Serenity is a loving baby!!
Edie is the busiest baby boss I know:) She loves to play with cat toys, listen to her dad play piano as well as try to participate;) She is a little free bird and her nickname is “Tookie”!
Savanah is 7 months old today! Loves the outdoors and is already crawling up a storm! She loves blueberries and night time cuddles 💕
He loves playing outside he loves Cocomelon he loves his Bubba and Sister
Everywhere she does she’s getting compliments on her curly hair! Such a smart and funny girl with a great personality. Her smile lights up the room and she makes herself known in any room she goes into. She loves playing with friends and her baby brother.
Sweetest little boy in the world! Such a heartwarming smile.
Kylan is a very smart boy. He loves to talk, & love his toys. His favorite thing to do is roll around lol. He loves banana & sweet potato baby food. His smile & laugh is the best thing to be heard & seen. He is the light of my life, & there is never a dull moment with my little boy.
Aj loves cocomelon! And his mama and dadda 💗 and his grandma g”
Zaire is 7 months old He loves Mickey Mouse , jumping and FOOD !
Zoë loves her big sister Lilli, Daddy and Monmy. She recently mastered crawling and pulling herself up to stand. She enjoys experiencing new solid foods, laughing and playing with her big sister. She has the sweetest smile that can brighten up anyones day. She loves to give kisses, hugs and saying hi to everyone she meets. We are very thankful for each vote.
Savannah is the most quite baby. She loves to be swaddled and looking at everything outside. She makes a varitety of mean mug faces which gave her the name "stinkbug".
Hello I’m Rayleigh Williamson! I’m 3 weeks old and love to wiggle and smile at mommy and daddy. My favorite activities are cuddling and staring at my friends and family 😍 Vote for me to kick start my portfolio for Brand Reps and more ❤️
Ivy Rhea Dudley
Ivy is always happy and talkative she loves anyone that talks to her and definitely loves to get outdoors!
Sevanna is very ray of sunshine! She loves to roll around and watch her favorite show on YouTube called Hey Bear. She’s always smiling and loves being outdoors!
Londyn is outgoing,she absolutely loves to eat can’t get no food past my baby lol
Kelsie is 10months old. She is one of the happiest babies. She loves to be outside and playing with her sisters!
Braxtyn has a big imagination and loves everyone.
Kanan is a sweet boy who was born March 27th, 2022. He loves when mommy sings to him/plays 90s r&b, he loves bright lights, loves going on walks, & also loves snuggles with mommy🥰
Gianni is 4 months old! She loves rolling over, sucking her thumb and of course, eating! She’s a happy baby always smiling and giggling at everyone, she’s such a character
Most of the time Sylas has a smile on his little face. His favorite word and person is his dada. This little boy loves eating/food and he loves walking by himself. He currently has 6 teeth and he is steadily growing fast.
Abi loves hey duggee and tellytubbies watches minder with her daddy also she has a favourite teddy larry the pink larma and she loves to giggle alot
Keyenne Loves To Smile And Will Brighten Anyone's Day ❤️ She Like's To Play And Have Her Tummy time 💝 Her Favorite Character Is Minnie Mouse🥰 All Advanced Votes Will Be Return Plz Write it On My Wall 💕
Loves cuddles with mom and dad.
He loves smiling, crawling around, loves bananas and strawberries. Doesn't like kisses 😂😭 just turned 1 March 23, was 5 pounds 14 ounces
Jezelle is only 3 months old & already filled with so much personality, joy & spunk! She loves music 🎶 & she loves car rides! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby as beautiful 😍
Eliana aka Elie bean is 7 months old and is a very happy baby! She loves to clap and share food with momma!
The biggest part of ledallia is her generous heart,she is a loving child without fear. She likes animals most all are loved, but cats are her most favorite,she is child of huge curiosity and wonder she grabs life by the horns super outgoing and way too much fun with her unique sense of humor and no fear,sassy attitude we never have a dull moment.
Jj is a cheeky chappy that loves gaming and and smiling all day
He's a miracle baby for starters and he's actually a really good baby. He doesn't just cry for any reason, only when he's hungry or needs to be changed. He's a an absolute blessing and 2nd chance from God and I can't believe he's finally here!!! I love seeing him change each day and learning new things, even at this small age. It's truly amazing!!!
Jaiyah Londyn
Jaiyah Londyn is a strong, independent, and sassy baby. She is the light of our world. She has overcome so many things in her short 8 months of being here. Her bright blue eyes, big smile & dimples will make anyones day better. Vote JaiLon 💓💓💓
My teddy is the happiest baby!! He loves jumping and being cute 😂🥰Please vote for my sweet boy!
Declan loves watching Hey Dougee, eating applesauce pouches, and playing with blocks! He’s 2 and half years old and projected to be 6 foot 2 by the time he’s 15 years old! A big boy with a bigger heart ❤️
Charlotte is 5 months old and just starting to try to sit up on her own! She’s full of giggles and smiles and getting little tastes of mommy’s food!
Mr. Kaz’mir loves cuddling , Eating and Sleeping 😂 Napping is a MUST for my stink butt.
Hi! My name is Alyson but everyone calls me Aly. I love to play in water, crawl around and pull myself up! Some of my favorite words are dada, hey, yeah, no, baba and sometimes I like to say mama! I love playing with other kids and animals (my mom never lets me really pet them because she says I’ll hurt them when I’m just trying to play)! I also love trying new foods!
Brielle is 5 years old with a big personality. She’s also really smart! She knew what the difference between a otoscope and an ophthalmoscope was since she was only two years old! She loves playing with LOL dolls and jumping on the trampoline and can’t wait to start kindergarten this fall.
Hi my name is payten im this spontaneous little boy you'll ever meet I'm 6 years old and I'm out standing Wild crazy funny I love to do stunts my favorite thing is to do flips and dance I'm super fun and outgoing that's what makes people love my hyperness but also love me so if you can click that vote button to shows some love I will give the love back thank you guys.
Alaunas favorite thing to do is scream 😅❤️ She literally will roll everywhere☺️ Alaunas favorite fruit is strawberry bananas 🍌 🍓
My name is baby colt I'm 4 months old with a wonderful personality a great smile that lights up the room I love to roll over and play with my mommy and siblings if you can please hit the button on top I will sell you love back thank you
Hi guys my name is iziah im outstanding amazing and wonderful 2 year old who loves the visit his brothers and I got a great smile and a wonderful personality to have y'all's votes they would mean the world to me please click the button up top thank you I would definitely show some love back
Stetson loves the outdoors. His charm, sense of humor, and confidence is what gravitates people to him. Hes always smiling!!
Milah is my little sunshine. Loves smiling.
Glory James
Glory James came into the world March 7th 2022, weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces & 22 inches long. She is named after my Mamaw and my dad who just recently passed away. She is my whole world. She loves her momma, milk and snuggles 🤍
Lyric was born a premie at 35 weeks she only weighted 4lbz 4 oz with a little help of breastmilk she currently is weighing 14lbs in just a few short months! She loves to play, smile and take naps with mommy and daddy!