Baby Stories - 28


Zoe is a very talkative person, she loves lovens, she is a sweetheart
Josiah is a very calm and happy baby🥰 just look at him
Happy one month old! Loves bath time and cuddles!
Tyler loves Hey Duggee and a cuddle 😊
Leo already loves Pokemon and Elmo! He enjoys spending most of his time rolling around the floor or in his jumperoo! Always a happy little boy, everyone’s little ray of sunshine ☀️ 💕
Why wouldn’t you vote for him? Seriously......
Jaiden is 10 months old very energetic, funny, and smart. He loves to say momma, daddy, Nana, Hey, and I love you! He was a Nicu warrior 💪❤️ He is cutting two teeth and almost crawling 😍🥰
Alicia is such a happy baby. She loves to smile and very curious on her surroundings. She loves car rides and getting carried. She definitely makes sure she gets everyone's attention.
Unicorn Baby.
Sydney is the center of attention! She is a real party girl- up all night and snoozing all day! She is also a world class foot piano player with a sold out show every time!
Emma likes playing with her older brothers. She also enjoys being cuddled!
Leo loves to eat sleep and giggle in his sleep. His favourite thing is cuddles with mummy and playtime with his best friend daddy ♥️
Babygirl loves to stick out her tongue and blow bubbles , she talks so much and already trying to crawl!!! ❤️
Leonidas is the happiest baby you will ever see! I have never seen a baby so full of light and laughter, he fills a room with his big personality. The only thing I love more than his laugh is that beautiful smile.
He is a cute and so beautiful to and he love to play with his toys
Please vote for our little boy 💙
Jaxson is such a happy boy and loving little boy. Who loves to eat anything and everything. He has such a big heart ❤
Nora is our sweet, vocal, and outgoing one year old! Her first word was “puppy” & is so appropriate because she LOVES her doggos! She also lovessss having her photo taken !
Loves his food & doesn’t like to share, but he will steal yours
Javaé Was Born Christmas Morning, She’s A Very Happy Baby, Loves To Smile, And Her Favorite Show Is My Little Pony! She Is A Daddy’s Girl.
Liam is a very outgoing and vocal baby for a 2 month old (, loves playing with his big sister, getting cuddles from mummy and daddy, loves going for walks and drives in the car
Enzo is a NICU baby, he spent 7 weeks fighting to be a strong boy! He finally came home and he loves to listen to Tracey Lawrence and cuddle with his puppy Wade!
Brilynn Jade is the youngest of 5 siblings and is a very happy and energenic baby.
Nayma she is very cute baby. She loves a lot to listen music and start shake is hands. Even when she feels ill always have a smile on her face.
Hope loves bath time. Spending time with mommy.
Hi my name is jarielys I love to watch Minnie Mouse and I like to play with my big brother and my puppy....and love to be with mommy and daddy
Noah Bbillingsley
Vote for our noah , always has a beautiful smile on his face no matter what life throws at him ,been though so much all ready and more to come but that mever stops him from being happy 💞😽
Lyricc is 9 months, sporting her pearls in support of Kamala,Michelle,Nancy ,Maxine and all of the sisters with class.She talks back and has plenty of facial expressions. Small for her age but ain’t missing a beat .Vote for Lyricc
She is a wonderful baby, she smile all time and happy for all.
Aurora is always the happiest girl! she loves the outside and to take walks! she’ll smile and wave at everyone. Her smile is truly contagious! since she’s learned to walk, she’s always on the move, playtime is her FAVORITE!
Avery is a happy boy who loves to listen to music and smile. Avery has the best time in the bath and thinks it’s funny to splash mommy and daddy. Mommy thinks Avery is going to end up being a baseball player because he always watches baseball games with dad. Please vote for us!!
Nya loves to climb and explore everything she can get into. She loves to watch Elmo and Paddington bear she also loves playing with all types of animals. She has a big brother 19yr and sister 16yrs as well as a little sister 5 months who she loves very much apart from her mum and dad. We are very happy to exchange votes with you and keep voting as long as you do the same for me thank you.
Ayla loves her best friend Bentley and always tries to hitch a ride. She loves to watch birds, take baths and make animal noises. Some of her favorite snacks are berries, oranges, and especially eggs. She laughs everytime she sees a bunny, loves heart shapes and will even say heart when she sees one and puts her hand on her chest. In her spare time, she likes to go outside on walks to pick flowers from the grass.
naomi is 3 months old she loves to smile and kick and she loves to milk and shes a mommys girl
Milauni is 1month , and she likes eating and sleeping and hanging with her family💞. And being a cutie while she does it.
Sloane is an overachiever. At Day (5) she was already holding her own pacifier.
I love playing with my hair and balancing on my parents hands!
My son is three months old born December 29th, 2020. I'm a single mom and I work a full time job at night, 40 hours a week. Myles loves car rides, he loves to be outside. He loves music, especially the songs on Fisher Price Little People cartoons and Hey Bear Piano Instrumentals! He has been holding is head up since I was in recovery, he is such a strong baby. He already tries to sit up, he can roll to his side and he is already teething. He loves to be talked to and he coos back, he also love it when I sing to him. He is so precious, such a good sweet and happy baby.
Violet is a true blessing to me. I love being her momma. She loves to talk and be talked to. She loves her mama and anyone else that gives her attention. Violet loves to wiggle around kick her feet and eat her hsnds. Bath time is her favorite time of the day. She loves the water and having her hair washed. She will splash all the water out if she gets the chance. She can sleep through almost anything. Shes a very happy baby that brightens my world more and more each day.
A cheeky 7 month year old who is always smiling! She’s a little ray of sunshine and brings happiness to all her family and friends lives 💛
Shes always so Happy and overall very great baby. We love her and everyone who sees her says she should be a gerber baby! Good luck Dani . Thank you for letting us participate!
Kolden is our sweet boy who loves to laugh and play with anyone he meets! Such a happy baby who loves to catch the cats!
My name is Ronnie, I am cheeky and full of life! I am very observant and intuitive and very good at learning new things! I have been in lockdown my whole life so I love my independence and to play with anything that’s furry or lights up! My favourite thing to do is make the most noise and shout my dog Bella! Lots of people stop mummy in the street to talk to me and tell mummy how beatiful and handsome I am! Strangers always love to see me smile! I like to say hi and give them and cheeky smile and a peek at my dimples! Sometimes even a wave if im feeling sociable!
I enjoy eating, giggling & pooping. Oh, and getting kisses from my buddy Bodi!