Baby Stories - 27


Oliver is a sweet 7 month old! Loves mommy and his brother and sister and loves to laugh! Please vote for my sweet spunky little guy ❤️❤️❤️
Olive is the sweetest baby, she’s very curious about anything and everything. She loves to try new foods and her favorite thing to do is jump in her jumper. 🥰
He is sych a sweet baby and does this cutest lip quiver ever but have yet to capture it yet
Chayse is a chunky baby ,loves to eat,and he is starting to walk .
A happy lil girl. Always playin with her nephew and sisters.. a big mommas girl. Luvs to swim, ride 4 wheelers,play outside and read stories..
Julian loves outside , anything green he grabs it , he loves anything with water and fish . And favorite food is a bananas ❤
I love to hear music and love to be around my family
He is a very smart, silly, and bouncing baby. He loves to eat fruit and food purée. Also loves sleeping through the night and enjoys car rides.
Hello everyone my name is Muhammad ✨ i love to roll and talk to my mommy/daddy i’m full of smiles i love to eat and most of all I love sleeping 🤎
This our little Lily bug. She likes to cuddle, watch the wild kratts and watch her brothers run around. She especially loves her beauty sleep
Eliacen is 3 months old and a chatter box he loves to talk and be talked too. He also loves to have his four older siblings interact with and love him. Most of all he loves to be snuggled up in a blanket
Calum is the sweetest little one month old who barely ever cries! Show this handsome little man some love ♥️
Hiii I’m Reign ! I love to laugh & be silly!
At just over 10 weeks old, baby Joey has a whole lot of character and personality and is an all round happy chappy! Joey loves when his mummy & daddy sing to him, he especially loves the alphabet song! He spends most of his day babbling (telling stories), blowing bubbles and smiling. His eyes light up and he giggles when mummy and daddy pull silly faces! He loves eating bubbles in the bath and getting lots of cuddles and kisses. He enjoys being out and about in his pram, pulling expressive faces, 3 minute cat naps and observing what is happening in the world around him. No filters required for this wee heart melter! 💙
My daughter is so intelligent and beautiful at such an early age 🥺 She has so much potential and I cannot wait to see the woman she becomes 💞
He is the cutest baby ever . Loves baby yoda and is the best baby ever !! Stares at everything and just has the biggest smile . But also a good mean mug stink face like his momma
This is Jack, and he knows he’s a cutie! This little man is always proud of himself, regardless if it’s getting into trouble or making an accomplishment! His favorite foods are meatballs and cucumbers, and sometimes he even shares them with the dog!
Kolt is two years old that loves toy story. He also loves playing with cars with his brother
Baby Cashius has the most happy loving little personality ever! He loves banana's and is just the best at snuggling. If he could vote for you he please just vote for him!
Everyone who meets her always admires how happy she is. Always smiling and laughing. She loves animals, her books, and especially the park and zoo!
Case is a fun, smiling, happy little boy who loves cars. Also loves cocomelon. He’s just a happy little boy!
Kaden loves bright colors and is always willing to give anyone a smile and the best hugs.
He loves to eat and laugh and smile
Charlie is the most fun loving baby that is always giggling and smiling . He loves pulling you in for hugs by the hair and chatting gibberish to everyone . His legs are his best friends , non stop kicking 🙈 He is a typical irish lad, always up for a bit of craic ,, and a few sips of Barrys Tea from his grandads cup . 😀😀
My sweet girl is 3 months old and is a very happy baby. She loves her memaw, and daddy very much.
Zãmora is what some call a miracle she was given an 8 hour life expectancy due to placenta abruption she had meconium aspiration and a big infection in her lungs. She is now 8 months old and well advanced in most everything she is starting to walk holding on to things and talks A LOT. She’s a huge bundle of joy I love being her mommy.
Kailer loves to talk and cuddle with mom!
A whole lot of attitude in a tiny little package 💕
Ruby is a 6 week old gem ♥️ She is full of smiles & spunk!
my christmas eve baby 🤍 happiest little boy i’ve ever met (until he’s hungry LOL). he’s a sweetheart full of personality & the ladies are already obsessed 😭
She is the happiest, care free baby who loves to watch every thing and smile and laugh
Percy is a funny little man who loves anything cars, trucks, and trains! He enjoys being around people and engaging in any kind of conversation. He loves conversations! He’s a smart and observant little boy, who always has a smile on his face 💜
Rhett loves to be held and loves tummy time! He’s such a sweet boy!
Heaven is my miracle baby her dad passed away right before I had her she is my world 🌎 ❤️
Jaylen is my loving, happy,playful,rainbow baby! He loves playing outdoors his Nana and his kitty!
Zackary is such a happy baby! He loves long talks with his mama and taking long naps! And he is quick to speak up when he needs someone’s attention! Don’t let his cute innocent face fool you! ☺️
Teddy is such a happy & smiley baby. Loves playing with his toys and loves the bath.
He loves tv, snuggles with mommy and daddy, and bath time.
Hazel Ruby is the sweetest baby I’ve ever met! She loves cocomelon, playing on her piano, eating apples, and saying dada!
He's such a good little boy and absolutely adores his baby brother! Loves learning and playing with anyone.
Such a big personality in such a little body
Dylan likes to smile and it brings happiness to anyone around. And makes the most random faces he’s can. He’s got red hair like his daddy and is going to be tall too. He likes to coo like an owl.
Emberly is very happy baby and loves to listen to momma sing to her. She loves bath time and is almost sitting up on her own .
Oaklii is full of smiles and giggles🥰
Mason Andrew is a very happy baby that loves cuddles from mama, going for walks in his stroller and ba-ba time! Look at those chubby cheeks! Mason also enjoys spending time with his big brother and sister and watching car shows with his daddy on the weekends!