Kaizer is a very happy boy! Loves to play and eat food. But most of all the most handsome beautiful baby boy.
My handsome boy loves cars and is the brother to three sisters.
He's a spunky little boy with the most contagious laugh and smile 🥰
Hi I'm Mayson! I'm a pretty happy boy. My mom calls me May May Sometimes. I love to greet everyone who tells me I'm so cute. I love watch toy story 4 and paw patrol. I love my older brother alot!!
Vicky likes outdoors activities, like eating her fav is buttered squash😋 she also loves dogs🐕
Hi I’m Samantha Marguerite Center, Im Dark blue eyes and funny baby... i can do alots of facial expression...❤️😘
Briella is a happy 9 month old baby girl. She loves to say dada and smile. She giggles all the time and is trying to learn how to walk! 💕
Ryker Haze is my baby boy🧡 he’s 4 months old now & has milk allergies! He is such a happy baby with lots of smiles! Ryker despises tummy time but he loves to be held and talked to:)
Nova is a preemie born 7 weeks early. She had a very scary birth. Mommies placenta began to rupture at just 31 weeks pregnant. At an early stage like this Nova is suppose to be born in an hospital with a NICU team. Unfortunately given everything that was quickly taking place she was born very quickly without a NICU team. Mommy and Nova were unable to do skin to skin. Mommy wasn’t even able to hold Nova. She had to quickly be transported to the closest NICU of our choice. Once everything was confirmed in the clear we were told that the situation that took place typically a baby is born a “still born”. From this message we knew exactly how blessed we were! Once she was placed Nova was the youngest baby in the NICU at this time. The doctors were anticipating her going home at her original due date depending on how well she does. With the amazing Nurses and Doctor’s she was only away for a little over a month. Mommy and Daddy traveled as much as they could to see her each and everyday. Now Nova is 4 months! She has such a personality. She loves her 3 sisters and loves for everyone to talk directly to her! She’s beginning to try and control her hands and touch things that are in front of her. She right on track for what we were told she could possibly be behind in. We are so blessed to have such a beauty! This is Nova’s “I’m 4 months old smile” 🥰
He is just the happiest baby this picture is the absolute epitome of his personality
Sofia loves her pets swimming and playing outside.
Kyna is 2 years old and is wonderful little girl. She loves dinosaurs and art. Dancing to music is a favorite of hers.
Elijah is 2 years old very active and loves Spider-Man! He very outgoing and intelligent! 😍😍
Opal is our extremely unique bundle of joy! Opal suffers from many different things one of those things being epilepsy but she never stops being cute as a button
Sammie loves to laugh and play pee ka boo . He watches cocomelon .
Peyton is a spitfire! She’s also such an outgoing and incredibly smart 3 year old
I’m Kendrick, 1 almost 2 months old with the cutest dimples paired with a cute smile. help vote for me! 🐳💚
Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m a 6 month old blue eyed cutie!
Vote for Ava she’s beautiful and kind and very smart she has an old soul and can make your day with a blink of an eye she has a beauty full voice and love singing her dream is to become a pop star
She is such a happy and loving baby 🥰 She’s 20 days old And loves to stretch and Grunt all morning😭🦋 but is the most happiest baby smiles all the time 🥰💓
Amir Khadim
Amir Khadim is Senegalese American. He wants to one day be on ninja warrior junior. Hobbies: Dance| Sports:Karate & Swim& Soccer| Favorite Food: Pizza& Jollof Rice
Riley couldnt be more different than her sissy. Shes the sweet one! Lol Shes a chunkster, and never takes her eyes off her big sissy. Shes so ready to be able to play and join in. Shes been nothing but smiles since she was born. The happiest baby ive ever seen. And dont you just want to pinch those cheecks?! Riley loves to follow her sister around, and watch cartoons.
Sophie was born 1 month early, but that hasnt stopped her AT ALL. Shes a little thing with a BIG personality. Bossy just like her mom, and hair just as wild. She loves anything Pinkfong, makeup, phones, and playing in the water.
He love to laugh and he loves to eat French fries 🤗 He is a Happy Baby 👶
Myles is ten months old. He’s into everything about to take off and start walking.
My sweet and sassy always smiling baby girl loves her daddy more than anything, fishing, and anything to do with being outside!
I am a new big brother and i cant wait until my little sister comes home from the hospital... I love to play outside, being friendly and making new friends :)
Layla Vogel
She is one amazing 6 yr old she loves to entertain others with her talent she loves family and loves having friends
Happy baby
Nolan loves spending time with his family, his favorite hobby currently is hanging out in his swing or bouncer while mommy cleans. He's over 10 pounds already!!
Kevin is only 5 months old. He sits up, he likes trying new food and loves music! Vote for Kevin today😌
Hi im Sirus I'm 6 months old & i have the most beautiful baby blue eyes! 😍💙 Vote for me 🙈🙉
He has 6 teeth already! He is very determined!
Payton loves to play outside and he puts joy in everyone’s hearts. He loves to eat too! His laugh makes everyone smile and he is one of the sweetest boys ever!
Chloe Bell
I am almost 4 months old! I love to scream to get my moms attention, I can roll from my tummy to my back! I LOVE MOM, and cocomelon.
Owen is in kindergarten! Jun 4th he graduated preschool. He loves dinos, toy cars and trucks!! He loves his older brother Phenoix
Aspen loves the outdoors, his baby sister, animals, and snacks. Ducks and chickens are his favorite animals. He is a very happy adventurous little boy that enjoys his family, likes to go out spotting ducks, and to hold his chickens.
Melanie has an infectious smile and she always lights up the room when she's in it.
Victoria is 12 months old She is always smiling and waving to everyone at the grocery store she loves Stuffed animals and puppies
I am a very smart 8 month old who loves to discover new things. I love smiling at everyone, laughing, playing and especially playing with toys with my big brother!
Dennie has been in NICU for a month now and is doing great! Unfortunately we lost his twin brother just after 17hours of giving birth! But he is definitely living on through his brother 💙🤱🏼
Sawyer loves his siblings, his toes, and all things soft! He is a funny baby who makes us giggle constantly. He is a joy and a true blessing to our family. 💙
Jelaya is funny, she loves to laugh & make the people around her laugh. She’s so caring, outgoing & adventurous.
Kalen loves trucks, animals, dinosaurs, and learning new numbers and letters! Any money won will be put into a college fund for Kalen!
Ca’Myis is the funniest baby boy , he has a personality that will brighten up anyone’s life. He loves dancing , listening to music and being silly ❤️
River is our little wildflower and she is growing so fast already. She loves her big brother and smiles whenever he is near. Her favorite outfit is jammies and hates anything on her head like bows and hats. We are blessed that she is such a happy baby always smiling and making such cute little noises.
Jaelani is 15 months old she's for sure a little princess, she has everyone wrapped around her little finger. She calls herself Lani, I always call her a sour patch kid because if she's mean to you or if she gets something she shouldn't have she knows just the way to suck up, she'll start dancing or try to give you a kiss or she'll even give you a big hug and rub/pat your back. "first they're sour then they're sweet!"
Hi I’m Malik👶,I’m almost 2 months old.Im already such a big boy🖤My favorite things to do are eat,laugh and play and hangout with my mom and dad💛*im mostly a daddys boy*