Rhylan is almost 1 year old! Rhylan loves trucks especially John Deere! 🚜🚜🚜
This is Lorelai. Shes 5 months old, She really enjoys bouncing in her bouncer, she LOVES Bananas. Her favorite toy is Minnie Mouse. Her favorite color so far is Yellow
Dom is a very chilled out little dude, he loves playing with his siblings, recently started crawling and goes everywhere.. will definitely need to keep an eye on this cheeky monkey
He loves his mommy, so full of smiles and happiness. Such a good baby, definitely a momma’s boy!
My sweet Scarlet Fern is the most adorable & funny little girl. She loves to climb up on the couch, play with her stuffed animals & cuddle with momma. There is never a dull moment with this smiley sweet girl ♥️
Always a cute silly lil guy! Thank you for his votes😊 He is very handsome and says thank you!
He loves breastfeeding! He smiles and laughs! He’s getting the cutest personality😊 His favorite people are mommy and grandma! Vote for our little sweetheart because he’s a blessing to our family!
Link gives lots of smiles, loves his zebra toy and his jungle gym floor mat, he loves snuggles with mommy and hanging with his siblings
Amber is 6 months old. She loves to watch cocomelon, to laugh and giggle. She is the most loving and happiest baby girl. she puts a smile on everyone’s face, she our sunshine❤️
Hello my name is Blake I’m almost 10 lbs I’m a happy baby I love to cuddle an play with my mommy and daddy I was born early via emergency c-section my birthday is January 5th 2023 I was in the nicu for 5 days but I’m a strong boy I’m currently trying to roll over already I love music
Bella can roll back and forth and belly scoot very well for a almost 3 month old. She loves to laugh and smile and watch Elmo!
Naomi is a sweet, smiley, and happy baby with a BIG personality.
Justin Riley
Our precious CHUNKY Riley is the sweetest little mamas boy. He smiles constantly, gives the best wet kisses (bites you) and is filled with so much energy from his dimpled chubby cheeks all the way down to his chunky toes! He loves outside, sweet potatoes, his toys, to be cuddled and so much more. We would be thrilled for him to win and cant wait to see all of these cute littles beebies.😁😍🤞
Amiyllah is such a happy baby, she loves to crawl & go swimming! (10for10)
He's 7 weeks old he is named after his great grandmother that we lost to pancreatic cancer after she fought a long and courageous fight . He is a very happy little boy ,He loves to cuddle and snuggle.
Meet the happiest baby ever! This little girl is one of the most happiest smiley baby I’ve ever met, she enjoys laughing with mommy, also napping with mommy and most definitely loves to eat! She brings smiles to everyone to meets❤️
Xavier is 3 years old loves being cheeky and playing at the park all day ❤️
My son is 3 years old his very intelligent. He loves baseball he loves to help when I’m cooking. He is very active he can be at the park for hours. His favorite food is 🍕 pizza. He has a big heart he loves his family and his a mamas boy.
3 months old Always happy smiling laughing tries so hard to sit up alone super strong likes to yell and have you do it back sweet baby boy loves his SPIDER-MAN Toy. VOTE VOTE for my baby .
Hazel is the sweetest, most outgoing little girl! Loves to say dada and mama all day long! Just learned how to say cookie! And loves her doggie Ellie, her favorite foods are peanut butter crackers, french fries and anything anyone else is eating! She loves to play and run around all over the place, but overall loves hanging out to watch Mickey Mouse club house
Leroy is a little warrior loves to make people smile and showing off . He loves his puppy and is a animal person.
Alessandra is a smart, happy baby that crawls everywhere and wanting to walk so bad. She has an older brother she loves, doing great with BLW and is learning every single day!
Lola Jack is our precious, doll baby! She definitely lights up a room!
Aurora loves trying trying new foods. She is such a happy baby and loves giggling.
MyLo Loves to have Bottles and Breast Milk on demand. He Loves being held while being sung too. MyLo is doing well with all his Milestones excelling in every one. MyLo was named based off the Meaning Soilder/Warrior!!
Benji is 4 months old & LOVESS to eat, & he really likes corn!🌽 He’s a very happy little dude who laughs at basically everything 🥰
Brezlynn loves to support small businesses and she has the sweetest smile! Her favorite son is “Baa Baa Black Sheep”
Lilith is a clubfoot cutie! She absolutely loves The X-Files, going to the grocery store to people-watch, and waltzing!
In the begging of my pregnancy, doctors told us that aiden had trisomy 13, meaning he would likely not live after birth and have many birth defects. After many in-depth scans we ruled it out, and now we have a perfect healthy boy.
He loves anything that you can spin. Obsessed with wheels. Very creative and sneaky. Loves tormenting his big brother. He is our little stewie! His mind is always thinking!
So very sweet. Loves playing outside. Very creative mind. Loves to make you laugh. Can be ornery at times. Loves his Gigi, thinks she can trump everyone and anything. She made me put on one of my sister's head accessories. 😱
Maggie loves her older brother & sister. She has the biggest beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. Her smile is contagious. She’s a Gemini so very playful and curious.
Such a happy little baby she is so loved
Mia loves to watch mickey mouse and cuddle with mommy 💕
Abigail is always full of smiles and giggles
So sweet and always happy. Loves pop cycles. Likes playing with baseballs and bats. His dad is his biggest hero. Loves to hunt ducks with his dad.
Lyla is a sweet spunky 6 month old with lots of love and smiles she’s very intelligent and aware for her age one of the sweetest babies you could ever meet she loves her tummy time and loves playing peek a boo her most favorite thing would be cuddling up with her family she loves to hold your face with her tiny little hands🥺❤️
Blakelynn is the best baby. Always smiling and so happy! I can’t get over how fast she’s growing! 🥹🥰
Skyler is such a sweet happy baby and melt your heart with his smiles
Loves to smile and laugh!
Lucien was born December 18th, 2022. He loves to smile, show he’s a true Mainer, and loves his puppy Moose!
Lennox is a rainbow baby with a contagious smile.
My girl is the sweetest thing on earth…her smile would brighten up anyone’s day.
This sweet girl is my very first bio granddaughter. She is the sweetest little baby. She loves her big sissy a bunch. And is very fond of loud music. She loves when dad sings to her. And she loves all the snugs from her mom. Vote for granny's sweet squishy girl