Baby Stories - 24


Terry Lee
Terry Lee Edwards Jr. Half Native American and half greek😍He is the happiest baby in the entire world💖He is always running around laughing and smiling so curious about the world. God blessed me with such a joy in my life <3 #proudmom
Priscilla is a super educated almost 4 year old! She was able to say Mama by the time she was 5 months old. She started walking at almost 8 months old.. She knows how to do makeup, and very well!! She’s super good with babies, she even knows how to prepare a BOTTLE for a baby!! She’s independent, and really outspoken. She likes to say hello to anybody she sees, she knows absolutely no stranger. She said she wants to be a Princess when she gets older. She loves to play t-ball! And she loves to paint her nails and draw. Not trying to sound biased but, she is the sweetest little girl I’ve ever met. She’s almost 4 ft tall already at only 4!
Sweet, funny, and full of personality. Loves milk and most music of any genre
Alysia is a 14 month old girl who has a rare genetic syndrome called Cornelia De Lange Syndrome (CdLS)! Born at just 4lbs 7oz all the way to 15lbs now!! She loves smiling and playing and poses for the camera constantly!! She doesn’t let her developmental delays or medical issues stop her from being the happiest little girl.
Genevieve is One ! She loves music and also loves bath time ! She was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome . It’s abbreviate it for (traps) very rare, but she was diagnosed at 9 months after her fevers would spike to 106 ! I fought for her to see specific drs. They told me no but I was not leaving until I spoke with rheumatology.. and I was right she had her fathers same genetic syndrome passed down from his father . You would never know she is so beyond outgoing ! Loves to play with your toys and eat pasta. She has a gift I never seen in a child before . She is just really meant to be her self and her being her self is so unique I wouldn’t change it for the world ! Vote for Genevieve
Keonna love trees she likes to eat apples and bananas and loves tsking baths💓💓
Jamie is very active and smart💙Jamie love to count and sing the ABC song🎵 🎶 he love to explore the outdoors, he love walking his dog
Curtis Ray Palmer Iv
Curtis Ray Palmer IV is the sweetest little baby boy you’ll ever meet. He’s a fourth generation and is always full of smiles and he has been nothing but happy. He was brought into our lives on September 15 of this year, almost a full two weeks overdue. But he was so worth the wait! He came out healthy and we are blessed. We love him so much and he brings us so much happiness.
My name is Annalisa and I was born at 28 weeks at 2lbs 7oz I am now 6lbs 3oz and doing amazing ❤️
Ryse laker McNamara 6 weeks old is on oxygen for the next 6 months to a year he has had some complications but we are hopeful he will grow out of them bless us Thank you
Alessandra is a rainbow baby, after many complications she was born healthy and beautiful ❤ she loves to be around people , she will always have a smile on her face no doubt 😍🥰 love her crazy hair 😍 her cheeks will drive you crazy 😍❤
Hi my name is Gabriel, I went thru a lot when i was first vorn with hospital trips and surgery on my kidney, but here i am full of energy and ready to keep you dancing on your toes
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Joey is a happy baby! She loves to be shopping and out and about. Also likes to smile and talk to people, especially her big brother 🥰
Raul Ionut
Vote for my baby boy please it is a very nice children ❤
Skylar is 5 months old.... shes is full of love she is the happiest baby ever shes always smiling and giggling!!!! ❤️ She loves for kids to be around her and play with her she loves her blankets she loves to scream...☺️❤️
She is 3 months old and is already trying to talk and can roll over! She loves music and watching the dogs run and play.
He is a mommas boy for sure! He loves super soft blankets and has the cutest personality
This wonderful little girl has the biggest heart. She is always so sweet and loves to play with her baby brother. She runs to get me if he begins to cry. She loves trucks, blocks, and making pretend tea for everyone. Please vote for my beautiful angel
Sawyer was born early due to placenta accreta @ 35weeks and 4days! He is definitely our miracle baby and undergoing an extensive operation, but he’s here and thriving. We are truly blessed👶🏼
Paisley is such a happy baby! She loves her little toy book, our doggy Max & more importantly snuggling with momma😍🥺
Jacobus was born at 35 weeks gestation and has been a fighter ever since, he came out not needing any assistance and has been smashing goals, a little snorer when he's asleep and vocal chirper when awake, he's growing up to quickly ❤️
Lance Jr
Lance jr is 8 months old! He loves animals, and the outdoors! He can say mama, dada and baba. Jr can crawl and stand on his own.
Axston “Red” was born at 28 weeks weighing 2lbs. He has fought for every second he has been here and is continuing to beat his odds. Being 50% blind and partially deaf he smiles and takes the best of life. He loves being held and swaddled and he loves when his older sisters play with him.
Bradley is 13 months old, he loves to say mama and dada. He loves his pasta. He’s very talkative and full of laughter.
Robert Aiden
Robert Aiden is a little ball of fire ( literally the meaning of his middle name “Aiden”) He loves to explore the outdoors, he also loves playing with mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa. Robert Aiden is very smart, he knows his abc’s, he counts to 10, and is also starting to learn spanish. He is his parents pride and joy. Aiden is full of love and also loves sharing.Robert Aiden puts his mind to anything he wants to do. He has also been in a pageant here in El Paso and has won first place as KING ♥️
Mommy’s big helper. I thought it was going to be hard for her with a new baby in town but she surprised me when I seen her changing her sisters diaper. She love Elsa and sometimes Anna. And anything slime.
Caden is the sweetest boy. He loves to smile, loves his big brother playing with him, and LOVES to talk. My chunk is so handsome.
My boy is a Mickey Mouse fanatic!! He is super smart and loves to dance. He has better moves than mommy does... he loves Jesus and what is better than seeing a 1 year old raise his hands in church during worship. NOTHING. He is the best big brother ever !!
I have been though so much within the first few months of my life. I have survived severe brain injury and still carry a smile on my face. Nothing can stop me nothing will stop me. My momma is my best friend and I am hers! I am learning to reach for my toys and my favorite thing to do is shake my head like I'm saying no. I spit like a llama my mommy doesn't find it funny but I do. Please vote for me ❤
Remington is a very advanced baby! He’s been holding his head up since he was brought home from the hospital and rolled over before he was even a month old!
Snuggly little baby that loves bath time and when people talk to him 💙 he smiles at almost any noise you make and he absolutely loves nap time.
Mason loves to smile💙 he enjoys challenges. Ever since he figured out how his legs work he moves them like crazy ! He loves covering his face with a soft cozy blanket.
Brantley is a super strong little guy who is always on the move. He is quick to learn new things and is super smart. Brantley has been through a lot in and out of hospital with his NG tube but always puts on a smile to make sure mom and dad know he is ok. His smile is from ear to ear and his giggle makes your day.
My sons birthday is coming up soon and it would be awesome to win something for him. He's so loving amd sweet. He loves his big sister so much💕
This is baby John. He has the most personality that I’ve ever seen a baby have. He loves watching Johnny test, he looks grumpy all the time but he’s actually the sweetest baby boy ever
Titus is a happy 9 month old little boy! He love his auntie, his cousins and his daddy very much! He’s learning how to stand and make words out of his sounds! He loves animals and he love getting into trouble ❤️❤️ His loves following his brother around and he loves to eat❤️
Paisley is such a fun and loving little girl. She loves her kitten sister and doggie brother.
I love to say dada and my favorite thing to do right now is eat and play and keep my mommy up all night
She is very sweetheart, she loves her daddy. I am very proud to have a little like her in my life.
She is such a smart incredible little girl who can bright up any room ❤
Oaklynn loves to eat and play an pull out everything in site. She has a beautiful smile and pretty blue eyes. Her personality will light up a room.
She’s the most smiley baby I’ve ever met 🥰 but she’s definitely got some spunk 😅
Serenity is a happy, smiley , active little 3 month old babygirl. She loves going on strolls , laughing with her mom and getting tours of the house lol 💓
Shayla loves listening to music, loves to dance, whistle, and clap her hands! She loves food and loves her dog Odie more than anything in the world!