This is loretta our 2nd born she is 7 months old an my first born will be 2 in November. I just want the best for our family please get her out there and vote!!
Avaeyah is the happiest baby who loves to eat, be rocked to sleep, loves baths and kisses from momma and daddy! 🥰
Roman is full of energy, his favorite food is Mac an cheese! He loves watching Mickey Mouse an his favorite thing to do is go to the park. Very high spirited. Vote for my baby 🥰
Remi came a little earlier then expected and spent some time in a nicely, but she has been home for 6 days now and is smashing life
Our half-Filipino/half-Nigerian prince is a lovely, active and happy boy. He enjoys being outdoors and falls asleep to people talking around him. He is curious and a good observer and he loves listening to his R&B nursery rhymes the most. His killer smile and gorgeous eyes always melts people’s hearts, most especially random strangers. 😅
Cataleya has defeated many hurdles in her short life and is continuing strong. She loves kisses, being talked to and proving to her twin she can do everything he can do.
Cristiano is the happiest baby that always wakes up with a huge smile! He loves to be talked to, splashing water out the tub and rolling around with his twin sister.
She was born July 31 2022 she was 8lb 11oz she is always really happy she loves food and sleep🥰💜
I love telling everyone how good I am and watching lilo n stitch . 🧡
She’s my rainbow baby. She was a baby born after 4 miscarriages and she has pulmonary valve syndrome which is something to with her heart but no matter what she goes through no matter how sick she gets she is always the happiest baby in the world. Her smile can light up a whole room.
Ray Meir
Ramir is full energy and loves playing with his brothers and sisters
Hey My name is Nevada and I love to eat and love to play
Alina is such a sweet and sassy little girl, who loves her two older brothers so much
Delaney Quinn
Delaney loves contact naps, songs with momma and tummy time with daddy.
Emmett is such a joy! He's so happy, and loves being a little brother!
Adison Raine is our little rainbow baby ❤️🌈 She came after the loss of our last daughter in 2021. She is the most easy-going, happy, smiley baby you will ever meet. Adi loves bright colors and is just figuring this whole tongue thing out haha! We hope her sweet smile and funny faces brighten your day as much as she does for us. ❣️
Literally a ball of energy, always got something to say, super protective of his mommy and daddy, nickname is fatso cause he always hungry🤣, he is a water AND dirt baby, somehow always getting in trouble🤣 he is a little fighter and very observant and talks to who he wants
‼️‼️‼️‼️Doing advanced votes to be returned to Rebekah December/January contest ‼️‼️‼️‼️Honest returners only‼️‼️‼️‼️If you like my page lmk so I can like yours too ‼️💕💫 PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMENTS UNDER ONE THREAD! I DONT WANT A MESSY WALL! Aloha 🌺 Rebekah is the youngest of four children. She is a sweet, shy, goofy and a caring girl with a positive future ahead of her. She currently in the 1st grade ( homeschooled 🥰) and excels in math and science. She is also super duper creative and loves to draw and express herself! She loves crystal gems 💎 and is a collector ❤️! She also has a natural talent for singing 🎤!! Rebekah would like to thank you for voting for her and helping her with this pageant 🤙🏽
Rowan is a rambunctious toddler with a flare for the dramatic! He loves running, jumping and dancing especially to ‘The wheels on the bus’ his favorite shows are Talking Tom and TooToo boy and he lovesss Monsters Inc! We appreciate your votes!!
He’s a very cheeky and happy little boy always full of smiles and giggles and a right little mammys boy
Arya is a Heart Warrior. Born at exactly 37 weeks to a single mama by choice, she was diagnosed with a heart condition that made her apart of the conquering CHD family. She has had two open heart surgeries (one right before 9 months, the other at 13 months). She loves to swim, go to the little gym and ‘play’ soccer. Arya is funny, determined, smart, beautiful and strong.
Hi! I’m Giovanni. I love bananas, screaming, giggling & playing with anything I can get my hands on!
Hi my name is Adalynn Rayne and boy am I cute. Aside from drinking alllll the milk my favorite things to do are blowing bubbles and smiling. I bet you’ve never met a happier baby than me!
Baby Alex aka AJ loves to be held by his two big sisters and smiling at everyone around.
Lincoln loves life! He is happy and sweet boy who loves his family and his trucks.
Scarlet is the sweetest little soul. She’s is such a happy and smiley baby girl 👧 she gets so excited when she sees dogs and cats. The biggest animal lover. She loves crawling and most recently standing and taking steps. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she walks. Vote for scarlet please ! This money will go towards her savings fund for her to decide to travel and go to college or whatever she decides to do with her future ♥️
New to the wolrd🌍 I’m the most content and happiest little boy ever. I’ve just learned to laugh and am always smiling 😊 I love to laugh and be around my family
Maverick is a silly, outgoing little boy who is so funny and so full of personality. ❤️
Makinley is a happy baby ALL the time! She is the sweetest little girl ever and is definitely our pride and joy ❤️
Brooklyn is a sweet beautiful baby girl. She loves to giggle and watch grinch.
Ian loves meeting new people and will light up your day with just a smile 😊
Isobella alway happy baby her smile makes your day she just loves everyone she sees she amazing baby she one loved baby she is blessing
❤️ I love singing I’ll fly away ❤️Going to church with Family ❤️Love my chicken nuggets ❤️Love my Family
Angelisé Tara Marie J Ocon . She was named after her Grandma & her dad . Tara Marie is for my two Bestfriend that past . But besides her name being very meaningful to me , she also a sweet , happy & loving baby . She likes to make weird noises & coo to us . When it’s bedtime , she likes to snuggle under my armpits & have one hand on my face . 💖💖 . She loves Yo Gababa , Tom & Jerry . Love grandma’s & her daddy . She likes to listen to birds , going on walks in her carrier / stroller makes her sleepy , she likes chewing & stuffing her fingers in her mouth . She also likes to kick her feet & dance dance dance .
Meet Tamen. Tamen is a happy, sweet toddler with tons of energy! He loves to spend time with his momma and daddy and loves to watch his favorite movies (Anything Minion related and Moana) VOTE 4 TAMEN 🥰
Hey guys my name is Arlo and I run the show! I love my bath time and making everyone laugh!
Mia’s big, beautiful, baby blues aren’t the only thing truly captivating about our baby girl. Her calm disposition, ever watchful gaze, and gummy grin are enough to grab your attention too! She loves her parents, her big sister, and her 3 puppy dogs. Her favorite thing to do is people watch and take in the world one day at a time. Her determination to keep up with her big sister shows as she mastered rolling over in a few days, sits up mostly without assistance and has now started to army crawl much to Mommy & Daddy’s amazement! She’s a beautiful soul and we are proud to have this clearly industrious baby girl as apart of our family.
Parker loves bath time and anytime she can eat! She’s the happiest baby ever!
She is very helpful and attentive and she is very smart and well spoken for her age
My sweet blue eyed smiley boy❤️
Kaisyn is the happiest baby! He is always smiling and loves to play. His favorite food is squash and pumpkin. He is 4 months old and a very active baby! One of his favorite games is Peek a Boo! He loves Curious George 🐒
Saylor is an adventurous baby with an infectious smile ❤️