Baby Stories - 45


Amarii loves to play and is such a good baby.
Whitley has a twin brother named Eren and loves Cocomelon and Elmo.
Kollyn is a smart, funny, out going, handsome little boy! He loves being outside and loves his mommy and daddy! Kollyn knows sign language and certain words in Spanish! He loves paw patrol!! He’s such a wonderful bundle of joy!
Nathan loves to snuggle and wakes up happy. Hes a little gummy bear/cheeseball and my miracle baby. Never did i think i would have such a sweet and beautiful little boy of my own. He is truly a blessing.
Ripton Wayne
This is our special boy Ripton Wayne!!!! We tried for 5 years and god finally blessed us with this sweet boy💙 He loves his food, his brother and yelling at his momma and daddy!
Our little blessing boy JJ loves to snuggle!!!
Dominic loves baths and playing peekaboo with his cousin. He is so loving and always a happy baby!
Bentley is the happiest baby! He absolutely loves bath time! He is a chunky baby and loves to eat
Amir is such a happy baby. He loves when you talk to him, he likes to listen to music and he loves to eat.
He is a very clever 5 month old baby, knows what to do and how to use cups and spoon, he loves tickles, he is super smiley! He loves when people chase him, crack an old man laugh!
Paislee is fun and loves Halloween and her animals. She’s very energetic and loves people she has a mean streak but she’s my baby
Thalia loves snuggles, napping, and her big sisters 🌈
Our little lady is our rainbow babe. My husband was told he couldn’t have kids, we had a miscarriage august 2019. Found out July 2020 about our little peanut! She’s such a happy baby and LOVES food! Her smile and giggle is infectious!
Hi I’m Ca’Marion I Just Turned 1 I’m goofy I’m playful I like going on walks and going to the park ❤️ I love music 🎶 and playing with my aunts & uncles .
Onijujuah Amyrika Jackson
O’Nijujuah loves the camera she’s a happy baby she loves to eat play with her toys and her dog August
My name is Brinley Marie. I'm a mommy and daddy's girl all the way! I love tummy time and baths, also loves to sit up. I love to hold things. I'm all smiles
Jamir is 1 year old and like too play with blocks and loves balls ⚽️ 🏀loves watching tv
Adonis is my blessing from above has a smile that will make any rainy day bright , he enjoys cuddling ,watching boss baby and he love his mom ,💙
Xzavien ace holguin loves cuddling on mommas chest , drinking boo is milk . Loves to smile with his colored eyes and sleeps through the night such a calm peaceful joyful baby boy!
Paris loves to play with her toys but also loves to splash in the bath tub. Paris also likes to dance to music. She enjoys car rides and visiting her family.
Olivia loves to spend time with her family, she loves to bounce and swing!
Sierra is a very happy, smiley, playful little girl. She loves crawling all over the house, cuddling with mommy, car rides with daddy, and playing with her toys.
Andrés Illiam
Andrés es un niño lleno de energia y super inteligente, con una sonrisa que llena de vida a cualquiera .. Con tan solo 2 meses de vida nos a demostrado que nos enseñará más a nosotros (papás) de lo que nosotros podamos enseñarle ❤ //Andrés is a boy full of energy and super intelligent, with a smile that fills anyone with life .. With only 2 months of life he has shown us that he will teach us (parents) more than we can teach him ❤
Ivy Marie
Miss Ivy marie is a spunky 9month old. She loves playing with her daddy and cuddle time with mommy. Ivy has two teeth. She loves sloths, music,the movie vivo,car rides, being outside and so much more. She lights up whenever she see her daddy. Her fav snack is cheese puffs Ivy Marie has been a strong willed baby since birth she was trying to hold her own head up from birth. She is our rainbow baby.
This is my grandson. He’s a very smiley happy boy.
Sierra is a very happy, smiley, playful little girl. She loves crawling all over the house, cuddling with mommy, car rides with daddy, and playing with her toys.
Dameon loves to cuddle and sleep. He also loves anything soft or fuzzy. Dameon absolutely loves anything to do with the outdoors. He loves going on walks and getting to look at everything in the world. Looking at him now you’d never guess the battle we overcame in the NICU.
Hi, I’m Crew Walker and I’m 2 months old.
Hi I am Delilah Jane! i love to play patty cake and to pretend my mommy is a mountain and climb all over her! My favorite joke is when my mommy puts her sunglasses on! It’s hilarious!! i also love to shake my rattles and stand up on my own! my mom and dad are my favorite people and I am their favorite person too! My favorite word is momma but to me it means I’m ready for milk.
Sofia loves walking, playing with her little brother and reading with mommy and daddy.
Lincoln loves to be cuddled!
Emilio love to cuddle with mommy and play with daddy and loves nap time
Lakelin is a mama’s boy but some days he needs his dad but mom gots the food. He loves the bath a lot if you want to see him happy just get that boy naked in the bath or naked in general he likes diaper changes also anything that involves his pants coming off 😂
Joaquin is 8 months old and loves to smile and laugh! He has been pulling himself up and cruising for a few weeks now, but just started crawling the last two days now. He loves sweet potatoes and apples. He’s a sweet little guy who LOVES his momma 🥰
Hi im Paisley, i will be 4 weeks old on Monday. Vote for me!
A very sassy and out going little lady!! Loves her unicorns!!
A very energetic boy who loves baseball and football!!
He loves to smile and look at his mommy and daddy loves to sleep
This is Raelynn Esmae she be 2 months old on the 17th and she the sweetest baby ever
I’m 7 months old always happy just learned to crawl and love my nanny & grandma!
Jayceon Leon is 5 months old! We live in Panama city fl. He loves To smile and laugh! He enjoys playing. HIS favorite is early morning walks outside (: Jayce is a big fan of his milk and definitely is enjoying trying new baby foods. He is his own baby for sure!! Vote for Jayceon!
💥💥💥PLEASE PUT ALL FINAL OWING VOTES THROUGH TODAY PLEASE!!!💥💥💥 THANKYOU SO SO MUCH FOR EVERYONES LOVE AND SUPPORT 💞 LETS KEEP HIM UP THERE 🙌 PLEASE RETURN ALL OWED VOTES!! 💥💥💥 This is Levi, our very brave smart and cheeky 5 year old. He loves his little sisters, mum and dad! He loves his games and since starting school has overcome SO much. Levi has CAS, which can make communication difficult but since starting school is thriving so so much and is getting better each and everyday! Please show us your support, it means the world to our special boy Levi 🙌 If you pass our page, please please leave a like :)
Andre Blake
Hi my name is Andre’ Im 15 months old. I enjoy going to the park with my mommy and wrestling with my daddy,I absolutely love watching shrek its my favorite, and i also love to eat!!😊
Hi everyone my name is Ella Rae and I'm 7months old. I'm my mommy and daddies miracle baby. I love to smile when I wake up and till when I lay down for bed 🙂🎀🌈💕
Miss Addilyn Elizabeth, this little bundle of sugar & spice & everything nice loves dancing and adventuring outdoors. She’s an absolute animal lover and enjoys anytime she gets to spend around horses! And loves taking pictures if you couldn’t tell!
Some things about Isabella, she is so friendly with people and animals, always has a smile ok her face, she is soooo bubbly and can make anyone feel happy. For such a small girl she has a huge heart ❤️
Bryson likes Paw Patrol, eating mom’s food, being outside & is very smart when it comes to being a baby. ❤️😉
Alencia is the happiest baby girl! She was so eager to be apart of our world she came 6 weeks early with no complication. Just a hungry belly! She loves to laugh and is interested in everything. Meeting new people and having her photo taking is never an issue. She has a light to her that makes you feel warm.