Baby Stories - 2


Born with club foot but enjoying life! He loves playing with boxes ❤️
Evelyn loves to eat all kinds of food and snuggle her mama 💓
He loves to snuggle he has a smile that will melt an iceberg. He loves to talk and play.
Journey Rose
My name is Journey Rose and you better believe I’m going to make it a crazy adventurous Journey for my family🥰😍 I love my doggy koda and I just turned 1😍 I love pumpkins 🎃 and to eat a lot of food🤣
Pierce is the happiest baby. She is just over four months and loving life! She loves talking with her brother and being outside in the fresh air. She has the biggest smiles and is beautiful inside and out.
Jaxon is the sweetest happiest boy and loves food and baths!!
I love to laugh and make everyone smile 🥰
Luke is a red hair, blue eyed little boy who loves his momma!! he enjoys taking baths, being outside and going for car rides! he can roll over and he’s very good at scooting around on his little belly!
Colton is 1 years old and loves to play with his big sister and spending time with his Mommy, Daddy, and big sissy. He LOVES cluntry music!!!!
Nikko LOVES to play with mommy and daddy and his big blue eyes will steal anyones heart! He loves to giggle and smile and loves cuddles most of all ❤️.
This little guy has a heart of gold. He has so much energy and loves playing pranks on mommy. He is in his first year of school and he loves it. He loves math and science. He loves playing with his big brother and little sister.
Kinzley is a 1yr old who loves to laugh, eat, and play. She loves spending time with her Family. Her favorite movies are Moana & Little Mermaid! But most of all Kinzley loves Singing.
Baby Zeke loves cuddling on the hammock outside while watching the trees in the breeze. He's determined to grab everything in site for a taste test. Zeke loves stroller adventures and loves observing everything that passes by! He also appreciates every single one of your votes. Thank you!
Queen Ari
She LOVES to eat, sleep and poop!!
Loves to be outside, says mama ad papa, loves her granma, loved to dress up💖
He is such a happy little man , he loves his mommy , daddy and big sister , he always gives you hard a time burping he's super sweet..
Little miss Ivy Jean is 17 months old, and is Cocomelon crazy. She is the smartest little girl I know and she continues to amaze me every day.
Grayson Tubbs
I’m Grayson and I am 2 years old almost 3years ! I love to sing and dance. My favorite food is spaghetti 🤤 my favorite show is Cocomelon! I’m very hyper and outgoing. My favorite person is my daddy , mommy and sissy(I don’t have a favorite) .
she loves to say “mama” and “papa” she is 11 months and has 2 bottom teeth 😍 , very playful ! loves to eat a lot of food ! and has 2 big dimples 🤩
My sweet little sour patch loves cocomelon, his bink, and his sisters more than anything. We are so grateful to have his smile to brighten our lives. ✨
Our baby boy was born at 29 weeks and 4 days hes now 2 years old very energetic , healthy and nothing but happy 🥰
Hinsley is an Angel baby! She passed away at 3.5 months old due to unknown causes. We are still trying to find answers. She was such a happy, loving and sweet baby. 💗💙
Hello im 7 weeks old. I love to eat, poop, pee and sleep! I mean who doesn’t? Am I right? I live with my mommy, daddy and my puppy Bridget she is my favorite!
Bentley is 6 weeks old and loves to cuddle🥰 he can say a few word already and is learning to crawl! He enjoys watching little baby bum! Vote for our handsome little man❤️🥺
I’m Aurabella & I’m also 8 months old! I’m very sassy and always smiling. I love to sing and dance with my bubba. My favorite food is everything 😂❤️ & my favorite show is whatever my bubba watches. I love fall the most and being outside. On my free time from napping and doing baby things I like too play dinosaurs with my bubba. My brother is my favorite person and I love him a lot.
Aurora rose loves cuddles with her daddy, bathtime, and blankies.
Rynlee loves to watch YouTube and put mud all in her hair like she’s taking a mud bath. She loves her daddy & papa.💓
Hazelyn is smart loving and funny. She loves to play with her older brothers. She’s sweetest as can be and loves her mommy❤️ She eats anything you give her she’s such a food baby she’s about to be a year old. Y’all give her some love❤️❤️
Hi I’m bella, I’m 3 months old and love Mickey Mouse club house, love my toys and parents
Luke is almost 3 months old , what he likes most is to watch cartoons ,sleep with momma and daddy , bounce in his bouncer , and also loves to smile and talk to people ❤️ !
This is Rae Rae! She wants to be a doctor and she loves “children's church” she loves playing in the mud as well.
Baby carter like car ride and like to spend time with his mommy and his nana and papa and his daddy he love his bath time and he love his mommy time
Camden loves Thomas the train! Loves to play, likes to dance and loves pizza!
She loves to listen to Elvis music and try to sing with it especially amazing Grace
He a happy kid
Walker is 3 months old and already so adventurous. He loves to bounce in his new bouncy and watch Scooby Doo!
Caleigh loves to play. Likes to dance and play dress up!
Justus Jayden
Hello everyone my name is Justus I love my family and school ! 😇 I love to play and use my imagination please feel free to vote for me 💕
Symphani Taylor
Hello! I am a happy 3 year old who loves the movie Luca and gymnastics I love to dance and sing and play with my brother please vote for me 😊❤️
Lakeston was our first baby boy, our 3rd child. He has 2 older sisters. Sadly, he passed away May 17th. I just wanted to participate because he is still my baby & he’s precious!💚💙
Colter is a mommas boy! Loves blues clues, and loves to snack!
Cammie Bralynn is super sweet and playful! She loves her mama & daddy to death, loves to eat her food and watch her baby shark ❤️
This gorgeous red haired blue eyed girl is fierce and outgoing! As you can see from the halloween photos she isn’t scared of anything. If you see her out in public she always has a smile on her face. 💕
Hi, I’m Jack! I’m 3 & a half months old! I love to giggle & smile at everyone, specially my mommy.
Royal loves cocomelon and blowing kisses 🤍
Octavia is one of the most outgoing, ambitious, curious, and lovable little girl. She loves to eat. Boobies and peek a boo are her favorite things in the whole world, other then her mommy. She is 8 and half months old. And such a wonderful, very opinionated baby. ♥️
Paisley Mae
She’s a very happy and loving baby ! She loves to watch her big brother play & coo as if she’s talking to him .