Baby Stories - 4


Gibson is a very good baby, that likes to eat and sleep. I play the banjo and one time whenever he was eating I started to play and his eyes opened up and he stopped eating so he could just pay attention to the music.
Revel is a happy baby laughing and playing all the time . She’s very smart and determined :)
Anilyah is a very happy loving baby, she likes to eat 😂 her hobbies are puking on me .. I love herrrr🥰
Avery Danielle. 2 months full of laughter and smiles. She loves to cuddle her older sister, and laugh at her older brother. She loves her mommies so much.
Dregan’s birthday is coming up!!! April 17th he’ll be 3! My dudey is a character! He’s sweet, silly & a little canaille! He’s as country as country gets! Crawfish, frogs, alligators, mud, riding in the boat or riding the tractor, you name it he’s into it! Whether it’s his rubber boots or his cowboy boots he’s up for it! And those baby blues just seal the deal & steal my breath and my heart every time! 🥰🥰🥰
he loves his mommy, tummy time, sleeping and of course eating. he’s such an amazing baby.
Amarion loves to laugh, he’s silly, he loves to eat and play, and he’s a mamas boy
Hi everyone! My name is Clara and I love to chew on all my toys. I am learning to crawl and just started to eat grown up food, sort of ;). I love when mommy sings to me and when daddy cradles me to sleep. Please vote for me!
Little Matthew had a rough start to the world, and now you would never know! He loves to jump, play, laugh, EAT, and smile to his heart’s content! He loves everyone he meets and has the biggest smile, but don’t try to take away his food.
Atlas loves to make silly faces, be cuddled, and to sleep! he loves his mommy so much and daddy too. he sticks his tongue out and bops his head up and looks at you all the time. he is such a sweet boy💙
My name is Jasper and I am almost 15 months, I love playing with my dada, getting into everything and anything that I am not supposed to and I love cuddling with my mama! Food is my love language and I may just listen if you offer a snack!
Loves to watch sponge bob and be on his belly to lift his head up by himself and loves to be held
Jesse is one of the most happiest babies i know hes forever smiling and poking his tongue out
This is Oathalla or baby O. She’s a happy baby but has been awake as much as she sleeps since she was born. She has a real hunger for curiosity and learning, already at 3 months turning over and scooting getting ready to crawl! I love her so much🥰
Renezmaè Rose is almost 5 months old she loves her feet, her ears, and she loves smiling. She loves banana baby food and she is one very happy and smiley babygirl. She loves when she gets talked to and loves her mommy and daddy.
Our gorgeous 26lb boy ❤️Noah❤️ is the happiest baby 💕 these 7 months have been the most amazing time of our lives ☺️ He loves smooches and snuggling, bouncing and rolling around 💕
Amora weighed 4 lbs and 5 oz at birth. Didn't have to go to NICU. Within a month she gained 5 lbs and of course she hasn't stopped 🤗😁 Amora looooves her milk. She loves to smile. She is lovable. She's a true blessing from God! We love her so much 💖
Mickai loves his sleep scooting and rolling from place to place. Mickai is always happy not much of a cry and a crazy fish in water. Being outside is his favorite thing to do. My big sister is my super hero I want to know about every move she makes.
Hi my name is Leonidas and even tho I am 1 year's old, I think and I act like I'm a teenager😄. I love to eat.... a lot😅, food make's me very happy. I enjoy playing with all my toy's, but one thing I enjoy doing is making my parent's laugh!!! 😂😂
Luca is the happiest baby I have ever seen! Loves to swim and play. His bath time is one of the best parts of his day. He’s my newest grandson, named after my son that passed away!
Mila Sun made me a mommy on 3/13/21. She is my lucky girl! She is such a sweet, calm, good natured baby. She loves to have dance parties late at night, snuggling with mama, and staring intently at toys. Mila completed our family and we are all so in love with her.
Aubrelle is a happy playful baby and she loves books and Elmo she also love to dance and clap she love being dressed up and taking pics her favorite word is hi, hey, ma ,and dada💕 Her nickname is Lolo bunnie
Zelda is a very happy baby, always has a smile. She loves to play with her family, friends and her puppy. She loves to read and listen to music. She just got her first two teeth, both on the bottom! But through it all she is still Happy and energetic! Her latest fun things to do is stand up using the table and couch!
Hi my name is Thea and I’m such a happy baby! As soon as I wake, I have a smile on my face😁 Mommy is my favorite but my daddy is pretty cool too.❤️
This beautiful angel is our rainbow child! We were hoping for a boy, but when my husband said it was a girl in the delivery room everything changed! She’s one beautiful gift!
Evaijuah is a sassy three year old! She’s very kind & smart, she loves to paint 🥰
William loves to smile and drink a warm tall glass of soy milk. He loves trying to crawl
Malcolm was not planned, but he has changed our lives for the better. We are so blessed with this sweet boy. He loves sleeping, rocking, an watching cartoons with mommy. When we aren’t watching cartoons he is so curious of his surrounds always trying to check it all out. We are head over heals in love & hope you are too!💙
She’s wild and crazy ! But adorably sweet when she wants to be!!
Symphony keeps a smile on her face... UNLESS you're taking too long with her bottle!😂😂🤣😅She's the happiest baby I've ever seen and too smart for her own good! She's motivated & determined beyond her months🧐🤣 Even though her pictures are stunning, they don't do her personality any justice! Being a left-handed beauty just adds to her uniqueness, among other qualities she posseses. Stay tuned for more updates & pictures! Stay blessed!
Hunter is in pre school loving every minute of it! He has a super imagination and loves to tell stories!
She’s a Halloween Baby with all the personality that comes along with it. She loves her momma and her Gma.. loves music.. pretty colors... & her toes. Loves laughing at Gmas silly faces and getting more and more beautiful by the minute.
Kaidence is two months old! He’s a very happy, friendly & handsome little guy! Kaidence sleeps all through the night and is up smiling all morning! He loves watching his big sister and brother play & cuddling up with his mommy 🥰💓
Amir is the most caring and loving baby there is, he is very energetic loves to read, play cars and loves video games. He is my little prince, and he is a good big brother.
Hi, my name is Patric and I’m always a happy boy!
TreyVon is a happy little boy, who loves watching his cartoons, especially Curious George. Loves smiling & talking to his mummy, daddy & family. He’s such a smart boy who is growing so fast 💙💙
Hi my name is Marley Reece(: I am 5 years old. I LOVE Peppa the Pig and PawPatrol.! I also love YouTube random videos and cool color bath bomb bubble baths.! I’m a sweet wild child with a very big loving Heart❤️ There’s one thing kinda special about me and that is I’m a leap year baby. I made a big birthday wish this year and it Was that hopefully I could get a ton of votes(: Please help make my wish come true and Vote for me😁Thank You😁
Hi everyone my name is Jamie Nicholas and my favorite things to do is laugh with my grandma and snuggle with my mommy! I love my family and friends, my favorite guy and my main male influence is my uncle especially when we go on walks and he shows me all the big redwood trees!
Miss Ella was born very prematurely at 29 weeks. She only weighed 2 lbs 5.4 oz! She now has finally made it to her due date and weighs over 6 lbs! She’s grown so much ❤️
Hi everybody . . . My name is ilyas and i will be 2years old in October. I love to watch movies, play with my cars and eat. My favorite movie is monsters inc. Some of my favorite foods are pizza, pasta, chicken and rice. Pretty soon i will have all my teeth . . . I love to smile, i cant wait to show off all my teeth. My mami says im the cutest baby ever . . .what do you guys think?!
Braxton was born with a condition called H.I.E. The damage to his brain caused seizures and and his oxygen levels to drop. He spent a little over a month in Riley trying to get his oxygen up and to control his seizures. Ever since he was released there has been nothing but extreme growth! He is a very outgoing lil man. He loves people and is extremely happy! Braxton is very curious and loves to explore his surroundings! He loves his ice cream and anything that lights up. He is starting to move around and will make it a mission to get whatever he is after! I am more than proud of my little man and the growth he has made since!
Rebeca she is a sweet baby girl 🧒 I like see her always happy 😊
Faith is a very beautiful and happy little girl. She carries the biggest and brightest smiles to everyone that is near, which is the best thing in the world. Little miss Faith also loves to dance, her favourite song to sing along with mummy is If You’re Happy And You Know It and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and is always that shining light in the room.
She is beautiful and amazing! She keeps mommy and daddy on are toes! She loves playing with her older sisters
He loves dinosaurs, the outdoors, his fourwheeler and his jeep.
A fun loving girl.
Gavin loves to be outside and to go to the park. He loves anything baby shark and Mickey Mouse. He loves to eat. Chicken nuggets and French fries would be his favorite. He’s always on the go and definitely keeps us on our toes.