Wilder loves to smile, and he loves cuddles🤎
Kaylee is diva in every way she is full of life and definitely speaks her opinion. She had a big heart she is truly a great kid
My daughter Persephone has the world’s biggest smile. Yes she’ll cry like any other baby, but she will laugh, and I mean laugh day and night. Her first word was “EW” and that had me laughing my lungs out. She is a little ginger girl with big blue eyes. She falls in love with everyone. She likes to shake her toys, she loves the swings at any park. She loves cuddles, and kisses. She loves a good stroll on a beautiful sunny day. She speaks her own mind when people talk to her, she will talk back with all means necessary. I love her so much. She will laugh at you if you’re laughing. She is just an amazing girl. She has a whole future ahead of her. Just like all babies do. I would love to get her more stuff but unfortunately I have no job and I feel bad because she has to suffer with that. But with the money I would get her everything a baby would need. She is my most pride and joy, but being a single mom with no job, does me no good for my little girl.
Sabrina loves The Jungle Book. She squeals, flaps her arms and kicks her feet every time she watches it.
Bruno Luis Ortiz is 3 months old! He loves to be talked to and loved on! He is trying to roll over and loves to drink his bottles!!
Aiden was born at 28 weeks ! He was a preemie babe weighing 2 lbs / 6 oz ! He’s my strong baby boy and he is growing so well ! Please vote for my handsome boy ! ❤️❤️❤️
Adriel Darrien
Adriel loved music, he loves to watch movies and he gets really emotional when he listens to sad songs. His a very sweet boy. He loves to laugh and have this adorable smile specially he have this cute dimples 🥰.
Rayden is a grumpy little boy sometimes but when he smiles he lights up a room. He loves to talk, mostly at level 10 volume because he likes his own voice & he loves he milk, he can definitely beat you at drinking a bottle. Bath time is his favorite time & he loves to sleep cuddle up next to mommy ❤️
Baby milk
Isaac is 2 of 2! He's a twin🥰 he's so smart and brave! He loves an adventure!
Eli is 1 of 2 and by that i mean he's a twin🤣 he is the sweetest boy i know, he's always so helpful and loves his family so much🩷
Holden loves to smile when I say cheese and this boy is always on the go and always has something to say🥰😂
Kai loves bananas, chewing on Mommy’s phone, sticking her tongue out, growling at everybody and smiling. But, she is most passionate about food and her big sister. ❤️
Alina is A little angel!!! She’s a loving soul,, she loves her family and big sister!! And if you want to trade votes with her just let me know on her wall with your child’s link !! Thanks 🪷🌸
Kharis is a sweet little Kharbear and loves to be happy. Her favorite thing currently is chewing on her fingers and trying to chew on mommies.
Ivory is a happy, bubbly soon to be 7 month old baby! She loves watching Elmo, Gracie’s Corner and all shows with a beat and signing. VOTE FOR IVORY🤍
Hello world! This is Eliana, who will light up any room she’s in with her big smile and bright blue beautiful eyes! She likes just about everything but especially food, her puppy, and mom&dad!
Annika arrived 3 weeks ago and she is so happy to have arrived!!Hello world 😍 This picture reflects her first smiles last week 💗🥰
Kinsley is a very vibrant & happy baby. Her favorite shows are The Fairly Oddparents, Larva, & Cocomelon. She loves bouncing & hollering at anyone who will listen. Her favorite food would have to be banana & strawberry. She loves trying to get mama’s phone to chew on. Vote for Kins❤️
Nellie is such a happy baby🩷 she loves starting her mornings talking to her mama🥰
My name is Liam and I love snuggling mama, hanging out with daddy, and taking tubbies! I smile so big when someone talks to me and love to talk back!
Riona is 2 and very busy girl Loves to snack and play
My name is Eloise & I was born on New Year’s Eve! My favourite song is Return to Pooh Corner and I can already roll over!!
Kyla is a very happy baby, but gets tired of mommy taking pictures. She likes to play with her toys and be held by mommy.
My little rainbow baby…sweetest miracle! 💝🌈
Cuddles with mom and dad are my favorite, along with my green binky. I love tummy time and swinging in my swing!
Asher is 13 months and loves everything but his favorite things are food, people, the outdoors and anything soft and cuddly. He’s always such a happy and sweet little guy. Vote for him!! 💙
Three words that describe me: Cheeky, hyper and affectionate. I love to sit in front of the television and watch peppa pig and eat all mummy’s chocolate😁! My favourite place to go would be the playground, I love being free to explore out and about, I also love climbing especially when I can be up really high!
Walker loves to play with his penguin while doing tummy time. He is super sociable and loves to giggle, talk, and just brights up your day!
Wyatt is a very happy boy. He loves to eat and loves to chew on everything. He’s recently learned how to scream and roll over. He also has his two bottom teeth coming in. Hopefully y’all enjoy his page and please leave a like.
This little girl is always so happy when she opens her eyes from naps to overnight sleeps. A rainbow baby, she sure brings so much to us each and everyday. Still learning to crawl, she is always so curious with the world around her.
Justus is just the happiest baby on the planet. He loves carrots and eating in general. He loves to crawl and explore what this world has. Justus may be tiny for his age but he is definitely growing up and surpassing milestones faster than he should.🥰
Charlie is 13 months old and is living his best life! His likes include Bubble Guppies, Blues Clues 💙 and breakfast, lunch and dinner! He loves theme songs 🎵, singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider 🕷 and going out to eat with grandpa. Although diaper changes, having his hands and face wiped off and vacuums aren't his strong suit , he powers through them with mom along his side every day like a champ! Charlie is quite the little comedian and will perform for any audience. Charlie's best friend is dadda but will also change teams when it suits him. Oh yeah, did I mention he loves food!?
Kimber is our miracle baby! We were told for 12 years that we could never get pregnant and 7 months of finally tying the not we found out we were pregnant. Our pregnancy was smooth all the way up to delivery. We had an extremely hard delivery but she was delivered emergency c-section and ended up perfectly healthy. Kimber is now 2 months old. She loves to snuggle, smile, laugh, play, and be the center of attention. The way she looks at you for the first time will melt your heart. She is incredibly smart, kind and lovable! She’s the light of our life 💜
Ella is named after her great grandmother and encompasses everything she was: loving, sassy, and beautiful ❤️
Malakai is such a good baby and such a cuddlebug❤️❤️ vote for my baby boy he deserves it we've been through so much with losing his father almost a year ago. Vote for my baby Malakai🥰🤞
Cora is an up and coming dream girl. She’ll roll around in the first with the boys but can still look cute in a dress.
Stella Rose
I am the brightest star! I am 6 weeks old and love my ABC’s! I already can push myself up with my arms and am the strongest eater! My favorites are mommy, daddy’s beard, staring at the fish tank, and most of all a pacifier!😊✨🌹
Andrew is my first baby!!!! He is 7 weeks old. And I absolutely adore him!!!! He loves to cuddle with mommy, music and eating🥰 he’s my little chunk. Andrews full of smiles. He truly is a happy baby!!!🥹😁
Bella is such a happy smiley baby. If you're ever having a bad day she's sure to make you smile. Bella is 6 months old and loves to sit in her sit me up seat, talk to herself and her family, eat, play on her tummy time mat, and play with her two big sisters. Please vote so Bella can get a good start to a great future ahead of her.
Bella Rose
Bella is always smiling. She can brighten anybody’s day with her gummy smile, she is a happy, active baby. She loves making random noises and pulling on mommy’s hair and daddy’s beard. She always has to know whats going on. Shes a very happy, curious, and active little girl. She is so loved.
Sophie is the happiest smiliest girl . She loves talking to people everywhere we go and never fails to brighten people’s day ! She loves snacks and cuddles with mom and dad and chasing her kitty cats around .
Liam is such a Happy baby boy. He hardly ever crys. He loves smiling at people and watching his big brother play
He likes bananas And playing with big trucks and balls
Little miss Liliana Rose is 7 months old. She has the biggest personality and loves to talk and smile! She has the cutest smile that just lights up the room.
Carter loves to crawl! Say baba! And he loves chicken and hates eggs!
Caleb Charles
I have spots open on lil miss beauty 3, miss princess France 3, bidiboo 1, lullapanda 2, pageant dog 1 and baybee 2. Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm 3 years old. A rainbow baby after 13 years of miscarriages. I was diagnosed with epilepsy a seizure disorder last fall. Loves smiling and laughing. Everytime I hear music I have to stop what I'm doing and dance like crazy. Loves his 4 older siblings. Loves doggies and dinosaurs I do daily exchanges and take advances