Baby Stories - 28


Hi! This is Spencer! He's 4 months old and is such a chunk. We love bath time, cuddling, and dinner. Mommy, Daddy and our cousin Stella are our favorite people!
Sweet Handsome little man who loved by everyone! He loves to sleep eat and be held! Who his sisters are crazy obsessed with him❤️ Makes my whole heart full and complete.
Khaleesi is and very happy baby and loves to crawl all over the place and is always moving. She’s 100% a daddy’s girl🥺She has her dads humor and his goofiness but mamas attitude. She loves bath time and going on adventures with her family, and she also loves to meet new people and is so sweet💞 Everyone heat melts when the first meet her and keep melting every time they see her❣️ She’s the life of the party and mamas most loved❤️
She likes listening to baby shark !! She loves her family ❤️ She has a beautiful soul
Ms. Leni Rosita. She loves sleeping and eating. Those are her two favorite things. She loves chilling on mommy’s chest. Or daddy’s chest. Or anyone’s chest. She loves body warmth. Eskimo kisses make Leni smile. Show your love to our pretty Rosita
She loves to sing & dance but don’t get between her and her food, or else.
Charles loves to play outside. He’s a strong little man. Little ladies man.🥰❤️
I’m a sweet, loving, outgoing gal who loves the outdoors and my mommy and daddy. My big smile brightens so many’s day, just one vote could bring many joy with my smile ☺️
Tiare (T-R) is a loving baby she loves to play with her aunts and uncles, she laughs all the time!, And loves to listen to music. She is always happy to see me after work ❤️ She deserves the world and I will give it to her! She is my everything!
Wonderful Emma Rose Jackson! She is a wild child just like her father but has the heart of a lion. Miss Emma loves to play and scream at the top of her lungs to get everyone attention. With eyes like the ocean she’s sure to break lots of hearts.
Sawyer is a very special 🌈 baby born 6 weeks early! He loves to dance, loves music, splash in the bath and is always smiling!
Hi, My Name is Vinya meaning "Confidence". I'm 14 months old. My favourite food include waffles, blueberries, chicken and rice. I can dance to baby shark and old McDonald. Please vote for me :) Love you all!
Cooper love any and everything that will make him laugh or smile! That includes cats, dogs, getting tickled, and much more! He already wants to eat everything off of our plates! He’s got the most handsome smile and sweetest laugh!
Hi, my name is Oaklynn, which stands for strength and beauty! I am 5 months old. I love to roll to my belly, go backwards in my walker and watch tv upside down. I have such a sweet smile and a contagious laugh. Even though I cannot talk yet, I sing to Cocomelon! Please vote for me!!💙
Ella Bleu
The happiest baby you could ever meet. As long as you are talking to her she’s laughing and smiling and sticking her tongue out. 💕
Hi! I’m Karter! I’m 4 months old and I love laughing, and watching baby shark. My due date was August 10th but I decided to come early on July 6th :).
Nancy is a blessing to our family. She is named after her Great Granny who just passed away 11/15/2020. She loves to watch Baby Shark on her tablet sitting in her chair.
My name is Paisley but people close to me call me “Olive”. I love to sing and splash in the bathtub, especially when I know it’ll get mommy’s shirt wet! I’m full of fun, smiles and laughter
Aiden loves trucks and Mickey Mouse definitely a Momma’s boy
She is so sweet and loves smiling makes everyone happy
She loves to laugh and play peek a boo. She loves music.
Zell is brand new to this world and he’s already brought so much joy to our lives! He loves his cuddles and he LOVES to eat!
Gianni Sarabi
My name is Gianni Sarabi 💛 my favorite thing to do is eat! I’m fairly greedy and my Papi always calls me “Gordita”. Overall, I’m a happy baby, smiling and laughing are my ultimate hobbies! 🥰
Emery Lynn was born on September 8th 2020. She is only two months old & is always smiling or making goofy faces! She loves bath time & mamas loving ❤️
Paisleigh is a bright, happy go lucky baby girl! She is always the light in the room and always has a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye!
Enifer is one year old she is the sweetest baby ever she is very calm but she can be crazy sometimes
Taylen Is A Very Active, Talkative And Loved Little Boy. At 8 Months Old He’s Standing On His Own And Trying To Walk, With His 2 Bottom Teeth And His 2 Top! His Favorite Foods Are Noodles, Mashed Potatoes And Bananas! He’s Such A Happy Boy!
Flynn is our special rainbow baby 🌈 he has a dark birth mark that we believe was a sweet sentiment given by his angel brother Wesley ❤️. He loves and prefers loud noises, 😂 car rides, and reading books! His most favorite is FaceTiming with daddy as he is currently deployed.
Hello my name is Leilani and I am a very happy baby and very strong too! I’m alert and learning new things everyday and love when my family talks to me.
Baby Noah is a preemie born 3 months early but is a big boy with big personality. Loves to smile and loves company of others.
He loves trucks and watching YouTube.
Family and friends know him as Dru! He’s the most loving baby you’ll ever meet! He gives hugs to everyone! He’s so smart, loves exploring and he’s my biggest blessing! I’ve literally been told by everyone he’s the most handsome baby! I want to see if the world thinks so as well! Maybe we can start his modeling career?!😉lol but if he actually won I’d put the money into his savings! As a single mother I want to make sure my son has a bright future and can go get an education anywhere he wants!🙏🏽❤️
Kensleigh is new to the world trying to figure things out. She loves her daddy and mommy. She loves to drink a lot of milk and loves her swing. Vote for Kensleigh
Aniyalise is the sweetest girl, loves her books & her Minnie Mouse. She brings a smile on anyone’s face & would love your vote 💖
She always smiling and she loves to hold her baby dolls and give them hugs and kisses
Houston Kade already has the sweetest personality! His favorite things are his mama and dad!
Adley loves being outside, tickles, baths, and play time. She has a big personality and loves to laugh and talk! She loves to make silly faces and stick out her tongue.
Grayson is a smart loving little boy who loves his family. He enjoys playing with his dogs, cars and really anything he can get his little hands on. He went through a lot when he was born and has come a long way.
Avalanna is a sassy little girl whom loves to sleep and be cuddled by mommy and daddy!
Amir is 2 years old , loves to watch Disney movies , loves to dance and play . Wearing hats is his style !
Delaney is 1 month old and loves to smile.
Jax is a super chill baby. He is named after Jax Teller off of Sons of Anarchy! He loves Post Malone, long walks in his stroller, his puppy dog and kitty and of course... Mommy and Daddy! Every vote is extremely appreciated, for the money won will go into a savings account for Jaxson. Thank you for your support!
Matthew Dave Foster was born 9/9/2020. He loves to smile and he loves bath time.
Carmelo is very energetic. He loves Boss Baby, he likes to sing and dance. He is the youngest and only boy out of 5 children.
James is a very intelligent boy and he loves to look after and teach his little sister and brother new things! He loves video games and is very good at them and he is always up for new challenges!
Joel is a very charming little boy and he loves to make people laugh with his favourite jokes! He manages to make everyone he meets giggle! Joel loves playing with his toys and he is very smart in school!