Lily loves to sing , dance , and ride her bike
Ariana loves to smile and watch her big brother dance.
Hi, my name is A’Mauri, I am 7. I love to sing, dance, and my family!
Da Voni
I’m Da’Voni & I am 7 months old. I love my mommy, and I love to smile & laugh. My favorite food is pears, and anything my mommy is eating.
Gino is such a sweet boy. He loves Cookie Monster and cuddles with his bestie, mommy 💚
Rubia is a little fire cracker princess, she loves family movie nights with m&ms 🥰
Ellen Jean
This is my first baby girl, at birth she swallowed alot of fluid and she was stuck on my cervix she is almost 2 months old she was born 2/22/2022 8:34pm 7lbs 7 1/2ozs 20 1/2ins long holding her head up really well, she loves tummy time, loves baths, many smiles plz vote for my beautiful angel ELLEN JEAN LOUISE 😇 thank you🥰🥰 Shes getting so big Im one proud mommy shes my best friend i will always protect you once again plz vote for this beautiful princess 👸
Bentley Cole is a cuddle bug and is at that stage where he's learning his hands are and suck on them. Loves sleeping on mommy's chest. But loves the sound of daddy's voice when he comes home from work. Morning 🌻 times with momma with big smiles, well most days.
Londyn is 2 months old and the sweetest little munchkin. We are so blessed with this sweet boy 💙
Alylah is very smart.... She is 5 years old
Sweetest soul & lights up any room. ❤️ Currently her favorite thing to do is watch Mickey Mouse and eat Gerber Ranch Puffs.
Skyzer Jade
Sky is a very active boy. He likes to watch Word Party and PinkFong every single day. He also likes chasing birds, love to eat vegetable specially broccoli. He is our world.
Ki'Yoni is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen! He will give anyone a smile! His favorite is our dogs, you'll hear all of his giggles then!!
Atticus favorite food is avacados and he Loves to dance.
Vote for our loving most cheerful baby! He loves getting cuddles from mommy and daddy and cracks up at tickle time!
Roselyn is my niece and I am entering her for her mom anything would go to her because she needs it! Rosie just turned one and she loves to laugh and is slowly starting to walk! She’s always smiling and such a happy baby. She was also hospitalized for the first 3 months of her life, but you can look at her now and never guess it! Her mamma is so proud of how far she has come and she loves her dada so much.
Zymere Is 6 Months And Already Has a Personality Outta This World . He’s A Very Happy Baby And Love Being Played With .
Hi I’m hazel my mommy and daddy call me hazelnut I know how to smile and blow raspberries with and without tongue. My favorite thing to do is make bubbles with my mouth and kick.
Nora is my beautiful sweet smart and funny girl! Almost 8 months old this little girl has one sense of humor. She loves our kitties her big sis and mommy and daddy!! We all love her to the moon and back!!
Maverick is a sweet and smart little boy who loves people and smiles all the time. He loves flowers, dinosaurs and trucks. He’s always busy doing something and hates to sit still.
Gianni is ALWAYS happy baby, very friendly and energetic.. enjoys play time with his dad 🥰
Everleigh Annette
Everleigh is a smart happy baby who has been very alert since day 1, she smiles and can put anyone in a better mood even non baby lovers❤️🥰 her favorite show is Barney and she loves swimming!
Apollo Michael was born at 6:41am on March 18th. He weighed 8lb 13oz and was almost 22" long. He has big blue eyes and red hair. 💙 He was born with Tongue Tie, but it was corrected and he's thriving! He is such a good little guy with the cutest smile.
arayah brooke is the most happy and smiley baby i know! she absolutely loves to talk and just loves people!! ps. vote for me (:
My name is havin I will be 1 on April 27 th . I love food , learning new things , trying to start walking! I love food and playing with my brothers also !!
Zayvion James
Zay’Vion is 7 months old he loves to play all day and giggle 24/7 he’s super smart for his age he loves when people sing to him cuddles his toys & his family Zay’Vions favorite show right now is sid the science kid his favorite food right now is mashed potatoes and he loves naps thank you for your time support and votes🥰🫶🏽
Michelle is a beautifully spirited baby girl 🧡 She is always happy, extremely goofy and fun to be around! Michelle likes mostly to eat 🤗 She loves Music, phones and anything she can nibble on 🥰 She is my light on a dark day, always filling the room with joy, my first little angel, capturing hearts anywhere she goes! ❤️ Michelle is the most beautiful little person I know inside and out; I’m blessed to be the mother of such an amazing little girl!
Hello!! My name is Raelyn, or Rae for short. I am so full of life and am growing into “such a character” as my mommy says. With my sassy faces, and heart melting giggle I warm everyone I meet up. I just learned how to walk and I am so determined to get into everything! Some of my favorite things are mommy’s phone, mommy’s keys, and mommy of course. If you want to see me smile, just take a picture with the flash on I’ll light right up 📸
Anthony is 2 years old and loves being outside, listening and dancing to music. He also enjoys helping mommy with his baby brother, cuddles and is always happy and has a laugh that just lights up anyones day who hears it
Madilynn is a funny little girl, who wants to know whats going on all the time. She loves all three of her cats and isn't afraid to show it. Being super curious about the objects around, she's an explorer, no matter how small or big objects are.
Declan is a 11 month old happy boy who loves his family and days out and absoblutely loves his cuddles of his big sister ♥️
Ryan Is absolutely one the Happiest Babies ever. He is enjoying learning new things and Loves his Momma and Daddy ( can't get enough of his Daddy especially playtime) and of course his siblings. At 4 months he is already a very smart baby. You should vote for Ryan because he is one of the most cutest,sweet,all around adorable babies and we cannot forget how adorable them cheeks are❤❤❤
Shes all laughs and smiles! Shes my world!
Brielle has a smile as bright as the sun. She has such a kind heart for such a young age. She loves hugs and blowing kisses. Give my baby girl a vote. She’ll surely appreciate it.
Gracelynn is very sweet and outgoing! She loves cocomelon, playing peekaboo, and eating spaghetti O’s! She’s a light to be around and always knows how to make people smile!
Kinsley loves kisses, laughing and making noises. She has the most infectious smile their is with the cutest dimples.
This little boy is a character. He loves talking and yelling, and also spits and sticks his tongue out all the time. He love to stand and even try’s to start walking.
Rowan is the happiest baby! His smile and sweet giggle can light up the room! He loves snuggles, eating, and playing with his toys!
she loves to be held ALL THE TIME •loves to eat, take naps with mom, and bath time(until it’s time to get out! •loves tummy time(as long as mama is down there with her) •smiles on occasion •likes to go for car rides but doesn’t like to get into the car seat
Xominic(zom-inic), He is a HPLH warrior working towards success to our next heart surgery. His first surgery when only 6 days old faught a month and a half in U of M hospital. His team of doctors and nurses handling him with care with treating his condition. Born with only half a heart xominic has the lungs to make up for it. He was 5 months for his 2nd surgery and spent another 2 months in the hospital. He is a happy little boy and loves to sleep and loves his pacifier. He has a feeding tube because he was intubated he can't swallow without gagging. So please if you don't vote for him, keep him in your prayers💕
Maurisa is a spunky 7 year old little girl. She loves her family and friends, and enjoys Mexican food
She’s such a happy baby !! She loves trying new things! Loves being outside and enjoying the nature
Jayshawn Oblander
He smart he love everyone he helpful he in preschool
Coleson absolutely loves to smile and has such a bubbly personality. He loves to suck on his paci upside down and he loves to eat.
Babygirl is now 4 months old and can sit up pretty good , she can eat baby food now and she is so so smart ! Saying momma already and will mouth the word dada but can’t get her little voice to say it ! She can laugh so hard lol , it’ll make you laugh ! She’s an amazing little girl ! Go vote for our baby!