Annalise loves people. She's always happy and smiling. Jumping on her jungle gym is what she likes the most and she already said "Mama".
Hi my name is Sophia. I am CODA from my mama is deaf. I love all family, play with my cousins, love all foood❤️ I have learn lots sign language 🤟🏼 Easy with my family communication ❤️
Alizabeth Maria June Rivera Loves to sing, dance, and play with her big sister l. Her fav person is her Nãnã
Eric loves his sister so much and he is such a good big brother. He is always happy and loves to be outside.
Kelsey Raine
WE RETURN VOTES!!! Kelsey is a very bubbly but feisty girl who loves to play with his 2 older brother.. she’s also into making daily conversations with her grandma. Named after her dad’s late best friend to honor her and their friendship.
She is such a happy baby and don't let nothing get her down.She always has a smile on her face!
This is Ja’Cyason he is 8 months old & is my lil soldier baby. 💙
Braven is a fun and energic 1 year old. He adores cars, cocomelon, and music. This handsome little guy has some rhythm to! Braven is also the light of his mommys life. This sweet baby boys personality just lights up any room.
Emma loves music and singing along! My gorgeous blue eyed girl is such a happy baby and always ready with a smile.
Alaila Kameille-Alani Northern is a beautiful, smart and intelligent almost 2 year old girl. She loves to be outside and loves everything about nature including animals! 🤍 She also loves music her favorite song to dance to with her sister is the Meow Mix song but don’t get it twisted she can get down with all genres! This pretty baby is also a salami lover, her and mommy often share it as a snack! But her all time favorite thing is to be with her family soaking all the attention 🤍🥰
Aamir is such a sweet happy baby! He loves music. He very ticklish on his tummy n his toes lol. He such a good n smart baby! He has such a pretty smile! Pls share n like mamas n dadas 💞
Hi! My name is Harper Jane. I Love to sit up and look around at everyone to see what their up to and I love to watch tv.
She’s awesome, she smiles so much she’s such a happy girl. She loves her family and her older siblings so much. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl.
Xavier is 8 months old, and smiles 24/7! He loves crawling and climbing!
Irie Sue
My name is Irie Sue! I’m 6 months old! I love my daddy, my puppy Ruby, and any food I can get my hands on! I give the best smiles and have the most beautiful eyes♥️
Raelynn Leigh
Raelynn is a blessing . She shows me how to be a better person every day . She really just likes to eat and sleep mostly. But she definitely loves going to her NaNa house for church on Sundays . I’m learning new things about her every day , her smile gets bigger and bigger. She has the cutest little nickname and it’s pickle her aunt Victoria gave it to her , it’s my last name and her dads last name kinda put together. I love to watch Law and order special victim unit , Below deck and hanging out with mommy ❤️
Allie nevaeh is 7 months old she is my 3rd and last baby. She was born with cloaca malformation but she is one of the happiest babies ever. She is a mamas baby and loves looking at everything. She brings a smile to everyones face. She loves her brother and sister and loves her toys.
Cashleh Fallon
Cashleh loves animals! Cashleh was a premie and was very small with a lot of complications! But looking at her today, you could never tell that! She loves monster trucks, horses, loaders, and RACE CARS❤️ She loves all her family members and is the best big sister❤️ She so sweet and loving and very outgoing!❤️
This is Aaliyah she is 19 months old. She’s loves to sing and share her toys! She’s very kind and loving and she a sweet heart over all! Y’all please show my baby some support and vote for her ! Also keep voting and sharing!
Josie Ann
Josie is a very high spirited baby! She loves crawling and babbling. She absolutely adores dogs and well any other animal she meets! ❤️ She loves “helping” with anything she can. She enjoys playing with her sister! She is the sweetest baby ever!❤️ A true blessing🌻
Charleigh is a sassy, loving, happy little girl. She loves to play peek a boo, and patty cake. Loves to talk, roll around, and playing with her feet. Charleigh also loves her two dogs liberty and Oakley. She is a smiley little girl!
Hi my name is koi I love outdoors,food, and spending time with my mommy what I like the most is learning new things in this big world I’m in and animals 🥰❤️
La'Faith Curry
She is very happy and smart.
Jamaya is 1 years old Full of life and joy and happiness the sweetest baby in the whole wild world she loves to Eat she loves music very smart and intelligent for her age she’s friendly loves to laugh always smiling beautiful inside and out she’s an Aries ♈️ She loves her big brother the most🥰
Bentley is a 6 year old younger twin. He loves playing with his sisters as well as playing video games. Bentley loves wrestling and t-ball. He is so sweet and caring! Fun facts: He has 2 different colored eyes (1 blue & 1 green) & his twin sister & him have different birthdays!
Denise is 9 months old. She is a wonderful, loving, and cheerful baby. She always smiling and laughing. Putting smiles on others faces. She loves her milk, cuddling, playing, trying to talk, and smiling. Please vote for this wonderful little angel. Ahe is rolling over and trying to sit up now and she loves eating baby food!!!
Kanan is my first baby. He’s a big boy at 9lbs 3 ozs at birth and 11 pounds 5 ozs only a month later!! He loves cuddling with mommy, dancing with daddy and is such a happy boy. He’s the light of our lives.
Diomar is the little brother of 2 wonderful big sisters! He’s a very smart happy and healthy baby! His presence makes everyone very happy and he’s very much loved and he loves just as much😍
Melodie is the happiest little girl that you’d ever meet! She loves to strike up conversations and laugh with her older brother! She also loves her puppy’s kisses🥰 she is our miracle baby and we love her oh so much!
Benji is the most rambunctious 2 1/2 year old! He loves to run around, play with his baby sister and loves his letters, numbers and shapes! He is a Mama’s boy through and through but loves his Daddy snuggles! His smile brightens anyones day!
Malanii is loud, very energized girl , She has all the toys in the world and chooses to play with pots and pans instead Laughs at almost everything she is only 7 months and she says hi to everyone already with a huge smile showing her pink little gums
Z.J. loves his toes and fingers. He loves to laugh and watch T.V. He has recently learned how to splutter and blow bubbles. Z.J. is starting sit up really well and says I Good. He has.been saying Hungy for quiet awhile. Z.J. has started holding his bottle. He is Gram's little man.
Aubrey’s a one year old, chunky sweetheart! She loves baby shark, she knows her ABCs, #1-7, she’s in the process of potty training herself, a big girl all around! She’s well-mannered (hey, thank you, you’re welcome). To know her is to love her! Vote for my baby 💞
Londyn is my sunshine ☀️ she like to dance 💃 at 9 months old she like to eat and is a bundle of joy 🤩
She’s a very outgoing and happy girl. She loves attention and not afraid or shy with anyone. She also Energetic and love to laugh when she see others laughing.
Hi, my name is Kolten grey a.k.a. lil man, booger, tigger, and nemo. I am 6 months old and I love to jump and roll. My smiles light up the room and my giggles feel empty spaces.
Baby X loves to eat and giggle and play with he’s older sibilings. He loves he’s daddy and loves he’s dino blanket. Such a happy baby with a lot of hair and big o eyes 😍🥹
Forrest is a daddies boy loves to swim and be out in the garage working with daddy
I’m a crazy little girl with a head full of hair and body full of personality.
Kaylee is an energetic, loving Baby girl. She’s sweet, smart and even sassy.
Paris is an energetic 5 year old who loves animals, taking pictures, and going on adventures! She also loves to paint her finger nails and style her hair! Vote for Paris Jayde she’s got the kindest heart of a 5 year old! “ Mama I love everyone who is nice to me.” -Paris ❤️
I am a rambunctious little girl who loves to play outside, dinosaurs, coloring and my family.
Amelia- alive proof, that you can be extremely cute if you treat exercise mat,as a NAP mat-beauty sleep working at its finest ✅
Luke is my first grandbaby! He is a joy to have in this world from the first day I found out he was on his way! He has overcame the odds that have been put in his way so far, and keeps proving the world wrong with his growth! He loves being talked to just as much as he loves his pacifier. Luke enjoys car rides, being in mommas arms, and all the kisses he can get! He truly is his Gamma's miracle boy!