Baby Stories - 2


My name is Emily and I love to play and dance and love my family sooo much
Kylo is 4 months old and was truly a blessing. He is starting to sit up on his own starting to coo a lot more laughs and thinks everything is so funny.❤️
My name is Erik. I'm 2 months old. I am the happiest child because I was born in a family of the most wonderful parents in the world! My mom and dad waited for me for 3 years. And a miracle happened and I was born! I like to explore the world. When they kiss my feet and hands, I always smile. 🥰👼 Thank you for your vote!
Tommy absolutely loves his cars, he loves being outdoors and exploring.
Chloe absolutely loves just being a princess really she loves dressing her and she loves having her hair done.
Miss Eila loves talking and chewing on her hands! Super smiley sunshine baby every morning! And absolutely loves light up toys!
She’s a very happy baby and loves to talk and loves to move a lot
Giovanni my silly baby boy, loves when you sing to him and he’s definitely a morning person he’s ready to get his day started with playing with his toys & counting numbers a funny way. He loves to be outside talking walks in his stroller he is so aware of his surroundings. His new likings are all objects with food he’s loves finding out new things. He wants to do everything we do I love watching him grow.
Princess Willis-peterson
Princess is a blessing from God because the doctor told me and my family that I couldn’t and wouldn’t have a child But by the grace of God she was born into this world ready to love and be love
Koah Jake
Koah Jake is currently under the paediatric team who are investigating his bowel issue. He's got open access to the ward and has been put on a lot of medications. with him being in hospital i feel like he's missing out, so i want to get some treats for him to make him happy when he's well enough. the rest will go into a bank account that he will be able to access once he's 18. i want the best future for him 💙💙💙💙
My name is Renley Everleigh 🦋 I’m happy go lucky and enjoy trying new things! I chew anything I can get my hands on 🤗 I hear the intro to Cocomelon and can’t help but dance. I love blueberries in the morning and snuggles with my momma 🌞💕 Thanks for voting for me!
My name is Rosemary, I’m 7 months old, I love chewing on everything, long walks, and my kitty cat willow. My favorite food is mashed potatoes and mommy’s milk. Thanks for voting for me! 😊💕
Our little one Izabella came into our lives after seven years of waiting, she is wonderful, energetic and playful, she loves to play with other children but due to the virus this was not possible, we can't wait for everything to return to normal for her to be able to play with other children
Odin is 3 years old, he loves being outside, anything to do with Paw Patrol, and dinosaurs, and is a total mommas boy❤️
My name is Southern Banks. I'm always smiling. I like to scoot everywhere like an inch worm, and eat my fingers. I'm three months old and too grown for my diaper already! I like to watch daddy play his guitar, and we sing together. I LOVE a big ole bottle of warm milk. I like to coo and hold onto mama's fingers while I go to sleep. My world lights up when I see sissy walk in the room. My family LOVES me to pieces!
My name is fisher and i like to listen to my dad play his guitar and i love to play with my sister and i love to go camping with my family and i love to drink my milk.
8 months old a happy little one loves her carrots and green peas loves say mama and dada she’s so active! She wants a special birthday party for her first year being on earth VOTE VOTE VOTE EVERYONE🥰🙏🏼
Hi, my name is Luna Victoria. I love napping in my mom’s arms and taking warm baths.
Hello my name is Yohann Cartier! My mommy calls me NueNue and my daddy calls me SonSon 💙. I’m my parents only child and I love to play so much I wake up laughing i also love Sheriff Callie Wild West. Cuddles with mommy are the best and playing with daddy makes my day. I love music and tummy time as well!
Caleb loves to play with legos!! He enjoys spending time with his mom and sister!!
She wakes up with a smile on her face, and loves eating and playing with her sisters.
Miss Orianna Faye laughs every time you call her pretty girl and she absolutely loves fishing with her daddy!
Ayla Brielle
Miss Ayla Brielle is 8 weeks old with a whole lot of personality! She loves to laugh, eat, and sleep. She also enjoys cuddling with her dog Ace and talking gibberish to her parents. 🖤
Hi everyone my name is Nyla Mae Alday. I am 5 months old. I have two big brothers that love me very much. I love to talk and smile.
Hi I’m Daniel Hayes! I love smiling, talking to mommy, stroller rides in the park and cuddling!
Elijah is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. He loves to sleep and when people plays with his nose or top lip. He loves cuddling and when people talk to him in a calm voice. He loves yo be with his aunties and uncles.
Blaise is an adorable porcelain doll. She is very alert and love for someone to cuddle and talk to her. She has beautiful skin and hair. She is so amazing.
Hi!! I’m Annabeth I’m 3 months old I love smiling, taking pictures, and talking to everyone!!
My sweet boy, is the happiest little boy you will ever meet. Mister steal your girl, with his baby blues !!
She Loves To Play, Laugh & Watch Cartoons. She’s Very Smart To Be So Young But It’s Amazing. She Love To Sit Up & Try To Talk A lot Lol. Her Smile 💗🧸& Personality Is So Beautiful. She is Very Well Alert & She Is Very Active. Rhylee Is Wonderful 🙂🧸✨💗
Rosalía is a intelligent little girl who loves her doggies and her daddy! She’s always talking and saying Hi! She is a fast learner and there’s never a day when she’s not happy!
I love to dress up in funky outfits. My dream one day is to be a Peaky Blinder😂👍
April would love to collect votes to potentially help her friend Sofia who is suffering with leukaemia 😢 She wants her friend to be healthy and free like her ❤️ We have supported her through the whole journey and we would be so happy if we could help even more ❤️
loves her bink and sleeps a lot. She’s got a lot of expressions and not much upsets her.
Athena loves being in water bath time is her fav time she loves to smile and laugh go on walks and loves her family
Ayan Mateo
Ayan is the sweetest, happiest boy and we want to get involved into a charity case and help Alexandru, a 3 years old baby boy who fight with SMA1 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), by wining for little Alex some funds in his life-saving piggy bank for his expansive treatment which cost $2,1 million. If you want to be one of Alex’s hero we kindly asking you to vote 10x a day, in order to raise more money for this vaccine and if you want to make a donation for Alex, please follow the fb page : “Impreuna din Anglia pentru Alexandru” Thank you!🙏💚🍀
Hi everyone! My name is Kamden and I love watching cocomelon and reading books with mommy! I’m a very happy baby and love going to target with mommy to get new toys.
She like to eat and dance . She is very playful and love to laugh .
Leilany is a very happy babygirl. For being almost 3 months she is very smart & sassy. Her favorite pastimes are cuddling with Mommy & Dada & going for walks on a sunny day 🌈 ☀️ 💕 She already mumbles back when I talk to her & she gives the cutest facial expressions 😊 She is mommas little curly headed beauty 💕
Olive Rose is my name. eating snacks, watching blippi, and tearing up the house is my favorite things to do
Tyler loves fortnite! He adores his little brother 💙
Spencer at the moment loves to let people know he’s here 🥰 he also loves his bunny
Jameson is the most loving, strongest little boy and loves interacting with others. He loves food! All kinds! Not picky at all thank goodness! He’s also sleeping through the night! Yay! His favorite toy is a little fabric crab that makes crinkle sounds when you squeeze it. Jameson can sit unassisted, pull himself up and army crawls until his arms fall off!
Averi Grace
My name is Averi and I love to drink milk from my mommy, sleep, and be swaddled 💖
Willow/ Willy or even Willard is a very outgoing spitfire of a little girl. She loves to go outside going on walks and attempting to have full on conversations with others. Playing with her puppies 🐶 an her siblings.