Baby Stories - 4


Vinny loves to say the word “yellow” and loves his baby yoda❤️
Hi I’m Braelynn 2 months old I love my milk and I love mommy and daddy I laugh at almost everything
Kindyl is 3 weeks old and loves to smile, sleep, and give lots of cuddles.
Jesslynn loves to listen to music,dance and play with her pug Rex. She is a very happy baby and loves everyone!
Sofia Elizabeth
Sofia is a very happy baby that loves to smile & be outside! 😊💗
My sweet rainbow babe loves to be outdoors & adores animals. Her favorite shows are Cocomelon & Mother Goose Club. She is such a beautiful, sassy girl with such a goofy, outgoing, loving personality & can brighten anyones day.💗
Anthony is a sweetheart with a variety of skills. He is very talkative and loves to smile. His favorite toy is a four dollar elephant from walmart.
This my boy Sky he luvs doja cat, and winnie the pooh luvs to say dadda and needs to to always be around momma
Wyatt is a little fighter. He was born at 35 weeks and 5 days weighing only 3 pounds 12 ounces and spent a long 19 days in the nicu at arkansas childrens hospital. He is all smiles and loves meeting new people. His favorite things besides watching cartoons is sucking his thumb, his pacifier, going outside to look at the pretty trees, and seeing his daddy when he gets home from work.
My sweet little baby boy ❤️😘❤️
My name is Ronan, I am 11 weeks old and I love watching the teletubbies and splashing in the bath!
This is Atticus. He was born two weeks early due to some complications. He is now 19 days old. Please vote for us to pay off his hospital bills and bring him back home again , his older sister Ember would love to have him back home with us. Much love and support would be very appreciated .
She’s loves watching veggietales & Minnie Mouse & loves to get a lot of attention she’s very happy when people interact with her (:
Jaxon is a very happy 3 year old who loves watching toy story and lion king and playing with his woody doll and most of all since a baby he has loved motorcycles, expecially harleys and vulcans & he loves spending time with his older sister listening to music and dancing
Trés is one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet he lights up the room with his handsome smile and adorable dimples. He loves his Cartoons, munching on snacks and enjoys laughing all the time.
Rylie is my oldest baby @ 10yrs old. She loves singing, dancing, and arts and crafts!
Ryder is the happiest baby ever! He is the cutest baby I ever did see ♥️ He loves his big brother very much! He is our last baby to complete this beautiful family.
He’s 7 months old, he was born a week early, he loves anything that makes noise
Myla is a sweet 2 week old babygirl who loves to be cuddled. She loves bath time and her sweet self sleeps basically alll day. She is a mamas girl and she makes the sweetest little noises when she communicates…
She has a personality that outshines the sun!
Arvie Claire
Hi my name is Arvie Claire Lynn! I love my whole family and going Jeep riding with mommy and daddy! Blippi and curious George are my favorite shows and I love my little pony too! I love going to the lake to swim and look for rocks. Please give me your vote!
Everybody loves beautiful big blue eyes!
Jayce is a cutie, He is almost 2 feet tall already, and he loves you ❤️
Aaliyah is that happiest baby ever🤍 She loves her hands and her toys😊
Isaac is such a happy little fella. He loves bath time , his food and a story before bed.
Ava is a very sweet lil baby she has the cutest most chubbiest cheeks 😍 She's a chunk weighing 15 lbs 🤩🥰❤
Ashton Wayne
Hiya Pals, my name is Ashton! I love all things Mickey Mouse, Monster’s University and Sporting Balls! I love to rawr like a monster, laugh, keep my family on my toes and tell my Mommy, “no, no, no!” I wasn’t healthy at first, but now I am stronger than ever!
Sofie likes to cuddle with mama, sleep long hours, eats 6 oz at 2 months old, and has little baby rolls all over her body that everyone cant help but pinch! She is very loved and just recentky started smiling and melting the hearts of everyone around us.
Layla is my sweet but sassy 3 month old she has so much spunk for a 3 month old she loves her nan,papa, and her mommy and daddy. Her favorite movie is trolls and my little pony a new generation ♥️🥰
Oliver loves his mommy and dada and ofcourse food!
Braxton turned 1 on Sunday October 3,2021 he was born 3 months early was n Akron til December of 2020..he is doing great for bn born prematurely..he has a smile that lights up the room 🥰💙
Blake is the happiest boy around with the biggest blue eyes. He loves to smile and tell stories.
Tessa is a genuinely happy 8 month old little girl. She literally wakes up smiling. Her favorite foods are apples, butternut squash, pumpkin, and carrots. She has been working really hard on her crawl and can sit/pull up all by herself. Mommy and Daddy love watching her grow and develop each and every day!
Ty Alexander
Ty is my sister's miracle baby! He loves his mommy and daddy! This picture shows just how he feels about his mommy, he just stares at her and smiles!
R’leighn was born Aug.15,2021.She came 3 weeks early she was due Sept.6,2021.She is a fiesty,sweet loving baby.She loves to eat and loves to get her head rub and cuddle with mommy while she sleep.
Ja’Khari lights up every room we go into. He honestly is the gold at the end of a rainbow 🌈 He loves his daddy and loves to smile at you💙Love to drink his milk. ❤️
Ryder is a happy silly baby he loves to eat and very curious about new things! He never meets a stranger and loves to try and talk!
Rendon is the sweetest little boy! He love his monster trucks and he is definitely a mama’s boy💙 He just turned two and is definitely living it up! Don’t hesitate to vote for our little man💙
Avery is a cute and sassy little girl that loves to snuggle. She is a master of facial expressions and loves going on walks with grandma.
Sam is a happy energetic and lovable 14 month old. He loves walking he loves fruit and most of all he loves playing.. He loves to be held and to hold hands while walking
Gabryial is a happy six-year-old who loves to play outside and he loves being helpful. He loves being a Big Brother. He's an amazung ball of energy you just can't help but love
My name is Xander. I am my mommy & daddy's rainbow baby. 🌈 I am 8 months old & I love people & animals. I love to talk & dancing to music is my favorite. I am the happiest, silliest boy you will ever meet☺️ If we win we will be using the money for his first birthday party! im here to play fair so have fun cheating🤣
Kyson loves going to rodeos, out on the boat, swimming, wearing hats & sunglasses. He is almost 2 years old. Such a funny & loving lil man. Will give you a smile, a funny face or a good ol’ mean mug. He loves meeting new people but especially loves his family & rodeo crew. His favorite show is currently Spongebob.
Braxton is a sweet loving lil boy he always has a smile on his face when braxton was just 7 months old we lost his father due to gun violence may 6 of 2019 and it has been really hard on the both of us But my baby couldn’t be more happier he loves to laugh scream and play with his cousins Love spending time with his papa and the rest of his family he’s goofy wild and loving.
Emery is a very happy/smart girl. She loves unicorns and scooby-doo. She also loves to sing with her unicorn toy and dance with her daddy.
Destin loves his siblings more than anything! He is such a selfless and sweet baby. He likes to take things apart and put them back together again. He is extremely curious about his surroundings and is always down to learn something new. He loves to be outside and give kisses. He smiles more than any child I’ve ever known!
Luxton loves to play with his brother, and his sister's. He loves playing with his toys, and he loves his snacks :)