He is our miracle baby . I got in a wreck and broke my back and this sweet guy made it through xrays/catscan/MRI/ anesthesia and surgery. He is the happiest baby and is such a snuggle buddy . Loves his big sisters and daddy.
Always happy and has a silly personality
Advith loves snuggles and playing.He always melt our hearts with his smiley innocent face.
Charan has just entered into 5th month.He has a beautiful eyes and smiles always , very active and curious to watch the things around.
Wesley is 7 months old and is always getting compliments on what a happy baby he is when meeting new people! He loves his family, being outside, playing with his favorite toys, watching Cocomelon & Mrs.Rachel! He just started getting his two bottom teeth and his favorite thing to say right now is “Dada”
She's a wirlwind of excitement and has a huge loving and caring personality.
Callum is all about smiling, laughing & having a good time! He loves to play, & chase us while in his walker. He loves being outdoors; He can sit there and watch the wind blow through the trees all day! Overall he’s a ray of sunshine! 💙 and we absolutely love & adore our boy.
Loves to wacth bluey
Kyson was born September 6th,2022 Kyson loves to eat ,sleep, and hes very alert and always calm . Kyson is a great baby !
Hello my baby name is Desmond jr. He's 1 month old. Very alert loves to smiles likes for people to talk to him. He is his mother and father first born. He is our miracle baby.
Kye Leo
Kye is 4months old he loves smile play an laugh play w his 3 dogs bubba charleigh an belle an spending time with his momma (me) an his Mimi an Pepe an family! He loves to kick kick kick we do his exercises everyday an now he’s starting to just about roll over on his own! He such a happy baby a sweet loving kind hearted beautiful lil angel!
Harrison loves to play outside with his dog Carl. He loves to give hugs especially to his stuffed animals. He brings joy to so many people with his contagious smile.
Zuri loves her family and also loves french fries and tenders . I love the way she makes me smile when I hold her and the way she how's daddy attention
The Summer of 2021, my husband and I felt called to have a child. Something that was so heavy and pure on our hearts. But sadly we had gotten some very tough news, due to my health conditions was told that it would be very difficult or even not possible at all to bare a child. But! As believers, we knew how good our great God is! Always! He is the God that makes all things possible! So we decided to try to have a baby. Miraculously, it had happened! Right away in fact!! That we were told, congratulations you are having a baby!” That was early November of 2021. Through a very tough, high risk and exhausting pregnancy, with the blessing that God has given us, June 27th 2022 our beautiful baby boy was born. Hunter Jacob Perry. He is the blessing of our testimony. All glory be to God. Our boy Hunter loves to have his morning bottle and spend some quality time with momma watching VeggieTales! Where he just loves to giggle and smile. His most favorite thing in the whole wide world is when momma walks into the room. Hunter lights up every time and has the biggest joyful smile. He absolutely loves tummy time!! Especially on mommy’s chest! Hunter loves laying on his play mat kicking his feet all over the place. He loves to bounce! We actually have to bounce him to keep him calm when he cries for a bottle, it’s quite comical. Hunter loves and adores his big sister!! Hunter overall is just a very happy boy!! We are truly blessed God allowed us to be his parents! Therefore please vote for Hunter!
Jackson is just a sweet little half deaf baby brother who loves to play with toys. Loves to learn. And loves his family. Especially his middle brother
My miracle girl she has been in the nicu since birth but very close to finally coming home! She is the definition of love 💕
Callie is a happy and jolly baby, loves cocomelon . Thank you gor viewing and voting for me ! This is a big help to able to save for my future! ♥️💞
Paulo R
My sweet boy 💙
Presley is the happiest little girl, sharing smiles with anyone and everyone ♡
Gianna is very active baby and enjoys exploring new toys! She loves being in front of the camera where she expresses her happy personality. She enjoys snack time and spending time with mom and dad.
Bennie is a happy baby always smiling and laughing, loves being outside and loves bananas. He’s moms best friend
My name is Grayson I am 2 months old I like bright colors and blowing bubbles and raspberries with mommy and daddy, i love baths and when my big brother holds me also when mommy and daddy hold me too. I like when mommy and daddy make silly faces at me and make me laugh and i LOVE naps.
Zyen loves to snuggle n loves to be outdoors
Dayton Bond
Dayton loves to snack, watch encanto, and jump! He is always full with energy and always a happy baby ♥️
I love to use my voice to talk to Mom & Dad. I love snuggles, being talked to, and being walked around. I love seeing all new things! 💙💙
Octavia loves to smile and spend time with mommy and daddy She is a very happy baby
Joziah the most handsome baby boy ever please go vote for my chocolate drop please
Charlie is a happy 4 months old baby! He loves to go outside, cuddle his stuffed cow, and eat peas and pears! He's a sweet and happy baby!
Paetyn is very talkative. She can be the sweetest chunk, but also the biggest boss. 💜
Evander loves snuggles, his babas, sensory videos. He loves smiling and laughing !
Conner loves dinosaurs, he's very talkative, he loves his baby bubba, and love wrestling !
Maverix Ryder
Maverix is the caboose of our little family at 3 years old, who enjoys more than anything eating & taking baths, and loves nothing more than his “Ra’s” 🦖☺️ He is diagnosed with aggressive autism, since 1 1/2 yrs old. He is so smart & bright, i love my son and I’m very proud of him, photogenic self!
Cedar is a social and active boy! He loves crawling and pulling up to stand, and his favorite food is oatmeal and hummus. Cedar smiles at everyone he meets and prefers to be in the great outdoors!
Maverick loves to giggle and has a lot to say at only 13 weeks old. He is a very expressive face, happy , silly, sad pout .
Isabella is the happiest baby in the world! She’s always smiling and just started giggling. She loves chewing on her little hands (even when we put her mittens on)
sweet little christopher he likes to be held 24/7 he loves to play with his brother. he got them big blue eyes❤️
He loves “ can’t help falling in love” by Elvis. He smiles when you tell him “hi”. Overall happy baby and loves to eat.
Azrael is a very happy boy who loves his mommy and daddy very much. He loves to talk to anyone and everyone and is the sweetest little chunk this momma could ask for
Noah is such a happy boy! He loves putting everything in his mouth! He loves to tell us atories in baby language!
Saige loves her tongue and loves to take naps with mom and dad💕 she also loves to watch cat in the hat and the minions 🥹
Reagan And Raylynn
Reagan and Raylynn are cheerful and happy twin girls! They love to laugh, crawl, and chase each other around the room. They love to smile and make new friends!
This boy always has the biggest smiles and the biggest personality. Being outside is one is favorite things.
Such a happy little guy. Been smiling since day one. Above photo car seat strap pulled down to show off his handsome bow tie 🥰
Ivan was 6 weeks preemie and has a heart condition! He just had surgery for a hernia, even though this little man has been through the wringer he still smiles and is happy lil baby!
Ella is 3, she’s the most kind hearted toddler! She is full of personality and a little sass at times.