Baby Stories - 24


Super happy little girl, real funny character to her & just simply a little sweet heart🤍
Syriana is 12months old and is a very active busy body. She loves watching baby shark and painting lol. She will cheer you up even on your worse days. She is silly and so smart, such a happy baby with a big heart. Every day she’s learning something new. vote Syriana 🖤🥰
Hello! My name is Lucas I am 2 months old! I love being outside and watching dirt bikes! I’m always laughing and smiling & bringing them to those around me💙🥰
Shane is a happy baby with the most contagious laugh and smile. His hugs make raining days bright. He is so smart, and currently learning sign language. He loves Blippi, basketball and going to the playground. He also like helping with chores around the house
Azrael enjoys being outside. He loves going for walks and helping with the chickens. Little man is always smiling and enjoys sitting on the trampoline. He also loves making silly faces with older brother
Livi currently loves sleeping and snuggling!
Nova love snuggles and baths, and her cat Norman. She is full so full of smiles.
My favorite thing to do is blow bubbles and kisses. My big brother always gets the best laughs out of me.
Tobias is my first born sweet little nugget. He’s reckless and dangerous to himself lol. He’s such a smart & attentive little man, he’s got such a personality already! He loves being outdoors and around his baby brother, or just cuddling mama. He loves to eat, play, laugh & smile whenever he can!
I am mommies 24/7 cuddle bug and movie buddy! We do everything together in between naps and snacks and we wouldn't have it any other way!
I enjoy spending time with mummy and daddy! I love looking at pretty lights and listening to music; lil peep and big Sean to be more specifically. I like to take nice warm bubble baths and watch the families kitty play
Alex's loves to play peekaboo and is always smiling.
Born 5lbs 10oz.. beautiful smiley baba
Aaliyahs smile and laugh lights up every room she enters. She loves to jump and wants so badly to stand up on her own two feet! She is her mamas greatest blessing in life and we both would appreciate you voting for her💕
Maverick was born at 34w 5days, and has spent 11 days in the Hospital, he is such a sweet & happy baby!
Hi! my name is Jaxon💙I love to play outside with Mama and Daddy and go places! I’m a huge flirt to everyone and love to put a smile on people’s faces!! my favorite foods are mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes, french fries and bananas!!
Jaxon Cade
I love eating French fries and making Mama and Daddy smile!!
Hi my name’s Bruno, my favourite thing is smiling at people. I also love playing games whilst on my feet, swimming and bath time and watching Bing on TV.
She’s the happiest baby, always smiling, talking and laughing. Her hair is white (not blonde) because she’s albino. She’s perfect in every way and our lives would be incomplete without her💙 She is our rainbow baby 🌈
Rylee Jade
baby squish is 2 months old she loves smiling and acting goofy she loves watching greys anatomy with mom and loves watching daddy play his game 💕
Gunnar is an amazing little boy who is very intelligent for his age he loves playing and the brightest thing about gunnar is his smile it never stops its an ongoing smile that is very contagious!!! He also does this thing with his hands and his leg like hes trying to start a motorcycle!!!
Santino is such a happy little boy💙💙💙
Ava’s Full Name Is Ava Belle Hamby .. she got her middle name from me (Alaina Belle). Ava is 2 months old! She’ll be 3 months oct 15th! Ava Loves Watching Scooby Doo and SpongeBob (mostly SpongeBob 🤣) she loves smiling at everyone and LOVES her daddy! Please vote for my sweet Ava 🥰❤️ Please vote!
Mr. Jaxson is a 2 month old preemie that’s been fighting strong since birth, and continues to light up our world everyday. We hope he brings a smile to your face as he does ours. 💜
Jamelle 🤩🧐🤞🏾😍🥰 is a bright happy smart little baby he loves Elmo paw patrol and his favorite word is cookie lol Jamelle 🤩🧐🤞🏾😍🥰 bring so much joy into our lives
Zathaniel is obsessed with anything that has wheels and makes noise. He’s the best big brother ever. Z is also my Rainbow baby 🧡
King loves saying “hi” and laughing at the fact he won’t let his mommy or daddy sleep! Oh, and of course, his favorite thing in the whole world… the ceiling fan. 😂😂😂
Easton 6months old , Love watching Chip & potato on Netflix, smiles all the time very silly just a happy baby with a big heart ❤️
Kensleigh is all about smiles and her little coos! She absolutely adores her daddy and older brother ❤️ Her favorite thing is and has always been mommy’s milk. Baby girl was right on time, in fact born the day after her due date!
Kash is about to be 6 months old. He loves to be in his walker or sitting up. He will laugh so hard at the movie home. His smile is contagious 😍
He's Just The Happiest Wee Guy Ever 😊💙 Wee Smiler
She loves to suck her thumb, chats lots in the morning and has just learnt to giggle
Valkyrie And Saphira
These are my twins Valkyrie Elyse Rogue and Saphira Elizabeth Renee. They are 11months. They love to dance some times to the music in there heads. They amaze me everyday with how smart they are.
George is a happy baby my rainbow baby 🌈
His name is Richard . He will be 2 months this month on the 28 .he enjoys food,naps, and listening to music. He just started holding his head up.
Khloe is the sweetest little girl. She loves everyone (mommy the most) loves watching sports with daddy!!! Loves to smile! Loves being outdoors! Has the prettiest blue eyes!
I’m 9 months old. I love to be on the move I’m trying to walk. I love my mommy and daddy.
Ruby Jean has a smile that could warm an old witches heart, from her bubbly self to her precious chuckles she’s truly the happiest baby around!
Lucas loves to explore! He loves to be outside and see new things! He loves his Cocomelon and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. And is obsessed with cats!
Loves cuddles with her Mumma!
Ian is a sweet boy with a great sense of humor. He loves playing games and snuggling with our two kitties.
Braulio loves kisses cuddling and fresh diapers, but his favorite is probably taking warm showers with mom ❤️
Baby J is super sweet and super chill. Very laid back and calm unless he’s hungry.
Hazley Gail
Hi my name is hazley gail. I love to play and laugh all the time. I can crawl and say baba (bottle). Im 6 months old
Dani Lynn
Amazing, sweet, and full of love! Dani~ Lynn Faith is ten year prayer miracle baby!!
Levi is 8 months and is working on crawling. He loves to “talk” and say dada,mama,nana,etc.. He is one of the happiest, most loving babies I’ve met! He loves baby snuggles and to play with all his toys with you. He loves when people read to him and let him watch baby cartoons.
Hayden is a loving careing little boy . He loves his sister very much. He is veey energetic and loving . He loves to give kisses and huggs
Khari is 11 months old soon to the big number one next month and is a very busy body. He loves playing in water but most of all LOVES cocomelon lol , and will cheer you up even on your worse days. He’s so silly and so smart , everyday he’s learning something new . Vote Ja’Khari ! 💙🥰