Terrance is a very active little boy!!! He loves to play in water and to say please all day long!!! He’s very loving,, he’ll tell you “I love you”🥹
Jaylynn is 6 years old and loves the outdoors, and vacation.
She loves to smile and color. Her laugh makes everyone giggle.
Nikolas loves to hang out at the dinner table in his high chair. He enjoys his sister time laughing and smiling at her. He watches TV and his favorite shows are SpongeBob and Paw Patrol.
Diego Jr
Diego Jr loves practicing riding his skateboard! He likes going to the skatepark/park and likes to run alot!
My name is Rosalyn my parents call me baby Kaye my favorite thing to do is sleep and eat
I love nature, the arts, shopping, and anything food related (even though I can’t eat ,yet! ) Sometimes I skip nap time because I enjoy a social setting. My smile must be contagious because people always smile with me . Vote for me, pretty please 🥹
Jaxson is 2 months old and was born with every ounce of his fluffy hair. He loves to smile and is already rolling over and holding his head up!
Ranyah is outgoing, active and so playful. She is the sweetest little girl & has the most amazing personality!
Little Miss Maddie has had a tough life at the beginning, she had to fight off so much when she was born, her biological mother was on drugs the the entire pregnancy, and me as her older sister I had to fight for her and we’re still fighting for her. We’re fighting for her to have a life with us, She’s been in our life since the day I watched her be born. The Lord has brought her through so much, and we’re truly blessed to have thi little lady in our life! ❤️ If we don’t get a vote we would appreciate all prayers!
Hi, I’m Paislee, I was born on august 12, 2022. I love watching my mommy and daddy make funny faces and noises, they make me smile big and laugh. I have held my head up on my own for a good amount of time since I was born. I also love to roll from my back to side, tummy. Most importantly I love giving mommy and daddy a hard time at bedtime 😉.
Su Thiri
She is my world. Her nick name is boon. She is now 4months old. I hope she will be happy and healthy throughout her life.
Evelyn is 2 months old and the light of my life! She loves to smile and “talk”.
He loves to eat and he also like watch tv. He’s very active he holds his head up. Starting to try and talk.
She’s the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that I could ever write.
Jaelynn is the sweetest little girl she always cares for others. She would love to hear about people voting for her.
John is 9 months, he loves to talk and say hi to everyone and he is always happy
Hi everyone I’m kalani, I’m currently 6months old and I love to laugh, play, eat and get my BEAUTY REST and do it all over again!! Down below on my profile I have added pictures from the time I was born to the MIRACULOUS NOW!!! 3-10, 5Lbs-6oz to 15Lbs-3oz!!
Londyn is a very smart,sweet spirited girl..she loves to talk,and help people..Londyn always carry a purse if were in the store and someone in line and doesn't have enough money for their purchase, of course londyn goes in her purse and pulls out her coins to help someone in need.
Vote for Liam Wyatt!! ♡
Hi!! My name is Abigail Elaine, and I am 1 years old about to turn 2 in March. My favorite thing to do is play with my cousin Ashlee, and my older sissy Autumn, I love fig newtons, my favorite shows to watch are coco melon and Bluey, I love to play outside and I love to swing! I also like playing on my mommies cell phone and my cousin Ashlee’s tablet.
She’s a little girl with a big attitude ❤️
Hi. My name is Autumn Rain, I am 2 years old and I’m about to turn 3. My favorite things I like are , I like to play outside, I love to paint with my Aunt Jeannie, my favorite foods are chicken nuggets, spaghetti, biscuits and gravy. Not long after my 1st birthday my mommy got pregnant with my baby sister. She is 1 now going to turn 2 in March. I and leaning so many’s new things and i strive to be independent.
Wyllow is such a grate baby she is so cheerful when she wakes up nothing but smiles
Dollie Mae
I am Dollie mae 💗 I love drinking my milk and looking cute 🥰 I was born 8 weeks early but I am so strong 💪 and growing in to a beautiful little princess 👑
Gianna loves Mickey Mouse and Bluey. She’s is a very happy baby and loves snuggles. She is the light of our lives and can bring a smile to anyone’s face that meets her. She truly is the gift we never knew we needed. Our greatest adventure !
Shes been through way more then a child her age should have, shes strong! Shes kind! And a heart of gold after all shes been through!
He is the happiest baby ever & he got the cutest smile & those curls!!… 🥰 he loves to snuggle & talk & smile & watch baby shark!!!
Kaylani is a beautiful two month old who loves to be loved and snuggled. Kaylani is trying to win to be able to move into baby modeling. Please help vote and share. Thank you.
Mylah-rose is a cheeky 4 month old little girl💖
Ocean is 4 months old and born in Hawaii. She is half white, quarter Japanese, and quarter Filipino. She loves staring at palm trees during her late afternoon walks in the stroller with her favorite mermaid doll in hand. We hope she will love swimming, diving, and fishing as much as her parents do when she grows up!
the happiest little bean of all, always smiling little rudy 🥰
Da’Marion is my first son all my friends and family told me about this site and DaMarion is a very handsome baby and loving and silly baby
Hi my name is Santiago but they call me Santi for short. I love being on my jumper and smiling at the whole world
Hi my name is Mateo Mayakel! I love drinking milk and being held by mommy !! ❤️👶🏽 I was born July 27th at 5:12 AM. I weight 6 pounds 6 ounces now I’m 10 pounds!! I love music and being carried… thank you to everyone that votes for me ❤️👶🏽 God bless 👶🏽❤️🥹
Iris is my rainbow baby she loves being cuddled and getting her picture taken, she’s just such a happy baby she loves being called pretty, pickle, and pumpkin 🎃
He love them most currently is his stuffed elephant "Mr harlowe" (from chu chu surprise eggs), hot wheels, the farm animals, hanging out with his friends. He also loves posing for pictures with his baby Mr Harlow elephant.
Cheeky happy wooden block and bubble loving boy! Hates bland food but partial to a bit of paper or cardboard! Will give out smiles for veggie straws 🤣
Kyland is the youngest of seven sisters. He loves Elmo, when you sing him his ABC, snuggling with his mama, and of course the camera. He has mastered tummy time and sitting up like a Big Boy. He is always happy and smiling. He’s such a good boy🥰
Hi! My name is Roman. I am a cheeky 13 month old little boy who loves his food and always has a smile for everyone 🤍 I am 1/4 Seychelles Creole & 3/4 British. I love to nibble your fingers and give you lots of milky kisses. I am a Leo ♌️🦁 I am the most pleasant little boy who always has a smile for everybody, I make my mummy and daddy so proud 🤍 Please vote for me
Levi is the sweetest baby ever. He is so kind and loving. He is funny and so smart. He loves BLUEY and MICKY! He laughs at everything and always has a smile for momma and daddy!! I am honored to be Levi’s mother!! He is my SONshine!! He is my everything. Levi is unique and beyond adorable!! He is loved so much! 💙💙💙
Ryver Grey
My names Ryver! I’m one month old, I’ll be two months on October 2nd! I love my mommy and daddy, and everyone who holds, snuggles, or talks to me! Please vote for me, and I’ll love you too!
Juniper, a babe who loves bubbles, hugs, high fives, and her grandpa ♡
Colton is cuddly, curious, and just a sweet baby. His favorite thing is food. And he loves to be held by his sister. ❤️
Arieana is a silly wild child who loves learning new things and anything arts and crafts. Please vote for our beautiful girl.
Rain Beau Bale
My name is Rain Beau Bale, I'm 10 months. I enjoy laughing with my big brother, playing peekaboo and getting told I'm adorable 😍🥰
Carter is a happy baby, with a big personality. He loves being outside, and being talked to. He has a very contagious smile 🤍