mommy. She’s the calmest, sweetest loving baby ever and she loves to laugh! Vote for my baby girl!
She loves to babble, loves to eat & smile ❤
Aaliyah is 7 months old and a little spit fire. She is crawling everywhere trying to talk. Loves dancing to music and love musical instruments. She is standing and trying to walk.
Ellie is a sassy, outgoing girl that loves to shop! She is super sweet with a loving heart!
Mckinley Hope
Mckinley is such a beautiful smart sassy girl always keeping me on my toes 💜 She is also my little miracle baby. She is absolutely inlove with horses. She loves painting, and is always trying to make her baby sister happy. She is truly the best big sister anyone could ask for 💜
A very happy baby who loves to coo when talked to loves to play peekaboo and spend time in her swing!! Always has an adorable little smile and loves her picture taken already ❤️♥️
Brytanny And Krystyna
Brytanny and Krystyna are 7 month old twin girls. They have bright red hair, and baby blue eyes. Brytanny is the super happy, smiley baby, while Krystyna is a more serious one.
Lance loves animals, sleeping, climbing ALL over and of course eating haha
Rhett was born on September 26th, 2020. He came into this world as a chunk at 10lb 5oz 💙
Olivia Rose
Olivia is a fantastic little lady who loves exercise, gymnastics and being outside. She has a great sense of humour and loves to learn at school. Olivia is the eldest out of her cousins and helps to care for the younger ones she has the kindest heart ❤️
Levi is all smiles he loves cars and jumping around! He’s my daredevil.
Eliseo loves to go to the park, spend time with mom and dad, and play on his tummy time matt, he recently learned how to roll and its what he loves to do most
yomar , { j•o•mar} he’s loving kind an he is a advanced 2 year old he likes his abcs and to count to 10 , he knows his coils and more show some support to are young hispanic generation in making 👏🏼❤️he loves all he animals if you name them he make the sound they make ❤️and he loves kids
Brysen is the sweetest little boy ! He loves to play with his cars & watch cocomelon. He is very smart and has a soft voice. The joy of the family , he brightens our days🐻❤️