Baby Stories - 45


Jason loves to smile and loves to always move he has the most wonderful personality and brighten a room with his sweet little face and love his mommy and daddy and big bother
Ariella is 5 months old and loves to roll all over the place and make the cutest baby noises.
Cayson just turned 2 at the beginning of November, he is such a rambunctious yet such a sweet, silly & smart boy. He loves his daddy so much, and loves to snuggle. His favorite toys are cars right now ☺️
This is Amina and Nathanael they are 3 and 2 an they are balls of energy , but wouldn’t trade their sas or uniqueness ever 💙❤️
He’s a great big brother and has a heart of gold
Hey I’m Russell! I’m a big fan of jumping I could do it all day! My way of transportation is currently by rolling around to where I wanna go but you’ll see me crawling soon. I hope to win your votes with my big baby blues and curly brown hair!
Leo has such a contagious little laugh and smile. He loves to watch marvel movies with his dad and I. Leo is learning more and more every day💕
Our little Junebuggy is an absolute ray of sunshine. She wakes up so happy and generally stays happy. If your having a rough day she knows how to put a smile on your face.
Hi, I'm Eloise. I'm seven weeks old. I spend my days eating boobie milk, peeing, pooping and sleeping. Vote for me!
Hi I’m Odin! I’m 7 months old and I love to eat, talk and make my mommy and daddy chase me around!
Ellie Rhyan. My heart & soul
Luna is the most sassy & lovable baby ever! 🥺💓 feel free to look at the photos 🥰
With being a 2 year old, you expect to hear the word "terrible". Not to say she doesn't have her moments, but she is the most laid back 2 year old I've ever seen. She loves people, will always give you a hug when you need one and is the first to say "Bless you" when you sneeze. 💞👸
My little Sunshine ☀️
Andreas loves to smile all day everyday! he makes everyone around him so happy and smiles constantly! he will steal your heart with his big glossy eyes ❤️
Zayleigh Mae loves when daddy talks to her.
My name is Legend Lee James Stephenson. I was born 10/20/2020. I cannot wait to be able to crawl around.. For now i enjoy when mommy and daddy read to me or most of all being held..
Paislee is a PROUD new big sister!
Royce known as Roysito is the happiest baby, his smile is so bright it will definitely make your day. He love to dance to coco melon & Mickey Mouse.
Jayden loves to ride her dirt bike, be silly, and love on her baby brother!
Dominic is the happiest little mamas boy! he is very chatty and loves to watch his mommy be silly and dance 💙
Jasiah loves to laugh, be talked to, blows bubbles, and loves his mommas cuddles. 🦕🍼💙
Aidens 3 years old, always happy and smiling, he loves to be outside, and loves to play with his cars and trucks.
Treyven is a fun loving, happy little boy who loves to eat, dance and laugh! He is the light of our lives.
Jasper loves momma, putting everything in his mouth and smiling endlessly!
Chase Kiser
Chase is a smart 2 year old he can already say all his abcs and count to ten and knows most of his colors and. Some of his shapes he loves to learn and loves the outdoors and going to see his grandpas cows . Chase loves going camping and riding the 4 wheeler with his mommy or grandpa .
Sophia is the most sweetest little baby ever! She loves attention and never seems to get tired of it. Her laugh is contagious and her smile is to die for! Her favorite vegetables are sweet potato and carrots! For her age not only do I think she’s advanced but so does everyone who meets her!❤️
Super sweet and mellow baby boy who loves cuddles but also is always on the move
Hello, my name is Karmella and im a very loving little girl. I love to play with my little brother. I love playing, and music. Im almost 3, my birthday is 2 days after Valentines day.
This is Gabriella! She loves to growl and say dadadada! She is sweet and cuddly and loves to smile and giggle! 💞
He’s very silly, he loves nature, he LOVES to eat, he flirts with any girl that holds him! He has a little dimple every time he smiles. He’s always happy overall, if he’s not laughing or smiling then he’s eating 😂
Vance is a very happy baby! He loves to talk to mommy and roll all over😊
Bianca Mclaughlin
Bianca is a 10 year old from Binghamton NY when she was born she was 8 pounds 7oz she is very smart kind lil girl she loves doing her she loves braiding hair she been doing hair sents she was 8 years old please vote for this lil girl god bless ❣️
Addelaya Marie Welsh loves blippi mommy and playing outside!
My name is Elijah I love to eat and play with my mommy. I love to laugh and giggle😁 And I love my family!❣️
Hello world! My name is Taelor Elizabeth Reitz, nicknames are Miss Taelor, Tae, Tae-Tae or baby since I’m my mama and dada’s one and only! I just turned 1 on November 16th. I had an amazing birthday weekend spent with family and friends. I love my shapes. Give me a toy that involves shapes and I’ll figure it out till it fits! My daddy starting taking me to work since I was 4 months old so that’s where problem solving comes from. My babies and coffee cup are my favorite toys as well. I share with my babies food, drinks and toys plus everyone I see, sharing is caring! I’m starting to get used to this mask thing that everyone wears so I smile and wave in public to make their day and be told I’m so sweet and adorable. I love all types of food, must be the Italian inside me! Blueberries, banana, and avocado are my favorite fruit. Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is my favorite shows. I know how to say Elmo and Mickey when I see them. I repeat words very good after I’m told them a couple of times. Every baby is adorable on here! This money would go towards my savings for school in the future ❤️
Ellia loves to hang with her mama and to DANCE! She is so friendly and loves to chat with anyone who gives her the time of day 🌻
Hi, im mason and i love to smile and play endlessly, till i fall asleep ☺️ and i like hugs 💓
My daughter Skylar, is amazing she makes me laugh and is very smart. She is my heart!!!!
Jacob made me a mommy! He is a goofy ginger boy! He loves making funny faces and playing with his dog. He is the sweetest boy. I couldn't have asked for a better baby.
Estrella loves to stand up, eat, chase her cats, but most of all she loves her mommy ♥️ My smart beautiful girl.
Kai’s personality bursts from a the seams. He’s a happy baby who loves the sound of his own voice.
Such an outgoing little peanut, full of laughs & smiles that can light up a room 💜
I’m a Christmas baby 🎄 My favorite person in the whole world is my mommy 💕
Violet is 4 months old and already has so much personality, this little girl is so loved💜
Logan is a 13 month old boy who loves to laugh and play! He loves spending time with his little cousin. He always has a smile on his face and is always happy!!