Ezriel loves his mommy and dada, his pet brothers and sister, and playing with his xylophone!
He’s 2 months old , weighs 12 pounds & has a big brother. He likes to have sit him up or face him forward he likes to look around . Car rides calm him down , he always falls asleep.
Avery is a very serious baby. He's advanced for his age he was pushing himself around in the walker at 3 months old. Very strong and sturdy. Was walking at 9 months. He says ma,dad of course he also says mama,Beau, sissy, Loves cocomellon. When I sing a song ( 5 Lil ducks) he tries to quake quake with me. His favorite song is Save me, he recognizes any song he's heard b4. Very interested in music. He has 14 year old sister, 12 year old sister,8 year old brother and has a baby sister Casey coming in December
Zyair is a friendly fun loving ClubFoot baby! He loves making new friends, totally doesn’t meet a stranger and he loves music!
Ziasia love to have fun and laugh and play she stay happy non stop she will make u happy when u sad and make u smile and she loves to eat she loves cats and dogs too
This little guy loves to smile, giggle, and roll over. He brings his mama and dada much joy!
Blakelynn Rae is full of energy, never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. She loves books, moo moos, Cocomelon and counting! She’s mommy’s “bab” ❤️
Wesley is such a happy baby. He loves going for walks in his stroller at the park, bath time, and giving mommy kisses. He was born early at 3lbs 3oz but you would never know it. He was rolling over before he turned a month old. He brings joy to everyone who meets him and is a very determined little boy.
Baby adaline's sure to make your day with a simple smile! 😁Her favorite show is baby sensory and she loves car trips ! Make sure to vote for miss adaline she will love it 🎀💕
She likes to eat her green beans. She simply just a happy girl.
Lewis is happy 110% of the time! He puts a smile on everyone’s face. He LOVES being outside and hanging with his dogs 🐶
Gianna is a sassy little one. She loves to go outside, swim and jump on the trampoline with her big brother
Hazley is one happy baby! She loves to sit up and look around,being talked to and car rides. She is not a big fan of her pacifier because she rather suck on her hands lol
Harley Alice
Harley is just a dream child. She has a funny personality and is very loving ❤️ she likes dressing up as rapunzel and loves all things disney 💖
Loves hide n seek and tag. Full of energy and hates naps.
Cynthia is a very happy baby. She was a preemie only 3lbs now she is 11 lbs. she is 4 month old and has come a Very long way. She is a fighter and loves to dress up.
Dean is a happy go lucky 5 month baby who has recently became vocal and tries to talk to everyone about anything! He love his walker and jumper! He also loves listening to Micheal Bublé!
Our little rainbow baby 🌈
Wesson Gale
Hi I’m Charlie, I have bright blue eyes with curly blonde hair. I have a big smile and I am always bubbly.. probably the happiest baby you will ever meet. I love my food, I love my toys and I love my sleep!
All the lovely things about P💙 His favorite food: SpaghettiOs Favorite color: Any Favorite toy: Race cars Favorite show: Mickey Mouse club house Favorite person: None he loves us all 💙 Favorite snack: Puffy Cheetos Favorite item: Blankies Favorite book: Anything he loves books Favorite place: Outside loves the outdoors
Evie Rose
The cutest girl I ever did see 💗
He is 2 months old. He’s already rolled over on his own twice all by himself. He is roughly 8 pounds and 7 ounces. He is a Pro-Sleeper.
She is a gentle soul Loves school and her brothers more than anything in the world
Samuel is a fun energetic 1year old he loves the water and outside he sweet and has the most adorable smile
Yasir loves hugs and kisses so much. He likes playing with his 2 bigger brothers. He likes clapping and he is enjoying.
Meet Baby Baila the Chocolate Princess!! She’s a True Virgo 🥰😍She Loves Disney Sing Alongs, Bothering her Big Brother, & Biting Things!
Kai is so sweet he has a personality you’ll melt for he enjoy listening to music and dancing he has a smile you can’t forget he love’s the movie sing 2 and learning nursery rhymes with cocomelon
Ronnie loves LOVE ❤️ She’s a messy messy baby, that loves getting into things don’t let that innocent cute smile fool you ! 😊 ronnie loves to sing 🎶 dance 💃 and explore everything 🤪
Iylah is a month old! She loves to sleep Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and Curious George She loves her mama and daddy!
Leon’s mantra is, “too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep.”
Ada Elsie
Beautiful rainbow baby 🌈
Cataleena is very smart she will tell you she is beautiful smart strong and brave. She was born during covid but that hasnt stopped us.she is a miracle as i wasnt supposed to have kids.what a blessing it has been seeing her grow. She knows her alphabet she knows every letter in her name just not from beginning to end she is very very smart for only being 2.she also loves the water just like a fish.
Bowen is the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet! He is always in a happy mood no matter what. Those big eyes and cheesy smile will melt anyone’s heart. He loves to talk and play with his siblings. He just learned to sit up on his own and is a pro at rolling over!
Emerson is the cutest baby angel from holy heaven.
i’m Paisley and i’m a mommy’s girl. i love climbing stairs, watching minnie’s boutique, and taking naps
I love to sing, dance, color, and drive my parents crazy!
Kingston loves dinosaurs, riding his rzr, and playing in the water!
Evie is very intelligent for her age, and is also born very early. She is very kinda, and likes to share with everyone. Loves to sing, and dance.
Kason is the most sweetest but stubborn little boy i know! I call him my sour patch kid. He loves to watch mickey mouse, bluey, and the cartoon jurassic park series. He loves his cars, dinosaurs and driving his sisters crazy.
Hudson is the sweetest & happiest baby! He always has a smile for everyone!
Carter loves going on adventures and spending time with his family and friends!, carter loves swimming ,climbing and exploring new places
Sammy is our busy little boy who brings buckets of energy and cuteness to any party 🎉