Baby Stories - 27


Once you take one look at Cree, you’ll fall in love! She’s the sweetest 10 month old baby ever and holds a very special place in a lot of people’s heart. She came at a time where our family needed happiness & healing. Her grandpa, Police Sergeant Terrence Carraway was tragically killed in the line of duty on October 3rd, 2018. As you could imagine, our family was devastated. As hard as it was, life went on. A wedding took place April 20th, 2019. His son married his high school sweetheart and very soon after, Cree came into the picture. She has definitely been a source of happiness to very many people and you can even spot characteristics of her grandpa! He for sure is her guardian angel 💗.
Erick is a friendly baby boy. He likes playing,giving hugs and will always share a smile🙂
Isaiah loves cuddles with mama , dada. Watching little baby bum , and eating pizza !
Bryson likes to play outside. He loves to play with his big sister and with his football. He also loves to spend time with his mom and dad.
Aiyanna isn’t t your typical 11 year old! She has her own sense of style and a heart full of wonder!
Miss Journey Mae is little sister to her big sister(12 year old) Jewel. We are a J name family with exception of our pup elsa. Journey loves to watch elsa when she comes close enough to touch she smiles big an might even try to talk to her big puppy. Journey enjoys music and likes things that light up. Journey is a blankie girl she loves to feel comforted.Journeys favorite pass time is being outside and bathtime! She is 5 months old now and sitting very well she has also figured out how to roll from back to belly and loves to play with her feet. Shes growing so fast! She is almost always laughing and smiling she sure is a happy girl!
Maverick is the greatest baby ever! He loves to play and eat. Sleeping definitely is not his favorite thing. He is so smart and can say more than 10 words now.
Riggs is a warrior that has been through more than many adults. He has had 4 surgeries, is blind, and has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. He was the perfect addition to our family.
Everly is a fun loving 6 month old baby girl! She enjoys playing & she has the most contagious smile! She is the sweetest soul ever❤️
Corys 1 and loves to run around, play with mommy and LOVES to sleep
Braylyn such a happy baby ! She is just now starting to talk and she is so playful. She loves the park and playing baby dolls. She is my ray of sunshine for sure ❤️
Aria loves spending time with her older sister and her mommy and daddy, and she LOVES to laugh and watch people dance and sing! She also likes to scream when she gets excited 😆
Addie is the most incredible little girl in this world. I she loves gymnastics more than I anything and she is great at it. For her to be only 7 she has the biggest her heart and always wants to help the less fortunate and give back to out community. Her grace and beauty inspires me on a daily basis. I don't know why God chose me with the honor of being her mommy but she is my entire universe.
Chayse is a very smart little boy. He loves to play with his aunt and cousins. He’s a big mommy’s boy. He loves music. He’s just starting to walk.
Wyatt is 11 weeks old, he loves tummy time and cuddling with mommy and daddy🥰
Maverick loves to tell stories by spitting & babbling. He also loves tummy time & standing up! His favorite thing to do is look at himself in the mirror. 🤍
friends and family know him as bubba. He was born August 13th,2020. 7lbs and 9oz. I had to have a caesarean for my first child, my baby boy Kirby. He was born with bright blue eyes! he has a smile that lights up the world and he is such a friendly little baby 💜 please vote for my baby kirby, my first born, my only son/kid!
He just makes you smile. Loves baseball and hitting off a tee.
Amelia Grace
My name is Amelia Grace and I am 5 months old. I was born 5 weeks early very unexpectedly. I weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and I was very healthy. In such a short time I have grown so much! I am now 18 lbs and as happy as can be. I just learned how to sit up! I love to hit the notes on my little piano, chew on anything I can get in my mouth and talk like crazy. Thank you for reading and for your vote!
Karsyn is a very happy baby and she loves people it don’t matter if she just meets you or has known you forever she loves people and she loves dogs her smile lights up the room
Vasalia is the youngest of 6! But dont let her small stature fool you! She has a HUGE personality!
Born 3 months premature and a day after the greatest man in the world, (my father), Reese is already a winner. Award winning smile, temperament, personality. You name it, he's got it!
Abriella is only 2 months old but is so strong and smart for her age. She’s a little sister to the proudest big brother ever. 💖 She for sure makes any bad day the best day.💜
Addison is such a happy baby all the time! She loves being outside, rolling over and playing with toys ❤️ She can always put a smile on your face ☺️
Zayden loves to smile and watch the tv with mommy. He enjoys his swing right before a nap and even falls asleep in it. Smiling seems to be his favorite thing to do so far 😊
Greyson loves tummy time, food, and most of all mommy ❤️❤️💙
My baby beau was born with right lung agenesis which means he has no right lung and also had to have open heart surgery 7 days after being born to fix a complication in his heart called PAPVR. His heart has shifted to the right side of his chest due to the right lung not being there to fill that space. He is such a little warrior and is doing great at the moment. Beau really likes his picture being taken i guess it comes natural to him :) every vote would be very appreciated :) <3
Izayah will be 1 year old in Dec, she loves watching dad play videogames and her brother is her best friend. She's an animal lover and loves to follow around all her puppies.
Serenity is my rainbow baby she is such a blessing to me and her daddy. She is a very good baby and loves her mommys cuddles and when daddy talks to her. She is almost a month old and i cant believe how fast it has gone.
Red-headed adventurous kid who loves his baby sister and all his pets. He excells in school and is an amazing role model.
Crazy, wild, goofy adventures little boy!(: Always on the move and trying to make everyone laugh. ♡
Mateo Loves Watching Cocomelon, he Loves to see pictures, and video call his daddy. He loves cuddling with momma
Erica Williams
She’s a complete sweetheart with a lot of sass.. very smart and sassy
He loves his hands, loves Tarzan, loves when his momma sings and is a very happy baby ❤️
Everly is a sweetheart 💗 she is such a good baby and complains about nothing. She is the first born child and grand baby. She is loved and spoiled by many. 🧸⬛️
he loves to splash in the bath and he’s def the cutest baby
Nevaeh absolutely loves watching frozen, she also loves to rub sudocrem everywhere and anywhere
Juan Martn
He has a good hearing and he like to visit his new friend purrlie the 🐈. He smiles all the time.
Hi, My name is Kayden & I am 1 years old 💙My family call me “Kayden boy “ ... j know weird right 😂 My favorite thing to eat is Rice & chicken nuggets, but I looove love looove rice more then anything ❤️I love to play with my toys anything that make noise or light up I like I also like playing with balls 🏀 . My favorite show in the whole wide world is “Word Party “ & I love the ABC’s song.
Jaxson is 15 months old his favorite thing to do is eat his first name always last name hungry lol this kid is a sport loves discovering new sounds .he plays with his puppy every morning he can wave bye bye now ,says mama, dada,bye,and will give u high 5 very smart he loves for me to sing old McDonald had a farm .... hes very energetic loves playing outside loves water hes just all around awesome
Dylan is 5 years old. He is Intelligent, physically, occurring, noble, affectionate And he loves dancing.
Keagan is a super sweet and super energetic boy who just had a birthday and lost his first two teeth!
Olivia is the happiest baby! She loves to smile, she loves hanging out with mommy and daddy, watching Sesame Street, and playing with her toys & dogs! She is the cutest baby ever and wants your votes!
I think it’s time for an update 😊 JJ is a fun filled 1 year old, who loves his French fries and nuggets 😅 ooof, I can’t forget his favorite fruit; strawberries!!! 😋 His favorite shows range from Paw Patrol to Mickey Mouse, and he’s a Mickey fanatic! Most days, he’s running around w a smile on his face, w a lot of voice to be heard ❤️ And when he’s not, you can catch him w his pop pop and grandma 😊 If you decide to vote, we appreciate you 👏🏽
He’s the craziest, funniest and most loving little boy, he loves to bounce on his little trampoline and also on my bed 😂
She’s very smart and cute