My name is Bennett. I am 8 months old. Check out my photos below!! It would mean the world if you would vote for me 🙏🏼 The money would be saved for my future. I can almost crawl. I love eating my veggies just as much as my fruits. I talk to my mommy all day and love when she sings and dances with me. I am always happy and giggling, even at myself 🤣 oh and my kitty cat Nala is my BESTEST FRIEND next to my mommy and daddy 🥳 Please Help my me save money so I can be anything I want to be 🥹❤️
Our little boy loves the outdoors and spending time with family! He also loves eating 🥣 and his dog Bandit
Luke loves Mickey Mouse, always smiling, loves to laugh and play, loves to be around other kids.
My chunky and goofy baby :) she’s always having fun no matter where we’re at or what we’re doing! Loves snacks!!!
Elizabeth loves books, bubbles, and coloring. She likes spending time with her grandpa and grandma. Loves animals she gets very excited to play with them. She's a happy little baby.
Ethan, is 12 months old! He walks all over the place. Is a huge mommas boy, love all animals no matter what. He is the rainbow baby! He brings a smile to everyone’s face. His sissy is his most favorite person, she can make him laugh just by the silliest things she does.
Carter is 5 months old and the happiest little guy you’ll meet! He LOVES music, the outdoors and smiles all day long. ❤️
My names Braxton I love to watch SpongeBob, Ms.Rachel, and Bluey! I like to crawl and try to get into everything. Im a sweet, happy, loving baby!
Milan is a Smart , Funny , Energetic 2 year old who loves Blues Clues and her NaNa . She like to dance and talk and impersonate her mommy whenever she is talking .
Hi my name is tristen jr. I am 21 months im very outgoing, lovable, smart, and absolutely love the outside.
Hunter loves to do tummy time and roll over when he feels like he’s had enough. He loves to watch whatever is on the tv or really anything that’s going on around him. And as long as you’re smiling and laughing at him he’ll do the same
Mateo is the happiest little baby possible, loves trying to be a big boy and sit up and has found a passion for food 🥰
He is my miracle baby he loves to play patty cake
Eliza, is a smart little girl who likes bossing her siblings around. Full of life and sass 💕
CaseLynn loves Paw Patrol. She loves trying to walk, she’s very talkative and just the sweetest baby♥️
Zaelah is a princess in real life she’s the sweetest little girl🥰 she loves her music and dancing! She loves blankets and playing with her hair also🥰😂🤍
Robyn is such a cheeky baby who loves dancing and clapping along to music, she absolutely loves her food and always has the biggest smile on her face
Jax always has a smile on his face he loves dinosaurs and monster trucks he loves god and church he just the sweetest
Bentley James is a fun loving and energenic soul. He loves tummy time, warm snuggles and talking. He is a huge flirt as well.
Jackson has his own personality already. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He smiles when he sees his brother and sister.
Naomi Moon is coming soon!! Title of her show we always say! Her Gpa came up with it! Nickname : Nae :: Fav quote: What is this abomination? NAOMI IS A DIVA! She loves animals so much, she loves babies and is an amazing big sister to her baby brother who was born with a congenital heart disorder and rare genetic disorder. She has a heart of gold, and the spirit of an old soul. Naomi collects antiques of all kinds! She lost her fav person in the world last year, her gma! From cancer. Naomi was always told by her gma that she has what it takes, and is a natural for the cameras so Nae is living out her gma dream for her! Please vote for our amazing baby girl. She is so sweet,gentle, patient with her brother and her pets. She loves God above all things, she loves nature,loves gymnastics and loves Anime and games!
This little girl is 5 months old and i love her to death 💕 we spent 2 months with her in the NICU shes been improving since day 1
Gramps little jeeper. Anthony loves time spent with grandma and grandpa out in the woods doing all things jeep related.
Noah is nearly 4months old, loves smiling and lots of baby talk, he’s such a happy boy and a strong bubba, has recently recovered from meningitis at 3wks old
My little Duro is one cheeky lil bubba, He’s almost 3 months old and already such a character! Such a chill lil one too he loves watching tv and snuggles with his mum and dad and really photogenic,He’s my world 🥰
Scarlett is a very outgoing, loving, little girl who always wants to see the people around her happy. She goes out of her way to give back and put a smile on a strangers face. Empathy is her strong suit! She loves being outdoors and exploring nature, but can also be the most cuddly girl in the world.
Please check the vote log pls. Voted everyday !! Hospital right now Will keep u posted for all the votes that we made .. ❣️ Thank u everyone ❣️
Hi! My name is Jasper. I love food, mommy and daddy, all the animals, and exploring! I also love learning how to make snacks and eating them!! I have a huge heart and I give the best hugs and kisses in the universe! Give me a hard boiled or fried egg and I’ll be your best friend forever. :) I love old country music and dancing and playing with our dog Sam! I love my zozo’s birds and fish!
👋🏽 Hi! I’m Jonah! And I’m 10 months old! I am almost ready to walk! I love music and will dance to anything! My favorite things are snacking, riding in my push race car and laughing! I’m the life of the party!
JJ smiles constantly and is a miracle baby via IVF, worked first time. We are so lucky to have him 🥰 our little smiler Jj has just learnt to crawl and gets so excited to crawl round and explore. He loves dogs and will get so excited and vocal 🤣 when he sees one.
She very funny and has a character about her
Penelope is a fancy elegant baby who shows her sassy side every now and then and charms her way through situations. She enjoys blowing bubbles and loves her doggies
Oaklyn is a handsome little man born early this year. He is such a happy excited little man that loves everyone My oxygen helps be breath because sometimes I’m silly and don’t breath enough
just the sweetest little boy, full of adventure & oh so curious about the world! waylon loves people & other kids! loves to clap his hands! loves to watch Mickey Mouse & Little People! always such a happy boy, with such a big personality!
Liam is 1 and 5 months & he will be 2 in October! He’s a smart handsome boy! Loves to watch Elmo and hang with mom and grandma and dad❤️! Vote for Liam
Manaia is our cheeky 4 month old, born into a large family she loves to play around with her big cousins! She enjoys having dance parties with her dad and eating desert with her grandpa (even though she’s not allowed ice cream yet 🤦🏽‍♀️) Such a big personality for such a little girl, Manaia will steal your heart 😘
Chase is a happy little man, always laughing and smiling. He does this fake cough and a silly giggle right after he does it. It's the cutest thing that makes everyone around him laugh. He loves mangos, avocados, potatoes, and munkins. His favorite shows are cocomelon and little einsteins.
Beau is the cutest root tootin cowboy around. He loves to eat and watch chip and potato on tv . He’s the sweetest boy who loves to snuggle ♥️
Sekani is a huge paw patrol fan. Loves the out doors. Grandma and Grandpa time.Very Happy baby always smiling.
Genavie is the happiest little baby! She loves to play with her brother, stand up on things, and play with her toys. She is a very curious girl, and takes in everything that's happening around her. It seems to be that her favorite color at the moment is green, because she goes crazy over everything she sees that is that color, especially her daddy's mountain dew bottles 😁
He’s always happy. Such a sweet little dude! Loves going to school and playing with his pups. This boy is a good eater and has the best laugh.
Salem is 1 month old. He’s a mommy’s boy already. He was born with a head full of beautiful dark hair 😍 We appreciate your support!
Mercedes loves to sing along to songs. She knows her ABCs and she can count to 10💗
Greyson loves anything mickey! He loves to read and is a mommas boy. He loves animals and has the sweetest blue eyes. We appreciate your votes!
Koa is 24lbs at 6.5 months, he has the most wonder soul you’ll ever meet! He loves to eat, laugh and of course his mama! He’s the little boy I never knew I needed!
Currently in Arkansas Children's Hospital a Kidney Warrior counting down the days till she can come home
Emmett James
Such a smiley playful like boy who loves Mickey Mouse and farts (soo typical right?) he amazes me every day! I’ll never get over how happy he is every morning to wake up, and I am not a morning person, he reminds to have fun in life and take everything with a grain of salt
Alessandra loves hugs and snuggles she is a ray of sunshine and is a fan of cartoons and her pet cat cuddles