Baby Stories - 34


Elias is a very energetic little man he loves the outdoors and playing with his daddy
Zayvier is 7 weeks old he loves cuddling and kisses ❤️
George is an adventurous little boy that climbs on everything. He loves to talk and play with his cat Millie, George has lots of personally in one tiny body. Loves Starbucks like his mama. Please vote for my baby!
Karmella is sassy & smart! She loves to give kisses and Dance 💞
Logan is 2 months old and growing like a weed, he is a huge fan of his big sisters snuggles, his play mat, and toy story! He is starting to gibber gobber & it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever hear.
Aurelina, or Auri for short, is 4 months old. She's a sweet, lovable baby girl who smiles almost always! She's not a fan of tummy time. She loves to sleep, thankfully! And she loves her big brother who makes her laugh.
Isaiah 4 months old...He was born 2 months early...against all odds Isaiah is strong and determined.
Novah is a sweet and sassy chunky girl she loves her momma and daddy.
Loves superhero’s and loves to play outside
Eliza loves pulling hair, playing with her feet and trying to sit up
My family and friends call me Moose, but my name is Wesley. I love snuggles and looking at faces. Eating and napping are my favorite past times, while hanging out with mom and watching hockey has become a regular thing now 💙
Bentley will be 4 months on April 3rd. He loves the water, making different faces, watching anything thats colorful, and keeping mom and dad on our toes. Thank you for voting.
Layla is 3 months and she is the most happiest baby ever! She’s constantly smiling and kicking with excitement😌 She loves bright colors, rattles, eating of course, and she LOVES being outside💕 Vote for my babygirl💕
Javon is 5 months old. He loves to be with family and laugh. He loves to go on walks and cuddle his parents.
Lucia is a cheeky, camera loving little girl, she has most certainly been here before too ❤️
Kei’Launi likes watch leap frog and play and she loves to give kisses & she is one month old
Grayson is a fun, smart, goofy little boy. He loves to play outside and ride his little four wheeler. He is full of energy and such a loving boy.
Shelly is the greatest baby ever she loves trying to talk and she acts like her daddy and she loves cat
Bentlii has a rough life with a split home but tries to make the best of it and has by far the cutest smile ever
Brinley is a month old loves to cuddle take a bath and stare at everything. She doesn’t like to be put in her car seat but loves to go on car rides.
This is my beautiful niece Cade. She is sweet and just so stinking cute. She loves to sing and dance to old McDonald. Cade loves bock-bocks (chickens), horses, and baby goats. She enjoys watching the Razorbacks with Mammaw. Pawpaw is her favorite dude.
Hi I’m Ophelia-Alice my parents call be spuddy as a nickname, I love long naps, Tummy time and mummies boobies! I’ve been told I have an infectious smile and impossible not to give kisses too xoxo
Hi..I'm Key'Lin This past Month I've realized I'm a boss baby and boobs are my bff ... P.s my dad is cool
Aviana Noelle
Aviana is a bubble of joy 2 year old. Is currently learning how to sign to communicate with her family. She’s knows 3 signs and understands about 15. She likes to dance around to baby shark and Doc McStuffins
Aubree loves mommy, daddy, and sissy. She is always so happy and so super sweet and cuddly.
Nolan is a wild child with a big personality! He loves his cars and toys!
A very loving baby girl. Has a constant medical issue but is always smiling. She loves animals and her grandparents and her siblings.
Ludovico will turn 5months old tomorrow 25.03.2021. He's favourite to watch is Cocomelon 😅 he loves to play with everyone and loves to be greeted always and will definitely give you a big smile showing his dimples. He also loves to be captured with a camera will definitely lets you capture his cuteness 🥰
Georgi Mavrov
Georgi was born 37+3 weeks,but he is growing so fast now, he is very happy boy 🥰
Lucas loves to smile to melt our hearts! His eyelashes are any girls dream! He is 4 months old.
Corri is the most energetic newborn who loves watching criminal minds 🥺💗
Kendrix is full of personality, loves food, music and her daddy!
Beau was born a premie at 4lbs 15oz. He is currently trying to stand and walk on his own! Beau loves to crawl and climb all over the place. He thinks it’s funny when we take his pacifier.
Zaine is a very fun out going kid he loves to draw dance play omg he loves sonic and mario and dinosaurs also he has a kind loving personality
Zachary has a smile that will melt your heart! He is such a happy little man and a major flirt!
Anthony Steven
I love my mommy and daddy 💞 I'm the happiest baby you've ever met. Especially when I watch Cocomelon 🥰
Kyng likes to watch t.v. and sleep on his mommy. I also love to eat eat and eat, my favorite thing to do is hug my mommy real tight and go to sleep listening to her heartbeat. He is the youngest and most eligable bachleor born on Valentines.
Mattie loves to be held and bright lights . she is a observative little things she is very curious and is a very good baby hardley ever cries. We could really use the money right now
Jaylee was born 3/2/2021 she was sent to NICU she’s now recovering 5lb 16oz
Jameson is high energy! He always has to be the clown and I’m lucky if we can get a picture without him doing a silly face!
This was taken when Sam was a baby...I just came across it while looking at old photos and think it's an amazing image so I figured I'd share!
3 months old on the 10th, she loves to smile and take baths! She’s also trying to sit up on her own!
Ms. Evelyn saved my life. She enjoys being snuggled close with her favorite blanket and her mama! We’ve come a far way since I was only born 4 lbs 13 oz. I am now 14 lbs! I’m all smiles and snuggles! I make every day a happy adventure!
Hi, I like bouncing to get my legs strong, and cuddling with my mommy.Most of all I love to learn, and being outside is my favorite!I’m just full of energy and laughter!❤️