Baby Stories - 20


Everlee is my granddaughter. She loves to play outside and loves water. She is such a loving little girl.
Joseph is 2 months old loves his Nanny, Papaw, Mommy, Daddy, and big brother, loves to smile, and can roll from belly to back
This is Xavier he was born with spina bifida and already had 2 surgery but he don’t let that stop him, he loves playing with toys and laughing with his mommy and daddy and get cuddles from his family and loves to listen to music, he just got his cast off to that was helping with club feet now he just kicks away mommy’s and daddy’s strong boy ♥️
Shes a very happy baby she loves to put a smile on anyones face🥺😍
Alias Riley
Alias Riley is a happy boy.
A sassy and hilarious toddler who loves to sing. She also loves to follow her brother around and explore. Charasmastic and vivacious is Sandrianna's personality.
Ronny is the youngest of 5 siblings...born with the fullest head of Sandy coloured hair with blond streaks.....he is a little ray of sunshine, such a happy content little baby 💙
Brylah lovesss the camera. She is such a happy, smart little girl and she's always on the move 🥰
Gabriella is 4 months old she loves her family and loves firetrucks and playing with her cousin zoey.
I entered the world at 27weeks to say hi I love seeking attention from my nurses an parents
She learning to walk and is the most happiest baby I’ve seen 🥺🥰
Camden loves coco melon and cars❤️
Wy Mory
Hi my name is WyMory (Wah Mor-ee) and I’m a 6 month old laid back kinda big guy. I’m the twin to my big sister ! I like to laugh , tell baby jokes and cuddle with my mommy. I love Cocomelon pictures and eating!💙
Geo is a very bright and vibrant baby boy. He loves his drumset, piano and guitar. He also likes to ride skateboards with mommy. Geo loves to play soccer and basketball with his uncle.
Goes by the nickname Juice. He’s a 27 pound 5 Month old. He loves to stand, cuddle & laugh. His smile is the biggest right along with his heart ❤️ & Appetite 🤣. He’s an only child but has a God sister. He’s warmed many hearts & has Nothing but Support. He’s EVERYTHING TO ME and My Biggest Blessing 🧸💚 Mom Son TEAM Forsure 🤞🏽
Wy Circe
Hi my name is WyCirce (Wah Sir-see) and I’m a sassy 6 month old twin to my brother ! I’m the oldest of course 🤗. I like to talk, laugh, smile for pictures and I’m learning to crawl ! Watch out world I’m getting mobile 💕
She is almost 2 months old, and she always is wearing a Bow!! ❤
Amelia is 9 months old and stealing hearts. Loves to smile, clap and talk with you. Currently in Texas as a military kid, she loves her big dog sisters
I will be 1 in a couple of days I love watching tv, car rides, playing outside, puppy dogs oh yea and mommy and daddy
I have one tooth and I’m not afraid to use it- to smile of course. Hi, my names Lincoln & I’m a very happy baby! I love watching mommy cook and being held by daddy but my favorite thing is when mommy acts like she’s sniffing my butt and pretends like it smells... sometimes I know it does and her reaction is priceless! Or maybe it’s when she pretends like she’s a frog and yells out “RIBETT!” Haha that gets me every time!
Xia Moon Weyant
Xia Moon is always a happy baby and smiles no matter what she also loves to cuddle.
Dakotah loves screaming for fun all day long, loves watching her big sister run around the house & shes a big daddys girl! 🥰
Rylee is very smart beautiful and very silly she loves music and dancing . She also loves making friends and sharing her toys.
Bentley is a happy 2 month old baby who love to eat, cuddle with mommy and daddy and sleep! He thanks you for your vote!
Charles is the happiest baby. His favorite things are the sun, the wind, and Finding Dory.
Jayda Lee
Jayda Lee is the sweetest little girl ever. She loves to sing and dance. She can put a smile on anyone’s face ❤️
Alexandra is the most loving little girl. She loves playing with her sister. Loves to give kisses and hugs.
At 9 months Ariel has already shown to be fearless smart and resilient. Nothing that life has already thrown at her has she not been able to overcome. My girl you are beautiful you are strong and you are loved.
Lucas is a happy baby boy, born on st patties day. He loves to hangout with his mommy and daddy and make faces so far.
Hi my name is Danijella ( like Daniella just with a j the j is silent) I love to play with my toys and I love dancing with my mommy and daddy I love to play outside and learning new things everyday and keeping everyone on there toes I am full of energy and I am always on the go trying to find and explore new things and I have a very big personality... I thought doing this for my babygirl could show her one day that it doesn't matter weather u win or lose it's fun n nice to support others and hear about other kids life's and how some things r harder then most but no matter what we are all a big part of a fun filled family that's dealing with the way our world is today and that no matter the hardship or how some things r out of ur control u still help out as many people as u can and help cheer them on as much as u do for urself - Danijellas mommy
Lyndie is a happy baby all around. She loves to play, smile, dance, and snack. She makes everyone smile and laugh with her sassy personality!! Just doing this for fun cause I love showing off my beautiful baby girl!!
I’m a sweetheart, I have 4 months and I’m a very smart girl 🥰 Thanks for voting in me
Savage william henry harrison loves his bottles and soft blankets. He enjoys outside time and tummy time. He loves mommy, daddy and his family and his dog dixie rivers.
She loves to cuddle and stick her tongue out. She’s a very happy baby.
Brayden is such a happy baby, he always has a smile on his little sweet face. He is trying to roll over already and he is almost sleeping through the night. Yay. Well vote for my handsome guy please
Our beloved little rainbow baby Morrison is all personality! They’re the MVP of peek-a-boo-baby. Motown is their favorite sound, but that Go-Go beat is their favorite treat! If you love to dance, giggle and play, Morrison is on the way!
Very happy baby , loves cuddles and sticking her tongue out.
Mila is so very focused on pendulum clocks. She loves row, row, row your boat, and smiles / laughs at mummy all the time :)
Freddie is 2 months old always smiling when he wakes up he loves mommy cuddles hes adored by his big sister and always got a smile for her
I’m Jaysen and I love monster trucks and my mommy!
Laila Grace
I’m 2 months old and I love cuddling and eating 💜
Lexie is my little princess! She absolutely loves dress up, jewellery, makeup. Such a girly girl and queen of the house!
Ava-Rose loves to have cuddles and loves play time . She is always smiling . She loves to go out on walks and loves to sing nursery rhymes.
April is my beutiful 4 yr old little girl, she has autisim but has overcome many bounderies, this year she has began to speek a little and said mummy fir the first time !! She is a very careing sweet little girl who loves to help She adores music dancing and micky mouse club house !