Baby Stories - 39


10 months old, absolutely crazy about her daddy and she loves to wave at everyone she sees!
Ms Leïghla is the most bubbly outgoing happy baby you’ll ever come across! Her favorite things consist of eating yogurt, playing in her puppies water dish and getting into everything! She will make anybody’s day with the most contagious smile! She’s by far the best baby I could possibly ask for!
Lincoln is the best baby! He’s always laughing and smiling!
Jayden is 3.5 months old! He is such a happy baby and already has so much personality!
Lianna love to smile and explore her new world , she’s such an happy baby , and a light to everyone she comes across
Landon loves the outdoors! Anything outside & he is having a blast. He also loves the water- from swimming, to the splash pad! Landon’s favorite toys are trains. He is the cutest and sweetest little two year old around❤️
Olivia is a very friendly and cuddly baby girl<3 If you see her she is always smiling!
He is 8 months old, he has two little teeth! He is definitely a mommy’s boy! His laugh is so contagious & his smile can light up the whole room! He loves to roll everywhere he can, he absolutely loves his family. His favorite movie is Monsters Inc. He loves knocking on everything that’s in front of him! He is always a happy baby!
Jett smiles and laughs 75% of the time he’s awake! He is such a happy baby!
Roman was born on 12/25/2020 he’s my Christmas baby. He loves music & bubble baths. He’s such a happy baby smiling and bunch of joy. He is soo smart already very advanced for his age. He is a mommies boy all day 💙🧸 he is my everything.
Keridwyn is the sweetest fun loving girl! She loves gymnastics and the outdoors! Never a dull moment around this sweet girl!
Crystal is 1 month old 💕 she’s a daddy’s girl has him wrapped around her tiny finger already. She loves to watch her daddy play video games and to watch anime with him.
Josiah Is 5 Months , he was 6 pounds 7 ounces when he was born 💙 he can sit up on his own , knows how to roll over 🥺 And Loves To Yell 🤣💙 He Is Such A Happy Baby 🥰
Arianna is such a wild, care free, big hearted girl! Her favorite color is purple, she loves paw patrol & drawing!
Keridwyn is so full joy and excitement! She loves to do gymnastics, and loves playing with her friends! Never a dull moment with her!
He such handsome happy baby🤍
Arabella is the sweetest girl! She loves to snuggle her momma, chew on her piggies, hang out with daddy & watch her big sister!
Taylor is such a sweet baby!! Hes always so happy 😘😘
only 16 days old and this little princess has brought me nothing but joy 💖
My name is Evelyn and I am two years old. I love Mickey Mouse and friends, puppies, & eating fruit snacks. I love playing outside. I am super sweet and love love love my mommy and daddy. 💜
Meet Amelia! Baby Shark’s number one fan, enjoys a fresh juice bar and playing with her “babies”
My name is Jayon and I’m a very happy and joyful little baby. I love to army crawl since I learned how to about 2 months ago. I also love walking around in my walker and following my mommy and daddy around the whole house. I love fruits and vegetables, zucchini is my favorite vegetable and raspberry’s are my favorite fruit! I also love saying “baba”! Please vote for me, thank you! Stay safe everyone.
She loves baths time and tummy time. She was born with a head full of hair and big beautiful eyes 😍
Hudson Keaton the happiest baby I know he always has a smile on his face! He even giggles in his sleep! What he loves most is mommy and daddy, watching puppy dog pals, and bouncing in his jumparoo and bath time or just being in water in general he absolutely loves it!! He can brighten anyone’s day just by his smile and those beautiful blue eyes!! He is so strong and smart he amazes me everyday with all the new stuff he learns!
My name is Madelyne and I entered this world in October with a bang right on my brother's birthday. I am 5 months old and a whole 26 1/2 inches long. I have my daddy wrapped around my little finger along with my big brother. I love to be outside and playing with my family.
Robin just became an older sister last year. She loves unicorns and her brother and cousins so much. She is a wonderful daughter.
She is very outgoing and loves to have her picture taken.
Sonny brings the Sonshine into the hearts of all those he encounters. He is the happiest, sweetest, most precious little fella. He loves his cuddles, tickles, and most all FOOD. Hence his nickname Chubs. Pictures do not do him justice in the slightest.
Julius is outgoing, energetic and loves to explore everything around him. He likes to run around the park and play with sticks and leaves. He is going to be a big brother soon :) ~ June 2021 :)
Madelynn is full of smiles ans cuteness. She absolutely loves to watch Sofia the first. She's definitely a daddy's girl ❤
Roman is 2 month old very loving and he came into this world by an emergency c section very Cutie
Harley loves to cuddle and be around everyone. Her smile brightens everyone’s day as well as she is always happy and very outgoing ! Please vote !❤️
Hi my name is Amira Jade. I am just a little over one month. I came into this world 22 days early, just eager to meet mommy and daddy. I already have them wrapped around my little fingers. I am a little sassy pants who loves to be held.
He is such a happy, baby joy in my life and a blessing his smile brightens my day
Dakota is a sassy little 6 month old that loves to listen to music and laugh!
Hi! I’m izarie, I love to eat all the time, I love cuddles and attention and I’m such a happy baby when I’m around my family.
Makaio Hunt
Makaio was born a premie,he loves to cuddle, always laughing and gives great big smiles, when he catches you looking at him he smiles and laughs. He loves to talk and loves to watch his 1 year old aunt play. He loves to play peekaboo
Hi! My name is Eden, I am almost 4 months old, I like to sleep in my mom's bed .. I don't like to sleep alone, I like to play with Daddy and Mommy, I can't wait to know new things, I will have to learn 4 foreign languages , English, Italian, Romanian and Albanian! Mommy is Romanian Daddy is Albanian, but they understand Italian! I'm a very happy boy and I can't wait to rediscover my world🥰💖💖. #myhappyboy #vot4months
Hi my name is Luna. Im 17 months and love hug/kisses. I love to listen to baby shark in the mornings.
Meet Amina Skye! She loves to watch Moana and Cocomelon. The sweetest baby EVERRRR!!!
This is my first baby Brysin Attarius and I have never been more proud of anything in my life!! This little boy has a smile that can light up a room😁 such a great and happy baby! He loves when mommy sings to him 💙
Violet Cortes
My name is violet. I am almost 2 years old an i like to go for walks running an play with all my toys..