Baby Stories - 27


She’s smart and love to try different things out everyday do anything make sure she’s getting all the attitude
My baby loves to sleep 😩🥺she’s my sleepy baby
Ava is 10 weeks old. In 10 weeks she has grown into her own personality, with a smile that will melt your heart, a laugh that will fill a room with joy and a stinky diaper that would clear out a room.😂 She loves to babble your ear off, she gets a bit feisty when she’s hangry and sleeps like a cute little munchkin. She loves dancing with her daddy and snuggling up to her mommie. She definitely let’s you know how she feels. And with lashes that are absolutely fabulous, she will steal your heart. Vote Ava!! Thank you for your votes. 💖
Leilani is the sweetest girl!! She smiles and laughs at everyone. Loves people and loves to play!!! I am also multicultural :)
She is very smart and beautiful has a very bright cheeky and funny attitude she is a very fast learner very loving and kind
I am a very happy baby❤ I am always smiling!!! I love to talk and blow raspberries❤ I love cuddling with my momma❤ I really love my dada, momma, and big brother! Please vote for me❤❤❤
I am a big blue eyed country boy💙 I love riding on the fourwheeler and playing in the mud! I am a country boy at heart!!! I am an amazing big brother! I love my sissy! If you vote for me you won't regret it💙💙💙
Angelina loves to dance and perform. She collects jojo bows and has over 300 bows!!!
He smiles and makes women who don’t even want babies, want to have a baby. That’s some magic!
Mila is the best baby ever! She’s very smiley and happy but definitely has some sass to her. She likes having her toes eaten and raspberries on her belly. She knows how to pose for a camera and she’s the best snuggler in the world.
Jaslyn is very active very smart & advance she will be 7 months tomorrow she like wstching cartoon eating cheese puffs mash potatoes & some fruit loves juicy juice who don't 😂
She has a smile that will warm your heart ❤️ always so observatory and hungry 🤣
Hi, my name is Malcolm and I was born 2/9/21. I love hanging out with my mom, dad and pup. Car rides are my favorite, I am guaranteed to fall asleep every time!
Mia Jai
Mia’jai is 10months old her favorite thing in the world is Elmo she loves to play and laugh all day!
My name is Vicente Ignacio. I love the soothing sounds of lullabies and the warmth of my mommies hugs. I have two brothers that are really hairy and walk on their hands and feet. I’m trying to do the same but I’m not strong enough to get off my tummy yet. I can make bubbles with my mouth and I like to kick fast.
Hi I’m Nolan!! I was born February 3rd 2021, and just turned two months! I’m fascinated by lights and fans, and I LOVE milk by the tons🥰 It would mean so much to me if you gave me a quick vote.
Just as sweet and happy as she is cute!
Logan loves to laugh and smile. He is truly the happiest baby
He loves to be outside and he’s a very bright boy. He loves trucks and dinosaurs and loves Monsters Inc.
She is a very bright little girl. She loves life and is always smiling. And because shes adorable!!!!
Kaylee loves avacado purée, her favorite thing to do is laugh and smile at the ceiling fan. She is 4 months old. Born within an hour of making it to the hospital (all natural) she didn’t want to wait. Her favorite show is octonauts. She will put anything in her mouth that she can get her hands on. Vote for her because she is so full of love and this girl is all smiles. She will make your day 100 times better.
Micah Jr
This is baby Micah Jr. He LOVES being outside with nature, food, and spending time with mommy!
Esmee is beautiful gift from God who loves to be with her mommy, daddy and big brother. She is starting to show strength by lifting her head and exploring. She is tiny but mighty. She loves feeding time and sleeping next to momma.
Esmee Lucero
Esmee is beautiful gift from God who loves to be with her mommy, daddy and big brother. She is starting to show strength by lifting her head and exploring. She is tiny but mighty. She loves feeding time and sleeping next to momma.
Kyson loves going on road trips! He likes playing with his hands and feet as well!
I couldn't of asked for a better baby. She is so sweet and relaxed amd puts a smile on everyones face.
Hello my name is kaliko lee timmons. My birthday is may 23 2020. Im a pandemic baby. Everyone tells me im so handsome I should do baby modling . Well im here to show you my cute face. Please vote for me
Braxton just turned 2 months today! His favorite thing to do is visit my grandma in the nursing home 🤍
Brody is 4 months old about to be 5 months. He loves his pup Tank. He loves to laugh and smile at everyone! One of his favorite shows to watch is Yellowstone. He loves his mama and would rather spend all day snuggling in bed than do anything else.
Kylie is the sweetest, happiest girl. She’s always laughing & smiling. She loves Cocomelon & Elmo.
Sosha Marie is my diva.a very smart young lady.a princess to us all.she loves to dress up and wear makeup.she melts our hearts.
Rhyleigh is the smartest little girl.beautiful and so funny in many ways.she is about to be a big sister in june.she already talks to her baby brother.shes amazing loves to watch her favorite shows on her tablet,she loves to color.her smile brightens up the room.
Athena is the sweetest, silliest, most sincere one year old. So full of life and happiness. In this world of hate and uncertainty it's great to be noticed for purity and goofyness. She could make anyone smile on their worst day and nowadays that says alot. Too precious!
K'Marii is an ambitious, smart, and very loveable 7 month old princess who gives the best hugs
Wynter is a miracle baby from a mom who is 23 with heart failure kidney failure & lupus wynter Marie was born 2 pounds 11inches at 31 weeks she loves Mickey Mouse and enjoys listening to music my doctors told me I could never have kids but I was blessed to have one before they permanently removed my tubes I am so grateful to be her mother ❤️
Skye is a spunky petite baby who loves Cocomelon, books, and taking walks to the park in her stroller. She is currently taking about 5 steps and very excited to learn how to walk soon.
Kendra already has a personality she’s sassy and sweet ❤️She can hold her head up and is almost sitting up by her self already. Miss Kendra also loves bright colors and she loves when momma sings to her. She can hold her own bottle too❤️
The happiest boy with a big toothy smile. It’s his big brown eyes that everyone first falls in love with, but it’s his personality that captures the heart.
She loves the camera
Arlow is a 3 week old heart stealer. He loves his grand parents, his orange cats, his dinosaur blanket and pulling on his daddies beard! We appreciate every vote ❤️
Grayson is now 9 weeks old.. very alert & such a happy little soul always full of smiles especially for his big sister.. enjoys mommy & sister cuddles a lot! 🥰💙
Isabella Lynn. A little girl that has stolen her parents heart
His name is Roy Lamar Woodson. He is my 1 and only child and He was born with a heart problem gtta be back at a year old to see if it’s closed. He laughs at patty cake and the word heha.
Everleigh loves to be outside and spending time with her mommy and daddy
June loves to play with her big brother Sunny(our puppy), she loves to listen to Rubber Duckie during bath time and she loves to eat green beans!
Lakai loves to smile and talk with you. He is the happiest of babies! He also likes to snuggle and watch ceiling fans.