Baby G is only 9 days old and literally likes to eat and sleep 😴
Hi I’m Greyson I love playing with my aunty and daddy laughing and just being happy 💙
Alijiah is very smart and a very fast learner he loves the movie rio and the show paw patrol, always happy he’s my little gerber baby
Makayla is the happiest of babies, always smiling, always making the weirdest faces, that definitely give you a laugh! She loves her dada and sissy (of course mom to but it's all about dada) she loves the outdoors as long as it's not raining. (She's still unsure about it hitting her) 🤣 she loves all food doesn't matter what u have she needs to have it and she will make sure you hear her! Everyone that comes in contact with her fall right in love with the smiles, chubby cheeks and the rolls on her legs 🤗
Colt is such a calm loving baby who has blessed so many hearts. He loves to talk our ears off & show off his big smile.
At the moment she loves to sleep she was born 9/16/22 this is my first grandbaby and I just wanna show her off .
my little girl loves pocoyo ! especially elmo & loves listening to music especially elvis !!
Victor David
Victor David is an amazing Baby Boy ❤️🙏 He is full of Joy and Happiness 😍 We are so Blessed on having him and calling him my Son. 😍🥰 God Bless every child out there 🙏💝
Im Damian, I'm 9 months old, and am what is known as a rainbow baby (a baby born after loss) I myself am also a miracle, i was born 2 months early with many issues including sepsis, brain bleeds and respitory distress, the doctors said I wouldnt make it, but here I am thriving. I have very unique eyes, that change colours, from blue, brown, grey and green, due to a form of Hetrochromia.
Daxtyn loves snuggling with his mommy and Daddy. He’s a strong little guy, and loves to lift his head and see what’s going on around him. He can never get enough to eat!
Walker is a very happy 3 month old little boy who loves looking at fish and snuggles.
Miriam Lucille is 9 months old she rolls all over the place she makes so many cooing sounds smiles all the time she loves when you talk to her she loves looking at colorful things she loves when you play lullabies for her she loves her bath time tummy time And her sleep she says Mama and DaDa😃 she's growing up so fast.
Gigi loves frozen and being the princess of the house! She knows how to get her way but is also the funniest little girl! She’s had some health issues as a baby but is finally thriving into the beautiful soul she is today 💕
Liam is over a year old and has a great personality love laughing and making people laugh and he’s a chunk a munk ☺️Love his daddy and little sister
This boy is my 7 month old blessing. He is absloutely the sweetest most curious boy. he has started screaming and babbling and is trying to go every where in the world. He now has 2 teeth and LOVES cars!
Kylee is a miracle baby. She was born premature at 30 weeks and was in NICU for 7 weeks. She is now a happy, healthy baby girl. Her favorite thing is Minnie Mouse.
He’s very smiley! He loves cuddles and laughter! He’s also learning hand eye coordination so everything goes from hand to mouth. So many babies are born with superficial hemangioma’s and I feel like it makes everyone unique! His is on his left eyelid and upper lip and should fade as he grows! He loves talking baby talk, is expressive, loves being outside, and the beach! Plus, those baby blue eyes are the best!
Our precious little man 👶 Loves his cuddle time with mom and dad and a nice warm bath 🛁
Aubrey loves to hear how loud she can get now that she’s found her voice. She’s going to be a talker!
Mr. Samael is a premature baby, born at 27 weeks and 6 days. He has a unique sense of humor. Always smirking and laughing
Mazikeen is a brown hair blue eyed baby who was born 8/16. She loves being bounced and going outside<3
My names Amelia but everyone calls me nugz! I love to play, climb, swim, going to the park. Im always on the move and always have somthing to say. Im the fist of the 5th generation. I Love cuddling and all types of fruits and veggies. And i also love video games and music. I turn 2 in October! My favorite show by far is BLUEY! And my favorite movies are cars and Moana.
Loves to clap and play. Happiest little boy I know❤️
An’Dre wakes up with a smile and ends the night with a smile. This little curly head cutie brings joy to every room he steps in. Not only does he have the most adorable laugh and smile, but he has the brightest blue eyes. Caution ⚠️ If stared at for too long he will flirt until picked up.
Madison aka Spicy Bean loves hugs and kisses and doesn't miss a beat. Although she is only 2mos she has already shown the world how strong and spicy she is .
Emberlynn Rose
Hi my names Emberlynn , I love peppa pig & I love to take my moms phone to watch kids YouTube, I love things that are pink. I love car rides and dancing to music!
He such a happy boy loves his baby sister he love playing outside and love his truck's
Saylor is a preschooler who absolutely loves math, family, and to play with his little brother. He is full of energy and love!
Ledger is a super spunky toddler who loves to play! He is full of personality, and loves to talk. ❤️
Gunner is the happiest little boy ever his little smile will light up anybody day 😁🌍 he has 2 teeth as of right now 🦷 his favorite thing is to eat is yogurt or any fruit except strawberries he loves to jump around or scoot he never sits still but he also loves to cuddle and give hugs 🤗 ❤️
I’m Avah’s Grandma & have been blessed enough to be Avah’s bonus parent and she is one of the most amazing loving children ever. She is friendly, caring & smart she loves to play and be with her family. Since 4 months old to now my world spins for Avah and I hope once your eyes land on this burst of joy yours will too and you will cast your vote!!
Kolton loves to talk and play, he’s been learning how to sit up on his own. He smiles all the time and loves people!
Just a happy, go lucky kiddo!
Elijah is 9 months old. He says “MAMA, PAPA, BA BA & BYE BYE”. He tries to say “LOVE YOU”. Elijah will pop your hand after you pop his, he shakes his head “NO” & loves to try & sing when mommy & daddy play music in the car. He is a sensory baby, so anything with light. He loves *hey bear*. He sits up. He crawls. He pulls himself up. He loves mommy, daddy, nannie, nene, aunts & cousins. He is always a happy boy. Sleeps all night long. Just a very loving, happy, & healthy growing boy!💙
He’s a very happy, sweet, handsome boy that loves when you talk to him. Adores his daddy an mommy. Always ready to laugh an smile
Caton is a complete goofball! He loves baths and splashing around. He loves watching ceiling fans and pretty lights. Hes a BIG mamas boy. He is a very social baby and never fails to bring a smile to your face!
Naomi A.K.A Noodles loves music and loves to dance as well as wanting others to dance with her. She loves being outside and taking walks.
Adele is almost 3 weeks old she loves to be snuggled and she already has her own little personality!
Brayden loves his older fur brother, Jasper. He loves his bouncer seat and telling lots of stories! Brayden loves people, fireworks and loves to snuggle.
He likes to play patty cake and he likes to eat and play with his toys and he likes spending time with Mommy and he's always happy
Chyvelle loves to sing and dance, if there’s music she is moving 😅 💃 very kind hearted and loving 🥰 and she’s a big animal lover 🦒
Copper is loving and kind and he has 3 sisters. He is 5 yrs old and he likes to play outside and play video games and he is very sweet. He is the only boy and he is super fun to be around . He will make you laugh and even ask if your okay if your sad.
Cayden Jack
Cayden is 10 mobths old and he is the man of the house, he is always happy, loves baths, going for walks in his stroller and mommy & daddy. He is so cute and full of personality
Asta is a very content child. He absolutely LOVES chocolate and this was when we first gave him his cake. He dove in, skipping and middle man like his hand, mouth first! 😊
Journey loves to sing and dance. She has a huge personality!
Walter is a happy, energetic little boy who loves all things that have wheels! He dances to the beat of his own drum, each day is an adventure! Never a dull moment.
Devante is very happy boy very polite and bright he will walk up to you and talk to you very smart kid my baby that made me a mommy 💙💙