Cayleb is 4 months old loves to play laugh An be around family…he loves his brothers an sister
She’s a sweet happy cry baby that loves to sleep a lot during the day lol 😊
I love to dance, have bathtime, and spend time with family!! ❣️❣️
My name is Elias, and I like pictures. I like to smile and be happy. please vote for me❤️
Michaela loves to play, sleep and hangout with mommy. You know, baby stuff
Loves making dinosaur noises, enjoys seeing new faces, and loves making spit bubbles.
Xavier is a happy baby. When hes not giving you his toothless smile then well hes probably asleep lol. He loves tummy time and the smurf movies with daddy
Jaxson is in first grade. He loves all animals. And has a very big family and is the youngest. He favorite things to do is swim.
He’s a super happy toddler! Full of energy. He's loves music and dancing. He loves trying new foods.He has the biggest personality and is such a silly boy.
Khadijah is a 6 month old joyful, loving babygirl. She’s always so social and can be a bit bossy😆but all round she’s a very loving baby☺️
She absolutely loves flowers and bright colors.
She is a cheese fanatic. Loves to swing and run around making goofy faces. But most importantly her favorite word is NO 😂😂
He's always a happy baby, smiling and loving, he loves to jump and make plenty of noise. Blowing raspberries at us makes him giggle.
Shelby is so darn sweet she is learning new things everyday and she has so much to go for. At 2 months she has already been through so much and she is such an amazing blessing I could not have asked for anything else.
Sutton Mae, our happy milk loving babe! She loves to smile, coo, holler, and pull Dadas beard!
Addie Mae will be 2 in November! She loves snuggling with mommy and daddy, hanging out with her big sister, playing with blocks, drawing, painting, going shopping, and playing outside!
This child was the greatest blessing of my life! How can such a small being teach us the greatest values ​​of life?? I love her so much!!!
My little booger is 5 and half months old. He always has the biggest smile and lights up the room, he’s certainly turns my bad days good.
this is our baby Cambrie Candida, she is so little but oh so full of sass! she loves sweets & anyone that will play with or talk to her.
R’monyee loves to smile she brightens up the room !! Her laugh is contagious, she’s a gift from god ❤️❤️
ILY (iliana) is tiny but mighty. Being a 3 pound premie she has overcame every obstacle. She has the most loving spirit and she can brighten anyones day with her contagious laugh & smiles. We truly believe she is a gift from above ❤️ Iliana’s favroutie snack is wotsits, but to the point where she looks like one herself when she’s finsihed😂🙈
Wesley's sweet and spunky! He has the best personality for a 1 year old! He’ll melt your heart with his smile, I promise! This is our whole world right here!🖤
mylah is new to the world.🤍
The sweetest, kindest girl, beautiful and just all around awesome little girl
Oaklynn Grace, our outdoor adventuring baby loving girl! And the SASS is real!
In A Word Full Of Beauty Life Is But A Canvas You Can Paint It How You Must. Tha’Liyah Is A Breath Of Fresh Air A Cool Breeze In The Sun.
She’s a happy little flower, Her smile lights the room. A cheeky face so sweet, So beautifully in bloom.
Amairus is the youngest of 3. He Loves his family, playing outside and playing in water. ****Will exchange votes and accepting advanced votes. PLEASE ASK BEFORE VOTING. ALL VOTES BEFORE AGREEMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED A GIFT. I have absolutely no room on kingpet. But looking for exchanges on, lullapanda, little miss beauty, miss princesse and pageant dog.
Amelia is a ray of sunshine and makes everyone's day better even on the stormy day! She loves to laugh and explore and her big brother is her favoeite person!
He has such a personality 🤣 he loves animal crackers n any food honestly Loves to play n go for car rides Loves boss baby n pj mask he's starting to walk now n says mama n dada n nana all the time 😂
I’m Declan and I absolutely love my momma I hate being set down and I hate when I can’t see or smell my momma. I’m a little brother to my sister remi who loves me and I love her when she’s not being crazy! I love my daddy he’s always making me laugh 💙 I like to listen to music. I mostly like to eat mommy’s milk and sleep!
Hi I was born 1 month ago. I love to sleep and cuddle. My favorite thing is Mr.Koala and my mommas boobs.
Giovanni is 9 months; he's a happy smart baby. He loves saying Mama and Dada, he loves jumping up and down in his crib, crawling doing raspberries and clapping. He likes eating and trying new foods. He loves playing with his toys. He loves spending time with his family and making us laugh and smile.
My little firecracker! She's my little country princess. 🤍 Tougher than any boy I've met. & when it comes to her siblings she's always ready to fight. Loves dancing, cheer, & anything with music.
Alex is 21 months old. He loves his sister Rosselyn, which they play all the time, sing songs and read books. He loves to eat every songle vegetables and fruits. He loves dinosaurs, la Granja de Zenon and CocoMelon. He is super intelligent and playful. He loves animals! Im in love with this tiny boy who stole my heart!
Y’all go vote for my princess! She will be 2 on the 21st! This will be a great birthday present for my sweet girl!
Zayden loves the movie sing2 he sings to it and dances
My name is Mason and I love to talk and giggle! My favorite show is Mickey mouse! I'm very strong and I can already scoot around on my own! I definitely know how handsome I am too!
He loves the outdoors, especially the cars so fascinating to him. Adonis likes to read, count, and play with his cars. He loves the park the thing to play on is the slide. Vote for Adonis his cuteness is all you need.
My names Levi is 4 months old I love to cuddle and roll, my favorite food is carrots 💕
Alicia is 6 months old she loves tummy time she loves laughing sitting up her baby talk and loves her sisters shes a mommy's girl loves to pick on her dad 💕
He loves to play with his cars & pretending playing house with his brother and sisters.
A’ella is my beautiful rainbow baby after 2 years of trying. She loves to cuddle and laugh. Her daddy is her favorite person.
My name is carter Jay I’m 17 months old. I love to climb, run around, and My favorite word is juice 💕
Leoney And Lacey
Leoney and Lacey are fraternal twins born at 34 weeks and 6 days they stayed in the nicu for 2 weeks and 2 days weighing 4 pounds and 6.8 ounces and 4 pounds and 8 ounces all they want to do is smile when you talk to them but they definitely love giving there stink faces😂💓
Ares And Hades
Ares and hades born at 35 weeks 3 days perfectly healthy no nicu time ❤️ They are super loving and the cutest things ever the best babies ever💙