Baby Stories - 26


Sassy goofy love bug with an adventure side. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and loves dancing. Being with her dad is her all time favorite thing.
Kenneth is a silly boy who loves dancing and playing outside
Perfect baby is an understatement! Amethyst, “Ami,” for short always has a smile on her face. She is the happiest, easiest baby.
Lily Claire
Lily Claire has the sweetest demeanor and is full of smiles, laughs, and giggles! She is very curious about everything and loves music and books. Lily Claire also loves playtime with mama and daddy!
Keynai Marcus Ray
Keynai is such a happy baby! He’s a blue eyed, red head little boy. Loves being able to crawl around and play!
Mia is a very sweet, lovely and happy girl....she laughs and plays with everybody and cries only when she really need something.
loves mommy & Daddy❤ Enjoys snuggles, keeping mommy awake at night and loves watching cartoons.
Hello , I am Demarion , I am an amazing kid who loves to smile & eat. I love watching Sid the Science kid 😍 I love playing with my sister and my mommy 😌 please help me win first place 🥇 in my first contest thank you 🤞🏻🙏🏼
Our miracle baby she was born after I had a hemorrhagic stroke having postpartum preeclampsia after having Leah older sister! Leah is the youngest son f four girls
Luna loves to watch, observe and take in the world! She captures your heart with her eyes.
Aiden is the sweetest baby boy! He loves to be outside, throw the ball, clap his hands, and listen to Baby Shark. His little laugh is so infectious and he’s never met a stranger—loves to smile and wave at everyone! Please take a moment and vote for my blue eyed cutie!
jax is lots of fun, always a busy body and a baby brother! he’s a sweetheart 🥰
Our little Kami lamb is always smiling! She loves to dance to coco melon and loves her sweet potatoes. Kami is the happiest baby!
He is our first baby and he’s such a happy boy! He’s always smiling and cooing at mom and dad. He’s a daddy’s boy for sure because he is with mommy all the time 💙
She’s always such a happy baby! Smiles instantly from the time she opens her eyes to the time she closes them and even in her sleep! She loves everyone she meets and of course her doggies too🥰
He loves cars and loves going to the races! He’s a sweet boy and a very happy baby :)
16 months old. My rainbow baby. The light of my life, loves animals, especially his puppies, says yeah, good girl, dada, momma, no no, gives high fives, hugs and kisses, definitely a mommas boy.
Rodney Matthew
Rodney loves playing with cars, trucks, and most of all his baby brother! He can make anyone’s day better by just giving them a smile. He is definitely our sweet but wild child!
Cecelia is a sweet, smart, silly little girl who loves music, dancing, and playing outside! Please take a moment and vote for my sweet girl!
Hello, my name is Ezra. I don’t have many interests yet but I do like to lay on mommy’s chest and listen to her heart beat when I’m having a hard time sleeping. I love my paci and my daddy is my best friend 💙
Loves to play video games, play outside & is a very loving and caring little boy!
Gorgeous eyes and rarely cries.
Hello. Kelvion is a smart and funny and very bright spirit for just being 1 years old very silly and such an happy soul
Eliana loves to shop and take pictures she is in boutiques and models for there clothes, she is always smiling and laughing she’s the most happiest baby ever I think she would be a perfect fit to model so please vote for Eliana
Hii🙋🏻I'm💕Evalina💕I love to wake up with a Big Smile on my face😁just to start my mom’s day🥰 I love to play with my big sister she’s funny🤣& Fun🤗🙌🏼Help me get🥇place🏆 before the deadline on Monday the 26th⏳All Vote are🔁🥰and every lil Vote is appreciated 💕
Sarah Gracelynn
Sarah loves playing outside and running around. She loves eating m&m with her Mimi. She loves sharing her toys. She is so smart and her personality is so special and unique. Her big smile will melt your heart.
Zaid is bi-racial, White and middle eastern with Blue eyes 💙 3 months and gorgeous as can be
My name is Alexis Taylor Kolaski and I am 1! I have the prettiest blue eyes you’d ever see! Making messes and getting dirty are my hobbies! I love to watch cocomelon, The Smurfs, and Paw Patrol. My favorite snacks are Bananas, Hot Cheetos, and yogurt. I am guaranteed to make you laugh!!! Vote for me!
Zeroic loves to smile and light up a room with his spunky but so sweet personality. He enjoys spending time with his big brother and watching him play.
Loves to draw, sing and just have fun! Such a loving and caring little girl!
I am a one year old and my name is Alexis Taylor Kolaski. Making messes and getting dirty is my hobby. My favorite things to watch is cocomelon, smurfs, paw patrol. My favorite snacks are Bananas, hot Cheetos and yogurt!! Vote for me!!!😄❤👶
Zayden says hi! He is sweet, wild, & so funny. He loves to make people laugh. He’s a great brother & is his little brother’s favorite person in the world.
Joysanna brings light to any room melts any frown into a smile with just a wink 🥰
This is my first grandbaby Annalise Kay!! 🥰😘 She loves being held and talked to by many. She's our little cutie pie 🥰
Charlee does goofy things and makes everyone smile.
Samantha loves playing she's always happy she loves her food and loves colouring
Mia is 7 months old going on 8! She loves playing outside, loves playing in water, spending time with her mommy and daddy! She also loves being outside watching her horses run around and play!
Izzy loves to pull her self up on things and crawl! She loves to eat her puffs and watch her cocomelon
Waylon is a very happy 2 year old with SATB2 associated syndrome!
Vote for our beautiful girl 💖Marlii is 4 months old, shes full of happiness, giggles, conversations, shes very very vocal and loves to talk to mumma❤ loves her milk and cuddles and also adores her family ❤ shes a blessing 😍 my miracle rainbow baby 🤱👨‍👩‍👧🌈
Westlynn was born with Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis and just came home from 70 days in the NICU. The thing you see on her neck is a trach! She needs that to live and breathe properly.
She loves loves the sun and swimming in the tub
Neveah is almost 3 months old! She can almost sit up by herself and loves to laugh!
Bennett (Benny) is a almost 5 month old bundle of laughs and baby giggles 😊 he loves to be outside and will talk your ear off!
Terra Ann loves to cuddle, listen to stories and rock with daddy in the glider chair. She is a happy and sassy baby.
Kai is a little cheeky chappie who loves nothing more than being nursed ,cuddles with his daddy, playing with his older siblings he has 5 sister's and a brother who all adore his cheeky smile.
Ja’Myri is funny, loving and caring, she loves to be under her grandmother and aunts all the time and loves her little brother.