My beautiful amazing baby boy loves to laugh, talk and absolutely loves to smile. He is picture perfect. He loves to watch his favorite show baby shark, already crawling and pulling himself up on things and is the life of the party and just makes everyone smile when he’s in the room!
She’s sassy like her mom but super Loving and wants to help fix you if you are sick wouldn’t change her for the world
Miss Hildalyn is such a happy girl! She is very talkative, always smiling, and already rolling over and trying to crawl. She was born with a full head of hair that gets curlier with every bath. She's mommy and daddy's sweet little angel.
Skylar is such a happy baby! Her smile lights up the room and her laugh is contagious. Her personality shines, even in photos! She is truly the light of my life!
Loves her some pizza!
He is a happy baby. Loves his mommy and daddy, He loves his milk and has a strong neck and tries to crawl.
Apollo is 5 months old, he loves being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature. He’s the most happiest baby I ever been around and he doesn’t fail to put a smile on your face. I think you should vote for Apollo because how could you now look at that cutness❤️
This is Des He LOVES food He LOVES people Definitely my wildest child🤣
I’m 4 months old and I like to jump, talk and smile all the time!
Nickname: BabyKing
Ryder loves cuddles, watching TV and loves leg day
Dominic is a joyous 11 month-old. He loves to eat, play, and climb.
Devin Gregory, the sweetest mommas boy you ever met! A boy who loves doing “man work” anything from helping with laundry to working on his big blue (kid toy car).
The innocent face، Akram loves to play a lot and loves to ride in the car
Alinea Henley
My valentine every year🥹💕 Alinea (uh-Linnie-us) just started school and lovesss it She enjoys being an older sister Fav food: slushies & hotdogs 🤣
Phoenix was named after my dad, who passed away 2 days after we found out we were pregnant . His name was Felix , but naming our daughter Felix was a little weird - so the name Phoenix popped into my head . It made me think of the Phoenix Bird rising from the ashes . I am 46 years old and was on birth control when I conceived her . The odds of her being here were less than one percent . My husband and I both have had a rough last couple of years and she is our true blessing . We had to see lots of specialists during pregnancy as she had a mass on her lung - she is doing great now , but is truly living up to her name :)
My first child, my love and the apple of my eye, his laugh makes me forget all the pain.he loves to look into my eyes and smile
Dayceon is SO good at tummy time He hardly ever cries He sleeps through the entire night He constantly is babbling he lovesss listening to himself 🥰💕
My 🌈 baby ❤️
She’s 7 month old and loves her brother and fursiblings!
Mae-Lynn's 3 months old in loves talking to her big brother in laughs for daddy all the time. She's learning to push with her feet in working on sitting up on her own.
Hi my name is Ezekiel. I’m 4 months old and I like to eat all of mommy’s food and laugh and giggle with my uncles❤️ I like to watch rug rats,and Mickey Mouse
D’iore is a month old. Her name means golden 🌟👶🏻. She has many loving and caring grandparents, aunties and uncles 🥰.
Jonathan is my energetic child, he loves to run and play. He is so smart for his age
Kai'Ren likes playing with toy cars as well as plush dinosaurs he is still figuring out how to play roblox
Makyle loves to play video games, loves school and playing with his friends also little brother. Enjoys time with family, watching movies lastly makyle loves to paint
Zane is our first baby and he is the center of our whole world. He is loves everybody and he loves to smile. He is a very happy baby and he makes everyone around him just as happy.
Jesse Cole Carr
Jesse is 8 months old . He loves to watch cartoons and jump in his bouncer .
Anabella is the light of our lives! She is so smart and has such a big personality!! Full of sass but she has the sweetest heart!! ❤️ She blows us away every day with how smart she is, we are so proud!!
My oldest. Shes autistic and wouldnt have her any other way! Shes a true gift to.this world and she loves to show that to everyone.
LeiaNala is a 6 month old baby girl, very smart, very bright and very happy. She loves to eat, take baths and play with her big brother. She is a very outgoing girl.
Amaia (Rosie) is the happiest sweetest baby. She is extremely active, turning over at 4 months and loves to get up at 3 in the morning to “babble”. She has found her toes and is amazed by them.
Oliver is a silly, funny, cute guy. He always makes us laugh and he’s very cuddly.
This is Alana. She was born Aug 10 of this year with that head full of hair! She loves to hold her head up and is already starting to try and talk to Mom and Dad and she absolutely adores her big brother. She has to sleep with a bunch of noise. If it's too quiet she can't sleep at all. Lol. She's such a good and happy baby. Barely even cries, only if we take too long getting her a bottle then she'll whine a little bit nothing too crazy.
Hey mekhi is a 2 month old handsome little boy he holds his own bottle sits up and is very happy and active.
He is our miracle baby . I got in a wreck and broke my back and this sweet guy made it through xrays/catscan/MRI/ anesthesia and surgery. He is the happiest baby and is such a snuggle buddy . Loves his big sisters and daddy.
Always happy and has a silly personality
Advith loves snuggles and playing.He always melt our hearts with his smiley innocent face.
Charan has just entered into 5th month.He has a beautiful eyes and smiles always , very active and curious to watch the things around.
Wesley is 7 months old and is always getting compliments on what a happy baby he is when meeting new people! He loves his family, being outside, playing with his favorite toys, watching Cocomelon & Mrs.Rachel! He just started getting his two bottom teeth and his favorite thing to say right now is “Dada”
She's a wirlwind of excitement and has a huge loving and caring personality.
Callum is all about smiling, laughing & having a good time! He loves to play, & chase us while in his walker. He loves being outdoors; He can sit there and watch the wind blow through the trees all day! Overall he’s a ray of sunshine! 💙 and we absolutely love & adore our boy.
Loves to wacth bluey
Kyson was born September 6th,2022 Kyson loves to eat ,sleep, and hes very alert and always calm . Kyson is a great baby !
Hello my baby name is Desmond jr. He's 1 month old. Very alert loves to smiles likes for people to talk to him. He is his mother and father first born. He is our miracle baby.
Kye Leo
Kye is 4months old he loves smile play an laugh play w his 3 dogs bubba charleigh an belle an spending time with his momma (me) an his Mimi an Pepe an family! He loves to kick kick kick we do his exercises everyday an now he’s starting to just about roll over on his own! He such a happy baby a sweet loving kind hearted beautiful lil angel!
Harrison loves to play outside with his dog Carl. He loves to give hugs especially to his stuffed animals. He brings joy to so many people with his contagious smile.