Baby Stories - 22


Caleb James
Caleb is one of the happiest little boys you’ll ever meet. He’s super cheeky with a gorgeous personality. He loves cars, trucks and trains, the angry birds movie 2 and playing outside in the sun.
Hi everyone! This is my baby caiem! Hes born dec. 18th and he LOVE sitting up & trying to stand. Hes teething so he chews on his fingers alllll the time. We just started puréed foods and hes a weirdo and doesnt like pears, but LOVES prunes and greenbeans lol.
Noah is 6 months old he loves to laugh and giggle and talk to friends and family he is learning and growing so fast I am already proud of him he's such a smart little man... he's so proud of every accomplishment everyday he's learning something new and becoming bigger and stronger.. He loves watching Cocomelon on tv.. He love fire trucks...
Clayton is three months old and his favorite things to do are roll over and blow raspberry’s. He’s the happiest baby. He’s always talking and laughing. He loves watching his fish Elmo swim around is tank in his room. He also adores his two kitties Minnie and Bean.
I love Cocomelon and playing with my toys and I also love animals!!
Ceejai loves to smile and play she is so loving and caring, such a clever and comical happy go lucky little lady xx
My baby girl is a very intelligent baby. She is mommy and daddy pride and joy. She loves to watch home alone and Moana. She has a beautiful smile. So vote for her she deserves the win. As well as many other babies. Thank y'all
Rylyn is mommy and daddy’s miracle baby!!! She is an absolute joy to be around and loves smiling and giggling. She is very interested in her world and loves exploring it!!!
Ellianna was born 3 weeks early and was in and out of the NICU. She is now 1 month old and is the absolute sweetest. She’s still learning a lot, but she loves baths, story time, snuggles, and mamas milk! Her smile is so affectionate and she loves when you talk to her. Please vote for Ellianna ❤️
Avaiya is such a happy baby, her smile is so infectious it’ll light up the whole room. She loves cuddles & getting tickled on her feet.
Shawn is 4 months. He’s Shawn the third. He loves to sit up & is very alert. He sucks on his tongue cause he not a fan of pacifiers, and is very silly. His funny reactions to his memaw are hilarious.
Please vote for my smiley little boy 💙
Olivia is 2 months old. She loves to smile and coo.
My baby boy is the happiest baby I’ve ever met. He is always smiling and laughing and this picture captures just that! He loves his mama and he loves his MawMaw!!!! We love our baby boy!!! Vote for ollie!!!!
Karli is almost one month old, she is a very happy baby who loves her mommy and daddy very much. She is starting to coo and babble and soon she will be laughing. She is an absolute beauty!
Kaiden is 6 months old he is an good baby who love baby talking all day lol
Miss Lucy Lynn is the sweetest little baby, She loves being held , loves her big brother & loves cuddling with Mommy.
My name is Sai and I love eating!!! I love to be cuddled by the people who love me💞
Zariah full of energy!, She Loves Music ,Smiling & Laughing ! Very happy baby to love ! she also loves to play Peek-a-boo with her older sister.!
Jaleea loves taking pictures and has the perfect smile that fits her personality and character 😁
One word “ADORABLE” Dei’ziya is such a happy baby . Seeing her smile will light up a dark room. Her sweet little hugs are the icebreaker. She loves to be tickled and eat her bananas .
Teejay is so busy and very cheerful! Cocomelon and bread are his favorites. He loves waving and talking to everyone so I’m determined to prepare him to be your next politician!
Billie is half Jamaican and half Filipino born in Canada. 🇯🇲🇵🇭 Billie is a foodie and full of silly fun humour. She would definitely like you as long as you have her snack. She loves all kinds of food especially when mama and papa cooks.
Abigail is a very happy baby she loves when u sing to her. She likes watching TV with her big brother. She also like to roll over lol.
Liam hit a few milestones in the past few months. He learned to roll over, turn himself around 360, and started to have baby food, rice cereal and some solids. very first thing he tried was banana and he didn't like it but we tried again and he changed his mind. He's able to hold and bring certain foods to his mouth.
Hello, my name is Ezekiel. My birthday is March, 6. I was a month early but I couldn’t wait to meet mommy and daddy. I love sitting in warm bath water, but hate the washing part. I love when mommy sings “You are my sunshine”.
8 going 18! Sweetest, most caring young lady. Tough as nails when she trains Krav Maga, but is the kindest kid you will meet. Always willing to help anyone!
She was born 10 weeks early and spent 45 days in NICU. She is very sassy and likes things her way. She loves for you to talk to her and sing.
My sweet boy is full of personality! He’s always laughing and talking (yelling)
Amina is one heck of a 5 year old! So smart!! She will have a conversation with u like she is older then what she is! Very happy and loving!! Vote for my baby girl!
Amari has the biggest heart!! My son is so loving and caring!! You would think boys his age get a kick out of playing with friends but he gets a kick out of feeding an giving to the homeless!! That makes him so happy! He’ll give his last!! Vote my son!
Dellavine I was born December 30th 2020 she wieghed 7 pounds 3 ounces she's always so happy and loves everyone although she's only 3 months old she can already say a few words like Mama Hi and she is learning how to already wave she is everything to me and her dad and her family she would love it if you would vote 4 her the money from the contest when go to buying her clothes and shoes and the rest would be put away for her later in the future
hello, my name is alayah & im two months old!! I like cuddling, eating, taking baths, smiling a lot, talking, & watching bluey & mickey mouse clubhouse!! 🧸💗
Jacoby likes to show love to everyone he meets by smiling and talking to them. He especially likes babies. He gets really excited when he sees a baby!
Denver is one happy boy!! He loves all of the attention, especially from the ladies!!! 🤩🥰 He’s honestly the perfect baby boy with the BEST personality! 💛
Landyn is the happiest baby, he’s always smiling and loves Barney!
Alejandria is a very smart and unique little on I love her so much
Zachary is the happiest little boy in the world. Anytime you make eye contact he grins and laughs. What he wants most is to be talked to.
Liam is about six weeks old. He was born a month early due to my water rupturing but he came out strong and healthy! His favorite things to do our hangout with mom, take baths, and watch Disney movies!
They call me Zeze, I love being outside with doggy Tyrone and having fun with my parents! My parents call me a social butterfly because I’m such a ball of happiness🥰
A very happy little boy! He is my rainbow baby🌈 already knows how to turn over!!
Kaya has an lovable personality. She is smart and sassy. She has a contagious smile and can have you wrapped around her finger in minutes.
Maverick loves milk and naps! He’s a big mommy’s boy and very talkative!
Hi I’m Evelyn!! I LOVE Elmo!! He is my best friend! I also love to laugh and smile when I’m playing!
This is my sleeping beauty Amari Rose 🌹