My month is now 3 And I am as sweet as can be I’m 22 1/2”, but I’ll soon sprout like a tree My eyes are big and beautiful, From a distance I now can see I am over 9lbs and for my mom that is quite heavy I search for every sound, My ears work perfectly I eat my own hands, They taste so yummy My favorite time is in the bath, I’m sort of a fishy My favorite thing to look at is the smiling face of my mommy But my favorite thing to hear is that I Am A Princess, from the voice of my daddy 👑👸🏼❤️
Levi just turned 1! He is such a fun and loving baby with hilarious facial expressions! He was in the NICU for two weeks when he was born and here he is thriving and healthy! Reaching every mile stone and bringing smiles to everyone he meets! He truly is my whole heart and the love of my life! I hope he can make you smile and giggle as much as he does us!
Noah is the happiest little dude and is always smiling. He loves giving kisses and hugs and loves his own giggle.
Kamealoha is such a sweet and caring boy, he’s adventurous and definitely loves the outdoors.
Kingston loves animals, swinging and loves being talked too
Hi my name is Sophia I am one month old and some of my favorite things are my paci,my mommy,sleeping, and my daddy
Lincoln is a very happy baby who does not like to sit still. He loves to play,eat, and start trouble.
Avan is such a happy boy!! Despite all he has already been through as a baby he is a remarkable boy, He loves to play, smile and be around people...he loves to cuddle and to read books. he loves outdoors!! Trees are his favorite! He can stare at them got hours :) you should vote for him because if you cannot look at him and not smile, well than he qithout a doubt steal your heart and will make anyones bad day turn bright and happy. He deserves this. Its just him and i because his father chose to not be in his life before he was born and all i want to do is make sure he never questions why he is not loved or wanted! Please vote for Avan Eli Howatd.
Ruben loves naps, his big brothers, mommy and daddy and loves to eat ! Super happy baby .
Dominik is a happy curious baby. He gives us lots of smiles everyday. Our sweet baby boy!
Tucker is super smart and in the first grade. He loves his family, his baby brother, his pets, and especially video games.
He’s just too cute why wouldn’t you want to vote for him ❤️
Roland was born with Club Foot on both feet. Regardless of the set backs he’s put through, he continues to push through with a smile. He’s the most laid back, happiest baby I’ve ever known.
Zoey is 5 years old! She loves nature, arts & crafts, animals, learning, & helping others! She plays TBall & loves to get involved in extracurricular activities.
Armani is a sweetheart who loves being outside , cuddling , and watching movies . Her favorite movies are the little mermaid and Mickey mouse . She is very giggly and playful
Kevin James also known as KJ has tons of energy, loves to watch basketball with dad actually prefers it more than anything else , cuddle with mom and dad. Loves meeting new people and always has a smile on his face. 🫶🏽
Sweet baby Ryder was born 8/1/22 at 12:32 pm he loves his little books and toys loves to smile
River likes to be soothed by going outside and getting some fresh air. He loves his rattle toys, his mom for comfort, his brother’s silly faces, and his dad’s deep voice. He sleeps well when he’s snuggled on his boppy pillow with Charlie the chihuahua.
Ava loves her big sisters and brother. She likes saying mama. She loves to eat food even if it’s not hers.
Loves her mommy walks and her bottle very happy baby
Big brother , moms best friend , always a mess and messin things up
Hi, I’m Noah! I’m 7 months old and the happiest baby in the world! I love to laugh, smile and play all day! I love meeting new people and exploring new things. Vote for me! Any winnings will be saved and put towards my future! Thank you!
Hates tummy time Loves his dads beard Smiles tons Rolls over easily
Yessiah loves to babble & talk and is a force to be wrekoned with. He is resilient and determined to crawl and reach new heights, at least until nap time, lol. Always smiling and warming the hearts of others. Don’t get caught smiling, it’s contagious!”
Chloe is 10 months old, a sweet soul who loves her mummy, daddy and big sisi. ❤️ She is quarter Irish, quarter Scottish and half Korean. She loves cuddles with ones who love her and cuddly toys. Her favourite words are Umma (mummy) and moma (baby milk). ☺️
Lilah loves bath time, outside and spending time with mom, dad and our dogs!
Niyahna is a little one full of mystery and adventure. She loves playing outside, even when it rains. She also loves to sing and dance. “Hope you have on your dancing shoes when you run into her!”
Benji loves his daddy and loves to eat 😁
Della loves to play outside with her sister and loves to eat 😁 she loves to watch Curious George and Calliou
River loves playing outside going to school riding in her dads truck ❤️
Hello everyone, I’m Mazie, your sassy, spunky, and silly little girl. I’m always making others laugh with my outrageous facial expressions!
Ava Noel Palmer
Ava loves to dance to if you’re happy and you know it, loves watching ms Rachael & peppa pig & loves to meet new people💕
I love helping mommy with my sisters. I also love going to church with grandma 🙏 I’m the only one out of my sisters that wears glasses 🤓 I’m amazing at making friends. Vote for me and I’ll vote for you 😊 God bless you 🤍
Paisley-mae is a chunky happy baby who gives the best smiles you could ever wish for. She loves to cuddle and her favourite thing to do is drink milk ❤️
She’s a loving beautiful quiet fun baby. She loves playing, dancing, trying to sing, loves to have fun and loves everything she sees
Dimples and a tongue smile what more can you ask for ❤️
Kyren is 5 months old. He loves his mommy, daddy & his skateboard . 😎
Hello everybody 👋 my name is Alexandhra. I love playing with all 3 my sisters. I also love drawing pictures for mommy ❤️ Vote for me or any of my sisters but mostly me hehe 😊
Small town shopaholic, that loves his momma and Loves the outdoors!
Well shawn is very smart and alert for his age. He loves to laugh and smile!
Essence is youngest in charge, quiet, yet full of giggles. She loves her fruit and Gracie’s Corner. She loves to explore.
She is an intelligent, affectionate, kind girl, she likes to help, she likes to learn and she loves school. he likes to dance a lot
Hi my name is Liliana. I’m not even 2 months yet and I fit 3-6 month clothes 😁 I love spending time with my family, best part is throwing up on mommy hehe. Vote for me ❤️😊
She is such a happy baby rarely the time you don’t see this big smile on her face she’s very curious she has to look around every room she loves her fingers and toys especially if they make sounds
Kenzo is four months old loves to laugh and play with family. Always had a big smile!
She is super active and full of life😍❣️ Her cute expressions and dance moves will make you crazy 😉😍 That'why we named her on Instagram karizmatickaaisha ❣️