Baby Stories - 20


Joshua is the happiest baby and makes you smile to brighten your day. He such a beautiful baby
Brycen has austim! He had it since he was 2. He likes to watch peppa pig. He loves both mommy and daddy.
Bryn'Lee is 1 month old, loves being talked to, loves her mommy and daddy, & loves being snuggled. She enjoys being held all the time, being told shes a pretty pretty princess, & sleep. 💓
Darron is a happy loving little boy. He loves talking and being talked too. He enjoys sitting up and being involved. He loves his sister's and the rest of the family. He's my first boy after 2 girls.
Happy little chunky boy Little smiler alway smiling and laughing at me
Karstyn is a 6 month old boy who loves to swim and play. He's such a smart baby for his age! He's such a happy baby!!
She’s a smiley and happy baby. Loves banana stuff and Mashed potatoes. She loves to yell and talk.
Nova loves to watch me make food, she loves playing on the floor and she learned and now her favorite thing; growling
Ollie loves laughing and smiling. His favorite thing is to get his hair played with.
Belle Lucille
Belle Lucille is 3 months old and loves to smile and laugh. She plays dress up with mommy and likes to dance with her daddy. She enjoys a ton of snuggles and a bubbly bath time. Belle is an all around happy baby and such a beautiful little soul ❤️
Mya is a sweet loving little baby she loves to laugh she loves when she gets held and most of all she loves to eat lol she’s definitely a good baby 👶❤️
Emani Ariza Hope Rosas
Elena-Mae has the cutest little personality always wants cuddles and love never cry’s unless hungry or needs a nappy change she’s the perfect little baby girl 😍
Arabella loves all things musical sing her a song and shell try and sing back! Shes the most loving and happy child who never fails to put a smile on all our faces!💖
My beautiful little girl she is my world
Eric-James is a happy cheeky little boy who loves cuddles with his duck teddy and sleeping a hell of a lot ❤️
Im Declan, i am big brother to Oliver and my identical twin angel sisters, i love avengers but hulk is my favorite,cheesecake is my favorite dessert, corn is my favorite vegetable, i love going outside with dad and playing with the remote control cars, but when i get tired i want my mommy to hold me while i take a nap, i am a little boy with a very big heart!
Ariyah is such a sweet baby girl she hardly ever cries she’s very quiet and her mama is 14 and currently doesn’t have a job Ariyah is only a couple days old and it would mean so much to the both of us if she won so her mama could take care of her and have money to save to support Ariyah. We had to stay in the hospital for almost a week because Ariyah had sucking issues and couldn’t eat or digest food properly😥 winning a little money would help us out so much more than you’d ever know, and thank you for all the help every single vote counts thank you🥺♥️
Ksawery Sma Warrior Boy
3y old cheeky monkey! Our whole world! Our SMA warrior! Our hero! ❤️ He has Bipap at night time.. - respirator which help him breathing... hes muscles taken battles all the time to life... we try to keep them all live.. as SMA taken all muscles - physio everyday - twince a day... keep them working... ... is no choice which one... have been switched off... this illness off one by one... Hes brave boy.. no walking.. but try to smiling all the time... <3 we try to win this contest to start FUNDRAISING money for INNOWALK - machine which keep his muscles life in his legs... we wish to hear his small feets on our floor... its impossible doctors said - but we beliving.... it can happened!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR BABY BOY! @ksawerysteam www. facebook. com / smasherooo - our daily battle with spinal muscular atrophy..
Oren Jr is a very sweet,outgoing and full of life baby boy he loves his mommy and daddy and loves to sing and play 💙
Gracelynn is an amazing little girl always happy and smiling! She has one heck of a personality. She loves getting her picture taken and is never short on words.😁 She can roll from belly to back and is working on holding her own bottle. She loves anything red.
Bright blue eyed baby, filled with so much love to give. He loves cuddling and bath time. When he smiles his dimples are the cutest. He loves colorful lights and soft fuzzy blankets. Please vote for my rainbow baby. My one and only ..he truly is my miracle child 💙❤💙 He came into the world a month early blessed with close to perfect health. He has definitely been such a blessing 😁
Kaydah Jayde is my little goofball. She is such a character and is always smiling. She is shy as can be around others but at home she is her regular goofball self 💜
Watson, our first boy after 3 girls! He is such a happy baby and smiles all the time. He's loved on by his sisters and ao many others. Love him 💙
AviLynn is an incredibly smart and happy ball of energy she definitely keeps you on your toes and her best friend is her dog naydo!
He is the most outgoing child I ever see, he love music so much he move his body for any sound of music.
Dave Francis
The smile shows the courage to be strong in the hospital...
She is perfect!!
He’s a happy , silly baby! 💙
Hi my name is Rosalyn I was born premature mommy had me at 35 weeks I was 3lb 12oz. I was in the NICU 4 day because I couldn’t keep my temperature. I love to dance with mommy and grandma. I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called white sutton syndrome. I was also diagnosed with PVL. But over all I’m a heathy child. I love playing pretend with my dolls. I love the outdoor. I love playing at the park. I enjoy wearing mom’s shoes glasses and other apparel that I can get my hand on. I love painting. My favorite food is cake, pizza and cheese. I’m a dare devil I love to be up high. Overall I have lots of energy to burn off. And I’m absolutely the most affectionate little girl you will ever meet.
Lincoln is a happy, vibrant boy. He has a sweetness about him and lights up every room he walks in. He’s the light of our life!
Oakley Kraze is our first born child & we are madly in love with our baby girl💕
brian loves vegetables. he loves to play with siblings, he has so much energy. He loves to jump up and down and ruin the house, Cute little boy can turn into a crazy evil boy.
Meet Roman. He is 7 weeks young. He enjoys bottles upon bottles, swinging in his swing, warm baths, smiling in his sleep and snuggling.
Jakob Jr
Hi, I’m all smiles and laughs. I love my mommy and daddy so much! I love cuddles, laughing and bath time is my all time favorite! Im still learning to roll over and I talk sometimes but only when I feel like it. Vote for me cause I think I’m a pretty cute boy.
Madison Noellah
Madison is the sweetest baby she loves her momma an daddy tea parties an loves to sing an dance! One little bundle of happiness! ❤️
Blanca is a happy baby
Meet Junior my little firecracker 🧨 🎆🎇 since birth. Born on the 4th of July this year he couldn’t have come at a better time. Super smart and sweet, he'll be sure to charm you!
Zayleigh is a 19 month old sweet baby girl! She was in the nicu for 12 days and is a bright shining star! ❤️
Little A is an old soul at 2 months. He loves swaying in the breeze, snuggles, the Beatles, and his puppy!
I just started walking, I’m 11 months & I love attention. I turn 1 right before Christmas, help me win! 🥰
Tommy Charles
Tommy the little crazy man! One day my lil guy will be the king. Cute little man loves to talk to people who he see that always looks at him. Perfect man, loves fruits!!!
Hunter is our “Miracle” baby. After 9 years of trying and being told it probably wasn’t going to happen here he is! He is a wonderful baby and our pride and joy 🥰
Kaiden is a growing happy baby boy! He loves people and loves to play!!
Ronnie is cheeky and full of life! He’s very observant and intuitive and is very good and learning new things! He loves his independence and to play with anything that’s furry or lights up! He also loves to make the most noise. He is just too cute and I’m constantly told how beautiful and Handsome he is.