Baby Stories - 22


Carson is a cheeky chappy and gives everyone a big smile! he loves cuddling his dog and cats and listening to me singing him nursery rhymes
She is so silly and smart. She is also extremely polite. No matter what you feed her, even if you can visually see she hates it, she will still stomach each bite she is offered with enthusiasm. Of course we stop feeding what’s gross and replace it with something she likes, because it’s the least we can do for someone so considerate. For a baby so little, she has the biggest heart.
Danny boy loves animals, fuzzy blankets, food, and he is a very happy boy always smiling and laughing
Destiny is a happy baby! She loves to try new things as food, standing, trying to walk all on her own. Not a fan of shoes. She is the joy and laughter of the family 💙.
Happy bubbly little sweetie
Adorable loveable little boy loves tummy time
Joseph is 1 year old he has a head full of hair lots of friends, siblings and family that love him! He really enjoys music and when mommy and daddy play his giggling is the best❤️
Kyrah likes to talk and laugh and smile. She likes to grab her feet. She also likes her food. Like green beans, sweet potatoes, etc.
He loves to smile. Loves to laugh and babble. He is such a happy baby. And now we know how to roll over.💗
Mr. Caige is a fighter! He was born prematurely, at 35 weeks and was born with breathing issues and heart rate issues, but he fought through it and became the beautiful baby boy he is today!
Delaina likes for people to talk to her and loves to smile.
Greysen loves being on the water or outdoors. His favorite person his either his momma or grandma. Favorite food is yogurt or pizza and favorite word is No
Lina is 3 months old and she loves tummy time, rolling over from her belly to her back, sitting up with assistance, standing up with assistance and stomping her feet. She also loves being talked to, she’ll talk gibberish back, and loves attention from mommy, daddy, sister, and brother 😊 She was born 3 weeks early due to mom having Cholestasis. She was a fighter inside the womb and still is a fighter. She is above her milestones and doing great! 😊
I’m 3 months old I like to laugh and smile and love cuddling
This is Yerison his 9-month-old, he's a sweet happy baby boy he likes to eat, play with his siblings, and he loves cocomelon Yerison doesn’t crawl yet, but he learned how to stand up and give kisses💙😘
Richard Jr
Richard loves dinosaurs and cows! He is a smart boy that loves to laugh and play with toys! My handsome boy deserves your vote!💙
Judius is outgoing, adventurous little boy. He has the biggest smile and and he sure does light up the room. He loves going out doors and riding his four wheeler. He also enjoys animals
Jocelyn Maeli
Jocelyn is a loving, caring and sweet girl! She loves softball and making new friends. My beautiful baby girl deserves your vote!❤️
Levi is very smart and will have a whole conversation with you and understand it. Loves Micky mouse and his cars.
Davina Esmeray
My name is Davina Esmeray, I am my Mommy and Daddys whole world! My smile and laugh is contagious and can brighten anyone's day. I love being outdoors, biting on everything, oh cant forget growling and making zombie noises 😊. I hope you decide to vote for me, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you ! ❤
Hi friends we will be taking break for Amellyn but we did Register his Younger Brother to this Contest as well Adiyan pls click on Admir Velma below if u like to exchnage daily votes and pls” LIKE” our Page.Thank you and good luck everyone.🤗👦🏻💪🏻💙❤️‍🔥❤️❤️❤️
Tanya And Rebecca
They are my twin girls ,6 months old ,we love to spend all the time togheter and we like pictures ♡
Marrick aka Marrick-le was born at 24 weeks and 4 days. He spent 98 days in the NICU and had 2 brain surgeries and one heart surgery. Hes had his ups and downs and is now a healthy 9 month old baby! He likes to stand up and giggle and drool over mommy and daddy and loves to make adorable messes with his baby food. He shows me how much of a warrior he truly is and such a cutie pie!
My lil blue eyed ray of sunshine☀️🌞😁😁🥰
Jesse James
What can I say about my Jesse Jesse is funny outgoing rambunctious he is my rainbow baby and I love him
Ruby Lee
RUBY IS THE ONLY GIRL OUT OF 5 OLDER BROTHERS AND SHE IS LOVING IT!! This happy go lucky girl will steal your heart will all her happiness!! She sure has mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger already!!
Liam is my big wide eyed precious little grandson who loves to babble and smile with his big beautiful eyes! He will capture your heart just wait and see! ❤️
Ariba loves her Minnie mouse and fruits. She’s truly the light in my life.
Andrew is the happiest baby ever 🤍 He loves elephants, his daddy, and being outside. Andrew rolls from stomach to back, and back to stomach! He loves Cocomelon and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Parker is 6 months old. He’s a mama’s boy but his big sister is his favorite. He loves to roll and crawl backwards and get into things he shouldn’t. He loves to eat and take baths, he would stay in the tub forever if he could.
Lukas is his mommy and daddy’s rainbow baby. He lights up any room he’s in and his smile is contagious. He loves to play with his mommy and daddy, give huge kisses, and talk your ear off. He loves to watch cocomelon all day long.
She is 100% my mini me especially at this age. She’s such a little daredevil and she so smart! She just learned to copy a musical table she has that was singing abcs so now she’s singing her abcs and tried to sing while clapping with patty cake! She knows how to say 2 and 3 she says cheese Poppa nanny mommy and lots of other words already! She recently just learned that pulling the couch cushion out meant she could climb onto the couch lol!
Monterio Jr.
There’s so much to say about this sweet baby. My favorite would be the way he looks at his dad and I. It’s if he understands the world is a scary place and that we will protect him as far as heaven’s gate. He is very much loved and he loves back. He has the cutest dimpled smile and his tiny tight hugs are the Best. He holds my face gently but ohhh boy his cry is very DEMANDING 💙💙. MJ also loves music and fighting his sleep.
Daniel is such a Smart baby! He loves music and enjoys making mess 🤪
Oakley is 9 months old and has such a big personality already! he has 8 teeth and crawls everywhere+ pulls himself up! his favorite word to say is "hi" and wave to you & he loves paddy cake!
Hello, this is maverick! He is 1 years old. He loves walking and screaming around the house, eating food, and being around his mommy and daddy! Everyone adores Maverick, I hope you do too. Vote for him 💙
Malaysha is a smart beautiful 2 year old thats very funny and independent she loves cocomelon and other little children...please vote for my baby
Looking for advance votes to be returned when you need!!!!Accepting votes and gifts! Thank you so much everyone! I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out and will continue to vote for all of you guys! Thanks for being patient with me. I’d really like to get my angel a win. I’m finding that may be a lot of work. A very happy boy who is independent and very determined to do things himself. He has the cutest laugh and enjoys dogs. Can vote for your babies if you vote for mine. Will exchange votes. Gifts are welcome too!
Jackson is full of personality, smiles and laughter. He has a special way of lighting up a room different than most. This special young boy is going to change lives and people are going to be telling his story long after he is gone.
Dean really likes to eat and snuggle
I wake up every morning laughing and take my favorite stuffy everywhere his name is Mee mo