Baby Stories - 43


Well Ayden loves to smile, and he’s is playful. He’s 4 months old and he’s my little chunky baby, he likes to take naps and he loves cuddle time with mommy ❤️ He loves his little elephant plush 🥰 and he loves taking warm baths too with his little sea animals toys 😍
This cutie pie loves his parents, strawberry oatmeal, bouncing, smiling, and just bein' oh so cute!
This is Zephyr. His name means ‘West Wind’ and he is just that. A little boy who goes with the flow, is strong beyond measure, refreshing as a breeze, and determined as the wind itself. He is all smiles. Would much rather be crawling around in the grass barefoot than be cooped up inside. Craves the sunshine. And has the biggest personality. If only you could hear his giggle through this picture.
Winter Louise is normally a super happy baby she loves her swing set outside & playing with her papaw. Always smiley & full of giggles🥰💗
She is 7 months old crawling, pulling up on everything and saying da da and ma ma. She is the sweetest thing ever❤️
Shes the sweetest babyy. She was born 5pounds 6ounces. She loves her daddy, her food, and loves to move around. She is always happy as can be and loves to play. Vote for ameliaaa 💕
Zac is 5 months old and he a bit of a rough start in his first few weeks he was very poorly but now he’s a beautiful baby boy who’s thriving he loves his octopus rattles and enjoys his big sister reading him a bedtime story
Ava-Rose is my first born child who wants to do nothing but get around independently. She loves to chase her doggy brother while in her Walker and giggles at everything he does 💗
Anthony is my tech savvy little boy. He is loving and caring. He is artistic and Witty. He loves his family and doing fun activities outside.
Mama baby twins ❤️
Kaiden is my bubbly, funny and outgoing little boy. He is autistic but doesn’t let that slow him down. He is fun and loving. He loves to spend time with his family.
Kingston is a sweet boy. He loves to sing along to nursery rhymes, very active and love to give kisses to every one
Baby Ryder is 3 months old 💕💕 She loves to eat, smile, & play🖤
Diangelo Is Very Energetic. His Favorite This To do is Eat snacks & Listen to music , his favorite show is PJ mask (The Villans) 😂 He thinks he know how to have whole conversation! He loves watching me cook 👨‍🍳 but definitely a mommas boy 💙
RaeLynn loves to snuggle, laugh,smile, snort, and make mean faces. She loves car rides and listening to music and does not like bright lights. ❤️
He is 1 month old. And like to breastfeeding)))))
Colter loves bananas and carrots! He also is very ticklish 💙 We love to go on walks and pet our puppy dogs 🐶
Case is always smiling or laughing! He is our extremely joyful rainbow baby!
Riley loves smiling and laughing she is so happy and so smart ! Just started walking and she loves to go everywhere . She is the sweetest little girl ❤️
My little angel..he is my first 4 months old and is the happiest baby i have seen..he likes to do tummy time and he loves bath time..his favorite toys are his hands 😀 Love for Pablo 😘♥️💎👑
Ameirra loves crawling around and getting into everything , she loves playing with kids , and loves her toys !
the happiest little boy all the time, he has the biggest smile, he was born to be in front of the camera! Loves to cuddle 🥰 . seriously the cutest, sweetest, happiest little boy you’ll ever know!!🌻
Elena is a silly 6 year old. She loves to help out when she can. She loves her family and we love her. She loves to draw and color and sing. Her most favorite this is space and learning about the planets.
Emmie is an independent sassy pants who is always looking for her mommy in a room full of people. She loves jumping in her bouncer, eating your face, and babbling up a storm!
He is the happiest baby boy around. Loves to play with his toys and make lots of noises!
Eli is 6 and loves his bearded dragon and all other things scaley. He loves to be outside playing with his friends as well! He's an amazing big brother as well! Give him a vote!
Isla loves dancing vegetables and giving mummy and daddy no sleep 😃
Havva-rose is a beautiful little girl who loves playing with her friends and being outdoors Playing with water. She’s very energetic and clever and such a little inspiration!
Angel is my 4 month old baby , he loves his giraffe toys , a warm bottle , and smiling from ear to ear . Vote for Angel cause he’s the cutest stinkin baby and so he can keep smiling on forever !!
Nathan is our fighter! He was born 6 weeks early but has never shown signs of slowing down! He loves his family and animals! He is very curious and loves to try new things! His favorite things to do are to play with his brother and sister, try new foods, and video chat with family!
She loves yoghurt she's a very happy smiley little girl, a very people person and laughs with anyone and everything
William was named after his daddy and is our little St. Patrick’s Day surprise! This little man is picky about EVERYTHING and he is a BIG daddy’s boy. His favorite foods are yogurt and french fries. He has a baby sister that he ADORES but can get on his nerves. William is a ladies man and loves to flirt ;) He is also 1/4 Athabascan Alaskan Native from the Yukon-Koyukuk
Nivera is the FIRST baby with her name in Alaska. She’s a very happy baby and LOVES to joke around with her daddy. She has an older brother that she ENJOYS playing with and bothering. Nivera is 1/4 Athabaskan Alaskan Native from the Yukon-Koyukuk
This little guy is a sweetheart with a feisty attitude. He's almost 2 months old and loves his big brother. Give him a vote!
Lily is the sweetest little girl. She loves to read books, explore, and play with her dog. Our rainbow baby fills our hearts with so much joy!
Just a boy with a his papaws hat. Until him and papaw can meet again. ❤️
I love spending time with my family. I enjoy playing with friends and playing fortnite on xbox. I like to help my parents with my baby sister.
Aundrea loves spending time with parents, her big brothers and family. She loves to make everyone smile and laugh. She loves playing with anything that is in her reach. She loves being loud when happy and excited and babbles away for no reason. She brings the love and joy out of everyone that she is around.
Silvia is a happy beautiful baby, who lovesss to eat and sleep a lot. She loves to smile. Any of HER money won will all go to HER!
Rylan is my miracle baby! After a decade plus of struggling with infertility I was blessed with this sweet, amazing, gorgeous little fella. He loves to smile, play and visit with people. He's been the brightest light in my life!
Dean is a happy, energetic loving baby. Loves to play.
Justin Jr
Justin Jr is 5 months old. He like the song eye of the tiger, his favorite show Pokémon journeys, and his favorite movie is Pokémon directive pikachu ☺️ Vote for Justin Jr!!! Who can resist those eyes ☺️
I’m a red headed beauty. I’m a quarter Filipino although you could never tell. I’m a feisty little one. And love having my pretty hair brushed 😊😊
Nico is 4years old he is obsessed with Spider-Man and when I tried to introduce him to batman he said he’s cool but he dosen’t have powers so u can see I lost that battle. we are lucky if we can get him out of the costume.🕷He is very shy but once he is comfortable he will show you all his breakdancing moves. Which by the way I have no clue where he learned🤷🏻‍♀️😂. His favorite song is last resort by papa roach you can guess why 😂. All in all Nico is an awesome big brother and an even better gamer. I guess you can say he gets it from his daddy.🥰#wildchild