Baby Stories - 45


Amelia is my beautiful baby girl, she is 3year's old , she has been through a massive battle with having a poorly heart and having to have major heart surgery, and very long time in hospital, however Amelia is the most happiest child you'll ever meet ! She's so bright and bubbly and she just keeps on fighting, she's just pure amazing with everything she's been through I'm so proud of her , please vote for her
Our Lil Legend is a Preemie, Weighing in at 2 lbs 11 oz. This was taken on his original due date March 21st. hes such a Trooper n has beaten the odds stacked against him.
She smiles n laughs all the time, never meets a stranger, loves to laugh, even in her sleep. Shes such a happy baby
A Newborn Baby Boy who loves his milk and cuddles.
An Amazing 3 Year Old Who Is Now A Big Brother. He’s Loving, Caring, and Supportive.
Robyn is a sour patch kid. Her eyes will light up the whole room. She is the center of attention. She likes to be held at all times. She love to listen to blues when she is bathing. She watch movies with me every now and then.
Laura , sweet girl ... ❤️
Colt is 6 months old, and the happiest baby!! He is always smiling! He loves cuddles and tickles, and would always rather be in the sunshine. He loves puppies, and he brings joy to everyone who meets him. He can hold his own bottle without help, and he LOVES cocomelon!! He is truly a blessing to everyone who meets him!
Enzo And Nico
Enzo and Nico are fraternal twins who have already conquered so much by being born 9 weeks premature and spending over 1 month in the NICU and an additional 2 months on oxygen. Now, at 4 months these boys are growing strong and are thriving! They love ceiling fans and their fur-siblings.
Hello my name is Jace, I’m am 2 months old. My mommy and daddy think I’m the most Handsome baby ever that’s why my mommy and daddy entered me in this contest to help them afford a better place to live. I’m currently staying with my mommy at another family members house due to the condition of our home. My mommy and daddy hope by entering me in this contest it’ll help them save enough money to get a better place for us to live together as a family. Now to tell u a little bit about myself. Some of my hobbies include cuddling with my mommy and daddy, listening to music while moving to the beat, watching trolls world tour, playing in my swing, going for a stroll in my stroller and I love to give my mommy and grandma lots of kisses. If u vote for me and help me win it’ll bring a huge smile to my face and bring my mommy and daddy back together
Zuri is a feisty, curious baby that enjoys crawling around with her siblings. She brightens anyone’s day with her contagious smile . Vote for ZuZu!
This energetic little boy loves to play with his toy cars and tractors and absolutely love his sisters!!
This is scionna she’s 11 months and loves to enjoy music,food & movies ❤️❤️
Hi, Im Kai’Lanie. I’m A preemie Almost 6lbs and I’m Two Weeks old! I love being Sleeping and Kisses From Mommy ☺️🥰
Ryker loves cuddles and bath time💕
Elizabeth And Daniella
Elizabeth and Daniella they are my twins I had them at 18years old they love to have a conversation and snuggles
Annaira Madelyn
Annaira loves to play with her feet ! She loves to kick and scream with all her might . She laughs a lot & also loves to stick her tongue out lol . She’s very strong although she was born at 7months, She’s now a 6 month old healthy baby .💕
Gianna is a very happy and outgoing individual. She loves to ask people if they like her outfit! Lol she is very funny. She’s also very intelligent, she’s learning both spanish and english. As well as becoming her own unique person!
Sweetest baby girl you’ll ever lay eyes on! She’s all smiles and full of love!
He’s only 2 months. Just started to smile and loves to watch me walk around. He follows everywhere I go. Definite mamas boy for sure !! He’s a growing healthy baby boy and he’s made in Gods image.
Hi I’m graesen I am 2 months old! I love my two big brothers and smiling at my mom and dad 💙
Pharaoh is my happy baby! He absolutely loves standing up already, and gets bored easily when you stop talking to him. He is very vocal already at such a young age and has to be in a good mood for tummy time! Vote for him!
Easton is 1 month old and loves to hangout with his momma❣hes a happy boy but he also has a big attitude 🤣
Alexander is 4 months old and such a wee smiler just brightens up everyone’s day he meets with that little smile
Hi I’m Charlie Elizabeth Rose! I was born February 23! I love snuggling with my momma, daddy makes me smile all the time, my big brother has a way to calm me down and I’m love him a lot too. I love to look at windows, TVs, my kikis ceiling, and I love watching my big brother tablet with him. My momma says I’m such a good baby and that I’m her sweet sweet punkin baby! Vote for me my family would just be so happy if you did!
this is miss petyn reign♥️ her loves to smile and slap you shes trynna crawl but she scoots backwards🥰
Dianne is the smartest kid I believe I have meet so far , she is a year and 6 months with alots of energy in her and she has a smile u can never resist and always happy.learning so fast and does alots for herself at this tender age
I’m 2 months, I love being awake, I love car rides, I’m a mommy’s boy, I have discovered I have feet
Hi my name is Jaden im a strong, handsome baby who loves to be awake the whole night and sleep through the day.
Kamden is such a smart, energetic, wild child😍💛
Illiana is 5 months old, and loves to roll over all the time! (But once she’s there she is not as much a fan) she talks a whole bunch and loves to imitate Chewbacca as well, lol. She loves to smile, laugh and talk. She’s a beautiful blessing in everyone’s lives ❤️
Scarlett loves to smile and talk to people. She loves her daddy. And loves rattles
Zaylin is a very happy baby. She loves sitting up looking around at everything. She likes to make noises and always has a smile ❤️
I am a preemie. Almost 7lbs and im 2months old! I love being awake and looking around at everything.
Jessica is a cheeky little lady who loves showing off with her ‘singing’ and dancing
He is our happy little lockdown lambjam who always makes us smile x
My sweet little baby ready for his first Easter.
He is 7 months , born at 8 pounds , he is very playful , && loves to talk && giggle 😘🤞🏽 he is a mommies boy
Christian is 1 of 5 in my crazy house full of girls and he is such a boy he loves football playing with his sisters going to the park and being mommy and daddys little cuddle bug he is out going and the funniest little boy around
Brayden loves paw patrol & Mickey Mouse
Leighton loves getting cuddles from his mama and he absolutely loves Baby TV
Please vote for my handsome Hudson! He loves his mommy & daddy he loves smiling ! He is such a sweet boy
“ I love being talked to and watch Cocomelon. I discovered my hand now “
Silas has always been such a photogenic sweet boy. He just keeps getting more handsome as he gets older. We love him so much!
Jasper is 4 months old he likes listen 5 Little Ducks, sitting up, and he is the most vocal little babbler I’ve ever met.
She is very outgoing, walks everywhere, loves being outside...she loves making people laugh and is overall just a happy silly baby