Abigail is the happiest 15 month old baby around. She loves to dance, clap her hands, and play. She loves reese’s cups, puff corn, and potato’s. She’s been starting to walk and love’s attention. She’s loved by many❤️
This is ka’mari he loves watchin tv, blowing bubbles, he likes when you give him kisses and being snuggled
Levi just turned 1! He is such a fun and loving baby with hilarious facial expressions! He was in the NICU for two weeks when he was born and here he is thriving and healthy! Reaching every mile stone and bringing smiles to everyone he meets! He truly is my whole heart and the love of my life! I hope he can make you smile and giggle as much as he does us!
Lucciano’s smile and infectious laugh brights up any room. He is such a happy baby who is in love with Mickey Mouse. The moment the introduction comes on he stretches his body with excitement and tries to talk. He loves his swim lessons that he goes to every Sunday and his 4 doggies.
Riverly is a 9 month old with a big personality. She likes to play and have movie nights! Her favorite show right now is paw patrol!
Natalie is the happiest baby yet! Constantly smiling at everyone within her view. She laughs constantly and loves to play!
Kylie is the youngest out of five. She has two brothers and two sisters that just love her to death. She has the cutest laugh and the prettiest blue eyes. She smiles so big when someone smiles and makes eye contract with her. She always such a happy baby but if you eat in front of her you better be ready to share with her😂
Thomas loves to hear mommy read him bedtime stories, watch cartoons, and bath time.
Hey everyone, this is Za'rayah and she loves to play with her brothers and sister and she is the baby of the family and she's always full of smiles 😊
Willow is a sweet little girl who likes to read play and take care of her baby dolls and watch The Wiggles PJ masks a Mother Goose Club
Elliot loves getting kisses from his big sister.
Hi my name is Kayden! Kayden loves sitting up watching Elmo &gets excited when his siblings around!
Connor loves his doggy sister Nala! He loves to watch daddy play his basketball video game!
Ava is the smartest,kindest,outgoing,drama queen you’ll ever meet lol her personality is one of a kind.. She was born at 28 weeks, 2pounds 7oz was in the nicu for 3 months fighting for her life.. She’s my miracle baby.. She’s the sunshine on a cloudy day her aurora just brightens up the room when she enters it. Please vote for this little Queen!
Loves watching minnie mouse, playing with her baby dolls, and most of all loves giving hugs and kisses especially to her little sister🥰
Hi my name is Cyrus and I am 1 years old and I love to cuddle mommy and daddy. I also love to try new things and new food. I also love the park and animals . My favorite thing to watch is Mickey Mouse paw patrol or go on my mommy’s phone and watch tiktoks of myself that she made. I also like to play with basketball’s with my lil basketball hoop.
Laithen is a 3 month old very sweet and loving boy! He loves to take baths,take naps,and go for walks,cooing,and everyone! Please consider voting for Laithen!❤️
He is such a happy baby, loves his dad, mom and dog brothers!
Hi I’m Adelynn I was 5bs and 15oz I don’t ever really cry unless I’m hungry, I love listening to mommy and daddy’s voice’s it makes me smile so big. I also LOVE cuddles from all my family! Please vote for me❤️
His name is Kyngston, he loves watching tv and he has a whole lot to say but it’s all babbling but adorable ! He’s got his daddies strength but, his mommies heart!
Isabella is a sweet & sassy 4 year old. She loves gymnastics & swimming. She brings so much joy to our family
Lana is such a big girl, 3 weeks old and already such a character ❤️. So proud of our sweet baby girl.
Meet colson! He’s 9 months old and loves to smile and laugh at everyone and everything!
Jeremy was born 4 weeks early and had to spend the 1st 2 weeks of his life in the NICU. He really loves snuggles with mama and drinking lots of mamas milk. He also loves his big sister and snuggling with her. He is a super happy baby and always has a smile on his face
Angel loves dressing like a princess and learning new things everyday. She is a sweetheart, she likes to color and be outside she is a southern bell 🥰
Keegan-Lee Is only 10 weeks old and he is the most smiley baby I’ve ever met, he has just started laughing and it’s beyond the cutest thing you’ll ever see, he’s such a good baby but has his moments when he wants his mummy, he makes me more and more proud everyday and I sit back sometimes and wonder how have i deserved such an amazing funny beautiful little boy
Yovanna Loves to laugh and play She has Beautiful Blue And Green eyes She Inherited From Me Her Mother!
Hi, I’m Leelynd. I’m four months old. I love watching baby shark, going on walks in the stroller, playing with my mama, and eating food.
He's my strong little man. I love him with all I got and he loves my boob with all he got hahahah.
Amari is a very happy baby and she loves playing peekaboo and talking with her sissy ☺️❤️
Iris is my rainbow baby she loves being cuddled and getting her picture taken, she’s just such a happy baby she loves being called pretty, pickle, and pumpkin 🎃
This is Nolan, he is a year and two months. Nolan loves animals especially cats, and we have recently learned to be nice and do soft pets with them. He loves nature walks, and being in the water. He loves water so much the second time we went swimming he tried jumping out of his float like a fish😂 Nolan is also vocal with his voice, and when he has something to say he makes sure everyone can hear him. He is definitely the one to brighten your day when you need it.
Thomas, Tom, Tommy! He's a family man, loves to chill with his big sis and two doberman sidekicks. First two months he wasn't impressed by much, but finally he's opened up and is grasping life with his tiny baby fingers.
Mallayah loves to smile, eat, & watch Mickey Mouse. She is vibrant & loving!!
Ella is the happiest baby who smiles all the time, she hasn’t laughed for us yet but we can tell it’s going to come out ANY DAY!
Jack Paul
Our little Halloween baby is always smiling & laughing especially when his dada is around. He has quite the personality and loves to explore, bedtime stories, dust bunnies & being in the water 🤿🔭🐰🎃
Hey hey im ZOEY'REIGN, my birthday is July 23,2021, im a ♌️ 🦁 LEO and rightfully so because i am a dramatic 🎭theatrical🎥, and fiery🎆 vibrant little lady🥰and im always fashion forward 👗📿💍🩰, i love to watch and sing along with Gracie's Corner learning to count along with learning my numbers, colors and more 😁i enjoy riding my bumper buddy as much as i like sitting at my vanity putting my bow bows on 🪞🎀, i love anything to do with minnie mouse and i love my big brother and my mommy to pieces💘💘, i have so much personality packed into this little body of mine, im just simply a joy to be around ❤️ 💖 🥰🌈👑💎 ps. I love celery 🌱and bananas together🍌 😋 ♥️ 😍 DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND SHARE ALL MY CUTENESS PLEASE LOVE ZOEY'REIGN
Gracelynn is the light to the room looking like a china doll💓 she loves outdoors and running around watching encanto
My name is Daniel I am 3 months old I was born June 8th,2022 I love cuddling with my mommy and daddy. When I was born I was 6lbs 15 ounces, now I am almost 14lbs.
Hi I’m sleven, I love playing outside , with my hotwheels cars, my mommy, and I LOVE going to the park! I love eating ice cream, fries ,and pizza! I absolutely adore playing with my papaw and his doggie Minnie Mouse we go for walks and play in sprinklers A LOT! I really enjoy when my mommy and step dad take me to parks, the zoo, and on car rides! (Yelling for them to roll the windows down are my favorite part) Vote for me!!!!!
Him is the sweetest baby, he loves his sissy, and his baba🍼
This little girl is the most full of life little thing I’ve ever seen! She’s the funniest, smartest, most beautiful baby! She’s such a mommas girl, that’s for sure. Just tell me that’s not the cutest little face you’ve ever seen!!
She is a all around chuncky happy baby!
Hunter is 15 months old, he loves to talk, blow spit bubbles, and laugh out loud ! He is into everything and is about to be a big brother ! He is definitely our bundle of joy !