Baby Stories - 32


Miracle is a little bundle of joy and won’t fail to put a smile on your face 🥰 Vote for her ❤️🧿
Sophia is super sweet, laughs a lot and just a very happy child!
Hank loves Mickey and getting into things he shouldn't. He loves to laugh and be with his mama and daddy!
Kiyah is a sweet little girl with an old soul.
Hello! My name is Damian. I’m the happiest baby ever! I love baths , i love cars a lot. I love to stay outside, to play football .
Hello! My name is Amalia ,i have 9 mounts old. I am a verry sweet and funny sometimes. I like bath time and i love to playing .
Serenity loves to dance and smile .
Georgie is a very happy , energetic little girl. She will be 2 years old in May and loves the company of other children and adults, very sociable. Her favourite foods are banana, yoghurts, pasta , cheese, blueberries and Yorkshire puddings/roastie. Her favourite cartoon is “Baby Jake” and she adores Mr Tumble. She loves going to the park and new adventures to places.
Grandmas lilprincess is very lovable adorable loves Dora and minnie mouse and Barney.She loves to sing and dancing and play and watching dvds and play with her kitchen .loving and caring 4 yr old
Beautiful bundle of joy
Grace is a very happy and bubbly baby! And is always dressed like a doll 🥰
Robert was born at 4 lbs 6.9 ounces at birth. His sister was bigger and taller. His sister took off after birth and has gain tripple her weight. However robert has had a lot of issues since birth. When he came home after a week in the nicu he lost 10 ounces and went down to 3 lbs 9 ounces. He has been in and out of the hospitals with really bad acid reflux and wouldnt eat without looseing his food and then got really dehydrated. Hes is on 3 different medicine to finally get him to gain weight and might have to be on one for life. He smiles and gigles even tho his stomach is always upset. He loves to be sang to and is spoiled by everyone he meets and specially his daddy. He is big daddys boy and loves to cuddle with him. Hes finally gaining weight but is still really tiny compared to his sister.
Marci is a twin with her brother. She is first to come by a min. Older than her brother. She loves her mommy and loves to be sang to by her oma. She is also super spoiled by everyone bc her and her brother are the last grandbabies and first grandbabies on their dads side and then my side.
Hayden is the sweetest monster around. He is a huge mama’s boy♥️ Loves giving kisses, has such a big personality and the prettiest blue eyes you’ll ever see🥰
Sweet little 8 month old Jasmine loves to play and eat and loves scooting around.
Gracelyn is a princess ♥️she is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! she loves to help and has better manners than most adults♥️
My baby girl was gonna be a Christmas baby. She’s already holding her bottles and tried to say love you. She smiles so much waking up to mommy and daddy.
Everleigh Hazel is a month old, full of spunk, loves her momma and daddy and loves her fur brothers and sisters❤️❤️
He loves paw patrol and power rangers
Gentry is the sassiest little girl and has so much attitude! She loves to dance, being outdoors, playing with her brothers, and eating all the snacks!
After seven years of trying for a baby and her mommy’s recent battle with Leukemia, Malia is living proof that prayers can be answered. ❤️
Isabell Nichole is my one and only child. She doesn't like binkis but looooves her bottles. She's a very chill baby unless she wants her mama and lets not forget this little lady loves her sleep 💜
My oldest diva!!
Jackson James Lee-Roy Brooks is a Very Energetic 4 month old little boy! He loves to smile and just observe his surroundings! He can crawl and roll over both ways! He loved his stuffed animals Ellie, Ello and Elvis the elephants
He loves to smile, crawl around. He also loves sucking his thumb
Legend is a happy loving little guy and loves to play and chew on his blanket 🥰
Hi everyone ! My name is Elijah , I’m 2 months old ! I love bath time , cuddling mommy & daddy , I just found my voice recently & I love making noises ! I’m a happy baby I’m smiling all the time , oh and eating allll the time ( that’s my most favorite thing to do )
She’s just a pure happy baby constantly smiling!!
Kataleyah is very smart for a 2 year old, she is full of love and laughter, she loves food. She would eat all her food including vegetables and then go in other plate and eat they food. She's beyond a beautiful baby girl She's my miracle baby 👶 😍😍🥰
Jaxtyn was born in November. He has a big sissy who is 7 years old, which he adores her already. He loves to smile, and coo at people, especially the ladies! He went famous on tic tok for a video I posted of him puckering his bottom lip out when I was talking to him lol
Zaliah Wolfe
Zaliah is the light of my life! She is the sweetest, spunkiest little girl that I know. I swear she's 3 going on 13 lol. She's so helpful all the time especially with her little sister. She definitely is full of life and has the most amazing personality!!! If you are lucky enough to meet her you'll fall in love.
Elaney Flores
She is very sweet and makes us very happy. She is only one month old but she is the greatest treasure in our lives.
She loves to smile and her smile brights up the entire room, and also have baby talks.. lovely baby coos and kicks her feet when spoken to happy and lovely baby.
Malani loves playing with her toys and watching her favorite shows!
Everleigh is almost 4 months! She loves the outdoors, visiting grandparents and laughing at her dad.
Malaysia loves to dance and has a very humorous personality a joy to have she will make you laugh and smile.
He is very sweet and makes us very happy. He is only two months old but he is the greatest treasure in our lives.
Karma aka mommys jelly belly. She loves listening to ocean sounds and watching mommy. Shes such a good little one. She was born at 4lbs 10oz. She loves snuggles and car rides as well.
Funny very humorous and talented one of the sweetest little girls their can be. Out spoken also
Tinsley Grace is the sweetest little girl. She loves watching her big brother and smiling at her mama! She’s also the biggest daddy’s girl there ever was.
Genisis has attitude and is very open on how she feels about things she loves to eat sweets especially pie she loves to be outside and play. And she loveesssssss cuddles ❤️☺️
Samuel loves dinosaurs and peppa pig. He is always trying to make you laugh and smile. He is the best big brother to his any sister and such a fun, lovable little boy.
Zyion is one of the most fun-loving, smart, adventurous, warm-hearted kids you will ever meet. Anyone can tell you that he’s filled with light & laughter, smothered with a ton of energy! You cant help but to LOVE him! 😍
Hello! My name is Violet! Im 15 months old and love everything Bubble Guppies! Im also a great pesky baby sister to Evelyn! I love my dog Leroy and my stuffy, Nunny!
This is Rowdy Darling. She is sweet as pie and yet so full of spice! She laughs, smiles and will talk your ear off! She loves a good game of peek-a-boo and to pretend to play the drums. Her favorite actives are jumping up and down on our laps, getting her sticky fingers stuck in your hair and to scream yell sassy little songs! Her older brothers adore her and she can’t get enough of them being loud, silly boys! We love her larger then life personality!