Baby Stories - 33


Cooper is the most outgoing and advanced baby! 9 weeks old and already rolls over and tries to crawl! He loves being told good morning - it makes him laugh every time! Vote for this future GQ model!
I can’t tell you enough how fun and great it is to be this little boys aunt❤️ He loves to play outside and absolutely loves bubbles. Sweetest little boy i know loved by lots of people.
Hi, my name is Brynlee Jane! My mom is starting this entry so that I can start saving to be able to pursue my dreams one day. I am super alert and LOVE to interact. Most of the time I enjoy cuddling or making all kinds of silly faces for everyone 🤪 but in a rare occasion I do get some beauty sleep. Overall, I am an excellent little girl and hole that others find me just as adorable 💖
Always laughing, smiling and playing
Victoria is a happy, vibrant, sweet baby girl! She loves to smile, and she has never met a cupcake she didn’t like. Victoria enjoys dancing to music, and meeting other nice babies.
Syncere Cash Bryant
Just as busy as he is cute, Syncere, who goes by Cash, is the life of the family! His dimples are to die for and his personality is unmatched!
Colton is the happiest little boy, with a contagious smile and gorgeous eyes! He loves cuddling with mommy and grandma, and hanging out with his grandpa! His favorite thing to do is crawl around and chase after his puppy. 😊
Isabella Marie
Hey my name is Isabella Marie im 4 months and she loves the camera and loves watching cocomelon and she just always smileing and happy and she loves making everyone laugh she just silly and im blessed to be her mom👶🏾👩🏾🤞🏾😍😘🔐
Hiii my names vylet I am a Virgo ♍️ I love being outside, being with family, having fun always, and being creative. I want to be a YouTuber and Instagram modeling. My step mommy is always helping me do photo shoots or helping me do my tiktoks. Pleaaase vote for me I’m just interested in how far I will go ❤️🌙♍️ Follow my Instagram for my pictures @vylettheprincess
Born at 38 weeks & spent a little time in the NICU but I’m tiny yet mighty and perfect || Loves to smile at mommy || Obsessed with daddy 💓
Outgoing, inquisitive, sweetheart. Favorite color is Rainbow Sparkles, unicorns and mermaids are her life.
Landon is a very busy body who love going outside. He “bear crawls” everywhere because he thinks it’s faster. He is a ball of energy with the most contagious smile
Zadok is a very happy 2 year old. His laugh will put a smile on your face. Zadok is shy at times but once he gets to know you he wont stop talking to you and wanting to play.
He loves paw patrol, playing with bubbles, being in the water. He is always smiling and laughing.
Willow LOVES laughing & playing with her dada 🥺 going outside and playing with her puppies!
Waylon loves being tickled and listening to himself laugh. On his down time enjoys long naps and cuddling with Mom and Dad.
Jack Marshall
Jack loves to spend time with family and playing with his stuffed animals. He likes wake mom up at 5am sometimes just to play 💙 he absolutely loves to cuddle
4 month old baby boy! Who’s the happiest boy all the time! Loves to chat and had the loudest voice! Wouldn’t change him for the world, has an infectious laugh and also loves a cuddle!
Elle is the happiest baby! She loves jumping, dancing, rolling, and scooting. She is full of energy and constantly on the move!
Leon is a clever mischievous no fearing little boy who loves motorbikes & Dennis The Menace. A funny little character brightens everyones day with his smile
Jeremiah is one of the happiest little babies, always smiles .. and is just a funny guy. Hims lovesss to talk back and always is so chipper😍 But he does not mess around about his food haha he sure does love his bottles !! Suxh a chunky ham 😍
Coleton is my very little miracle Rainbow 🌈 baby he’s such a happy baby full of joy and smiles 😊
Olivia is a happy smiley baby never a day she isnt smiling she loves to play go for long walks to take in scenery, shes very comical and has a great personality
David is a happy healthy 4 month old who absolutely loves his big sister.... he was born 5 weeks early and was a premie but he didn’t let that slow him down one bit.... He loves bath’s, cuddling, and eating.... He hates not having any clothes on, sleeping, and tummy time
Happy, joyful, loving.. she loves to be outside playing with her cousins or other kids. She is always cheerful!
Samantha is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. Shes already showing how amazing her personality is and is very giving. Her smile could light up the room ❤ please give her a vote
Any winnings will go in a savings for Austin lee Kelly
This little beauty is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen in my life. Even if she’s not feeling well she still has a smile on her face. She is the absolute light of my life. Her favorite things are My Little Pony, her big brother James, watching Mommy’s every move, and laughing at Mommy’s silly singing. And she LOVES her bedtime and naps. This kid is a true gift of much needed happiness in this family.
Avyana Nichole
Looking for advances for my other daughter next contest in July if anyone is interested please write on my walll!!!!!Avyana is the sweetest kid you will ever meet she loves her family so much!!! Her favorite thing to do right now is run around in her play room and play with all her toys!!! She loves her little sister and is so happy to have her around!!! She is mommy oldest baby and I love her so much!!! Please vote for my baby out of the kindness of your heart! Every vote matters and counts and avyana and I appreciate it so much❤️
Arthur is a beautiful baby boy, he smiles a lot and he brings joy in our family with every single look😍
She has discovered her little hands, coos and now rolls over. Loves to smile and giggle with her older brother. She is also half Guatemalan and half Ecuadorian
Mateo is such a loving boy who loves to cuddle with mommy. When he flashes his big smile it makes everyone's day better.
Avaughn is extremely generous with his hugs and kisses and his favorite fruit is the blackberry.
Sweet and sassy as can be loves playing with her baby brother always knows how to put a smile on your face
Little man had a rough start to life but he has never not smiled through it all❤️ Smiles constantly and loves to laugh
Ragnar Daniel-lane
Ragnar was born March ,19th 2021 His original due date was April 6th, 2021. Little man was 6Ib 10 oz 19in His theme is dinosaurs and his color is green. This little dude really saved me.
Aidyn Yolanda, named after two very close family members I was unable to meet. I absolutely LOVE stuffed animals, fishies, and “helping” my daddy play video games.
Chase is a Very happy Juicy Lovable Baby. He loves music food and lights. Chase loves coco melon and cartoons. He brings his family and loved ones so much joy. Chase is a True Boss Baby💙 Please help him win 🥇
Food lover, fighter of sleep .... cute chunky and mighty
Amina is a 5 month old baby girl who loves her light up toys and her milk 💗
Brayden Lee
9 month old 🇵🇷 hazel eyed, curly headed baby boy from Orlando! Brayden is such a sweet, loving, smart n happy soul.He’s a fast learner, pays attention to everything n tries to have conversations like a grownup 😂 Definitely loves food, naps, baths, crawling and cocomelon 🥰 Thank you so much for voting!!!
CJ loves baby shark, his new favorite word is “ Yo “ it’s so cute!! He loves Chicky Nuggets!
Madison is a happy go lucky, blue eyed, sassy pants diva. She loves country music and to listen to mommy sing and tries to coo/sing along. She also loves Masha and the Bear and likes to let the show know how she feels about it with daily coos and squeals! She likes to be tickled, sleep and eat. She also loves seeing her daddy when he comes home from work.
Jayceona Louise
Jayceona will be in contest in. July looking for people that want advance to return to my baby in July!!!!!!Mommy surprise baby born 12/4/2020 in the bathtub at home such a sweetheart and a little twin to her big sister avyana
Hi my name is Keanu, my favourite song to listen to is "How far I'll go" from The movie Moana and life doesn't get much better than waking up every morning at 6:30 ☺️
Hi friends! My name is Nicari and I am full of joy and laughter! I love my family and I love to show off my personality! Vote for me 💙