Navie rose loves to listen to stories and likes the fishies at the aquarium xx
Smiles every time Most alert Adorable
Tru is a great baby! He loves to smile and flirt with the ladies. Tru playa for real 😉🤭
Leilani is the sweetest, most curious 3 year old I’ve ever known and her intelligence surprises me everyday. She loves to learn new things and make up stories.
Alyssa is a feisty 1 year old with quite the personality. She loves to dance and watch Ms.Rachel. Her laughter is contagious.
Athena put up an amazing fight in NICU as she was born at just 34 weeks gestation! She was discharged home New year's Day and is such a strong little girl
Atreus Nehemiah "Bear" is such a happy, smiley and observant beautiful baby boy. His name means "Fearless" but is best known from the video game "God Of War". He loves milk, naps, cuddles, a good conversion and his binky lol 😆. Vote for Atreus!!!! ❤️
Braxton is about 7 months old. He loves watching videos of Mickey Mouse and nursery rhymes and loves to play! He is so smiley all the time to others and is starting to sit up on his own. He loves cuddles with momma❤️
Sky is one year old, she likes cocomelon a lot, she likes to eat fruits, she is very happy
nolan is 1 week and 4 days old, he loves drinking milk and his favorite hobby is sleeping and pooping..😂
Hello, I’m Kieara Paige! I am 10 months old and I’m mom and dads rainbow babe! I have 7 teeth already and I love to eat snacks!! Teething wafers are my favorite treat! I crawl very fast and will take a few steps at a time! Cocomelon is my favorite because I love JJ!! I’m a very happy little girl and my giggle makes mom and dads day!
Cristian is one month old. He’s a very smart and simple baby his favorite thing is to take naps with mom and dad and he loves tummy time.😊
Bryson is almost always smiling! He loves to chatter and bounce in his bouncy seat! He’s quite the character already at only 5 months!
Maven Maeson
Vote for these sweet smiley twin sisters! Full of their own personality and spunk, they always keep us on our toes. Team M&M ❣️
Bryson Daniel
He loves to be on the go, never sits still and his favorite food is banana 🍌. Started to say words (sounds) like da and ma ... Oh and he is the happiest baby I've ever seen , like all the time, he's just so happy....
My little miracle was born two months early. He came home a month later and has been such a joy in my life. He's so sweet but got his daddy's attitude. Loves kisses from his momma and hugs from his grandmas.
She loves to SING! Just give her the mic 🎤!! Lol also to cheer & dance
Nevaeh Jean was born on 11/11, @ 25 weeks, she spent 3 months in the nicu & is sooo enjoying being home with mommy and daddy 🥰
She loves to eat!!😂 & a very happy baby🥰
Josiah is just such a joy to be around, he has an amazing smile and a new squeek he is learning to love. He loves nap time, tummy time, mama love, oh and of course to eat 6 oz every 3 hrs. Which has made him such a chunky butt. He is my adorable little boy!
Gabriel is the happiest baby, he hardly ever cries. He always has a smile on his little chubby face. I love him so much.
Mila means Miracle, and that is just what she is. We never thought we could have children & after 12 years of infertility, we got our miracle baby Mila! Her beautiful smile and sweet attitude make her easy to love! She is the apple of our eye, and the best blessing to ever happen to us.
Asher is always on the go. He loves trains, tractors, Bluey, Mickey Mouse, and Curious George. His favorite color is pink and he will point it out everywhere. He comes with a major attitude some days, but we love him for it. Other days, he’s the sweetest, most caring little boy I’ve ever known.
This little squeaky baby is absolutely the most fun baby to be around. Always has a smile on his face. Always looking for mischief.
Connor (aka CJ) is a happy 7 month old baby boy with bright blue eyes and chunky thighs. You will always catch him smiling, laughing, babbling or eating/trying new foods.
Wise is the youngest of three boys. He is calm and so excited to start running around with his big brothers! He loves watching miss Rachel and playing in his big brothers room
Colton lights up a room with his bright blue eye's he is totally a boy but he is so sweet and loves to be funny and make people laugh 😃.
Leilani is a really smart baby , she laughs , is always happy & she lovesss to watch her show also she loves to be sitting up on her own 💗
Blakelynn heart is as big as her beautiful eye's 😍 she has such a sweet and loving way about her.Everyone that has ever met her falls in love with her 💕
Hi my name is faith im 18 months old and I love being out doors in my rain boots. I love spending time with my family I have 2 grandmas and 4 grandpas and i was the only child but mommy and daddy decided i needed a best friend so i upgraded to a big sissy i love my sissy even though i get jealous of her sometimes i still love her. I love going to the park and taking walks and playing on the playground i like to swim. Everyone tells me i can put a smile on someones face in a matter of seconds if there having a bad day. Im sassy and sweet TEE HEE
My beautiful girl
Jaxson is seven months old. He loves to smile and taking pictures is currently his profession
He likes Cocomelon and loves smiling. He definitely has a smile that will light up the night.
This little man is the happiest baby who brings so much joy to anyone he meets! His giggle is contagious and he loves to talk/babble to anyone who will listen. Our bubba bear is so loved!!!
I love to crawl all around, cuddles with momma and daddy, my puppy Sadiee!
She is full of energy 24/7...loves to watch bluey, mickey mouse bubble guppies, paw patrol
Hi everyone I would like to introduce my beautiful Babygirl Marleekqua she is unique in every way she adorable sweet loving and caring little cutie so please vote for her 💜
Lyla is such a happy, intelligent and loving baby!! She absolutely loves to dance!! She is crawling and standing up on her own!
She is the sweetest most happy baby ever. She has been perfect ever sense she was born. Her favorite thing is to b outside and enjoying time with our little village ❤️
She is the sweetest and most caring little goofball you ever could meet ❤️she’s always trying to make you laugh and lights up any room she walks in. She’s such a beautiful soul that finds the music in anything and loves to dance 💞
Hi my name is Nevaeh sky. My favorite people are my mom,dad, and sister. I LOVE watching Mickey Mouse and playing with my puppy pretzel. I really like to eat food as well!!
Stevie is this adorable chunka who is almost 3 months old! A smiley babe all day every day and is always up for having a good baby conversation
Felix loves to explore outside and play with animals, he also really enjoys sharing his finds with you on his walks.
Little Wyatt loves to smile and laugh! He loves playing peek a boo with people and having some pretty in depth conversations!