Baby Stories - 34


Mazani is such an outgoing baby and he’s only 5 months! He is full of smiles and laughter. He loves eating, and absolutely lovessss cocomelon. Vote for him 🥳
David is a bright, lovable chunk who loves his snacks, animals and family. Theres never a moment when hes not smiling or laughing.
She is smart, bubbly, outgoing. She loves to perform. No matter where we are, it's her stage. She's singing, dancing, even telling jokes. She is one of the most hilarious kids I've ever met. She's beautiful and she knows it!
Rosalynn Faye Ragus we call her nosey rosie because since day 1 shes been looking around trying to see and listen to everyone. She's the families pride and joy ❤
Hi!! I just turned 1 month old, time is going so quick! I love cuddling with mommy and tummy time with daddy.
Alona is a very smart and beautiful baby she loves to go outside and play with her toys. She also loves to spend time with her mommy and daddy
Newest reindeer handler on the Vermont Reindeer Farm.
Adon’tis will be 3 years old in January. His favorite thing to do is play with his little sister and watch blippi. Adon’tis is the most loving and caring 2 year old. He can count to 10 and sing you his A.B.C’s
Hi! My name is greylyn! I am 1 years old and I have trisomy 21 but that don’t stop me! I love to laugh, talk and scream ! I’m so active an happy! Let’s share some love ❤️❤️❤️
paisley is 6 months and loving all the new things she’s being introduced to! She loves food, and playing. Her favorite thing to do is baby talk as long as she can. Paisley is a very active baby who loves playing with her two dogs and growling at them🥰
Sametria likes to play with her doll smile and talk with her grandmother❤️
My name is Elijah, I’m almost 11 months old . I just learned how to walk. My favorite thing to do is eat! Bananas are my favorite!!! And I love to listen to blue grass! Please vote for me😁❤️
Briesyn is a very happy active boy. He loves to eat and play with his siblings ❤️
Adelyn Cielo
Adelyn is a sweet heart of a babygirl 💗.. if you met her she will melt your heart of how sweet she is 💛 shes also a very playful babygirl and loves singing baby shark please vote for her yall wont regret it i promise 💕👌
The happiest lil guy around! Atlas had a rough start at first, but you would never know that now. He loves the Cookie Monster, learning to crawl, music, and bath time.
Kahurangi literally means prized, precious, honourable, distinguished and treasured. Kahurangi was born on the 3rd of May 2020, he decided to make a grand entrance 7 weeks early! Kahurangi is inquisitive, cheeky and very clever. He loves the water and cuddling up to animals. One of his absolute favourite things to do is bounce in his Jolly Jumper. He loves playing pickaboo and going for walks, he loves it when his daddy puts his chin on his tummy and makes noises, it makes Kahurangi smile and laugh. Our baby is very special to us in so many ways!
This is Archer palmer he is 1 year old. He was born at 36 weeks and was in the NICU for 10 days. He is a tough little boy that gets into everything but always has a smile that could put a smile on anyone face.
Emily is a smart sassy loveable 6 year old girl.. she is the 2nd born. She has 3 brothers. She loves school playing with barbies and dolls she loves playing outside and the parks... she loves playing with her cousins also and our neighbors across the street... she has 2 cats simba and Mia and 1 dog named Theodore
Loves the color blue, loves taking adventures, loves sports, loves his pet snake. He’s a mommy’s boy 🥰
Evie is such a happy always full of smiles. She lights our world beyond words ❤️
Vanessa Ursula
Baby girl is my rainbow baby and is just so full of joy and smiles and i just love her hair and she wake me up always with a happy mood in the mornings ,baby girl is so smart and want to eat everything when she hungry she turns into zombie i love my kids so much they are my world...💙
Xavier Parreno Bocksnick
Hi everyone,Im a little one,I love smiling to mommy and crawling, sleeping.
My beautiful miracle baby amazes us every day, born so tiny she is the strongest baby I have ever known. She's already cheeky and has the most amazing smile that melts my heart!❤
Grayson is the happiest little boy in the world, he has so much personality and defiantly is a mamas boy ❣️He is our rainbow after the storm ✨
Hi my name is Malibu. I was born in a pandemic. My mommy had to go to doctors appointments alone. When I was born no one could be in the hospital room but my mom and dad. Everyone was so anxious to meet me. I’m 4 months old. I love to talk, smile and set up so I can see everything and everyone. My hobbies are playing, I love my rattles and playing with toys. I love cuddling with mommy and daddy. I bring joy to everyone I meet. My smile will melt your heart. Vote for me!
My name is Audrey I love being able to look around and see new people I love smiling
Hello My daughter name is Bria Lasha she’s a month old. There’s not really much she does but Eat and sleep and when she is up she coo with her Big sister and Brother. She’s a good baby she’s funny and she doesn’t even know it yet. She have a smile that lights up the room. And she’s loved by so many people and must I add spoiled too My3rdBorn Miss Bria Lasha
Stormie is a super silly , happy & loving baby .! She loves baby cheese puffs & coco melon . She loves playing with daddy and cuddling with mommy ❤️ She is trying to walk pulling up on couches & taking steps holding on 🥰She is so smart .!! VOTE STORMIE
Kashton is 4 months he’s very alert , loves loud noises , sit up alone & loves his mommy💚
Lucy is our little rainbow baby with a massive personality already 😊
Riy’Lee was born at a week early weighing at 5.9. She such a happy baby. She loves music and Loves Her Feet Played With.🥰🥰
She is a bright and smart little girl who full of life. She loves Peppa Pig and Paw Partol to death. She loves to learn and she surprise me how much she takes in everyday. She makes me proud how advanced she is.
William adores his little sister, and enjoys anything involving cars, dinosaurs, and superheroes!!
Adela’s favorite things to do include snuggling with her big brother, eating, and taking baths!
Isla enjoys waking up to disney music and has started cooing along with all her favourite songs
Hi! I’m Adelina! My best friend is my older sister , Davina! We play and watch coco melon! We are happy and I would appreciate it if you vote for me !
Liam Is so wonderful in so many ways he brings smiles an joys to everyone he meets he really came in our lives at the perfect time he loves his brother an sisters so much
Johnathan is a warrior, born at only 24 weeks, weighing 1.15 lbs. he’s a miracle baby. Bug loves to laugh, play, and smile all day long. Every vote he gets we appreciate.
Giavanna is 3 months old and full of personality, she loves the camera and taking pictures and is a joy to have. She is our happy baby and is already rolling over from belly to back, holding her chest and head up, and babbles all the time. Giavanna is very energetic, loves to cuddle and loves her siblings. Vote for GIAVANNA ROSE
She's always smiling, she brightens up anyone's day she's forever being recognized in shops and supermarkets for her curly hair and big smile! She's Loved by so many people and she's certainly changed a lot of lives! Octavia is just the sweetest girl! Please vote once a day for our precious rainbow baby!
FULL of personality. Will talk to you and smile at you for as long as you let him💙
Hello my name is layah! I love staring at bright lights, I love my dog brother Odin, I love to snuggle with my mom and dad, I love being outside. I smile very often, so far I’ve learned to role over, do sit ups and hold my head up. I’ve had my first giggle and am learning how to crawl. If I can’t make you smile I don’t know what will. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Freya is 13 months old. She loves reading and exploring. She has been walking for 3 months now and is absolutely loving her independence. Freya's favourite food is humous and warm pitta bread. She loves kisses and cuddles, especially with her big sister.
Chloe is full of fun, loving energy. She loves to play with her toys, crawl around the house, and give mommy & daddy hugs. ❤️ At seven months, Chloe has 4 teeth, and can say ”Mama” and ”papa”. Chloe enjoys going on strolls during the day and seeing the world from her big beautiful brown eyes. Her favorite snack is the Strawberry yogurt melts. Chloe loves it when mommy brushes her long, beautiful hair. Pease vote for Chloe 💕.
Eddy is a loving baby that never.stops smiling he makes everyone smile
Hi, this is Avery she is 4 going on 5 and loves beyond words. She has the best personality and is very well behaved. I couldn’t of asked for a better child. She makes me so proud on a daily basis and truly has a beautiful soul. Vote for Avery ❤️
Is a miracle baby she was born premature in breach and could not latch onto a nipple or bottle by birth so she drink out of a silicone cup she’s super tiny petite and the sweetest thing ever and her learning abilities are right on cue she’s a little photo bug I Camera hair and poses for every picture she loves wearing big bows on her head and she loves food of any kindAnd she loves her little dog chewy and she loves to give him kisses her nickname is cheese because she’s always cheese and for the camera please Vote for this tiny miracle baby