Emilio's favorite thing to do is run. Emilio is very smart , kind , and has a good memory. He is autistic. His favorite food is chicken nuggets.
Manuel is 16 months. He loves to play hide and seek. His favorite food is chicken. He loves to sing along to itsy bitsy spider the wheels on the bus. 😊
Sally Rose loves her bows and mommy and daddy. We rarely ever see her without a big smile on her face! 🥰
Hannah is the sweetest little girl in the whole world. She is smart, funny and wonderful. I love her wife all my heart.
Avery loves to stare at the Christmas lights and she’s one of the quietest babies
Charles loves to play outside & swing.
My happy happy baby! She brings so much JOY into my life. She’s the sweetest lil baby. Her smile will brighten your day! She’s loves to sit in her swing and sit in front of the tv to watch CoComelon! Loves pictures! Vote for my baby girl!
Ninja aka Puppers is handsome little pupper that just wants the world to realize how handsome he is! Despite his age he enjoys playing “go get it” with his toys and loves snuggling in bed with u all day long. He hopes to change the doggy would for the better and just live a good Dog’on life!
Asher was born October 5th, he is the sweetest boy. He’s now starting to smile and coo, he loves when mama talks to him and loves music ♥️
Hi I’m addalynn I’m almost a month old I adore my momma 💕 and big bows
Susan is smart funny loves to laugh and smile when i sing to her she is now crawling and standing up holding onto stuff and loves her food
Zayden is 3 years old. He is so full of life.. he never stops ❤️ He loves toy story and superhero’s (Spider-Man mostly) .. he has so much potential and such a handsome boy! ☺️
Dean Jr
He loves to walk around and climb on things
Arianna Kaye is a three year old brown hair brown eyed beauty. Arianna loves animals playing outside and riding bikes. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face.
Aalyiah is a brilliant and sassy little girl. She has so much spunk and energy for everyone. Aalyiah already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. She wants to be from a crossing guard to help kids go to school all the way up to a doctor and a police officer and a construction worker. She believes she can help the world and I love that about her and hope you do too.
Victoria is a spunky, rambunctious toddler. She’s goofy, she’s silly, she’s beautiful. Total daddy’s girl and mommy’s world! & before all else, she’s a big sister; and the best one 💗
Hi. I am Carlin. I am 20 months old and love to play with my big sister and mommy. I say alot of words and love to climb. My mommy, sister and pop pop are my entire world.
Veronica is 8 months old, very chunky and super sweet. Full of smiles and laughter. 🥰
Camille is very confident, she loves ballet and gymnastics, she's very athletic and co-ordinated yet also such a little diva. She loves to brush her hair and pick out her own clothes, she has a good sense of style and is very artistic. She is the sweetest, most caring little 5 y.o. and is very cuddly and affectionate while also enjoying teasing her older brother when she thinks her parents aren't listening.. She has an unreal sense of humour for her age and loves to laugh.
Cloud is 6 months old and loves to smile. He has blue eyes and already knows how to use them to get more snacks. Hes just starting to crawl and is just and amazingly happy baby.
Hey im izabella im 4years with a whole lot of sass and cuteness. I love school and i love to cheer ,spend time with my best friends and my family!
I was born on June 8th in Michigan. I was 7lbs 10oz, 20.5 inches long and with blue eyes. I am black and white with a full head of curly black hair. I love to cuddle and and smile at everyone. I am funny and too smart for my own good. My favorite color is yellow and i just love music and to dance.
Jaxon is a very forward little boy have been since the minute he was born. He loves the camera. Hes a mammys boy 😁
This is our handsome 2 month old, Kylan Beau. He loves listening to running water and hanging out on his changing pad. He also likes to try and sing along/talk to whatever is on tv and was born with that full head of hair! Please give this sweet little cuddle bug a like! We'd appreciate it!
My name is Parker Thomas Bublavy and I’m 4 months old ! I was born a preemie at 37 weeks weighing just 4lbs 4oz❤️I love playing with mommy and daddy and cuddling my dinosaur lovey ! I also love to laugh and smile all the time , I’m the happiest boy .
Loves chitty chitty bang bang and warm hugs! Loves music and story time
Mr.Handsome himself! He is such a sweet and smart baby. He loves to play with his stuffed monkey.
She loves her animals, Peppa pig, Dora the explorer and the wheels on the bus!
Hendrix is 3! He’s a very active lil one with the biggest heart ♥️🥰
Grayson is a smart little boy with a foot problem. It's called club feet. Last week we almost lost grayson due to a sleeping problem. He still a happy little boy.
Wyatt loves trucks 🚙🛻playing outside with his twin brother and more.
Mason just turned one and loves to play and learn new things! He has a big cheeeeseburger smile that is super infectious and will brighten up any room! He loves the outdoors and being busy 24/7!
Bailey Jane is a 2 month little chicken nugget who loves bath time, smiling and eating😋 girlfriend doesn’t like Naps or when you take her bottle From her to burp. Give little mama a vote 🗳
Olivia-Rose is just the worlds most adorable baby! She brings so much charm and happiness to herself and everyone around her!
He's 3 month old, he loves to interact with you ❤ and hes a great baby and is my blessing and my comfort. He was hand picked for my family from grandmother that passed away after 13 years of cancer.
Ava is an outgoing and bubbly 3 year old. She enjoys playing outside and playing with her dolls.
Gracelyn is a miracle baby! She was consistent with still birth and still alive! God has plans for her. She's our life!
Beautiful, smart and sassy ❤️
Hi, I’m Jace. I just turn one in August & life has been so amazing. I love learning and experiencing new things. I love the camera. My mommy thinks I’m going to be a famous model. I love to swim & make faces with my daddy. Vote for Me 😍
Arabella is our first born baby girl, our little princess & we could not thank god enough for our precious little bundle of joy that he has sent to us. She loves to smile lots and is a happy baby and likes to pull the funniest faces around 🙈😍 we love her so much! We would really appreciate if you voted for our little princess. 💖💖
He is a very special boy. He loves hot wheels.
Roman loves to talk and giggle with mommy everyday and loves when his puppy sister cuddles next to him.
Bryson K is 2 yeats old, he has the biggest heart of any child i knoe he is very smart, he loves big trucks and trains so he is always watching triams on you tube. He knows his colors and he can count up to ten, he loves riding the fourwheeler and music he loves...
Branson is almost 3 months and so far he loves to eat and play with his mama papa and his dog Floki, this boy loves to smile and laugh and be around his family.
Jzh'Xorri is 2 years old.She is so outgoing and kind for her age.Amour is also a Instagram Kid Model.She also has her own clothing line called Xorriprelovedclothes. page is ran by my mommy.