Baby Stories - 39


Tayz will be two months old November 18th! He loves to stand up, watch Cocomellon, laugh and listen to his mom and dad talk!
My big boy!! Don't grow old. He had a birthday on the 16th of Nov. He had so much fun!! He turned 10, He loves to play video games on his phones and loves to play with his younger brothers. The pic with the 9 was johnny's last year birthday photo. On one he was wearing the same shirt!
Payton is a wild child. Always on the move always looking for fun and adventure. Vote for this sweet girl she sure would appreciate it.
If its Batman or Joker little Grayson will be a happy little boy. He loves trains, dinosaurs, and Disney.
Valentina loves to eat her hand and loves to giggle❤️ She’s such a sweet baby 😻
Hello World Payton is certainly the sweetest baby girl! Anyone new she meets, she greets them with a big smile and brightens up anyone’s day! She loves to play outside and cuddle her 3 pups. Please give her your vote❤️ Any money she wins will go towards her Christmas!
Gabe is the most adventurous, loving, fun baby around. Vote for his sweet smile
Theo is almost 6 months old likes bouncing everywhere, especially on moms and dads laps and yelling/talking at his giraffe.
Hi, I’m Natalie Emma Jean Southern but everybody calls me Nae Nae. I’m 11 months old now. I’m walking around pretty good with a little help. I love Little Baby Bum and bath time. This is my second contest. Vote for me (:
Levi is such a happy and loving baby. He’s always smiling and giving hugs and playing with his big sisters. He loves Big Trucks and John Deere Tractors 🚜
My babygirl is a very talented lovable little girl❤️ She like to draw sing dance ect. She a such a sweet little girl and very caring💜😍
Penelope is the sweetest little angel born on October 24th, 2020! She has a sassy little attitude already but the sweetest little smile!
Jasper if full of energy, adventure, and love. There is never a dull moment with this boy.
She’s a very energetic, kind , lovable girl she loves animals and she loves to learn new stuff and she loves playing with all kids and especially baby’s ❤️
A very happy baby who loves to make her family laugh ❤️
Kanan is 3 months old! He loves to: -smile -talk as loud as he can -try to roll over but not quite yet -make funny faces at mommy and daddy -be the happiest baby as he can be
Outgoing. Gymnastic loving. Competitive
This is Taylen James! He LOVES sleep and eating, mostly sleep! He’s the happiest baby that lights up our world!
Colton is 3 months old and loves playing with his puppies and watching football with daddy!
Amaya And Amara
Amaya and Amara are always happy and smiling. They are becoming best friends and love to hold hands and coo back and forth, or as I call it “twin talk”🥰
Sophia loves to talk and watch her big cousin play. She now giggles and eats some baby food and has one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen! She’s such a sweetheart 🥰🌸❤️
This is Michael he is 4 months he loves attention and he loves bath time.
Ava is such a sweet little girl, She lights up the room when she is in it
Kyree Jaymes was born October 15th, 2020. She loves to hiccup, she loves bright things like looking outside, she loves being on her tummy( at times), and she loves eating!!
Arya loves to Eat She will be 1 11/24 She has a big brother Shes a very happy baby Very loveable
Max is a survivor of a twin pregnancy. He is adorable, sweet, funny, and crazy all in one. He loves to play and bake cookies!
Oriana is beautiful and sassy. She loves being outside and taking care of her little brothers.
Hello my name is Lucas Anuel Rodriguez I am 2 years old I have Autism I am a happy boy I love my mommy and daddy and older brother please vote for me so I can buy my Christmas gift
Our little Guinevere James (Winnie James) loves spending every second with mama. Shes finding her voice and loves making dinosaur sounds!
Amaris loves to play and laugh. She loves giving big hugs
Skye has such a great personality and a beautiful smile. Loves to talk and eat banana puffs 💜
Ellie is the happiest baby who loves to stick out her tongue and play with anyone who is willing to stick out their tongue. She is always giggling. She is our little miracle ❤️ Check out our other pictures as well
Born 35 weeks my Premiee baby been in out hospital since he's been born love me some him 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰 God truly has given me a blessing 🙏🙌🙌 a child is a gift
Hello, my name is Zion Elijah!! I love to watch Spongebob Squarepants, and Peppa Pig! I’m always a happy baby!! 💕My favorite color is Yellow💛
Happy all the time ❤
Mr Braylen is 2 months old, he likes to smile, kick at his toys and hang out with mommy & daddy
I like to dance, very talkative, sassy, and funny. I like watching cocomelon. Im a mamas girl. I also like to watch moana. I love listening to music.
Donnie Jay loves going camping with mommy and daddy, trips to Tractor Supply, and loves farm animals. He is the life of the party and can bring a smile to anyone’s face!
Athalia is very outgoing loves to meet new people. The most carrying little girl she loves to express her love for everyone. Lights up a room as soon as she walks in, with her bright smile and amazing personality. She’s very well mannered for her age, never fails to express her gratitude. She loves to play mommy, you will always see her caring for her babies. She also loves outdoors. She’s a adventurous little girl. We love to watch her grow everyday she teaches us something new.
Blake is a typical one month old who loves to eat, sleep, and poop! But where he stands out is how cute he is❤️ Blake has truly touched our lives and we can’t wait to watch him grow!
I love to sleep all day and like to listen to country music. I love to laugh, I can hold my head up as good as a 4 month old. I also like watching tv
Madeline is 7 weeks old she enjoys Mommy’s milk and her swing ❤️
I am cute, cuddly and a big love bug! I love my mommy, daddy and brother more than anything in the world and I love watching my friend “Mr ceiling fan” spin around and around 😅😍🥰❤️🤩
Daniel loves watching the trees swoosh in the backyard. It calms him!
This is Archie Mac, he is super happy and so smart. He laughs at every thing and nothing, he loves sleep, food, cuddles and more food. He is our gift in life and we couldnt ask for anything more.
Pretty baby❤️ She love mommy’s voice a lot ❤️