Jasper is a very content little ball of cutness that can make your heart melt with a single face!
this is the Greens family, we like to travel, and we like to hang out with friends and family. We like fishing, we love anything to do with animals! we like family night on weekends and kiddios loves going to their grandparents house ❤️
Ezra loves to express himself! He loves to give loud sighs, yawns, and demands! He is definitely a little boss.
Gwynneth is spunky and a complete ham. She loves to make weird noises, kiss anything in her reach, and be thrown up in the air. She also loves to blow raspberries!
Brody is 3 months old, a happy smiley baby!
Sophia loves to smile and play and laugh. She can roll over and giggle now!
Naomi is our sweet, happy, bubbly baby girl. She is a true miracle. After believing we could not have children, here came along our unexpected, pretty princess. She is such a blessing in everyone’s lives and lights up any room she enters!
She love her puppy and love to smile and have fun with her family. She loves to help clean the house and wants to do whatever everyone else is doing
Angelo loves to laugh, he’s always a happy boy. He is very good at sharing with others. Angelo loves playing with cars and he loves the water!
Nevaeh loves being outside and listening to music! She’s very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses. She’s very out going and loves to run around and play!! ❤️
This is Jaxton, he is a 11 month old cuddle bug and he loves to eat everything😂
she likes to laugh and play with her brother 🥰🥰
He is 3 months old, loves laughing, and is definitely a ladies man
Lucky 🍀 Charms baby born on St.Patricks Day 💕
She loves everyone wants to be eveyones friend she loves school has the brightess smile she Brightens up your day
Peyton Ross
She’s loves to laugh! And always on the move! 🥰
Sweet, she loves to ski and swim in the summer.
She is very silly and funny and loves to talk up a storm lol
She is always smiling. Loves to play . Sweet baby
hello this is paiziley we come from a very small town . she likes the color green and enjoys mickey mouse. her fav baby food is bananas 💕
Loves to snuggle, sleep, smile, and eat! ❤️
He's a hard working 10 year old loves to fish and help with outside work! N he loves his mama!
Aleera loves to play house and dance. She is so sweet to others and loves to be snuggled.
My supermum is a single parent, please help her to pay for my year of childcare education by voting for me 🌻✨️ I am a warm little soul bracing earth side with my laughter, smiles and caring hugs - although mum says don't be completely foolish, butter wouldn't melt - I am also a professional biter with my new teeth and the dog has learnt to run when I'm in the mood to pull ears.
Matiana And Iyonna
We Are Twins We Like To Sleep, Eat,And Watch Tv Also Laugh and Giggle
She think she’s a model she is very smart and talented Taunton. She loves to dress up.
Adeleigh Caidence Tenorio
Adeleigh is happy, cheerful, curious 5 month old baby. She loves her toys, play with mommy and daddy, and also love her food. She’s smart, and beautiful. Loves being outside, and snuggles and kisses.
Little P is an absolute worldie. Whilst holding the title for the youngest sass queen, little P's loving nature and naturally comical personality is enough to have the coldest of hearts in awe of her.
Oakley is a happy lil cheeky chappy. Please vote for my lil handsome boy . Thankyouuuu
Born exactly a month early, this little man is the sweetest and most snuggliest babe🤗
Rilah René loves her binky, cuddles, and mommas milk.
She is a sweet little baby, she loves her food and loves laughing 💕💕💕
This is my youngest granddaughter. She's always has a smile on her face. Loves her Mom and siblings. Loves her food and moving around.
Payton is 4 years old, she plays t-ball and loves being outside. She loves her dolls and makeup but also loves hunting ,fishing and camping.
Eleni is an outgoing little girl, 6 teeth and using them with evey change she gets! Crawls so fast you gotta male sure there is nothing on the ground as she loves to put it all in her mouth. Shes loves to chase after her big brother and puppy nova as they do their best to run away from her
She love to hang out with family go vote for ila
Cody loves to go to church and praise Jesus. He loves his big sissy and his aunt Kay Kay. He loves playing outside in the dirt.
This is Niko , He was a preemie . I bet you can't tell by looking at my big boy , he is so smart counts to 10 with mommy Loves music And trucks and dinosaurs! He loves to sing twinkle twinkle Little Star and Head shoulders knees and toes ,He is my GOOFBALL for sure!! He Is the first boy of my family , first Grandbaby , he has such a sweet and funny soul he can definitely make your day when you are feeling down with just one sentence!
This Is Miki , he was Born at 32 weeks , but he is a little souljia 💙, he Loves when mommy sings to him, and loves to sleep and eat for right now !
There is no other baby like Gavin. He is truly a unique child with a personality that is totally his own. He’s full of giggles and smiles, and can often be a little jokester in his own way. He loves snuggles with his mama, playing with his toys (especially if it’s a ball he can smack around), and playing with his best friend Yukki (our cat). He brings joy and warmth into the hearts of anyone who meets him, and is always called, “the best baby ever.” 😊
He is such a sweet baby boy with his own little personality!
Logan just turned a year old on Oct 11th! He loves being outside and going anywhere as long as you put him down and he can walk there himself:) he’s always a happy baby who just loves playtime! 💙💙 *Thank you for all the vote exchanges and support! 🥰🥰
Hi I’m Rayleigh! I love tummy time, toys, and most of all my mommy. I’m very smart and active, but I love a good cuddle. I’ll steal your heart. Don’t worry I share ☺️🤍
She loves her dada and mama n nana n poppop and shes a very happy baby.she loves cocomelon
loves to have a conversation
He likes minecraft and is very strong.
He likes spiderman and is a very kind soul
Jazper is almost 4, loves dinosaurs, mud and 4 wheelers. Loves to make people smile