Baby Stories - 29


Klay is 3 months old . Klay loves to be read to and is very observant. He laughs in his sleep and has the cutest smile.
Dylan And Damian
Hi we’re Dylan and Damian 3 month old identical twins. Mommy and Daddy sure were surprised when they found that their first born was TWINS. (Two for the price of one pregnancy lol) Our favorite things are sitting with our mommy, watching daddy play video games and watching HeyBear baby sensory tv on youtube. If we win the money will go into an account for our future.
She's the sweetest gemini you'll ever meet. She has a unique personality and big brown eyes that'll just melt your heart. Vote for princess Gemini
*****Please vote for Damien from his mothers account, Hannah M**** Damien is 5 months old, and loves spending time with mommy & daddy
Hello my name is Pharaoh Maat. I enjoy watching my favorite T.V. Shows Such as Akili and Elmo! I also enjoy working with daddy around the house and outside. I’m his little helper! I enjoy story time with mommy! I have 6 siblings out of everyone in the bunch I bring the most noise and light the room when I enter my presence are just that strong! And everyone enjoys my clothing line daddy makes for me hand made bow ties and bee-bop hats with my saddle oxfords. If you vote for me and I’m selected you would enjoy seeing my adorable face as well!
Meet my darling Rosie-Bleu, she loves trying new foods & shes has the bigest character and is so funny with what she does day in and day out please keep voting
Sophie is a goof who loves playing and learning at school and at home with her Auntie Charlotte
Hi guys my name is mamasz and I’m 5 months old i love taking photos and I’m looking to get into modeling ... I’m such a happy loving baby I love laughing and when mommy sings to me so can I just ask for one favor can u guys vote for me ❤️Thank u very much I really appreciate it
Ethan loves to be outside. He loves Paw Patrol and PJ max and likes to make people smile. .Thank you!
Loyalty is very joyful. She loves to play with her older siblings. She is very active and alert. She loves to watch Cocomelon. She loves lots of snuggles.
Mason is the most fun loving, sweet boy ever. Bright blue eyes and the most beautiful blonde hair.
Hello, I am Huntley! I was born at exactly 38 weeks. I was 6lbs and 7oz. I'm becoming a very strong baby girl. My mommy and daddy loves me so much, and oh yeah, my two fur brothers!
Hi everyone I’m briar🥰 I’m a handsome little man that loves to smile😊 vote for me!
Hi , my name is Delilah I am 2 months old , I love to smile , i love to sleep and eat a lot , I am very calm . I love to smile
Hey I’m Harlow! I love to sit up and watch tv. I also love to cuddle with mommy all the time.
Ezekiel is a blessing to our family. He love to make bubbles but nap time is his favorite thing to do nowadays.
Grayson is one happy baby who is always smiling! He recently got his first tooth an almost has walking down pat . His favorite thing to do is share his toys with our dog Bobo.
Dakari is a very happy and content little boy. He loves to giggle.
Jayviah was born 3 and half weeks early. Only 5.1pounds he is just over 4 months now. He loves his food , music and loves to jump. Very cheeky boy
Malcolm (Mac) is such a chill baby! My nickname for him is sugar because he so sweet ❤️💙
This is Payton!!! She Loves to sing and dance, she wants to take singing lessons and be like her favorite singer, Carrie Underwood!!! We're hoping to win so we can get her started on her journey!!!
Levi Johnson
Levi is so much fun and he’s smart. He loves to read and play his drums. My sweet baby toddler loves people and giving the best hugs. 👑
Hi there, My name is Sage and I’m the biggest snuggle bear you’ve ever seen! I’m a Christmas baby who loves to go on walks and see the world with Mom and Dad. My hobbies include sweet laughter, pooping immediately after my diaper is changed and napping. ❤️
Raelynn loves unicorns, she loves being outside and making new friends. She loves playing dress up and acting like a little princess ❤️
5 months old, loves his toes and always smiling, he’s the most friendly baby there is
Hazley likes being outside, loves playing with her brothers and sister. She loves playing with her toys and her puppies! She’s so beautiful those piercing blue eyes gets everyone ❤️
Axton is rapidly moving into the busy toddler stage! Don't take your eyes off of this rascal for a second. 😅
Dixie is a very loving caring outgoing little girl!!
Colton is the happiest baby ever! He loves to play and laugh all day! His favorite words are mama and baba!
Treyson is not only a very smart 6 month old baby who is in fact already crawling, but he’s such a happy baby especially when he’s watching toy story with his woody toy in his hand or outside on the porch with me as he yells at every car that passes by!! He also loves to eat his feet when he’s not running around in his walker.
Colton is our 4 month old bundle of joy who enjoys spending his time laughing, watching Elmo and learning how to smile!
Alucard is almost 5 months old! Hes sitting up, rolling over, enjoys trying new foods! His favorite thing is his toes!!
Grayson is 9 months old, and full of joy! He’s always smiling, giggling, and playing. His favorite thing is Mickey Mouse! We really hope to be able to take him to Disney to meet Mickey Mouse one day!! He loves playing and cuddling with mommy and daddy! Please vote for our little man!
Sweet baby boy who loves to snuggle dad an mom just one look at him an he brightens everyone’s day
The Simpson twins , love to talk . Sweet and sour as you can say , but also love to be cuddle . They both love cloudy with the chance of meat balls & trolls
She’s literally the most sweetest baby ever. She can’t help but put a smile on everyone’s face. She’s very hands on and loves some bananas and fries lol.
Ginalys is full of energy very polite , sweet and very generous a head turner
Danielys is a very special little girl she may not say alot of words but she trys everyday smart friendly and polite
I love snuggles with mommy and smiling at daddy.
Jaylen is 7 months old, he loves jumping, rolling around, playing with his older brother and eating!
Hi everyone! My name is Elijah, my mom is obsessed with Harry Potter so don’t mine the overload with that. I like to eat, wiggle around, sit up and spit up on mommy.
My Name Is Queen And I’m A Super Diva!! I Love Anything Fashion And Designer, And I Want To Be A Stylist When I Grow Up!!
Mason is 2 months old. He loves bath time and getting cuddles after. He enjoys kicking in his little bouncer while listening to old music 🎶
Kaia is the sweetest little cuddle bug! She loves nothing more than to snuggle up with Mum and her best friend Willow the cat!
Maliceye is a very rambunctious boy.! He loves to play games and play with action figures. He is such a caring young man. He loves to listen to music as well as sing along. He is my miracle child. 🖤