Kenzii is a bright, fun, outgoing little girl. She loves to try new things, going for walks, playing outside, singing, dancing…She will dance with you till your legs are sore. Kenzii loves story time, meeting new people and lots of snuggles. She’s always smiling and happy!
Our firecracker is one of the sweetest little boys you’ll ever meet. He loves all marvel movies and characters and could talk your head off about them all day long! His favorite things do to are play outside with his doggies and watch Spider-Man🥰
Baby Pedro loves to eat and play with his cousins!
Graysun is just little and will just hang out and sleep or look everywhere.
Haven is a very cheerful girl Haven brings to everyone even the stranger in the store having a bad day haven makes them smile.
Such a bubbly, sweet 5 month old!🤍
Colton is about to be 4 and he’s love dinosaurs and knows everything about a dinosaur and their names
My name is Ryder! I love to eat, smile, and play with my lion! If I win mommy will be putting the money towards my college fund!
Willow loves sticking her tongue out 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 Loves everyone blowing raspberries at her 🥰🥰🥰🥰 She just loves to smile 💕💕💕
Chason Daniel V
Chason is the most loving sweet boy in the world! He loves watching Buzz Lighyear & Ferdinand on Disney +.
Jericho is 8 months old! His smile will light up a whole room 🫶He has bright blue eyes and blonde hair. He’s the happiest baby ever! He love watching Ms Rachel & word party. He loves music & loves when mommy reads him books. One of the smartest, funniest, cutest baby boy ever! 💙
Hi my names Cannon, I love being outside especially when we go on the boats. I love my big brother, mommy and daddy.
Rittan pronounced “Written” is a little spit fire of energy. She is crawling and pulling up and loves music, dance and story time and reindeers.
Preslynn is a busy girl! Loves pretty much anything, she’s always such a happy girl playing with her toys and kitties! Loves shopping like her mommy but not a fan of driving in the car! Walking and into everything!
DDH baby 👶🏻 Luka is 20 months old and likes to talk, be outside, play in his ball pit, climb, and play with trucks/cars 🛻 “vroom vroom” Can not believe he's gonna be 2 soon!
Elijah is my miracle baby, who is now 2 years old. He LOVES being in the water and playing outside. He loves music and dancing, But most of all he loves his siblings 💙🤞♥️ He is the sweetest most caring boy I have ever met 🥰
My chunky 5-month-old 💙 he is the sweetest lil man and loves to stare at his brother 🥰 Xavier is rolling over, playing with toys, starting purees, and trying to crawl. Despite being 5 months old he weighs 20 lbs and is wearing 12 month clothes! Crazy boy, slow down! 🥹
Paisley is 4 month about to be 5 and she just adores her big brother so much 💜
Hi guys , my name is eva ! I love cocomelon and dancing! My daddy and Memaw are my favorite people❤️
Lila is 2 months old. She is the spitting image of her mother and loves to giggle. When she smiles it warms your heart, and when she laughs it tickles your soul.
Kenna is brand new to the world, born on December 22nd 2022. She is 3 months She is so sweet and adorable, however she has not learned to sleep through the night. Lol She is slowly getting a routine together. She is a really calm baby, unless she is hungry, wet, or cold. She looks so much like her daddy and brother, They look so much alike they really could be triplets with their baby pictures. Considering her brother is in college.Same blue Eye's as them and dirty blonde hair. Here I am thinking that I was gonna have a lil mini me. I got a lil mini him lol. She is learning to smile its so cute i can't stand it. She is starting to make noises and coo's every now and agian. Her smiles are so big and she acts like sge has so much to say but cant yet.
Hi I’m 6 months my name is Liam and I love Bluey and playing with my caterpillar and giving mommy cuddles
Sayla is a bright and wonderful little girl she loves to be around people and make there day she has her own little silly personality she love to be outside and enjoy the sun and nature she's very loving she brightens by day every time she smiles.
Sweetest little angel ever! She loves to smile, laugh, cuddle, eat, and steal people’s hearts with her cuteness. 💕
Xander is 8 years old loves karate, 4 wheeling, riding dirt bikes and tractors! He just lost his Dad April 1st 2021 so it's been tough on him but we suffered a great loss and are getting a miracle baby girl December 15th 2021! He's my oldest, the one who made me a Mommy & taught me so much! I found out what true unconditional love really is! He's an awesome big brother and we can't wait for his only sister to arrive!
Hi I’m Griffin! I love cuddling mommy and smiling when I’m talked to 😊
Baby P
Loves to smile extremely active likes cuddles enjoys to eat talkative
Xander is a crazy, strong willed, wild child with an enormous personality like no other. He is incredibly smart, and kind, and thoughtful, and funny. He loves dinosaurs, playing outside, going to school, and playing with his pets.
sweet lil angel!always smiling always happy!very friendly ! likes mac n cheese goldfish and veggie straws love to play and cook
He loves his food and loves cuddling with mom and rubbing it in dads face. Loves to play fetch with his pup
Laila is the happiest baby ever, she loves to laugh, play and she loves the camera💖
Alonah Ardaney
They are cutest fraternal twins who loves to be outside enjoying nature and playing with their twin brothers.
Hi my name Bobbi Orion,, after the star constellation, I enjoy cuddles with my mummy, sleepin and eatin, :) I'm such a good boy
This is my grandson, Jackson. He’s the sweetest little thing. He loves to FaceTime with him Momma D!
Ellie is funny, sweet, lovable, and sassy 🥰😊🥰
Hannah is a happy little Godzilla who loves to play with her friends as she’s a sociable little bean and enjoys music and starts dancing away.
Autumn is a fun goofy sassy little girl. She loves to be center of attention and she is the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet
Leilani is a happy baby so strong almost can lift her head. She is very cute and cuddly with lucious hair the most i have seen on a newborn. Her beauty is captivating. She loves classical music and naps lol
Levi Dean Drennen
Levi Drennen loves to eat and be cuddled up to his mommy and daddy! You should vote for him because in my eyes, he is the most handsome baby boy I've ever laid my eyes on. He was born July 17th, 2022, on his cousins birthday. He weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 20 1/2in at birth. He has beautiful bright blonde hair and dark blue newborn eyes! His favorite thing to do is eat all the time 😊😊 Levi is now 8 months old and as ornery as a snake. He can sit on his own, hold his own bottle, and learn to crawl. He wears size 6 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. He says mommmommm all the time and baabaa sometimes. His favorite color so far is yellow. He also has 8 teeth and is cutting more. All in all, I've never seen such a happy baby as him. Oh and he absolutely loves his puppy spaz, his cousins, and his pawpaw! Want to show this handsome blonde hair blue eyes, baby boy love by taking a few minutes to vote for him? God bless everyone!
Avery Lynn loves the minions! Smiley happy little girl!
Logan is almost 2, loves construction trucks, Peppa pig, and 101 dalmatians is his favorite movie.
He is a very wild boy. He loves everyone and wants to be friends with everyone. He loves to take pictures. He is very energetic.
Roger LOVES bananas and cuddling with his mama and his papa