River is such a happy baby who loves to laugh, eat, and follow mommy around the house! 😂❤️
Sassy little cutie pie who melts hearts everywhere she goes!
Phoenix is a wonderfully bright and beautiful youngster or "Princess" as she calls herself 😊. She has such a big heart and shows so much love for the outdoors and all of God's little gifts that come with it.
Evy is very curious and she loves any interactive game.
He is such a happy baby and always smiling from the minute he wakes up in the morning, his smile melts my heart! He is such an ambitious and curious baby and wants to walk so bad that when he’s in the jumper he’s literally trying to take off running. His eyes are the deepest blue I’ve ever seen and his giggle will make you laugh!!
Parker loves being around his family, playing and ice cream. He’s a big Mama’s boy with smiles every day
Selene is very vocal, she loves to eat, and she loves to dance!
La'Kota is our rainbow baby after losing our first one to a miscarriage La'Kota came along... he fought through soo much to be here. He spent his first week of life in the NICU but now that he is home he has blossomed into a sweet boy... he is the first granbaby on both sides. Kota loves to talk to his daddy, loves to be rocked and hummed lulabys to fall asleep and for some crazy reason at 2 months he always wants to stand up! He is truely an amazing and strong willed baby!
Zoey Taylor
🧩Zoey Taylor loves riding the RZR, playing in creek and her iPad!🧩
Baby Malachi is a smart kind funny and happy baby and so handsome he will make you nervous he would even tell you himself he gets it from his dad. He likes cuddles the most and the sounds of mommy and daddy’s for Malachi
Ralaya is 7 weeks old she loves to smile already and try’s to stand up .
Isabella is energetic and loves to talk gibberish. Her fav foods are sweet potato, banana & mango purée!
My goofy gal who just loves playing and food 🤍
My name is Maverick Michael. I’ve only been here a little while, but I’m already my moms whole world! She lost her dad only 4 weeks before I got here, & then had to deliver me via C-Section. It’s been hard for her, but she’s really strong! Just like me! We get it from my grandpa!
Jenesis is a 5 month baby girl who loves sitting up, smiling at her sisters, and eating. Bath time is her favorite.
Elliot is our first son. He’s our rainbow baby and loves dinosaurs and his 2 kitties.
She’s an incredibly happy baby who loves to be out making friends, but who best friend is our 16 year old dog, Izzy.
He's the sweetest little boy ever he's loving and caring and he loves to play and he can put a smile on anyones face ♥️♥️
Winter Dior is 2 months, she loves the camera 📷 and she loves drinking her milk, talking, and watching coco melon 🍉
Mykie has an amazing little personality already he is a cheeky little chap he is always laughing & has a smile that could melt hearts Mykie loves to dance & bop
Paisley loves animals, snuggles and nature. Nothing is to big or small for her to climb!
Madisyn loves watching her big brother play soccer and she always has a smile on her face!
Kennedy is a very loving little boy. He loves to play outside. He loves to ride on the tractor with his great papa Don.He enjoys watching scooby doo.
Adelaide is a little love, she loves being outside. She has found her toes and learned how to laugh💜
Eli is our cleft cutie! He is 11 weeks old, loves to play with his daddys beard and cuddle into mummys chest. He has a cleft lip and a notch in the gum but that just makes him extra special with a nice big smile! He makes lots of cute noises and laughs whilst asleep.
Iris has just started smiling. She loves having her cheeks pinched and saying hello to her. Always brings on a smile.
Ryuu was born at 28 weeks, spent 3 months at Hurley NICU. Now home and doing so great
My name is Brynnley and I will be two months old on October 2nd! I love my baby swing the most cause it has pretty lights and plays music. I also like watching TV with my mommy & daddy! Please vote for me! ❤️
JoAnna is the happiest, energetic, cuddliest girl . She enjoys playing at preschool/the park with other kids . She loves her cats, MooCow && Mia .
Jagger is 9 months old, He crawls, pulls up and loves horses! My little cowboy blessed me by entering this world at the age of 17. Being a teenage mom is hard but he is such a good, loving, enthusiastic baby !
Enzo loves cocomelon and loves to swing and playing with Lana ❤️
Eliza is the love of our lives !
Baby Nolyn is just the sweetest thing with the biggest smile, rotten at heart and loves his mommas! He’s 7 months old soon to be 8 months and the last out of 4! Lives in a house with his momma and 3 other siblings and aunties and uncle who his momma has custody of and loves his aunties and uncle!! He’s crawling but army crawling and it’s just the cutest thing ever! He loves to eat especially his banana’s and growing like a wead daily and we think just his cuteness deserves the votes let alone winning this contest! Blonde hair blue eyed baby! We call him mr blue eyes and mr handsome!
Theodore lives with his grandma & grandpa & everyday he makes us laugh & smile. If you met him, you'd feel the same.
Avaní Danielle
The happiest baby you’ll meet
Hi, I’m S’yon! I love to smile & sit up 🫶🏼
Joshua loves being outside, he is curious about everything. Now having just learned to crawl he’s constantly on the go trying to explore and see everything nature has to offer.
Emmett is the most happiest baby he loves to eat anything that he can get his little mouth on he's definitely a surprise baby wouldn't want it any other way
This is Vinny 💙 he’s a happy 2 month old that enjoys music , bath time and tummy time. Vote for Vinny 😘💙
Amiyah is a good girl she loves to play n eat. She crawling and pulling up.
Ella is the light of my life and the Apple of my eye. She is almost always happy, smiling and making everyone laugh. She likes Miss Rachel on you tube, music and playing with her toys and snuggling with mommy and gamgam.Ella has a wonderful personality and lights up any room she enters,
Leland is my double rainbow miracle baby! I had him 17 years after my first child. Leland is so sweet and is your typical newborn.
hello, my name is Jasmine. i’ll be 4 months old october 16th. i love cuddling with my mommy and daddy. i love to pet my kitty. please vote 💗
I got my 1st haircut today! Let me know what you think!
Nancy is the funniest, quirkiest toddler mommy has ever met. She is so empathetic as a toddler, she is very sensitive to other peoples feelings. She loves helping grandma in the garden and painting pictures with her older sisters and cuddling with her newborn sister. She loves to laugh and pull pranks on you. Her favorite show is Bluey, and she is her daddy’s best friend. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl.
Braylee is 9 months old she has 6 teeth, she loves getting her pictures taken. She’s always happy and smiling, loves bath time, and car rides.
After our tragedy, we found out we were being blessed with this little guy right here!! He has been a blessing in every single way he even with the way he loves to scream on the top of his lungs. He is just learning to walk so you know he stumbles everywhere or he used items around him to help him walk. His most favorite thing to do is pilfer through everything. NEVER I mean NEVER leave your phone or the TV remote just sitting because my little stinker boy will definitely be all over it, that how he got him to walk lol but these are just a few of my favorite things about him 💘
He’s super cute, he’s super funny, he’s everyone’s favorite dude!