Robert is such a great little man! He loves music and dancing and is just a happy baby
Dawson is a very happy baby! He has a GJ feeding tube but does not let that stop him🤍
Ava is a sweet and sassy little girl, anyone who meets her falls in love with her and her personality. She was born a micropreemie weighing 1 pound…. But her small stature doesn’t measure up to this little girls heart and soul.
Lily is my silly one year old. She loves being outside, music, playing with her toys, cuddles, being tickled, and splashing in the bathtub. Lily is always sticking her tongue out and being silly.
Braxton is the happiest baby to ever meet! He loves to travel, play with toys, cuddle with mama, and eat. Braxton was born prematurely at 2 lbs and fought to be the healthy, spoiled babyboy he is weighing at 23 lbs! Pls vote for us and thank youu🥰
Ashton aka munster is 2 yrs old... he loves playing outside and being with his family, he loves watching scooby doo .....
He is a happy camper, Eli loves to smile, laugh, scream, clap and send kisses. He is just a sweet heart.
Jay Kendall
Jay bebe, hes my wild child loves his siblings, such a hockey freak and really loves tractor trailers💙
Mommy and daddy told me im going to be a big brother soon. Im very excited to have a little sister. I love to play with mommy and daddy and go swimming.
This is Cesar my sweet bubbly little boy loves to smile.😊
Little Miss Lux is a bright eyed bushy tailed ball of fun. She loves her kitties and playing in her creek at home. She enjoyes nature Hikes and daily walks with momma. She is a star that is always shining and has made parenting the best adventure we have had yet.
MJ is 18 months old and has a vocabulary of over 35 words! He’s super intelligent and very loving. He loves to shower everyone he loves with hugs and kisses! Would love for him to win so we can add to his piggy bank 💙
Such a happy baby all the time. loves to smile laugh and make funny faces
JaSyah is a very energetic and happy baby JaSyah loves to eat, play, and watch Minnie's boutique. She also loves to sing and dance.
Kolton is a super happy fun loving baby he love bananas and loves going for car rides and stroller and he love playing with his stuffed puppy.
Lilith loves her baths and cuddling with mommy. She spends her days lounging and enjoying the sun with her kitty friend Steve.
Layla enjoys dancing and watching Barbie. Her favorite thing is when mom or dad chase her around the house. She’s super smart and can already say a 4 word sentence. She knows roughly about 20 single words and is doing very well at putting 2 words together. She’s such a happy baby, always giggling.
Everleigh Rayne is 7 months old she loves to play, jump and eat baby food. She is a beautiful angel. 💜💜
My name is Aria! I love anything to do with Elephants, music, and blowing bubbles! My smile is contagious. I love smiling and making others smile!
Connor is new to this world at just 11 days he is very alert and such a happy baby. He has already made himself a daddys boy
The twins kyralee & Kennedi likes to hold eachother hands like a sisterly bond they make eachother laugh an they love the morning walks that we take , they smile light up 10 millions rooms there active an happy babies
He's a very happy baby who loves to get dirty and even more loves his bath time.
Andrew is 5 weeks and 1 day old. Hes already doing so many things . So strong lifting his head and making so many sounds ! Hes such a cutie . Hes had a hard start to life with being born not breathing and in and out of hospital due to unknown illnesses causing him to pass out . Hes a little fighter !!
Sandra Sierra
She is one very Happy baby she wakes up with a big smile very calm and easy baby
Jayden loves his johnny jumper and can put away some food! He's bashful and cuddly. He's laid back, curious and gets memorized by the most random things. He has a contagious laugh that can make anyone's day better:)
Mylah is a month and a half. She loves her swing and has the cutest button nose I have ever seen. She is my first and her middle name is Raelynn hope.. because she’s not gonna get through this life without having hope that things will get better for her generation.
Amora is the most sweetest loving baby! She’s loves colors and lights… but the most she likes is getting fed! Her spirit is pure and loving!
ember loves to sing to music, laugh at her brothers, and pet her puppies! 💕
Luna loves to smile, cuddle and sure loves her food!!
She loves crafts and playing outside. She’s lovable and funny
Baby Gunnar is a happy baby boy that loves his mum & dad! He also loves showing off his smile 😊
PLEASE READ ❗️Daily Exchange Only At Moment❗️NO VOTING AHEAD & Plz stick to agreement ty (Do NOT Return Advanced Votes Returns are June/July) Will Let Everybody’ now the Date 😊Votes being checked Daily ~ I see few posting 10 & 10 not Done 🤔 Plz Be Honest ❗️Plz Post Votes Once Done Not 1~2 Days Later.❗️ ANY Votes done with out agreement will be seen as gifts 🎁 You can contact me on messanger Kaz Hayward.😊Aurora is is the most PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, VERY INTELLIGENT,AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little girl 😊
Tyler is a 10 month old sweet little boy battling Nephrogenic DI, FTT, and high sodium! He will put the biggest smile on your face. He crawls and sits up and loves to roll all over the place! Help my son win the contest! 🥰
He loves to smile & play with You & He is very loveable
Elizabeth is amazing child and she very sweet and loving.
She brighten everyones world.
A little something about Miss Kya she was due may 10th but she was born april 16th ! So she was a premie and just recently is wearing newborn diapers and starting to fit newborn clothes! 🥺
the most happiest baby in the world always has a smile on her face no matter what, my princess girl.
Braydon a.k.a Phat Phat, is an one of kind independent, intellectual, brave, and sweet baby boy. He is very giving and will share his food with anyone especially brother. He is a 2 years old boy that loves trucks and he admires the colors of them. He enjoys coloring, singing: Wheels on the Bus, ABCs, and numbers English and Spanish.
Antonio Loves Oranges and Bananas
Alexander aka Ajay Is just happiest baby ever He wakes up happy everyday He is truly pure happiness He just so smart and kind and just the sweetest little man you will ever meet please vote for this handsome ham 💕
Dwayne is very cute and adorable baby he very like to dance and laugh...he also very like to play ball with his dad as a 9months baby i can say he strong he wants to try many things stand and start walking very active baby....
Ava’ughni Loves to sing and dance she Loves to talk and play with other kids she love holding babies and she Love reading books
Nevaeh is 14 weeks old and is learning new skills each and every single day,she likes dancing with mummy and lots of snuggies with mummy and her big cousins. Nevaeh is such a happy baby that loves giggling and smiling away ❤️
Rhyett is the happiest baby you’ll meet! He loves his mommy, daddy and bath time! When he isn’t napping or eating, he enjoys a good book with lots of pictures or spending time with his cousins!