Xaiden is my blue eyed silly boy! His personality is so big and he always makes everyone around him smile. He loves to watch tv and to try and talk to people. He’s very good at sitting up and holding his head up. We are thankful for every vote!❤️
Dakoda loves to play peek a boo .. she has an amazing smile
Dayshon is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet! He loves to smile at anything and everything and has such a great personality at his age💙
Ada is a sassy but fun loving 2.5 year old, she loves her dolls & loves to be outside. She’s super smart and out going and loves horses
Gabriel doesn’t stop talking. He has a heck of a arm. Loves dancing . He as a Hispanic pepper to him ( dads attitude )
Hes a character that os for sure
Xavier J. Ruiz
Xavier is 7 months old, he is such a happy baby!!! He loves truck rides with his grandpa!!!! He is our pride and joy!!!
King is a very loving funny little boy & loves his little man bun 😍😍 please vote for king ❤️❤️
She is a smart little girl she loves to craft and hang with family and friends and she loves take care of animals
Oakleigh is a chunky but spunky 11 month old, she loves music and loves to play with her older sister. She definitely knows how to light up a room with her funny but super sweet personality
Hello world im almost three months and l9ve moms milk!
Lindsey Rose has so much personality and loves smiling laughing and trying to talk your ear off🤣 she loves tummy time and bath time! Vote for sweet Lindsey Rose😊
Adora is autistic and suffer from Canavan disease & I will very much appreciate your vote.
Makenzie Marie is the most kind-hearted, sweet little girl ever. She LOVES her sisters and brothers. She loves helping others and making people smile. Shes smart and full of personality. Please vote for our beautiful cheerleader! 💜
Camila is a bundle of joy, you never know what to expect from her , her little smirk and big eyes surely keep you wondering what goes on in that little head of hers 😂💗
Hey my name is kehlani and I’m a scorpio born Nov 14 I came at 2:31 am . I love to eat eat eat eat and eat I can turn a cow into nothing fast cause I love my formula. I’m also a happy baby who’s a daddy’s girl and all I do is fart and all I do is sleep that’s about it . I love mommy and my daddy there my world and my big brother and big sister ❤️
Raina has fought so hard to reach her milestones with being 5 weeks early it was definitely tough at first but she’s such a happy healthy girl now❤️
Royal is just a happy girl! Living in her own little happy world. She loves to look around at everything, watch shows with daddy, and listen to her brother read books. She’s 2 months old and all smiles.
Hazelann is a miracle baby seeing mama was supposed to never be able to have a child so she is considered our bright eyes and our little angle she loves talking well trying to talk lol
Anastasia is a half Mexican half caucasian sweetheart. She's up and walking! She loves to make funny faces and dance to any kind of music, even commercial jingles. She's quick with a laugh, but can hold her own against her older brother.
From being in the Nicu for 1 month after being born, Paislee Lynn is now 1 year old! She LOVES eating ANY & EVERY thing she can! She LOVES her big sister, she’s definitely a mommy’s girl! She loves Minnie Mouse & Bath time! And of course, she loves to SNUGGLE💛 Her favorite word is Dada & Bites. She’s such a happy girl in the mornings🥰 She loves to walk instead of crawl. She really loves walking with mom to the car 🥺
Grey loves cuddling and watching Micky Mouse Club House with his mommy and daddy. His favoret food is bananas and he loves playing with his aunts puppy.
Adrian is a funny sweet 4 year old! He loves outside and playing with other kids! He has such good manners and loves dancing
Klayton is a very rowdy 1 year old he loves dinosaurs, trucks, he always asks “what’s that?” And points he loves talking to himself as well he’s crazy and loves walking and yelling he also loves his family so much ❤️
Love to say mama and dada started walking at 8 months old conquered walking at 9 months old. She’s very independent and does not like being told no. She’s got a one of a kind attitude.
Jed is the most advanced, happiest, giggly boy. He LOVES mornings & his favorite show is Word Party :)
Ainsley is a very determined and sassy little girl! She is almost always smiling and loves making many noises and faces!
Valentino is a half Mexican half caucasian little bundle of energy. He loves running, climbing, and dancing. He can count to 10, knows his colors, and some shapes. He's smart as a whip and cute as a button.
She likes to eat and sleep and she’s very pretty
Ali loves inspiring people to be the best version of themselves ❤️
Isabella Grace is the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet 🥰 she is our first little lady after her 3 big brothers. Shes an answered prayer 🙏
Syniah May
A sweet goofy princess. Who loves cuddles and play time with Mommy and Daddy.
Jesse Jayr
Hello! I'm the happiest baby ever! I'm always smiling and I love mommy's kisses. I'm very talkative and love jumping. Don't mind my messy hair my mommy just can't control it
Monie is 1 , she is the younger sibling but acts like the oldest, she’s so sweet and sour sometimes. Monie knows her alphabet and can count to 10. She’s a doll
My 4month old enjoys simple things, like baby talk and showing off hiz dimples!
Anastasia is 14 months old and a little wild child! Shes full of attitude, sass, and so much love!
She loves animals and the outdoors
Ellianna loves to dance to all kinds of music. Her favorite food is pork roll and grapes. She’s the happiest baby. She loves to give hugs and kisses. And she also loves coco melon.
Paislee brightens everyone day with her huge smile. She loves her brothers very much.
She is a Miracle baby! When my childhood sweetheart and I got back together after 30 years I got pregnant with her, I went through my whole life dealing with infertility and all hope was lost. She loves all music 💗
Zoey is a spunky caring 3 year old. She loves to fish play with the boys but also loves being a princess!!! She loves being with her family, singing and dancing!!
The happiest baby Always smiling and laughing
A’moura is a very smart baby at 2 months she loves abc and 123 music she loves watching tv and she laughs at you when u say hey cutie to her she’s very goofy 🤍❗️
Nina isna very happy babygirl, loves cuddling, loves to eat she is definitely a daddys girl all the way.
My names Addilyn but people call me addi.