Emma is almost three months old, she loves to smile when you look at her, she loves to kick, look at lights on the ceiling, she loves to coo, she has a big brother and big sister who she loves so much, and she loves Lola her stuffy.
Bella is 2 years of age. She loves the outdoors, loves to go walking, and enjoys playing with her brother and sisters. This blue eyed curly haired cutie enjoys anything considered as a family outing. Please vote for Bella as the money will be put forth towards anything she may need like new clothes, shoes, undergarments, potty chair etc this money is strictly for her needs🥰 Hope to get your votes! Thank you☺️
Earl Wulf
He loves westerns and being active. He is so smart and caring. He just turned 3 and introduces mommy and daddy to anyone he meets. The definition of a classic man
Aurora loves Mommy, Daddy and her Sister Her favorite toys are anything that crinkles She is very, very smiley and loves cuddles
Noah is 15 months old.He loves dancing and listening to songs. He is a very sweet boy and loves to cuddle 🥰
This is Maximus! He loves him some Miss Racheal and crawling everywhere!! He is the happiest smily baby ever and loves everyone!!
Rafael LOVES to play with any thing he can find! He talks so much, as soon as his eyes open every morning he’s talking up a storm! He is so chunky and loving (when he wants to be) and his favorite time of the day is any time he gets to eat purée!🐻💚
Kinslee is fun loving and for sure has a personality of her own.
Londyn is very much advanced for her to be three months she loves to watch the movie trolls she loves to see her dad dance in front of her all the time she loves to eat and sleep in somebody’s arms preferably her mom
Amelia is 1 month and 2 weeks old, when she was born she weighed 4lbs 14.8 oz she was in the nicu for 3 days, she is currently 7 pounds and some ounces. she has such a personality already. She’s a very calm happy baby, she gets mad when hers hungry (she’s doesn’t play about her food😭) hers love when mommy and daddy talks to her, she’s always smiling.
Raigan is a happy, smiley infant who enjoys cuddles and kisses from her mummy and daddy
Welcoming Grayson meant creating our own little family! He absolutely loves the water whether he’s in either the shower or bath and loves being cuddled.
Mylani is now 10 months old! She has 5 teeth, is almost ready to walk, and loves Sesame Street! She loves to cuddle and give kisses and share her snacks with everyone😂❤️
She loves to smile, laugh, and be around her loving family. She loves to watch The backyardigans. She is a lovely baby. She make you smile even when your down, she is a daddy's girl
She half Japanese half Laos baby girl. She born in Australia 🇦🇺
Arthur loves in the night garden and Peter rabbit. He is always smiling
Brylee is a very happy little baby she always has a smile on her face she loves her big sister and brother she is very cheeky loves too play boo and enjoy s her food . She is always in a good mood
Fernando is such a sweat boy, he loves everyone he meets. Hes a happy boy who loves his cars, dinosaurs and his family.
Olivia is now 2 months old. She loves her baths, tummy time, and she loves spending time with her mom and dad! Olivia is full of smiles and full of cuddles
Our little Theo was born in January on Friday the 13th but although that date is unlucky for some, we’re the luckiest parents there is. He’s been nicknamed the Koala as he wants to cuddle all the time. We just had his first smiles and it melts your heart.
Ava is a joyful cuddly baby. She loves playing and feeding her doggy siblings.
Skyhe had a rough start to life born at 27 weeks with gastroschisis with surgery to slowly put his bowel back in his stomach then ended up with sepsis witch he almost didn’t make it but here he is thriving still has a long road ahead of him still unsure on how long he will be on oxygen for as he has chronic neonatal lung disease
Besides her contagious and beautiful smile, Indika is the sweetest & cheekiest baby 🥰
Jiraiya is a very cheeky boy who loves to play with his best doggy pal sam .growing up so fast loves travelling in the car and taking bubble baths
Our beautiful baby Elisa-Marie didnt have the greatest of starts in life, she came 6 weeks early and spent just over 4 weeks in the hospital due to her low blood sugar levels she spent most of her time being prodded and pricked with needles bless her she is definitely a fighter and came out stronger then ever, she is doing so well and we're so proud of her shes such a happy baby untill she wants her milk then she turns into taz and goes off on one but we wouldn't change her for the world she is a character and has her own personality she knows what she wants... regardless of the votes Elisa-Marie will always be the most beautiful baby in the world to us
He is a happy boy that loves his family and veing silly!
Still quite new to this world. What James like most is to visit new places and look at all the interesting things around. And when he meets new people, he greets them with an adorable smile.
Milo is a very cheeky little boy, his favourite thing to do is eat and chew everything he can get his hands on!
Harry the happiest little boy you’ll ever meet, always has a smile on his face. He loves being outdoors where he can watch the clouds and trees. 🌳☁️
I'm Maddison Ryan ! I love my mommy and daddy (maybe daddy a bit more , but don't tell mommy) I love to smile and laugh all the time . My favorite thing to do is chew on my hands and watch the bright colorful tv shows ! Mommy is always taking pictures of me (it drives me insane) , but I love watching her get so excited over how cute I am !
Ariyah is a bright and happy 2yr old that loves her big brother, baby sister and her puppy. She loves dancing and has a way of making everyone she meets adore her.
Collin loves fishing holding a record of this 23 3/4 inch bass this past year 2022 ,believe it or not the pole was as big as the fish too lol. Collin loves fishing it's a passion so winning this would be an amazing opportunity to be able to take him to ice fish somewhere that's what's in his agenda and I'm determined to make it happen with a lot of help from you all it could happen , please vote for Collin #you can do anything you put your mind too if you just try!!
Wyatt is 8 months old full of love and wonder🥰 He loves the out doors and enjoys playing with his sisters☺️ Wyatt would love your support by giving him your vote ❤️ Them blue eyes and that smile just makes my day☺️
Besides her contagious and beautiful smile, Alcee is the sweetest, funniest little girl. At almost 11 months old this cutie is yet to have any teeth! She does this cute thing with her tongue where she slightly sticks it out for who knows why, but it’s adorable. And while her favorite thing to do is play and breastfeed, she also loves eating everything! Our toothless piggy. Give this little cutie a vote because above all else, she is the most loving and selfless that a baby could be. We love her to pieces.
Jessie is so full of personality and just a total sweetheart. His favorite thing to do is go bye bye and anything outside. He loves his pets and his brother. His favorite person is definitely his daddy. He loves to play, play play and learning new words
Ariah is a very happy baby, always smiling at people, she knows high five and claps to songs!
Clayton is a very sweet 2 month old who loves to smile :)
My name is Taten, Tate for short. I am full of smiles and lots of love. I am a country boy in the making. I love my momma like no other. I enjoy kisses from my dog and playing with my brother.
Evelyn is a strong willed but patient little girl, fighting for attention from her big brother. She loves a chat
Elijah is the brother to Dylan Carter and hunter
Hi everyone this is Delilah. She loves to eat whether. Her favorite chew toy is her hands she trys to have all 8 fingers in her mouth at once. She is so talkative and loves to yell to make sure everyone is paying attention to her. She loves watching movies with water in it she watches moana, finding Nemo, and dory's reef cam.
Jayden Meyer Jr
Jr is 1 1/2 months old he’s already turning over and so active 💙
Lindsey is is sweet..caring.. she loves to play games..and be outside..her favorite thing is to be with her mawmaw all day.. she is a beautiful smart girl..
Austin is all boy.. he loves his hot wheels...trucks..and dinosaurs.. his favorite thing to do is play outside he would live outside if i would let him.. love to ride 4wheeler and getting dirty.. he is my little sour patch boy..
Hannahlee loves to watch frozen and Sofia she loves to dance an loves to be sang to. She is non verbal but try’s her best in communicating the way she can..