Brinley has a smile that lights our world up! The most sweet and loving baby. She enjoys any time she can spend with friends and family. She loves seeing new faces, in fact she gives smiles to new faces!
Zayden is the happiest baby i know... Starting to get a personality and so lovi g... Loves the water and his food lol
He loves listening to his dad playing his video games and going for car rides.
Hi I am baby Isaac I love to smile in my sleep amd I have to be with momma 24/7 or I scream my head off I love to look around and have tummy time I was boy on my sibling birthday that was able to be here on earth side but he/she is my guardian angel amd sent me here to be with my mom
Cayson is a happy baby! He loves to play and laugh! He also loves to learn new things!
Happiest, & the Sweetest baby ever 😉 Always smiles even when he had covid twice , once at just 29 days old & almost 3 months old
Gypsi is Such a happy but, very small toddler. On the 5the of april we actually go to doctor so they can do a growth disease test on her because she is way small for her age.
This is Mikeala she was born at 31 weeks and weight 3lbs 8oz had to stay in the hospital for 2 months she has come a long way. She is 11 years old now and loves to sing, dance and make YouTube videos.
Myla is the happiest little girl 💕 She loves her animals, especially her dog Henry.
She’s the sweetest, funniest, & the smartest baby! She loves her brothers & sister & loves her mama 💓
He is the sweetest and funniest little man. 💙💙💙
Ms presley, she loves to smile, and definitely loves her poppop time. She was brightness in the world we never knew we needed. My heart on the outside
Little Man loves his toes and tongue. Our little Potato Sack is full of giggles and smiles. Do ask him for a nap. Those smiles will disappear!
Energetic, outgoing litte guy, whos smile lights up the room!!
Zayden is 3 months and the smartest little boy. He loves Mickey Mouse and just the best thing that happened to me y’all show my baby boy some love 💙💙 Proud Boy mom
She is smiley girl and she loves go outside.she makes me happy every time.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is my miracle. She is a ray of sunshine in our lives. She loves to laugh and she loves when she sees you smile. She is daddy’s twin ❤️
Marcus loves sweet potatoes, he loves his family lots, loves playing with balls and having fun! He loves his dogs as well.
He likes music and dancing
This is Rylee shes on top and Ryder hes on bottom in the picture
She love singing and dancing & she's very smart!
Charlie is 7 years old he love danceing and watching YouTube
Carly loves bath time, and she loves for you to sing to her! She loves to eat and play outside! She is a happy, loving ,funny and smart little girl!
Lukas is new to the world. He has big grey eyes that love staring at the world. He has a bit of a temper but an adorable face that melts your heart. ❤️
She loves her mommy and daddy and she loves to worship God and play with her sisters and also she loves playing Roblox and sleeping between daddy and mommy bed hahaha she humble and love being there for others ❤️ She pure happiness ❤️
Stephen John
He likes his pacifier. He loves to dance with his mom. He loves his dads comforting arms. He sleep and drink milk a lot.
He loves trains, cars, aircraft, and loves to play outside.
She just crossed her three months boundary......but is already trying to hold full conversations with....her baba.....booboo....biibii
Stephanie is just the most bubbly, outgoing bright Sparke that will just make your day. She loves dressing up and posing up for pictures. She loves to play with her dog Ziggy and her toys.
Hi! I'm Richard, everyone calls me Richie. I'm 2 months old and was born 7 weeks early on Christmas Eve. I like to eat, love to sleep, and smile at my Momma and Daddy.
His character is yet to be seen but one thing is forsure he LOVES the sound of his own voice as he’s constantly fussing but probably takes that after me haha. He’s Always hungry and sleeps most of the day but I totally understand because dirtying diapers and eating all day is OF COURSE a full time job.
He’s my happy baby. He loves eating, everything he see me eat he wants, he loves playing with toys❤️ So please vote for my baby boy🫶🏽
Evealynn Jo
Evealynn is almost 2 months old! She came December 16th,22. At 38 weeks; 5 pounds 5 oz. She loves watching her dad play video games & loves watching word party!She’s a rainbow 🌈 baby
Always smiling all the time, loves to move her feet and loves Mickey Mouse club house!
She is a very happy baby she loves her granny.her personality is so awesome she loves music .
Branson Lee, such a sweet but rotten little firecracker! He loves mommy an also has her wrapped around his finger! Branson is a happy baby all around. His smile lights up a dark room! He is my saving grace!
My name is Nevayah Mi’Lani W. I am 11 wks old.I love being hold by my parents and family members. I’m a very lovable baby. I love listening to the tv.
Colson Ray is the most perfect little boy! He’s such a happy, cheerful baby boy!
Brycen is the most happiest baby I’ve ever seen. He is full of nothing but smiles. He loves to play with his toys and eat his food. Such a happy chunk. 🥰🥰
My name is Elizabeth Curtis, I was born with cleft lip and palate, I’m about to be 2 years old, I love to run, scream.
She is so smart to be 1 and so loving n she is a mama's girl!
Hello, Thank you for dropping by. My name is Moon :). I am 7 months old. I am so happy to be here, my mommy says I’m her little blessing and that we both almost didn’t make it during my arrival. But I’m here and enjoying every moment of it. I love going for walks, and laughing I’m told my laughter lifts others up. My spirit is strong .
Hi I am Wyatt I like to snuggle with my mommy and watch the lion gaurd and be wrapped up in my mobi rap