Roman Garry
This is my son Roman, Hes six years old. He loves to jump, hang and climb. He loves to take risks and I think he will be an athlete of some kind. He enjoys playing Minecraft and playing football and basketball with grandad
She's definitely spoiled for sure, and she sassy at 3 months 🥺❤️ full of personality already 🤞🏾
Thank you all for your love and support for Grayson. We appreciate each and every one of you 💙🌹 Grayson is 22 months old, and full of joy! He’s always smiling, giggling, and playing. His favorite thing is Mickey Mouse! We really hope to be able to take him to Disney to meet Mickey Mouse one day. He loves playing, cuddling, and being held, especially by mommy and daddy! Grayson also loves learning sign language! He knows 15 signs, and is still learning! He picks up on things so fast, he’s such a smart baby! He loves walking around ever since he took his first steps! Please vote for our little man! ❤️💙 #RaceForGrayson
A heart of gold. 🌟 Loves playing games with her cousin. Very family oriented
Very happy baby loves people
She’s very sweet loving & keeps a smile on everyone’s face.
Sanjay is 5 months old he loves watching cartoons and eating food, he is a very smart boy that loves being under his mom
Lilly is a sweet baby girl that loves splashing around in the bath, smiling, laughing, talking, and cuddling with her mommy
Jase loves tummy time, loves to watch spongebob, loves to eat, and loves his family so much.
Hi I’m Raelynn, they call me RaeRae🌸 I love dancing, singing & wearing lipgloss! I absolutely enjoy hanging with my mommy❤️
Sebastian is so loving to anyone!🥰 He is a smiley one, it rubs off on you🫠 vote and share💛 I got very lucky on a happy baby🥺
Brayson is 7 years old and races motor cross. His love for motorcross and riding is like no other he’s a very outgoing fun little boy.
Nevaeh Is Still A New Born So She Doesn't Do Much Besides Strech, Sleep, And Eat lol Can't Wait To See Her Personality.
Sawyer is a fun loving full if life onery little boy! He loves to be outdoors and loves his snacks. He puts a smile on everyone’s face that he is around!
Danica Is Very Creative, Smart And One Heck Of A Big Sister. She Likes To Draw, Dance, And Help Mom. She Is Caring, Yet Carefree At The Same Time.
Our little Rae of sunshine 🌞 She is the happiest, sweetest little girl 🥰 She loves to smile, laugh, hold her ears, and make fun new sounds! Her favorite toys right now are a crinkle book and music-playing bear 💖
Logan is 5 months old , he’s very advanced for his age & he loves to laugh and play
Skylyn loves to jump in the swing, bath time,and being talked to!! She is 5 months almost 6 months! 💗💗💗
She is involved in theatre and modeling and active in her school choir and drama club
Salem loves everyone she meets and screams “hey hi ” to greet everyone. She’s a big girl who loves her bean bag and her snacks
She enjoys to dance , play & enjoy her baby life .
Huxley is a very smart boy loves playing outside and driving his race car
He's very smart kid. He was a premature baby. He had to stay in the NICU for a long time because his lungs where very premature do to his early born. Now hes 6 yrs old and hes a wonderful and healthy child.
Ryleigh Jo is 6months old. She loves to chew on everything and smiles so big always.! Vote for her.!!!
Elianny is such a happy baby, she loves to sing in the car and dance as soon as she hears music. You will never see her cry and always see her with a smile.
She’s the most precious baby in the whole world 💎💕👑❤️
Noah is an amazing one year old , he loves fruits . His favorite fruits are watermelon and he enjoys the park .
Joshua is a happy, flirty little smoosh of a boy and we just adore him. Everyone he meets just melts, not just because he’s adorable, but he has the SWEETEST disposition. Those dimples don’t hurt either!🤍
Claire is 14 months old. Very happy baby and also very smart.
Aria is 7 months old she loves to play an an watch her favorite chip an potato. She loves jumping in her jumper. She's so silly. She will light up your day with her beautiful smile. Best baby girl ever
Amajie loves outside , as soon as I open the door it’s all laughs and smiles with her 🥰 Her smile is what brights up the room every time. Her sense of humor will leave a smile on your face.
Wren is the silliest little wriggle worm!
Hi, my name is matilda. I enjoy playing with my cats and eating chocolate with grandad.
Noah is a 3 month old little boy who loves snuggling with his momma. Noah loves baths and fuzzy blankets!
Kalessi, loves to babble and crawl around, she is starting to stand up and balance by herself! Kalessi is a mommy’s girl🥰
Mason is a very smart little boy, he constantly tries to understand people and engage in conversations!
I Was Born On Christmas. I’m A Happy Baby. I Love Talking & Playing. I Love Watching Mickey Mouse
Landon Colt
Landon had a rough birth and was in the hospital for 3 weeks. He lost a lot of his birth weight and we were told I had to stop breastfeeding him. Landon was in the special care unit and then pediatrics where all the nurses had a crush on him and fought over who was going to take care of him. The first thing every nurse we came into contact said was, “oh my gosh his head is perfectly round!!” Landon was a trooper and pushed through, Gained his weight back, and is a loving, cuddly baby who just always wants to be held!! ❤️ Vote for Landon Colt!!
Yhamir is 3 months . He brings the happiness out of everyone with his beautiful smile & giggles . He loves to eat & watch SpongeBob
Keeziah is very smart and intelligent and she loves to play .
Hi! I’m Carson Core. I love to play with my toys and watch cocomelon.
Arlo Finn is 6 months old, he is the happiest little dude 💙
Roman is such a sweet little boy who loves smiling, rolling over, and giving kisses❤️
Miss Kira is a sassy little girl who keeps everyone on their toes. She loves food ALL FOOD lol. A true angel on earth born the same week of her papa’s passing she has kept her whole family going… she is the cutest baby girl ever 🥰🥰
Serena is a fun loving spunky 3 year old. Everyone who meets her absolutely adores her. She's super crafty and loves space. As the days get warming we are finding out she loves gardening!
Ruben is literally the most sweetest and in my opinion the most cutest baby! He loves cuddles and playing with his toys! He loves bath time and tickles and funny faces
Hi my name is Clover Brielle. I’m 5 months & love to sit on my moms hip and chew my hand and talk to my mommy all day❤️ Tummy time makes me cry I’ll rather be held all day 🤣❤️