Leoney And Lacey
Leoney and Lacey are fraternal twins born at 34 weeks and 6 days they stayed in the nicu for 2 weeks and 2 days weighing 4 pounds and 6.8 ounces and 4 pounds and 8 ounces all they want to do is smile when you talk to them but they definitely love giving there stink faces😂💓
Ares And Hades
Ares and hades born at 35 weeks 3 days perfectly healthy no nicu time ❤️ They are super loving and the cutest things ever the best babies ever💙
This is Benjamin his nick name is Ben boo he likes to play outside and in the pool he loves to watch paw patrol spongebob and Mickey Mouse An Johnny test
Riley is a smart talented creative little girl who was born at 28 weeks (2pounds 11oz) fought 12 weeks in the NICU. She is now in 4th grade and loves Catholic school and jesus!!!
This is Bowen Bo Bo is his nickname he is a big Mamas boy, he likes to play In water end outside
This is James He goes by his middle name Maddex he’s 3 years old he likes to ride four wheelers, play outside and with his brother’s. He likes to watch paw patrol spongebob in and Mickey Mouse
She’s 3 years old she has an older sister and younger brother. She’s smart and sweet!
Emma is a big sister ❤️ helping her little sister and helping mom and will say hi to new people and making new friends
She loves to be outside anything from playing with the animal’s ,swinging in the Sun! She’s the sweetest little girl she loves giving hugs and kisses but she also has a little wild side too!
Meet Baby Kassío. Quiet & charming 3 month old boy! The youngest of his siblings with a smile that can light up a room! He loves eating & sleeping.
Hi my name is Alani Marie-Ann.. I'm named after my sweet Nana and both my Aunts. I'm sassy and sweet and everybody smiles when I'm around. Im pretty easy going and like pretty much everything. I love to dance and eat fruit.. My favorite shows are Bluey and Mickey Mouse
Heyyy everyone my name is Kingston Kane! I’m my mommy and daddy’s best friend 🫶❤️. My favorite things to do are smile, eat and fake cry! Im a really good baby But don’t let me pull my own hair or scratch my own face cause then you are all in for a world of trouble 😅☺️! :) (accepting any advances to be returned! Also doing vote exchanges 10v10)
Baby girl loves the word mama! Her favorite foods are spaghetti, broccoli, apples and turkey🤎 She’s the cutest bundle of joy… you have to agree. The easiest way to get her to smile is by singing “rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river”!!!! Instant smiles.
Wayne Loomis
Hi! 👋 this is Wayne Loomis, his a happy baby, loves cuddles and sometimes tummy time. He loves standing and stretching his legs. His such a cutie 🥰💞. I hope you for for him 😊
George is a happy, smiley baby who has completed his mommy and Daddy’s world. He is named after his great grandad who he loves very much. George is growing big and strong, already starting to outgrow his 3-6 month clothes 😊💚 He loves tummy time and lots of sensory play. His favourite time of day is when Daddy gets home from work and makes him giggle 😊💚
He spunky, energetic, adventurous and always smiling. watch out though because he likes taking anything that’s not his 🫢
Shes such a happy baby
My name is Parker im 15 months old I love fire trucks and water especially bubble baths. I'm sweet caring and cute! I'm a mommy boy 90% of the time but don't tell daddy 😂.
Hi my name is Liam my best friend is my sister oh and my baby brother. I love spiderman and SpongeBob. Im funny and cute all in one.
Happy Baby
Legend Scott
Legends one of the sweetest boys in the whole world, he loves blues clues and bath time! He likes when his cousins come over to play, legend has the most fun outside! ❤️
Hello meet baby Cortez, an intelligent, caring, loving, & funny little boy! Loves cars a lot doesn’t go anywhere without them. 😂 he’s a great big brother who’s very protective of his siblings already! Favorite show is “Akili & Me”. Loves the outdoors and enjoys eating!
Jaxson is a very hyper child who loves food and playing video games with his daddy . He loves dinosaurs and trucks and dancing to his favorite music.
Annabell is a wild child who loves to dance ,sing, and make art . Her favorite animals are flamingos and giraffes . Her favorite food is chicken rice and corn on the cob . When she grows up she wants to be a dentist .
Hi this is Makari he loves to watch blues clues and SpongeBob he so playful and gets into everything he is a busy body he was only 2Ibs at birth he loves to play with his toy cars…
Sa'diah is truly just a sweet and absolutely gorgeous baby girl her chubby cheeks bring us joy every morning of everyday with a sweet smile that warms our hearts her favorite things are Coco melon and bananas at snack time with her favorite blanket of course oh she also lovesss bath time and will try to get in with all her clothes on 🤣 she is the best!💖
Hunter is a multiracial baby who loves all his cultures! He is almost 3 months old and loves to smile! Born on Juneteenth, he is too cool💙 Appreciates all the votes, future bebe model 😆
Hi my name is Zuri. I enjoy music and ny big brother.
Hi everybody! My name is a Riverlynn and I am a hoot! I keep my family on their toes but they LOVE IT! I have them wrapped around my little finger ❤️ I also love to sing and dance!
Catalina is a force to be reckoned with! She has absolutely stolen our hearts, along with everyone she meets! She loves to imitate just about everything we do, from brushing our teeth to helping put clothes away. As new parents we are over the moon and everyday we discover something new and beautiful with Catalina 🫶
Amyah is a rainbow baby.! She loves swinging in her swing and her toys. Well she loves everything she can touch.! She is a smiling beautiful baby. Always happy.!
Harlie Joyce
Shes sweet but sassy and loves when all eyes are on her. She is tiny but mighty. She was a nicu baby and came into this world fighting 💕
Jameson is always such a happy boy! He loves to say Dada and loves to talk back when we say no!
He is 7 months old! He just learned how to sit up. He loves food and he’s a big talker! ❤️
He is a month old i am so glad that i had him he is funny n adorable n just good company. He brings me happiness i was nervous to have him n it took a lil bit to get used to having a little one around but we love n care for him
I have had a rough start in life. But i am a warrior.. I love life and my family makes me very happy.
Madelyn loves playing outside with her five dogs, dancing/music and Mickey Mouse! She’s a daredevil when it comes to adventures and her sass is out of this world but she’s the sweetest little girl ever
Memphis is a 10 month old ball of spunk and chunk! He loves chewing rocks, playing in the water, climbing on anything and everything! And don’t get me started on this boy and his food!
Hi I’m Aiza, I’m a happy 8 months old x
Dylan knows his colors and his numbers 1-4. He is 2years old and his favorite things are snacks, balls, and dinosaurs. He has his own way of saying I love you. He is very caring and loves getting booboo kisses.
He’s always a super happy baby! He loves trying new foods. He loves his big brother, mama &’ dada ! He’s a smart little boy &’ full of love !
Aryaunah is a little Tom-boy! She likes to get dirty, ride her scooter and color in her coloring book!