Comment for 10 daily exchanges💕Ariella is a happy beautiful little girl I’m so happy we get to watch her grow up ✨💕
Amaya loves snuggles, loves interacting with people, and loves to spend time with mommy and daddy and our two dogs. She is a sweetheart and loves to smile!
such a happy babygirl 💗
Sydney a mover and a shaker, spending most of her days dancing, clapping, and getting into everything. She’s only got two teeth, but she knows how to use them. Most of all, Sydney is smiley, and we love that most of all about her.
Bella-Reinée loves being kissed on her cheeks, likes listening to the piano and listening to french lullaby’s and watch french cartoons. She loves oranges, and loves a great fashion moment!
Anthony is a wild (giant) toddler! He is completely fearless and loves with every ounce of him! He is a very smart and special little boy that steals the hearts of everyone he meets!
She is a chunky and sweet baby🥰 she loves her daddy so much and loves to smile and laugh! She loves to eat and sleep and enjoys seeing colorful things!
The most beautiful princess🌸
A’ria two months is my beautiful daughter that loves to eat and sleep
Jordan loves to play! He loves to count and say his favorite colors; red, green and yellow! His favorite animals are little duckies, elephants, dogs and fish! He loves to give kisses to mama and dada ♥️
Aliyah is the funniest baby there is. Nap time doesn’t exist in this house because she never wants to miss a thing. Always has a funny face to make and something to say. So little but already life of the party
Zyland loves to try to talk and loves to laugh and sleep
Kamila’a favorite thing in the whole world is food! She also love looking at books and when mommy or daddy read to her. She is the happiest baby!
Rebecca is a spunky, outgoing, loving, girl who loves anything girly but also loves to be outside!
Josiah Tru Bryant
Josiah love Mickey Mouse , Josiah is a happy baby & A cry baby sometimes and he spoiled also have colorful 👀.. ❤️😂
Elizabeth is a happy little girl who is always smiling and clapping her hands. She loves to wave to everyone she passes when going out for walks and says Hi. She loves to read books and play with her dolly
Thilini loves looking at herself in the mirror. Her favourite book is a black and white picture book with a picture of a baby.
Vic is 13 months old that loves to eat french fries! he beginning to get into everything everything & walk on his own!💗
This is mommy's handsome little trooper right here! He may only be 6 months old but he's already been through a lot. Even though he just recently had open heart surgery, nothing can take away that amazingly beautiful smile of his!
My name is Nova like the super nova !! I like to eat sleep and cry !! I love cuddles with mommy and kicking my big brother !!
Kinsley is my beautiful sweet little grand baby, she love to take pictures, and she loves to smile
Always content and alart and loses cuddles
Jackson loves to talk, loves going new places, and looking around!!! He is the sweetest boy ever, and steals everyone’s hearts!
She loves her 2 brothers. She lives her stuffed animals. Only 3 months old and already loving life
Kartier is 5 month old he loves his mommy and daddy❤️ He Loves Kisses🥺His favorite things to do is to eat and sleep and smile at mommy and daddy🥰
Kennedy is sweet and enjoys playing with her hands. One of her favorite toys is a sloth. She's a bit silly and smiles a lot.
Markel has just always been such a happy baby it’s all smiles when you see hims cute chunky self 🥰
Karissma loves being read to and looking at pictures. She loves going on walks and to the park to swing. She absolutely loves Barney! She smiles and laughs so hard sometimes it scares her, she loves when you play tickle monster.
Mateo loves to spend time with his mom and he loves to go on walks his dog Daisy. Mateo spends most of his time sleeping but when he’s not sleeping, he’s admiring the world around him.
Layla Is Such A Kind And Sweet Girl 🥰 Full Of Energy 🤸🏻‍♀️ So Smart Loves To Learn And Loves To Sing And Dance 🎶💕
She loves to jump and run around ,and she loves the swings at the park . She will eat anything and sleeps all night. Her favourite person is her daddy
Casey is the most cheekiest and loving little boy, he also gives the best cuddles and kisses.
Weston loves everyone he meets❤️ He’s a very bright boy and never fails to make people laugh. He’s just started to giggle and smile. His favorite thing to do is kick❤️
Maeve Pearl🤍 (Mavis) The most beautiful, cheeky & loving little soul… Her smile makes you melt and her little giggle is contagious. She is so confident and loves to smile & wave at everyone and anyone she sees out in her pram. She adores dogs.
Sweet as pie. Eager to learn. Starved every 2 hours! ❤
She is Happy she loves to laugh play with her toys she joyful and fun to be around
baby serenity is a loving baby who was born on april 30th 2022 she love to smile and make faces alot .. she love to cuddle with mommy always my baby girl
Dakayla is full of life she’s very smart in learns really quick she loves cocomelon in being a one year old she picks of very quickly she’s learning abc in her numbers loves stuffed animals in outside
Sweet , adventurous, outgoing , independent, sassy. Alayah is always a light in the room , she gives love to everyone around her and makes it known she loves you. She loves to do anything out doors , and loves to dance !
Everleigh Jean is almost 2 years old she is a very happy girl her smile lights up the room she is a little sister and a big sister she is her mommas twin and her personality is so unique please vote for my baby girl