Baby Stories - 24


Emma is 5 months old. She is a energetic baby and loves to be surrounded by people and other baby’s. Currently her favorite thing is playing her feet ❤️
Kambri is such a sweetie. She loves to snuggle with her moms && be sang to. & Even with her being a wee little lady her personality is already so big! 💖
Zack is my Baby A. He has an identical twin Holland. Zack loves to smile at daddy and eat lots of food!
Holland is my baby B! He has an identical twin brother Zack and loves to cuddle him even when Zack doesn’t want him to. He’s such a happy baby and loves to giggle.
Alora just turned 1! She is on a strict seafood diet, she eats when she's sees food! She is very active, always smiling and loves spending time in the pool. Vote for Alora!
Hey has a wonderful personality he is very smart very good baby he loves baby shark and loves his grampa and aunt and uncle's he love eating everything
Noella Hope is the most lovable little girl, making friends every where she goes. She loves animals, hugs, popsicles, and scooby-doo. ❤️ She has the biggest and brightest blue eyes & a contagious laugh to go with it.
Chadd is a little happy baby boy that loves to talk and smile with everyone! He’s a sun in the rain!
Kayla is a sweet, fun-loving, sunshine of a little girl. Super empathetic and loves her family more than anything in the whole world!
“Follow K_bossbabycoop He enjoys piano and singing at just 7 months old Great personality and always camera ready Just one look and that smile will brighten your day”
Miss Maeve is a very special baby, she is the rainbow after a long, heartbreaking storm. After years of infertility treatments including IVF, and the loss of twin boys at nearly 20 weeks Maeve made her way into the heart and home of her parents, Bea and Jordan. She is so special, so amazing and so loved.
Hi! My names Haisley and I love to smile and talk! Im eager to be on the move, I'm almost four months old and almost 25 inches! Im growing so fast that my mum had to give away all the clothes under six months because I'm so long! My favorite thing to do is talk, hang out with my big sister and blow raspberries at you.
Nicholas is the happiest, most silly boy that there is! He has a wonderful, spunky personality and loves being outside ❤️
Hayden loves fortnite and to learn at school! He is super smart and loves all his friends!
Reed is the sweetest 6 week old. He loves to cuddle and play! He is the best baby and is just so much fun. He is a big boy at 12 pounds and 24 inches long!
My name is Xavier and I am 3 months old! I’m very talkative and love smiling and laughing with family. I have a cousin that is just two days older than me named Tyler. I love watching T.V, my favorite show is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Energetic Itzayana, loves to Sing, Laugh, Play, and learn her Spanish colors and numbers💜
He’s definitely a mamas boy. Loves to make silly faces and loves to talk! Recently discovered his hands and is amazed by them! Has an attitude and uses his face to express his emotions. Loves his little cousin Xavier who’s only 2 days younger. Cant get enough of Elmo and his dancing fruit. Never turns down playing peekaboo and loves it when he cheeks are squished
Hi I’m Masen, I’m 6 months old. I love to smile and i love to eat! I weigh 22 lbs and I’m 27.5 inches long (IM A BIG BOY). I’m super smart & so funny I’m constantly talking and yelling.
Sawyer is a smiley sweet boy who loves bouncing, eating everything and watching sports with daddy.
He is the most content baby! He loves music and things that light up!
Born Feb 21 at 9:37pm. First time mom & He truly is something special ❤️
Zayne is the happiest baby around, he has the most gorgeous blue eyes and the biggest smile I’ve ever saw!
Hi! I’m Olive Emmarie Spencer💜 I was born January 6, 2021 YEP that’s my Birthday! I came into the world a little early, bc mommy got preeclampsia while she was pregnant with me. I was on my way into the world when the doctors rushed to get me out of mommy bc we had a cord prolapse! That was scary for me! Finally I was in mommy’s arms, being held tight and she hasn’t let me go since!🌺
Emberleigh is starting to show her personality. She is loved by her sister and brothers.
Raylynn is always the center of attention. She loves to play and bounce all day long. She now has 6 teeth at only 11 months old. Her favorite food is strawberries and Cheetos.
You've never met a happier baby. Sunny is pure joy.
Hi there!!! I’m Aria, my favorite things are car rides, funny faces, and cuddles with mommy and daddy! I would love it if you chose to vote for me!
Asher is two months old, he is the happiest little man who has a love for stuffed sloths and dragons
Milani is 6 months old and is always super smiley! She’s a quick learner and has the biggest personality.
Kai Nguyen
I had Kai prematurely at 23 weeks. He had a 32% chance of living. Never would I thought having a baby at the age of 35 . I have one child my oldest is 17 and has got diagnosed with alps cancer. I got blessed with Kai and for him to come all this way is a miracle. I love my 2 boys with all my heart sole . Kai loves to talk and play and try so hard to filp and crawl .
Apollo is born a Libra. He has the charm to snatch anyone’s attention. He’s very inquisitive and alert. He love the camera and the camera loves him. He’s hardly ever fussy (only when wet or bored) Apollo wakes up smiling and giggling and ready to take control over everyone. He has two bears that he loves tremendously! When he see Simba and his learning bear he lights up instantly. He’s a hugger and a cheek kisser lol. Apollo loves to stand and loves turning the page when I read to him. He’s a burst of energy and very calm and observant as well. He’s my silent shopper. He’s our pride and joy. He’s my gummy bear 😍
Waylon is the definition of a baby that loves to smile. When he’s awake he is either smiling or trying to talk to you.
Cayden is a funny, intelligent and kind little soul who spends lots of time with his Mimi and Papa that love him so much!
His name is Tahjy , he’s super smart & very active. He loves to be outside , he loves cocomelon, && loves people. Right now he’s 1 and wear a 2t & size 6 shoe .. pray for me ... lol but he’s such a funny little person .. with a huge personality..
She loves to be called a ‘beautiful baby’ and staying up all night to sleep all day ❤️
He LOVES outdoors especially when there’s tractor/four wheeler rides involved!
Connie is already such a bright young girl! She loves talking with her nanny and grandad and enjoys being up on her feet! She’s changed my world and made everyone’s life colourful!
Khairo is a good baby . He likes to rock in his swing while looking at Baby Einstein . I believe the bright colors catches his attention every time!!
Izabella is almost 3 months old. She loves music, colors and nature sounds. She loves mommy but stays sweet for her daddy.
This is Paisley Grace Dickerman. She’s 20 days old! She loves to sleep a lot, make noses while sleeping, and eating a lot. We’d appreciate it if you would vote for little Miss Paisley!
Evelyn is the happiest loving baby. She's 7 months and loves to crawl, eat and laugh. Her smile will always brighten your day.
Amelia loves watching Cocomelon and she also just learned to crawl, that has became her favorite thing to do now. She is a very happy little girl. Loves to see where the action is at.
Raelynn loves her dogs and cats. She loves food and she likes to bark like a dog.
Aaron, 16 months, the most stubborn full of energy baby boy 🥰 His look is melting your heart ♥️