My Grandson Harvey is 8yrs old now. Harvey loves our Coco, born deformed & nearly 12 years old she has watched Harvey grow and they are best of friends. Coco had a mass tumour removed this past Monday and has been here with us all week to help take care of her. Coco has a mass cell tumour grade 2 which all could not be removed. We have precious months with our babygirl & Harveys best buddy he loves so much. Harvey also loves lego, building things, computor games, science, and learning new stuff. He is my pride and Joy and when he stays with us he first gives our dogs, Coco, Princess and Butchie and our cat Dolly cuddles. We all miss Pebbles so much and Harvey still often talks about her. Great loving, caring boy sometimes shy but Nanny loves him to the moon and back. 💙
Little miss Rae is the sweetest ,smartest and craziest baby you will ever meet ❤️ She loves her all her stuffed friends she even gives them kisses and hugs . She absolutely loves food .she is so stinkin' cute 😍💕
Just a Cheeky one year old
She is to die for she talented she talk a lot she smart as ever and as u can tell she beautiful vote for vonya you won’t regret it💗😘
Aurora loves to be cuddled and loved on. She love to sit up in your lap and just be apart of everything going on around her. She loves to play in her activity gym. She loves to smile at everyone who shows her love and attention. Shes a very loving happy babygirl 100% of the time. She is absolutely the greattest little girl.
Milani Rose
Mila is mommy’s Rainbow Baby. Her name Milani means “Miracle from Heaven”. It’s origin is Hawaiian. Hawaii is the rainbow state, hence- my rainbow baby. She loves to smile and laugh, such a cheerful silly baby who loves music you might even catch her humming at times! She is an only child so she enjoys being around other kids. A sweet loving baby girl who is curious, loves to eat, play and explore! Definitely momma’s girl 💕
Masons just started to crawl and develop his cheeky attitude he’s still a gummy bear but has a beautiful smile 💙
River Aquilla
River loves to laugh and cuddle and play with his toys hes trying to crawl hes the biggest blessings amd joy any mama could eber ask for❣
Xenovia has a smile of an angel. Her smile just melts your heart. She loves it when you talk to her. She coos at you with twinkles of love in her eyes. She is definitely heaven sent❤️
Mylen is a newborn who loves sleep and to eat 🥰
Sour, Sweet, Gone!
My little bug loves BUGS! She likes to sing and dance with mommy. Outside is her favorite place to be. Cows are her favorite animal. She is so smart; she can count to 5 and loves singing her ABC's!
He's a week old and loves to stare at shiny objects.
Sumayya loves watching Alvin and the chipmunks. And she has the most beautiful smile. Will really appreciate it if you vote for her and thank you in advance.
Jaylen is 8 months . He’s a very happy and playful baby. He likes to pop his lips and smack his fat legs😂😂. He’s very busy bodied and moves 24/7 and he loves to watch puppy dog pals.
Dinky darcey by name. Dinky darcey by nature. Super tiny. Super cute.
Khy'Von is so full of life . he smiles alll day he loves to laugh . he loves sticking his tongue out , he loves to walk , and loves to pull hair . he's also starting to bite when he gets excited 🥴 2 of his teeth came thru on easter . he's brought all of us so much joy in these last 8 months .. such a blessing 🫶🏽
JT wakes up with a smile on his face everyday. I love catching him smiling at me when I'm not looking. And I love watching him explore & be so interested in everything around him.
hi my name is jr i like jingle noises and like to eat
Jaxson is 6 weeks old and loves to have everyone’s attention, such a cuddle bug too!
My name is Lyric Ahanu. My due date was Jan. 25th but I was born Jan. 6th. My dads were playing Sims and created us 3, then the call was made I AM HERE!
He likes his grandma and mom the most ,he likes swimming and his swing
Elle loves to play with her sister, she loves her stuffed elephant, and she doesn’t go long without watching SpongeBob! She’s fun and bubbly, and gets so many compliments on her big piercing beautiful blue eyes!
Kiylan Moore
My Kiylan Is Smart Loves Sonic The Hedgehog And Such A Sweet Handsome Little King 👑 ❤️
Emma was born on Halloween! And she loves to giggle and play. She’s just learned to crawl and is so speedy to get into sisters toys.
He's 6 months old he loves to watch his sister,go swimming,and he loves his mommy
She likes swimming,baseball games,movies and her baby brother.
Kimberly loves playing outside with her puppy, Jasper. She loves mermaids and swimming. She enjoys watching paw patrol and baby shark. She loves listening to music and dancing.
Carlos is 5 months. He loves to play and laugh.
She loves cocomelon....
Legaci Gipson
Baby legaci is my world she is a happy ,cheerful,loving,smart, beautiful baby even though she’s 2 months it’s like she is very intelligent and independent she rolls she holds her own bottle nd she has teeth coming in Im in love with my baby she is a blessing to me I love been her mother LOVE YOU BABY LEGACI 💖💖
Little Gracie with that cheesy smile! We need the winning money for my mother's surgery so please she loves cuddles and special "Colby shows" beautiful baby girl
She’s a sweet girl that loves Peppa pig she’s 12 months old and cracks up at Peppa ❤️
Karsyn is 14 months old, he’s such a spunky little dude. He loves tires & playing outside! Oh and he loves spaghetti 💞
Jasper, even at just two months old, loves being the center of attention! He will gladly coo and grin at everyone, he doesn't know a stranger! Jasper loves cuddles and happily accepts them from everyone he meets!
Colt is the most sweetest baby ever. He loves talking, he loves sitting up, loves harassing the dog and loves food. Please vote for our sweet boy💙
Meet our sassy, cute and lovable baby Everly! She will light up any room with her smile!
Happy baby
He loves play in his lil jumper he almost crawling he really trying roles over no prob loves watchin dumb an playing with the lil elephant on the jumper and he been saying momma since he was 3 weeks old has said da once has said hi and hey and makes all kinds of sounds trying to really talk and he loves being held an snuggled he just such a sweet loving lil boy an just so handsome an can make anyone smile even if the sad hurting or whatever the prob may be
Jenna has an outgoing personality she loves smiling, laughing, and tasting everything.
Aleia Florence
Aleia loves her big brother, watching blues clues, and encanto. She very energetic happy little almost 2 year old. She loves to color and scribble on her minnie mouse and blues clues coloring books. She also loves to color on mommas tables. Very friendly to almost everyone who approaches her. Shes a very big daddys girl.
Hi my name is Roman, I’m a happy baby I’m always smiling, I love all the veggies and my fav thing to do is sleep in my mommy boob ❤️
Please vote for Parker. She is a happy ray of sunshine! She loves to giggle with new faces, and dance to catchy tunes.