Baby Stories - 2


Best little boy ever! He has such a great personality and is such a happy little camper. He loves the lorax and nap time and also cuddling with mom ❤❤
She’s very beautiful and adorable she loves to smile😊 she is 1 years old. She loves walking and dancing and playing. She loves peppa pig. She loves microphones
Wyatt loves standing, talking, and making faces. Especially loves attention & belly laughing 🧡
This is my first born it's just him the dog and me. It couldn't be more perfect he's a happy healthy baby boy who loves sharing popsicles with his mommy
Melody was born 4 weeks early.
She loves bright lights, and loadsss of cuddles ❤️❤️ She loves to pretend to be asleep when mummy and daddy look away she’s awake, she makes squeaking noises when asleep and loves to be out in the open
He’s a 6 months baby boy. He’s really cute and so happy baby . And he deserve to win
The sweetest happiest blessing for a single mom like me.
Axel loves to laugh, smile, and make noises!!
Dylan is finally home after a month in the NICU! So far, the Barney Song is his favorite. He loves to be talked to and held 💕
Lil man is outgoing. Full of energy. Full of love. He can be s hand ful but he is also so sweet and loves his sisters. Hes one of a kind.
Taylor is a sweet 2 month old girl! She loves smiling at her family and is just an all around love bug.. She likes watching VeggieTales and watching the lights on her toys.
Angel is one of a kind full of lifd and love for all. She has a big heart ❤ even though her brother is mean to her like brothers do she sticks up for him everytime. For being 6 years old shes smart and helpful.
Frankie is a cheeky little boy that loves to play with his toys he love his daddy and mummy and his sister loads he is our special little boy and we love him with all our hearts 💓
Chase Oliver
Chase was born 25+1 weeks. He has over come so much in his lilttle life so far. He loves snuggels, and He is such a happy boy.
Kason is the clamest chilled almost three week old little boy. He loves cuddles with his 2 big sisters. He a ray of sunshine and definitely the best thing to come out of 2020
Jaxynn Lee
Jaxynn lee is our rainbow baby boy. He brings so much joy to all of lifes. His smile is priceless! He is such a happy little one! Jaxynn completes our family💙😘💙
Kevin Damian
He has a sweet smile that sweetens everyone's day and we have sweetened our lives
Nolan is 15 months old and a pleasure to be around. He lights up any room he walks into and everyone just loves him. He’s always so happy and he loves to eat food. Anything! He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses 😘 such a sweet soul. He loves to play outside and he is very independent.
Stephen is 5yrs old. He is silly. He has a wonderful smile. He has defied all odds. He wasnt expected to make it before and after birth and this far. Vote for my special warrior. LGS epilepsy. Cp and legally blind. But that doesnt stop him
Supper bubbly kiddo here. Loves Blues Clues. & Currently workin on his crawl.
Rhett Lee is almost 6 months old! he was born May 19th, 2020. he’s the happiest baby ever! after a long hard time with fertility issues and having to have medicine we finally were blessed with our sweet boy. he loves all kinds of lights, his favorite thing is driving through the car wash and looking at the different colors. he’s very alert. he thinks he’s grown. please vote for my sweet boy. thank you!
Prince Is Such A Sweet Baby He Loves 2 Laugh And Talk To You He Also Love Watching Chinco Bon Bon
Delanie Grace
Hello everyone my name is Delanie Grace and I was born during COVID-19. I am 2 months old. I have only been able to meet some family. I hope to meet the rest of my family soon. Mommy says I am her and daddy's miracle rainbow baby. You would never know by looking at me that I had such a rough start. I love sitting up in my boppy pillow and watching Little Baby Bum. I love to go outside for walks. I like playing on my play mat with my toys. Bath time is my favorite time. My favorite song is You Are My Sunshine. I love lights. I love going to my Nana's and my Aunt Chasity's house. I have a big sister and brother who love me very much. My sister sings to me and my brother gives me lots of kisses. I love to smile for my mommy and daddy. I hold my head up really well. I have a dog named Xena and she is very protective of me. Please vote for me.
My name is Quintin but everyone calls me Baby Q. Despite being born during a pandemic, I look at the world through innocent eyes. My smile is contagious. I love spending time with my family and video calling my grandparents. Love is in my heart and as you can see joy is in my eyes.
He loves snuggles with mom and dad. He also like to give people the middle finger mostly dad and grandma.
He loves being rocked to sleep by Memaw. Loves Saturday football with daddy. Loves to eat.. Hunter is an early morning snuggle bug .
Emylee is a unique little girl who loves school, loves playing with her friends and her older brother. Emylee is a sweet & caring little girl who’s always there to comfort everyone when they get Bobos❤️
Beautiful 4 year old that loves pink and blue. Loves her out doors and hoping to get some chickens
He is over a month love to smile and to his mom
Kairi loves music, TV ,walks, car rides, and relaxing with mommy and Daddy
Noah is such a loving happy boy, he loves cuddles and is growing up so quickly. He loves all his family very much and he is such a daddys boy xx
My sweetest baby angel!! Her eyes are my sunshine🐣! All votes are highly appreciated! 💕
Curtis Ray Palmer Iv
Curtis Ray Palmer IV is the sweetest little baby boy you’ll ever meet. He’s a fourth generation and is always full of smiles and he has been nothing but happy. He was brought into our lives on September 15 of this year, almost a full two weeks overdue. But he was so worth the wait! He came out healthy and we are blessed. We love him so much and he brings us so much happiness.
Happy , friendly , positive baby . He likes his milk and loves mummy and daddy. He is smiling all day long 😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰
A Littler Joe
Kylo is bright, happy and aware already. Hes a cheeky chappy with a big personality!
This is sequoia she’s 15 months old and definitely brightens everybody’s day. Ever since she was born she’s had a smile on her face she stays happy and loves to be loved. Her laugh is contagious and can put the worst in the best of moods.
Elloise usually goes my the nickname Ellie. Ellie loves reading, playing catch, singing the ABCs and loves shoes. She is always wearing and playing with shoes.
Hi. I’m Hazon as you can see. I’m 6 months and full of life. I love watching cartoons and hanging with my hero, my dad. Playing is my thing and boy do I talk lol. My mom is my go to when I’m all tired out of fun and need to relax. I’ve been told my smile just lights up the room. My personality for a 6 month old is quite unique and different and I’m loved for it.
Rebekah is my little fighter with so many health issues already but keeps smiling everyday
He likes his binky, and his bear.
My gorgeous boy... Mason loves cuddles and loves his big brother...
With only a two percent chance of conception, Brilee entered this world gleaming after a rough delivery. Brilee has eyes and a smile that brightens the darkest room! She loves Blues Clues, Minnie Mouse, and running after her older siblings!
Hi, I’m Seven! (Seaven) I was born on October 7th 2019. I weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces when I was born, and my mommy and daddy’s anniversary is July 7th 2017! Crazy, right? I love muppet babies and playing with my daddy!
Such a happy baby
He is such a fun loving boy. He is adventurous, wild and fearless. He loves to play outside. He likes to play with bouncy balls as well. He is so fun to have around.