Hi I am A 7yr ol.. I love too dance, play with my little kitty cat my mom just bought me .. I love too sing sometimes plays the piano 🎹.! I love too make friends and I’m very friendly!!…
Always happy! He enjoys spending time with his two older sisters and loves his family!
Kairi is my Christmas present from the universe. She was born on Christmas Eve and she was who made me a mom. She has been a Mamas girl since the day she was born. Kairi is so proud because in 2022 she became a big sister for the first time! After 8 years f being an only child she has a sister who looks up to her everyday. I asked kairi what she likes to do this is her response, "Play with my family, eat candy, play volleyball, drive around on her grandparents fourwheeler, go camping, being in her first year of girl scouts, and swimming". Kairi says she wants to be a horse rider when she grows up!
Tinley is 1 month old and a true ray of sunshine she loves to spend her days cuddled in her mommas arms ❤️
Trystan is a goofy, fun loving boy! He loves playing roblox, jumping on the trampoline and absolutely LOVES monster trucks!! Vote for this handsome boy!!
Juliette is a sweet little girl. Her favourite thing to do is having a bath or a shower with mummy and daddy and be given lost of snuggles.
He loves eating and playing with his toys..He loves patty cake..
Levi loves smiling, tummy tume ans of course his mommy
Luca is a charming and cheeky little boy 💙
Idelfonso Rosario
Idelfonso has 2 years old. He love play lighting Mqueen cars.
Crüe is 5 months old! He loves to “talk”, sit-up and put everything in his mouth! He is an extremely happy little man, who always has a smile on his face.
Jeremiah is mine and my fiancés rainbow baby. Jeremiah loves to eat and look around and watch movements of everyone…Jeremiah is only a week old💞
My silly-sweet princess. She loves french fries, story time, and playing with her 2 brothers 🥰
A bundle of happiness and he loves to make a mess❤️
Crue is an absolute joy! He is our miracle baby he enjoys cooing, talking, smiling, and his naps.
Koa loves playing at the beach, he is always smiling and loves cuddles
Mazie is just learning the ways of life. She is starting to coo and smile. She loves to be sang to and loves to eat! She has 3 big brothers who just adore her.
Hi my name is Hudson, I am 6 months old and I love to smile, eat and play with toys and family
Tayten Lane, is two months old and is the sweetest little boy. He absolutely loves his family, and loves to smile the most. ❤️
Aaliyah is 4years old . She loves to take pictures and do makeup 💄. she the sweetest lil girl ever <3
Lily, the sweetest and happiest little girl.
Landon is a very happy baby who is always smiling! He loves to play with his 5 yr old brother, and loves to dance!!!
William Jr
Jr is 9 months old, he’s a happy little boy that loves to play around and laugh a lot ❤️ he’s such a character already and has got the biggest blue/green eyes that makes him look even more adorable <3
Chrystabella is obsessed with her avocado squishmellow collection 💕 she loves pj mask, paw patrol, gabby cats, singing, and coloring 💕
Hi I'm Reina... I love cuddles with my daddy and unicorns and my mommy gives the best hugs. When I was born mommy and daddy say I was extra special. Not only am I their rainbow baby but I was born with a hole in my little heart that some very nice doctors had to fix for me while I was in the hospital. Now I smile and giggle and eat like every other baby. Mommy says no matter what I can do anything I set my little mind to. Lately it has been eating... alot lol I love my eat eats lol
She’s living the silly toddler life. She adores her baby sister. Loves being outside, with her pup. Her imagination revolves around mermaids, Moana & babies currently. We’d appreciate any votes.🤍
Hi! I’m Montana and I love to EAT!! My favorite food is banana 🍌but I’m not very picky at all. Im a crawler and I can sure boogie 🏃🏼‍♂️💙 I love watching sports with daddy🏈🏀 & I sure love to yell!
He is fun, loving full of laughs . Makes funny noises and giggles . He loves the song bringing home a baby bubble bee loves you dance . He has a great personality and makes anyone smile , he well advanced and trying to walk already
She’s a very calm and happy baby, always smiling!
Saarvin love to talk and roll and loved it when I sing head, shoulder knees and toes. Tries his best to sit up and falls in the cutest way possible. He is a very very good boy ❤️
Sage is such a dude and always has a smile on his face. From day one he's been very alert and loves taking in nature, music and food..lots and lots of food. His dog Turkish brings him endless amounts of amusement and he is practically fought over by his grandparents for babysitting.
Darcy is 20 months old, she’s a happy little girl that loves to sing and dance around with Mummy ❤️ My Uncle Ben died when I was very little so I don’t remember him, I would love to travel around with Mummy and scatter some of his ashes 🧡 She’s such a character already and has got the biggest blue eyes and blonde curly hair 🥹 Darcy is very clever for her age, got a heart of gold and very funny 🫶🏼 My Best Friend is my Dog Molly, we love to go on long walks and play with the ball 🐶
Paisley is 6 months old and is a crazy baby 😅 she loves music especially when mommy sings to her. She brings a smile to anyone’s face! 😁She loves food more than her milk 😂
Cora is a rockstar. Literally. She loves to head bang to rock music, drive her mustang gt (walker), and looks cool in her shades. She also loves to play piano, talk, and smile.
Tyler was born on 03rd January 2023 weighing 7lb 03oz, He loves his cuddles and his food!! Has started to smile at us which is amazing!
Korbin is 3 months old. He is the happiest baby & is a mamas boy!! He loves to be talked to & absolutely loves being outside! 💙💙
Here’s little Isobel, who is very very talkative, and loves the park, loves sitting up, and elephants. Who is always smiling, loves tummy time as rolls on to her belly all the time.
Rayne she is a little sassy ..she is the sweetest baby ever she loves to crawl now and loves smiling ..I can't wait what else she will do
He loves music and being outside
Rein is named in honor of his great grandmother who lost her fight with pancreatic cancer.Hes a happy baby and full of love
Elizabeth we call her Izzy...she is a special little girl she is autistic on the high spectrum...she loves to dance with me ...she loves her frozen...she loves to give hugs 🤗..she has a sweetest smile ..she is a big sister .
Leon is a cuddle bug always loves being held and loves to sleep!🥰
Hi, my name is Serayah Little . I am 3 and i love spending time with all of my family, i love our farms and all our animals. I really love dinosaurs and getting dirty out the back while im playing in my dino pit