Baby Stories - 43


Avaya loves watching Moana and drinking lots of milk. She also loves playing with toys and she is the sweetest little girl.
Akira is 7 months old. She likes to crawl, play, and practice walking with Mommy and Daddy.
Hunter loves cuddling with mommy and playing with his daddy and brother
This is our baby bowhunk 🥰
Analyn is very photogenic, fun, and strong-willed. She has the temper that goes from ice to fire really quick. She loves her kitten Luna and is stuck to her mommy like glue❤️ Please vote for Analyn❤️❤️❤️❤️
Stefan likes listening to music. He likes to look in the mirror and immediately tries to talk, he also likes to be photographed. ❤️
David is our miracle baby. David was and is a warrior since in my womb and now. He went through so much even though doctors didn’t believe in him God had other plans!!! He sure did blessed us David is such a smart little guy he’s the light of the family he loves his big brother and his twins sisters Faith and Joy that are in the girls contest as well.. hopefully you guys will make this happen for him we appreciate anything….
Bodhi is 7 months old and loves to smile and giggle!
Journee is always happy and always smiling. She loves to chew on anything she can get in her mouth. She babbles and talks all day. Her favorite thing to do is play with toys, and her favorite person is probably her sissy.
Little Ms. Alianna loves to move & lift her head.. she’s already rolling over and trying to scoot her little legs. She has the biggest most beautiful curious eyes & loves to stare at the fan. Oh, and she loves to flick people off lol 😂
Kyson is a very intelligent Smart baby he would make you Smile
Bayleigh was born a preemie baby at 28 weeks. Her weight was 2.7 lbs and she is now 16lbs! She is a very happy baby who loves music and being talked to.
She’s a happy smiling baby that loves her momma daddy and sister
Wiley is 6 months old, has red hair and blue eyes! Happy happy baby! He loves his family, watching the ducks, chickens and dogs! His smile makes everyone’s day!
Y’all vote for this sweet, happy, smiley baby boy 💙🥰
Sweetheart loving and heart warming
Staley Axel
Staley is a one of a kind baby! He loves music, cuddling, and loves making noises to talk to mom or dad. He has the prettiest blue eyes and the sweetest smile!
She loves gooing at her momma and daddy and loves to smile
The snuggliest lil man you’ll ever meet. He loves the outside and taking walks.
She’s a down to earth girl She loves her little toy baby’s and if u ask her teacher at school she will tell u she’s spunky and just a ball of joy I love u baby girl
Jah’Nia is a 2.5 month old girl born on july 16 and she has the best personality! Jah’Nia loves to smile, pull mama’s hair, or look at daddy 💙 she loves the puppies and is the sweetest girl! if she wins, the money will go into her trust/college fund!
Nova was born on July 15, 2021 looking just like daddy and acting just like her mama 💓 She likes to take walks outside, watch tv with her mommy and te-te, and listen to her mommy sing to her. Of course, nothing tops her eating time because she WILL let you know when she’s hungry 😂.
Skye girl is the sassiest sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! Playing dress up and playing with mommy, daddy, and sissy are her favorite things to do!
Sailor is the sweetest 10 month old little monkey! She loves her mama, dada, and sissy more than anything or anyone!
King was born on October 6,2021.
Just a sweet girl and silly girl ❤
Harmony is so sweet . She loves her big sister and loves her dog lady . She’s almost 15 months old she’s full of life and just loves her family !!
Mecc Mecc has an outgoing, happy, and curious spirit! She is SOOO loving and fun!
Alivia is the most smiliest happiest baby. Even when she's crying she manages to smile. Nothing brightens your spirit like her smile
Lucas is 4 months old! He loves to move his legs non stop and talk all day, his favorite thing to do it okay with his toys and have conversations with his daddy.
My name is Eliana! I’m 9 months old and I’ll be 10 months on the 23rd. I love warm baths and banging spoons on pots and pans. My favorite people are mommy and daddy. I love talking and I’m trying to take my first steps already! 💖
Addy loves watching tv with Daddy, looking around being held, and drinking milk all the time 💞
Georgia is a sweet little mamas girl! ❤️
Hi, I’m Zola! I love Netflix, Stuffed Animals, and my Aunties! I enjoy going to the park, playing outside, swimming, and helping my Mommy with everything she does! Im the HIP monster 🥰 I’m goofy and very fun to be around! I love to Smile and Babble❣️ I hope I get the most votes so my mama knows she’s a great Mama&Dada💕
Tobias is our sweet, happy, smiley boy. His older sisters are just in awe of him. 🖤
Little lady loves to laugh and play with her kitty. 💕
giana loves her mama and dada she is 7 months old she loves to laugh and yell😂 she loves being outside and loves cuddles and car rides
Dezzin sean king was born 8/17/21. About 3 hours after ge was born the doct0rs noticed he was having tremors and siezures in his sleep thst was causing him to quit breathing. After keeping my lil man for 2 weeks they allowed him to come home. Ever since hes been home he has made me the happiest i could ever be. He loves cuddling, eating and bathtime. He never cries unless hes trying to tell me something. I love my strong man more than anything. Whether he wins this contest or not, hes still my champ 🥇🏆🤱 .
Brody is almost 7 months old. He is my pride and joy. He loves any bright colored and his favorite show is green eggs and ham 🥰 vote for my handsome boy
Ainsley is almost 9 months old! She LOVES food and cuddles. Baby girl is stubborn, crazy, sweet and definitely knows what she wants already!
Logan was born premature at 28weeks . Weighing in at 1lb 9oz. He is a thriving baby boy at 7 months old 4 months adjusted and he truly is my miracle baby. 💙
Scarlet is always a happy smiley 😊 baby, loves her food loves playing with her musical toys 🧸 and she’s a baddy girl
Skyler loves so play and is always a bundle of joy and just wants to share his smile with everyone else! ❤️
Our baby loves to blow kisses and talk loves to look out the window and he loves tummy time he also likes to hang with his brothers and sister!! Hes also our little cuddle bug!! He's 1 now and such a mess 🤣 he loves to run all over the house always talking up a storm he's got such a bubbly personality he's so amazing and we love him so much!!