Baby Stories - 4


She loves walking playing with the ways exploring He loves unicorns My Little Pony And the chiefs
Loves football chiefs mahomes enjoys Playing with friends his football team wss undefeated in little league football game. Loves reading and school. Enjoys watching movies and playing with little sister and brother
Jru is our little miracle, our rainbow baby. He hates baths and loves his big sister🥰
Loves paw Patrol coloring watching movies. Happy spunky little man who loves mahomes and chiefs.
Gage Wayne is 4 months old he has learned he has toes he loves to chew on his toes he can play with his toys too he especially loves his sunshine rattle he's so silly and always ready for the camera he warms thw heart of so many and never leaves anywhere without leaving a few smiles here and there he loves cuddles and he loves greenbeans he can be a little stinker and he loves to give sweet warm smiles
Ryan is a gamer and videographer. His favorite food is eating steak and beans.
8 months old, loves to eat, play and get into everything lol
Sweet and sassy.
Hello my name is Dionysia, I am 2months old. I love to stare and look around but mostly love to drink mommy's milk and sleep. Please vote for me AZ❤
Benjamin is my last little preemie baby boy who was born 7 weeks early weighing 3.10 lbs & is now a healthy, happy little chunky 12lb 3 month old! He loves his brother Roman & now is giving lots of smiles to Mommy! So blessed to have him in our lives! He is an overcomer!
Roman is an extraordinary little miracle child! He was born at 33 weeks & weighed 3 lbs 13 oz...he has overcome every obstacle that was in his way & is a very happy, healthy 5 yr old who loves God & America!
Cameron loves to bounce and talk!
Violet is our greatest blessing. she came 2 months early, but that hasn't stopped her from coming out on top!
She is a happy and friendly baby, she loves being around people and animals. When she watches Mickey Mouse she makes noises talking back to them
He is my happy baby smiles he loves looking at himself and pictures.
Aiden is 4 weeks old and loves to make all kinds of faces
Dixierose loves being told how pretty she is. She is a big go get er, she tries to crawl talks all the time and is head over heals in love with her daddy.
Melody Rose loves people, she loves you to speak and sing to her 💕
This is Addison sky colton She is the most beautiful baby girl and has a beautiful smile she wood made you fall in love with her by just looking at u! My little sky! She loves playing with her toys and her Walker and eating baby her food and her bottle! She has a older sister savannah 4 and a big brother Spencer 2 and we a great Dane And a new puppy that's 2 months old. We are trying to find a rent home somewhere around here to move to 🙏 just prayers for are money to come in faster so we can get it 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rayden is a very active hyper baby boy ! He loves to smile and eat . He keeps me active along with his brother and I love it . Vote baby rayden ❤️
I’m the light of my mommy’s and daddy’s life. My mommy has a beautiful voice and I love for her to sing to me. In fact, I love anyone talking to me. I watch Disney some on tv but I’m really more of a people person.
Ahlias loves watching bo on the go, playing in his jumperoo and always has a smile on his face!❤️
Christian was born 11-2-20. He likes to cuddle and smile. Love's his brother and 4 sisters. His favorite thing to do is napping and spending time with mommy and daddy.
Damian loves watching TV, laughing at his puppies playing, and smiling all the time!
Maliyah is a beautiful, happy, and silly little 2 year old. She loves watching her kid shows, playing with her toys, playing outside, and she enjoys being around her older twin sisters, and her baby brother.
Raelynn is the sweetest little girl with a beautiful smile and loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy.
Malani Grace is the most smiley, talkative, happy baby ever! She loves to sit up by herself and standing up with some help. All it takes is a smile or a glance at this pretty girl and she’s going wild smiling. She is the best baby, never cries or whines. She loves to be outside, take baths, watch cartoons and play with her kitten!
Fallyn loves unicorns and mermaids. Loves animals and all people. A fun little girl with a big heart.
9 month old full of sass! She loves to play and say da da. She loves to crawl around and be on the move all the time! She loves cats and dogs. She is always happy and loves seeing people.
Olivia is a generous, loving little girl. She is super into art, and loves to draw.
Jayce absolutely loves giggling. His favourite fruit is strawberries and he absolutely adores being taken for a walk in his sling so he can fall asleep. His best friend is Millie his pet staffy.
Greysen is my 5 year old spitfire, he loves video games, playing with his puppy and his brother. He loves school and hangout with him family!
Our Leia loves being outdoors whether it’s playing outside with her dogs or having water play. She also loved being around her family 😊
Oliver was 9 weeks early and he has hydrocephalus; a grade 3 brain bleed. He spent his first 2 months of life at children’s mercy. But he’s doing amazing. He loves to cuddle with anyone he’s with especially his mommy and daddy he also loves falling asleep to Disney lullabies.
Kohen Is my miracle baby, he is my 11th pregnancy after 10 pregnancy loses. He’s my hero, he’s my blessing. Kohen loves to roll, and loves his baby foods! He like to play with his toys and he LOVESSSS TO SASS...!
Thoryn is two months old and the happiest little boy. He has some of the grumpiest faces but always puts a smile on ours.
Riley’s is a very happy talkative baby, she loves clapping and enjoys eating cookies 😋🍪
Noah is such a sweet baby. He loves to reach for his toys and chew on them. He loves to roll over during tummy time. He has such a cute laugh and smile. He has beautiful big bright eyes just ready to see the world!
Thank you for taking the time out to come and vote for my babygirl. I love her so much and she is the happiest baby ever! 🤗 She completes me‼️❤️🥰 Love You All‼️
My beautiful baby girl was born 2 weeks early, she was in the Nicu for almost 4 days due to high levels of jaundice. She is all better now and currently 23 days old. My milk supply unfortunately is drying out 💔 she will be needing formula too so winning this contest will help A LOT!
Freya enjoys boobies, and music. She is 9 pounds and 2 oz, 19 inches long. She loves mommys snuggles, She smiles all the time and is growing everday.
My tiny little miracle baby, 3 and a half weeks old after being told I couldn't have any more children due to my endometriosis.. Was a great surprise. All 5lb 9oz of her 🥰
My name is Eddie, and I’m so alert and I love my puppy Figgy, and my mommy and daddy. I love to drink my bottles too
My gorgeous boy loves to play peekaboo and stick his tongue out. He has just figured out how to roll too. His favourite is bath time where we splash about in the water- soaking Mummy is hilarious
Hey I’m Myles ! I’m 7 weeks old and the most handsome, cheerful, full of life baby you will ever meet!
Avery Rose
Avery is my 2nd daughter. She was born at 37 weeks and spent 3 days in the NICU. She is my warrior, the puzzle piece that completes our family. We are so thankful for this precious little girl!
This little girl is always smiling and brings me so much joy everyday, she’s such a happy and giggly baby and learning so quick!