He loves to draw, sing, dance and school.
Learning to sing and loves to smile 💕
Ro’Zay is going on 3 weeks old She’s got beautiful black coils with blonde tips in her hair and pretty hazelnut brown eyes 😍❤️
Loves to be outdoors and loves to smile. Everything one he meets he brings joy to them with his infectious smile
Oaklee Elizabeth
Oaklee is one goofy little 6 months old, who loves to giggle all the time.wen she was born she was almost premature but luckily she weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces.she is so sweet and so smart she is now sitting on her own and reaching and grabbing everything. She even learned how to give you kisses. Vote for sweet Oaklee Elizabeth Reign Pruitt.
Harlyn is my rainbow baby. Lord knew i needed this little girl. She loves laughing, smiling, standing, amd recently learned sitting up and rolling over!!! 🥰 🥰 she is growing so fast and just the happiest baby ive ever seen 😍😍
Cheeky 7 month old who loves her family & never stops moving!!
Kaizer was our blessing baby. He has his own unique character. He very much likes the camera at 2 months old.
Greyson was a preemie! He is amazing and so happy. He is almost walking and brings a smile to everyone he meets!
Vote for Levi please!! He's trying to hold his head up, loves to be rocked.
This handsome little fella loves to laugh. He is always happy(except for when he is hungry!). His favorite game is peek-a-boo. He loves watching blues clues and miss Rachel! Also, loves helping momma around the house!
Milo is the happiest, cutest little guy. His big, beautiful, brown eyes and gorgeous eyelashes make all the ladies jealous 😘 He loves when Daddy tosses him in the air and rolls him over! Such a playful, smiley baby!
Storm is always happy! He’s silly! He’s gorgeous! And he absolutely loves everyone around him! He fought to come into this world and every day is sunshine with him. Just look at all of his pictures..🥺
Friendly, funny, loving, and adventurous. He calls everyone his friends. 😊
Tina is a happy and adorable little 2 month old girl who loves car rides and and to smile and she loves bright lights and to smile at just about anything so vote for baby Tina thanks
Born January 17 2023 If u buy some votes i will match Im so blessed to have this beautiful girl in my life told i couldnt have kids and here we r my blessing from god 🙏🏿 ❤️ 💓 i thank u and appreciate u so much lord amen 🙏🏿🙌🏿
Dominic is a 22 month old Happy, healthy, energetic miracle! I say miracle because Dominic has beat the odds against him. In November 2022 he was diagnosed with an Ependymoma. A malignant brain tumor. It was the size of a large plum that wrapped around his brain stem. It was fully removed, and against all odds he has no side effects form the surgery, besides having to relearn how to walk and speak. He went to Boston and received Proton Beam therapy there and is now Disease free! He is back home and almost completely walking on his own again! He has proven to the world that he can overcome anything put in front of him and he challenges himself everyday! His smile melts our hearts and looking at him being so happy is a true blessing!
Baby Grayson is just the sweetest happiest baby I have ever met, he absolutely loves watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse since the first week home from the hospital. Grayson is absolutely precious.
Kainin is a quiet happy boy, whose attached to his mommy and can feel when shes no longer in a room with him and crys until shes back❤ he loves snuggles and to be held and kissed on the forehead. Hes 1 month old, i got his name from the bible caanan was the land god promised the Israelites i fell i love with the name and just chose to spell it differently but its pronounced the same.
Paisley has a big personality and has discovered an even bigger voice she loves to use! Since about three months old, Paisley is more than happy to pose for the camera.
He’s my little cowboy! Loves being outside
Karmelo is smart, outgoing and very knowledgeable. Karmelo will keep you on your feet and is always ready for the next chapter.
Dy’Tavious was born March 13th and is beyond handsome😍 he’s the sweetest little boy ever and so calm. He love’s attention from mainly his mommy and daddy🖤🥰
Izaiah loves pizza, Ms Rachel, & turning on and off the lights.
Jace is a happy little guy, who loves his doggys, crawling around which he recently mastered. He loves being outdoors with his mama and dada and seeing new things!
He loves to be around the people he is most familiar with. He began walking a month ago and loves making up his own dance moves. He sleeps with his my size Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal.
Landyn is very outgoing , smart , and a very helping hand. He loves basketball and also loves his mama
My 9 month old sweet, baby girl ❤️ Loves to crawl and stand up on everything. Always has something to say to us and is always keeping us on our toes. Vote for Emersyn 💕
Remy is 8 months old! He was conceived through IVF and has been the biggest blessing to our family! He loves to jump, play with his toys, give mommy kisses, smile and laugh! He has the best rolls and he’s absolutely squeezable!
He loves his moose animal and his fussy blankets 😍
Hunter is a very playful and adventurous boy he’s always wanting to learn new things and loves to explore!
Weiland is named after Scott Weiland. He is the happiest baby! He spreads joy and warms hearts everywhere he goes with his positive approach to everything and his glowing non-stop smile! His favorite song is “Aquarius-Let the Sunshine In”. His favorite snack is a pineapple banana yum yum, which we present to him in song!
Braydon is 7 months old and loves to talk, walk,and play with his older sister!
Blessing is 3 years old . She is a free spirited fashionista💗 She loves to dress up, dance & play! She won 7th in Louisiana 3 years ago . Vote Blessing and thank you all in advance
Aydrien is very energetic, playful and full of love. He will make your time worth the while.
Ayla is a smiley little one! She may be young but she loves animals. She also loves jumping in her jolly jumper, and dancing and talking and laughing! She is quite the corker that’s for sure!
Everyone loves kyler this baby boy wil have you smiling ear to ear with his amazing personality that he has. He loves to play and watch football with daddy
This is our boy Jax. He was born with Bilatiral cleft lip and palate. At 6 month he had his first reconstructive surgery of his lip and 3 weeks ago he had his whole palate done. He still needs a bone graph and tons of therapy to come. But he takes on every challenge with a smile. If perseverance was a person it would be our baby boy ❤️ He loves his food and never ever leaves you with out a smile on your face!
Archer is all smiles all the time. He loves animals and music. Especially dancing with mom and dad!
Gunner is a Momma’s boy! He is a happy baby who loves his snuggles!
Zaden loves to crawl Zaden can stand up ,roll over , pull up on things. Zaden best friend is Lc are family dog . Zaden Favorite toy is my banana teaser.
Maverick loves anything to do with Spinach…He loves Octonauts and Trolls 🧌
Chase Owen
Time is running out please return advances in FULL we will not be continuing 🙏 😘♥️💙♥️💙♥️💙♥️💙♥️ Please return all advances now for Chase's birthday contest. 👋 Please read full bio 💙❤️💙❤️ Chase is a heart warrior. He was born with a heart condition called Truncus Arteriosus, he has underwent four open heart surgeries, and also has an ICD defibrillator. He has had a lot of experiences in his short life. I'm so grateful he's still with us today because I nearly lost him ten times. His sister is his guardian angel and has altered me 2 times to help save his life. One of those times he was turning purple, and I had to perform CPR to save his life. His tenacity and way of living never cease to astound me. Even when things are at their worst, he always smiles. Any space he enters is immediately illuminated. Vote for Chase, please. ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️ ❤️💙 1.) We will exchange votes .✅️ ❤️ 2.) We can exchange up to +30 /day. 🗳 3.) If i don't "like" your comment I do NOT see the full amount. 🚫 4.) Votes given prior to exchange agreement will be considered a gift. 🎁 5.) Votes come from Christina, Tim or Deni P. 💙❤️ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
He laughs hysterically when you bark like a dog
Dakota has Down syndrome ❤️ he loves to babble and smile a lot he brings more joy than anything in this world❤️
Khy khy is 5 months old hims a happy baby alway laughing and smiling and would love for you to vote him most handsome baby boy
Hazel is a fun loving, caring little girl! She’s going to become a big sister in May, to a little sister! Any winnings will go toward making Hazels summer more fun than any year. Becoming a big sister can be hard, we want to remind her how special she still is!
Clara is full of enthusiasm and love for life. She loves her family, playing outside, animals, learning and her friends!