Piper is our little cutie pie! Her initials are actually PIE! She is super sweet and has her dad’s eyes.
Noah is a happy baby who loves to laugh and play. Noah also loves music. He has a smile that lights the room.
She is an old soul, loves music, and attempts to sing and dance! She is a handful too lol, but you can’t help but love her.
Hi im sarah i love to cuddle with my mommy shes the best i am 3 months old i love to stand my grandparents are the best when my mommy leaves to the store to get some stuff i get upset my mommy is my best friend i love taking baths i love watching tv i also like taking selfies please vote for me
This little guy was born a month and 4 days early and he's just the cutest 😁 he makes faces like this all day long and loves too cuddle. 💙
Greyson loves his mama, daddy, and big brother! He is 3 months and the happiest little boy! He loves cuddles, he is the sweetest baby! 🤍
Colt is a wonderful happy boy, who loves to smile. He is a fighter. He was born 5 weeks early. At 2 months of age he had to have double hernia surgery, which he came through with flying colors. His older Brother loves him so much.
I love my mommy the most! I’m learning my voice and how to laugh an smile which I do a lot now. I love to be held when I’m sleeping.
Wyatt loves any and all food, to smile and to be as bossy as he can be.
Avani Rose
Avani Rose is such a sweet loving girl! Her smile brightens up our day. ♥️
You can vote 10x a day :] Calvin loves his bath time in the sink. His favorite songs are, I Was Made for Lovin’ You, by KISS and Puff the Magic Dragon. He enjoys spending his spare time being bounced in his bouncer while mommy reads books to him. Calvin enjoys looking at the ceiling fan go 'round and 'round. He SMILES BIG for mommy when he gets his diaper changed.
Sonny is 2 months old he has been sick alot in just his 2 short months he is only in the 4% and he will need surgerys soon we went to iowa city where we had his first surgery set up and they said it was to high risk and want to hold off on it. He is a happy baby and talks all the time and loves to smile!
Hi I’m Christianna and I love to eat snacks and play with toys! I love to scream I just learned how to do that! I love saying “Dada”! I also love to laugh and smile I have 4 teeth like a big girl! I love jumping in my jumper also it’s fun! Vote for me XoXo
Malakai Joseph
Malakai is 10 months old, and was diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus at 3 months old. He has hearing loss, but wears hearing aids and LOVES sound. He’s the sweetest.
Ava Lea
Ava has the most contagious smile you’ll ever see! She loves cooing and laughing. Snuggling is her favorite thing to do! Your vote means a lot! 💗
He is Avery happy baby, he loves to play walk and jump!
I"m Aurelius and like my name, I'm super awesome!!! I love the mornings and I love my grams!👵My favorite food is sweet potatoes and turkey. Oh! and did i tell you you I'm a ladies man? I love love love attention! so vote for me as your #1 guy!!! 👍
Harper-Rae is 2 months old and loves playing on her mat,sticking her tongue out and giving us lots of smiles
Maximus was born in August 20th 2020 at 8:20am! Talk about a lucky little dude! Maximus lives for milk and making everyone give him attention with his smile! Vote for max and you might get a peek at those little dimples! ❤️❤️❤️
My baby boy Dalton Jr is 10 lb and 14 oz today on October 25th 2020 he is the sweetest boy in the most handsome baby ever 😍😍🙏💚💚 he was born with a left clubbed foot and he has been in a casts for the past 4 weeks and hopefully his foot will be corrected in 3 more weeks is is so strong and fights though the irrigation of the process he still finds a was to make himself comfortable and happy and still at the big smile on his face he is such a big boy I love him so much 😍💚
This is my baby boy Oliver. What he likes the most is trolls, laughing and looking at hisself in a phone lol. I’ve been told he’s the happiest baby anyone has ever seen.
Carson is the smiliest baby ever! His hobbies are: smiling, babbling, eating, and napping.
Aubrey is a personality. She smart little girl at 19 months. Aubrey loves the outdoors and walking. Aubrey loves her farm animals and the guppies too.
He was born early 6 months only weighing 1 lb 2 Oz he has achieved a lot of goals show people that he is a miracle and he keeps achieving his goals day by day
Lennie’s favorite thing to do is poop on daddy when he changes her😂
My little princess ❤
This boy wakes up happy, only making everyone around him happier♡
Skye big sister of Harmyni.🤗❤️💕
Baby Harmyni
Harmyni is the baby sister of Skye. 🤗
Bella Rose
Bella is a very Happy baby . Very smart . Make everyone’s love her Instantly
Llama is just over 2 months old , loves to cuddle and be swaddled up and warm! Absolutely loves his milkys 💙 he's super grumpy if he doesn't have it right then!
Micha-Ava is a super loving cuddly baby who has dimples and a smile that will melt your heart! She loves to talk and sing/dance to baby shark.
Easton is 10 months & loves to walk, laugh, and climb on the couch. Listening to Elmo songs makes him so happy but gospel music is his favorite.
Nasir is a happy 7 month old baby boy 💙 he loves to listen to music, watch Elmo & will eat you out a house & home.
Loves to hangout with mommy and play with his toys
Kinsley Jo
Kinsley Jo** Our second miricle girl is 15 months old. She has been walking all over since she was 9 months old. Shes so loved, happy, adventurous, smart we live watching her learn new things every day. She loves to do wjat her 5ur old sissy and "brutter" are doing. She has rearranged the Christmas tree 397,765 times since we set ot up last wknd lol. She loves to sing and dance. She will be joining JFK dance studio in June. She loves to color, do puzzles, read books, and build huge towers with her legos, blocks etc. Please give our little love a vote she would definitely appreciate it💚❤
Taris loves to watch boss baby and eat cheese puffs, she gives you kisses and clap your hands all day doesn’t like clapping her own she wants yours. She doesn’t sit still for a second she is on the go all day crawling , walking along furniture
Gander is just over 2 weeks old. He was born on 11/11/20. His name is very unique as it comes from Newfoundland where he was conceived. He is the best little baby and we are so happy he’s here with us.
Hi, my name is Oaklyn! I was born at 33 weeks & 2 days, I weighed 5 lbs & 3oz! I was in the NICU for 3 weeks before I graduated! I’m the sweetest girl && I hope you vote for me 💕🎀
Hello! My name is Chosen I am such a happy & have a smile that will light up any room. I love listening to music, watching bluey on Disney junior & trying new foods. ❤️Vote For Me❤️
Such a beautiful & clever little girl she’s so cheeky💕
Gael Loves watching and dancing to Cocomelon ,Loves to eat
Paisley is 2 months old
This is my sweet baby boy Rhys. He loves to roll around, watch Cocomelon, and have long talks and laughs with mommy. He also loves loves to eat pears and is happiest when he hangs out with his big brother!
Danica love puppies she love to sing dance and watch peppa pig and draw.
a mama’s boy & lovessss laughing